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School Year: XXX

Date / Day: XXX

Day of Year: XXX/180
Objective: Students identify false stereotypes and learn cultural values Objective: Students will outreach to students to build cultural bridges.
Essential Question: How do we stereotype daily in the U.S.? Essential Question: How can students make impacts on human rights?
1. Para Empezar: You can always tell who is XXX because of the way
Ask students to brainstorm for 1 minute.
Ask random students to categorize the responses shouted.
hat does this tell us about our views of others?
2. !ontinue to describe the rise of the Hispanic race.
Have students read the te"t on #ink Sheet $ %he Hispanics
#ower#oint $ U.S. !ensus &ureau' ())( !ensus * Hispanics
+ideo $ ,Americanos- $ Section on .ife on the &order
eb/ http/00www.msnbc.msn.com0id012233(10
3. #ower#oint/ 4ulticultural 5ducation
hat do you think of with the word ,4e"ican?-
6iscuss the need for international mindedness 0 literate thinking.
How have we seen growth in our area? How do we react?
6iscuss the ways that American tourists react in other countries?
a. 6oes this reflect other countries views of the U.S. politically?
b. How does this reflect the current political decisions 0 amnesty?
c. ho is at fault that so many would like to live here?
1. Para Empezar: u!les cosas representan la cultura esta"ouni"erse#
6iscuss with the students...what is our culture?
hat happened to the idea of a ,melting pot?-
(. 6iscuss the value of proverbs/
hat are some of the most common in the U.S.?
7roups/ !ould you translate some common 4e"ican proverbs?
%ransparency/ #roverb matching * 8eward winning pair
Show other proverbs from other countries
7roups/ rite your own proverb using the sub9unctive mood
:ollow the/ Si haya ;;;;;;;;' habr<;;;;;;;;; format at first.
$iscutimos/ 6iscuss the values of the class 0 compare.
Ask students to create an illustration that accompanies.
1. How do the 4e"ican muralists demonstrate their feelings for the culture?
#ower#oint $ =os> !lemente ?rozco
@. 6iscuss recent mission trip to !5!y%5= %laAuepaAue.
:rom video shown' what do the dance' pageantry' facilities show?
How can we reach out to their school to better understand each other?
6iscuss the best methods 0 technologies to do that.
6o you think that we should provide 0 support their school?
#$in% in ite&s t'at $ein(o$ce ste$eot)*es +e,%,- (oo. *ac/a%es-
ne0s*a*e$ an. &a%a1ine$tise&ents2, Stu.ents i.enti() t'e
$ein(o$ce. ste$eot)*es, 3an t'e) t'in/ o( 0a)s in 0'ic' societ)
$ein(o$ces t'e&4 3an ste$eot)*es be eli&inate. ($o& societ)4
Stu.ents *$esent t'ei$ (i$st e&ails to 3E3)"E5 "la6ue*a6ue via
E7als,co&, All a$e sent (ilte$e. t'$ou%' &e (o$ a**$o*$iateness,
1. #ink Sheet $ !olumbus and the Hispanics
(. #ower#oint $ U.S. !ensus &ureau $ ())( !ensus Hispanics
1. #ower#oint $ 4ulticultural 5ducation
@. +ideo $ ,Americanos- $ .ife on the &order
1. %ransparency $ !ommon 4e"ican #roverbs
(. %ransparency $ !ommon orldwide #roverbs
1. !onstruction paper 0 markers
@. 5#als login 0 crafts
:RASE ;"I8 9E8 9<A:
Salud! = S'o0 as #less >ou?- 3'ee$s?- an. "o >ou$ Healt' +Healt' 3lass2,
Hu&anities Stan.a$.s 1a- Ac- Stan.a$. B: Ac- Ba a$e all $e(e$ence. an. inclu.e. 0it'in t'e cou$se o( stu.),
A7C!"ES 9E8 9IA:
8esson &a) be a.a*te. base. on %$a&&atical / vocabula$) nee.s, Activities s'oul. be c'an%e. eve$ 1A &inutes (o$ attention,