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Article appeared Friday, July 18th, 2014 in The News Today, Bangladesh

The Reelation !""#$ yousu% &ah'u'ul (sla&, )h*

(n what ways do we use our intelligence+ For e,a&ple, when we 'uy a new product, what do
we do 'e%ore using it+ -e use our intelligence to study the .ser /anual or 0uide1 -e also
return to the 0uide wheneer we hae 2uestions1 -hy+ 3ur intelligence tells us that the
&anu%acturer should 4now 'est how the product is to 'e used1 -e also reali5e that the
&anu%acturer intends the 'est use o% the product1 The &anu%acturer ensures this 'y proiding a
&anual or guide and de&onstrations1
*oes our intelligence pro&pt us to use the product without consulting the .ser /anual or
0uide+ That is, does our intelligence suggest that we 4now 'etter how to use the product or that
we can change the guidelines at will+ (n case there are such thoughts, a warning usually is
printed, 6-arranty oid, i% the product is used outside the pu'lished guidelines17
8i&ilarly, i% we 'eliee that we are created can we 'e thought o% as products &ade 'y the
9reator+ :i4e any product, would the 9reator want 'est use 'e &ade o% the li%e created+ -ould
it 'e logical %or ;i& to send an intelligi'le 0uidance through representaties or &essengers who
could also de&onstrate how to apply the 0uidance or <erses Reealed+ -ould it 'e logical %or
;i& to proide warranty, i.e., support and security to those who %ollow the 0uidance+ =2ually,
what should ;e do with those who deny %ollowing 0uidance or %eel that they 4now 'etter+
8o, in relation to en>oying a uni2ue and intelligent e,istence on earth, gien the 4nowledge that
we did not create ourseles, what alternaties does our intelligence suggest+ The first
alternatie is that we hae not 'een created, i.e., we are rando& 'eings, there%ore li%e has no
purpose and hence the guidance gien in the Reealed ;oly 8criptures has no &eaning1 The
second alternatie is that we hae 'een created1 There%ore, li%e has a purpose and it &a4es
sense to %ollow the 0uidance proided in the Reealed ;oly 8criptures1 (% we accept the second
alternatie, should our intelligence suggest that the 9reator created each hu&an 'eing without a
purpose and that 0uidance proided in the Reealed ;oly 8criptures has no alue+ (s it logical
to accept that we are created and at the same time reject Guidance? (n our hearts, i% we do not
accept the 0uidance as the -ord o% the 9reator, what does it i&ply+
The &ost recent and %inal Reelation, the ?ur@an, con%ir&s that it is indeed those who study
Reealed 0uidance as it should 'e studied and %ollowed that are 'elieers1
Those to who& -e hae sent the 'oo4 study it as it should 'e studiedA they are the
ones that 'elieeA those who re>ect %aith in !the 0uidance$, the loss is their own1 B21121C
8criptures Reealed 'y the 9reator o'iously cannot 'e altered1 )eople who alter scriptures do
so to %urther their political &oties in addition to proiding proo% o% dis'elie%1 The ?ur@an con%ir&s
that not only it is Reealed 'y the 9reator, 'ut also that it supports what was Reealed in the
earlier ;oly 8criptures1
This ?urDan is not such as can 'e produced 'y other than AllahA on the contrary it is a
con%ir&ation o% !Reelations$ that were reealed 'e%ore it and a %uller e,planation o% the
Boo4 where in there is no dou't %ro& the :ord o% the -orlds1 B101"EC
The address Allah, is si&ply the Ara'ic word %or the 9reator or Al F ilah, the 0od {1}. The word
has cognates in other 8e&itic languages{1}, including Alah in Ara&aic, El in 9anaanite and
Elohim in ;e'rew1 The ?ur@an con%ir&s its purpose and relationship with preiously Reealed
There are in it stories and instructions %or men endowed with understanding1 (t is not
a tale inented 'ut a con%ir&ation o% what was reealed 'e%ore it F a detailed e,position
o% all things and a 0uide and a /ercy to anyone who 'eliees1 B121111C
(t was -e who reealed the :aw !to /oses$A therein was guidance and lightH BI144C
And in their %ootsteps -e sent Jesus the son o% /ary con%ir&ing the :aw that had co&e
'e%ore hi&G -e sent hi& the 0ospelG therein was guidance and light and con%ir&ation o%
the :aw that had co&e 'e%ore hi&G a guidance and an ad&onition to those who %ear
Allah1 BI14#C
Hthere%ore, %ear not &en, 'ut %ear /e and sell not /y 8igns %or a &isera'le price1 (%
anyone does %ail to >udge 'y !the light o%$ what Allah has Reealed they are !no 'etter
than$ un'elieers1 BI144C
8adly, howeer, as pointed out in the ?ur@an 'y the 9reator, there are &any who hae illogical
thoughts or &a4e inappropriate re&ar4s and re>ect 0uidance as ;is -ord1 They do this when a
9hapter or 8urah o% Reelation reaches the& through a /essenger, or 0uidance is read out 'y
so&eone or een when they the&seles recite a 8urah in prayer1
9.124 And whenever a Surah is revealed, there are among them (i.e. the
hyo!rites" those who say, #hi!h o$ you has this (Surah" in!reased in $aith% As
$or those who &elieve, it has in!reased in $aith, while they are re'oi!ing.
Those who 'eliee would &a4e e%%orts to use their intelligence to understand the &eaning o%
8urahs and 9hapters read in prayer F as this is the purpose o% reciting <erses in prayerA <erses
understood using our intelligence would hae the e%%ect o% increasing %aith in 'elieers1
9.12( )ut $or those in whose hearts there is a disease, it has only in!reased
them in evil (in addition" to their evil and they will die in a state o$ dis&elie$.
9.12* +o they not see that they are tried (i.e., have their $aith tested &y Allah"
every year, on!e or twi!e, &ut they do not turn in reentan!e, nor do they remind
Allah tests our &oties and understanding regularly1 (s it i&portant that we atte&pt to
understand the purpose %or which the 9reator has gien us intelligence+
9.12, And whenever a Surah is revealed, they loo- at ea!h other, (saying", +oes
anyone see you% and then they dismiss themselves. Allah has dismissed their
hearts as they are a eole who do not (want to" understand.
Allah &a4es sure that we all hae access to 0uidance1 ;e does this through a ariety o% &eans1
9.12. /here has !ertainly !ome to you a 0essenger $rom amongst yourselves.
1rievous to him is what you su$$er2 (he is" !on!erned over you (i.e., that you
should erish without $aith" and to the &elievers, he is -ind and mer!i$ul.
9.129 )ut i$ they turn away, say, Su$$i!ient $or me is Allah2 there is no deity
e3!et 4im. 5n 4im 6 have relied and 4e is the 7ord o$ the 1reat /hrone.
{1} httpGKKen1wi4ipedia1orgKwi4iKAllah