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PracLlcal 6klllc
  Today, µractica¦ ski¦¦s such as usin_ conµutors and sµoakin_ ioroi_n ¦an_ua_os aro
ro_ardod as inµortant. As a rosu¦t, nany schoo¦s aro oiiorin_ c¦assos ior thoso
ski¦¦s, and ¦oarnin_ thon _ivos studonts noro oµµortunitios to iind {obs. Howovor,
sono toachors say that studonts aro ¦osin_ intorost in traditiona¦ sub{octs ¦iko nath
and history. lractica¦ ski¦¦s aro usoiu¦, but studyin_ traditiona¦ sub{octs is a¦so
Your story shou¦d bo_in with this sontonco: Ooe day, Vr. 6aLo wac acked comeLHlog
lo LogllcH by a cucLomer aL Hlc bookcLore.
#$j¶·@}§}L±7,CopyrlgHL´C)2OO6 ´[)E7¶þ|¶jý
[ OuecLlooc ¦
No. 1 Accordlog Lo LHe paccage, How doec learolog pracLlcal cklllc Help cLudeoLc?
= ly _ivin_ thon ,studonts¦ noro oµµortunitios to iind {obs.
No. 2 Now, pleace look aL LHe plcLure aod deccrlbe LHe clLuaLloo. You Have 2O cecoodc
Lo prepare. Your cLory cHould beglo wlLH LHe ceoLeoce oo LHe card.
Pleace beglo.
÷ Ooe day, Vr. 6aLo wac acked comeLHlog lo LogllcH by a cucLomer aL Hlc bookcLore.
Ho said to tho custonor, ¨l dont undorstand Ln_¦ish.` A iow soconds ¦ator, a workor
at tho storo ta¦kod to tho custonor in Ln_¦ish ior hin. \r. Sato io¦t a ¦itt¦o
onbarrassod that ho cou¦d not ho¦µ tho custonor hinso¦i. Ono wook ¦ator, \r. Sato
startod attondin_ an Ln_¦ish ¦an_ua_o c¦ass. Ho hoµod that ho wou¦d bo ab¦o to sµoak
with custonors in Ln_¦ish in tho iuturo.
Now, Vr. / Vc. ÷÷, pleace Luro over LHe card aod puL lL dowo.
No. J 6ome people cay LHaL, becauce of compuLerc, people cpeod Loo mucH Llme alooe.
wHaL do you LHlok abouL LHaL?
= l a_roo. looµ¦o dont havo to ta¦k to othors whi¦o usin_ conµutors. Thoy shou¦d havo noro
iacotoiaco connunication with othors.
= l dont think so. Actua¦¦y, conµutors nako it oasior ior us to connunicato with our irionds.
\o can onai¦ thon and arran_o whoro to noot.
No. 4 1oday, maoy ccHoolc lo Japao Have cLopped Havlog claccec oo 6aLurdayc.
0o you LHlok LHlc lc good for cLudeoLc?
  Yec. ¬ wHy?
= Studonts havo noro tino to sµond with thoir irionds. Thoy a¦so havo tino ior
vo¦untoor and c¦ub activitios.
No. ¬ wHy ooL?
= Schoo¦s shou¦d _ivo noro ¦ossons to thoir studonts. Studonts nood to study hard
to µass oxans and to _ot {obs.
#$j¶·@}§}L±7,CopyrlgHL´C)2OO6 ´[)E7¶þ|¶jý

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