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Shriram Life Insurance Company

Shriram Life Insurance Company is the result of a joint venture between

Sanlam Company, South Africa and Shriram Group of Companies, India. It is
among the largest and respected financial services corporations in India. he
main aim of this company is to offer world class services and products that
would help in securing the future of your family financially. he company
offers different types of insurance policies to suit the needs depending on the
age, gender and income of the individual primarily. Shriram Group of
Companies has e!perience for more than "# years in auto financing for
commercial vehicles, chit funds and other types of financial services in India.
Sanlam is a life insurance and asset management firm based in South Africa.
he company has more than $% years of e!perience in this field. he company
is listed on the &S' or (ohannesbury Securities Agencies and on the )amibian
Stoc* '!change as well. he net asset value of this company is more than +
,,.- billion .S/. he joint venture of these two companies named as Shriram
Life Insurance Company offers you tailor0made products. he name of the
different policies that the company offers are Shri )idhi, Shri Life, Shri 1idya,
Shri 2a*sha, Shri 3lus, Shri 3lus 4S35, Shri 1ibah, Shri Laabh and Shri
1ishram. he names of the policies suggest to certain e!tent the *ind of
insurance each provides.
he company provides truc* insurance ta*en forward from its Indian parent
company. 6ther services offered by the company include stoc* bro*ing,
consumer durable financing and insurance bro*ing. 6ther than these
insurances, you can get online premium payment and online policy buying
facilities. 7ou need to log on to the official website of the company to avail
these facilities. It is always difficult to choose the best insurance policy for
oneself by himself. 7ou need not worry as long as you are planning to ta*e
insurance policy from Shriram Life Insurance Company. his is because the
agents of this company offer you the best advice to choose an insurance policy.
7ou can e!pect to get full attention from them at the time of claim settlement as
well. hough, it is a safe company and maintains transparency, yet it is
important to read the insurance document properly before opting for any plan
for best result.
he company8s customer base e!ceeds "# la*hs chit subscribers and investors.
he company has -"# offices all over India though which it manages its
business. he company has more than %,,### dedicated agents, which simply
proves the huge number of employment it has created. It has created a niche for
itself and has been accepted widely by people of India. 9or any information,
one can contact the regional office or get advice from trained agents of the