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Handbook of Extractive Metallurgy Edited by Fathi Habashi Volume I: The Metal Industry Ferrous Metals ® WILEY-VCH ‘Wein Ciceser-Now Yor Trt Besbane- Singapore SSEMETR arpa se neers aie Suctomebea nt ara Preface Pasi me nc ft ‘cls iced dante een ance ‘otha en tered intl so fais cesta Seer Sega dye ey eer nt Sachets Selita Rinne eter ore Shrratenae Seems Shonen a oe te Sear Sree at fon caiiare mens ‘ne pe ty aecumaeresze ae iSeeeveaeene en ‘Th ht ype at eo Syren se soocheny: Tee ae ‘Mitte sts ini ones me Sil denon faa ‘ata dg gh rng Sieg iste Chemt Eee “ot foe yom 28 apr teal ean pone Thane ASU ete Handa toed tt "Th ool pa ino sop teste nts nw ‘Scie ef nna Chery eno ‘Ste Ste Sew ww ‘ec Pec ee Inearecoaa ‘hc when peptoa stance "Tae lweng ey Ato cei, eine, Kam, bo ‘ete ccs beer ey bie ‘Svan ad nt ei a hy {Sethe eae no am re P (Ses) ete plan a be ‘Sena em ble Bie chip canine wie 0 Inc si at apa [pc campuniefweves te ao ‘Septet ae coneety secied top tod ne he mer nos fara ety of fen Those ey ‘es, ee oon fevescomponis nis aes se ‘oe, 1 Besna fliniaon ofr imenape ‘Shs ieee alo of ma oc ‘eet wo Anaer emt eed ‘iter epic Sethe get amit of cake i be ‘eens he mtu “Cac on Cee ipl nde ne ca ea Tin gto olin Vel Vag sesh foresee open o Peri Ran So we Je Fals Mai t Laval ives for ‘rexel prc Rees alienate czy wok fe png sage ‘Soa ef mean cei ceil or (ssi gyi inl ee ‘eon Ene ey ct ‘Sy co ae i an al ann een ‘ech ei ninth chiens [ees el cel seis ‘tom oer done tat ese od fortocaretve enti Table of Contents Volume Pat Refractory Metals Part One ‘The Meat dustry SOE Teen oD 1 etek Citas, 8 Noli as 3 fevelageriy 38 3 Rebates TSU 2 aa os Part Two. errows Metals 3 Rete ve Sm 2 é fen 2 Part Bigh Sane Met regs 0a 3dr Yoheme 56 ee it Part Primary Metals 3a snes i Tee 8 Core o 39 Tbs 20200 16 aoe Gh) PartNine Radioactive Metals ite a praeen ass Part Fur Secondary Metals 2 Ree 1 Aes © Pa Ton tareBarth Meals 1s Gx *o 32 a 17 Mery. a1 “we 18 Got ma seme 17 Por Five Light Metals ‘Siberian. oss Pat erroaloy Meas Ser IE Hen Mckenna 2 Ain ian {8 Mme 2 aon ie Site it 3 bene se ume It Part ‘Alkali Metals, Part Si Precious Metals Twehe 3 ttm 20m Brow us 3 Soe a3 Sher hs 52 Powe a 23 Pinay 3 foe Rh