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Section One - Listening

Listening Part 1

Read questions 1-4. Click the play button to listen to the audio recording. Then answer the

1. They are discussing __________.

a. going to a concert
c. clothing styles
b. bedtime
d. musical instruments

2. Sergio Mendes is playing at __________.
a. Maxwell’s
c. Symphony Hall
b. the Downbeat
d. Guitar Wolf’s

3. The early show is at __________.
a. 11:30
c. bedtime
b. 8:00
d. 7:00

4. They both want to see __________.
a. Guitar Wolf
c. Sergio Mendes
b. a rock concert
d. the 11:30 show

Listening Part 2
Read questions 5-7. Click the play button to listen to the audio recording. Then answer the

5. The woman is telling the man about __________.
a. an earthquake in Romania
c. a lot of deaths and injuries
b. an earthquake near Chile
d. a trip to Romania

6. The man asks the woman about __________.
a. deaths or injuries
c. the Richter scale
b. Chile
d. record-breaking earthquakes

7. The disaster was __________.
a. yesterday during the day
c. today
b. yesterday during the night
d. last week

Listening Part 3
Read questions 8-10. Click the play button to listen to the audio recording. Then answer the

8. According to the listening, Gandhi fasted __________.
a. to help India achieve independence from Britain
c. to stop the fighting between Hindus and Muslims
b. to stop the division of India into two states
d. to stop a fanatic who opposed his vision

9. In 1948, Gandhi stopped eating for __________.
a. more than one week
c. a week
b. less than one week
d. 2 days

10. Gandhi’s assassin __________.
a. wanted an India where Hindus and Muslims could live together in peace
c. wanted India’s independence from Britain
b. was against an India for both Muslims and Hindus
d. thought Gandhi was a Muslim

Reading Part 1
Read the article. Select the correct response for questions 11-15:

Body Talk!

To communicate well with people of other countries, you must learn to speak well, right? Yes, but
speaking isn’t everything. Some experts say only thirty percent of communication comes from
talking. Your gestures and other non-verbal actions matter, too.

But in different cultures, the same action can have different meanings. When you have to meet
someone in a different culture, be prepared. Do you know what kind of gestures and customs are

Let’s look at shaking hands. North Americans like a firm handshake. But the French prefer a light,
short handshake. If you shake a French person’s hand the North American way, he or she may not
like it. People in Eastern European countries and some Latino cultures prefer shorter handshakes,
too. Hugging after shaking hands is also a common introduction there. Don’t be surprised if a
Brazilian gives you a hug. If you misinterpret gestures of introduction, your friendship may get off
on the wrong foot!

Everyone around the world knows the “OK” hand gesture, don’t they? But in Spain, parts of South
America, and Eastern Europe, the OK sign is considered rude. And if you go shopping in Japan, it
means you’d like your change in coins instead of bills. In France, making the OK sign means “zero”
or that something is worthless. So check before you use the OK sign to make sure it’s OK!

Understanding even a few key gestures from different cultures can make you a better
communicator. So next time you travel, try being culturally sensitive. Find out a local gesture and
let your body talk.

11. Seventy percent of communication comes from _______________.
a. talking
c. nonverbal actions
b. gestures of introduction d. shaking hands

____________ prefer a firm handshake.
a. North Americans
c. Eastern Europeans
b. The French
d. Brazilians

According to the article, ___________________.
a. Eastern Europeans never shake hands
c. French people like firm handshakes
b. Brazilians often hug after shaking hands
d. Japanese people think the OK sign is rude

If your friendship “gets off on the wrong foot,” it _________________.
a. ends well
c. ends badly
b. begins badly
d. begins well

The author advises that visitors to other countries should _____________.
a. not learn the local language
c. avoid gestures and other nonverbal actions
b. find out what gestures are appropriate there
d. never use the OK sign

Reading Part 2
Read the article. Select the correct response for questions 16-20:
Comics: Trash or Treasure?

In Japan they call them manga; in Latin America, historietas; in Brazil, historia em quadrinhos; and
in the U.S., comics. But no matter what you call them, comics are a favorite source of pleasure in
many parts of the world.

In case you’re wondering how popular comics are, the best-selling comic title in the U.S. sells
about 4.5 million copies a year. All of Mexico’s comic titles together sell over 7 million copies a
week. But Japan is by far the leading publisher of comics in the world. Manga account for nearly
forty percent of all the books and magazines published in Japan each year. And few magazines of
any kind in the world can match this number: Shonen Jump, the leading comic title, has a
circulation of 6.5 million copies per week!

Ever since comics first appeared, there have been people who have criticized them. In the 1940s
and 50s, many people believed that comics were immoral and that they caused bad behavior
among young people. Even today, many question whether young people should read them at all.
They argue that reading comics encourages bad reading habits.

But some educators see comics as a way to get teenagers to choose reading instead of television
and video games. And because of the art, a number of educators have argued that comics are a
great way to get children to think creatively. More recent research has suggested that the
combination of visuals and text in comics may be one reason young people handle computers and
related software so easily.

In Japan, the Education Ministry calls comics “a part of Japan’s national culture, recognized and
highly regarded abroad.” Comics are increasingly being used for educational purposes, and many
publishers see them as a useful way of teaching history and other subjects.

No matter how you view them, comics remain a guilty pleasure for millions worldwide.

16. Comics are most popular in __________.
a. the U.S.
c. Japan
b. Mexico
d. Italy

17. 6.5 million is the number of __________.
a. comic books sold in Japan each week
c. copies of Shonen Jump sold each week
b. comics of manga sold each year
d. Japanese people who buy manga each week


People who criticized comics said they __________.
a. caused bad behavior among young people
c. made people who read them feel guilty
b. encouraged teenagers to choose TV and video games instead of reading
d. weren’t a pleasure to read

19. Comics do not __________.
a. get children to think creatively
c. provide a useful way to teach academic subjects
b. prepare young people to handle computers easily
d. encourage teenagers to play video games

20. The Japanese Education Ministry views comics as __________.
a. trash
c. a guilty pleasure
b. a treasure
d. immoral

Section Three - Grammar and Vocabulary
Select the correct response:
A: What’s your typical week like?
B: __________
a. If the weather is good, I’m going to the park.
c. I have other plans.
b. I work every weekday.
d. I’m not doing anything special.

A: So, what are you doing on Saturday?
B: __________
a. I’m going to a baseball game.
c. I play tennis very well.
b. It’s great to see you.
d. It’s hot and sunny today.

A: Would you like chicken or fish?
B: __________
a. About the same.
c. I’ll check.
b. I’d like fish, please.
d. I think I’d like the same thing.

A: Where were you last night?
B: __________
a. Yes, I was.
c. Really nice.
b. At about 8:00.
d. I was at home.

A: I broke my arm.
B: __________
a. Congratulations!
c. Too bad I wasn’t there!
b. That’s too bad. I’m sorry.
d. That’s interesting.

A: Let’s go shopping.
B: __________
a. I’m really sorry, I’m too busy.
c. I’m not sure. What about you?
b. I think I’d like the same thing.
d. That’s too bad. Maybe some other time.

A: Could you please close the window?
B: __________
a. Not at all.
c. Not much.
b. No problem.
d. No, I don’t.

A: What do you like to do in your free time?
B: __________
a. Me? I’m definitely an evening person.
c. Well, I like to hang out with friends.
b. Well, I have some great news.
d. Let’s go shopping.

She doesn’t have a computer at home. She __________ at work.
a. exercises
c. does the laundry
b. checks e-mail
d. makes breakfast

Today is Monday. The day after tomorrow is __________.
a. Tuesday
c. Wednesday
b. Sunday
d. Thursday
It’s 10:00 A.M. I’m meeting Allison at 3:00 P.M. We’re meeting __________.
a. this afternoon
c. tonight
b. right now
d. this morning
32. I’d like something to drink. Could you get me some __________.
a. butter
c. rice
b. cheese
d. milk

33. Are you going shopping? We need a __________ of bread.
a. loaf
c. bottle
b. can
d. box

It’s September. William’s birthday was two months ago. His birthday was in __________.
a. November
c. July
b. August
d. February

The shower is in the __________ .
a. garden
c. closet
b. bathroom
d. kitchen

Alex’s hair isn’t curly. It’s __________.
a. short
c. straight
b. blond
d. light

Robert __________ right now.
a. exercises
c. is exercising
b. exercise
d. exercised

When my wife is late for work, she __________ on her makeup in the car.
a. puts
c. is putting
b. is going to put
d. put

I __________ my sister yesterday, but she wasn’t free.
a. call
c. called
b. should call
d. am calling

If she __________ home, she’s going to relax.
a. is going to stay
c. would like to stay
b. stay
d. stays

A: Excuse me. I’m looking for the Beekman Gallery.
B: __________
a. Oh. That’s right down the street, on the left side.
c. Sorry. You’re out of luck.
b. Really? I’d love to go, but I’m busy tonight.
d. Well, thanks, but I’m really not an art fan.

A: Tell me something about your family.
B: Sure. __________
a. What do you mean?
c. What do you do?
b. What should we do?
d. What do you want to know?

A: Where are you off to?
B: __________
a. I think I’ll start with the shrimp.
c. I’m on my way to the gym.
b. I’m sorry, I’m not from round here.
d. I’ll take the blazer.

A: How would you like to pay for it?
B: __________
a. Cash, please.
c. No more than $50.
b. I’ll take the check, please.
d. I can give you $50.

A: Can we make the 5:00 train?
B: __________
a. It makes two stops.
c. It left ten minutes ago.
b. It’s a local.
d. It was pretty long, actually.

John and Carl are brothers. John’s wife is Carl’s __________.
a. niece
c. cousin
b. sister-in-law
d. aunt

You use a __________ to send a copy of your document to someone else over the telephone line.
a. printer
c. fax machine
b. photocopier
d. scanner

Rice is a grain, and __________ is a dairy product.
a. yogurt
c. beef
b. broccoli
d. olive oil

Bruce hardly ever exercises. He’s really __________.
a. modest
c. inappropriate
b. healthy
d. out of shape
Women’s tights are in the __________ department.
a. lingerie
c. hosiery
b. outerwear
d. accessories

The concert is __________ Saturday, June 4th.
a. in
c. off
b. at
d. on

__________ your sister live?
a. Where is
c. Where does
b. Where do

We __________ a new laptop this afternoon.
a. are buying
c. buys
b. buy buying
__________ milk in the fridge.
a. There are
c. They’re
b. It’s
d. There’s

There is roast chicken on the menu. __________ roast chicken comes with soup.
a. A
c. Any
b. The
d. An

Sonia wants to see a movie, but she has an exam tomorrow. She __________ study tonight.
a. can’t
c. can
b. has to
d. could

Luke never __________ dinner.
a. cook
c. cooks
b. is cooking
d. doesn’t cook
I’ll take the green polo shirt. Can you gift wrap __________ for me?
a. it
c. them
b. him
d. her

What __________ last night?
a. you did
c. did you do
b. were you
d. are you doing

These loafers aren’t __________. They’re very uncomfortable.
a. bigger
c. the biggest
b. big enough
d. too big

I __________ my husband in 2003.
a. have met
c. used to meet
b. was meeting
Rose has __________ seen that movie.
a. yet
c. already
b. ever
d. before

Anthony __________ in London since 2001.
a. has lived
c. was living
b. lived
d. lives

__________ her later?
a. Were you calling
c. Will you call
b. Have you called
d. Do you call

You __________ make a reservation soon. That restaurant is very popular.
a. would rather
c. will
b. used to
d. had better
Luckily, I __________ a seat belt when I had the accident.
a. wore
c. have worn
b. was wearing
d. had better wear

I bought __________ shampoo at the drugstore.
a. any
c. some
b. much
d. many

I __________ to exercise.
a. enjoy
c. need
b. dislike
d. feel like

My husband is tired __________ working in New York.
a. about
c. for
b .of
d. with
That photograph __________ by Henri Cartier-Bresson in 1954.
a. took
c. has taken
b. was taking
d. was taken

Our old laptop was __________ fast as the new one. The new one is much faster.
a. just as
c. almost as
b. not nearly as
d. not quite as

Is this car __________?
a. their
c. theirs
b. they’re
d. there’s

If we eat in a restaurant, I __________ the bill.
a. would pay
c. have paid
b. paid
d. will pay
If I found a wallet, I __________ it.
a. was returning
c. would return
b. returned
d. have returned

A __________ movie is very strange or unusual, in a negative way.
a. boring
c. violent
b. weird
d. silly

In a car, the light that shows the direction you want to turn is the __________.
a. headlight
c. taillight
b. steering wheel
d. signal

A comb, __________, shampoo, and hair spray are hair care products.
a. a razor
c. a brush
b. lotion
d. a file
A: __________
B: No. It’s my first time.
a. Have you ever been here before?
c. Have you seen any good movies lately?
b. Have you been here long?
d. Have we met before?

A: You look down. What’s up?
B: __________
a. To tell you the truth, it was just too much trouble.
c. I’m just tired of the same old grind.
b. I couldn’t live without it.
d. It doesn’t matter to me.

A: Be sure not to miss the Louvre Museum while you’re in Paris.
B: __________
a. Oh, yeah? What kind?
c. Really? Why’s that?
b. Sure. What’s the problem?
d. What are you up to?

I’m on time, __________ I?
a. am
c. aren’t
b. don’t
d. won’t

I __________ the movie when it came out on DVD.
a. already saw
c. was already going to see
b. have already seen
d. had already seen

I heard she lost a filling, so she __________ be at the dentist.
a. must not
c. must
b. might be able to
d. might not

My wife needs to have this dress __________ by Saturday.
a. dry-cleaned
c. to dry-clean
b. dry-clean
She got her mother __________ the wedding.
a. to plan
c. planned
b. plan
d. planning

Andres __________ be a doctor, but he changed his mind.
a. would
c. might
b. was going to
d. could have

Joe __________ married Amy. They would have been.
a. must have
c. had
b. may have
d. should have

The Cherry Blossom Festival is a holiday __________ in Japan every spring.
a. who is celebrated
c. to celebrate
b. is celebrated
d. that is celebrated
Sunita invited her parents __________ for dinner on Saturday.
a. to come
c. should come
b. come
d. please come

Could you tell me __________?
a. whether this means
c. this means
b. what does this mean
d. what this means

If I were you, I __________ buy it.
a. wouldn’t
c. hadn’t
b. didn’t
d. couldn’t

We __________ lost if we had called in advance for directions.
a. wouldn’t get
c. didn’t get
b. hadn’t gotten
d.wouldn’t have gotten
__________ the topic of the international conference.
a. Poverties are
c. Poverty is
b. The poverty is
d. A poverty is

Our friends encouraged __________ early.
a. to arrive
c. us to arrive
b. we arrive
d. arriving

It’s too dangerous __________ swimming at that beach.
a. to go
c. go
b. you go
d. you to go

Valencia is __________ the east coast of Spain.
a. in
c. of
b. on
d. at
Each country has customs and traditions about how to behave in social situations. These rules are
called __________.
a. punctuality
c. etiquette
b. table manners
d. taboos
__________ happens when there is no rain for a long period of time.
a. A drought
c. A flood
b. A landslide
d. An epidemic

A: Sorry we’re late. We got lost.
B: __________
a. That’s one way to look at it.
c. That would be fine.
b. That’s OK. It can happen to anyone.
d. It’s OK, under some circumstances.
A: __________
B: No, I’m just browsing.
a. Are you reading anything good these days?
c.Do you think that’s all doable in one day?
b. Anything you’d like to tell them?
d. Looking for anything special?
I remember __________ holidays with my family when I was young.
a. celebrating
c. celebrated
b. to celebrate
d. celebrate

Oh no! Yesterday was my mother’s birthday, and I forgot __________ her.
a. calling
c. called
b. to call
d. call

How many times __________ to the opera already this year?
a. are you going
c. have you gone
b. have you been going
d. were you going

Jason asked me __________ I had bought tickets yet.
a. when
c. that
b. whether
d. whom
I intend __________ aside some money each month.
a. put
c. putting
b. to put
d. to have put

By this time next year, Sam __________ his studies and will be working as an accountant.
a. will finish
c. is finishing
b. has finished
d. will have finished

__________, Stacy would have lent him money.
a. If he would have asked
c. If he might have asked
b. That he had asked
d. Had he asked

__________ young people today prefer to dress casually.
a. Most
c. A great deal of
b. Every
Not only __________ here, but they didn’t call either.
a. they aren’t
c. are they
b. are they not
d. they are not

Neither my parents nor my husband __________.
a. smokes
c. smoke
b. doesn’t smoke
d. don’t smoke

I can’t stand __________ talking during the movie.
a. they
c. these
b. their
d. they’re

Wild animals shouldn’t __________ as pets.
a. keep
c. have kept
b. be kept
d. to keep
Mr. Reed needs this report for a meeting on Monday. It __________ be finished on time.
a. can
c. could
b. might
d. must

I don’t appreciate __________ forced to watch commercials in a movie theatre.
a. being
c. had I been
b. to have been
d. to be

The older people are when they marry, __________ children they have.
a. fewest
c. the fewer
b. fewer
d. the fewest

Are you going to wear that __________ shirt?
a. green ugly cotton
c. cotton ugly green
b. ugly green cotton
d.ugly cotton green
Jeff spends money carelessly, even when he doesn’t have a lot of it. He’s __________.
a. thrifty
c. generous
b. a tightwad
d. a spendthrift
Don’t be so __________. You can’t believe everything you hear, you know.
a. gullible
c. clever
b. vain
d. sincere

A: __________
B: No, but I wish I did. Why do you ask?
a. Hey, which is the new laptop?
c. Do you mind my smoking?
b. I was wondering... Do you play chess?
d. Would you ever consider buying a house?
A: __________
B: What’s the matter with it?
a. Do you think something happened?
c. Can you believe that outfit?
b. Would you ever consider getting a pet?
d. Are you familiar with this CD?
I still __________ my mind about what I’ll do after school.
a. haven’t made up
c. didn’t make up
b. don’t make up
d. am not making up

My brother-in-law loves to travel. He __________ over thirty countries.
a. visited
c. had visited
b. has been visiting
d. has visited

People __________ break their promises can’t be trusted.
a. who
c. which
b. whose
d. whom

Michael didn’t see Kristen at the party. When he arrived, she__________.
a. left
c. was leaving
b. had already left
d.had been getting ready to leave
I suggested that Debra __________ us there at 3:00 P.M.
a. meets
c. meet
b. met
d. would meet

I really hope that Thomas __________ too many hours this weekend.
a. not work
c. not working
b. doesn’t work
d. don’t work

I don’t believe in __________.
a. the superstition
c. superstition
b. a superstition
d. superstitions

If Ruby __________ the luggage limits, she would have avoided extra charges.
a. checked
c. had checked
b. would check
d. would have checked
If Ramon had made a reservation, he __________ in this predicament.
a. wouldn’t have been
c. won’t be
b. wouldn’t be
d. hadn’t been

We will meet at the park at 10:00 A.M. __________ it rains
a. even though
c. unless
b. provided that
d. since

His interview went very well. __________, he didn’t get the job.
a. Therefore
c. Consequently
b. Otherwise
d. Nevertheless

The doctors reported that their new study __________ there the following week.
a. would begin
c. begin
b. will begin beginning
In the future, cars __________ powered by an alternative source of energy.
a. would be
c. will be
b. are
d. will have been

If gunpowder hadn’t been invented, other tools of war __________.
a. will be developed
c. would be developed
b. would have been developed
d. will have been developed

Irina has never studied English, but she has __________ a lot of English words from TV, movies,
and the Internet.
a. caught on
c. picked up
b. taken up
d. made up

I need to clean my house, but I’ve been putting __________.
a. it back
c. off it
b. back it
d. it off
Andrew said some pretty insulting things to me, but I decided not to let it bother me. I just
a. brushed it off.
c. told him off.
b. lost my temper.
d. took it out on him.

To do this job successfully, you have to deal with difficult situations all the time. If you
__________, it may be the job for you.
a. get easily distracted
c. run out of ideas
b. are absorbed in a task
d. perform well under pressure

A: Did you hear the one about the doctor?
B: No. __________.
a. What’s the matter?
c. How did that happen?
b. How does it go?
d. What’s that?

A: __________.
B: Well, you can’t be good at everything.
a.I wonder if you could do me a favor.
c. Nothing is ever good enough for me.
b. I’ve always wanted to take up yoga.
d. I wish I had an ear for music.