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How to Receive God's Benefits

Norvel Hayes
Unless otherwise indicated, all Scripture quotations are
taken from the King James Version of the Bible.
How to Receive God's Benefits
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1 How to Receive God's Benefits
In The Spirit You Speak Mysteries
For he that speaketh in an
unknown tongue speaketh not unto
!en "ut unto God# for no !an
understandeth hi!$ how"eit in the
spirit he speaketh !ysteries%
& 'orinthians &(#)
+n the Spirit you will speak mysteries, that is
#ery true. .ou will ne#er know what it means
when the Spirit of /od is being manifested through
tongues speaking directly to /od. .ou won0t know
what the sounds mean, and you won0t know what
the words mean, but /od does. )he only way we
can know what the words mean is when /od gi#es
us the gift of interpretation, and then /od can
re#eal to us their meaning.
"ow notice the 1th #erse, /od says to the
*ow "rethren if I co!e unto you
speaking with tongues what sha++ I
profit you e,pect I sha++ speak to you
either "y reve+ation or "y know+edge
or "y prophesying or "y doctrine-
& 'orinthians &(#.
3e#elation and knowledge. + want you to
concentrate a minute on the word knowledge. )he
knowledge of the $oly /host always astounds me.
+t always thrills me because it0s something my
mind can0t understand. )he #ast knowledge of the
$oly /host is the knowledge of /od.
''o!e /ith Me To Buy 'arpet'
+ was sitting in my office one day, and a pastor
came by and said to me, 4"or#el, /od sent me by
here, to get you to go on a trip with me, + am going
o#er the )ennessee line to a rug manufacturing
company to buy some carpet for about se#en
Sunday School rooms + built on the church. + need
new carpet for all se#en rooms, and /od dealt with
me this morning to get you to go with me to this
manufacturing company.4
+ said 4%astor, my desk is loaded down here
with mail, and + am really busy.4
$e looked at me #ery seriously and said, 4But
Brother "or#el, it0s /od. /od told me to come by
here, and get you.4
5ell, + saw he was really serious, and + knew
that he lo#ed /od and that he was a man of /od,
so + said to him, 4&kay. 6ine %astor, if /od told
you, +0d be glad to go with you.4
"ow this manufacturing company was owned
by a Baptist minister. $e had leased the company
out to a 7ewish man from the east, and the 7ewish
man had beat him out of some se#enty thousand
5e walked into the plant together, and when
we got in the middle of the plant he called one of
his men o#er with a big trucks that reaches up into
the air. +t can get any roll of carpet that you want,
and bring it down to you so you can see the quality
and the colors and e'amine it.
0n 1ne,pected B+essing
So the pastor was standing there telling the
owner the ones he wanted to see. )he owner was
gi#ing his dri#er instructions to bring it down, and
all of a sudden the Spirit of the ,ord that li#es in
me began to mo#e on me, and the 5ord of the
,ord come unto me saying, 45alk o#er to your
right and pray in the Spirit.4 + 8ust slowly walked
o#er to my right in the plant, the spirit of prayer
was on me, and + began to pray in the Spirit. )hat
means pray in other tongues. + did not know what +
was praying for, + knew where + was at, + was not
unconscious. But the Spirit of prayer was on me to
pray right then and there.
So + kept praying in the Spirit for about fi#e
minutes, walking back and forth praying in other
tongues. + had no idea what + was praying for, +
8ust knew that0s what /od wanted me to do. *fter
about fi#e minutes, the Spirit of prayer 8ust left me
as quickly as it had come.
So + started walking slowly back o#er where
the pastor was at looking at the rugs. $e looked at
me and said, 4* few minutes ago, we were getting
rugs down to look at, and the owner, looked at me
and said, 0%astor, +0m gonna gi#e you all these rugs
for free, for your church.04
*nd the moment he said that, the $oly /host
witnessed to me that that was why + was sent o#er
to the side to pray in the Spirit.
The 2now+edge of the Ho+y Ghost Is the
2now+edge of God
"ow, remember the knowledge of the $oly
/host. )he $oly /host is from the throne of /od,
$e thinks 8ust like 7esus and /od thinks. )he
triune /odhead. /od and 7esus, and the $oly
/host are three separate but they are all one. /od
sits on the throne and $e0s sitting there right now.
7esus the Bible says, is sitting on the right
hand side of the 6ather, and the $oly /host is the
one that0s here on the earth doing the work of /od.
)he $oly /host is helping to rescue the human
race to get them into $ea#en, and to get them into
the Spirit world, where they can li#e and think like
/od thinks.
/od doesn0t think like man does. :an thinks
of doctrines and the way the church should be set
up with rules from all different denominations. But
see /od thinks according to the Bible.
)he Bible and /od are the same. *nd the
$oly Spirit works in line with the 5ord. $e
doesn0t work in line with anything else, only the
5ord. "ow, remember the knowledge of the $oly
/host. .ou can get this knowledge. .ou recei#e a

portion of /od0s knowledge when you begin to

pray in the Spirit.
3ikewise the Spirit a+so he+peth
our infir!ities# for we know not what
we shou+d pray for as we ought# "ut the
Spirit itse+f !aketh intercession for us
with groanings which cannot "e
Ro!ans 4#).
See, + didn0t know to pray for rugs in that plant
that day. )he %astor didn0t know to pray for rugs,
but the $oly /host did. "ow, the $oly /host will
make sure that the man that ga#e those rugs to the
church will get a great financial blessing for that.
*nd the pastor, he got the rugs for free for his
church, but not through man0s knowledge, through
the knowledge of /od. )hrough praying in the
"ow 7ohn the Baptist saw a little bit of this,
0nd I knew hi! not "ut he that
sent !e to "apti5e with water the sa!e
said unto !e 1pon who! thou sha+t
see the Spirit descending and
re!aining on hi! the sa!e as he
which "apti5es with the Ho+y Ghost%
6ohn &#77
'o!!unicate /ith God
.ou see, 7esus is the Bapti<er in the $oly
/host. &nce you allow 7esus to bapti<e you in the
$oly /host, then you ha#e a right to recei#e these
things from the throne of /od.
.ou ha#e a way to communicate with /od
directly from your mouth, from your life, from
your body, through the Spirit of /od that li#es in
you. Because you0#e been bapti<ed in the $oly
/host, and you can let the Spirit make intercession
for your needs. )hat means praying in the Spirit or
praying in other tongues. )hey are the same thing.
0n 0weso!e 8isitation
+0m going to share with you one of the greatest
#isitations from /od that + ha#e e#er heard of in
my life concerning the knowledge of the $oly
/host. .ou will begin to see the depths of the
knowledge of the $oly /host.
* while back in Columbus, &hio, this
#isitation of the $oly /host began to come forth
out of a 1= year old girl. +t was tongues, but with
prayer and understanding. )hat means in a
language that she already knows. But she was
"ow the testimony + 8ust shared with you how
the Spirit mo#ed upon me to go pray o#er in the
plant, + was not unconscious, + knew what + was
doing all the time. )he only thing + didn0t know
was the #ast knowledge of the $oly /host, and
what $e was doing. )he only thing + knew was to
pray in other tongues. But + had no idea what + was
praying for. But /od did, and $e got what $e was
praying for from the throne. +n turn /od mo#ed on
the man to gi#e the rugs to the pastor.
But now the girl +0m speaking to you about
was unconscious, she had gone out under the
power of the $oly Spirit. She had ne#er prayed in
the Spirit, or prayed in tongues before in her life
until this incident.
5e were holding a meeting in Columbus,
&hio in *pril 1!=. +t took place after a morning
teaching session. + was standing close to the front
door of the church talking to a friend when his
sister named Cheryl, walked up. 5hile talking to
them the Spirit of the ,ord mo#ed upon me and $e
began to show me $e wanted to do something
special for Cheryl.
So + said, 4Cheryl, ha#e you recei#ed the
Baptism of the $oly Spirit in your life?4
*nd she said, 4"o.4
+ said, 45ell, 7esus wants to bapti<e you
today. ,et0s walk down here in front of the church
and you can recei#e it now.4
So we walked down to the front of the church,
and + ga#e her some instructions such as, 4/i#e
7esus your tongue Cheryl, 8ust gi#e $im your #oice
bo' and your #ocal chords. 7ust begin to speak out
the sounds, words, and syllables that come to your
spirit by the $oly /host. 7ust speak them on out.
*s your faith pleases 7esus, the manifestation of
the $oly Spirit will grow stronger and stronger,
and the language will begin to flow.4
*nd she listened to what + was saying and did
what + told her to do. + told her 47ust shut your
mind off from me, and think about 7esus, and talk
to $im 8ust like a child talking to his father or
mother. 7ust let the sounds, and words come out of
your mouth whate#er they may be.4
So as she yielded herself to the ,ord and + put
my hand upon her, praying, the Spirit of /od
mo#ed upon her, and the tears begin to flow. *nd
in a matter of 8ust two or three minutes a beautiful
language began to flow out of her.
*fter she spake this beautiful language for
about twenty minutes, she stopped. *nd she said to
me, 4:y daughter is here, + would like for her to
+ said, 45ell, go get her.4
So she got her 1= year old daughter, 3honda. +
ga#e 3honda instructions as + had her mother, and
8ust laid my hand gently o#er on her. *nd the tears
began to stream out of her eyes, and the Spirit of
the ,ord began to speak a beautiful language, and
she started re8oicing /od, and re8oicing, and
re8oicing, and the language began to flow, and
flow, and flow.
)his girl fell completely out under the power
of the $oly Spirit. She was talking in the beautiful
language that the ,ord had gi#en to her.
*s the Spirit began to flow, the Spirit of /od
began to speak some in @nglish through the little
girl. $e began to talk about a man named 7ohn
there in the church that hadn0t recei#ed the baptism
of the $oly Spirit.
$e was standing back talking to the pastor. +
went and brought him up there. *nd the Spirit of
/od began to say, 47ohn, 7ohn, 7ohn, 7ohn...4 + put
her little hands on him, and + agreed with her and
the $oly Spirit, and he recei#ed the baptism of the
$oly Spirit standing right there.
She continued speaking in tongues for two
hours, unconscious, flat on the floor. *s the spirit
spoke things out in @nglish, we decided to record
it, and we were able to record about (2 minutes of
+ want you to notice real closely the
knowledge of the $oly Spirit as $e spoke through
this 1= year old girl in @nglish. +n the beginning
the Spirit is talking about her father who was not a
Christian. $e use to be, but he had left the church.
*t the beginning the $oly /host through her, was
8ust crying out to /od for her father. + belie#e your
life will be completely changed as you read the
following and reali<e the knowledge of the $oly
)he following is a portion of the recording of
the 1= year old girl under the Spirit. ) when
she is speaking in tongues. 6ollowing are 8ust a
few phrases she spoke in @nglish from the (2
minutes we were able to recordA
"My daddy, my daddymy son, I
love yo...o! my son, my son, my
son...o! daddy...o! daddy, son, my son, my son...o! my
daddy, o! my son...o! yo are wonderfl
my son,...yor daddy is saved, o! yor
daddy is saved. "or daddy is
saved...yor daddy is saved my little
one...yor daddy is saved my little one, o!
I love yo my little one. "or mot!er is
too... o! yor daddy is saved and !e loves
yo...o! !e son it is yo, my
son...don't worry yor daddy is saved...o!
!e loves yo..., kee# yor eyes closed,
kee# yor eyes closed...yor daddy is
saved. $on't fig!t it, don't fig!t!
%!eryl &tonges'...I love yo...I never
t!og!t it wold (e t!is good...go tell
daddy ...tell !ose is yor
!ose...yo are a mem(er...see !ow good
it is...yor cold will go away... (elieve
me...yor daddy is fine... o! my son, my
son, my son, my son...I didn't know t!is
wold !a##en...o! (e !a##y... re)oice
...(e !a##y...I didn't e*#ect t!is...o! it's
good...I'm not looking at anyt!ing...
*t this moment she began to grie#e hard, she
had been out for o#er two hours, and the $oly
/host told her 4goodBbye.4 She immediately raised
up, opened her eyes and 8ust acted like she had
been sleeping.
+t was ama<ing but + want to point out a
couple things to you, you would ha#e to ha#e been
present and watch this manifestation to understand
it. But + want to point out to you the #ast
knowledge of the $oly /host, and how $e knows
e#ery part of our #ery being and e#erything that0s
going on around us.
5hile the $oly /host had her out praying
through her, if you0ll notice one time when $e
said, 4Close your eyes, close your eyes...4 She
would begin to open her eyes and $e was telling
her to close her eyes. )hen her body was began to
mo#e a little bit, and then $e said to her, 4Con0t
fight it, don0t fight it.4
+ could imagine her being 1= years of age, out
in the Spirit like that, ne#er before in her life, her
natural self was trying to fight it. *nd $e was
telling her what to do.
"ow there was another young girl there about
1( years of age watching this. She looked up at me
one time, and she opened her eyes, and asked me,
45hy is she opening her eyes, what is she looking
at?4 *nd immediately the $oly /host answered
and said, 4+0m not looking at anything.4 *nd then
she 8ust began to speak in tongues again and make
intercession. &h, the benefits of praying in tongues
it0s absolutely wonderfulD
)his #isitation from /od caused us to all get
on our knees and weep, and weep, and weep, and
weep before /od.
*nd + tell you the manifestation of /od that
day in *pril in Columbus, &hio will be one that
many people will ne#er forget.
+t lasted till after (A;; in the afternoon. *nd
we stayed there on the floor, and waited on /od,
and $e did a miraculous work.
/orship and 9ray in the Spirit
+f you want to know the best way in the world
to get your prayers answered, it is for you to bow
down before /od, and worship $im and pray in
the Spirit. )hat means pray in other tongues.
Because 8ust like the scriptures + ga#e you in the
book of 3omans, the ,ord says that you don0t
know what to pray for.
:any times, many things happen in your life
that you don0t know what to pray for, but the Spirit
$imself will make intercession for you. $e will
make intercession for you up to $ea#en. Because
$e knows what to pray for, and $e knows how to
pray for it. :any times we end up in situations in
our life that we don0t know how or what to pray
for. But the $oly Spirit that li#es inside you, the
$oly /host, $e knows how to make intercession.
*nd if you will learn to pray in the Spirit, $e
will make intercession for you, and you can get the
answers real quick. /od will answer your prayers.
God Sent Me To Rescue a Young Man
+ was praying in the Spirit with Brother
Eenneth $agin here some time ago, in a room.
*nd the Spirit of /od began to re#eal to me and
tell me that $e wanted to use me to rescue a young
man that was about to go into a dark #alley. )his
man had been rebelling against /od for two years.
Sometimes you know /od gets fed up with
our sins and $e0ll 8ust let us go so far, and that0s it.
)hen a terrible thing comes up on us that is #ital to
us. )his was what was going to happen to this
young man. But the ,ord told me $e wanted to use
me to try to rescue this young man out of this dark
5e had been praying in the Spirit for o#er an
hour one night about 1A;; in morning. +t was 8ust
wonderful how /od used me 8ust about = or 2 days
after the incident with the 1= year old girl, to put
my arms around this young man, and ask him to
come back to /od.
+ told him what /od told me, that he was
going to go into a dark #alley, and oh it was going
to be so dark. *nd the $oly /host begin to cry and
say, 4+t0s going to be so dark, so dark, so dark and +
want to use you to tell him the truth and to rescue
him and to warn him.4
So as + told him this and warned him, he broke
and began to cry, and weep, and he ga#e his life
back to /od. )he Spirit of /od came back in him,
and he began to pray in the Spirit, and he prayed in
the Spirit about =2 minutes. /od 8ust rescued him.
5hen the $oly Spirit tells you what to do, and
tells you how to do it, then you know e'actly what
to do, and you know how to do it. Because when
$e gi#es you information, it0s the knowledge of
)he $oly /host has gi#en me information on
different things. &ne time the $e began to gi#e me
information on a person + was going to ha#e
trouble with in one of my businesses, and that day
my business was robbed.
)he $oly /host woke me up at 2A;; in the
morning, and told me that there was danger in my
business, something0s going, to happen, to be
cautious. So + called my secretary early that
morning and said to her, 45e are going to ha#e
problems with that business, something bad is
going to happen.4 *nd that day it was robbed
about noon.
+ kept praying, and about > years later the man
that robbed me came to my house, and broke, and
began to cry, and weep, and brought back the
money he had stolen.
)he same thing happened to me one time in
another place, in another city where + was
speaking. * man came up, and began to cry, and
weep, and the Spirit of /od began to mo#e. )hen >
weeks later he came to where + li#ed and $e said,
4+ ha#e to talk to you, +0m going to die if + don0t
talk to you.4 $e told me that he robbed my place
some 2 years before that.
$e said, 4+0ll 8ust pay you back if you won0t
put me in 8ail, but since + heard you speak o#er
there in that other city that night, the Spirit of /od
has been on me, and +0#e been suffering, and
suffering, and suffering.4
/e 0++ Got B+essed
&ne time + was down in 6lorida holding a
meeting for a friend. + was staying in his home.
3ight after ser#ice his wife began to pray in the
Spirit, actually the Spirit of the ,ord had been on
her for two days.
)he first night + spoke there she came forth,
she had had back trouble, and /od healed her.
5ell, she had been crying, and re8oicing in /od for
two days. *nd back in the room, in the bedroom
she began to pray in the Spirit one night, and her
husband and + were sitting out front. So about
midnight she went from praying in tongues into
groanings before /od.
Sometimes you can pray in tongues for quite
some time and the manifestation of the Spirit of
/od can get so strong that you can0t pray in
tongues any more, but you 8ust go into groanings
before /od. *nd the "ew )estament says,
:%%%groanings which cannot "e uttered%:
F3omans 9A>1G 7ust groanings coming out of your
#oice bo', coming out of your inner most beingA
7ust groanings up to /od.
So + said to my friend, 4.ou know, /od is
about to speak to your wife, +0#e been there before,
+ know that /od is about to speak to her.4 *nd $e
said, 4.eah, let0s 8ust wait.4 $e said, 4)his is
wonderful, let0s 8ust wait, and see what /od wants
to do.4 So we walked in the li#ing room, and sat
there for a few minutes. )hen all of a sudden, she
stopped. She came walking through the hallway
and into the li#ing room, and + was sitting on the
couch, and my friend was sitting in a chair. She
went o#er, and sat down in his lap, and put her
hands on his head, and he broke, and began to cry,
and weep. .ou could hardly do anything, e'cept
fall on your face, and /od began to show me like a
mo#ie screen my whole life, from the time when +
was child up to that time. *nd $e began to show
me back and forth scenes of my life. $ow the de#il
had tried to kill me when + was a child, and the
heartaches, and troubles +0d had.
*nd that night at the end of it, when /od
brought my life up to that #ery time. $e said, 4)he
de#il has tried to destroy you son, because + ha#e
anointed you with :y Spirit, before you e#er came
out of your mother0s womb.4 + didn0t know that.
*nd + tell you what a time we had. /lory to be to
/od fore#er more. 5e all got blessed by the $oly
&h, + tell you the #ast knowledge of the $oly
/host. )he work that $e does upon the earth
among people. )here is nothing that $e won0t do
for us. *ll the benefits that /od has for us we can
en8oy if we only listen to $im, but we ha#e to
listen to $im. +f we don0t, we will not be able to
recei#e the bountiful blessings of /od.
Spend Ti!e 9raying in the Spirit
So + tell you when 7esus begins to mo#e on
you, the Spirit of /od begins to mo#e on you, 8ust
pray in the Spirit. +f anything begins to happen in
your life that you can0t handle, go somewhere and
pray in the Spirit. Because when you pray in the
Spirit, + tell you, /od will do great things for you.
*nd $e knows how to get the answers for you,
because you are 8ust like me, many things you
don0t know what to pray for, or how to pray for,
but the $oly Spirit does and $e has the knowledge
of /od.
$e knows e#erything that you need, and $e is
here to be our teacher and our guide. *nd $e will
guide us, and lead us into all truth. *nd $e0ll teach
us the things of /od. $e0ll teach us what we need
to know about the 5ord of /od. $e0ll teach us
what /od wants to teach us, if you0ll read, and
study the 5ord, and pray in the Spirit. Because
when you pray in the Spirit remember the Bible
says you speak in an unknown tongue, and you
speak directly to /od. "o man understands it
because you speak in mysteries.
0"out the 0uthor
"or#el $ayes shares /od0s 5ord boldly and
simply, with an enthusiasm that captures that heart
of the hearer. $e has learned through personal
e'perience that /od0s word can be effecti#e in
e#ery area of life and that it will work for anyone
who will belie#e it and apply it.
"or#el owns se#eral businesses which
function successfully despite the fact that he
spends more than half his time away from the
office, ministering the /ospel throughout the
country. $is obedience to /od and his willingness
to share his faith ha#e taken him to a #ariety of
places. $e ministers in churches, seminars,
con#entions, colleges, prisonsHanywhere the
Spirit of /od leads.
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