Where’d I Put My (“Spiritual Energy”) Keys?

“Energy” What you notice, you are conscious of and what you are
conscious of, you notice
What is Spiritual Energy?
We are not talking about “ghosts” here, but the spiritual (not
religious) level vibrational radiance from all matter in all dimensions,
including non-physical ones. This is the emanation of the clear, clean,
loving, primordial energy that allows things to exist. One day soon this
energy will be universally recognized as the basic organizational level
of all things. It is Creational energy coming through as the signature
vibrations of individuated forms. Science does not yet have a way to
reliably detect or measure this energy nor do the inane “ghost-busters”
on TV shows. Fortunately, we can use our own higher senses to perceive
and evaluate these higher vibrational frequencies. We can also tap into
and make use of them to expand our consciousness, heal ourselves, help
others, communicate with higher dimensions, and move forward on our
There are also subtle energies that are not so spiritual in
nature. These are the vibrations of unbalanced, unloving, or
disorganized thoughts, emotions, actions, and intentions from human
Souls here on Earth or on the Other Side. These energies surround us all
of the time and can detrimentally affect us along with the subtle
frequencies of electromagnetic devices like cellphones, high tension
wires, computers, microwaves, etc. You may have sensed that you’ve been
affected by some of them without being fully aware of it. Not to
worry. As you learn to perceive subtle energies, you can also learn ways
to remediate the detrimental ones.
When and how do people notice or feel subtle or spiritual "energy"?
People sense subtle energy in different ways. Not everyone feels it
bodily. Some people perceive it as colored light, “hear” it as a rising
or falling sound or just "know" it. Some sense it in multiple ways at
the same time or in succession. Some people can tell what consciousness,
emotional, or situational “labels” are attached to subtle energy since
energy can carry all possible outcomes at the same time. This is in fact
what physicists have seen on the smallest level of matter, the Quantum
level, where a particle can exist at many places at the same time yet
still be only one “thing”.
To notice these subtle energies, you have to know that Spiritual energy
exists. Understand that these Spiritual forces are not nearly as
physically strong or readily noticeable to our five senses as the other
kinds of energy (movement or Kinetic energy, heat, light, sound,
electricity, gravity, etc.) that people interact with every day. If
you've ever been "zapped" with electricity, you know what we're talking
about. Those energies we usually register only with our five senses of
touch, taste, smell, feel, sight, or hearing. They are usually overtly
apparent to us, even in relatively small amounts or strength as we have
the ability to see in relatively dim light, sense minute temperature
changes, or feel the brush of a hair against our skin. You've learned to
hold your hand over a stove burner to feel if there is heat energy
coming off of it before you touch it and can feel it quite far away if
you tune in to the feeling of “heat.” If you pay attention, you may even
be able to feel light falling upon your skin. What you notice, you are
conscious of and what you are conscious of, you notice. So too with
subtle energies:
Mesa Creative Arts Center Director, Brad Silberberg says this about
sensing subtle energies: "When doing healing work or work with energy
tools, I will often feel with my left hand by placing it on or near the
source. I may feel a tingling or pushing sensation or feel a kind of
heat coming from them, but not the kind of heat from a flame. This
mostly tells me the strength and balance of the energy. I may feel other
qualities contained by or attached to the energy somewhere inside of
‘me’ as well and use my practiced discernment to decode it. I sense
energy with my whole physical body, my aura, chakras, and my expanded
consciousness; what I call my 'Felt Sense.' I believe I’m processing
these sensations, in part, by using some of the 90% of my Human brain
that Science says we ‘don't use’ because they don't understand subtle
energy, how to detect, or measure it because it’s not electrical or
chemical. It's nonsense to me to think that so much of our brain is
useless tissue. Nature and Creation would not have wasted that space.
I have always perceived other people's emotions, state of mind, state of
openness or closed-ness, denseness or lightness, high or low vibrational
frequency, general health, and other information this way, often feeling
it as if I am 'having' them myself. Over time I have learned how to
interpret a great deal of what I pick up empathically with my Felt Sense
and to widen my perception to other energies. I am still learning ways
to sense, interpret, and work with inter-dimensional energies and the
fundamental structural energies at the Spiritual/Creational level of
matter that I 'know' are there all around us. Doing hands-on energy
healing work with people, animals, and plants (e.g. Reiki, White Light,
Sound Healing) interacting with crystals, and building and working with
energy/healing tools have helped me to hone my perception and
interpretation of subtle energies."
Can just anyone feel these energies?
We are ALL sensitive to subtle energies, but as a species have largely
forgotten how to notice and interpret them. You’ve probably had myriad
energy-sensing experiences without recognizing them. One of the easiest
energies to notice is “people energy.” (Why do you think shopping malls
feel like they do?) Have you ever had the experience of pulling up at a
traffic light and looking at the guy in the car next to you, only to
have him turn and look back at you? Why did he do that? Because he
“felt” your attention energy and your consciousness focused at him and
turned to see where it was coming from. His animal instincts told him to
do so because some part of him was sensing that energy. Have you ever
felt someone looking at you or felt someone silently enter a room behind
your back?
Whether you realize it or not, you've likely already had experiences
with feeling the Life Force or thought energies of people or places
yourself. You've probably walked into a restaurant or motel room and
just felt an uncomfortable "something" that made you decide to leave. If
you thought about it at the time, you may have been able to describe it
as a heaviness, staleness, sadness, or dullness. You may have even felt
an uncomfortable humming or buzzing sensation somewhere in your body.
You probably took your business to another establishment where you found
the place feeling lighter, calmer, or happier somehow.
If you were to sit in a circle with a group of total strangers, besides
what you see and hear you’d likely be noticing all kinds of things about
them with your higher senses. If you turned your attention to each one
in turn, you might find one person to seem happier and one sadder, one
angrier or one more withdrawn. One person might feel “brighter” or
“shinier” somehow while another might have a “dullness” about them.
There might even be one person for whom you get a feeling that “the
lights are on, but no one is home.” You may be picking up visual clues
to give you this information, but you’d probably still be getting a lot
of it even if they were each covered with a blanket. What you are doing
is using your higher senses to feel their energy without thinking about
it. It is part of the sensing system that our ancient ancestors evolved
to survive in a dangerous world, but because our current times are
relatively safe compared to dodging saber-toothed tigers, this system
has fallen into background of Human awareness in “developed” cultures.
Brad Silberberg relates an experience he had with a woman who wanted to
sense energy but wasn’t aware of it:
I met a woman who was working in a small health food store who wanted
desperately to “feel” energy. I told her she already was, but that she
simply wasn’t noticing it. Things were very quiet in the store, so her
manager gave her permission to go into the little office room with me
for a few minutes. I sat down next to her and asked her if she could
feel her own presence. She looked quite puzzled and replied that she
could not.
“Close your eyes,” I said, “Can you feel me sitting next to you without
“Yes,” she replied.
“OK then,” I said, “I'm going to move over here (crossing the room). Did
you feel something change?”
“Why, yes, I did!” she answered excitedly.
I came back and sat next to her. “Can you feel me sitting next to you
again?”, I said.
“Yes, I am,” she replied.
“What are you feeling that moved over there and back? You’re feeling my
energy, my presence, my I-am-here-ness,” I explained.
“Now,” I said, “can you feel that same thing about yourself?”
A startled look came over her face. “Oh, my God!” she exclaimed, “what
IS that?!!”
“You’re feeling your own presence, your own I-am-sitting-right-here-
ness,” I replied.
Her mouth fell open and then she started to cry. “I’ve never felt that
before,” she wailed, “I’ve never felt that part of me.”
“That’s where our awareness needs to start,” I told her, “with noticing
our own Spiritual nature.”
The thing that we notice most easily is “change” (like someone’s
presence moving across the room), in part because we would just go nuts
if we were constantly noticing every little static situation (like our
OWN presence). When you put on a shirt, you feel it against your skin.
You don't spend all day noticing your "I-have-a shirt-on-ness." We take
notice when we feel a room turn from hot to cold when the air
conditioning is turned on or feel a hand press on our skin when there
was nothing there before. We notice change most easily when we are
“paying attention” to what is changing. That's the first part of the
equation and the key to perception and eventual enlightenment. The
second part is just a lot of practice feeling energies and noticing
their subtle differences. Think of a professional wine taster; he takes
a swig of wine (Blindfolded, of course!) and proceeds to tell you that
it was bottled in 1968 in Bordeaux, France at 11am on a Sunday in
October and that it had spent 11-¼ months in an oak barrel. How does he
know all that? He's tasted a whole lot of wine and peeked at all of the
labels to get to the point of acquiring great discernment, becoming a
connoisseur in the process.
The third and maybe most important component for energy discernment is
being mentally “open-to-it” and allowing yourself to sense it. If we are
not open to noticing it or even blocking the sensation by closing the
safety shutters on our energy system, it’s like having our Geiger
counter turned off when we are trying to measure nuclear radiation. Most
people tend to shut down their own personal energy emanations (or aura)
rather than allowing in “the other” and facing the emotional risks
involved. This is a protective maneuver we do out of limiting beliefs,
fear, lack of trust, and because most of those around us are also shut
down, so we mirror it unconsciously. It is also a self preserving habit
to keep out some of the ever growing energy bombardment from people,
places, things, light pollution, cell phones, air and car traffic,
microwaves, TV and radio broadcasts, power lines, computer screens,
etc., that is stressing people out and making them sick. These energies
can also clog up our “human energy system” and keep us from perceiving
movement and changes that we might otherwise notice.
Lastly, releasing disappointment from past experiences and holding the
intention that you will eventually be able to feel these
subtle/spiritual energies will magnetize you for actually achieving
it. Remember that you cannot fail until you stop making attempts to
succeed, so hold a lot of crystals, get involved in energy healing,
engage in psychic practice exercises, and handle or work with energy
devices. You will receive healing in the process that will open and
enhance them.
Staying open to energy
Besides unbalanced Earth energies (geopathic stress) and electromagnetic
smog, the negativity of Humanity’s mass consciousness is one of the
greatest sources of unbalanced energy that we are exposed to every
day. Other people’s fear, anger, pain, grief, etc., can drain us or
induce resonance to those emotions in our own systems. It’s important to
be aware of this process and find ways to keep from absorbing these
energies. One way is to use our minds to make ourselves less like an
absorbing sponge and more like a window screen, allowing things to
simply flow through us instead of needing periodic “wringing out” to
stay energetically healthy, along with natural healing modalities that
release energy to help release what might otherwise accumulate. It also
helps to “radiate.”
There are practical ways to stay open to what comes our way while
remaining healthy and radiant. One way is by using our intention to be
an receiver-transmitter for higher energies from Creation. We can use
our awareness to take in those life-giving subtle energies from Nature,
Creator/Source, and The Universe, and radiate them back out. The more we
remember to radiate, the more we can take in and the more we take in,
the more we can send out. The more we are able to radiate, the more
relaxed we are. The more relaxed we are, the more we can feel and
notice. Radiating also protects us through a process of giving away
instead of fearful shielding and helps us to clear our own energy
systems. Think about trying to push dirt and stones into the end of a
garden hose with a forceful stream of water coming out of it. If the
water is turned off, it’s far easier to do. The good news is that there
is no shortage of “water” (spiritual or life-force energy) for you to
draw from and radiate. Holding back (NOT radiating) is a stressed state
that most people don't even know they are in.
You see each one of us is an antenna for Source/Creator Energy. We are
here (in part) to receive it, slow down its very high frequency with our
chakras (subtle energy centers in our bodies), and radiate it back out
to the Earth, Nature, and Humanity through our aura. We have
demonstrated the difference in how this feels to others by asking people
to turn on their energy "radar" while we stand in front of them and
consciously pulling in our aura as hard and as tight as we can. They
will usually say they feel "quietness," "coldness," and/or a pulling or
sucking sensation. As we release our aura (It's very uncomfortable to
hold in for long) people often say; "You came back!"
When people shut down and stop radiating their auric light they become
like a Black Hole, sucking in energy from all around them and sending it
off-planet to who knows where. (You’ve probably met someone who was in
such a bad or sad mood that they seemed to suck the very oxygen out of
the room.) Each one of us who is radiating counteracts the effects of
many Black Holes. It can take some practice to let your Light shine and
Tools for Healing can help you by unclogging your energy systems,
healing your thoughts and emotions, and increasing your vibrational
frequency directly or indirectly. It's still up to you to choose to be a
Shining Star or Black Hole. Remember that radiating your Light keeps the
flowers opening, the birds singing, the rivers flowing, and the Earth
turning. Do you really want to NOT radiate?
What might subtle and spiritual energies FEEL like?
One of the most common experiences people have had that’s like that of
feeling energy move through them is “blushing.” The sensation starts in
your face, but then rapidly spreads through your whole body. That rush
of adrenaline that causes the blood vessels in your face to dilate goes
through your whole system in seconds and so does the emotional energy
that set it off.
“OK,” you might say, “so you’ve told me all about these subtle energies,
but how do I deal with or discuss them if I can’t describe them even to
myself?” People are still finding language to talk about the complex
nature of what they feel. You probably know what Love feels like to you,
but can you really describe what it feels like inside of your body when
you are feeling Love? Here's a little meditation/exercise to help you do
some sensing and practice discernment:
Close your eyes and just feel what you’re feeling right now. (Noticing
what you are noticing is called being “conscious.”) Take a little tour
of your body and awareness from your feet to your head, pausing first to
sense how your feet feel. Are they tired, tingling, relaxed,
aching? Next move up to your knees and tune in there. How do they
feel? Now move up to your pelvis. Are you relaxed or tense there, hot or
cold? Do you feel pressure anywhere? Is your chest tight or expanded and
relaxed? Are your shoulders sore? Is your neck stiff? Turn your
attention to your jaw. Are you gritting your teeth? Is your tongue
pressed against the roof of your mouth? Are your eyes tired, burning, or
cool? Can you feel wrinkles in your forehead or is it calm? Is the top
of your head itching or tingling? Do you feel dense or loose, warm or
cold, calm or nervous? Now you’ve gone completed that tour so you'll
more easily pick up on it if some sensation were to change. Now pick up
a crystal, touch a plant, put your hand on someone's heart. Does
something change in your awareness? Can you describe it? If you’re not
noticing anything different you’re still OK, but you may be resisting
the whole idea of this energy or your internal "meter" may be shut
down-- energetically in protective mode. Try this:
First, take a deep breath and let it out. Think about radiating light,
sound, or heat out from your body in all directions. Close your eyes,
put your hands on your heart, say "RADIATE" and move your hands out to
the sides until your arms are straight out. Can you feel your energy
system open up? Now pick up that crystal and see what changes you
feel. You may still have to open the protective "doorway" in your wrist
that keeps everything you touch from entering your energy system through
your hand. Just envision a door (however you see it, as the door to your
house, a garden gate, or a big iron prison door) at your wrist and
envision that door opening. Can you trust enough to let the energy and
consciousness of the crystal enter now? Can you even send your
consciousness out to meet it? What do you feel now? Need some
words/concepts to fill things out?
Here are some ways used to describe how these energies feel to us that
might help you increase your awareness of them. They may be sensed with
the hand or all over the body:
Buzzing or tingling, like when your leg is asleep.
Prickly, like static electricity.
A feeling of heat without a heat source. (Usually denotes a LOT of
energy moving.)
A feeling of cold without a physical source.
A sense of a rising or falling pitch without any audible sound.
A feeling of something flowing through you like wind or a stream or
current of warm water.
A feeling like a wave passing through you.
A sense that some other Being, like an angel or ghost has stepped inside
of you (“incorporation”)
Pressure or a pushing sensation with nothing touching you.
A pulsing sensation that is not in time with your heartbeat. (Usually a
balancing "Healing Pulse".)
A sensation of bubbles rising like carbonated water or Alka-Seltzer.
A "clanging" sensation like striking a piece of metal held in your hand
with a hammer.
A spinning or spiraling sensation.
A fluttering or shimmering sensation.
A sensation like a change in altitude or barometric pressure.
A sense of lightness that wasn't present before.
A sense of expansion in some way.
A shift in consciousness like meditation or falling asleep.
A sudden sigh or yawn. (Denotes that you are getting relieved of
something by what you came into contact with.)
Many people don’t recognize the signs of their energy system in movement
or release. Here are some signs that built up energy is being released
from a person’s system on the physical, mental, emotional, and/or
spiritual level:
Muscle twitching/releasing
Shaking or trembling
Vibrating or buzzing, especially in the feet, hands, head, or sex organs

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