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Michael Egbo

Web Developer
SAP ABAP Consultant
289B Corporation Drive,
Dolphin Estate,
M: !"#$%$&&'#'$&
Experience in (ront end development technologies including )dvanced *+ML,-*+ML, -ML,-.L+, C.., D*+ML, /ava.cript 0cross12ro3ser and
cross1plat(orm compati2ility,a2ap,.)4,, )/)- and php.5
Demonstrated understanding o( 3e2 usa2ility, 4ro6ect Management, 2usiness process integration, 3e2 accessi2ility standards, 3e2 !.& technologies,
and design principles.
Career Objective
I7m an experienced and am2itious .o(t3are engineer,2usiness process integrator, pro6ect integrator and system analyst looking (or a
challenging ne3 role in the I+ industry 3ith the opportunity to 3ork 3ith the latest technologies on challenging and diverse pro6ects.
Employment History
an !"#! $ present% SAP ABAP Developer
&e'us !()D
Managing, maintaining, developing and deploying applications and data2ases in response to 2usiness needs.
4er(orm data2ase administration and development, as 3ell as 3e2 development.
8ork 3ith the 2usiness to add (unctionality to existing data2ases in production.
Contri2uted to the overall development o( the 3e2 development team
4er(orm maintenance and updates to existing 3e2sites as re9uested.
During this period i 3as also su2 contracted to )(rica7s 2iggest sap erp partner o( egov solutions. +8E:+; +*I<D CE:+=<; .;.+EM.
8here I improved my understanding o( general 2usiness processes and industry speci(ic solutions such as oil and gas, mining, 2anking etc.
Chitung3i>a *ospital ?im2a23e
?im2a23e investment )uthority
.3iss 4harmaceuticals :igeria
Minerals marketing corporation o( ?im2a23e
an !"## $ Dec !"##%
Web Developer
Project Manager
+raystone *echnologies
)ssist team mem2ers 3ith large scale application development pro6ects 0up to @ months duration5. <e9uired to assist 3ith documentation,
planning and client liaison.
Manage small1to1medium1si>ed pro6ects 0up to " months duration and primarily sel(1directed5 including CM. and ecommerce
deployments, payment gate3ay integrations, inter(acing 3ith other applications.
.upport o( existing applications, 3ith phone support and other interaction 3ith our clients.
E,ucation - .uali/ications
Bachelor o/ Science 0Computer Science1
=niversity o( Aenin
Braduated: Ccto2er !&%&
SAP Certified Development Associate - ABAP with SAP NetWeaver 7!
&ame Pro/iciency
).4.:E+, CD )dvanced
M. .EL )dvanced
*+ML, C.. )dvanced
/ava.cript , *+MLF I:+E<MEDI)+E
Glash )dvanced
Dream3eaver )dvanced
Microso(t C((ice
.)4 )A)4
Mr. Dan Anyiam Mr.
Kelvin Ogono Nexus alliance Ltd
Graystone Technology Tel: !""#"$%"
Tel: !&!!'###
Email: (da )n exusallian c Email: (elvi n )gr a yst o ne.
I, the undersigned, certi(y that to the 2est o( my kno3ledge and 2elie(, these data correctly descri2e me, my 9uali(ications and
my experience.
.ignature Date #3 March !"#4