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Unit 6
Word Part of Speech Defnition Sample Sentence
camcorder noun [count] a small camera used for recording
pictures and sound onto videotape
The camcorder provided a record of the
day's events.
charge verb to put electricity into a battery The phone won’t work if it isn’t charged.
connect verb to join something to a supply of
electricity water or gas
Check that your printer is connected and
that the power is turned on.
digital camera noun [count] a camera that takes and stores pictures
in the form of electronic signals
a !"# digital camera with autofocus
dishwasher noun [count] a machine that washes dishes #ut the dirty plates in the dishwasher
after the meal.
$%$ player noun [count] &ou play a $%$ in a machine called a
$%$ player.
The disk got stuck in the $%$ player and
we couldn't get it out.
home cinema system noun [count] a television and $%$ system copies the
e'perience of seeing something in a
cinema in your own home
a home cinema system with surround
insert verb to put something into something else (nsert the plug into the earphone socket.
laptop noun [count] a small computer that you can carry
with you
The school gives all of its teachers a
laptop so they can work at home at
microwave noun [count] an oven that cooks food very )uickly
by using electromagnetic waves rather
than heat
The cook reheated the food in the
mobile phone noun [count] a small phone that you can carry
around with you
*ob used his mobile phone to call for an
"#+ player noun [count] a piece of e)uipment used for playing
"#+ ,les
&ou can download music onto your "#+
plug in phrasal verb to connect a piece of e)uipment to an
electricity supply or to another piece of
Then ( reali-ed ( hadn’t plugged the T%
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My wordlist
press verb to push something such as a button or
switch in order to make a piece of
e)uipment do something
To read your email press the return key.
remote control noun [count] a piece of e)uipment that you use for
controlling something such as a
television from a short distance away
The family argues over who has access
to the T% remote control.
satnav noun [count 0
satellite navigation1 a system for
,nding the best way to a place using
information from satellites. (t is often
found in cars.
#ut the postcode into the satnav and it
will plan our route.
select verb to mark something on a computer
screen before changing it
&ou can select a word by double clicking
on it.
switch0turn o2 phrasal verb if you switch o2 something such as a
light or a machine or if it switches o2 it
stops working
( parked the car and switched o2 the
switch0turn on phrasal verb if you switch on something such as a
light or a machine or if it switches on
you make it start working
$on’t switch on the light.
vacuum cleaner noun [count] a piece of electrical e)uipment that
cleans 3oors by sucking up dirt
The vacuum cleaner sucked up all of the
dog hair from the carpet.
washing machine noun [count] a machine for washing clothes #lease take the clothes out of the
washing machine and hang them up to
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