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Eyelids Hidden

Ranbir has an analytical mind that needs to know the how, what, where and when o
f a project or issue. He will dig for details, question everything, and leave no
stone unturned.
Ranbir is also independent, preferring to do everything himself. Its easy and nat
ural to maintain personal boundaries, and self-sufficiency is key both personall
y and professionally.
The fact that Ranbir doesnt need anyone can cause him to be labeled a loner.
Should Ranbir marry or become close to someone, he may fail to give his intimate
partner enough attention. That may come across as a self-centered, me-first att
itude, accompanied by impatience with more demanding or needy people.

Average Width Between Eyes
If Ranbir could fit another eye just between his natural two, he would have aver
age eye width neither very close nor very far set. Ranbir tends to be more balan
ced in the ability to pay attention to details as well as appreciate the bigger
If the shoe fits, exacting study of detail can be attractive to Ranbir. If the t
opic is not of great interest to him, however, he may lose the drive needed to c
omplete the task. Depending on the issue, Ranbir can be either very good with de
tails or focused more on the long-range outcomes instead of how every nuance wil
l fall into place.
Basically, Ranbir is not given to extremes of focus or flightiness, but has a he
althy balance between the two. He can concentrate when needed, or consider the g
rand scheme of things.

Angled Eyebrows
Ranbir evaluates everything carefully yet quickly, resulting in decisive, rapid
decision-making. He loves to be in charge - control is important and the desire
for leadership comes naturally. Clever and smart, Ranbir can also be critical an
d disapproving, with a fault-finding gift that can prevent headaches or cause he
At the worst, Ranbir may actually get a bit of a kick out of conflict, enjoying
it if only for the challenge. He must be aware of the potential for jealousy and
possessiveness, the drive to control what is his, and turning people off by alw
ays having to be right.
On the bright side, Ranbir is excellent at conserving money and resources, getti
ng to the point in speech and action, and having an allergy to wasted time.

Ears Moderately Angled Out
Having an average facial trait often equals an average personality trait. While
the word average may sound boring and not special, it can be better than being eit
her outrageous or mousy. Very often the lack of desire or ability to swing too f
ar in any direction can keep people calm and a situation stable. If extremes and
drama are the order of the day, frustration will eventually turn to anger, rese
ntment, and wondering what is wrong with me?!
Ranbir has ears that are moderately angled, neither flat nor sticking way out. S
o Ranbir does not go to extremes of dependence (flat ears) or independence (stic
k-out ears). The same goes for hording (stick-out ears) or giving it all away to
fit in (flat ears). Ranbir is temperate in this regard.
Because he is right in between, sometimes he will keep and collect, other times
Ranbir knows its time to clean house and de-clutter. In certain situations, he wi
ll need help or advice or reassurance, other times Ranbir can do it all on his o
wn. Ranbirs ears therefore suggest balance and reasonable expectations in those d

Nostrils Small and/or Narrow
As a result of receiving little support as a child, Ranbir has learned to take c
are of himself and to be independent and thrifty. He can be psychologically gene
rous but is not likely to share resources as much as a large nostril wearer.
Experiencing resentment and feeling alone may be Ranbirs biggest issue, and he wi
ll find it tough to give and receive. Others may see him as tightfisted. On the
brighter side, he will be a bit more open and generous to those who are close an
d trusted loved ones.
Nostril size also determines how much oxygen a person is able to take in. Ranbir
may therefore may be a bit on the low-energy side.

Long Nose Bridge
Ranbir may feel his greatest strength is logic and common sense. He is a strateg
ist who loves to plan and keep control of the work environment.
Consistency and practicality are keywords in Ranbirs vocab, and when others dont l
ive up to the task he may take on the tone of a dictator. High work standards ar
e good; alienating others is not. Being practical, however, Ranbir will eventual
ly find a way to make good with others in such situations in order to facilitate
projects and events.
The longer and straighter the bridge of the nose, the more sensible and reasonab
le Ranbir likes to be. However, over-planning, long meetings and extended deadli
nes may also result from the desire to make sure every angle is perfectly accoun
ted for.

Full Round Cheeks
Ranbir is oriented toward fun, family, groups and people. He loves parties, soci
alizing, laughter, and probably loves dancing and cooking gourmet food to share
with others. Mostly he will want all the fun to happen at his house, so he will
invite others over often. Those who are less social, generous, and fun-loving ma
y not understand or appreciate Ranbir. He may also be a bit of a home-body.
Tolerant and accepting, Ranbir is a natural moderator who receives support from
others without having to ask. People will unconsciously allow themselves to be o
rganized more readily by someone with his friendly cheeks.

Mouth Narrow
Ranbir is great at keeping secrets, being unwilling or unable to divulge much or
to act high profile. Sincere, honest, he is only open with close friends and fa
mily, preferring to remain reserved with strangers. Of course, once you get to k
now Ranbir, he certainly can open up as easily as anyone if that is Ranbirs wish.
Still, he would rather enjoy one-on-one settings and his own company over crowd
s or parties, surrounded by unknown people.
That will cause Ranbir to appear introverted and shy, and he will find it diffic
ult to express emotions or speak freely. He may also have trouble putting the fo
ot down with bullies. Another issue is the ordeal of speaking in front of large
audiences. Ranbirs innate integrity easily makes up for all those seeming limitat
ions, because it earns admiration and trust from others.

Mouth Corners Even
Being right in the middle of the communication spectrum, Ranbir is a fairly obje
ctive, reflective listener who generally will not speak hastily or act before so
me contemplation. In his mind, things arent good or bad until more evidence is ab
sorbed. He tends to shy away from overreacting.
People who are highly reactive whether very positive or very negative - may anno
y Ranbir. He will wonder at all that fuss is about! He is not fond of overly neg
ative or super bubbly people, though Ranbir is generally tactful enough not to s
ay so. Ranbir will probably unload only when he has had too many buttons pushed.
Ranbir is an asset to teams. He is likely to give the overeager and the fault-fi
nders some balance, being able to recognize both sides of the story, identify th
e good and the bad.

Forehead Even in Width
Ranbir is fairly well-balanced between action and deliberation. He can pay atten
tion to the details of a thing, or make haste to be done with it, but not to exc
ess in either direction. Balance in this facial trait means steering clear of ex
tremes of impulsiveness or over-thinking.
Sometimes Ranbir will expedite an event or transaction as needed. Other times he
will know it is time to take care of the nuances or examine alternatives. In ot
her words, Ranbir can rush when its needed and safe, or avoid jumping into things
until a full evaluation is done.