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Seymour Blinder (born March 11, 1932 in New York City) is a Professor Emeritus of Chemistry and Physics at
the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and a consultant with Wolfram Research Inc., Champaign, IL.
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He attended Cornell University and received an A.B. in Physics and Chemistry in 1953 . He received an A. M
in Physics in 1955 and a Ph. D. in Chemical Physics in 1958 from Harvard University under Professors W. E.
Moffitt and J . H. Van Vleck (Nobel Laureate in Physics 1977).
J ohns Hopkins University, Applied Physics Laboratory, Senior Physicist, 1958–1961
Carnegie Institute of Technology (now Carnegie-Mellon University), Assistant Professor, 1961–1962
Harvard University, Visiting Professor, 1962–1963
Visiting Research Fellow, University College London, 1965–1966
Visiting Research Fellow, Centre de Méchanique Ondulatoire Appliquée, Paris, 1970
Visiting Research Fellow, Mathematical Institute, Oxford, 1971
University of Michigan, Assistant Professor, 1963–1965
University of Michigan, Associate Professor, 1965–1970
University of Michigan, Professor, 1970–1995
University of Michigan, Professor Emeritus 1996–Present
Blinder has received the following awards and honors:
Phi Beta Kappa, 1953
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Dr. Blinder's
Introduction to
National Science Foundation Predoctoral Fellowships, 1953–1955
Guggenheim Fellowship, 1965–1966
National Science Foundation Senior Postdoctoral Fellowship, 1970–1971
Rackham Research Fellowships, University of Michigan, 1966 and 1977
Teaching experience includes: Graduate level Quantum Chemistry, Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics,
undergraduate Physical Chemistry, Electromagnetic Theory, Relativity, Mathematical Methods, and Atomic
Research interests include: Theoretical Chemistry, Mathematical Physics, applications of quantum mechanics to
atomic and molecular structure, theory and applications of Coulomb Propagators, structure and self-energy of
the electron, supersymmetric quantum field theory, connections between general relativity and quantum
Personal interests include: Playing cello, classical music, and chess (S M is a former J unior Chess Master).
Blinder has authored over 100 journal articles in theoretical chemistry and mathematical
physics. He has also published four books:
Advanced Physical Chemistry; A Survey of Modern Theoretical Principles
(Macmillan, New York, 1969)
Foundations of Quantum Dynamics (Academic Press, London, 1974)
Quantum Mechanics in Chemistry, Materials Science, and Biology (Elsevier
Academic Press, 2004)
Guide to Essential Math: For Students in Physics, Chemistry, and Engineering
(Elsevier Academic Press, 2008), in press.
11 Faculty members are granted emeritus status by Regents [1] (
Introduction to Quantum Mechanics: in Chemistry, Material Science, and Biology (S. M. Blinder) [2]
( ournal/Issues/2005/Mar/abs383.html)
J ohn Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation 1965 Fellows Page [3] (
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