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First Baptist

July 16, 2014
Pastor Rev. Paul Medley
Minister of Music Rev. Art Bruce
Minister of Youth & Students Rev. Jeff Baxley
Director of Children Stacey Sweitzer
Sunday July 13, 2014
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Bible Study

July 23
French Fries
Cole Slaw

July 20
Jim & Natalee Dozier, Mary Lynn White, Carolyn Thompson, Chris &
Ann Hobby, Misty Griffin and Patti Hall.

Pat & Hugh Willis and family in the death of her brother, Johnny
Register of Adel, GA.

The family of Jim Merritt.

Katy Coleman and family in the death of her brother, Carl Jackson
“Bubba” Jones, Jr., of Climax, GA.

Kay Elliott and family in the death of her sister, Irene Davis of
Knoxville, TN.

What a wonderful day we had in the Lord this past
Sunday. Allison Oliver baptized, Tanner Timmons and
Madison Toole coming for Baptism and then Sunday
evening’s sweet, sweet spirit made the day complete. Thank
you to the Baptism Committee, the Lord’s Supper Committee,
the praise team, audio visual team, instrumentalist, and
especially our Lord for blessing us in worship.
This Sunday will be just as exciting with a Baptism in
the 8:30 and 11:00 AM services. Then our time of fellowship
Sunday evening as we share watermelon and “Officially”
welcome Jeff Baxley and family. Just a reminder that we
would like to do a “gift card tree” as a form of pounding or
pantry shower. Join us Sunday as we come expecting a
blessing and receiving a blessing.
Our Children are at Centra-Kid this week at Norman
Park. By the time you read this they will have returned. Join
with me in praying that God will continue to speak to our
children as He did at camp and that many will come to know
Christ as Lord and Savior.
We will honor Clarene Jones upon her retirement on
Sunday the 27th from 2 till 3:30 pm. I hope you will come by
and thank her for the great job she has done for over 17 years.
A basket will be present if you would like to leave her a
personal note of thanks or a card.
I look forward to seeing you this Sunday.


Sunday, July 20
Early Worship 8:30 AM
Bible Study 9:45 AM
Morning Worship 11:00 AM
Evening Worship 6:30 PM
Watermelon Fellowship 7:30 PM

Monday, July 21
Finance Committee 5:30 PM
Deacons Meeting 6:30 PM

Tuesday, July 22
Men’s Prayer Breakfast 7:00 AM
Children’s Bible Study 10:30 AM

Wednesday, July 23
Kids to Water World 9:00 AM
Student Ministry 6:00 PM
Family Supper 6:00 PM
Prayer Meeting 7:00 PM
Chancel Choir 7:45 PM


Gift Card Tree for
the Baxley’s

As I enjoyed a day hiking the Appalachian Trail, this
hymn text by Barbara Fowler Gaultney about the beauty
of God's creation flooded my mind;

In the lightning flash across the sky
His mighty pow’r I see,
And I know if He can reign on high,
His light can shine on me.

When the thunder shakes the mighty hills
And trembles ev’ry tree,
Then I know a God so great and strong
Can surely harbor me.

When refreshing showers cool the earth
And sweep across the sea,
Then His rainbow shines within my heart,
His nearness comforts me.

I’ve seen it in the lightning, heard it in the thunder,
And felt it in the rain;
My Lord is near me all the time,
My Lord is near me all the time.

I want to say a big, gigantic thank you to the small army of
people that showed up to help move my family this past
Saturday. So many were involved with cleaning, driving,
lifting, unpacking, feeding, and taking care of my children! I
cannot say thank you enough for the way my family has been
welcomed to Bainbridge!!

Fall Schedule
As we move towards the beginning of the new school and
church year, our youth leadership will be working together to
establish a fall schedule. I hope to have a calendar together
soon of the major events and activities that will take place
over the next few months. One event to keep an eye out for
details about will be our fall kickoff for our Wednesday night
services. I look forward to seeing you this week in worship!!


July 23 – Youth Supper & Bible Study
July 30 – Youth Supper & Bible Study
August 6 – Youth Supper & Bible Study

CentriKid Camp July 14-18
Please pray for all the campers. We have 10 children, 2 adults
and 1 youth going on this trip. Pray for our safety. Pray that we
all become more excited about our relationship with Jesus!
Water World July 23 9 am - 7 pm
$7 per person. We are leaving at 9am from the church parking
lot. GUESTS are FREE but everyone must bring money for
lunch and dinner. Remember, every child must be accompanied
by an adult. If you need help finding an adult, call Stacey at the
church office or on her cell (number is below).

Pool Party! Wednesday, July 30
The Bruce's • 362 River Chase Drive • 6-7:45 pm
Join us for some fun in the water! Dinner included. FREE!
Children must be accompanied by an adult.
AWANA Sunday, August 10
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm • Ages 3 years through 5th grade
Help your child hide God's Word in his or her heart! AWANA
helps children memorize scripture, learn more about God and
have tons of fun. Plus, AWANA kids are involved in service
projects throughout the year.
We are still looking for more adult help in making this program
a success! Please be a part of helping a child learn more about
Christ. There are several levels of involvement and we would
love to discuss options with you. Email AWANA Commander
Julie Cottles at or Stacey (see contact info
What's Happening:
July 23 Water World
July 30 Pool Party at the Bruce's
August 10 AWANA Begins