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This agreement is made between ,

hereinafter referred to as Seller and, Inc. hereinafter referred to as
Broker. The purpose of this agreement is to set forth in writing the understanding,
which has been reached between the Seller and the Broker.
. The Seller hereb! appoints Broker to act as non"e#clusi$e sales agent for Seller%s
as described on the
attached &#hibit ', and hereinafter referred to as e(uipment. Broker will be the
e#clusi$e Broker for listed e(uipment onl! with regard to a Bu!er introduced and
identified b! Broker.
). Seller warrants that e(uipment is owned b! seller and is free and clear of an! and all
liens or encumbrances.
*. This agreement shall commence on the date of e#ecution and shall continue for a
period of one hundred eight! +,-. da!s and ma! be e#tended b! mutual agreement.
/. Seller ma! withdraw the e(uipment listing, without penalt!, upon written notification
to Broker.
0. Seller agrees to pa! Broker a commission if the e(uipment is sold during the term of
this agreement and if the e(uipment is sold to a bu!er pre$iousl! identified b! Broker
in writing. The amount of the commission shall be determined b! using the
declining commission schedule found on Schedule B.
1. Seller agrees that all sales commissions will be deemed earned and pa!able at the
time of closing.
2. 3or a period of one !ear from the date of termination of this contract Broker will be
entitled to a commission in the e$ent Seller enters into a purchase contract with an!
bu!er pre$iousl! identified b! Broker, and such contract results in a sale of the
,. Broker shall be an independent contractor, and Seller shall not be liable for an!
e#penses, fees, charges or costs of Broker in connection with its performance
hereunder, e#cept for out"of"pocket e#penses which ma! be incurred in connection
with an! pro4ects which Broker ma! undertake at Seller%s specific re(uest in writing.
Broker agrees to indemnif! and hold Seller harmless from an! claims of third parties
based upon or arising out of Broker%s performance hereunder. Broker will not be an
emplo!ee or agent of Seller or an! of its affiliates and will not be entitled to an!
benefits under an! plans or programs of Seller or an! of its affiliates. Broker shall
not ha$e the authorit! to bind or commit Seller to an! agreement or obligation
5. 6othing contained herein shall obligate Seller to negotiate or close an! sale
opportunit! presented b! Broker.
This agreement shall be go$erned and construed in accordance with the laws of the
State of Te#as. It is also understood and agreed that this agreement shall be binding
upon and accrue to the benefit of the successor%s and the assigns of the respecti$e
parties hereto, which shall include an! parent corporation or subsidiaries or affiliates of
the parties to this agreement, including 4oint $entures or limited partnerships to which
either part! is a part. In witness whereof, the parties ha$e e#ecuted this agreement as of
this da! of .
8ompan!7 RI9:;6&.8;<, I68.
6ame7 =a$id >. ?ent
Title7 @resident
The e(uipment listed below ma! be deleted or withdrawn b! seller from the Rigzone
<arket @lace at an! time upon !our written notice to us. Aou understand and agree,
howe$er, that an! withdrawn e(uipment remains sub4ect to section 2 of the listing
&ach of the following items of e(uipment is to be marketed and sold as part of the
Rigzone <arket @lace.
The commission due from !ou and pa!able b! !ou to us shall be calculated b! taking
!our total Sales @roceeds at the close of a transaction and appl!ing such total toward the
appropriate listing status and price range delineated below. Sellers who list items on an
e#clusi$e basis will en4o! a )0B discount from the non"e#clusi$e rate. The following
table outlines the declining commission schedule for the Rigzone <arket @lace.
Transaction Val! Non-E"clsi#! $!!
;$er Bt not o#!r $!! % & o' t(! a)ont o#!r
C- C--,--- C- D 2.0--B C-
C--,--- C)--,--- C2,0-- D 2.---B C--,---
C)--,--- C*--,--- C/,0-- D 1.0--B C)--,---
C*--,--- C/--,--- C),--- D 1.---B C*--,---
C/--,--- C0--,--- C)2,--- D 0.0--B C/--,---
C0--,--- C1--,--- C*),0-- D 0.---B C0--,---
C1--,--- C2--,--- C*2,0-- D /.0--B C1--,---
C2--,--- C,--,--- C/),--- D /.---B C2--,---
C,--,--- C5--,--- C/1,--- D *.0--B C,--,---
C5--,--- C,---,--- C/5,0-- D *.---B C5--,---
C,---,--- C,0--,--- C0),0-- D ).0--B C,---,---
C,0--,--- EEEEE.. C10,--- D ).---B C,0--,---