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How many native threads are possible in SWT? It runs on any platform that support Java BorderLayout awt, swing,2d focuslost (); shell shell.setSize(200, 100); Choice A 1

SWT is platform-independent? You have to design a layout where the component are to be placed in rows and columns, having varied spaces between them? Java Foundation classes conatin the follwing which method is applicable for swing text field How Shell make itself visible Which is not an abstract class in swt what is the root of the widget class How you set the size of the shell which is not a basic widget DefaultDesktopManager class implements concrete methods of DesktopManager Swing and Jtable are Does SWT supports Java Bean? Which is the top level class in SWT? How to resize a Window in SWT Which one is composit widgets How SWT interact with native operating systems

TRUE two dimensional Yes Widget open List Comand

We can add element in AWT-List by add,remove methos.Swing Jlist does not support add, remove.Which of the following interface is used to achieve this? List Question on Diff types of Layout?Which layout is used when Which one is not a part of SWT Component? Color Dialog To get response from GUI swing use eventListener?What is used for SWT? AWTListener

Choice B 2 It depends on native library SpringLayout awt, jndi, jts valuechanged It platform independent GridBagLayout action item Choice C 3 Choice D 4

None of the above FlowLayout

FALSE three dimensional No Shell pack Table Factory Display modify Tree Façade None of the Above. close Combo

ListModel Font Dialog SelectionListener

Model JDialog EventListener

None of the Above Message Box None of the Above

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HeuristicMixedException, HeuristicCommitException and HeuristicRollbackException JTS interface is defined in JTA Choice A

Full form of JTS

Java Transaction Service

JTS is a Which interface provide ability to control transaction buondaries progamitically? How do you achieve transaction in your code?

low level interface Java.transaction.U serTransaction Application Server

How a user transaction become persistent? Which interface JTS uses to achieve interoperatibility and portability?

load CORBA_OTS IIOP(Internet inter ORB protocol) Connection Mechanism

Which protocol is used to generate and propagate transaction context

Which one is best mechanism for database connections

Choice B Choice C Choice D


high level interface middle level interface

javax.transaction. er.UserTransactio UserTransaction n None of the Above
Transaction Manager Both a & b None of the Above


store JTA

commit Transaction Manager

close None of the Above

RMI Transaction Manager Object-Relational Mapping None of the Above


Java Transaction Service (JTS) specifies the implementation of a transaction manager that supports the Java Transaction API (JTA) specification at the high level and implements the Java mapping of the OMG Object Transaction Service (OTS) specification at the low level. JTS uses the standard CORBA ORB/TS interfaces and Internet Inter-ORB Protocol (IIOP) for transaction context propagation between JTS transaction managers. The CORBA developer, must use the transactional APIs provided-usually a mapping of a subset of the OMG Object Transaction Service (OTS) API, such as the Java Transaction Service (JTS) that is supplied with Oracle8i JServer. The CORBA developer must code calls to a transaction service to enable transactional properties for distributed objects, where this is required. The TransactionManager interface defines the methods that allow an application server to manage transaction boundaries. TransactionManger-> getTransaction()

Persistence: A property of a programming language where created objects and variables continue to exist and retain their values between runs of the program.

IIOP: IIOP (Internet Inter-ORB Protocol) is a protocol that makes it possible for distributed programs written in different programming languages to communicate over the Internet.

Object Relational Mapping examples hibernate, iBatis

What is data wiring in Spring? Interface between JSF and Spring? Automatic Detection of JMX Mbeans?

How to configure a datasource in spring How many autowire modes available in Spring

What is Aspect? Which interface is used to pluggin the Web module Question on Joint Point

Choice A Choice B Choice C DelegatingVariab leResolver

Resolver MBeansExporter


<bean id="MyDataSource" class="org.apache.commons.dbcp.BasicDataSour ce" destroy-method="close"> <property name="driverClassName"> <value>com.mysql.jdbc.Driver</value> </property> <property name="url"> <value>jdbc:mysql:// useUnicode=true&amp;characterEncoding=gb231 2</value> </property> <property name="username"> <value>lyo</value> </property> <property name="password"> <value>lyo</value> </property> <property name="defaultAutoCommit"> <value>true</value> </property> </bean> 5(no,byName,byType, 6 constructor, autodetect) An aspect is a common feature that's typically scattered across methods, classes, object hierarchies, or even entire object models. It is behavior that looks and smells like it should have structure, but you can't find a way to express this structure in code with traditional object-oriented techniques. WebAplicationContext Aplication Context 4


Choice D


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Choice A

Transaction Mangament, ORM and Connection Management is a part of Lite architecture Is it possible to use sql dialect in Hibernate xml by using SQLQuery interface TRUE Which join allows associations or collections of values to be initialized along with their parent objects, using a single select Fetch mapping between a java class and a table Primary key CDATA

Hibernate does what? Which one is autometically generated by Hibernate? How to differentiate <> used in query or XML in hibernate.xml

Choice B Full cream architectute FALSE Choice C Choice D


Both a md b


Left outer

Right outer

mapping betweena action from and mapping between table a XML and table None Foreign Key Candidate Key A & B both

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What UML diagram represents the different stages in Object life cycle? What UML diagram represents the interactions between the objects? What UML diagram represents the instances of class? What UML diagram represents the structure of the system, specially before coding? Questions on (UML Diagrams) Sequence diagram definintion Class definition Overloading is which type of relationship? A object may change if the state of another object is changed but the reverse is not possible.What relationship is that? Question on differentiating between static diagram and dynamic diagram Difference between collaboration diagram and Sequence Diagram Choice A State Chart Diagram State Chart Diagram Class diagram Class diagram

Aggregation Dependency

Choice B Component Duagram Component Duagram Object diagram Collaboration diagram Choice C Collaboration diagram Collaboration diagram Collaboration diagram Component diagram Choice D Sequence Diagram Sequence Diagram Sequence Diagram State Chart Diagram

Association Composition

classification Aggregation

None Association

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What type of object is not available in JSP? In JSP property="*" means? RPC limitation? How to find IP address of a client? Choice A Session taking all beans? request.getRemot eAddr To provide user different pages seprately

Why sendRedirect is necessary? Is it possible to overwrute the destroy method?

Choice B HttpSession Choice C out Choice D request

ServletContext.get response.getRem RemoteAddr oteAddr


None of the above

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Expression Language can be used in JSF? How to specify include tag in JSF? How to specify achor tag in JSF? xml file name used in JSF Questions on feedback reader and backing bean Extension on JSF To show a outpot string which tag is used Choice A TRUE <h:include> <h:commandLink > faces-config.xml .jsp h:DisplaText

Choice B FALSE Choice C Choice D

.jsf h:outputText

.faces h:DisplayData

.xml h:outputData

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In iBatis sql statement use which descriptor? how many framework Ibatis support buildDAOManeger() is a method of which class? DAOManager Choice A 2

Which one is true about maxTransaction

Default valus is 64 DbcpDataSourceF actory

Which dataSource factory is not been provided in iBATTIS Question on Parameter Class Question on Cache

Choice B Choice C Choice D



DAOManagerbuil der

Maximum number of threads that can enter SqlMapClient.start Max no of Transaction() at a connection in time. SQLMAPClient

option 4

SimpleDataSource JndiDataSourceFa SqlMapDataSour Factory ctory ceFactory

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Can Multiple thread be created in AJAX pooling? In AJAX Various IO pipelines. From cookies to IFrames, to pub/sub functionality Question on AJAX submission Throttling Which patern guess what the user is going to do? How to convert an XML to a java object and the reverse? DHTM consist of? What of AJAX? How programmable layout in webpage is achieved? Choice A TRUE dojo.Stream

Predictive Fetch JAXP JavaScript + DOM + CSS Java Script is hard to main tain Iframe

Choice B FALSE Submission Throttling JAXB JavaScript + DOM + XML Choice C Choice D

Ajax Apps are single-threaded. Browsers don't allow scripts to mult dojo.Math

Periodic Refresh None of the above JAXM None JavaScript + CSS + XML None


Browsers don't allow scripts to multithread, and nor does Javascript have any built-in support for it. does no

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Remote object can be created from which of the following>? What is the function of rmi registry ? Multi cast delivery is supported in remote reference layer or not Client connect first to Choice A Interface TRUE rmi registry extending UnicastRemoteObj ect TRUE Stub Stub Registry Stub

Callbacking in RMI is done by stub can only access the methods which are defined in Remote. What is the server side proxi? What one is used in server side to call a method? In RMI Registration of object is done by? What one is used in server side to call a method?

Choice B Implementation FALSE rmi service Call UnicastRemoteObj ect.exportObject(thi s) both a & b FALSE List Skeliton Stub Skeliton Skeleton Remote Reference Layer Skeleton Remote Reference Layer Choice C Choice D


None of the above None Remote Reference Layer None

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Choice A To keep unrelated action into a related model No version ActionForward struts.tld Compile time <%@ taglib prefix="sql" uri="" %>

What is the role of dispatchAction? Later version of ActionError? What is the return parameter in ExceptionHandler.execute() method which of the following is the tld used in struts <%@........%> tag is called when in jsp?

How to used taglib in struts?

Choice B To keep related action into a unrelated model it is there as it is void struts-html.tld Translation time <%@ taglib prefix="sql" uri="http://java.sun. com/jstl/sql" %/> Choice C To keep unrelated action into a unrelated model ActionMessage Action Run-Time Choice D To keep related action into a unrelated model DynaErrors


<% taglib <% taglib prefix="sql" prefix="sql" uri="http://java.sun uri="http://java.sun .com/jstl/sql" %/> .com/jstl/sql" %>

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Which one is invalid clause in EJB? Finder method is present in which bean? Choice A Select Entity Writing New components entity bean TRUE TRUE Persistence Argument and Return Type AcionMessage Action Servlet Intialize the Servlet at load time

Role of Application Assembler? Which of the following is asynchronous EJB present in Web Container Entity Bean suppotrs only CMP Entyty Bean should have What is different create and ejbCreate in EJB? ActionError is used in Struts1.1. In Struts 1.2 this method has been depricated.What is introduced to overcome this? How to prevent duplicate page submission in Struts?(interface name) Which saves data temporalily before saving to the database

What load-on-strutup does in web.xml?

Choice B When Session Choice C Where MDB Choice D From None of the above

Deployment and writing new components Session bean MDB's FALSE FALSE Serialization Only Return Type DynaError Action Message All are same

Argument,Return Type and method name

Nothin introdiced Taken care in XMl Action Form Action Mapping

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A pettern that is pluggable, can be attached without affecting the rest system, can be authorized and authenticated What belong to Structured pattern Proxy Pattern Design Pattern uses Prototype pattern examples Which of the following is not a composite entity pattern Question on DAO Pattern Which of the following is not a creational pattern which of the following is not a "GOF pattern" Questin on Builder Pattern? Whicn pattern is used to build an object which take only the specification Question on Structural pattern Overloading is? Seamaphore does what? Mejor classification in Design Pattern? Choice A Business Delegate Façade

Serializtion Transfer object assembler singleton pattern front controller

Encapsulation lock and attach a count to obj Creational,Structur al,Behavioral

Choice B Choice C Choice D Façade pattern None

Intercepting Filter Transfer Object Adaptor Both

Cloneable er object assembler factory pattern creational builder pattern structural Adapter pattern behavioural




Creational,Observe Observer,Proxy,B r,Behavioral ehavioral None

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Which of the following is Transaction Control statement : What is a real life database object ? The driver which converts jdbc calls to network protocol DDL Statements Which one is equi join? <> means what? Choice A grant type 1 Create, alter, drop Eslf greter than

Choice B revoke type 2 Left outer Equal Choice C commit type 3 Right outer Less than Choice D rollback type 4 None Not equal

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What is the function of Semaphore? Function of Barrier Function of CountDownlatch How to avoid thread interference and memory inconsistency What CountDownLatch does? Which method is used to sinchronize a method? Choice A It is a lock with attached counter

Synchronization sinchronizer

Choice B Choice C Choice D




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JAXM package is Which provides the mapping between the Java object and XML files What exception is thrown if an already bounded object is again tried to get bounded? SOAP header is optional? Choice A javax.xml.messag ing JAXM AlreadyBoundedEx ception TRUE

Which is an application server Web Server which xml parser is available in Weblogic 6.1 Apache xerces 1.3.0 parser JSSE stands for Java Secured Socket Extension JAXM is used for XML Messaging In Cactus Servlet implicit objects are request, response, session, config POJO Plain Old Java Object RIA have features and functionality of traditional desktop applic Following is not an application Server Weblogic In RAD CSS designer provides a Source pane and Preview pane tags for tiles is <put ..> In which of the following object log method is available ServletContext xml file name used in JSF faces-config.xml which of the following is an IBM App Server Weblogic RIA is named by Macromedia Collection of objects in an Object Aggregation Pattern is a template or model TRUE stub can only access the methods which are defined in Remote. TRUE Questions on Heuristic exceptions Declarative and programmatic approaches are used in EJB's Finds or creates a tree components for the selected view. Some components like HtmlCommandButton will generate action ev Restore view Synchronous call application performance and rendering high, low Service activator Use a Service Activator to receive asynchronous clie In J2EE multi tier architecture what is the first layer web tier To the client cluster doesn't appear Objects are called in java call by value Store is a Class End User Support Material is the artifact of Inception Software Architecture Document is the artifact of Inception Folder is a Class which method converts a java object to a JMS message Language internationalization header TRUE

Jruby supports what? What is optional in SOAP declaration? Is it possible to achieve overloading by changing order of argument

Choice C javax.xml.messag java.xml.message e JAXP JAXB Choice B Choice D

None of the above

BoundException ServletException None of the above FALSE Communication EJB Server Server None of the above lxml parser Sax parser pxml parser Java Source Socket Java Socket Source Extension Extension

requests, response, ServletContext, pagecontext ld Java Object no refresh is needed. both a & b Websphere tomcat Jboss View Pane Design Pane <putList..> both a & b ServletConfig Websphere Apache Association FALSE FALSE


Update Model Values low,low low, high high high Service Activator to receive asynchronous client requests and messages. On receiving a message, the Service Activator locates and invoke client tier Bussiness tier appears as single Weblogic server instance call by reference Object Interface Abstract Class Elaboration Construction Transition Elaboration Construction Transition Object Interface Abstract Class

body FALSE



ervice Activator locates and invokes the necessary business methods on the business service components to fulfill the request asynchronou

ll the request asynchronously.