AN EYE’S PRAYER I AM YOUR EYE, crafted by our LORD who is full of love and compassion.

He gifted me to you with love to lighten-up your life and your path. I am with you for life, with love. Our Loving LORD desires you to take tender care of me as he created me to be your lifelong companion. The human life perishes; but I do not. I live till I am consigned to death. Day and night I move with you; sleep with you and toil with you. Till end I guide you in your path; in smooth, rugged or hostile terrains. You see through me the wonders of our LORD’s creations; the flowing rivers, the roaring oceans, the mesmerism of mountains, the beauty and colors of fragrant flowers and plants, the bewitching waterfalls, the mystic Sun, the Moon, the Stars and your near and dear ones in life and glorify HIM for HIS gift of sight. It is in you to decide whether I should live beyond human life. Think deep, think kind, and think humane. My life is not limited to a single life. This is the resolve of our loving God, my creator that I am passed on to those living in eternal darkness. To bury me, burn me or preying me to the vultures and extinguish the life in me is against the commandment of our LORD and a sin committed against him in violation of the rule of life preservation. You pray and I pray that I do not become a prey to manifestations of ignorance, comic myths and prejudices alien to life and love. Hallowed be the one who gift me with life to one with life to live in life and sing the glory of you and our LORD. Preserving the life in me for the vision of your brethren is your noblest parting gift to your Loving God. K. Mathew Thomas MEDITATION TIPS Regardless of the form of meditation, it is a good idea to take a shower, or wash your hands and face before you meditate. You may want to set aside a special place in your room that you only use for meditation. Or you can find a place outside that feels good to you. It is important to keep the back straight during meditation, whether you are sitting on the floor or in a chair. Energy flows up the spine, so we try to create a straight pathway for it. Also, it’s a good idea not to eat too much before you meditate, or you will feel heavy and tired. At the end of a meditation session, always bow in gratitude and offer your meditation back to the universe. This humble sign of gratitude is very important in Buddhist practice. “Meditation is the bridge between this and all other levels of consciousness; Practicing meditation makes you aware of your eternally enlightened nature. By practicing meditation you will come to see that the true nature of the real you, the body of light is everlasting bliss!”