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Folder structure inside extension dir typo3conf/ext/[extension_key]/

Classes/ All PHP classes reside here

Classes/Controller/ Controller classes
Classes/Controller/[DomainObjectName]Controller.php Controller of model [DomainObjectName] (rec.)
Classes/Domain/ Domain specifc classe
Classes/Domain/Model/ Model classes
Classes/Domain/Model/[DomainObjectName].php Specifc model class for [DomainObjectName]
Classes/Domain/Repository/ Repository classes
Repository of model [DomainObjectName]
Classes/Domain/Validator/ Validator classes
Validator of model [DomainObjectName]
Classes/ViewHelpers/ Individual fuid view helpers reside here
Classes/ViewHelpers/[VHName]ViewHelper.php View helper with name VHName
Conguration/ All confguration (structure is a suggestion)
Conguration/Tca.php (or TableConguration.php) Table confguration array (TCA), own dir TCA/ if many
Conguration/FlexForms/ Flexforms used for backend forms
Conguration/TypoScript/ TypoScript constants and setup (e.g. setup.txt)
Documentation/ All documentation reside here
Documentation/Manual/ Extension manual, subfolder [format]/[lang]/
Resources/ All resources reside here
Resources/Private/ Private resources
Resources/Private/Backend/ Resources used by backend modules
Resources/Private/Backend/Layouts/ Layout fles for backend modules
Resources/Private/Backend/Templates/ Template fles for backend modules
All templates of a specifc controller (BE)
Template of [action] from [Controller] (BE)
Resources/Private/Language/ Language fles for l10n
Resources/Private/Language/locallang.xml Main language fle - use key w. translate viewhelper
Resources/Private/Layouts/ Layout fles for frontend plugins
Resources/Private/Partials/ Partials fles for frontend plugins
Resources/Private/Templates/ Template fles for frontend plugins
Resources/Private/Templates/[Controller]/ All templates of a specifc model (FE)
Template of [action] from [Controller] (FE)
Resources/Public/ Additional resources
Tests/ All tests reside here
Tests/units/ Unit tests
Naming Conventions
Classes UpperCamelCase
Methods & Variables lowerCamelCase
General class
- [ExtensionName] is extension_key without _ and in UpperCamelCase
- [Path] is inside Classes directory of Extension, change / with _
e.g.: Tx_BlogExample_Domain_Model_Post
or Tx_Extbase_MVC_Controller_ActionController
Interfaces Class name ends in Interface, e.g. Tx_Extbase_MVC_RequestInterface
Abstact classes beginning of last class name part is Abstract
e.g. Tx_Extbase_MVC_Controller_AbstractController
Domain model entity: ... extends Tx_Extbase_DomainObject_AbstractEntity
Domain model value object: ... extends Tx_Extbase_DomainObject_AbstractValueObject
Frontend Plugins
ext_localconf.php Tx_Extbase_Utility_Extension::congurePlugin(
$pluginName, // Pi1
$controllerActionCombinations, // array([Controller] => action,...)
$uncachedActions // array([Controller] => action,...)
ext_tables.php Tx_Extbase_Utility_Extension::registerPlugin(
Backend Module
ext_tables.php Tx_Extbase_Utility_Extension::registerModule(
$main, // main module, e.g. web
$sub, // sub module, e.g. tx_simpleblog_m1
$position, // e.g. after or before
$controllerActionCombinations, // array([Controller] => action,...)
$conf // conguration array like access, icon, labels
plugin.tx_[lowercasedextensionname] & module.tx_[lowercasedextensionname] & cong.extbase
settings Access in controller: $this->settings
Access in Fluid: {settings}
persistence enableAutomaticCacheClearing
cache clearing at edit/insert operations
PID list where records are read from
see next
PID where new records will be stored
Which table is mapped
Which column in table is mapped
persistence.classes {
Tx_Extbase_Domain_Model_FrontendUser {
mapping {
tableName = fe_users
columns {
usergroup.foreignClass = Tx_Extbase_Domain_Model_FrontendUserGroup
lockToDomain.mapOnProperty = lockToDomain
view templateRootPath
Template path
Partial path
Layout path
_LOCAL_LANG [ISOlang].key
Localization (key corresponds to the key in fle:
Custom queries (use in own method inside repository)
$query = $this->createQuery(); Initializes a query
$query->matching(...CONSTRAINTS...) Query methods. Inside () use constraining methods below
Chaining is possible:
equals(product.category.title, foo)
$query->logicalAnd($constraint1, $constraint2);
$query->logicalOr($constraint1, $constraint2);
$query->equals($propertyName, $operand, $caseSensitive);
$query->in($propertyName, $operand);
$query->contains($propertyName, $operand);
$query->like($propertyName, $operand);
$query->lessThan($propertyName, $operand);
$query->lessThanOrEqual($propertyName, $operand);
$query->greaterThan($propertyName, $operand);
$query->greaterThanOrEqual($propertyName, $operand);
array(property => ORDER));
$query->setLimit((integer)$limit); Result set limit
$result = $query->execute() Query and return result
ActionController API (Tx_Extbase_MVC_Controller_ActionController)
$actionMethodName Name of current action
$view current view (of type Tx_Extbase_MVC_View_ViewInterface)
$settings Domain specifc settings from TypoScript
$request Request object (of type Tx_Extbase_MVC_RequestInterface)
$response Response object (of type Tx_Extbase_MVC_ResponseInterface)
initializeAction() Initialize method for all actions
initialize[ActionName]Action() Initialize method for specifc action [ActionName]
[actionName]Action() Specifc method for action [actionName]
forward($actionName, $controllerName,
$extensionName, array $arguments)
Internal redirect of request to another controller
redirect($actionName, $controllerName,
$extensionName, array $arguments, $pa-
geUid, $delay = 0, $statusCode = 303)
External HTTP redirect to another controller
redirectToURI($uri, $delay=0, $statusCode=303) Redirect to URI
throwStatus($statusCode, $statusMessage,
Send HTTP status code
errorAction() Called at arguments validation error.
PHPDoc annotations
@param [Type] $var Action: Parameter. $var validates to [Type]
@dontvalidate $var Action: No validation for $var (needed for new und edit actions)
@var [Type] Model: Type of var in Domain Model - either simple type, class or ObjectStorage:
delivers methods: attach(), attachAll(), detach(), detachAll(), contains()
@validate [$var] [Validator] Model & Action: Validation for $var. In model without $var.
@lazy Lazy loading in domain model
@cascasde remove Delete child if parent is removed
@dontverifyrequesthash Disable request hash checking
@return [Type] Return value is of type [Type]
Repository API (Tx_Extbase_Persistence_Repository)
In controller (dont use new to instanciate a repository!):
$[domainModelName]Repository =
add($object) Add object to repository
remove($object) Remove object from repository
replace($existingObject, $newObject) Replaces an existing object with a new one
update($object) Update stored object with $object
ndAll() Find all objects of given type
countAll() Returns the total number objects of this repository
removeAll() Removes all objects of this repository
countBy[PropertyName]($propertyValue) Returns the number objects with $propertyName == $propertyValue
ndByUid($uid) Finds an object matching the given identifer
ndBy[PropertyName]($propertyValue) Find all objects with $propertyName == $propertyValue
ndOneBy[PropertyName]($propertyValue) Same as above, just fnd one (the frst found) object
Validator API - Validator used as [Validator] in @validate annotation
Alphanumeric, DateTime, EmailAddress, Float,
Integer, NotEmpty, NumberRange, String,
StringLength, Text
Possible validators, some have additional params. See
Conjunction TRUE if all child validators are true
Disjunction TRUE if at least one child validator are true
Extbase Cheat Sheet
v 1.00 / 13.04.2010
Patrick Lobacher, Jochen Rau, Sebastian Kurfrst
SVN: svn checkout extbase
Addressing the view in action (controller class)
$this->view->assign([name], $object) Makes $object available as {name} in fuid
$this->view->render() Forces rendering of template (default is at script end)
Templates, Layouts, Partials (in directory Resources/Private/...)
<f:layout name=default />
<f:section name=content>
<f:render partial=partName
arguments=... />
<f:render section=content />
Object accessor syntax
{} Object accessor: Result of getProperty() in model [name]
{name.key} Associative array: Element in array [name] with [key]
{name.number} Numeric array: Element in array [name] at position [number]
ViewHelper syntax
Declares the abbreviation f as namespace for Tx_Fluid_ViewHelpers (this is default). You
can add own namespaces.
<f:vhname PARAMS>
ViewHelper with the name [vhname]. Corresponding class is found at:
PARAMS Arguments will be listed like: {key1:value1,key2:value2}
e.g. each={0:1,1:2,...}
or values={0:odd,1:even,...}
or arguments={name:object}
Inline syntax:
<f:vhname ... /> could be written as {f:vhname(...)} and
<f:format.nl2br><f:format.crop maxCharacters=20>{some.value}</f:format.crop></f:format.nl2br>
could be written as {some.value -> f.format.crop(maxCharacters:20) -> f:format.nl2br()}
Boolean expressions - like:
condition=XXX operator YYY
XXX,YYY is of type number, object accessor, array or ViewHelper inline syntax
operator is one of: == != % >= > <= <
TagBasedViewHelper (general arguments for tag based viewhelper)
used with viewhelper: form (and all sub viewhelper), image, link, renderFlashMessages
additionalAttributes Associative array of additional tag-attributes style Individual CSS style
class CSS classes for this tag title Tooltip text for this element
dir Sets dir attribute - ltr or rtl accesskey Defnes access key
id Unique id tabindex Tab order for this element
lang Language of this element (RFC 1766) onclick JavaScript for onclick event
alias ViewHelper - defne alias of variables
map Mapping of alias - array e.g {x:object1,y:object1.property1}
base ViewHelper - generates base tag
cObject ViewHelper - display TypoScript object
typoScriptObjectPath TypoScript object path which should be diplay
data Data which is used for the rendering - same as <f:cObject>data</f:cObject>
currentValueKey Key which sets the stdWrap property current
count viewhelper - counts elements
cycle viewhelper - iterates through given values
values Array of values which is used for iteration as Name of iteration variable
debug ViewHelper - wrapper for TYPO3 debug function
title Title for debug output
for ViewHelper - foreach function
each Array of values or objects which is used for iteration key Key of iteration variable
as Name of iteration variable reverse If TRUE, direction will be reversed
form ViewHelper - form generation
action Form action (default is current url) name Name of form
arguments Additonal arguments pluginName Plugin called (default is current
controller Controller which should be called pageUid UID of target page
enctype MIME type for transmition pageType Type of target page (default is 0)
extensionName Extension which should be called (default is
current extension)
object Object bound to the form - can
be adressed through property
method Transfer method (default is post) onreset,
JavaScript handler
name Name of element value Value of element
property Property of object which is bound through form disabled Displays the element disabled
form.checkbox - displays a checkbox
checked If TRUE, the checkbox is checked
form.errors - displays the form errors
for The errors of the given element will be shown as Name of error variable
form.hidden - displays a hidden feld
form.password - displays a password input feld
maxlength Maximum length of feld size Length of input feld
readonly Readonly attribute of feld - displays a radio button
checked If TRUE, the checkbox is checked - displays a selector box
options Associative array or object used for options multiple Display a multi-select box
optionLabelField Values for label feld are flled from property size Length of selector box
optionValueField Values for value feld are flled from property
form.submit - displays a submit button
form.textarea - displays a text area
rows Number of rows cols Number of cols
form.textbox - displays an input feld
maxlength Maximum length of feld size Length of input feld
readonly Readonly attribute of feld
form.upload - displays an upload feld
format ViewHelper - formats in different ways
format.crop - crops text
append String, which is append at crop position respectWordBoundaries Crops only at word boundaries
maxCharacters Max. characters which are displayed
format.currency - displays currency conversions
currencySign The currency sign (like $, , ...) thousandsSeparator Character for thousands sep.
decimalSeparator Character for decimal separation - displays dates
format Format in date() syntax.
format.html - renders strings with TYPO3 parseFunc
parseFuncTSPath Path to own parseFunc. Default is lib.parseFunc_RTE
format.nl2br - wrapper for PHP function nl2br
format.number - formats numbers
decimals Numbers after comma. Default is 2 thousandsSeparator Character for thousands sep.
decimalSeparator Character for decimal separation
format.padding - wrapper for PHP function str_pad()
padLength Length of outputted string padString String which is used for flling up
format.printf - wrapper for PHP function printf()
arguments Arguments for printf as array
groupedFor ViewHelper - grouping of results
as Name of iteration variable groupBy Group by this property
each Array or object which is used for iteration groupKey Name of variable which stores the grouping
if/then/else ViewHelper - if-then-else (w/o then if there is no else)
condition Condition for the if part, right after this follows the then & else viewhelper
Shorthand-Syntax: {f:if(condition: {rank} > 100, then: rank is > 100, else: rank is <= 100)}
image ViewHelper - displays an image
ismap, longdesc, maxHeight, maxWidth, minHeight, minWidth, src, usemap, height, width
link ViewHelper - generates links
link.action / uri.action - generates extbase action links
action Target action noCashHash No cHash parameter
additionalParams Additional parameters pageType Page type (default 0)
arguments Arguments pageUid Target page UID (default current)
controller Target Controller pluginName Target Plugin
extensionName Target Extension section Anchor
linkAccessRestrictedPages Show even access restricted pages target Target parameter
noCache Deactivate cache for target page
additionalParams Additional parameters email Email address
additionalParams Additional parameters target Target parameter
linkAccessRestrictedPages Show even access restricted pages uri Target URL
noCache Deactivate cache for target page section Anchor
noCashHash No cHash parameter target Target parameter
pageType Page type (default 0) uri Target URL
pageUid Target page UID (default current)
renderFlashMessages ViewHelper - $this->fashMessages->add()
class Adds class to fash message list element
translate ViewHelper - (from Resources/Private/Language/locallang.xml)
htmlEscape If TRUE, the output will be escaped key Key in locallang fle
API: Write own ViewHelper with name [vhname]
Put fle [Vhname]ViewHelper.php in Classes/ViewHelpers/ with the following class defnition:
class Tx_[ExtKey]_ViewHelpers_[Vhname]ViewHelper extends Tx_Fluid_Core_ViewHelper_AbstractViewHelper
$arguments Associative array of arguments of viewhelper. Accessible within render()
$templateVariableContainer Contains all variables which are accessible in the template. Change with add() &
$controllerContext Context of controller - serves as API for the controller. Supports the following
properties: request, response, arguments, argumentsMappingResults, uriBuilder,
$viewHelperVariableContainer Container for exchanging data between viewhelpers. Add with add() & read with get()
initializeArguments() Register arguments with $this->registerArgument($name, $type, $description,
$required, $defaultValue)
initialize() Code before rendering of viewhelper
render() Render method which is responsible for output of viewhelper. Its required.
renderChildren() Called within render() will return all rendered content from child elements
class Tx_[ExtKey]_ViewHelpers_[Vhname]ViewHelper extends Tx_Fluid_Core_ViewHelper_TagBasedViewHelper
$tagname Name of Tag which will be gererated by the viewhelper
$tag Instance TagBuilder (API see below)
__construct() Constructor. You should call parent::construct().
initialize() Code before rendering of viewhelper. You should call parent::initialize()
$type, $description, $required)
Registers a viewhelper argument which is directly used as tag attribute. Should be
called within initializeArguments()
registerUniversalTagAttributes() Registers all universal tag attributes like class, dir, id, lang, style, title, accesskey,
Relevant API of TagBuilder
setContent($tagContent), getContent(), forceClosingTag($forceClosingTag), addAttribute($attributeName,
$attributeValue, $escapeSpecialCharacters = TRUE), addAttributes(array $attributes, $escapeSpecialCha-
racters = TRUE), removeAttribute($attributeName), reset(), render()
Fluid Cheat Sheet
SVN: svn checkout uid
v 1.00 / 13.04.2010
Patrick Lobacher, Jochen Rau, Sebastian Kurfrst