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Malaysia Open Source

Conference 2014
24-25 Sept 2014
Menara SSM@Sentral
Kuala Lumpur
MOSCMY 2014 - 1
Malaysia Open Source Conference 2014 MOSCMY2014 Venue
Date 24 - 25t! Septem"er 2014
#u$itorium %un Dr& Siti 'asma!
Le(el 10) Menara SSM@Sentral
*o& +) ,alan Stesen Sentral 5) Kuala Lumpur Sentral
Kuala Lumpur) Malaysia
Lin- !ttp..///&mosc&my.(enue
MOSCMY 2014 - 2
Menara SSM (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia) is locate$ in "et/een 0uill + an$
Mercu 12M "uil$in3& 4t is also ne5t to Soo-a Sentral) a lifestyle centre /!ic! !ouses a
6tness an$ spa centre) "usiness centre) foo$ court) restaurants) an$ alfresco $inin3
facilities&%!is !i3!-tec! #-7ra$e o8ce is e9uippe$ /it! t!e latest 4% infrastructure /it!
superfast "roa$"an$&
%!e main space for t!e e(ent is -
#u$itorium %un Dr& Siti 'asma!
Le(el 10) Menara SSM@Sentral
*o& +) ,alan Stesen Sentral 5) Kuala Lumpur Sentral )
50:2;) Kuala Lumpur) Malaysia&
Strategic ocation ! "asy #ccessi$ility
1& <al-in3 $istance to t!e L=%) Monorail > K%M Komuter
2& KL4# 25press ?2@ mins to KL4#A
;& K%M 4ntercity ?from Sin3apore to Malaysia to %!ailan$A
4& Coac! ser(ices to KL4# > LCC%
5& Bu"lic "uses an$ ca"s easily a(aila"le
:& 2asy access to all maCor !i3!/ays
MOSCMY 2014 - ;
#%&'(O)'%M (%* &)+ S'(' ,#SM#,

MOSCMY 2014 - 4

MOSCMY 2014 - 5
During MOSCMY 2013

MOSCMY 2014 - :
MOSCMY 2014 - +
,oin us on 24t! an$ 25t! Septem"er 2014 at t!e :t! Malaysia Open Source Conference for Year
2014 ?MOSCMY 2014A in Kuala Lumpur) Malaysia& Dein3 t!e O*LY pri(ate an$ "ran$
in$epen$ent 3at!erin3 for Open Source Soft/are ?OSSA in Malaysia) MOSCMY 2014 !as al/ays
"een t!e -ey e(ent for OSS pro(i$ers) system inte3rators) 3o(ernment a3encies) 4% users)
e$ucators) consultants an$ tec!nical a6ciona$os&
MOSCMY 2014 "rin3s %<O D#YS of e5citin3 pro3rams co(erin3 more t!an t/enty ?20A spea-in3
sessions an$ multiple sessions /!ic! are streame$ to reEect your %=12 4% OB2=#%4O*S @
Strate3ic) Operational an$ De(ices > Solutions&
Fisit main /e"site !ttp..///&mosc&my.
Social Me$ia !u" MOSCMY 2014 !ttp..lanyr$&com.2014.moscmy2014.
MOSCMY 2014 Gace"oo- Ba3e !ttps..///&face"oo-&com.moscmy
MOSCMY 2014 - @