TO: Kevin Dunn, Services Division Director
DTMB – Procurement
FROM: Lance Kingsbury, Buyer Speciaist
DTMB ! Procurement, Services Division
D"T#: May $%, &%'$

S(B)#*T: "+ar, Summary -or RFP %.'/&&%%%01 – Prisoner Foo, Service -or MDO*
Background Information/General:
T2e Mic2igan Department o- *orrections 3MDO*4, Foo, Services, is responsibe -or provi,ing -oo, service to prisoners un,er
5uris,iction o- t2e MDO* regar,ess o- ocation6 T2is incu,es a security eves, segregation units, minimum!security units
an, +or7 camp -aciities6 T2e Foo, Service ,epartment provi,es a,ministrative gui,ance an, support -or t2e ,eivery o- -oo,
service operations6 Foo, Service Managers, at institutiona sites, 2ave ,irect responsibiity -or ,eivering -oo, service to
prisoners6 /n a,,ition, *entra O--ice sta-- provi,es operationa ,irection an, monitors t2e ,eivery o- -oo, service6
State+i,e, t2e MDO* -ee,s appro8imatey 9$,0%% prisoners a ,ay serving t2ree meas eac2 ,ay in a,,ition to any re:uire,
evening snac7s an, sac7 meas as man,ate, by institutiona programs6 MDO* aso provi,es one mea per s2i-t -or -aciity
sta-- at no c2arge to t2e empoyee6 "ppro8imatey ;<,%%% meas are provi,e, to sta-- eac2 mont26
T2e State+i,e Stan,ar, Menu 3S=SM4, as re:uire, by t2e MDO*, meets or e8cee,s a Dietary Re-erence /nta7e vaues
3DR/4 as pubis2e, by t2e >ationa "ca,emy o- Sciences 3>"S4, Foo, an, >utrition Boar, 3F>B46 T2e S=SM provi,es a ,aiy
average inta7e o- &,;%% caories -or men an, &,&%% caories -or +omen6 T2e MDO* aso pro,uces aternative mea trays
incu,ing? acto!ovo vegetarian option, reigious ,iets an, me,ica ,iets as iste, in t2e MDO* Diet Manua an, as prescribe,
by t2e appropriate me,ica sta--6
/nstitutions empoy a Foo, Service Supervisor!9 -or -aciities t2at 2ouse 1%% or more prisoners an, a Foo, Service
Supervisor!$ -or -aciities t2at 2ouse ess t2an 1%% prisoners, compemente, +it2 Foo, Service Lea,er #1s6 Mea services in
sateite units are supervise, by -oo, service personne6
*orrectiona O--icers are assigne, to t2e ,ining rooms ,uring mea times an,, +2en avaiabe, in t2e 7itc2en preparation areas
to oversee prisoner +or7ers an,@or per-orm security -unctions6 Typicay, Foo, Service Lea,er #1s provi,e ,irect oversig2t o-
mea preparation an, serving as +e as per-orming security -unctions6
Joint Evaluation ommittee !JE":
T2e )#* -or t2is RFP consiste, o- t2e -oo+ing in,ivi,uas:
Lance Kingsbury 3Aoting4
Department o- Tec2noogy, Management an, Bu,get
*aro =ison 3Aoting4
Department o- *orrections
Bra, Purves 3Aoting4
Department o- *orrections
Mars2a Stans-ie, 3Aoting4
Department o- *orrections
Mi7e Ba7er 3>on!Aoting4
Department o- *orrections
Bar, "n,erson, RD 3>on!voting4
Department o- *orrections6
T2e Re:uest -or Proposa 3RFP4 +as poste, on t2e +++6bi,9mic2igan6com +ebsite )une &&, &%'&, an, +as avaiabe -or
1% ,ays +it2 a pubis2e, ,ue ,ate o- September &%, &%'&6 T2e -oo+ing Bi,,ers submitte, proposas in response to t2is
Bi,,er *ity, State Mic2igan Business *RO SDAOB
"ramar7 *orrectiona Services, LL*6 P2ia,ep2ia, P" >o >o >o
Trinity Services Broup, /nc6 O,smar, FL >o >o >o
$election riteria and Evaluation:
T2e -oo+ing c2art represents t2e scoring o- t2e particuar -actors:
Ora Presentation
Bi,,ers +2o submit proposas may
be re:uire, to ma7e ora
presentations o- t2eir proposas to t2e State6 T2ese presentations provi,e an opportunity -or t2e Bi,,ers to cari-y t2e
proposas t2roug2 mutua un,erstan,ing6 Purc2asing Operations +i sc2e,ue t2ese presentations, i- re:uire,6
Site Aisit
T2e State may con,uct a site visit to tour an, inspect t2e Bi,,erCs -aciities6 Purc2asing Operations +i sc2e,ue
t2ese visits i- re:uire,6
%rice Evaluation
3a4 Ony t2ose proposas receiving a score o- <% points or more in t2e tec2nica proposa evauation +i 2ave t2eir pricing
evauate, to be consi,ere, -or a+ar,6
3b4 #vauation o- price proposas incu,es consi,eration -or a Duai-ie, Disabe, Aeteran Pre-erence6 '1<9 P" 9$', as
amen,e,, estabis2es a pre-erence o- up to '%E -or businesses o+ne, by :uai-ie, ,isabe, veterans meeting t2e minimum
point t2res2o, -or passing6
3c4 T2e State reserves t2e rig2t to consi,er economic impact on t2e State +2en evauating proposa pricing6 T2is
incu,es, but is not imite, to: 5ob creation, 5ob retention, ta8 revenue impications, an, ot2er economic consi,erations6
Evaluation Re#ult# !&'' (oint# (o##i)le":
Aramark orrectional $ervice#* ++,
T2e )#* ,etermine, t2at "ramar7 *orrectiona Services, LL*6 3"ramar74, base, on a score o- <9, cou, meet t2e
re:uirements o- t2e RFP6 T2is ,etermination +as accompis2e, by evauating t2eir responses to t2e evauation criteria
note, in t2e tabe above6
&, $tatement of -ork !Article &" $core: ./ / 0'
T2e )#* note, t2e -oo+ing ,e-iciencies:
• T2e )#* ,i, not -in, +2ere "ramar7 -uy e8paine, 2o+ t2ey +ou, meet a t2e rues an,
reguations -or -oo, service operations 3RFP page '.46
• T2e )#* cou, not -in, +2ere "ramar7 e8paine, payment re:uests -or any meas t2at are provi,e,
in e8cess o- t2e number e:ua to t2e mea counts un,er Daiy Meas Serve, *ount 3RFP page &$46
• "ramar7 in,icate, t2at t2ey +ou, ony per-orm pat ,o+ns +it2 custo,y sta-- present 3RFP page &046
• "ramar7 ,i, not provi,e a ,etaie, response on 2o+ t2ey +ou, 2an,e pro,uct reca 3RFP page
1, 2ran#ition %lan !&,'0&" $core: &1 / &3
T2e )#* note, t2e -oo+ing ,e-iciency:
• T2e )#* ,etermine, "ramar7Cs transition pan ac7e, some ,etai regar,ing i,enti-ying timeines,
met2o,s an, processes an, service ,eivery pan6
'6 Statement o- =or7 3"rtice '4 9%
&6 Transition Pan 3'6%9'4 '0
$6 Bi,,er /n-ormation 396%''4 0
96 Prior #8perience 396%'&4 &0
06 Sta--ing 3'6%$' F 96%'$4 '0
2O2A+: &''
., Bidder Information !0,'&&" $core: 0 / 3
T2e )#* note, t2e -oo+ing ,e-iciency:
• "ramar7 ,i, not provi,e saes voume by year -or eac2 o- t2e ast -ive years6
0, %rior E5(erience !0,'&1" $core: 1& / 13
T2e )#* note, t2e -oo+ing ,e-iciencies:
• "ramar7 ,i, not provi,e ,etaie, ,escriptions o- t2eir prior e8periences6
• "ramar7 ,i, not provi,e emai a,,resses -or t2e responsibe o--icia o- t2e customer organiGation6
3, $taffing !&,'.& and 0,'&." $core: && / &3
T2e )#* note, t2e -oo+ing ,e-iciencies:
• "ramar7 ony note, t2ree 7ey personne6
• Resumes ac7e, ,etai6
• "ramar7Cs sta--Cs resumes ,o not re-ect t2at t2ey 2ave a Manager *erti-ication *erti-icate -rom an
"merican >ationa Stan,ar,s /nstitute 3ServSa-e or >ationa Sanitation Foun,ation46
• "ramar7Cs propose, Program ManagerCs resume ,oes not re-ect t2e necessary coege or university
or a program o- stu,y -rom a vocationa@tec2nica sc2oo6
• "ramar7 states t2ey +i o--er ServSa-e training to its managers an, not ine sta--6
2otal $core: 60 / &''
2rinit7 $ervice# Grou(* Inc,
T2e )#* ,etermine, t2at Trinity Services Broup, /nc6 3TSB4, base, on a score o- <%, cou, meet t2e re:uirements o- t2e
RFP6 T2is ,etermination +as accompis2e, by evauating t2eir responses to t2e evauation criteria note, in t2e tabe
&, $tatement of -ork !Article &" $core: .& / 0'
T2e )#* note, t2e -oo+ing ,e-iciencies:
• TSBCs Diet Manua an, t2eir propose, met2o, o- ,iet ,istribution ,o not meet t2e MDO*Cs ,iet
poicy stan,ar,s6
• TSB +i not provi,e me,ica@nutritiona counseing 3pg '$46
• TSB state, t2ey +i not per-orm t2e -oo+ing security -unctions as re:uire, by t2e RFP: -irst
respon,er -or me,ica or -aciity emergencies, per-orm s2a7e,o+n@pat searc2 o- prisoners or searc2
o- +or7 area, or assist MDO* ,uring emergencies or assist in mobiiGations 3pg &&46
1, 2ran#ition %lan !&,'0&" $core: &1 / &3
T2e )#* note, t2e -oo+ing ,e-iciency6
• T2e transition pan ac7s su--icient ,etai base, on t2e bi,,er evauating a -aciities be-ore
,eveoping a -u pan6
., Bidder Information !0,'&&" $core: 3 / 3
T2e )#* ,i, not note any ,e-iciencies6
0, %rior E5(erience !0,'&1" $core: 1' / 13
T2e )#* note, t2e -oo+ing ,e-iciency:
• TSB ony provi,e, one ,etaie, prior e8perience6
3, $taffing !&,'.& and 0,'&." $core: &1 / &3
T2e )#* note, t2e -oo+ing ,e-iciencies:
• Ony one o- TSBCs sta-- memberCs resume re-ects t2at t2ey 2ave a Manager *erti-ication *erti-icate
-rom an "merican >ationa Stan,ar,s /nstitute 3ServSa-e or >ationa Sanitation Foun,ation46
• TSB ,i, not provi,e a ,etaie, sta--ing pan as outine, in Section '6%$'6
2otal $core: 6' / &''
JE $coring $ummar7 for 2ec4nical %ro(o#al:
Aramark 2rinit7
$tatement of -ork 0' ./ .&
2ran#ition %lan &3 &1 &1
Bidder Information 3 0 3
%rior E5(erience 13 1& 1'
$taffing &3 && &1
2otal: &'' 60 6'
Note# !no deduction# 8ere a##e##ed":
"ramar7Cs propose, aternate menu ,oes not meet t2e MDO* nutritiona stan,ar,s6
"ramar7 +ou, nee, to use MDO*Cs Diet Manua an, or,ering proce,ures -or me,ica ,iets6
T2e )#* recommen,s t2at "ramar7 be a+ar,e, a t2ree!year contract in t2e amount o- H'90,%<%,.0.6$0 -or Prisoner
Foo, Services -or t2e Mic2igan Department o- *orrections6

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