Pulling pranks on Bella!

(This is a continuation on the car wash) =) EMPOV I found Bella in Edward’s wardrobe, well I knew she was there but how would I get past Edward? “Look a bird” I shouted, dang it he didn’t look, hmmm… “nice try bro” he smirked, damn him for reading minds, he chuckled at my thought, shut up or I’ll make you, wait a sec that’s it I'm stronger than him, mwhahahahahahahaha, I started chasing him round the room, hehe, he left his original spot leaving me access to his wardrobe, BOO YAH! I quickly went in to find a slightly scared but hot looking Bella, haha I wander why he hasn’t got his hands all over her, I quickly scooped her up and ran downstairs before Edward could follow, haha I got your girlfriend, I thought directly at him, when I got down stairs I went to the kitchen, I tied Bella’s hands with rope (don’t ask why there’s rope in the kitchen) I took her top off (she still has her bikini on underneath I'm not a perv lol) and took some scissors, I put them on one of her straps, hehe if I cut it her top will fall down, she cant cover up and Edward wont be able to control him self, mwhahahahahahahaha I love being me, then Eddie came to the door “take one more step and I’ll snip and I’ll make Jas give you extra lust” I said, grinning evilly mwhahahahahahahaha I still love being me, I’ve never had this much power, Eddie froze at the door, hehe “ok now step back slowly” I ordered and he went along with it, his eyes frozen on Bella’s face “Emmie no fair” she squealed, damn I forgot the tape, turned to put get the tape, and all of a sudden I had forgot I had the scissors but someone pulled her away which made the scissors

cut, haha Eddie did it himself, wait are they making out, ewww I really wish I didn’t, oh well maybe he will loosen up a bit once he’s lost his virginity, haha he’s and 108 year old virgin, he let out a little growl, I know its cos of my thought but I'm just going to pretend it was from pleasure “Jazzy here’s your cue” I yelled even though he would of heard me if I whispered but I was too excited, “you two get a room, or do you want me to carry you to your room Eddie boy” I said evilly waggling my eye brows, me hehe, I'm evil officially, wander what evil sex is like, hmmm me and Rosie will find out tonight I guess, haha now I'm torturing Eddie even more. BPOV Suddenly Edward ran up the stairs with me in his arms, I was still tied up, stupid Emmett, and my top was hanging down, just great, oh well at least me and Eddie will do what I wanted to, hehe, wait now I'm turning evil EMMETT I’ve been hanging around with him to much, wait why am I thinking evil things and Emmett while I'm making out with Edward oh I know Edward leaves me and Emmett alone to much and now I’ve become sly, mwhahahahahahahaha, wait did I just evil laugh in my head oh well. I threw my roped arms around Edward, that would hide my chest and would also mean I wouldn’t be separated from Edward and the same time. I knew Jasper didn’t need to give me any lust; I was all up for it. EPOV God Bella looks so hot, I cant keep my hands off her, and now were in my room, I would of chucked her on the bed but she was sort of attached to me, damn Emmett and his

rope, oh well I went on the bed with her, the only way I could get my shirt off was to rip it, so I did, then I realised Jasper was sending my lots of lust, oh well might as well enjoy it, I'm marrying her soon any ways, lets get this show on the road, hehe now I'm feeling evil, oh well I pulled down my shorts so I was wearing my boxers, and Bella only had her bikini bottoms on “oh Edward” I heard her sigh, I groaned in response. EMPOV I couldn’t stop laughing I was on the floor, I'm glad Esme and Carlisle went to hunt now, you could hear them both groaning. JPOV I gave up giving them lust a few minutes ago, hmmm… looks like they defo want this, hehe, “Alice love…” I said innocently “come on Jazzy I already know what’s going to happen” she replied grabbing my hand BPOV OH MY EDWARD, we’re actually doing this YAY I love you Emmie boo, hehe it’s what I call him to annoy him, I know he can’t hear me but if I said it now, it might hurt Edward and make him suspicious, OH MY EDWARD he’s taking of his boxers and my bikini bottoms YAY !!! EPOV OH MY BELLA I’ve never seen her perfect body nude before, she is PERFECT, guess I have to thank Emmett and Jasper, I kissed her more and more and more, god I love her so much “you wont to do this?” I murmured in

her ear, “yes, yes, yes I want it” she almost shouted, that made me chuckle a bit, I teased her a bit, kissing her down her neck, in between her breasts, all the way to her belly button then back to her lips, then I did as she requested (sorry don’t know how to describe =( but I’ll let you imagine how =P) “oh Edward” she kept on groaning, “Bella” I groaned back every time.

THE NEXT DAY =D BPOV I woke up naked and lying on Edward’s naked chest, so does that mean I wasn’t dreaming? I hope I wasn’t. “Morning love” he murmured in my ear, “morning” I giggled, “I'm going to take a shower, want to join?” I asked innocently, “sure why not” he said with a grin on his face. We went to have a shower, and boy was that the best shower of my LIFE! EMPOV Evil sex was amazing, I think Rosalie is evil as well, hehe but she’s my evil wife, “YAY” I burst out, woops I said that out loud, I put my hand over my mouth “sorry everyone” I said apologetically, “its on Emmie bear” Rosalie said, yay again I love my evil wife, now I hear a shower and I hear a heart beat, I know what lets imagine Bella being a mountain lion, might put Eddie off his favourite food for a while, I know I’ll also sing ring ring ring ring ring banana phone, ding dong ding dong ding dong banana phone, I got this feeling its so appealing ….. no now I'm going to sing something else but what?

DING! Peanut butter jelly time, peanut butter jelly time, way oh way oh way oh, peanut butter jelly time, peanut butter jelly time, peanut butter jelly time, and a base ball bat, WAIT “CAN WE PLAY BASE BALL” I boomed, everyone laughed, “Emmett its to sunny to play” Alice replied laughing, “maybe tomorrow” she continued, no fair everyone laughs at me. Oh yeah I will be doing a part 2 but I had to let you guys have this first XD