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Amnah Algarni

What is Digital Citizenship?
It is defned as, the way how to use technology in appropriate, responsible
manners. It is the concept that helps us as teachers and parents to learn
what our students and kids should know to be able to use technology
appropriately and responsibly. Consequently, we can prepare them for
community full of technology.
This is issue should be high priority for educators and parents. The rate of
technology using by young people is increasing. According to the Pew
Internet American ife Pro!ect "# percent of children and teenagers are
online, $% percent of them ha&e their own cell phones. 'oreo&er, $# percent
are using 'y(pace or )acebook.
Digital Health & Wellness
*igital health + wellness Is to protect students and kids from physical and
psychological ha,ards related to technology use. -nsafe use of technology is
associated to physical and psychological issues. Physical issues. /yes related
issues, sound ergonomic practices and repetiti&e stress syndrome.
Psychological issues include cyberbullying, internet addiction and se0ting.
De"niti#n. using communication technology tools 1as cell phones and
Internet2 to bother another person and make him3her feeling angry, scared,
or sad usually in repetiti&e way.
Cyberbullying can be in di4erent forms including spreading made up rumors
online or through cell phones, sending bad texts, messages, and posting photos or video on
social media.
5ullies online. according 'ichele 6barra 5ullying could be defned as
7ongoing, repetitive peer aggression or victimization that is marked by a
power diferential between bully and victim8. 9hile :arassment is8mean and
rude comments, threatening and aggressive behaviors, spreading rumors
and other annoying or hurtful behaviors.8 Almost ;$ < of the bullied teens
were bullied online.
(tudies showed that the pre&alence of cyberbullying ranges appro0imately
from ;= to >= percent students. ?f ;@A;$ years old students, #B percent, and
Amnah Algarni
;$ percent of BA ;; years old had been cyberbullied 1)ight Crime. In&est in
Cids, @==B2.
I$pa%t #& #nline bllying!
Children that ha&e been harassed and bullied online are more likely to. 5e
bullied on person, ha&e more depression, suicidal thoughts, alcohol abuse,
social issues and poor relations with caregi&er. This is a &ideo by common
sense media discusses Cyberbullying and suggests some (olutions for Parents
http .33 youtu.be3tcD$9';@AlE
The main ob!ecti&e is to pre&ent cyberbullying and ensure normal
physiological de&elopment of our students and good relationship with their
society. The following are ob!ecti&es of this action plan.
;. /ducating parents about digital citi,enship concept, and the danger of
@. /ncouraging parents to discuss with their kids about internet friends
and chatting.
#. /nhance the communication, interaction and collaboration between
educators and parents 1home and school2 to pre&ent such problems.
Steps #& the a%ti#n plan!
;. A presentation for parents about cyberbullying and digital citi,enship in
@. A questionnaire will be gi&en for parents before and after lectures to
determine their knowledge about digital citi,enship and cyberbullying.
#. /&aluation form will be gi&en to students and singed by parents e&ery day.
>. *irecting parents to some websites for further knowledge and ideas.
I$ple$entati#n #& a%ti#n plan!
A. ecture that includes the following points.
Increasing Fate of internet usage by students.
*igital citi,enship. defnition and types.
*igital health + wellness. defnition and di4erent health issues.
Amnah Algarni
Cyberbullying. defnition, some statistics, impact on studentsG phycology and
9ebsites that may help parents to further educate and help in pre&ention of
5. internet usage e&aluation form . HH
/ach child will be gi&en an internet usage e&aluation form, together with
his3her homework. Their parent has to fll and sign this paper in daily basis.
The paper includes number of hours the child spent on computer and
internet, type of internet usage Ichecklist include social networking sites,
games information gathering, or others 1please specify2J
This form will be included in the grade of social science.
C. 9ebsites parents may use to impro&e their knowledge in cyberbullying, and
its pre&ention
**Please find example of the evaluation form below.
Amnah Algarni
Student name: Student No:
1- Did student use internet at home today?
Yes No
2- If yes, how long?
Less than 1 hour 1-2 hours more than 2 hours please estimate!
3- Of the internet usage time, how long used to finish school tass?
All the time " the time Non
!- "lease chec we#sites were na$igated?
#nline games so$ial networ%ing sites &a$eboo%' ()spa$e' tweeter''et$!
*$ientifi$ #thers please spe$if)!
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