“The Secret Way to Wipe Your Pains Clean”

By Nathan Blaszak

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“How to Have Your Own Mind Power”
Author Nathan Blaszak has practiced and tested several techniques of mind power and shows the very best ways to make positive changes occur in anyone’s life. You can learn more about his work and learn his latest discoveries, just go to his website www.blazinmarketing.com There you can sign up for his Mind Potentials Insider’s Newsletter if you haven’t already and learn more about mind power, psychic influence, his amazing 5 – minute mind miracle and no - nonsense ways of making life give you what you want. He tests and shares his breakthrough discoveries in surprisingly simple – to – understand format and his credibility is realized when you practice and use what he shows you. He may even also prove to become a valuable asset in your pursuit to happiness, money, power, love and prosperity… But you have to make that decision.


“How To Have Your Own Mind Power”
How to Wipe Out All Your Hurts and Pains and Drive Money, Luck, Power and Love Into Your Life”

Mind Power isn’t real. Who ever told you that? I created a mind technique that wiped out my limiting beliefs and drove luck, prosperity happiness, love and power into my life. Does that sound like some sort of power? It was so much fun the first time...I'm going to do it again. This time I am going to let you join me to wipe your misleading guidance off the map. You can read more a little later in this report. First, let me explain just what I mean by mind power and tell you step-by-step how you can use one to propel your life to almost instant success – real results, right here – in the real world. What's Mind Power? Unlike What others are teaching what mind power is, real mind power comes when you have the ability to do whatever you want, when you want it, however you feel like doing it, and nothing can stop you. In reality, it’s when you become successful. Mind power isn’t wishing, willing or imagining – it’s “being”. If you could create your very own mind power technique that can lead you to infinite knowledge and genuine happiness, how would you do it? Is it possible to


automatically spread a belief through the mind to eliminate the disease of the mind that clouds your judgment you may not even be aware of? Mind power has this idea built into it. It will spread beliefs around the deep recesses of your mind automatically from disease to disease without you having to put much thought into it. One can also create beliefs to build positive results to occur as the power consistently continues to grow. This is the key aspect to mind power, it helps the individual and this causes them to eliminate their weaknesses and move on to experiencing a much more “lucky” life once and for all. For example, one type of "mind power technique" is a past time eliminator system. Many times you can use the past time eliminator system so you can free yourself from past pains that effect your present daily actions. This system begins to pick away through your past, and chooses to confront these issues, one at a time, and then destroys their influence as it stores them someplace else in your mind where their negative effects are no longer present. The key to the reverse thinking system (another term for this technique) is you must take up the challenge to confront your fears and limiting beliefs and replace them with new ones. Only a few minutes a day to put forth your attention to what your mind provides for you to confront, as it locates these negatively planted seeds, is all that is required. Then, hopefully you will begin to understand your real purpose and meaning in life and erase all your negative influences once and for all. Some of these techniques end, others do not. But you always have the power to control these practices and techniques and stop them at will. And the more you use them, it becomes an automatic thought – into - reality generator. Here are few examples of possible mind power strategies: 1. Reverse Thinking – Your body cells record everything you experience even from the earliest moments of conception. The possibilities of you having past memories that were painful are very high. This technique involves locating and recalling these experiences until all your past pains are confronted, understood and eliminated. These past painful experiences are like a seed that grows into a web matrix of negative influences and limiting barriers that affect you and your circumstances even right now. The goal is to reach your very first moment of pain. Once it is free, this matrix will collapse and your mind begins to function at its entirety and you become a - what is best described as “super - being.” Or simply put, having the ability to create your future and present circumstances as you see fit.


2. Positivism – This is simply the act of being positive and expecting positive outcomes to happen for you - Although, it is not much like what is commonly referred to today as positive thinking. It’s much more than that. When you can learn to release a positivistic mind virus, it begins to build upon itself and lead you closer and closer to the reality you wish to live in. Alter a belief, and you can make whatever you desire come true for you. 3. The Universal Power – Learn to tap into this potent psychic power that is readily available to all conscious beings. Once discovered, this psychic power can attract to you what you desire on – demand, or if you wish – later in the future. I’ve never really seen anyone talk about this or go too much in depth about it. 4. Control – Understand how to control not only the reality that happens for you in the future and now, but learn to control others and what they will experience in both present and future. *This is extremely powerful technology and the author accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the use or misuse of this information* 5. Beliefs - Ever wonder how some people just seem to get whatever they want and how they can get to be so lucky? Although they might not be aware that they have but it's because they started their own positive mind virus. It’s a simple yet extremely effective way to “hot – wire” your brain into believing whatever you program it to believe. Moreover, it begins to grow and build upon itself as your desired future circumstances begin to manifest. If you can get your subconscious mind to “believe” certain things about yourself, you can make it true. So what can these 5 techniques do for you? Bring you money, your dream home, your dream career, the desired lover of your dreams. Power, control… Everything you dream about having, that you have not yet gotten, but you can really have. You just have to have the right tools. http://www.blazinmarketing.com explains in more detail about harnessing the full power of your mind by giving you all the tools we have discovered and keep discovering. Mind power technology and development has been toyed with for years. Now, it’s beginning to become a new science. Mind power is simply a formula that has been discovered that leads to new exciting realms of increasing the potential powers of your being that will bring about and make positive changes occur in anyone’s life – including yours!

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“How To Have Your Own Mind Power”
You Never Have to Lose Time or Money on What Doesn’t Work Again
That's right. Having your own mind power could mean that every action you choose from now on can be a winner! The above sentence is a pretty strong statement, isn't it? It's true. I almost surprised myself at just how powerful mind power techniques can be when I first put mine in place. Every choice I made instantly became a winner...even when I lost and failed! Let me explain. Let's say you place a belief in your mind and let it go to work for you, which takes you 5 – 10 minutes to do. You make choices then based on what you planted and what it provides. You start noticing that your course of action is leading towards what you desire to become. You then feel prevented by a barrier and you realize that you must have made a programming mistake. Most people would call it a failure and allow themselves to be defeated by giving up before they even try. I use a different system, which reduces my risk of making mistakes. Instead of searching for generalized outcome, I program my mind to bring about a specific outcome. I first program to bring to my awareness any negative barriers. My goal is to get this garbage out so I can move on to harvesting my dreams. Using autopilot programming that automatically gives me the ability to set up a completely automated system to erase these past negative influences is where I started. Three, Seven, or even three - hundred hours of confrontations can generate continuing relief of these influences. Knowing that only having to


confront all these influences once to reap the rewards, it seems well worth the effort to do. Instead of only having one shot to confront my first moment of pain, I have limitless tries to destroy them. And once they are destroyed, they are gone for good. Then I get to move on to demanding life to give me what I want without second guessing its ability to do so. Who do you think will produce more results? My system actually goes one step further. I always try to use an element of mind programming in the sense of eliminating the disease of the mind first. My favorite technique was - reverse thinking* I am way past that stage now, but everyone must do this first. By recalling the very first moment of pain or discomfort, I will give myself a chance to free my mind from this entire negative web matrix my mind has created over the years. This may require some effort to accomplish, but it can be used to produce more power and potential to achieve even my wildest dreams. As my mind begins to break free from these influences and beliefs, I notice how my thinking capacity has increased and doors have opened before me that I never even knew existed. I seem to have started to inherit stronger intelligence and an excitement to live. I began to really feel this mysterious sense of having felt this feeling before. Some time long ago. There is no way I can begin to explain to you how I feel and just how incredible it feels to be alive. You just have to learn how to do start your own mind power and see for yourself. This is what this eBook is all about. You’ll learn how you can start your own mind power and evolve in the “super – being” that you very much have the potential to be. This won’t work for some and not others – it works for anyone! All of those people who visited my site...who may or may not of bought my eBook that explains a lot more in detail everything I have learned and what it can do for them...are now getting the opportunity to learn one of the most powerful techniques that will diminish all your hurts and pains. Free your mind with this valuable information, because not learning how to do this could cause you to really miss out on one of the most incredible mind development tools that have ever been discovered. I don’t think you want be that person. Many people have come to me and asked, Nathan, if this is so incredible, then why are you giving it away? My answer to that is simple: I want you to really benefit from the discoveries I have made. And in order to make a believer out of you that this isn’t like any


other mind power manual out there, it’s going to require you to start right from the beginning as I did myself at no cost to you. I’m talking about the exact process I went through that immediately changed my life and can begin to change yours too. Then, after you finish reading about and practicing the first part of your transformation, you then will have the option to take yourself even up to a higher level of awareness with even more mind power tools and techniques you can use to make life give you what you want. Literally become the master of your own universe and forever use your amazing powers of the mind to increase your luck, happiness, wealth, prosperity and bring yourself love, friends, admirers, as you thrive on the control and power you have learned to possess. Let's take a look at one of the major viruses that bring about very noticeable results and let's also look at what happens when you don't have this mind virus working for you.


“How To Have Your Own Mind Power”
“Start erasing your limits and barriers and move towards happiness forever”
Some people understand this concept… Others just don’t get it Can you remember when you were young? I mean way young… like when your mother was still pregnant with you. The most common reaction I get to that question is “yeah right” or “I wouldn’t want to remember.” Well, I’m here to tell you that you really can actually remember these times if you want to remember them. I’m going to be giving you some reasons why you would want to later on, but believe you me, I’m revealing to you some shocking ideas that just very well could begin to create a major turning point in your life. I call it reverse thinking. How does it work? It’s simple. To start this process, you have to understand what it would mean for you to confront these memories. You’ve already learned about the benefits you’ll get when you erase that very first painful mind seed that has been planted long ago in earlier chapters. So the next thing would be to actually start doing it. The process is simple: Go to a place where you won’t be interrupted while you’re doing this and get yourself relaxed. Then, start focusing on your very first moment of pain or discomfort. It may help to affirm to your self by saying out loud “I will now recall the first moment of pain or discomfort as it now can be located” If you’re doing this correctly you should feel or hear your stomach growl (not because you’re hungry) but because this energy is being brought out from deep within.


You would then start to recall the experience. Inside your mind start asking this seed as if you were communicating with it questions. Ask what it can show you and why it is there. Ask if it’s ready to come out now and then ask why… As you begin to ask these questions your subconscious mind begins to recall this very first moment of pain and reveals to you key factors that will bring you closer to releasing this negative energy. I’ve heard this technique referred to as “getting rid of the demon” only it isn’t mystical really. There is a scientific explanation for this. Your body and its cells record these moments of pain. They hold this negative energy within and link it to any outside influence until it is confronted by your conscious mind and made understood that there is no reason these energies should be there anymore. These moments of pain could be causing you to run certain patterns in your life or cause you to believe something that isn’t true. For example: let’s say during someone’s pregnancy, their mother attempted abortion on them with a coat hanger – I know its sick but it’s been tried… Anyway, say she starts to penetrate the precious tissue of her baby she’s carrying. While doing this she is uttering phrases to her self like “oh, you just can’t afford to have this child. It’s not the right time. Why doesn’t anything ever work out the way it should?” Then, say her abortion was unsuccessful for some reason and later Johnny Doe runs patterns in his life that he may or may not be aware of such as; In referencing back to his mothers attempted abortion, never being able to “afford to have” anything. Or his “timing is always off”. Or maybe he just doesn’t ever seem to have anything work out the way it should. Sounds scary doesn’t it? When I learned this, it kinda made me wonder just what it was that I had buried deep in my psych. And if there was a way that I could get rid of these automatic commands that have been lodged somewhere deep inside and break any pattern that I didn’t have any control of. And to my amazement and surprise, I was dumbfounded at what I had discovered. After recalling and replaying several times over and over again, I finally began to release this energy.


I would cry, scream, yell… I would repeat phrases that clicked in my mind as to patterns that I have not realized I have been running in my life. I couldn’t believe my ears but I was sure believing the results of all this. After about a month of confronting this so called “demon” I began to notice changes occur without even thinking about it. For instance, some situations that I would feel shy or hesitant towards before were no longer evident. In fact, I surprised myself with my attitude and clarity of thought about it. You’ll know when you use this reverse thinking method correctly. You’ll know it when you begin to feel free, and then even more free… Your thoughts become clear and certain negative emotions or barriers will have seemed to have vanished and you find yourself surprisingly succeeding way past your expectations and in ways you never even knew could exist for you. There is no telling how long it might take a person to erase all these negative thoughts but to spend a year to do it would be worth it many fold. Some people it may only take a couple of hours – everyone is different. I’m going to let you in on a little secret… If you succeed in getting rid of all your emotions from the past that are painful, you will automatically become rational and responsible. That means you’ll always do the right thing and there will be no such thing as dishonesty or irrationality – for you, it would seem as though it never even existed. You function and act exactly according to your nature which is good, responsible, productive – everything positive. Observe a child that is learning how to speak. Watch how fast they can learn to do this and how incredibly honest and innocent they are. If you erase your first moment of pain, you’ll be just like that kid again. Lightning fast thinking that isn’t disrupted by dishonesty, laziness or irrationality. As I said before, it will not exist to you. Your creativeness and pride level sky – rocket. Moreover, your thinking comes differently. Inside your mind, you become aware of all your perceptions at the same time. It will be as if you are in your own body, hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, touching… All at once. You’ll think of your past memories that are only relevant to the situation you are in. You’ll be living in the NOW. Not the past, not the future.


To transform yourself into releasing this incredible god – like power, all that is required is for you to start confronting all your past negative experiences until you release their energy for good. You’ll know when you’re doing it correctly because you’ll yawn, cough, gag, and even sometimes scream and cry until you make yourself sick. Good for you. The above statement may sound crazy but is it not better to take the time to allow this negative energy out rather than have it remain inside you? You should do this about two hours in your first session. You might even get lucky and relieve your fist moment of pain on your first try. Which - then you won’t have to do reverse thinking anymore because once it’s gone, it’s gone. But if it is going to take a while, and there’s no telling how long it might take a person, two hours a session is long enough. You want to give your body some time to process and rid yourself of this energy so you may want to even do it in intervals of three days apart. Some effects of doing this may cause you to become a little ill. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids (WATER) because your body may have to physically pass this negative garbage through and out of your body. That is another reason why waiting three days in between is a good idea. You may also experience mood swings. But don’t worry, they won’t last. It’s actually a good sign to notice that your subconscious mind is processing and making sense of what you are releasing. In other words, these mood swings are a confirmation that you are making positive changes and adjusting to your new found powers.

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