Estimate of economic impact from restrictions imposed by The Outdoor Events Ordinance.

data was acquired by telephone survey of All Known Wedding Venues in Western Nevada
County. The response rate was approximately 50%.

- Over 80% of NC weddings are out-of-town visitors
- 300 weddings/year
- 100 guests each on average
- $30K direct spend on the wedding
- $300 each guest hospitality spend (2 nights lodging + 6 meals), total $30K/wedding
- That is $60K/wedding, spread among all the vendors/planners/innkeepers/restaurants,
- 300 weddings is $18MM and this is likely just a slice of impacted outdoor events that are
not an attractive nuisance, but would be required to obtain a permit or drastically
reduce their business.
- With a 4X (very conservative) tourist $ input multiplier, that is $72MM, a conservative
estimate of the contribution of this business activity to the Western Nevada County
- 30-50% of these weddings are conducted at venues that do not currently require any
sort of permit.
- It is estimated that if permits become required as specified in the Ordinance, our local
economy will suffer a loss of between $15-30MM in activity.

Actually, this sort of Economic Impact Report ought to be performed for all new
law/regulations/ordinances/etc that affect local business.

A key question is whether existing policy/regulation is adequate to handle the 2 or 3 known
venues that have been the source of the vast majority of complaints.