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Essay Writing Skills

Marking Scheme for Economics Essays

Level 1
Candidates merely
o Identify the key theory
itho!t e"planation
o #!tline give a list of
relevant factors ith no
*nser is mostly irrelevant and contains only a fe valid points
made incidentally in an irrelevant conte"t$
Some relevant knoledge demonstrated .!t poor grasp of /!estion
ith .asic theoretical mistakes0 or inade/!ate development of
Level 2
(*dd some detail 1 some
Candidate can
o E"plain hat happens0
o Clarify give e"amples
itho!t e"planation
Some evidence of an a.ility to identify facts0 some a.ility at
*n acc!rate .!t underdeveloped eplanation of the facts relating
to the /!estion together ith an e"planation of the theory$
Evidence of some a.ility to discriminate0 form elementary
3!dgements and apply knon las 4 principles to ne sit!ations$
5!t no clear logical presentation$
6as a more thorough relevance to the /!estion .!t here the
theory is incompletely eplained$
Level !
(E"tend to incl!de analysis)
Candidate can
o *nalyse !se relevant
theory to aid e"planation
o *pply place e"planation
in conte"t of /!estion
9ood grasp of facts and theory and a"ility to apply them
acc!rately to /!estion (i$e$ relates to the conte"t of the /!estion)
even hen presented in a novel ay$
*.le to provide a '%sided analysis eg$ for and against$
*.le to e"amine the implications of the /!estion$
*ttempts to disting!ish .eteen facts and val!e 3!dgements$
9ives clear statements0 s!pported .y reasoned
arg!ments$ Some attempt at a conclusion to the /!estion$
:resents a reasoned structure to the hole anser$
#horough knoledge of the facts and theory ith an e"cellent
a.ility to descri.e and eplain this in a precise$ logical and
reasoned manner%
Shos a.ility to &uery ass!mptions$
:rovides new illustrations and eamples relevant to the material
disc!ssed as additional evidence of !nderstanding the /!estion$
Evaluation (1+))
' E( 1%' ;ainly !ne"plained 3!dgement
' E2 -%2 <!dgement .ased on analysis
)ote* =his marking scheme is only a g!ide$
Can a candidate score f!ll marks in an essay /!estion>
?es$ E"aminers do aard 1(()$ @!ll marks are aarded hen the candidate provides clear
analysis0 rich ill!stration and a good attempt at considered evaluation$ 9iven the time constraint
and the e"perience and age of the candidate0 the anser that co!ld not .e improved m!ch more$