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New Scheme of Examination for B.P.Ed (One year Course) -20.

B.P.Ed- One year course !heory" # hours

!heory $nt.%ssment !ota& 'inimum
(ass mar)s

Paper-I. History & Principles of Physical *0 20 00 #+
Education & Sports
Paper II. Psychology & Sociology with reference *0 20 00 #+
to Physical Education & Sports
Paper III. Anatomy, Physiology & inesiology *0 20 00 #+
Paper I!. Sports "anagement *0 20 00 #+
Paper !. #echni$ues of %fficiating & &oaching *0 20 00 #+
Paper !I. Health Education, 'oga & (ecreation *0 20 00 #+
#otal) *++ .
P%,!-$$ P,%C!$C%-S
) ,++ "ar-s
a. Externa& E.a&uation " 2/0 mar)s
/. $nterna& %ssessment " 00 'ar)s
Pa(er-$ 1$S!O,2 3 P,$NC$P-ES O4 P12S$C%- E56C%!$ON 3 SPO,!S

#ime- , Hours !ota& 'ar)s " 00
!heory 'ar)s" *0
$nt. %ssessment "20
0ote ) Paper setter is re$uired to set 1+ $uestions, two $uestions from each 2nit.
&andidate is
re$uired to attempt fi3e $uestions, selecting at least one $uestion from each unit.
All $uestions carry e$ual mar-s.
i. 4efinition, "eaning & Scope of Physical Education
ii. Aims & %/5ecti3es of Physical Education
iii. (elationship of Physical Education & (ecreation
i3. &ontri/ution of Physical Education towards general education.
i. History of Physical Education in ancient 6ree-, comparati3e study of Spartan
& Athanian education
ii. #he origin and de3elopment of %lympic 6ames
iii. 4e3elopment of Asian games
i. Physical Education in 6ermany, Sweedan & 4enmar- 7Emphasis only on
contri/ution of 8asedaw, 6uts-"uths, 9ohn Spiess, "achtegall, :ing.
ii. Present status of Physical education & (ecreation in (ussia and 9apan.
iii. History of Physical Education in India 7 Pre & Post Independence Era..
I. &ritical appreciation of the following )
i. Haryana Sports 4epartment
ii. I.%.& Policies for de3elopment Physical Education &Sports
iii. &ompulsory programme of Physical Education & Sports for School.
i3. "odern %lympics
3. Sports Authority of India
3i. South Asian ;ederation 6ames
I . ;oundation of Physical Education
i. 8iological Acti3ity, its need, principle of use and dis-use
ii. 6rowth and de3elopment
iii. Age & Se< difference
i3. &lassification of Physi$ue
1. &harles & 8ucher ) ;oundations of Physical Education
=. Harold ". 8arrow ) "an & his mo3ement Principles of Phy. Education.
,. 9.;. >illiams ) Principles of Physical Education
?. &owel & ;rance ) Philosophy and Principles of Physical Education
@. 4.6. >a-har-ar ) "annual of Physical Education
*. ".:.amesh & ".S. ) Principles & History of Physical Education
Pa(er 9$$ PS2C1O-O:2 3 SOC$O-O:2 ;$!1 ,E4E,ENCE !O
P12S$C%- E56C%!$ON 3 SPO,!S
!ime- # 1ours !ota& 'ar)s " 00
!heory 'ar)s" *0
$nt. %ssessment "20
0ote ) Paper setter is re$uired to set 1+ $uestions, two $uestions from each 2nit.
&andidate is
re$uired to attempt fi3e $uestions, selecting at least one $uestion from each unit.
All $uestions carry e$ual mar-s.
i. Sports Psychology its meaning and nature
ii. Scope, concept and goal of sports psychology
iii. Phenomenon of growth
i3. Heredity &En3ironment
3. %rganic and /eha3ioral changes at 3arious age le3els
3i. Indi3idual differences and their implications in Physical Education & Sprts.
6nit- $$
i. Emotions and their implications in Sports.
ii. HaAards of emotional in3ol3ement
iii. ;rustretion, aggression, anger, fear, an<iety, stress and tension.
i3. 0ature of moti3ation and its need in physical education & sporst.
i. :earning & nature of learning
ii. :aws of learning and learning cur3e
iii. Some learning concepts applied to physical education and sports.
i3. (ele< action and automatiAing of motor s-ills and feed /ac-.
3. ;actors effecting motor learning
3i. #ransfer of training and its importance in learning physical s-ills.
i. Sociology and its meaning and importance in physical education and sports.
ii. Psycho-physical unity of human organism
iii. Physical Education, Sports and SocialiAing institutions 7;amily, School,
&ollege, 2ni3ersity and !oluntary associations.
i3. Socio-psychological factors in selecting teams
3. Influence of social factors on sports performance.
i. Socio- cultural forces and sports
ii. &ompetition and cooperation in physical acti3ity
iii. #radition and their influence on human /eha3ior social inheritants.
i3. Influence of group on the indi3idual and 3ice-3ersa
3. Physical Education & Sports as a socialiAing agency
,eference Boo)s
1. ;rost, (.S ) Psychological concepts applied to Physical Education & &oaching
=. :awther, 9.S. ) Psychology of coaching, Englewood chief, 0.9.Prentice Hall
Pa(er 9$$$ %N%!O'2< P12S$O-O:2 3 8$NES$O-O:2
!ime- # 1ours !ota& 'ar)s " 00
!heory 'ar)s" *0
$nt. %ssessment "20
0ote ) Paper setter is re$uired to set 1+ $uestions, two $uestions from each 2nit.
&andidate is
re$uired to attempt fi3e $uestions, selecting at least one $uestion from each unit.
All $uestions carry e$ual mar-s.
i. "eaning & importance of Anatomy and Physiology
ii. Structure, function and properties of li3ing cell
iii. S-eleton system classification of /ones, 5oints and their types.
i3. "uscular system properties and types of muscles.
i. &irculatory system structure of Heart, /lood 3essels, Arteries and /lood
ii. 8lood pressure and its measurement
iii. (espiratory system %rgans of respiration, structure and function
i3. Physiology of respiration and mechanism of respiration
3. Effects of e<ercise on circulatory and respiratory system.
i. 4igesti3e system organs of digestion, structure, function of digesti3e trac-
ii. A/sorption and assimilation of food.
iii. E<cretory system organs of e<cretion, structure and function of -idney and
i3. 0er3ous system 8rain and its parts, spinal cord and refle< actions.
i. "eaning, scope and importance of -inesiology
ii. History of -inesiology
iii. #erminology of 3arious mo3ements around the 5oints
i3. Structural and functional classifications of muscles.
i. &oncept of /alanced posture
ii. Postural deformities and their correcti3e e<ercises
iii. 8asis concepts of force, motion e$uili/rium, li3er & Pro5ectiles
,eference Boo)s
1. Har/ert A 4e/ries ) Physiology of E<ercise
=. :aurence E. "orchouse ) Physiology of E<ercise
,. Peter !.orpe3ich ) Physiology of "uscular Acti3ity
?. 9.S.(oses .>.9 Silson ) ;oundation of Anatomy & Physiology
Pa(er 9 $7 SPO,!S '%N%:E'EN!
#ime- , Hours
!ota& 'ar)s " 00
!heory 'ar)s" *0
$nt. %ssessment "20
0ote ) Paper setter is re$uired to set 1+ $uestions, two $uestions from each 2nit.
&andidate is
re$uired to attempt fi3e $uestions, selecting at least one $uestion from each unit.
All $uestions carry e$ual mar-s.
6nit -$
i. "eaning, importance and scope of sports management
ii. ;actors influencing sports management
iii. "eaning & importance of teaching methods
i3. ;actors effecting teaching methods and 3arious methods of teaching
3. Steps of personnel and technical preparation
3i. "eaning, importance and types of audio-3isual aids.
i. "eaning & types of class management
ii. Salient features of good class management
iii. ;actors effecting good class management
i3. "eaning & 3alues of lesson plan- game, 6ymnestic, Atthletic and Indigenous
3. &lassification of e<ercises and acti3ities and its importance.
3i. "eaning & importance of tournaments. #ypes of tournament -noc- out and
league, their ad3ance and dis-ad3antages.
i. "eaning, importance and principles of administration and organiAation
ii. ;actors influencing good administration
iii. Bualifications and $ualities of Physical Education teachers
i3. Play ground, area, location, lay-out and care of sports e$uipments
3. 0eed, importance, purchase of sports e$uipments.
i. 0eed & Importance of curriculam planning
ii. #ime ta/le, factors effecting time ta/le , o/5ecti3es, principles and
precautions in preparation of time-ta/le.
iii. Intramural o/5ecti3es and organiAation
i3. 8udget importance and criteria for a good /udget
3. "eaning & importance, types of records and registers
i. E3aluation- "eaning need, importance and methods of e3aluation
ii. &haracteristics of a good test
iii. Super3ision and inspection meaning and methods of super3ision and
i3. Bualities of a good super3isior
3. %rganiAation and conduct of tournaments and Athletic meets.
,eference Boo)s
1. P." 9oseph ) %rganiAation of Physical Education
=. Sura5 Singh ) Administration of Physical Education
,. 4.6.>a-her-er ) "enual of Physical Education
Pa(er 9 7 !EC1N$=6ES O4 O44$C$%!$N: 3 CO%C1$N:
!ime- # 1ours !ota& 'ar)s " 00
!heory 'ar)s" *0
$nt. %ssessment "20
0ote ) Paper setter is re$uired to set 1+ $uestions, two $uestions from each 2nit.
&andidate is
re$uired to attempt fi3e $uestions, selecting at least one $uestion from each unit.
All $uestions carry e$ual mar-s.
6nit -$
i. Importance and principles of officiating
ii. Bualities of a good official
iii. (elations of official with management, players, coaches and spectators
i3. 4uties of officials in general-pre, during and post game duties.
3. "easures of impro3ing the standard of officiating
i. (ules of games and Athletic e3ents and their interpretation
7Hoc-ey,;oot/all, !olley /all, 8as-et/all, a/addi, Hand/all, ho--ho,
#a/le-#ennis, 8adminton, 9udo, >eight-lifting and >restling..
ii. Score sheet of different games and all Athletic e3ents
iii. :ayout of different play fieldsCgroundsCcourtCtrac-
i. Principles of coaching
ii. Bualities, $ualification and responsi/ilities of a coach
iii. >arming up, cooling down and their physiological trends
i. "ethods of condition 7&ircuit training, fartle-, inter3al, training, weight-
ii. Principles of training
iii. 4opping and its effects on performance
i. Periodisation types of periodisation
ii. Preparation of training schedule
iii. Psychology of competition and coaching
i3. ;actors effecting sports performance
3. Eligi/ility rules of inter-collegiate and inter-uni3ersity
3i. Preparation of #AC4A /ills.
1. (ules of 6ames and Sports /y '.".&.A. "adras
=. #he Art of &oaching /y 9ohn 8unn
,. Athletic #raining /y &laffs.
?. (ules of 6ames & Sports /y :o-esh #hani
Pa(er 9 7$ 1ea&th Education< 2o>a 3 ,ecreation
#ime- , Hours
!ota& 'ar)s " 00
!heory 'ar)s" *0
$nt. %ssessment "20
0ote ) Paper setter is re$uired to set 1+ $uestions, two $uestions from each 2nit.
&andidate is
re$uired to attempt fi3e $uestions, selecting at least one $uestion from each unit.
All $uestions carry e$ual mar-s.
6nit- $
i. 4efinition of Health Education, Health instruction, Health Super3ision, health
ser3ices & moral education
ii. 6uidance instruction in personal hygiene & medical chec--up.
iii. ;ood, its constituents, caloric 3alue of diet.
i3. 8alanced diet, diet for children & sportspersons.
i. "eaning, need & importance of safety education
ii. Safety in playground, home, la/oratories, road, pedestrian
iii. "eaning, scope, aim& o/5ecti3es of first aid.
i3. 0eed and importance of first aid in Physical Education & Sports, causes and
pre3ention aids.
i. "eaning & o/5ecti3es of 'oga.
ii. #ypes of yoga and importance of yoga in the field of physical education &
iii. &leansing processes and its role and purpose of shat -arma.
i3. "eaning of Asanas, typesof asanas and principles, effect, techni$ue &
/enefits of following asanas.
a. "editati3e ) Padma, Sidha, 3a5re
/. (ela<ati3e ) She3 and "a-er
c. &ultural & ) 8hu5anga, shala/ha, phanush, hal, ma-aya, 3a-re,
&orrecti3e pushchimottan, cha-re, /a-, mayor, garud, ta/ and
ii. "eaning, o/5ecti3es and types of Pranayama
iii. #echni$ues & /enefits of 255ai, 8hastr-a, Shitali, Sit-ari and 8haramari.
i3. Applications of 8andhas in the process of Pranayama
3. (ole of Hatha 'oga in the process of Physical fitness, mental health and its
effect on the sports performance
6nit 97
i. 4efinition, need and scope of recreation.
ii. #ypes of recreation indoor, outdoor, acti3e, passi3e, commercial, rural
iii. !arious agencies which pro3ide recreation in India.
i3. Bualities & $ualifications of a good (ecreation leader.
3. &amping- organiAation of camp, facilities re$uired for camp & different types
of camps.
3i. 6ardening layout and its planning
3ii. Ho//ies ) As a leisure time acti3ity and their educational 3alue.
1. 9oshi 9.S ) Science of 'oga
=. ;itAarlad, 6erald ) :eadership in recreation education 8.A.S.8arnett & &o.
P%,!-$$ P,%C!$C%-S
) =?+ "ar-s
a. Externa& E.a&uation " 2/0 mar)s
0ote)- 7 i . Practical of =?+ mar-s will /e e3aluated internally as well as e<ternally in
;ollowing lessons.
1. %fficiating and coaching of athletic ) D+ mar-s
=. %fficiating and coaching of game ) D+ mar-s
,. 6ymnastic & indigenous to acti3ities ) D+ mar-s
0ote ) 7ii. #here will /e =+ lessons in all 7fi3e lessons in athletic. fi3e in game, fi3e in
and fi3e in indigenous, acti3ities.
All the lessons will /e on the note /oo- and student will not /e allowed to sit
in the e<amination without the completion of the note /oo- and the certificate
to this effect will /e issued /y the Head of the Institution. #he following will
/e co3ered under Part-II 7Practicals..
a. Athletic 7/oth for man & women.
i. #rac- e3ents ) Sprints, middle, long distance and relay races.
ii. ;ield e3ents ) 9umps and throws.
/. 6ames )- Hoc-ey, ;oot/all, 8as-et/all, Hand/all, >restling 75udo for women.,
a/addi, ho--ho, >eight-lifting , !olley/all, 8o<ing 7ta/le-tannis for women..
c. 6ymnastic & Indigenous acti3ities
"ass P.#., E<ercise ta/les, drill and marching, yogic e<ercises, laAium and
/. $nterna& %ssessment " 00 'ar)s
Internal assessment will /e e3aluated internally /y the committee consisting of
principal of the &ollege s &on3ener of the &ommittee, head of the department and
acti3ity incharge as its mem/ers. Assessment mar-s will /e sent to the
&ontroller of E<amination in the month of "arch e3ery year.
Internal assessment will /e /ased on the following criterion
i. Pro5ect wor- 7organiAation of competitions and college athletic meet..
ii. Performance on 3arious fundamentals s-ills of games.
iii. Performance on 3arious fundamentals s-ills of athletic e3ents.
i3. Assessment of organiAation of educational tour and picnic /udgeting
of sports material
Note "- >hile ma-ing the assessment on the /asis of a/o3e mentioned criterion, the
discipline & punctuality etc. of the students will also /e ta-en into