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The year 2008 commenced with the redesigning of the ‘Morning Ride’ set, T.G.I.F,
Women’s World Cup, CAN 2008 , Good Evening Ghana, Soccer Academy
Project2008, News and Election 2008 sets successfully .A run through the major
sections that contributed to this success is as below;


There are 6 staff in this section who are in charge of the day to day setting up and
dismantling of sets before and after each program and seeing to refreshment and
comfortability of guests during programmes as well as manning the floor. They are
- Thomas Donkor
- Jonathan Ashley
- Derrick Asiedu
- Moses Cofie
- Cephas Agboja
- Michael Zurek
The most noticeable among them however is Thomas Donkor.
The studio cleaner is Yussif Mohammed.
They run a work schedule of 3 personnel to a shift with 1 day- off including Saturdays
and Sundays .

A. The small nature of the studio and the inadequate storage space contributes to the
frequent scratches on the sets due to the setting up and dismantling frequently.
B. The frequent interruptions in studio programmes most often does not allow ample
time for thorough set up of studio sets hence affecting production

0. I decline to comment on the issue of studio and storage space since the CEO has
promised a much bigger studio
A. All live studio programmes and recordings must be known and booked at least 48
hours ahead of time to provide adequate time for set up and lighting as well as
ample time to restructure existing studio programme times if necessary, and
subsequently inform affected programme hosts appropriately.
B. Off days of studio staff should be increased to 2 instead of 1 as is done in most
media firms.
C. Training in floor managment

Comprises of 4 staff who run a 2 personnel per shift schedule with 1 off day including
Saturday and Sundays. They are in charge of the making-up and costuming of hosts and
guests on programmes. They are;
Douglas Sappor
Miriam Mertz
Rose Ankrah
Selina Gyimah
The most noticeable amongst them is Douglas Sappor


A. The Make-up room is far too small and provides little room to be even able to
have 2 guests made up simultaneously.
B. The wardrobe unit, which is situated in the News studio, is too small, inadequate
and functional only to the News Presenters.
C. The number of Off days is not sufficient


A. The need for a much bigger, fully costumed Make-up room that will also serve as
a Green room/ waiting room for guests if possible
B. A much bigger wardrobe unit to cater for ALL Presenters and guests on ALL
programmes and the Make-up section should be in charge of that, not OMP. OMP
will definitely be in charge of seeking sponsorship for the costumes.
C. A Training Programme on Wardrobe and Costume design for all Make-up Artists
D. Off-days to be increased to 2 per week

Comprises of 1 Set Designer who also doubles as Studio Manager and 1 Graphics
Designer who also doubles as Set Decorator. They are in charge of designing of all studio
and programme sets, monitoring construction, then painting and decoration through to the
initial set-up, designing backdrops and all. They are;
Ruba Captan
Emmanuel Sackey
They run an unconditional work schedule that comprises no Off-days including Saturdays
and Sundays and on duty anytime needed.

E. High work load and not enough personnel
F. Lack of logistics
G. Low salary

A. There is the urgent need to employ at least 1 more Set Designer and a Graphic
Designer to stabilize the Section.
B. The Design Section is supposed to work as one engine, one hub and I therefore
find it strange that Animators, Graphic Designers and Set Designers work
SEPARATELY on the same production when they are rather supposed to work
TOGETHER as a BANK OF IDEAS towards one cause in relation to colour
scheme, theme and continuity.
C. A fully custom, well equipped Design Department should be created
D. The salary of Miss Ruba Captan should be upgraded in relation to her other
Design colleagues in Eboni Studios considering her work load, which is
comparable to theirs, her efficiency and effectiveness, which is beyond doubt, her
commitment and dedication, immeasurable, her work experience which is at par
with theirs and the number of years she has served this company selflessly; (9
years and counting) I suggest an upward adjustment to GH C 500
E. Currently the Design Section shares an office with Heads of various Sections and
this situation is hardly ideal for the kind of think-tank, innovative set-up that
every Design Section needs. I suggest the Design Section is separated and placed
on it’s own as a DESIGN EMPORIUM.

- In assessing the staff of the 3 afore-mentioned sections, Studio / Floor, Make-up,

Design, I recommend;

1.- YUSSIF MOHAMMED, the studio cleaner in all fairness and in accordance to
company principles of encouraging and helping staff to upgrade their skills, to be
promoted to STUDIO ASSISTANT with all due remuneration and salary adjustment.
The reasons are;
a. - He has individually upgraded himself by taking a course in Camera training
and production and obtained a certificate in it
b.- After completing the training in Camera, He has availed himself for assistance
to both the Camera Section and the Design Section
c.- He has gone beyond his duties as a Studio cleaner and helps the Studio
Assistants in setting up and dismantling of sets and most often stands in when one of
them is indisposed
d.- His sense of arrangement in relation to Design principles and space
management has been phenomenal since he started studio set-up
e.- He is ready to move up the ladder and should be set as an example for others
to follow. However I believe a gradual, calculated upward movement for now will do
f.- He has, in the few years as a Studio Cleaner, distinguished himself as a
hardworking and efficient staff, sometimes being given the name Zoom lion because He
will be there to pick up any rubbish as soon as it drops

2. THOMAS DONKOR, Studio Assistant, I recommend should be given an upward

salary adjustment higher than the normal across board increment for all staff due to;
a. His ability to rise above his colleagues and his status as a Studio Assistant and
actually man the studio in the absence of the Studio Manager.
b. His ability to create and think on his feet
c. He has out grown his position as Studio Assistant into helping as a Production
Assistant to Morning Ride
d. He is totally dedicated, hard working and a valuable asset to the company
e. He is tireless and a bundle of energy anytime, anywhere.
A suggested upward adjustment to GH C300 is my recommendation

3. RUBA CAPTAN, Set Decorator / Graphic Designer should have her salary upgraded
in relation to her Design colleagues in Eboni Studios considering;
a. Her work load which is comparable to theirs,
b. Her efficiency and effectiveness, which is beyond doubt,
c. Her commitment and dedication, immeasurable,
d. Her work experience which is at par with theirs
e. and the number of years she has served this company selflessly-(9 years and
I suggest an upward adjustment to GH C 500

f. Currently, the Design Section shares an office with Heads of various Sections and
this situation is no ideal for the kind of think tank, innovative set-up tht every
Design Section needs. I therefore recommend the Design Section be separated and
placed on it’s own as a Design Emporium.
g. Due to the abnormally slow nature of the PCs in the Design office, I suggest they
be replaced with 2 new ones and 2 more be brought in for the new Set Designer
and Graphic Designer together with a Scanner and a Digital Camera whiles 1 of
the old PCs can be left for a Secretary.
h. The Section also requires a fully loaded tool kit, general protective garments

I recommend an upward salary increment to all the rest of the staff pertained in the
Company Policy each year due to their hardwork, tireless effort and dedication to the
cause of the Section as well as the Company as a whole.

Studio Manger