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Ex. 4 Read the story. Who do you agree with, the boyfriend or the girlfriend?

Last week I broke up with my girlfriend. We had been going out for 3 years and we’d had good times and bad
times. It all began when we went to a party at a friend’s house. It was going fine until her ex-boyfriend, Mick,
turned up! I was talking to a friend, and I looked across the room and saw my girlfriend chatting and laughing with
him. I walked right up to them both and said, “Hey, you think you can get away with this? She’s my girlfriend!”

My girlfriend got really upset about this. She didn’t understand why I was angry. She just said, “Me and Mick still
get on well, what’s so bad about that?” I wasn’t going to speak to her any more. I just stormed out of my friend’s
house and went home. My girlfriend came to my house later, but I wouldn’t let her in.

Maybe we’ll make up. But right now I’m very angry, and I think it will be a long time before that anger wears off.

Read through the story again. Underline the multi-word verbs. After this, think about their meaning and decide
if they are separable or inseparable.

Intermediate Revision Test (6 weeks) Name: _____________________________
Time allowed: 40 minutes
1. Make the sentences below into the past simple tense.
Example: We open the door. We opened the door. _
1. You write poems. ____You wrote poems__________________
2. Richard plays in the garden. ____Richard played in the garden______
3. Kerry does not speak English. ____Kerry didn’t speak English______
4. Do you see the bird? ____Didn’t you see the bird?___
5. I make lots of money. _____I made lots of money._____
2. Write the simple past forms of the irregular verbs.
Example: know knew _
1. leave _________________ left
2. sell _________________ sold
3. bring _________________ brought
4. shut _________________ shut
5. spend _________________ spent
Use the words below to make sentences in the past continuous tense.
Example: you / football / play You were playing football. _
1. he / the car / wash ___he was washing the car
2. she / home / go ____she was going home
3. they / not / the match / watch ____they were not watching the match
4. you / in the shop / work ___you were working in the shop
5. I / not / a magazine / read ___I wasn’t reading a magazine
3. Fill the gaps with the correct tenses. You will have to use three different tenses: Past
Simple (cooked), Past Continuous (was cooking), and Past Perfect (had cooked).
The British explorer James Cook was born in the village of Marton, Yorkshire, on 27 October, 1728. But his family
soon (move) moved to another village, called Great Ayton, where Cook (spend) had spent most of his childhood.
1. As a teenager James Cook (develop) had developed / developed a fascination for the sea and (travel) travelled /
had travelled to Whitby where he (find) had found / found employment on a coal ship.
2. While he (serve) was serving in the Royal Navy during the Seven Years' War (1756-1763), Cook (have) had the
command of a ship.
3. After the war (end) had ended /ended Cook (take)took command of the vessel Grenville and (go) went to
Newfoundland to survey the coasts there.
4. While he (map) was mapping the coasts of Newfoundland, he (observe) observed a solar eclipse off the North
American coast.
5. Cook (send) sent the details to the Royal Society, England's leading scientific organisation, and (win) won their
6. After Cook (publish) had published / published his observations of the solar eclipse, the Royal Society (ask)
asked him to lead a scientific expedition to Tahiti and (put) put him in command of the HMS Endeavour.
7. From Tahiti Cook then (go on) went on to explore the South Pacific.
8. He also (reach) reached New Zealand, which only the Dutchman Abel Tasman (visit) had visited before Cook.
9. After Cook (map) had mapped / mapped New Zealand's complete coastline, he (sail) sailed to Australia's east coast.
10. Cook (name) named the area New South Wales as it (remind) reminded him of the south coast of Wales in Great
4. Rewrite the sentences in passive voice.
Example: Somebody broke the computer The computer was broken by somebody_
1. We made a cake. __A cake was made by us
2. A thief took my coat __My coat was taken by a thief
3. I didn’t take it . __It wasn’t taken by me.
4. Did you make this mess? __Was this mess made by you?
5. Somebody gave her a present. ___A present was given to her by somebody / She was given a present by somebody
5. Draw a line between words that have a similar meaning.
Kind Tolerant
Chatty Reserved
Humorous Friendly
Respectful Talkative
Quiet Well-dressed
Elegant Jokey
6. Draw a line between words that have the opposite meaning
freezing dry
skinny warm
polite chubby
rainy hard-working
chilly boiling
lazy rude

7. Underline the correct answer.
Example Jenny hates to fly / flying / fly
1. Bob wants go / going / to go to Japan.
2. I cannot let you to ride / riding / ride my bike.
3. Carla enjoys dancing / to dance / dance.
4. Would you like bring / to bring / bringing some food?
5. She makes me to want / want / wanting to sing.
8. Complete the sentence with ‘for’, ‘ago’, ‘since’, or ‘in’.
Example I’ve been playing football since I was six years old.
1. My brother has been ill ______ two weeks. for
2. She went to Italy ______ October. in
3. I think he finished university two years ______. ago
4. She fixed my computer _______ the lunch break. in
5. ________ when have you been a vegetarian? Since

End of Test

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