What are Freight Classes?

Freight classes are designed to help you get common standardized freight pricing for your shipment when
working with different carriers, warehouses and brokers. Freight classes are defined by the National Motor
Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA and made a!ailable through the NMF" or National Motor Freight
Freight classes (there are #$ of them are based on weight, length and height, density, ease of handling,
!alue and liability from things like theft, damage, break%ability and spoilage. For the most part, the lower the
NMF" class number, the lower the freight charge. &art of FM'(s )ob is to help you figure out your NMF"
freight class, insuring the specialized code is correct. This insures that you get correct and consistent
pricing for your freight. The following table describes the NMF" classes and is meant for general guidance
in picking your freight class, a number of factors influence what class your shipment ends up in. *ou should
contact FM' Freight +epresentati!e to determine an accurate freight class.
Class Name Cost Notes, Examples
Weight Range Per
Cubic Foot
Class 50 – Clean
Fits on standard shrink-wrapped 4X4 pallet,
very durable
over 50 lbs
Class 55 Briks, e!ent, !ortar, hardwood "looring #5-50 pounds
Class $0 Car aessories % ar parts #0-#5 pounds
Class $5
Car aessories % ar parts, bottled
beverages, books in bo&es
''(5-#0 pounds
Class )0
Car aessories % ar parts, "ood ite!s,
auto!obile engines
*5 to ''(5 pounds
Class ))(5 +ires, bathroo! "i&tures *#(5 to *5 pounds
Class ,5 Crated !ahinery, ast iron stoves *'-*#(5 pounds
Class -'(5 Co!puters, !onitors, re"ridgerators *0(5-*' pounds
Class *00
boat overs, ar overs, anvase, wine ases,
--*0(5 pounds
Class **0 abinets, "ra!ed artwork, tablesaw ,-- pounds
Class *'5 .!all /ousehold applianes )-, pounds
Class *50 0uto sheet!etal parts, bookases, $-) pounds
Class *)5 Clothing, ouhes stu""ed "urniture 5-$ pounds
Class '00
0uto sheet!etal parts, airra"t parts,
alu!inu! table, pakaged !atresses,
4-5 pounds
Class '50
Ba!boo "urniture, !attress and bo&spring,
plas!a tv
#-4 pounds
Class #00
wood abinets, tables, hairs setup, !odel
'-# pounds
Class 400 1eer antlers *-' pounds
Class 500 – Low
1ensity or /igh 2alue
Bags o" gold dust, ping pong balls Less than * lbs
,etting it wrong will cost you. -f you incorrectly classify your item to be shipped it can be reclassified by the
freight carrier. .isputing this is difficult, time consuming and you will be charged the difference (usually
without a discount.
Getting the Right Code
There are se!eral things you can to to get the right NMF" "ode/
#."all FM' Freight at $00%1#2%0330
4."ontact the manufacturer of your item, most often they will know the NMF" codes for their products
#("all the National Motor Freight Traffic Association 5 NMFTA "ontact &age
.o you need to ship freight right now, need an e6pert to help7 "ontact us, chat li!e or get a freight
8uote right now.
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