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Motivation is the core of management. Motivation is an effective instrument in the hands of
management in inspiring the work force. It is the major task of every manager to motivate his
subordinates or to create the will to work among the subordinates. It should also be remembered
that the worker may be immensely capable of doing some work, nothing can be achieved if he is
not willing to work is motivation.
Motivation is an important function which every manager performs for actuating the people to
work for accomplishment of objectives of the organization. A manager has to make appropriate
use of motivation to enthuse the employee to follow them. Effective succeeds not only in
having an order accepted but also in gaining a determination to see that it is eecuted efficiently
and effectively.
!he "oncept of motivation#
!he word motivation has been derived from motive, which means an idea,
need or emotion that prompts a man in to action. $hatever may be the behavior
of man, there is some stimulus behind it. %timulus is dependent on the motive of the
person concerned. Motive can be known by studying his needs and desire.

!here is no universal theory that can eplain the factors influencing motives
which control mans behavior at any particular point of time. !he process of motivation
studies the motives of individuals which cause different type of behavior.

Acc. to Edwin ' (lippo#
)Motivation is the process of attempting to inflence others to !o their
"or# throgh the possi$ilit% of gain or re"ar!&'
(ignificance of motivation)
Motivation involves getting the member of the group to pull weight effectively to
give their loyalty to the group, to carry out properly the purpose of organization. !he
following result may be epected if the employees are properly motivated #
!he workforce will be better satisfied if the management provide them opportunities
to fulfill their physiological and psychological needs. !he worker will cooperate
voluntarily with the management and will contribute their maimum towards the
goals of enterprise.
!he rate of labor*s turnover and absenteeism among the workers will be low.
!here will be good human relations in the organization as friction among the workers
themselves and between the workers and between the workers and the management
will decrease.
!he number of complaints and grievances will come down.
Accidents will also be low.
!he workers will tend to be as efficient as possible by improving upon their skills and
knowledge so that they are able to contribute to the progress of organization. !his
will also result increased in productivity
Adlabs, a +eliance A&A ,roup company is one of the largest entertainments
conglomerates in India.

Adlabs (ilms -imited, a member of the +eliance Anil &hirubhai Ambani ,roup, is
India*s fastest growing film and entertainment services company

%tarted as a laboratory for processing ad films over three decades ago, has today become a key
player in the entertainment and media industry through its production, distribution, ehibition
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a corporate face to movie making, and introduced the IMA. and /d viewing eperiences to
India. Adlabs has always been at the forefront of change and opportunity.
Early 0112, the Adlabs business consisted of a processing laboratory in Mumbai, 03 cinema
screens and select film investments. In 4une 0112 +eliance A&A ,roup became majority stake
holders of the company, bringing in the re5uired financial resources and management epertise,
which acted as a catalyst in synergizing various interrelated businesses.

-I. Cinemas is India*s largest chain with close to 611 screens spread across India, 7%,
Malaysia and Mauritius.
Primar% O$0ective)
!o study the important factors which are needed to motivate the employees.
(econ!ar% O$0ective)
!o study the effect of monetary and non monetary benefit provided by the
organization on the employee*s performance.
!o study the effect of job promotions on employees.
!o learn the employee*s satisfaction on the interpersonal relationship eists in the
!o provide the practical suggestion for the improvement of organization*s
!o identify which motivational factor influence job morale.
!o study motivation facilitates provided by the concern.
Research Metho!olog%)
+esearch is a systematic method of finding solution to the problem. It gives an idea about
various steps adopted by a researcher in a systematic manner with an objective to determine
various manners.
!he research problem in this study is associated with motivation of employees of
A&-A'%. !here are variety of factors that influence a person*s level of motivation some
of these factors include #
!he level of 8ay 9 'enefits
!he 8erceived fairness of 8romotion system
:uality of working conditions
-eadership 9 %ocial +elationships
Employee +ecognition
4ob %ecurity
"areer &evelopment ;pportunities

Motivated employees are a great asset to an organization. It is because motivation 9 job
satisfaction are clearly linked. <ence this study is focusing on employee motivation in the
organization. !he research is formulated as follows#
12hat are the factors "hich help to motivate the emplo%ees3
Research Design)

A +esearch design is considered as the framework or plan for study that guides
as well as help in the data collection and analysis of data. !he research design may
be eploratory, descriptive and eperimental for the present study. !he &escriptive
research design is adopted for this project.
+esearch hypothesis are the specific testable predictions made about the
independent and dependent variables that are going to be used in the study. !he research
hypothesis of this study is as follows#
!here is no significant relationship between incentives
and employee*s performance.
!here is no significant relationship between career
development opportunities 9 the etent of employee
!here is no significant relationship between
performance appraisal system and the etent of
!here is no significant relationship b=w interpersonal
relationship in the organization 9 etent of motivation
+esearch Approach#
&irect contact with respondent with well prepared se5uentially 5uestions. !he
5uestionnaire is well prepared on the basis of objectives of the study.

(ampling Design)
A %ample design is a finite plan for obtaining a sample from given population.
%imple +andom %ampling is used for this study.
T%pe of Universe)

!he universe for research study is the )Employees of A&-A'%>.
8rimary %ources#

Most of data collected by primary sources. !he primary sources are discussion with
employees, data*s collected through 5uestionnaire.
%econdary +esources#

!he secondary data collected from records, company websites and also with
the management of the organization.
(ample (i4e)

(or the research study sample of 21 respondents were obtained from the
employees of A&-A'%.
(ampling Proce!re)

!he procedure adopted in the present study is probability sampling, which is also
known as chance sampling
Tools an! Techni5es for Anal%sis)

"orrelation is used to test the hypothesis and draw inferences
Presentation of Data)

!he data are presented through 8ie?charts, 'ar charts and tables.
Research Instrment#

:uestionnaire is the data collection instrument used in the study. All the
5uestions in the 5uestionnaire are organized in such a way that elicit all the relevant
information that is needed for the study.
Metho!s of Data Collection)

!he data was collected through primary 9 secondary sources.
Primar% Data) ;bservation, :uestionnaire
(econ!ar% Data) +ecord, "ompany website 9 management of adlabs.
Natre of 5estions as#e!)

:uestionnaire consist of open ended 5uestions, multiple choice and dichotomous,
rating and ranking 5uestions.
Varia$les of the (t!%#

!he Indirect variable of the study is the Employee Motivation.

&irect variables are the incentives, interpersonal relations, career development
opportunities and performance appraisal system.
!he study concludes that ,
!he motivational program procedure in A&-A'% is found
effective but not highly effective. !he study on employee motivation
highlighted so many factors which will help to motivate the employees.
!he study was conducted among 21 employees and collected information through
structured 5uestionnaire.
!he study helped to findings which were related with employee motivational
programs which are provided in the organization.
!he performance appraisal activities really play a major role in motivating the employees
of the organization. It is a major factor that makes an employee feels good in his work
and result in his satisfaction too. !he organization can still concentrate on specific areas
which are evolved from this study in order to make the motivational programs more
effective. ;nly if the employees are properly motivated? they work well and only if they
work well the organization is going to benefit out it. %teps should be taken to improve the
motivational program procedure in the future. !he suggestions of this report may help in
this direction
%cope for (uture +esearch #
!he present study on employee motivation helps to get clear picture about the factors
which motivates the employees. !his in turn helps the management to formulate suitable
policy to motivate the employees. <ence the motivational level of the employees may
also change.
!he factor that motivate the employees may change with change in time because the
needs of employees too change with the change in time. %o continuous monitoring and
close observation of factors that motivate the employees is necessary to maintain a
competent to workforce. ;nly with a competent work force an organization can achieve
its objective. Moreover, human resource is the most valuable asset to any organization.
A further study with in dept. analysis to know to what etent these factors motivate the
employees is re5uired.
!he limitations of the study are the following#
!he data was collected through 5uestionnaire. !he responds from the respondents
may not be accurate.
!he sample taken for the study was only 21 and the result drawn may not be
%ince the organization has strict control, it acts as another barrier for getting data.
Another difficulty was very limited time span of the project.
67&Response a$ot the spport from the HR !epartment
3 @ <ighly %atisfied
0 @ %atisfied
A @ Beutral
6 @ &issatisfied
2 @ <ighly %atisfied
68&9Management is intereste! in motivating the emplo%ees)
3 %trongly agree
0 Agree
A Beutral
6 &isagree
2 %trongly disagree
6:&9 The t%pes of incentives motivate %o more)
3 (inancial Incentives
0 Bon (inancial Incentives
A 'oth
6;&(atisfaction "ith the present incentive
3 @ <ighly %atisfied
0 @ %atisfied
A @ Beutral
6 @ &issatisfied
2 @ <ighly %atisfied
6<&The compan% is eagerness in recogni4ing an! ac#no"le!ging emplo%ee=s "or#)
3 %trongly agree
0 Agree
A Beutral
6 &isagree
2 %trongly disagree
6>&Perio!ical increase in salar%
3 %trongly agree
0 Agree
A Beutral
6 &isagree
2 %trongly disagree
6?&/o$ secrit% e@isting in the compan%)
3 %trongly agree
0 Agree
A Beutral
6 &isagree
2 %trongly disagree
6A&.oo! Relation "ith coB"or#ers)
3 %trongly agree