Think of the paper. Think of the computer printout.

What information do we have? What information do we need? What information is missing? What are the facts of the matter?

Think of sunshine. Think of optimism.
What are the good points? What are the strengths? What good things are likely to happen? How can we put the idea into action?

Think of fire. Think of warmth. Think of feelings.
What are my feelings about this? How do you feel about this? Are you happy or sad? Hunches, intuitions, impressions.

Think of growth. Think of new leaves and branches.
What are the alternatives? What are other possibilities? Let's have some new ideas. Let's look at this from a different perspective.

Think of survival. Think of danger.
Why won’t this work? What are the problems? What are your reasons? What don’t I like about this? What are the risks?

Think of the sky above. Think of the overview.
What have we done so far? What do we do next? Asking the Right Questions. Defining the problems. Setting the thinking tasks. And at the end... Summaries, conclusions, harvesting and reports. How well have we done?

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