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Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.

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'ront Cover
Superman Returns
Marv Wolfman
+art ,ne - -,M.
C/apter ,ne
C/apter #0o
C/apter #/ree
C/apter 'our
C/apter '$ve
C/apter S$x
C/apter Seven
C/apter .$1/t
C/apter 2$ne
C/apter #en
+a1e 1
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
C/apter .leven
C/apter #0elve
C/apter #/$rteen
C/apter 'ourteen
C/apter '$fteen
C/apter S$xteen
C/apter Seventeen
C/apter .$1/teen
+art #0o - #R345S
C/apter 2$neteen
C/apter #0ent*
C/apter #0ent*-,ne
C/apter #0ent*-#0o
C/apter #0ent*-#/ree
C/apter #0ent*-'our
C/apter #0ent*-'$ve
C/apter #0ent*-S$x
C/apter #0ent*-Seven
C/apter #0ent*-.$1/t
C/apter #0ent*-2$ne
+art #/ree - W,R56S 32 C,553S3,2
C/apter #/$rt*
C/apter #/$rt*-,ne
C/apter #/$rt*-#0o
C/apter #/$rt*-#/ree
C/apter #/$rt*-'our
C/apter #/$rt*-'$ve
C/apter #/$rt*-S$x
C/apter #/$rt*-Seven
C/apter #/$rt*-.$1/t
#/ere 0as a 8eep 7rater 0/ere t/ere /a8 9een a lar1e oa: ;ust m$nutes
9efore. 4t t/e 9ottom of $t t/e 7r*stal s/$p 0as st$ll 1lo0$n1 from t/e
/eat of re-entr*. S/e felt t/e /eat rus/ up $nto /er nose, an8 0$t/out
mean$n1 to, s/e pulle8 9a7: $nst$n7t$vel*. S/e 7oul8 feel /er pulse
9eat$n1, 9ut s/e 9ra7e8 /erself an8 starte8 a1a$n. )ut a /an8, stron1
an8 f$rm, pulle8 /er 9a7: an8 s/e /ear8 /$s vo$7e. <2o. 6on=t. 3t=s too
-e 0as stan8$n1 9e/$n8 /er, /ol8$n1 on to /er. -e 0as t/$nner t/an s/e
+a1e 2
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
/a8 remem9ere8 an8 /$s fa7e 0as 8ra0n an8 pale. -$s :nees 9e1an to
9u7:le an8 s/e 9ra7e8 /erself as /e 7ollapse8 $nto /er arms. #/e* 9ot/
tum9le8 to t/e 1roun8. -$s l$ps, 8r* an8 par7/e8, >u$vere8 as /e
stru11le8 to sa* one 0or8. <Mom.<
Mart/a ?ent felt /$s 0e$1/t 7rus/$n1 $nto /er, 9ut, 0$t/ tears
stream$n1 8o0n /er fa7e, s/e /el8 on to /$m for a lon1, lon1 t$me.
-er son 0as /ome.
2,A.53B4#3,2 )C M4RA W,5'M42
SCR..2+54C )C M3C-4.5 6,@D-.R#C E 642 -4RR3S
S#,RC )C )RC42 S32D.R E M3C-4.5 6,@D-.R#C E 642 -4RR3S
S@+.RM42 CR.4#.6 )C F.RRC S3.D.5 426 F,. S-@S#.R
2.W C,R? ),S#,2
Cop*r$1/t GH 2&&6 9* 6C Com$7s
4ll r$1/ts reserve8. 2o part of t/$s 9oo: ma* 9e repro8u7e8 $n an* form
or 9* an* ele7tron$7 or me7/an$7al means, $n7lu8$n1 $nformat$on stora1e
an8 retr$eval s*stems, 0$t/out perm$ss$on $n 0r$t$n1 from t/e
pu9l$s/er, ex7ept 9* a rev$e0er 0/o ma* >uote 9r$ef passa1es $n a
Superman an8 all relate8 7/ara7ters an8 elements are tra8emar:s of 6C
Com$7s GH 2&&6. 4ll r$1/ts reserve8.
)oo: 8es$1n 9* Stratfor8 +u9l$s/$n1 Serv$7es
Warner )oo:s
121 4venue of t/e 4mer$7as
2e0 Cor:, 2C 1&&2&
+a1e 3
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
?e*0or8I 6C Com$7 on 4,5
+r$nte8 $n t/e @n$te8 States of 4mer$7a
'$rst +r$nt$n1I Fune 2&&6
1& "!654321
'or Ferr* an8 Foe
0/o starte8 $t allJ
2ot onl* t/e f$rst 9ut t/e 9est.
W$t/out *ou t/ere 0oul8 /ave 9een not/$n1.
'or 6C Com$7s
an8 t/e /un8re8s of 7om$7 9oo: 7reators 0/o /ave :ept Superman al$ve
an8 1reat for s$xt*-e$1/t *ears an8 7ount$n1.
3=m prou8 to 9e one of *ou.
'or M$7/ael 6ou1/ert* an8 6an -arr$s
for a 1reat s7r$pt as 0ell as t/e$r t$me an8 en7oura1ement.
'or R$7/ar8 6onner, R$7/ar8 5ester, 4lfre8 Dou1/, M$les M$llar, an8
)r*an S$n1er
'or )u8 Coll*er, ?$r: 4llen,
Deor1e Reeves, C/r$stop/er Reeve,
6ean Ca$n, #om Well$n1, )ran8on Rout/
all t/e ot/er 1reat 8$re7tors, a7tors, an8 0r$ters for 9r$n1$n1 to t/e
Man of Steel t/e 8$1n$t* /e 8eserves.
4n8 espe7$all* for 2oel an8 Fess$7aKLM 9e7ause *ou=re *ou.
+a1e 4
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
3t must en8 as $t 9e1$nsN 0$t/ t/e 7r*stal.
+art ,ne
C/apter ,ne
#op 2ext
?al-.l 0as asleep 0/en /$s 0orl8 explo8e8. -$s onl* memor$es 0ere of
s/$ft$n1 9a7: an8 fort/ $n t/e soft, prote7t$ve 7onf$nes of /$s
mot/er=s 0om9, 8ream$n1 of t/e 1entle soun8s s/e ma8e. #/e* 0ere
en7oura1$n1 son1s an8 ten8er 7oos t/at let /$m :no0 /o0 mu7/ /e 0as
alrea8* love8. 4s s/e san1, /e :ne0 /er /an8 0oul8 1entl* 9rus/ a1a$nst
/er s0ollen a98omen t/en 7ome to rest on /$s small, 9ul1$n1 stoma7/. -e
anx$ousl* 0a$te8 for t/at all-too-9r$ef moment, /op$n1 t/at ver* soon
/e 0oul8 loo: $nto /er e*es an8 let /er :no0 /e love8 /er, too.
-e 0as s$xteen /ours ol8 0/en /e opene8 /$s e*es to see /er stan8$n1
over /$m, a s0eet prou8 sm$le on /er l$ps. <Cou are so 9eaut$ful,< s/e
sa$8, pla*$n1 0$t/ t/e fr$n1es of /$s alrea8* t/$7:, 9la7: /a$r. <4n8
*ou 8eserve so mu7/ more t/an 0/at a0a$ts *ou.<
-e re7o1n$%e8 /$s mot/er=s vo$7eKLO$t /a8 7omforte8 /$m for as lon1 as /e
7oul8 remem9erKLOan8 /e returne8 /er a small sm$le $n response. -er
f$n1ers 8an7e8 a7ross /$s tumm* a1a$n, t$7:l$n1 /$m. -e 1$11le8, t/e
7/u99* fles/ aroun8 /$s e*es 0r$n:le8 as /e rea7/e8 to tou7/ /er lon1
8ar: /a$r. S/e 0as 9eaut$ful 9ut /er 8ar: 1ra* e*es 0ere 0ell$n1 up
0$t/ tears. -e 8$8n=t un8erstan8 0/at 0as 0ron1 0$t/ /er, 9ut $n t/e
n$ne mont/s /e 1re0 $ns$8e /er /e /a8 learne8 to 8eal 0$t/ /er s/$ft$n1
4 se7on8 f$1ure entere8 t/e room. W/en /e spo:e ?al-.l :ne0 $t 0as /$s
fat/er, a /an8some 0/$te-/a$re8 man 0$t/ p$er7$n1 9lue e*es. -e /a8
/ear8 /$s soft vo$7e, muffle8 an8 8$stant, man* t$mes 9efore, 9ut no0
t/ere 0as an an1er $n $t ?al-.l /a8 never :no0n, an8 t/e 0or8s, 0/$7/
+a1e 5
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
of 7ourse meant not/$n1 to /$m, 0ere spat out >u$7:l*, as $f rus/$n1
t/rou1/ t/em 0oul8 let /$s fat/er 1et past t/e anno*an7e, 0/atever $t
0as, an8 onto somet/$n1 more pleasura9le.
<#/e* 0on=t l$sten no matter 0/at 3 sa* an8 $n sp$te of t/e proof 3
s/o0 t/em,< For-.l sa$8. <#/e*=re fools, an8 t/e fools t/e* are 0oul8
let us all 8$e.< ?al-.l 0at7/e8 /$s mot/er 7$r7le /er arms aroun8 /$s
fat/er, 7omfort$n1 /$m. <We /ave our 7ont$n1en7$es, For-.l. We=ll ma:e
t/$s 0or:. Cou :no0 0e 0$ll.<
<3 pra* *ou=re r$1/t, 5ara, 9ut *ou :no0 /o0 $ntra7ta9le t/e* 7an 9e.
Cou s/oul8 /ave /ear8 t/em. =?r*pton 8$eP ,/, never, For-.l. #/$s $s
;ust anot/er of *our m$sta:en fantas$es.= 'antas$esP<
-e pa7e8 t/e room an1r$l*, slamm$n1 /$s f$st a1a$nst a 9r$1/t 0/$te
0all. <#/ose small-m$n8e8 7on8es7en8$n1 9uffoons 8on=t :no0 /o0 7lose 3
7ame toKLM< For-.l un7len7/e8 /$s f$st an8 8roppe8 /$s arm to /$s s$8e.
<@nfortunatel*, 3 8$8n=t 8o an*t/$n1, as mu7/ as 3 0ante8 to.<
?ort/-,r en8e8 t/e meet$n1 ;ust $n t$me, an8 3 left 0$t/out anot/er
0or8. 'antas$esP 4fter ever*t/$n1 3=ve s/o0e8 t/em, ever*t/$n1 3=ve
8one, /o0 7oul8 t/e* treat me $n t/$s 0a*P<
<#/e*=re fr$1/tene8 ol8 men, For-.l. #/e*=ve spent t/e$r l$ves
extoll$n1 t/e perfe7t$on of ?r*pton. -o0 7oul8 t/e* 9el$eve no0 t/at 0e
0$ll 9e v$7t$ms of a 7ruel fate 9e*on8 our 7ontrolP<
?al-.l su88enl* lau1/e8, 0/oll* $nappropr$atel*, an8 For-.l=s an1er
fa8e8. -e turne8 to loo: at /$s /an8some son, 9arel* one 8a* ol8. -e=8
9een su88enl* summone8 9* t/e Coun7$l from 5ara=s 9e8s$8e, an8 t/$s 0as
/$s f$rst opportun$t* to stu8* /$s son 7losel*. -e loo:e8 so mu7/ l$:e
5araN e*es stea8* 9ut /app*, l$ps 7urle8 $nto a 0on8erful, 0arm sm$le.
#/$s s/oul8 /ave 9een For-.l=s /app$est 8a*. #/$s s/oul8 /ave 9een a
t$me for 7ele9rat$on.
-$s fat/er 0as sm$l$n1 9a7: at /$m, 9ut as 0$t/ /$s mot/er, t/e $nfant
7oul8 tell $t 0as /alf/earte8. For-.l=s 8eep, reassur$n1 vo$7e /a8
al0a*s 1$ven /$m /ope, 9ut /e sense8 trou9le no0, an8 /e starte8 to
<6on=t 7r*, ?al-.l, ever*t/$n1 $s 1o$n1 to 9e so 1oo8 for *ou.< For-.l
nu%%le8 /$s 7/ee: unt$l ?al-.l=s tears sputtere8 out an8 0ere repla7e8
0$t/ soft, /app* 1$11les.
<?al-.l 0$ll never :no0 anot/er sunr$se,< For-.l sa$8, t$7:l$n1 t/e
9o*=s stoma7/, 0or:$n1 to :eep /$m 7alm. <4t least not ours. #/e sun
t/at 0$ll one 8a* 0arm /$m 0$ll 9e *oun1 an8 9urn *ello0, an8 $t 0$ll
+a1e 6
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
9e t/e sour7e of /$s 1reat stren1t/. 5ara, /e=ll 7ome to 7/er$s/ $t,
not ever :no0$n1 t/e star /e 0as 9orn un8er 0as re8 an8 ol8 an8 8*$n1.<
#/e* 7alle8 /$m <?al-.l.< #/at 0as /$s name. For-.l 0as /$s fat/er. 4n8
/$s mot/er 0as 5ara. #/e* 0ere /$s fam$l*.
For-.l 7arefull* l$fte8 /$m from t/e soft 9lan:ets an8 /el8 /$m fa7$n1
t/e$r 0all-s$%e8 0$n8o0 to loo: out onto t/e$r 9eaut$ful 0orl8 t/at, as
far as /e 7oul8 un8erstan8, /a8 al0a*s 9een t/ere an8 al0a*s 0oul8.
#/ere 0as 7r*stal as far as /e 7oul8 see, s/$n$n1 9r$1/tl*, refle7t$n1
t/e 1ro0$n1 re8 1lo0 of ?r*pton=s 8*$n1 sun. ?al-.l turne8 a0a* an8
7r$e8N $t 0as all too 9r$1/t an8 v$v$8 for /$s st$ll-$nno7ent e*es.
For-.l sat $n t/e far 7orner of t/e room 0/ere ?al-.l 0oul8 9e
prote7te8 $n t/e 7omfort$n1 7loa: of s/a8o0s. -e opene8 /$s e*es a1a$n
an8 sa0 /$s fat/er, /$s fa7e 8ra0n an8 t$re8, 1r$ml* loo:$n1 at /$m.
<M* son, alt/ou1/ 0e fa$le8 more t/an 0e 7are to remem9er, *ou must
:no0 0e 0ere a 1reat people on7e. .nl$1/tene8 even. We *earne8 to tou7/
t/e $mposs$9le, an8 more often t/an not 0e su77ee8e8. Cou 0$ll ta:e
t/at 1reatness 0$t/ *ou, m* 7/$l8, an8 $t 0$ll 7omfort an8 1u$8e *ou.<
<#/e s/$p 0$ll /ol8P< 5ara $nterrupte8, ta:$n1 t/e 9a9* for /$s last
fee8$n1. <3t $s su7/ a lon1 ;ourne*.<
-e no88e8, sm$l$n1 t/$nl*. <3 /arveste8 t/e 7r*stals m*self.<
5ara :$sse8 ?al-.l=s 7/ee:, t/en ma8e a su7:$n1 soun8 a1a$nst $t. -e
1$11le8 a1a$n, an8 /er tears, t/ou1/t lon1 a1o spent, 9e1an ane0. <3t=s
not fa$r. We=ll never see /$m 7ra0l or learn to 0al:. 3sn=t t/ere an*
For-.l s/oo: /$s /ea8N no matter /o0 lon1 one too: to $ntelle7tual$%e
0/at /a8 to 9e 8one, t/ere 0as no real prepar$n1 for t/e a7tual moment.
<2ot for us. )ut /e 0$ll 0al:. -e=ll even tal:. 4n8 0/en /e 1ets t/ereKLO/e=ll
8o so mu7/ more.<
?al-.l 7ooe8 as /$s mot/er /el8 /$m t$1/tl*, afra$8 to let /$m 1o. -e
/ear8 /er /eart9eat >u$7:enN $t 0as not t/e same 7omfort$n1, stea8*
9eat /e /a8 1otten so use8 to for all /$s s/ort ex$sten7e. #/$n1s 0ere
not r$1/t.
-e 0ante8 to 7r*, to 9r$n1 t/e$r attent$on 9a7: to /$m, 9ut $nstea8 /e
sputtere8 an8 1ur1le8 some mean$n1less soun8s.
5ara /a8 0or:e8 alon1s$8e /er /us9an8 for f$ve *ears, t/ree as /$s
ass$stant 9efore t/e* 0ere marr$e8, an8 t0o s$n7e, re7/e7:$n1 all of
/$s 7al7ulat$ons, t/en 1o$n1 over t/em a1a$n an8 a1a$n. 'or t/e past
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
mont/ s/e $n7rease8 /er efforts, all t/e 0/$le se7retl* /op$n1 t/at
t/e* 0oul8 learn t/e Coun7$l 0as r$1/t all alon1 an8 t/at $t 0as s/e
an8 For-.l 0/o 0ere 0ron1, t/at t/e* /a8 ma8e some small, un8ete7te8
error t/at some/o0 9lossome8 $nto /$s r$8$7ulous t/eor*.
?r*pton=s sun 0$ll 1o supernovaP 3mposs$9le. 2ot $n our l$fet$me or t/e
l$fet$me of our 1ran87/$l8ren. Ces, $t=s a re8 1$ant, 7ont$nu$n1 to
expan8, an8 *es, $t=s 9een 7ool$n1 for more t/an a 1enerat$on, 9ut $t
/as eons to 1o 9efore $t explo8es. Come, 7ome, For-.l. We=ll all 9e
lon1 8ea8 9efore t/at /appens. 6on=t *ou un8erstan8, For-.l, 0/at *ou
$1nore8 $s t/at ?r*pton $s s/$ft$n1 $n $ts or9$t. #/at 0oul8 expla$n
t/e >ua:es 0e=ve 9een exper$en7$n1KLM #/e* /a8 a /un8re8 ex7uses 0/*
For-.l 0as 0ron1.
)ut 5ara :ne0 as mu7/ as s/e pra*e8 to Rao t/at one 8a* s/e 0oul8
7ra8le ?al-.l=s o0n 9a9* $n /er arms, t0ea:$n1 $ts l$ttle nose, an8
1entl* p$n7/$n1 $ts soft, p$llo0 7/ee:s, at some po$nt $n t/e next ten
/ours, 0/en t/ere 0as no lon1er an* mar1$n for error, s/e 0oul8 0rap
/$m se7urel* $n t/e 9r$1/tl* 7olore8 9lan:et s/e=8 9ou1/t t/e prev$ous
mont/ an8 :ept 9oxe8 $n t/e 7orner of t/e fres/l* pa$nte8 9e8room next
to t/e$rs, t/en s/e 0oul8 7arefull* tu7: t/e 9lan:et aroun8 /$m as s/e
pla7e8 /$m 1entl* $nto t/e 7r*stal star t/e* /a8 :ept /$88en $n a
se7ret panel $n t/e$r $nner la9. #/e* /a8 pra7t$7e8 t/e rout$ne at
least a /un8re8 t$mes. ?al-.l=s fat/er 0oul8 a7t$vate t/e se7ur$t*
proto7ols to prote7t /$m 8ur$n1 /$s ;ourne*, pla7e t/e fat/er 7r*stal
$n t/e po8 next to /$m, an8 t/en, after 8ela*$n1 t/e $nev$ta9le for as
lon1 as t/e* 7oul8, 5ara 0oul8 relu7tantl* no8 /er 7onsent, an8 t/e*
0oul8 sen8 /$m off to /$s 8est$n*. -$s 8reams 0oul8 9e1$n as t/e$rs
Mount 4r1o rum9le8, s/a:$n1 t/e$r la9orator* a1a$n, 9ut t/$s tremor 0as
0ea:er t/an t/e* /a8 9een for mont/s. Ma*9e 0e are 0ron1, 5ara pra*e8
as s/e 1a%e8 at t/e vast 7$t* 9e*on8 t/e$r 0$n8o0. Ma*9e $t $s ;ust
eart/>ua:es. Ma*9e t/e* are f$nall* su9s$8$n1. ,f 7ourse s/e :ne0
9etterN s/e /a8 7omplete8 t/e 7al7ulat$ons /erself, 9ut t/at 8$8n=t
mean s/e 7oul8n=t /ol8 out /ope for some unexpe7te8 m$ra7le. +er/aps
For-.l 8$8n=t 9el$eve $n Rao, or $n /$s mer7*, 9ut s/e al0a*s /a8.
S/e /ear8 t/e 9a9* 7oo$n1 $n /er arms an8 :$sse8 /$s 0arm 7/ee: a1a$n.
For-.l al0a*s sa$8 ?al-.l 0as 8est$ne8 for 1reatness. )ut 8est$n* 0as a
t/$n1 of fa$t/, too, not mu7/ 8$fferent from /er o0n.
5ara turne8 a1a$n to loo: out $nto t/e 7$t*, st$ll 1lo0$n1 0$t/ a
stron1, stea8*, $nternal l$1/t. 4s sure as s/e 0as of $ts fate, s/e
7oul8n=t 9r$n1 /erself to a77ept t/at $ts eternal 1reatness 0oul8, all
too soon, s$mpl* 7ease to ex$st.
3t /a8 9een a t$meless 7$t*, stron1 an8 po0erful. 3t surv$ve8 t/e vast
+a1e !
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
arm$es of t/ree 1reat nat$ons 0a1$n1 0ar on $ts 9loo8$e8 streets. 3t
stoo8 prou8 as t/e s$1n$n1 pla7e of an everlast$n1 pea7e. S$n7e t/en,
t/ousan8s of 1enerat$ons /a8 l$ve8 /ere, an8 5ara, 0/o 0as ra$se8 /alf
a 0orl8 a0a* on t/e Crater +la$ns, an8 /a8 spent /er earl* *ears
8ream$n1 of l$v$n1 0/ere ?r*pton=s earl$est foun8ers /a8 on7e 0al:e8,
8$8 not 0ant to 9el$eve t/at t/$s ma1n$f$7en7e, an8 all $t stoo8 for,
0oul8 soon 9e 1one.
S/e /a8 spent /er f$rst *ear out of t/e un$vers$t* tour$n1 t/e 7$t* an8
$ts outer re1$ons, 9as:$n1 $n $ts surpr$s$n1 /$stor*. S/e tre::e8 out
to t/e Aalle* of t/e .l8ers an8 7ampe8 t/ere for over a mont/, l$v$n1
$n t/e s/a8o0 of ?r*pton=s 1reatest. S/e 7oul8 feel t/e ener1*, ra0 an8
sur1$n1 an8 st$ll ver* mu7/ al$ve $n t/e $mmense 7r*stal monol$t/s t/at
seeme8 to rea7/ 9e*on8 t/e fame8 /alf 8ome 0/ose vaulte8 roof prote7te8
t/e valle* from t/e planet=s temperature extremes.
4t n$1/t s/e 0oul8 /u88le $n /er sleep 7o7oon, $ts 0arm$n1 fa9r$7s
1$v$n1 /er t/e 7oura1e to 0al: t/e next morn$n1 alon1 t/e fa9le8 roa8s
t/at Sor-.l, ?ol-4r, an8 +ol-@s, t/e 7/osen representat$ves from t/e
t/ree 0arr$n1 nat$ons, must /ave ta:en 0/en t/e* 7reate8 t/e or$1$nal
5a0s of -uman$t* t/at 1overne8 ?r*pton s$n7e t/ose trou9le8 earl* 8a*s.
#/e Aalle* of t/e .l8ers 0as set $n a 8eep, m$les-0$8e 7an*on, an8 from
t/e 1roun8, t/ose 7r*stal monol$t/ to0ers, 7onstru7te8 $n a lar1e
7$r7le, refle7t$n1 t/e full spe7trum of l$1/t, loo:e8 to 5ara l$:e
/an8s ra$se8 $n reverent$al pra*er, fa7ete8 f$n1ers stret7/e8 to tou7/
t/e$r en8ur$n1 re8 sun $f not Rao /$mself. #/e to0ers= exter$or fa7es
an8 $nter$or 0alls 0ere $llum$nate8 0$t/ t/e mass$ve 7rests of t/e
ne0l* 7$v$l$%e8 ?r*pton=s 9rave foun8ers, ea7/ rune s/ape un$>uel*
5ara remem9ere8 rea8$n1 t/at t/e fa9le8 t/ree /a8 ar1ue8 a1a$nst t/e$r
$n7lus$on /ereN 0$t/ all /um$l$t* t/e* 9el$eve8 t/e* /a8 merel* 8rafte8
a lo1$7al 8o7ument of rules an8 or8er an8 8$8 not 8eserve $n7lus$on
t/emselves $n t/e 7$r7le of an7$ents. )ut 0/en t/e 1rateful people of
?r*pton vote8 t/at t/e* 0oul8 /ave to 9e $n7lu8e8, t/e* 9e1ru81$n1l*
a77epte8 t/e /onor. 3t 0as t/e people 0/o follo0e8 t/e la0s 0/o
8eserve8 re7o1n$t$on, t/e* sa$8, not t/ose 0/o merel* 0rote t/em.
?ol-4r=s em9lem 0as t/e open /an8 of trut/ an8 ;ust$7e. Sor-.l=s 7rest
0as a 8$amon8-s/ape8 s/$el8 0$t/ a 0$n8$n1 serpent $ns$8e, a 0arn$n1
not to return to t/e 8$s/onest* an8 v$olen7e t/at on7e /a8 pla1ue8
t/e$r planet. +ol-@s=s s$1n 0as t/e open e*e, to prov$8e eternal
v$1$lan7e a1a$nst t/ose 0/o sou1/t a return to t/e 9ar9arous t$mes.
#/ese t/ree, an8 t/e ot/ers 0/o follo0e8 t/em, us/ere8 $n 1enerat$ons
of pea7e. #o 5ara, 9e$n1 $n t/e$r valle*, 9reat/$n1 t/e a$r t/e*
9reat/e8 so lon1 a1o, 1ave /er 7/$lls. S/e 0as sure t/e po0er s/e felt
+a1e "
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
/ere 0oul8 last forever. S/e 7oul8 not :no0 t/at $n f$ve *ears= t$me,
$n l$ttle more t/an t/e snap of /er f$n1ers, t/e valle*, t/e to0ers,
an8 ever*t/$n1 aroun8 t/em, 0oul8 9e 1one.
?r*ptonopol$s /a8 9een 1ro0n from a s$n1le 7r*stal mount more t/an ten
t/ousan8 *ears 9efore, an8 $t st$ll s/o0e8 no s$1ns of 8e7a*. ,t/er
stones, rest$n1 atop t/e flat 9ase, /a8 9een 1ro0n an8 s/ape8 9* t/e
earl$est ?r*pton$ans $nto vast 7$t$es m$ll$ons of 9u$l8$n1s stron1. #/e
tall to0ers surroun8$n1 t/e 1reat 9u$l8$n1 t/at 0as /ome to ?r*pton=s
S7$en7e Coun7$l 1leame8 $n t/e 9r$1/t re8 sunl$1/t.
5ara 0as /app* t/e* 8$8n=t l$ve 7loser to t/e Coun7$l. W/en s/e f$rst
7ame to t/e 7$t* to 0or: 0$t/ For-.l, s/e 9el$eve8 t/ere 0as pro9a9l*
no 1reater /onor t/an to 9e 0el7ome8 $nto t/ose /alls. )ut even 9efore
t/e Coun7$l=s rea7t$on to For-.l=s 8$s7over*, s/e /a8 7ome to loat/e
t/at san7t$mon$ous $nst$tut$on 0$t/ ever* an1r* emot$on s/e 7oul8
5ara an8 For-.l=s /ome, lar1er t/an t*p$7al for 4r1o=s sout/ 0all, /a8
9een 7ut $nto t/e mount=s fa7e 9* Sor-.l /$mself. 3t loo:e8 out over
4r1o=s 7l$ffs $nto t/e 0$8e expanse of t/e Qan C/asm an8 $ts ra$n9o0
falls. .ven after f$ve *ears s/e 7oul8 not loo: $nto t/at 7avernous
1ulf an8 not feel /um9le8 9* $ts ma;est*.
?r*pton 0as a 0orl8 of 0on8ers s/e /a8 ;ust 9e1un to explore, an8 s/e
7urse8 t/e fates t/at 8eman8e8 $ts 8estru7t$on.
For-.l rea7/e8 for t/e 9a9*. 3t 0as t$me. 'or a moment 5ara=s e*es
1la%e8 over. 2o. 3 0on=t let *ou sen8 /$m a0a*. 3 0ant /$m to 9e 0$t/
me for ;ust one more 8a*. ,ne full 8a*. )ut 5ara :ne0 7/an1$n1 /er m$n8
no0 0oul8 7on8emn t/e$r son to t/e same fate a0a$t$n1 t/em. S/e
snu11le8 /er fa7e $nto ?al-.l=s, :$sse8 /$m for t/e last t$me, t/en
/an8e8 /$m to /$s fat/er. <)ut 0/* .art/, For-.lP #/e*=re pr$m$t$ves.
#/ousan8s of *ears 9e/$n8 us.<
<-e 0$ll nee8 t/at a8vanta1e.< For-.l 1entl* 8re0 /$s f$n1er a7ross
?al-.l=s fore/ea8, 8o0n /$s nose, an8 7ame to rest on /$s t$n*, re8
l$ps. <#o surv$ve /e 0$ll nee8 t/at an8 more.<
For-.l returne8 ?al-.l to t/e 7r*stal po8 as 5ara a1a$n tu7:e8 /$m $nto
t/e 9lan:et. <-e 0$ll 9e o88. 6$fferent,< s/e sa$8, tr*$n1 not to loo:
$nto t/ose lar1e, $nno7ent e*es for fear of 7/an1$n1 /er m$n8, t/$s
t$me for 1oo8. For-.l 9r$efl* tou7/e8 /$s son=s /an8, t/en ran /$s
f$n1ers over t/e po8=s $nternal 7r*stals. #/e* flas/e8 $n t/e expe7te8
or8er as t/e star=s po0er 9e1an to 7/ar1e. <)ut /e 0$ll 9e fast.
A$rtuall* $nvulnera9le.<
?al-.l=s t$n* /an8 patte8 t/e $ns$8e of t/e po8, m$m$7:$n1 /$s fat/er=s
+a1e 1&
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
a7t$ons, not real$%$n1 t/$s small, 7rampe8 spa7e 0oul8 soon 9e7ome /$s
ne0 mot/er an8 fat/er an8 /ome for more t/an t0o lon1 *ears. #/e
7r*stals 0oul8 fee8, nurture, an8 prote7t /$m. 4n8 even $n /$s lon1
sleep /e 0oul8 spen8 t/e t$me l$sten$n1 to 5ara=s an8 For-.l=s vo$7es
tal:$n1 to /$m, tea7/$n1 /$m all t/at t/e t0ent*-e$1/t :no0n 1alax$es
/a8 to offer.
<We s/oul8 1o 0$t/ /$m,< 5ara sa$8 su88enl*. <-e=s too *oun1. -e=ll
nee8 us.< For-.l la$8 8o0n t/e spe7$al 0/$te 7r*stal /e 0as pro1ramm$n1
an8 put /$s arms aroun8 /$s fr$1/tene8 0$fe. -e pulle8 /er 7lose an8
/el8 /er unt$l /e felt /er r$1$8 9o8* soften an8 melt $nto /$s. <3
prom$se8 t/e Coun7$l 0e=8 sta* on ?r*pton, 9ut 3 sa$8 not/$n1 a9out
?al-.l.< -$s /an8s slo0l* move8 8o0n t/e 7urve of /er 9a7: as /e
nu%%le8 /er lon1, slen8er ne7:, en;o*$n1 a1a$n /er s0eet perfume smell
an8 remem9er$n1 0/* /e /a8 fallen $n love 0$t/ /er so man* *ears
S/e 0as suppose8 to 9e /$s la9 ass$stant, 9ut unl$:e t/e ot/ers 0/o /a8
appl$e8 for t/e ;o9, s/e 0as not onl* smart 9ut seem$n1l* unaffe7te8 9*
/$s pos$t$on $n t/e Coun7$l. -e 0asn=t use8 to not 9e$n1 fa0ne8 over.
-e 0as, after all, For-.l, per/aps ?r*pton=s 1reatest s7$ent$st, or so
/e=8 9een tol8 repeate8l* 9* nearl* ever*one 0/o 0ante8 somet/$n1 from
/$m, 0/$7/ 0as prett* mu7/ ever*one at t/e 47a8em*.
4n8, of 7ourse, /e 0as also a 8$re7t 8es7en8ant of Sor-.l /$mself.
Cou=re mu7/ too /um9le, For-.l. 6on=t *ou real$%e /o0 1reat *ou areP
Cou 8$s7overe8 t/e +/antom Bone, for Rao=s sa:e, t/e /umane 0a* of
8eal$n1 0$t/ unrepentant 7r$m$nals.
3n7reas$n1l* of late, /o0ever, as /e t/ou1/t more of /$s o0n mortal$t*,
/e 9e1an to >uest$on t/at 8$s7over*. +er/aps eternal 8amnat$on $n some
nameless l$m9o 0as a7tuall* 0orse t/an a s$mple an8 s0$ft 8eat/.
)ut 5ara never treate8 /$m as one of ?r*pton=s 9est an8 9r$1/test. S/e
/a8 0or:e8 0$t/ man* of t/e ot/er so-7alle8 1reats s$n7e leav$n1 t/e
un$vers$t*, an8 s/e /a8 9e1un to t/$n: t/at t/ou1/ t/e* m$1/t /ave on7e
9een 1oo8, ma*9e 0/en t/e* 0ere *oun1, fame an8 fortune /a8 turne8 t/em
$nto l$ttle more t/an, 0ell, $8$ots. 4n8 le7/erous ones at t/at.
4t part$es s/e enterta$ne8 /er fr$en8s 0$t/ /er 8ea8l* a77urate
$mpersonat$onsKLOt/e meaner t/e* 0ere $n tear$n1 apart t/e$r professors,
t/e more ever*one lau1/e8. S/e 8el$1/te8 $n expla$n$n1 exa7tl* /o0 s/e
7oul8 ta:e all t/ese o/-so-9r$ll$ant men=s $8eas, m$x t/em to1et/er,
an8 7onvert t/em $nto a s$n1le ener1* sour7e, an8 t/e* st$ll 0oul8n=t
pro8u7e enou1/ po0er to operate a 7/$l8=s top. #/e* 0ere ru8e an8
arro1ant, surv$v$n1 on t/e 1lor* of t/e$r past a7/$evements as 0ell as
t/e 8$l$1ent 0or: of t/e$r *oun1 ass$stants, of 0/om t/e* too:
+a1e 11
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
mer7$less a8vanta1e. S/e 0oul8 t/en ta:e /er 9o0, an8 /er fr$en8s, all
*oun1 ass$stants, of 7ourse, 0oul8 0$l8l* applau8 /er.
5ara 1ra8uate8 at t/e top of /er 7lass, an8 /a8 8one s$1n$f$7ant 0or:
s$n7e t/en 0/$le pu9l$s/$n1 numerous papers. S/e /a8 a1ree8 to appl*
for t/e ;o9 as For-.l=s ass$stant onl* after 8e7$8$n1 s/e 0oul8 a77ept
not/$n1 less t/an 7omplete e>ual$t* 0$t/ /$m from 8a* one. 4n8 /e 0oul8
/ave to 7re8$t all /er 0or:.
S/e 0as not 1o$n1 to ass$st /$m onl* to 9e for1otten an8 s/ove8 as$8e.
S/e 0as st$ll fum$n1 over 0/at t/at fat frau8 )al-6o /a8 8one to /er.
#/e so-7alle8 1reat For-.l 0oul8 /ave to a77ept /er on /er o0n terms,
s/e stu99ornl* 8e7$8e8.
#/e$r f$rst meet$n1 too: /er a9a7: some0/at. 3n$t$all*, /e seeme8 to 9e
ser$ous an8 som9er, 0/$7/ s/e expe7te8 9ase8 on t/e so9er tone of t/e
papers /e pu9l$s/e8. )ut as t/e* spo:e s/e sa0 /e 0as a9le to lau1/
eas$l*, even at /$mself, espe7$all* 0/en s/e tr$e8 to expla$n 0/* one
of /$s earl* letters, 0/$7/ /a8 9een 7olle7te8 $nto a lon1-out-of-pr$nt
/olo, 0as not onl* 9ase8 on a m$s7al7ulat$on, 9ut pompous $n $ts
<3 0as *oun1 t/en,< /e expla$ne8, lau1/$n1. <'ull of 1reat $8eas an8 so
sure of m*self. )ut *ou=re r$1/t. 3 0as pompous. )ut 3 t/$n: 3=m 9etter
no0.< 5ara felt as/ame8 s/e /a8 even 9rou1/t $t up.
-$s e*es 0ere 0arm an8 $nv$t$n1, an8 t/ou1/ s/e 8$8n=t 0ant to a8m$t $t
at f$rst, /e 0as ver* eas* on /er e*es. -$s /a$r 0as 0/$te an8
plent$ful, an8 /$s fa7e 0as fla0lessl* smoot/. -e 0as a 1oo8 f$fteen
*ears ol8er t/an s/e, 9ut /e /a8 t/e 9u$l8 of someone 0/o /a8 9een
at/let$7 0/en /e 0as *oun1er an8 :ept $n s/ape even no0. #/e feel$n1s
s/e 0as su88enl* /av$n1 0ere 8$s7on7ert$n1, 9ut s/e felt s/e 0ent t/ere
0$t/ an a1en8a an8 s0ore s/e 0oul8 st$7: to $t, no matter 0/at.
@nfortunatel*, t/e $nterv$e0, 0/$7/ s/e 7arefull* re/earse8 so s/e
7oul8 7ontrol $t no matter 0/at 8$re7t$on $t too:, never >u$te
/appene8, at least not t/e 0a* s/e expe7te8.
For-.l /a8 rea8 /er papers, as:e8 /er a fe0 $ns$1n$f$7ant >uest$onsKLOor
so s/e t/ou1/tKLOan8 t/en as:e8 0/at s/e expe7te8 from t/$s ;o9, $f s/e
1ot $t.
S/e 0as prepare8.
<3 0ant to 0or: at *our s$8e as an e>ual.<
<W/$7/ meansKLMP<
+a1e 12
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
<3=m not an un8erl$n1. 3=m not an ass$stant. 3=m not t/ere to 9r$n1 *ou
foo8. 4n8 3=m 7erta$nl* not t/ere for an*t/$n1 not relate8 to our 0or:.
3 0ant t/at ver* 7lear.<
-e no88e8, amuse8. <@n8erstoo8.<
<4lso, 0/atever 0e 0or: on, 3 0ant to 9e part of $t. 3 0ant to s/are
t/e effort an8 t/e 1lor*.<
<4n8P 4n8 0/atever papers 0e 0r$te, 3 0ant m* name on t/em, too.<
<3s t/at allP<
S/e 7alml* re7$te8 t/e rest of /er re/earse8 8eman8s, full* expe7t$n1
For-.l to reveal t/e 8ar: strea: s/e :ne0 /e=8 9een /$8$n1 unt$l t/en,
fol8e8 /er arms a7ross /er 7/est, stu7: out /er 7/$n, an8 0a$te8 for
/$m to sa*, <#/an:s, 9ut 3=ll :eep loo:$n1.<
)efore t/e meet$n1 s/e t/ou1/t s/e=8 9e f$ne 0$t/ t/at, 9ut see$n1 t/e
7orner of t/ose po0erful e*es 7r$n:le up $n amusement, an8 0at7/$n1 /$m
loo:$n1 at /er 0$t/ a mu7/ more /an8some fa7e t/an s/e /a8 assume8 from
/$s /olos, s/e 0asn=t sure s/e st$ll /el8 t/at exa7t same feel$n1.
<2o pro9lem, 5ara,< /e sa$8, aston$s/$n1l*. <Can *ou start t/e
9e1$nn$n1 of next 0ee:P<
<@///, *es. 3, urn, ;ust 0ant to ma:e sure. Cou /ear8 0/at 3 sa$8P<
-e 0as 7/e7:$n1 out a resear7/ /olo. -e fro%e t/e $ma1e, pause8, an8
loo:e8 up at /er 0$t/ a pu%%le8 express$on.
<M* /ear$n1=s f$ne. 3 /ave no pro9lems 0$t/ an*t/$n1 *ou as:e8 for.
+rett* stan8ar8 as far as 3=m 7on7erne8. 3f *ou a88 an*t/$n1 to t/e
0or: 0e=re 8o$n1 /ere, of 7ourse *ou s/oul8 1et 7re8$t. 6oesn=t ma:e
an* 8$fferen7e to me 0/ere t/e $8eas 7ome from.<
S/e :ept star$n1 at /$m. <#/at=s $t t/enP<
<'ran:l*, 3 0as afra$8 *ou=8 sa* t/e mone* 0asn=t 1oo8 enou1/. So, are
*ou tr*$n1 to tal: me out of /$r$n1 *ou, or are *ou ta:$n1 t/e ;o9P<
3t 0as a9out an /our after s/e 1ot 9a7: to /er small apartment on t/e
-el$os Crev$7e, t/at s/e real$%e8 s/e /a8n=t even sa$8 <t/an: *ou.< S/e
sou1/t to repa$r t/at m$sta:e /er f$rst 8a* at 0or:, t/an:$n1 /$m not
on7e 9ut nearl* a 8o%en t$mes.
+a1e 13
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
#/at n$1/t, 9un8le8 up $n /er 9lan:ets, s/e 7urse8 /er ex7ess$ve
ent/us$asm. <#a:e $t eas*, 5ara. -e=s ;ust a man,< s/e tol8 /erself,
alt/ou1/ not >u$te 9el$ev$n1 $t.
W$t/$n a 0ee: s/e 0as 9a7: to normal, >uest$on$n1 /$s 0or:, /$s
met/o8s, an8 ar1u$n1 nearl* all of /$s 7on7lus$ons. 4lt/ou1/ 0/en s/e
0as st$ll so $mposs$9l* *oun1 s/e 0as 0ron1 more often man s/e 0as
r$1/t, un8er For-.l=s pat$ent tutela1e s/e 1re0 >u$7:l*.
#/e* 0or:e8 to1et/er for t/ree *ears. 4n8 9* t/e t$me s/e 7oul8n=t 8en*
t/at s/e 0as 7ompletel* $n love 0$t/ /$m, /e real$%e8 t/at /e /a8
alrea8* fallen for /er.
5ara too: ?al-.l=s t$n* /an8 $n /ers an8 slo0l* massa1e8 ea7/ pu81*
f$n1er. <3 0orr* for /$m. 40a* from us /e=ll 9e $solate8. 4lone.<
<2o,< For-.l sa$8, /ol8$n1 a lon1 0/$te 7r*stal up to t/e sunl$1/t
f$lter$n1 $n t/rou1/ t/e$r l$v$n1 >uarters 0$n8o0. #/e l$1/t refra7te8,
pa$nt$n1 an $r$8es7ent ra$n9o0 a7ross t/e $nfant=s fa7e. <-e 0$ll not
9e alone. -e 0$ll never 9e alone.<
#/e 9$1 >ua:e too: t/em 9* surpr$se. #/e* 0at7/e8 /elpless as t/e sout/
0all of t/e$r /ome >u$vere8, t/en spl$ntere8 an8 s/attere8, ta:$n1 /alf
t/e room 0$t/ $t. #/e* sa0 Mount 4r1o s/ru1 off t/ousan8-foot sl$7es of
$ts on7e-prou8 7r*stal fa7e. #/e mass$ve s/ar8s sl$8 8o0n t/e mounta$n,
/u11$n1 $t t$1/tl*, a 7/$l8 refus$n1 to leave $ts mot/er=s s$8e, onl*
to 8$sappear $nto t/e m$sts of t/e Qan C/asm. #0o m$ll$on /omes,
7arefull* an8 8el$7atel* 1ro0n an8 7arve8 $nto t/e 7r*stal over man*
t/ousan8s of *ears, van$s/e8 $nto t/at a9*ss. More t/an t/ree m$ll$on
l$ves 0ere lost.
<For-.lP< 5ara 0as rus/$n1 to ?al-.l=s 9e8. #/e 1r$n8$n1 roar outs$8e
/a8 a0a:ene8 /$m, an8 /e 0as 7r*$n1. S/e p$7:e8 /$m up an8 /el8 /$m
<3t=s /appen$n1, 5ara. Sooner t/an 0e t/ou1/t, 9ut ;ust as 0e sa$8.<
<3=ll 1et t/e fat/er 7r*stal,< s/e sa$8.
#/e* /ear8 ?r*pton s7ream $ts /elpless protest as
4r1o=s pea: explo8e8. 3t too: less t/an four m$nutes for t/e 1reat
mount, /ome of t/e planet=s 7ulture an8 s7$en7e, to s$n: unseen $nto
t/e 8ar:ness. ?r*pton 0as 8*$n1.
For-.l leane8 $nto t/e 7r*stal s/$p an8 ten8erl* stro:e8 /$s son=s
fa7e. <Cou 0$ll travel far, m* l$ttle ?al-.l. We 0$ll never leave *ou.<
+a1e 14
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
5ara remove8 t/e fat/er 7r*stal from $ts 7ompartment. 3t /a8 a77epte8
nearl* "5 per7ent of $ts pro1ramm$n1. <3t=s not 7omplete. Some of t/e
s7$en7es are m$ss$n1.<
<#/ere=s no more t$me. 3t 0$ll /ave to 8o.<
-e 0as :neel$n1 9* /$s son, /$s vo$7e stron1 an8 reassur$n1. ?al-.l 0as
sm$l$n1 at /$m, l$sten$n1 attent$vel* to /$s 7alm, stea8* tone.
<.ven $n t/e fa7e of our 8eat/s, t/e r$7/ness of our l$ves 0$ll 9e
*ours. 4ll t/at 3 /ave, all t/at 3 /ave learne8, ever*t/$n1 3 feel, all
t/$s an8 more 3 9e>ueat/ *ou, m* son. Cou 0$ll 7arr* me $ns$8e *ou all
t/e 8a*s of *our l$fe. Cou 0$ll ma:e m* stren1t/ *our o0n. See m* l$fe
t/rou1/ *our e*es as *our l$fe 0$ll 9e seen t/rou1/ m$ne. #/e son
9e7omes t/e fat/er, an8 t/e fat/er, t/e son. #/$s $s all 3 7an sen8
*ou, ?al-.l.<
-e felt anot/er >ua:e an8 pla7e8 t/e fat/er 7r*stal next to t/e 7/$l8.
<3t=s t$me.<
5ara :$sse8 ?al-.l, /er fa7e, trem9l$n1 0$t/ tears, /overe8 ;ust a9ove
/$s. <3 love *ou, an8 3=ve /ar8l* /a8 a 7/an7e to s/o0 *ou /o0 mu7/.
?eep m* t/ou1/ts al$ve $n *ou, m* 0on8erful, spe7$al 9o*.<
#/e star=s /at7/ lo0ere8 onto t/e po8, an8 t/e 7r*stals melte8 to1et/er
$n an $mpenetra9le seal. For-.l too: /$s 0$fe=s /an8, an8 t/e* steppe8
9a7: as t/e star 9e1an to r$se.
5ara 0ante8 to turn a0a*, 9ut /er e*es never left t/e s/$p as $t
7ras/e8 t/rou1/ t/e 7e$l$n1, 7r*stal ra$n 7as7a8$n1 8o0n.
<?al-.l, m* son, *ou are all t/at rema$ns of a on7e-prou8 people,<
For-.l 0/$spere8, /$s vo$7e 9rea:$n1. <4n8 $n *ou ?r*pton=s 1lor* 0$ll
l$ve on.<
For-.l put /$s arm aroun8 /$s 0$fe as t/e* 0at7/e8 t/e$r son=s s/$p fl*
$nto t/e n$1/t, a l$v$n1 7omet 9e1$nn$n1 $ts lon1 an8 8an1erous
;ourne*. W/en $t f$nall* 8$sappeare8 $nto t/e 9la7:, t/e* :$sse8 ea7/
ot/er an8 0a$te8 for t/e en8 to ta:e t/em.
#/e re8 1$ant :ne0 $ts t$me /a8 7ome. #/e nu7lear fus$on 8eep $ns$8e $t
/a8 ex/auste8 $ts last sour7es of fuel. -*8ro1en fuse8 0$t/ /el$um,
t/en t/ose $nto ox*1en an8 7ar9on, t/en $nto s$l$7on an8 sulfur an8
f$nall* $nto $ron, 0/$7/ 7oul8 not fuse. W$t/out t/e ener1* to pus/
9a7: a1a$nst t/e mass$ve 7rus/ of 1rav$t*, t/e 7ollapse 0as 9e1$nn$n1.
S/o7: 0aves 0oul8 soon 9lo0 t/e 1aseous s/ells of t/e star $nto spa7e
$n a supernova as 9r$1/t as t/e ent$re 1alax*.
+a1e 15
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
4s ?al-.l slept, ?r*pton=s re8 sun 8$e8. -$s ne0 /ome 9e1an a slo0
7ra0l a7ross t/e empt* vastness, /ea8$n1 to0ar8 a t$n*, nearl*
$ns$1n$f$7ant 9$t of matter on t/e r$m of a fara0a* 1ala7t$7 sp$ral
t/at re7e$ve8 $ts mea1er l$1/t from a fra1$le *ello0 star 9arel* out of
$ts $nfan7*.
#/e f$nal fra1ments of /$s 0orl8, 1reen an8 1lo0$n1 l$:e m$n$ature
suns, /un1r$l* sprea8 out0ar8, 9e1$nn$n1 a fateful vo*a1e of t/e$r o0n.
.ven $n /$s sleep, /$s e*es t$1/tl* 7lose8, t/e 5ast Son of ?r*pton sa0
t/e 9l$n8$n1 9r$1/tness. W/at $s t/atP /e as:e8 /$mself. W/* $s $t so
7ol8P W/* am 3 afra$8P 3 0as never afra$8 9efore.
For-.l :ne0 t/ere 7oul8 9e no m$sta:es no0, not at /$s son=s expense.
-e 7arefull* 1re0 an8 nurture8 t/e 7r*stals /$mself, start$n1 0$t/ a
spe7$all* 7ult$vate8 see8, la*er$n1 $n mole7ule after mole7ule. 4n8, as
$t 1re0, 9u$l8$n1 on top of $tself, /e s/ape8 ea7/ se7t$on to $ts ver*
spe7$f$7 nee8.
For-.l /a8 spent t/e most t$me 1ro0$n1 t/e 7r*stals for t/e s/$p=s
outer s/ell. #/e* /a8 to 9e $mperv$ous to t/e flu7tuat$ons of /eat an8
7ol8 as t/e star neare8 8$stant suns or spe8 a0a* from t/em. 5ara /a8
1one over ea7/ of For-.l=s 7al7ulat$ons. S/e mon$tore8 t/e 9$rt/$n1
pro7ess, 0at7/e8 t/e 7r*stals expan8, exam$ne8 ea7/ atom, an8
el$m$nate8 an* 0$t/ even t/e sl$1/test >uest$on 7on7ern$n1 stru7tural
#/e $nfant f$t 7omforta9l* $nto t/e star=s preforme8 7us/$on, 0/$7/
0oul8 expan8 even as ?al-.l /$mself 1re0.
-e 0as an /our s/* of one 8a* 0/en pla7e8 $n t/e 7r*stal star, 9ut 0/en
$t f$nall* foun8 $ts 0a* to .art/, /e 0oul8 9e nearl* t/ree *ears ol8.
C/apter #0o
+rev$ous#op 2ext
#/e s/$p /a8 lon1 left ?r*pton=s solar s*stem 9e/$n8 an8 0as fla0lessl*
nav$1at$n1 $ts 0a* t/rou1/ unfam$l$ar spa7e. 3t 7$r7le8 small errant
astero$8s as 0ell as un7/arte8 moons. ,n7e free of t/e re8 star=s pull,
7r*stal sp$:es emer1e8 from $ts s/ellN 0eapons an8 sensors, s/$el8$n1
an8 1u$8$n1 $t. +rote7t$n1 t/e son of For-.l an8 5ara 0as t/e star=s
pr$me 8$re7t$ve.
+a1e 16
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
4s $t soare8 $nto t/e seem$n1l* en8less 8ar:ness, t/e 9a9*, $n restful
/$9ernat$on, l$stene8 as /$s fat/er spo:e. <,f all t/e .art/
s7$ent$sts, per/aps onl* .$nste$n un8erstan8sKLM< For-.l=s an8 5ara=s
0or8s, 0/$7/ 0oul8 9e repeate8 7ont$nuousl* t/rou1/out /$s ;ourne*,
0oul8 not onl* :eep /$m 7ompan*, 9ut tea7/ /$m 0/at /e nee8e8 to :no0
to surv$ve on /$s ne0 /ome.
?al-.l learne8 a9out .art/, a planet mu7/ smaller t/an /$s o0n. #/ere
0ere people t/ere, /umans mu7/ l$:e /$m. -e 7oul8 0al: amon1 t/em, an8
t/e* 0oul8 never :no0 /o0 8$fferent /e 0as, /o0 spe7$al /e 0oul8
For-.l tau1/t /$m .art/=s /$stor*, learne8 over nearl* a 8e7a8e of
o9servat$on, enl$1/ten$n1 /$m 0$t/ $n7re8$9le stor$es of /o0 t/e /umans
evolve8 from nearl* m$n8less pr$m$t$ves to 9e7ome t/e masters of t/e$r
planet. #/e* 9u$lt 1reat 7$t$es, not 9* 1ro0$n1 an8 s/ap$n1 7r*stal as
t/e* 8$8 on ?r*pton, 9ut 9* m$x$n1 eart/ 0$t/ 0ater an8 form$n1 8ense
<'ollo0 t/e$r /$stor*, ?al-.l, for as 1reat as t/ese people 0$ll one
8a* 9e, t/e* st$ll 7l$n1 to t/e$r pr$m$t$ve 0a*s. #/e* /ave me8$7al
a8van7es t/at 7ure most of t/e$r 8$seases, t/at exten8 l$fe far 9e*on8
0/at t/e$r fra$l 9o8$es 7oul8 ever /ave expe7te8, 9ut t/e* st$ll f$1/t
0ars t/at :$ll t/e$r *oun1 an8 8estro* 0/ole populat$ons. #/e* are a
para8ox of 8espa$r an8 /ope, an8 t/e* nee8 someone to 1u$8e t/em.<
#/e s/$p move8 s0$ftl* t/rou1/ spa7e, mov$n1 $n an8 out of spat$al
/oles, 7arr*$n1 $ts pre7$ous 7ar1o to0ar8 $ts f$nal 8est$nat$on.
For-.l=s vo$7e rema$ne8 7onstant an8 lov$n1. <@n8er t/e$r *ello0 sun,
on a 0orl8 0/ose 1rav$t* $s 9ut a fra7t$on of our o0n, *ou 0$ll /ave
po0ers t/at 0$ll ma:e *ou appear to 9e a 1o8 to t/em. )ut 8esp$te t/ose
a9$l$t$es, 8esp$te *our po0ers of fles/ an8 m$n8, *ou are, l$:e t/em,
onl* a man, 0$t/ all t/e fra$lt$es an8 0ea:nesses of an* man.
@n8erstan8 *our pla7e amon1 t/em, ?al-.l, an8 t/ou1/ t/e* ma* plea8 for
*ou to use *our a9$l$t$es to 7/an1e t/e$r l$ves for t/e 9etter, 8o not
1$ve $n to temptat$on.<
<S/o0 t/em t/e$r poss$9$l$t$es, 9ut never 7/oose t/e$r pat/ for t/em.
#/e* must a8van7e on t/e$r o0n, f$n8 t/e$r o0n 0a*, ma:e t/e$r o0n
m$sta:es, 7on>uer t/e$r o0n fears an8 /atre8s, an8 7reate t/e$r o0n
Mont/s 0ere pass$n1, 9ut t/e ;ourne* 0as st$ll *oun1.
?al-.l 0as nearl* a *ear ol8 an8 ?r*pton$an mus$7 ma8e /$s sleep
pea7eful. -$s mot/er /a8 pro1ramme8 /uman art $nto t/e 7r*stal, an8
t/rou1/ $t /e learne8 a9out t/e$r loves an8 pass$ons. -er vo$7e
+a1e 1
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
7omforte8 /$m, a s0eet rem$n8er of ot/er t$mes, of t/e 1entle soun8s
s/e /a8 ma8e on7e, lon1 a1o.
<M* son,< s/e sa$8, <*ou 7an lea8 t/em onl* 9* t/e examples 0e /ave
$mparte8 to *ou. )el$eve $n trut/. )el$eve $n ;ust$7e. )el$eve $n t/e
/ope for t/e$r 1reatness. 4n8 $f, t/rou1/ *our a7t$ons t/e* *earn to 9e
1reat, too, t/en *ou 0$ll /ave 8one far more for t/em t/an 9* ma:$n1
all t/e$r 9ur8ens *our o0n. 6o not fear to /elp 0/ere t/e* nee8 /elp,
9ut 8o not $mpose *ourself on t/em. Do8s 7an 9e7ome 8ev$ls far too
>u$7:l*. Rel$an7e on *our po0ers 0$ll 8estro* t/em. )el$ef $n *our
values 0$ll 1$ve t/em stren1t/.<
#/e n$1/t 9elon1e8 to /$s mot/er, t/e 8a*s to For-.l. <2o0, m* l$ttle
?al-.l, let us tal: of .u7l$8ean 1eometr* an8 p/*s$7al s7$en7eKLM<
#0o an8 a /alf *ears later /$s e*es opene8 a1a$n. #/e 7r*stal 0all of
/$s s/$p v$9rate8 for a moment, t/en 9e7ame transparent, allo0$n1 /$m
to 0at7/ as t/e* passe8 a lar1e /a%*, *ello0 0orl8 7$r7le8 0$t/ r$n1s
7ompose8 of $7e an8 ro7:. #/e star s0ept past t/e planet=s moonsN t/ere
0ere more t/an t/$rt*, /e 7ounte8.
<Saturn,< /e sa$8 slo0l*, ma:$n1 sure /e pronoun7e8 $t 7orre7tl*. 3t
0as /$s f$rst 0or8 $n .n1l$s/. #/e fat/er 7r*stal tau1/t /$m t/at t/$s
0as t/e s$xt/ planet $n t/e Sol s*stem. M$nutes later, /e :ne0, t/e*
0oul8 pass anot/er 0orl8, an8 t/$s one 0oul8 9e mu7/ lar1er.
Fup$ter, /e remem9ere8. -e loo:e8 8o0n at t/e planet, 8ar:er t/an
Saturn, 0$t/ a 8ull, s0$rl$n1 re8 spot $n $ts lo0er /em$sp/ere. #/$s
planet 0as also r$n1e8, alt/ou1/ fa$nt $n 7ompar$son 0$t/ Saturn.
-e remem9ere8 /$s lessonsN Fup$ter /a8 nearl* fort* smaller 9o8$es
7$r7l$n1 $t. <Moons,< /e repeate8.
#/e* 0ere mov$n1 7loser to t/e sun. -e 0a$te8. 3t s/oul8 9e 7om$n1 up
soon, /e :ne0, t/e 0$8e 9elt of astero$8s t/at 8r$fte8 9et0een Fup$ter
an8 t/e f$nal 0orl8 separat$n1 /$m an8 /$s 8est$nat$on.
#/e astero$8s rus/e8 past, /$s sensors :eep$n1 t/e s/$p on 7ourse an8
safe. #/en /e sa0 Mars, a mu7/ smaller planet t/an t/e prev$ous t0o,
re8 $n 7olor, 0$t/ onl* t0o satell$tes or9$t$n1 $t.
?al-.l felt /$s s/$p su88enl* v$9rate as $ts 7r*stal sp$:es
automat$7all* fol8e8 9a7: $nto $ts 9o8* po8, prepar$n1 $tself for
8es7ent. #/e* passe8 a small 8ea8 /un: of ro7:. <#/e moon. 5una.<
-e :ne0 t/e* 0ere 7lose.
#/e star=s transparent 0all s/$mmere8 an8 9e7ame opa>ue a1a$n,
+a1e 1!
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
prepar$n1 for $ts 8es7ent.
#/e s/$p /a8 0or:e8 exa7tl* as /$s mot/er an8 fat/er /a8 8es$1ne8 $t
4/ea8 of /$m 0as t/e planet .art/.
-$s ne0 /ome.
C/apter #/ree
+rev$ous#op 2ext
#/e* /a8 store8 t/e 7r*stal star $n a s/allo0 7ellar of t/e ol8 9arn,
t/en pla7e8 some floor9oar8s over $t an8 sta7:e8 several 8o%en 9ales of
/a* over t/at ;ust to ma:e sure $t 0oul8n=t 9e seen 9* pr*$n1 e*es, not
t/at an*one v$s$te8 t/em mu7/ t/ese 8a*s.
Most of t/e$r 7losest fr$en8s /a8 8$e8, an8 t/ou1/ t/e* 0ere 0ell l$:e8
an8 respe7te8 $n to0n, onl* a fe0, l$:e )en -u99ar8 an8 t/e 5an1s, ever
7ame over to 1$ve Fonat/an a /elp$n1 /an8.
Fonat/an ?ent 0$s/e8 /e 7oul8 /ave 8u1 a 8eeper /oleKLOfor se7ur$t*KLO9ut
/$s /eart /a8 starte8 m$ss$n1 a 9eat t/e *ear 9efore an8 6o7 'r*e /a8
0arne8 /$m not to overl* exert /$mself.
<Dreat 0arn$n1, 6o7,< Fonat/an 1rum9le8. <3=m a farmer. -o0 t/e 9la%es
am 3 suppose8 to 1et m* 7/ores 8one 0$t/out exert$n1 somet/$n1 or ot/er
alon1 t/e 0a*P Con;ure up a 1en$e an8 0$s/ t/em 7omplete8P<
4lt/ou1/, $n man* 0a*s, t/at 0as exa7tl* 0/at Fonat/an an8 Mart/a ?ent
/a8 8one.
#/e* foun8 /$m 0/$le 8r$v$n1 a7ross t/e$r farm. #/e* sa0 t/e 9r$1/t
l$1/t, men /ear8 t/e explos$on t/at nearl* ro7:e8 t/em off t/e roa8.
Mart/a 7r$e8 out. <StopJ<
<W/at 0as t/atP< Fonat/an felt /$s /eart ;ump.
#/e* s7ram9le8 out of t/e ol8 re8 p$7:up an8 sa0 t/at 0/atever $t 0as
/a8 smas/e8 t/rou1/ 1& feet of 7orn an8 8$rt 9efore los$n1 $ts steam
an8 9ra:$n1 to a stop.
#/e* sa0 /$m at t/e 9ottom of t/e 7rev$7e, stan8$n1 na:e8 an8 alone $n
+a1e 1"
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
t/e f$el8, a 9r$1/tl* 7olore8 9lan:et at /$s feet.
<Mart/aP< Fonat/an 0as trem9l$n1 as /e loo:e8 at t/e l$ttle 9o*, no
ol8er t/an t0o or t/ree. <#/e f$rst t/$n1 0e=ve 1ot to 8o 0/en 0e 1et
/ome $s f$n8 out 0/o t/at 9o*=s proper fam$l* $s.<
<-e /asn=t 1ot an*,< Mart/a sa$8, star$n1 $nto t/e st$ll-9urn$n1
7rev$7e. <2ot aroun8 /ere an*0a*.<
#/e* too: /$m /ome, /av$n1 no $8ea t/en /o0 /e /a8 1otten t/ere or
0/ere /e /a8 7ome from.
)ut a fe0 8a*s later, 0/en Fonat/an 8u1 out t/e s/$n$n1 ro7:
/alf-9ur$e8 $n t/e f$el8, /e sa0 $t 0asn=t a meteor at all, 9ut a lar1e
7r*stal or9 0$t/ 8o%ens of ot/er smaller 7r*stals $ns$8e $t. 3t 0as
some sort of spa7es/$p, /e t/ou1/t, t/ou1/ loo:$n1 not/$n1 at all l$:e
t/e ones /e use8 to see $n t/e mov$es as a teena1er, 9a7: 0/en
Smallv$lle /a8 a mov$e t/eater.
#/e 9o*, t/e* real$%e8, /a8 not a77$8entall* 0an8ere8 onto t/e$r farmN
/e /a8 7ome 0$t/ t/e s/$p. 'rom some0/ere out t/ere, from spa7e.
4s a teen, Fonat/an /a8 rea8 .81ar R$7e )urrou1/s=s <4 +r$n7ess of
Mars< an8 0on8ere8 $f t/e 9o* 0as a Mart$an. 2ot one of t/e four-arme8
1reen 1u*s, 9ut t/e more /uman ones t/at Fo/n Carter, t/e 9oo:=s /ero,
also met.
Mart/a 8$8n=t 7are. S/e an8 Fonat/an /a8 0ante8 a 7/$l8 of t/e$r o0n
s$n7e t/e* 0ere marr$e8, an8 $t /a8 nearl* torn t/e$r marr$a1e apart
0/en t/e* learne8 s/e 7oul8 not 7on7e$ve one.
5oo:$n1 at t/e 7/$l8, so /an8some an8 $nno7ent, s/e t/ou1/t t/e* 7oul8
al0a*s sa* /e 0as /er 7ous$n=s 9o* from 2ort/ 6a:ota, ne0l* orp/ane8.
2o one 0oul8 as: an* >uest$ons.
3t 0as a 1oo8 t/$n1, too, 7ons$8er$n1 t/e* sa0 /$m l$ft t/e ol8 tru7:
t/at /a8 a77$8entall* fallen onto Fonat/an as /e tr$e8 to 7/an1e $ts
flat t$re. 3t 0e$1/e8 t0o an8 a /alf tons, an8 t/e 9o* /o$ste8 $t up
l$:e $t 0as a #$n:erto* 7ar unt$l Fonat/an pulle8 /$mself safel* a0a*.
Ma*9e /e 0as a Mart$an after all.
#/e* 1ave /$m Mart/a=s ma$8en name an8 0$t/$n t/e 0ee:, on7e t/e le1al
papers 0ere s$1ne8 at t/e 7ount* 7ler:=s off$7e, /e off$7$all* 9e7ame
Clar: ?ent.
Mart/a p$7:e8 /$m up $n /er arms an8 :$sse8 /$s full, roun8 7/ee:s.
#/e* put /$m $n t/e tru7:, stoppe8 to 9u* some 7lot/es /$s s$%e at
+a1e 2&
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
Sta7*=s, t/en 8rove /$m to /$s ne0 /ome.
C/apter 'our
+rev$ous#op 2ext
Superman 0as 8ream$n1 of t/e ?ents 0/en /$s e*es snappe8 open for t/e
f$rst t$me $n more t/an t0o an8 a /alf *ears. -e 7oul8 /ear t/e soft
/$ss of t/e sleep 7/am9er=s l$8 re$nte1rate 0$t/ t/e 7r*stals of t/e
s/$p, 9ut /e 0a$te8 for $t full* to retra7t. ,ne of t/e 7r*stals
pro;e7te8 a /olo1rap/$7 star 7/art for /$m to $nspe7t. 3=m almost t/ere,
/e t/ou1/t. So ver* 7lose.
4s /e stret7/e8 /$s arms an8 le1s, ma:$n1 7erta$n t/e* st$ll 0or:e8, /e
real$%e8 t/at all too soon /$s >uest$ons m$1/t f$nall* 9e ans0ere8. 'or
a moment t/e t/ou1/t 0orr$e8 /$mN 0/at $f t/e* 0eren=t t/e ans0ers /e
0as loo:$n1 forP
-e 7lose8 /$s e*es a1a$n, 0a$t$n1 for t/e s/$p to s$1nal /$m, t/e
7omfort$n1 memor$es of Smallv$lle pla*$n1 on7e more $n /$s m$n8.
-$s fat/er 8$e8 0/en /e 0as onl* seventeen, 9ut Fonat/an 0as st$ll
al$ve $n /$s 8reams, 0or:$n1 t/e f$el8s ;ust as /e al0a*s 8$8 ever*
morn$n1 start$n1, of 7ourse, at
5I&& a.m. on t/e 8ot. Sa* t/$s for Fonat/an ?ent, /e 0as a 7reature of
/a9$t, an8 t/ose /a9$ts /a8 serve8 /$m 0ell.
-e 0as 8one 0$t/ most of /$s l$1/t 7/ores 9efore Clar: a0o:e at seven.
4s usual, Clar: ran out to 9r$n1 /$m a 9uttere8 see8e8 :a$ser an8
Max0ell -ouse, /$s favor$te, 0$t/ onl* one teaspoon of su1ar an8 a
l$ttle fres/ 7ream. W/$le Fonat/an pause8 to eat an8 s$p /$s 7offee,
Clar: too: over an8 8$8 some of t/e /eav$er l$ft$n1.
-e m$sse8 /$s fat/er an8 t/ose 0on8erful tal:s t/e* /a8 ea7/ afternoon
on t/e 0a* 9a7: from to0n. Fonat/an /a8 9een a mont/ s/* of 1ra8uat$n1
Smallv$lle -$1/ S7/ool /$mself 0/en /e /a8 to ta:e over t/e farm from
/$s 8a8, 9ut /$s e8u7at$on 8$8n=t stop on t/at last s7/ool-8a*. -e 0as
a vora7$ous rea8er of ever*t/$n1 from /$stor$es to m*ster$es an8 even
some s7$en7e f$7t$on, an8 /e 7oul8 tal: a9out nearl* an*t/$n1, from t/e
Me8$7$s to t/e 'oun8$n1 'at/ers, an8 t/en t/ro0 $n a 9$t of art
appre7$at$on as 0ell.
.ver* 8a* after lun7/, usuall* 7ons$st$n1 of some ;u$7e, pan7a:es, e11s
+a1e 21
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
an8 9a7on 0$t/ a s$8e of toast, or somet$mes a full /am stea: $f a p$1
/a8 ;ust 9een slau1/tere8, /e 0oul8 1et $nto /$s ol8 re8 p$7:up an8
8r$ve $nto to0n for suppl$es an8 a >u$7: stop at t/e l$9rar*. -e 0oul8
return *ester8a*=s 9oo: an8 7/e7: out a ne0 one, 0/$7/ /e=8 start
rea8$n1 0/$le par:e8 a7ross from Smallv$lle -$1/, 0a$t$n1 for Clar: to
f$n$s/ /$s 7lasses.
#/e* 0oul8 al0a*s ta:e t/e lon1 0a* /ome, aroun8 t/e -u99ar8 pla7e,
0/$7/ 1ave t/em more t$me to tal: a9out nearl* an*t/$n1 t/at 7ame up.
Some 8a*s $t 0as a9out 0/atever 0as $n t/e ne0spaper t/at morn$n1, or
a9out somet/$n1 Fonat/an /a8 rea8 $n a 9oo:, or a9out some pro9lem /e
7oul8 tell Clar: 0as /av$n1 e$t/er $n s7/ool or $n l$fe.
#/$n:$n1 a9out $t no0, Superman /a8 to lau1/. #/ose 0eren=t eas* 8a*s.
-e 0as stron1 as a 9a9*, prett* mu7/ stron1er t/an an* a8ult, an8 /$s
po0ers :ept 1ro0$n1 0$t/ /$m. 4t t/e t$me, t/ose teena1e *ears seeme8
nearl* $mposs$9le to 1et t/rou1/. -e /a8 all t/ese a9$l$t$es /e 0ante8
to s/o0 off to ever*one, 9ut /$s 8a8 :ept $ns$st$n1 /e /a8 to 0a$t.
Wa$tP #eena1ers 7an=t 0a$t. 6$8n=t /e :no0 t/atP
<#/ere=s so mu7/ to learn, Clar:,< /e=8 al0a*s sa*. <4n8 never an*
reason to rus/ $nto t/$n1s 0$t/out t/$n:$n1 t/em t/rou1/. Cou=re meant
for somet/$n1 spe7$al, son, somet/$n1 1reat, an8 $t=s not /$tt$n1 /ome
runs or s/o0$n1 off for *our fr$en8s. W/en t/e t$me 7omes for t/e 0orl8
to :no0 0/at *ou 7an 8o, *ou=ll :no0 $t. )ut =t$l t/en $t=s 9est to
master 0/at *ou are. ?no0 *ourself as a man 9efore *ou /ave no 7/o$7e
9ut to a77ept *our 8est$n*.<
Fonat/an ?ent 0asn=t faster t/an a spee8$n1 9ullet, an8 /e 7oul8n=t
leap tall 9u$l8$n1s at a s$n1le 9oun8KLOt/e po0ers all t/ose reporters $n
Metropol$s tal:e8 a9out on t/e 8a* Superman reveale8 /$s ex$sten7e to
t/e 0orl8KLO 9ut /$s fat/er 0as a 1reat man an*0a*. -e un8erstoo8 people
an8 7are8 a9out t/em, an8 0/en /e 8$e8 su88enl* of a /eart atta7:,
mostl* ever*one $n Smallv$lle 7ame out for t/e funeral.
Clar: m$sse8 /$m so ver* mu7/.
-e loo:e8 over t/e /olo1rap/$7 star 7/artsN t/e* 0ere $n ?r*pton$an,
9ut For-.l=s 7r*stals /a8 tau1/t /$m t/e lan1ua1e *ears a1o, as an
$nfant, travel$n1 a7ross a un$verse on /$s 0a* to /$s ne0 /ome.
-e felt /$s /eart9eat >u$7:en. #/e rea8outs rem$n8e8 /$m /e 0as fast
approa7/$n1 0/at 0as pro;e7te8 to 9e
?r*pton=s lo7at$on, assum$n1 $t st$ll ex$ste8. 4t /$s 7urrent spee8,
t/e 7r*stals 7al7ulate8 /e=8 9e $n $ts or9$t 0$t/$n t/e /our.
-e tou7/e8 one of t/e 7r*stals, an8 t/e s/$p=s opa>ue 0alls turne8
+a1e 22
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
transparent. -e stare8 $nto t/e 9la7:ness, sear7/$n1 for t/e star /e
:ne0 /a8 to 9e near.
#/ere 0ere so man* >uest$onsI W$ll 3 see t/e sun, ?r*pton=s sunP 3s $t
st$ll al$ve, st$ll 9urn$n1P 4n8 are planets st$ll or9$t$n1 $tP 3f so,
$s ?r*pton amon1 t/emP
)ut t/ere 0as a >uest$on /e :ne0 /e 7oul8n=t as:, not alou8, not even
to /$mself. 4re t/e* al$veP
-e :ne0, as For-.l /a8 expla$ne8 to /$m, t/at ?r*pton=s sun /a8 1one
supernova man* *ears a1o, an8 0as t/e reason ?al-.l /a8 to 9e sent to
.art/. )ut t/e 7r*stals 0ere 7reate8 9efore ?r*pton=s 8eat/. W/at $f $t
never /appene8P W/at $f For-.l 0as 0ron1P W/at $f ?r*pton=s sun st$ll
ex$ste8, t/en t/e planet 7oul8 9eKLM
-e turne8 from t/e 0$n8o0 an8 tou7/e8 t/e 1lo0$n1 0/$te 7r*stal /$s
fat/er /a8 la$8 8o0n 9es$8e /$s one-8a*-ol8 self. <S/o0 me t/e
ne0spaper a1a$n, please,< /e as:e8.
#/e fat/er 7r*stal 1lo0e8 an8 pro;e7te8 a /olo1rap/$7 $ma1e of a nearl*
t/ree-*ear-ol8 6a$l* +lanet /ea8l$ne. <4stronomers 6$s7over ?r*pton
3nta7t. S$1ns of 5$fe 'oun8.< -e rea8 t/e art$7le a1a$n, ;ust as
7arefull* as /e /a8 t/e more t/an one /un8re8 t$mes /e rea8 $t 9efore
leav$n1 .art/ an8 start$n1 t/$s 1ala7t$7 >uest forKLOP
-e 0asn=t sure 0/at /e 0ante8 from t/$s tr$p or 0/at /e expe7te8 to
f$n8. )ut /e :ne0 t/$s 0as somet/$n1 /e /a8 to 8o.
-e /a8 al0a*s felt 8$fferent, espe7$all* 0/en /e 0as a :$8 $n
Smallv$lle, usuall* 0/en t/e ot/ers 0ere pla*$n1 sports, as t/e*
stru11le8 to ma:e $t to f$rst 9ase or to 8un: a 9as:et from onl* ten
feet a0a*.
-e 7oul8 /ave 8one t/at all so eas$l*. -e 7oul8 /ave :no7:e8 me 9all to
t/e next state. -e 7oul8 /ave 8un:e8 $t $nto t/e 9as:et from anot/er
7ont$nent. -e 7oul8 s7ore a tou7/8o0n ever* t$me an8 no9o8* 7oul8 ever
put a /an8 on /$m. )ut /e 7oul8n=t. W/* notP -e al0a*s >uest$one8. W/*
7an=t 3 9e m*selfP
-e use8 to 8ream of f$n8$n1 somepla7e 0/ere /e 7oul8 let loose 0$t/ all
/$s $n7re8$9le a9$l$t$es. W/ere /e 7oul8 explo8e 0$t/ po0er. -e 0ante8
to 9e free to 9e /$mself, not preten8 to 9e l$:e ever*one else.
W/ere 8o 3 9elon1P
+a1e 23
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
-e as:e8 /$mself t/at ever* n$1/t $n t/e 8ar:ness of /$s room, 0$t/ /$s
e*es 7lose8, as /e slo0l* 8r$fte8 off $nto /$s 8reams of somepla7e
Smallv$lle 7erta$nl* 0as not t/e pla7e. +er/aps ?r*pton.
)ut ?r*pton 0as 8ea8, or so /e=8 9een repeate8l* tol8.
-e remem9ere8 /$s ex7$tement 0/en /e stu8$e8 me 8ata ta:en at t/e far
en8 of t/e solar s*stem 9* t/e Cass$n$--u*1ens satell$te, sent 9* 24S4
to Saturn to stu8* $ts lar1est moon, #$tan. #/e reporter 0/o 9ro:e t/e
stor* tol8 /$m t/e satell$te /a8 ta:en ot/er p$7tures, too, $n7lu8$n1
one t/at appeare8 to 9e a mean$n1less p/oto1rap/ of somet/$n1 t/at
loo:e8 l$:eKLM 8ust. )ut on7e $t 0as enlar1e8, $t 7/an1e8 /$s 0orl8.
<Cou=re sure of t/$sP< /e /a8 as:e8 t/e reporter.
<.ver*t/$n1 t/e s7$ent$sts tol8 me sa*s $t=s a77urate.<
<Cou 7an see t/e planet for *ourself.< -e /an8e8 Superman a s/eaf of
8ata. <Do a/ea8 an8 7/e7: t/e 7oor8$nates. #/e* mat7/ t/e 7omputer
7al7ulat$ons. Cou re7o1n$%e $t, 8on=t *ouP<
-e no88e8. <Ces. 3t=s ?r*pton.<
3t 0as exa7tl* as t/e fat/er 7r*stal /a8 s/o0n /$m. ?r*pton=s re8 sun
0as st$ll al$ve, 9urn$n1 $n t/e 8$stan7e. #/e planet $n t/e p/oto1rap/
seeme8 $nta7t. More $mportant, t/ere appeare8 to 9e l$fe t/ere.
<#/e$r t/eor* $s t/at onl* parts of ?r*pton 0ere affe7te8 9* t/e
supernova. Stars /ave 9een :no0n to 1o nova, expen8 ex7ess ener1*, t/en
return to a relat$vel* normal 7on8$t$on.<
Superman 0as tr*$n1 to un8erstan8 $t, 9ut /e :ept 1ett$n1 8ra0n to t/e
p/oto1rap/. <#/eoret$7all*, onl* t/e part of ?r*pton fa7$n1 t/e re8
1$ant m$1/t /ave 9een 8estro*e8 $f t/e planet /a8 some/o0KLOt/$s $s t/e
part t/e* /a8 to spe7ulateKLOs/$el8e8 $tself from t/e $n$t$al solar
<)ut t/ere 7oul8 9e l$fe t/ereP<
<#/e p/oto1rap/ $n8$7ates t/at, Superman, 9ut $t=s not 7on7lus$ve. #/e
trou9le $s, t/e satell$te=s not $n t/e pos$t$on to ta:e an* ot/er
p$7tures no0, an8 $t 0oul8 ta:e 24S4 more t/an f$ve *ears to laun7/
anot/er satell$te, assum$n1 t/e* /a8 t/e f$nan7$n1, 0/$7/ t/e* 8on=t,
an8 several *ears after t/at for $t to rea7/ a lo7at$on from 0/$7/ t/e*
7oul8 ta:e more p/otos. )ut, to 9e /onest, 0$t/ t/e 9u81et 7uts t/ese
8a*s, 3 fran:l* 8on=t see t/at /appen$n1. 3=m sorr*.<
+a1e 24
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
Superman :ept star$n1 at t/at p/oto. 3t /a8 to 9e ?r*pton. #/ere /a8 to
9e l$fe on $t.
3f ?r*pton l$ve8, $t meant t/at /$s fat/er /a8 9een 0ron1. Superman
0on8ere8 0/at /e t/ou1/t a9out t/at. -e onl* :ne0 /$s parents from
t/e$r vo$7es. -e=8 seen some /olo1rap/s of t/em, 9ut t/e* 0ere 7ol8 an8
ster$le an8 l$feless. -e 0asn=t exa7tl* sure 0/at /e 0as suppose8 to
feel for t/eseKLM p/antoms.
-e :ne0 Fonat/an an8 Mart/a ?ent 0ere /$s parents. #/e* ra$se8 /$m.
#/e* tau1/t /$m. #/e* love8 /$m, an8 /e love8 t/em.
)ut t/ese p/antoms 0ere t/e people 0/o 1ave 9$rt/ to /$m, an8 /e :ne0
t/e* 8$e8 0/$le sav$n1 /$m. -e :ne0 5ara=s vo$7e 0as 0arm an8 lov$n1.
-e 7oul8 tell t/at For-.l, 0/o 8$l$1entl* tr$e8 to 9e professor$al $n
/$s tea7/$n1s, felt enormous pr$8e as /e tol8 /$sKLOas-*et-un9ornKLO son
t/e 0on8erful stor$es of /$s planet an8 /$s fam$l*. #/e* 0ere o9v$ousl*
1oo8 people, lov$n1 people. +eople 0/o 8$e8 lon1 9efore t/e$r t$me.
)ut $f ?r*pton /a8 not 8$e8, /e :ne0 /e m$1/t /ave 9een 0al:$n1 un8er
$ts 9r$1/t re8 sun an8 not fl*$n1 un8er .art/=s *ello0 star. -e 0oul8
never /ave /a8 /$s l$fe enr$7/e8 9* t/e ?ents, or lau1/e8 alon1s$8e /$s
fr$en8s, or met t/e 0oman /e=8 fallen $n love 0$t/ so >u$7:l*, t/e
0oman /e left 9e/$n8 t0o an8 a /alf *ears a1o 0$t/out expla$n$n1 0/ere
/e 0as 1o$n1.
W/at 0oul8 $t /ave 9een l$:e to /ave l$ve8 on ?r*ptonP 5ara ma8e $t
soun8 so 0on8erful, 9ut t/e /olos /e sa0 0ere l$feless. W/ere 0ere t/e
treesP #/e 1rassP #/e 9lue s:$esP -e stu8$e8 t/e p$7tures, 9ut /e 7oul8
f$n8 no 7lou8s 8r$ft$n1 la%$l* $n t/e s:* as /e /a8 all /$s 7/$l8/oo8.
-e remem9ere8 l*$n1 on /$s 9a7:, /$s feet proppe8 on t/e trun: of t/e
l$1/tn$n1-ra%e8 /alfatree, as /e 7alle8 0/at 0as l$ttle more t/an a 9$1
stump $n t/e m$88le of /$s parents= 0/eatf$el8s, an8 loo:$n1 up $nto
t/e s:*, 0on8er$n1 0/ere /e /a8 7ome from.
-e love8 t/e 9eaut* of t/e 9r$1/t, fres/l* pa$nte8 9arn s$tt$n1 alone
$n a f$el8 of 1reen, t/e small 9lue stream sna:$n1 $ts 0a* past as $t
ma8e $ts lon1 tre: to t/e M$lfor8 5a:e 0etlan8s to t/e nort/. 4t n$1/t
/e=8 l$e t/ere t/$n:$n1 a9out t/e 7onstellat$ons /e sa0 an8 0/at l$fe
m$1/t /ave 9een l$:e $n t/ose fara0a* pla7es.
St$ll, ?r*pton /a8 aKLO/e stru11le8 for t/e 0or8KLO 1ran8eur. #/e star:
0/$te mounta$ns t/at 7overe8 t/e 0orl8 0ere s/eets of 7arve8 7r*stal
1lo0$n1 $n t/e r$7/ s7arlet sunl$1/t. #/ere seeme8 to 9e no l$m$tat$ons
t/ere. .ver*t/$n1 0as poss$9le.
+a1e 25
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
For-.l sa$8 t/e* /a8 1ro0n t/e$r planet over t/e m$llenn$a, 9u$l8$n1
la*ers upon la*ers, res/ap$n1 $t $nto somet/$n1 un$>ue. #/e* 8$8n=t
;ust l$ve on ?r*pton, t/e* ma8e t/e$r 0orl8 $n t/e$r o0n $ma1e,
el$m$nat$n1 all 0ea:nesses, en/an7$n1 t/e$r 1reatest stren1t/s.
Reporters on .art/ /a8 on7e 7la$me8 t/at Superman 7oul8 7/an1e t/e
7ourse of m$1/t* r$vers, alt/ou1/ t/e fa7t $s all /e 7oul8 8o 0as 8am
up one part of a r$verKLO somet/$n1 an* overa7t$ve 9eaver 7oul8 8o $f /e
set /$s m$n8 to $tKLOt/en 8$1 a tren7/ lea8$n1 t/e 0ater some0/ere $t 0as
)ut on ?r*pton t/e* 7oul8 l$terall* 7/an1e t/e 7ourse of r$versKLO8$8
t/e* /ave r$versP 3=ve seen no /olos of an*KLO 1ro0 mounta$ns, or 8o
prett* mu7/ an*t/$n1 else t/e* 0ante8. #/e* /a8 mastere8 t/e$r o0n
0orl8. #/e* /a8 el$m$nate8 0ar an8 v$olen7e. #/e* prov$8e8 foo8 for
ever*one. #/ere 0ere no a0ful pan8em$7s t/at 8estro*e8 ent$re
7$v$l$%at$ons. #/e* /a8 turne8 a 8ar: an8 8an1erous 0orl8 $nto a
?r*pton 0as a 0orl8 of en8less poss$9$l$t$es t/at /$s fat/er $ns$ste8
0as a9out to 8$e. ,f 7ourse no9o8* 9el$eve8 /$m. #/e* /a8 9u$lt t/e$r
0orl8, for /eaven=s sa:e.
,n .art/, $n /$s ot/er $8ent$t*, Superman 0as a reporter, 9ut 0/at
0oul8 /$s l$fe /ave 9een l$:e $f /e /a8 sta*e8 on ?r*ptonP 3f /e /a8
9een ra$se8 9* For-.l an8 5araP Superman t/ou1/t /e=8 pro9a9l* /ave
9een a s7$ent$st. -e=8 /ave 9een 1roome8 for t/at ;o9 s$n7e 9$rt/.
For-.l=s fat/er 7r*stal 7erta$nl* tau1/t /$m enou1/ to /ave 9e7ome one
of t/e 1reats.
)ut s7$en7e 0as never one of /$s pleasures. -e :ne0 ot/ers 0/o rel$s/e8
$ts al0a*s fas7$nat$n1 $ntr$7a7$es, 9ut $n /$s m$n8 $t 0as a re7$tat$on
an8 reor8er$n1 of fa7ts, nee8e8, appre7$ate8, 9ut for /$m 8r* an8
9or$n1. -$s $nterests 0ere else0/ere.
<W/at 0oul8 3 /ave 9eenP< /e :ept 0on8er$n1. <)ut7/er, 9a:er, or
7an8lest$7: ma:erP<
Woul8 /e /ave 9een a sol8$erP -e :ne0 ?r*pton /a8 an arm*, alt/ou1/ $t
0as mostl* use8 to prote7t t/e planet from outs$8e for7es. )ut t/e
7r*stal /a8 tol8 /$m For-.l /a8 sentKLO0/at 0as /$s namePKLODeneral
Bo8PKLOan8 t0o ot/ers $nto t/e +/antom Bone, a l$m9o 8$mens$on for
7r$m$nals. <2o. #/e m$l$tar* l$fe 0as 8ef$n$tel* out.< +ol$t$7$anP
Superman lau1/e8. <2ot l$:el*.< .8u7atorP <Ma*9e.< -e /a8 al0a*s
t/ou1/t of tea7/$n1 one 8a*.
+a1e 26
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
C/apter '$ve
+rev$ous#op 2ext
4n alarm $nterrupte8 /$s mus$n1s. <.nter$n1 ?r*pton=s prox$m$t* no0.<
4/ea8 of /$m, 1l$tter$n1 $n t/e en8less 9la7:, 0as a 0on8rous panopl*
of stars an8 planets. )ut as /e 7ont$nue8 to stare at t/em /e sa0 $n
t/e 0all of l$1/ts a pat7/ ofKLM not/$n1ness, a 1reat 7$r7ular 8ar: spot.
Somet/$n1 0as 9lo7:$n1 t/e stars 9e/$n8 $t. 3s t/at $tP 3s $t poss$9leP
<,ver t/ere, t/at 8ar: spot. 3 0ant to 7/e7: $t out,< /e sa$8.
#/e s/$p respon8e8 to /$s vo$7e $nstantl*. -$s /an8 9rus/e8 t/e
7r*stals a1a$n, an8 t/e s/$p=s $nternal l$1/ts 8$mme8. <5et=s see /o0
7lose 0e 7an 1et.<
4s t/e s/$p 7lose8 t/e 1ap, Superman 7ont$nue8 to loo: at t/e stars,
a8;ust$n1 t/e$r patterns $n /$s m$n8, pla*full* morp/$n1 t/em $nto 0$l8
7onstellat$ons. #/e 7r*stal star 0as /$s /alfatree, t/e un$verse /$s
4s t/e s/$p /ea8e8 to0ar8 t/e 8ar: mass, Superman t/ou1/t a1a$n a9out
/o0 /e /a8 left so a9ruptl*, lett$n1 onl* /$s mot/er :no0 0/* an8 0/ere
/e 0as 1o$n1 t/at n$1/t 0/en /e 7ame to sa* 1oo8-9*e. W/at 8$8 /$s
fr$en8s t/$n: /appene8 to /$mP
-e 0$s/e8 no0 t/at /e /a8 let people :no0 0/at 0as /appen$n1. )ut $t
0as so /ar8 t/en. -e 0as so afra$8 t/at /e 7oul8 9e tal:e8 out of t/e
tr$p, 7onv$n7e8 t/at $t 0asn=t 0ort/ tra$ps$n1 a7ross a 1alax* ;ust to
8$s7over 0/ere /e /a8 7ome from. 3t 0as so mu7/ eas$er to sa* not/$n1.
More 7o0ar8l*, too, /e t/ou1/t no0.
-e /a8 expe7te8 to /ear /$s mot/er ar1ue 0$t/ /$m a9out leav$n1, or at
least rem$n8$n1 /$m t/at .art/ 0as /$s /ome no0 an8 t/at /e s/oul8n=t
1o 1all$vant$n1 t/rou1/ outer spa7e. )ut, ;ust l$:e /er, s/e un8erstoo8
/$s nee8KLO even $f /e 0asn=t sure /e 8$8, exa7tl*. 4ll s/e sa$8 0as s/e
love8 /$m an8 t/at s/e al0a*s 0oul8.
)ut 0/* /a8n=t /e tol8 5o$s 0/ere /e 0as 1o$n1, or F$mm*, or an* of t/e
ot/ersP )ut espe7$all* 5o$s. -e felt a /u1e t0$n1e of re1ret.
3f s/e /a8 loo:e8 $nto e*es, $f s/e /a8 sa$8 to /$m <6on=t 8o $t,< /e
0as sure /e 0oul8 /ave a9an8one8 /$s >uest. 2o matter /o0 /ar8 $t m$1/t
+a1e 2
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
/ave 9een, /e :ne0 /e 7oul8n=t r$s: t/at.
#/e 7r*stal star a7t$vate8 $ts external l$1/ts. Superman leane8 7lose
to t/e transparent 0all, star$n1 as t/e 8ar:ness parte8 un8er t/e$r
penetrat$n1 am9er 1lo0. #/ere 0as a planet not far $n t/e 8$stan7e.
<W/ere=s t/e sunP #/ere=s 1ot to 9e a sun.<
#/e 7r*stal star 1l$8e8 s$lentl* to0ar8 t/e planet, reveal$n1 $tself as
t/e 9r$1/t l$1/ts $llum$nate8 t/e 8eta$ls of $ts pol$s/e8 surfa7e. -e
sa0 tall, t/$7: sl$7es of pure 7r*stal ;utt$n1 s:*0ar8.
Cr*stals. #/$s /as to 9e ?r*pton.
#/e star 8es7en8e8, 1l$8$n1 ;ust a9ove t/e 8ar:, l$feless 7r*stals.
Superman sa0 t/e planet=s surfa7e s0eep past un8er /$m. 'ormerl*
pr$st$ne to0ers la* 7rus/e8 $n ru$ns, an8 $n t/em Superman 7oul8 see
t/e p$e7es of people=s l$ves 7arelessl* stre0n a9out, expose8 9* /$s
/ars/ l$1/tN t/ere 0as furn$ture, 7lot/$n1, an8 even 7/$l8ren=s to*s,
not 8$ss$m$lar to t/ose from /omeKLOfrom .art/, /e t/ou1/t.
.ven t/rou1/ t/e prote7t$on /$s s/$p offere8, /e 7oul8 feel t/e num9$n1
7ol8 t/at /un1 l$:e a 8ar: s/rou8. W$t/out a sun t/ere 0as no 0armt/.
W$t/out a sun t/ere 7oul8 9e noKLM
-e refuse8 to 1o t/ere. #/ere /as to 9e l$fe. 3=ll f$n8 $t.
-e felt t$re8 an8 0ea: as t/e s/$p 7ont$nue8 to soar ;ust a9ove t/e
8ea8 0orl8. -e s/ru11e8 off /$s fat$1ueN t/e en8 of a lon1 ;ourne*. )ut
3 7an=t rest. 2ot *et. -e sa0 a levele8 mounta$n, a /ole 9lo0n $nto $ts
pea:, one s$8e 7rum9le8 $nto ru$n, an8 /$s /eart san:.
3s t/$s reall* ?r*ptonP /e :ept as:$n1 /$mself.
#/e remnants of 0/at /$s fat/er /a8 7alle8 <a on7e-1reat 7$v$l$%at$on<
0ere ever*0/ere. C$t$es an8 monuments, 9orn from t/e same 7r*stal
te7/nolo1* of /$s s/$p, la* $n s/attere8 p$e7es, 8estro*e8 $n a s$n1le,
sear$n1 moment. )ut 0/ere t/e 7r*stal star 1lo0e8 0$t/ l$fe, t/$s
planet 0as 8ar: an8 l$feless.
-e sa0 a fa$nt 1reen 1lo0 $n t/e 8$stan7e. #/e star s$lentl* 8es7en8e8
near a lar1e m$st-7overe8 7/asm. 4 l$fet$me a1o Mount 4r1o prou8l* rose
from t/ese Qan m$sts, 9oast$n1 of t/e teem$n1 m$ll$ons $t /ouse8. )ut
no0 $t 0as l$ttle more t/an a 1rave*ar8 of 7r*stal s/ar8s, snappe8 off
t/e ver* same 8a* ?al-.l 0as 9orn, an8 t/en lost $n t/$s 9la7:
#/e smol8er$n1 1reen 1lo0 emanate8 from small f$ssures $n t/e
9ottommost sla9s an8, 9arel* v$s$9le, ra8$ate8 out0ar8.
+a1e 2!
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
Superman loo:e8 $nto t/e m$sts, an8 /$s fa7e 8ra$ne8 of all $ts 7olor.
<-ome.< -e 0as /ome, 0/ere For-.l an8 5ara /a8 l$ve8. W/ere /e 0as
9orn, t/en ta:en from onl* t0ent* /ours later.
-e turne8 a0a* as tears f$lle8 /$s e*es. -e felt 0ea: an8 nauseous. -$s
/an8s 0ere trem9l$n1, an8 s0eat, 7ol8 an8 salt*, 8r$ppe8 from /$s 9ro0.
<Det me a0a* from /ere. 'ast.< #/e s/$p rose an8 spe8 off $nto t/e
Superman s$1/e8 as 0/at /a8 9een /$s /ome 8$sappeare8 9e/$n8 /$m. <4ll
r$1/t. 3=m feel$n1 a l$ttle 9etter no0. )ut :eep 1o$n1.< -e let /$s
/ea8 fall 9a7: $nto t/e 7us/$on, an8 /e 9reat/e8 $n slo0l*.
#/e 7r*stal star spe8 a7ross t/e 8ea8 0orl8. Superman 1a%e8 t/rou1/ $ts
transparent 0alls, sear7/$n1 for some s$1ns of l$fe, 9ut /e alrea8*
:ne0 t/at not/$n1 7oul8 l$ve /ere. 4n8 not/$n1 /a8, not $n /$s
#/e s/$p fle0 over a flat, un8$st$n1u$s/e8 pla$n, on7e a t/r$v$n1 small
7$t*, 9ut no0 8ea8, $ts /omes levele8 $nto po08er an8 ru99le. -e
loo:e8, 9ut t/ere 0ere no 9o8$es an*0/ere. -e sa0 none atop Mount 4r1o,
)ut ?r*pton /a8 /a8 a populat$on of nearl* a 9$ll$on people. W/ere 8$8
t/e* 1o, /e 0on8ere8. W/ere are t/e$r 9o8$esP
#/e s/$p 7$r7le8 over t/e pla$ns, t/en soare8 up0ar8, 7rest$n1 a steep
mounta$n, 0/ere /e foun8 t/e rema$ns of 0/at /a8 on7e 9een a forest,
9ut 0as no0 a 7/arre8 0astelan8, $ts tall re8 trees 8ea8, smo:* stumps,
ra%e8 t/e moment after ?r*pton=s sun 8$e8.
-e 9e1an to 7r*, f$nall* real$%$n1 0/at /a8 /appene8 to t/e people.
<W/* 8$8 3 7ome /ereP< /e sa$8N t/e star:, 8evastate8 0astelan8 0as
mo7:$n1 /$m. <#/$s $sn=t /ome. 3t=s -ell.<
#/ere 0as a lar1e 8ome per7/e8 atop 7an*on 0alls r$s$n1 up from a lo0
valle* not far a/ea8 of /$m. -e po$nte8 to $t, an8 t/e s/$p a8;uste8
$ts 7ourse. 4s t/e* approa7/e8, /e 7oul8 see t/at t/e 8ome 0as
part$all* 8estro*e8N lar1e 1ap$n1 /oles po7:e8 $ts on7e-smoot/ surfa7e.
#/e s/$p sl$8 t/rou1/ one of t/e lar1er 1aps an8 foun8 $tself $n a vast
7an*on f$lle8 0$t/ ornatel* 8es$1ne8 7r*stal monol$t/s. Superman sa0
t/at t/e to0ers /a8 9een set $n a 0$8e 7$r7le an8 /e 1aspe8 $n
re7o1n$t$on. <#/e Aalle* of t/e .l8ers.<
-e remem9ere8 /$s mot/er tal:$n1 a9out t/$s pla7e an8 t/e sp$r$tual
effe7t $t /a8 on /er. @nl$:e t/e 0orl8 outs$8e t/e 8ome, t/e 1reat
+a1e 2"
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
monol$t/s 0ere un8ama1e8, an8 t/e$r 9r$1/t 7r*stal 0alls 1leame8 $n t/e
l$1/t of /$s s/$p as t/e* must /ave for ten t/ousan8 *ears. #/e* 0ere
po0erful. -um9l$n1.
#/e 0orl8 un8er t/e 8ome 0as l$:e a prote7te8 sno0-1lo9e v$lla1e,
pr$st$ne an8 7omplete. 'or t/e f$rst t$me /e un8erstoo8 0/* /$s mot/er
love8 t/$s pla7e. #/ere 0ere more t/an to0ers an8 statues /ere, more
t/an 7ol8 rem$n8ers of a on7e-9etter t$me.
#/e monol$t/s /a8 surv$ve8 planetar* 8estru7t$on, 8ef$antl* res$st$n1
temperatures t/at /a8 ann$/$late8 seven ot/er planets. 5oo: at t/em no0,
/e t/ou1/t, t/e$r pr$8e un8$m$n$s/e8, t/e$r resolve un>uest$one8. -e
:ne0 t/at t/$s pla7e, t/ese monol$t/s, t/e 1reat to0ers, some/o0
represente8 /ope.
#/$s $s 0/at ?r*pton must /ave 9een l$:e.
.mot$ons /e /a8 never felt 9efore floo8e8 $nto /$m 0$t/out en8. -$s
>uest$ons, /$s trou9les, /$s 8ou9ts 0ere su88enl* 1oneN t/$s 0as 0/ere
/e 9elon1e8.
-e soare8 0$t/ t/at feel$n1, lett$n1 $t ta:e /$m 0/erever $t 0ante8.
4fter a l$fet$me of 9e$n1 8$fferent, a l$fet$me /av$n1 to preten8 to 9e
someone /e 0asn=t, /e 0as /ome.
-e /a8 a /un1er no0 to :no0 ever*t/$n1 a9out /$s people, an8 t/ese
to0ers, t/ese ma1n$f$7ent monol$t/s, 0ere onl* t/e 9e1$nn$n1. -e 0ante8
to leave t/e stran1l$n1 7onf$nes of /$s s/$p an8 tou7/ t/em, to run /$s
f$n1ers a7ross t/e$r ex>u$s$te runes, to feel $n person me 7r*stal
1ran8eur t/at /a8 9een ?r*pton.
)ut /e also :ne0 0$t/out .art/=s *ello0 sun 1rant$n1 /$m /$s po0ers, /e
7oul8 not surv$ve t/$s 7ol8, 8ea8, a$rless pla7e.
-e rema$ne8 $ns$8e t/e 7r*stal, safe $n /$s o0n l$ttle sno0 1lo9e, an8
as /e stu8$e8 t/e to0ers, /e s7anne8 t/e $ntr$7atel* 7arve8 fa7a8es an8
runes $nto t/e s/$p=s memor*. -e :ne0 t/ere 0as no 0a* to preserve t/e
9l$ssful sensat$ons /e felt see$n1 t/em for t/e f$rst t$me, 9ut at
least /e 7oul8 preserve t/ose $ma1es, t/ose 1/ostl* rem$n8ers of a
on7e-9etter pla7e.
#/e 7r*stal star /overe8 $n pos$t$on 9efore a to0er 0$t/ t/e 7rest
s/o0$n1 ?ol-4r=s open /an8. 3t stoo8 for <trut/ an8 ;ust$7e,< For-.l
/a8 tol8 /$m. 3t 0as su7/ a s$mple 1esture *et $t /el8 so mu7/ mean$n1.
3ntell$1ent spe7$es on all planets 7oul8 un8erstan8 $tN We are fr$en8s.
We 0el7ome *ou. 4ppropr$atel*, +ol-@s=s s$1n of t/e open e*e 0as on t/e
to0er next to ?ol-4r=s. Superman lau1/e8. 4 l$ttle parano$8 per/aps,
9ut some v$1$lan7e, /e :ne0 from /ars/ exper$en7e, 7oul8 7ome $n /an8*
+a1e 3&
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
0/en *ou 0el7ome $n ot/ers 0$t/out >uest$on.
-e /overe8 for a lon1 t$me 9efore t/e t/$r8 to0er. Sor-.l=s to0er. #/e
to0er 9u$lt 9* t/e f$rst of /$s o0n fam$l*. #/$s 9elon1e8 to /$m. #/$s
0as /$s /er$ta1e.
-e stare8 for lon1er t/an /e pro9a9l* real$%e8 at $ts 8$amon8 7rest
0$t/ t/e 0$n8$n1 serpent t/at loo:e8 so ver* mu7/ l$:e t/e =S= $ns$1n$a
on /$s o0n 7/est.
-$s mot/er, /$s .art/ mot/er, /a8 seen t/at s*m9ol en1rave8 $n t/e
7r*stals $n /$s s/$p, an8 some/o0, $nst$n7t$vel*, s/e un8erstoo8 $ts
$mportan7e. @s$n1 t/e 9r$1/tl* 7olore8 t/rea8s of /$s 9a9* 9lan:et, s/e
ever so 7arefull* em9ro$8ere8 $ts l$:eness $nto t/e Superman outf$t s/e
8es$1ne8 for /$m.
<2o 0on8er *ou 8$8n=t ar1ue 0$t/ me 0/en 3 sa$8 3 nee8e8 to 1o /ome.<
'rom t/at ver* f$rst moment on t/at 0on8erfull* fateful morn$n1 0/en
s/e an8 Fonat/an foun8 /$m na:e8 an8 alone an8 nee8$n1 t/e$r /elp an8
love, s/e :ne0 /e 0as of t0o 0orl8s. S/e /a8 prepare8 /erself for t/e
8a* 0/en /e=8 7ome to /er an8 tell /er /e /a8 to leave. S/e 0oul8 7are
for /$m unt$l t/en, of 7ourse, 1$ve /$m all t/e love s/e /a8 to 1$ve.
S/e 0oul8 ra$se an8 tea7/ /$m to t/e ver* 9est of /er a9$l$t*, 9ut s/e
0oul8 never /$8e t/e trut/ from /$m, an8 s/e 0oul8 not stop /$m from
0ant$n1 to 7la$m /$s true /er$ta1e 0/en /e nee8e8 to.
S/e :ne0 $t 0as as $nev$ta9le as t/e sunr$se. ,n t/at 8a* s/e 0oul8
tell /$m /o0 mu7/ /e meant to /er, 0$s/ /$m 0ell, t/en, on7e /e 0as
1one, >u$etl* pra* for /$s safe return.
Superman felt /$s t/roat t$1/ten an8 /e real$%e8 /o0 mu7/ /e m$sse8
/er. -o0 mu7/ /e m$sse8 /$s /ome.
-e turne8 9a7: to Sor-.l=s to0er, su88enl* 7ol8 an8 8$stant an8
$mposs$9le to tou7/, an8 $n /$s m$n8 /e /ear8 For-.l=s vo$7e a1a$n. <We
0ere a 1reat people on7e, enl$1/tene8 even. We *earne8 to tou7/ t/e
$mposs$9le, an8 more often t/an not 0e su77ee8e8. Cou 0$ll ta:e t/at
1reatness 0$t/ *ou, m* 7/$l8, an8 0$t/ Rao=s 9less$n1, $t 0$ll 7omfort
*ou an8 1u$8e *ou.<
+er/aps For-.l an8 5ara /a8 1$ven /$m l$fe, 9ut Fonat/an an8 Mart/a
?ent ma8e $t a l$fe 0ort/ /$s l$v$n1. 4ll /$s t/ou1/ts, /$s att$tu8es,
even /$s moral$t*, 0ere for1e8 not /ere on ?r*pton, 9ut $n a small,
9arel* re7o1n$%e8 farm$n1 7ommun$t*. 4 8ot on t/e ?ansas map.
-e /a8 7ome /ere loo:$n1 for /ome. +er/aps, /e t/ou1/t, /e /a8 foun8
+a1e 31
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
-e felt /$s t/roat t$1/ten a1a$n 9ut t/$s t$me $t :ept 1ett$n1 0orse,
not 9etter. 2ausea >u$7:l* turne8 $nto a 7r$ppl$n1 pa$n, :nott$n1 /$s
stoma7/ an8 sprea8$n1 t/rou1/out /$s 9o8*, from /$s :$8ne*s to /$s
/eart. W/at=s /appen$n1 to meP
-e felt /$s 9o8* 7ollapse. -e tr$e8 to 7at7/ /$s 9reat/, 9ut /e 0as
1a11$n1, 7/o:$n1 for a$r, an8 /e 7oul8n=t ma:e /$mself stop. -$s e*es
rolle8 $nto t/e$r so7:ets as an unfor1$v$n1 9la7:ness overtoo: /$m.
)ut t/en a f$er* 1reen s7ar 9urne8 $ts 0a* t/rou1/ t/e 8ar:.
-$s e*es snappe8 open an8 /e sa0 Sor-.l=s to0er an8 $ts serpent s/$el8.
#/e* 0ere also 1lo0$n1 1reen. -e stru11le8 to loo: 7loser an8 sa0 t/at
t/e f$re 0as emanat$n1 from a tapere8 7ra7: t/at tra7e8 t/e 7ontours of
t/e 0$n8$n1 serpent.
-e re7o1n$%e8 t/at 1reen.
W/en ?r*pton 8$e8 $n t/e f$res of t/e supernova, t/e mole7ules of $ts
l$v$n1 7r*stals melte8 an8 transforme8 $nto a 9urn$n1 1reen ra8$oa7t$ve
mass. #/e mass 7ame to1et/er for onl* a moment, sol$8$f*$n1 $nto a
s$n1le ent$t*, t/en $t explo8e8 $nto m$ll$ons of smaller fra1ments, all
9urn$n1 0$t/ t/at same 8ea8l* ra8$oa7t$v$t*.
#/e p$e7es 7oole8 $nto small ro7:s as t/e* sprea8 a7ross t/e 1alax*.
#/e* 7ras/e8 onto man* planets, $n7lu8$n1 t/e .art/.
#/e* 0ere /armless to /umans, 9ut Superman :ne0 t/e* 0ere 8ea8l* to
/$mN t/e$r s$n1ular ra8$oa7t$v$t* 0oul8, 0$t/ prolon1e8 exposure, :$ll
#/e* /a8 al0a*s 9een *et one furt/er rem$n8er of /o0 8$fferent /e 0as
from .art/people.
-e sa0 /$s /an8s 1lo0$n1 l$1/t 1reen, t/e f$rst effe7ts of :r*pton$te
po$son$n1. .ven prote7te8 9* t/e 7r*stal star=s s/$el8$n1, t/e
ra8$oa7t$v$t* 0as $ns$nuat$n1 $tself $nto /$m. #/e 1reen 1lo0 0as
emanat$n1 from t/e serpent s/$el8. 3t /a8 some/o0 fuse8 0$t/ t/e
7r*stal, 8$s1u$s$n1 $t, per/aps prote7t$n1 $t from $mme8$ate
.ven 9efore see$n1 t/e :r*pton$te, /e=8 alrea8* 9een feel$n1 0ea:. W/*
8$8n=t 3 un8erstan8 t/e s*mptomsP
W/* 8$8n=t 3 run a0a* from /ere t/enP 4not/er 0ave of nausea s0ept over
+a1e 32
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
/$m. -$s fa7e 0as 7ol8 an8 /e 0as s0eat$n1.
3=ve 1ot to 1et a0a* from /ere. 3f 3 sta* an* lon1er 3=ll 8$e.
-e stru11le8 to spea:, 9ut /$s t/roat 0as 7onstr$7te8. <-ome,< 0as all
/e 7oul8 7/o:e out.
#/e star respon8e8 an8 spe8 to0ar8 t/e e81e of t/e valle*, t/en fle0
over a tall 7l$ff, prepar$n1 to leave ?r*pton=s spa7e. Superman
expe7te8 to see t/e rest of ?r*pton 9e*on8 $t, 9ut t/e 0orl8 8roppe8
a0a* $nto not/$n1ness.
W/ere $s t/e rest of t/e 0orl8P
-e t/ou1/t /e 0as 8elus$onal. #/e fever /a8 ta:en /$m overI -e 0as
9urn$n1 up. -e su88enl* nee8e8 to fl* t/rou1/ t/e 7r*stal, $nto t/e
7ol8 of spa7e.
#/ere 0ere people ever*0/ere. #/e$r arms 0ere ra$se8, t/e$r f$n1ers,
0/$te an8 9on*, 0ere tr*$n1 to pull /$m to t/em. #/e 7r*stal star 9e1an
to 8r$ft 9a7:0ar8, an8 /e sa0 t/e$r fa7esI 8es$77ate8 an8 fles/less,
lon1 8ea8. #/e* 0ere ?r*pton=s 1/osts, an8 t/e* 0ante8 /$m to 7ome 9a7:
to t/em.
-e 7lose8 /$s e*es, 9ut t/e* 0oul8n=t 1o a0a*. -e :ne0 /e 0as
8elus$onalN no9o8* 0as t/ere, outs$8e t/e star, 7all$n1 to /$m. )ut /e
8$8n=t 7are. -e 0as 8*$n1.
4s t/e star pulle8 a0a* from t/e Aalle* of t/e .l8ers, /e 7oul8 see
t/at 0/at /e t/ou1/t /a8 9een t/e planet ?r*pton 0as onl* a 9ro:en
s/ar8 of t/e 0orl8, a s$n1le m$les-lon1 fra1ment of a memor* t/at /a8
8$e8 a l$fet$me a1o an8 0as no0 8esperatel* tr*$n1 to re7la$m $ts last
errant son.
#/e fra1ment=s un8ers$8e 0as a s/attere8 se7t$on of ?r*pton=s or$1$nal
mantle, t/e :r*pton$te 9eneat/ 0as po:$n1 t/rou1/, sprea8$n1 $ts
ra8$at$on fart/er an8 fart/er $nto spa7e. Smaller 7r*stal s/ar8s, all
fuse8 0$t/ t/e 8ea8l* ra8$oa7t$v$t*, /a8 9ro:en free an8 s/ot off $nto
spa7e, s/o0er$n1 $ts pla1ue $n all 8$re7t$ons.
3t 0as so $ron$7. -e /a8 es7ape8 ?r*pton=s 8estru7t$on, 9ut t/e planet,
per/aps real$%$n1 t/$s 0as $ts last 7/an7e, 0as $n7apa9le of lett$n1
/$m 1o.
#/e star >u$7:l* pulle8 a0a* from t/at s:eletal mo7:er* of 0/at /a8
on7e 9een a 1reat 0orl8, 9ut Superman 0as st$ll feel$n1 no 9etter.
6$stan7e s/oul8 /ave allo0e8 /$m to re7over, 9ut $nstea8 /e felt /$s
/eart9eat slo0$n1. -e foun8 $t /ar8er to 9reat/e. -$s :$8ne*s 0ere
+a1e 33
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
9e1$nn$n1 to fa$l.
-$s e*es 1la%e8 over, 9ut /e 7oul8 see past t/e star=s transparent
s/ell to t/e arma8a of astero$8s t/at surroun8e8 /$m, 8ra0n $nto /$s
s/$p=s 0a:e, follo0$n1 /$m l$:e so man* 9a9* 8u7:s to t/e$r mot/er.
Superman tr$e8 to tal:, 9ut /$s t/roat 0as 7onstr$7te8 0$t/ p/le1m. -$s
f$n1ers, trem9l$n1, rea7/e8 for t/e 7onsole 0/en /e felt t/e 7r*stal
star s/a:eN stru7: 9* one of t/e :r*pton$te ro7:s. -e 8ou9le8 over,
1asp$n1 $n pa$n as t/e s/$p 0as /$t a1a$n. -e stru11le8 to rema$n
#/e star tum9le8 out of 7ontrol, sp$nn$n1 a7ross t/e vast p$t7/ of
spa7e, surroun8e8 9* emeral8 an1els of 8eat/. #/e star=s s/ell
fra1mente8 an8 7ra7:e8 0$t/ ea7/ /$t, 8ra0$n1 $n tra7es of t/e
:r*pton$te po$son, 9ut t/e 7r*stals re-forme8 ;ust as >u$7:l*, f$ll$n1
$n t/e va7ant spa7es, repa$r$n1 t/e s/$p.
4not/er astero$8 slamme8 $nto t/e 0$n8o0, an8 /a$r-l$ne 7ra7:s
sp$8er0e99e8 from $ts po$nt of $mpa7t. Superman stru11le8 to /$s feet
as more meteors slamme8 t/em.
#/e str$:es 0ere 7om$n1 faster, an8 t/e s/$p=s a9$l$t* to repa$r $tself
0as fall$n1 far 9e/$n8 t/e sprea8$n1 8ama1e.
-e 9ra7e8 /$mself as anot/er meteor stru7:. -e 7oul8 feel t/e s/$p
a77elerat$n1. Spa7e 0as rus/$n1 past. 4 ne0 star s*stem 0as 0$t/$n
Slo0l*, /e not$7e8, t/e str$:es 0ere 9e7om$n1 more $nterm$ttentN t/e
star /a8 out8$stan7e8 $ts pursuers. Fust $n t$me. -e felt /$s 9reat/
slo0l* return as /e rea7/e8 to t/e 7onsole an8 pun7/e8 $n a ser$es of
-e allo0e8 /$mself one last loo: at t/e planetar* s/ell /e /a8 left
9e/$n8, 0/$spere8 a >u$et 1oo8-9*e to t/e ?r*pton /e never :ne0, t/en
fell 9a7: $nto /$s seat an8 7lose8 /$s e*es. #/e sleep 7/am9er l$8 sl$8
out from $ts 7r*stal per7/ an8 7overe8 /$m. #/en /e /ear8 t/e
no0-fam$l$ar /$ss as $t seale8 /$m $ns$8e, prote7t$n1 /$m $n $ts 0arm
7r*stal 7o7oon.
#/e s/$p sa$le8 to0ar8 $ts f$nal 8est$nat$on /alf a 1alax* a0a*, one of
man* l$1/ts spar:l$n1 $n t/e 8ar:. -e t/ou1/t of /$s mot/er an8 fat/er
an8 of Smallv$lle an8 Metropol$s an8 t/e 0/ole of planet .art/, an8 /$s
f$nal 0or8 as sleep overtoo: /$m 0as <-ome.<
+a1e 34
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
C/apter S$x
+rev$ous#op 2ext
<-ome, s0eet, /ome,< t/e man sa$8 s0eetl*, s$tt$n1 on t/e lar1e, plus/
9e8 next to t/e former Dertru8e Aan8er0ort/, no0 /$s 8earl* 9etrot/e8.
<'eel$n1 9etterP 2ee8 some 0aterP 4 7ol8 8r$n:P +er/aps some rum, m*
S/e stare8 at /$m 0$t/ 8ea8 *ello0 e*es t/at oo%e8 0$t/ pus an8 Do8
:no0s 0/at else.
<#/at=s a 1$rl. Fust rest. 3=m s$tt$n1 /ere, next to *ou. +rom$se 3
0on=t leave *our s$8e.<
-e sa0 /er tr* to no8, 9ut s/e 8$8n=t /ave t/e stren1t/.
,uts$8e, t/e storm 0as 1ett$n1 0orse. #/e pool /ouse 8oor /a8 9lo0n $n,
an8 more t/an a 8o%en elms fell alon1 t/e /alf-m$le 8r$ve0a* from t/e
1ate to t/e ma$n /ouse. 5$1/tn$n1 0as 7reat$n1 lon1 s/a8o0s t/at
s:$ppe8 a7ross t/e 9e8room, an8 t/e t/un8er 7ause8 t/e 8o1s to start
9ar:$n1 0$l8l*KLOa1a$n.
-e slappe8 as$8e t/e t0o *app$n1 9easts, note8 t/e$r r$8$7ulous
8$amon8-stu88e8 7ollarsKLOt/e* are so out of
/ereKLOsl$ppe8 /$s f$n1ers t/rou1/ t/e tan1le of 0$res an8 fee8$n1 tu9es
an8 too: Dertru8e=s sallo0 l$ver-spotte8 /an8 $n /$s.
<3 7oul8 1et ver* use8 to l$v$n1 /ere, m* 8ear. Cou an8 me. #o1et/er.
'orever.< -er 7ou1/ soun8e8 l$:e t/e 8oor9ell to -ell.
-er par7/e8 l$ps stru11le8 $nto a 1/astl* sm$le, not an eas* tas: as
s/e 8r$99le8 over t/e one tu9e tape8 to /er left 7/ee: an8 s/ove8 $nto
/er mout/ an8 t/e t0o t/at 0ere $nserte8 $nto /er nostr$ls, t/en fol8e8
9a7: 8o0n $nto /er t/roat.
-e 7uppe8 a /an8 9e/$n8 /er /ea8 an8 proppe8 /er up ;ust a 9$t as /e
fluffe8 t/e /alf 8o%en s$l:-;a7:ete8 p$llo0s 9efore 7arefull* la*$n1
/er 9a7: 8o0n on t/em. S/e loo:e8 at /$m an8 0on8ere8 /o0 s/e /a8
1otten so lu7:*.
<3n sp$te of *our past, 3 :no0 *ou=re a 1oo8 man,< s/e sa$8, /er vo$7e
so 0ea: /e /a8 to lean an ear next to /er. <4n8 all 1oo8 men 8eserve a
se7on8 7/an7e. 5$:e m* 8ear Step/en, ta:en 9efore /$s t$me.<
+a1e 35
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
-e turne8 to t/e portra$t of t/e 8$st$n1u$s/e8 Step/en Aan8er0ort/,
/e$r to t/e vast Aan8er0ort/ s/$pp$n1 8*nast*, sternl* peer$n1 out from
t/e 1ol8-leaf frame /an1$n1 prou8l* over t/e f$repla7e, t/e s$8es of
/$s po0erful fa7e o9s7ure8 9* t/e t0$n e$1/teent/-7entur* s$lver ro7o7o
7an8le/ol8ersKLO /$s 1reat-1ran8parent=sKLOstan8$n1 on t/e 9roa8 mantel.
Aan8er0ort/=s e*es follo0e8 /$s as /e move8.
4lt/ou1/ /e 9arel* not$7e8 $t, s/e s>uee%e8 /$s /an8. <'rom t/e moment
3 re7e$ve8 *our f$rst letter, 3 :ne0 *ou 0eren=t l$:e t/e rest.< #/e
su88en t/un8er 7ause8 t/e t0o 8o1s to leap 9a7: onto t/e 9e8, 8eman8$n1
attent$on an8 prote7t$on.
-e 1lare8 at t/em, an8 t/e* /oppe8 off a1a$n, 7r*$n1 an8 s7amper$n1
9a7: to t/e$r o0n 9e8s on t/e ot/er s$8e of t/e r$8$7ulousl* lar1e
room. -e turne8 9a7: to /er, sm$l$n1 a1a$n.
<Cou 0ere sa*$n1, m* 8ear Dertru8eP<
<Cou 7ame from not/$n1, an8 0or:e8 /ar8 to 1et 0/ere *ou are, even $f
*ou ma8e a fe0 m$sta:es alon1 t/e 0a*. 2ot l$:e t/oseKLM vulturesKLM
outs$8e 0/o never /a8 to 0or: a 8a* $n t/e$r l$ves.< #/e 0or8 <vulture<
0as spat out l$:e v$ne1ar, an8 /e 7oul8 /ear t/em st$ll poun8$n1 at t/e
lo7:e8 9e8room 8oor, refus$n1 to ta:e t/e /$nt an8 1et t/e /ell out of
/ere 0/$le t/e* st$ll 7oul8.
<MomJ< <Dran8maJ< <,pen t/e 8oor.< <Cou 9astar8. W/at are *ou 8o$n1 to
/erP< <,pen t/e 8oor, 8amm$t.<
<31nore t/em, m* love.<
<2ot a pro9lem,< /e repl$e8 as /e 1ave /er anot/er p$ll, 0/$7/ /e
/elpe8 /er to ta:e 0$t/ a 7up of 0ater. S/e 7ou1/e8 $nto /er /an8, t/en
la* 9a7: 8o0n a1a$n, loo:$n1 lov$n1l* at /$m, as al0a*s.
S/e 0as start$n1 to sleep a1a$n, 9ut /e 7oul8n=t /ave t/at. 2ot *et, at
least. 3t 0oul8n=t 8o for /er to ta:e /er f$nal 9reat/ 0/$le pea7efull*
no88$n1 off.
<Dertru8eJ< /e sa$8 s/arpl*. -er e*es slo0l* opene8 a1a$n.
-e too: a s/eaf of papers from t/e fol8er next to /$m. <5ast 0$ll an8
testament< 0as t*pe8 a7ross t/e top. -e 1entl* stro:e8 /er /an8 as /e
pus/e8 t/e papers to0ar8 /er. <We 0ere tal:$n1, 8ear.<
Dertru8e tr$e8 to sm$le a1a$n, 9ut $t 0as t/e 1r$n of r$1or mort$s, an8
$t ma8e /$m s$7: to /$s stoma7/ to even loo: at $t.
+a1e 36
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
<Cou sa$8 $f 3 /elpe8 *ou 1et out of pr$son, t/at *ou=8 ta:e 7are of
me. 4n8 *ou /ave. Cou=ve 8one so mu7/ for me. S/o0n me pleasures 3
never t/ou1/t 0ere poss$9le.<
S/e 7ou1/e8 anot/er 0a8 of /e-8$8n=t-0ant-to-:no0-0/at $nto /er /an8,
t/en 1ra99e8 /$s. -e almost pulle8 a0a* 9ut t/en t/ou1/t 9etter of $t.
S/e felt /$m pla7e a pen 9et0een /er f$n1ers an8 1u$8e $t to t/e
<4n8 t/at=s 0/* *ou 8eserve 0/at Step/en left for me,< s/e sputtere8
a1a$n. <#/at=s 0/* *ou 8eserve ever*t/$n1.<
-e sa0 several strea:s of l$1/tn$n1 flas/ $n t/e 8$stan7e. .$1/t. 2$ne.
#en. .leven. -e /ear8 t/e t/un8er. .leven se7on8s. #/e storm=s mov$n1
-e 0at7/e8 7arefull*, propp$n1 up t/e papers for /er to s$1n. <Cour
name, m* 8ear. Cou nee8 to s$1n $t /ere. 4n8 /ere. 4n8 /ere.<
S/e felt t$re8, an8 /er e*es 0ere star$n1 at t/e stream t/at use8 to
flo0 9* /er /ouse 0/en s/e 0as a 7/$l8, no more t/an f$ve. 3t 0as ;ust
as s/e remem9ere8 $t, an8 s/e 8$8n=t 0ant to leave.
<Dertru8eJ< -$s s/out$n1, sa8l*, 9rou1/t /er 9a7:. <Cour auto1rap/,
/one*p$e.< S/e no88e8 0ea:l*.
S/e starte8 to 0r$te. Dertru8e Aan8erKLO S/e 7ou1/e8 a1a$n. #/e poun8$n1
on t/e 8oor 9e/$n8 t/em 0as reall* 9e1$nn$n1 to 1et on /$s nerves.
<3 love *ou, 5ex 5ut/or,< s/e sa$8, t/en promptl* 8$e8.
-e >u$7:l* move8 /er 8ea8 /an8 to f$n$s/ 0/at s/e /a8 starte8. KLO0ort/.
,uts$8e, t/e t/un8er 0as 1rum9l$n1.
#/e 8o1s 0ere 9ar:$n1 a1a$n as /e snat7/e8 up t/e 0$ll. -e :$7:e8 t/em
as$8e an8 salute8 t/e portra$t of /er 8ea8 /us9an8 0/$le 8ropp$n1 /$s
0e88$n1 9an8 $nto /er false teet/ 1lass. -e 0at7/e8 as $t san: to t/e
-e opene8 t/e 8oor, an8 /er relat$ves s/ran: 9a7: 0/en t/e* sa0 /$m.
<-$,< /e sa$8 7asuall*. <S/e=s 1one. )etter pla7e 3=m sure. )* t/e 0a*,
s/e 8$8n=t l$:e an* of *ou ver* mu7/.<
-e s/oo: off t/e 0$1 /e=8 9een 0ear$n1 an8 /$s sl$7:, 9al8 /ea8 s/one
un8er t/e l$1/t of t/e /all 7an8ela9ra. -e loo:e8 at t/e ratt*
/a$rp$e7e for a moment, t/en /an8e8 $t to a l$ttle 1$rl, 4lexan8ra
Aan8er0ort/, a1e n$ne, fearfull* 7lut7/$n1 at /er mot/er=s s:$rt. <Cou
7an :eep t/at,< /e sa$8 to /er :$n8l*. -e loo:e8 up to t/e ot/ers. <#/e
+a1e 3
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
rest $s m$ne. 2o0 1et out.<
W$t/ a s:$p $n /$s step /e ma8e /$s 0a* 8o0n t/e /all, pass$n1 a
9eaut$ful ma$8 $n a ver* s/ort s:$rt 0/o 0as 8ust$n1 a lar1e 8$spla*
7ase 7onta$n$n1 a mo8el s/$p. ,ne of Step/en=s, /e :ne0. 3=ll 1et r$8
of t/at, too.
5ex 5ut/or 0ave8 t/e s$1ne8 papers $n front of /er, an8 s/e 1r$nne8.
<-o0 8o *ou l$:e our ne0 /omeP<
?$tt* ?o0als:$ t/re0 t/e feat/er 8uster to t/e 1roun8 an8 sl$ppe8 /er
arm $nto /$s, t/en 8an7e8 0$t/ /$m as t/e* 8es7en8e8 t/e lar1e, 0$n8$n1
mar9le sta$r0ell.
'rom t/e moment t/e stunne8 Aan8er0ort/ fam$l* 0at7/e8 Dertru8e=s 8oor
open, t/e* /a8 not sa$8 a 0or8. #/en 4lexan8ra not$7e8 t/e 0$1 $n /er
/an8 an8 t/e t0o lumps of somet/$n1 9etter left unment$one8 stu7: $n
4n8 s/e s7reame8.
C/apter Seven
+rev$ous#op 2ext
Mart/a ?ent 0as out for 9loo8. S/e stare8 at /er enem*, /er e*es
narro0$n1 as s/e rea7/e8 over t/e ol8 ta9le. <4l$enP 3s t/at t/e 9est
*ou=ve 1otP<
S/e 0as a sl$m 0oman $n /er late s$xt$es 0$t/ 9r$1/t /app* e*es an8 a
rea8* sm$le, /ar8l* t/e $ma1e of someone 0/o 0oul8 1et 8o0n an8 8$rt*
0/en t/e :$8 1loves 7ame off. S/e pla7e8 t/e t$les $nto pos$t$on, t/en
1ave a sl* lau1/.
<2o0 t/$s $s 9etter. 4l$enat$on. '$ve l$ttle letters 9ut t/e* 1$ve me
sevent*-four po$nts.< S/e mar:e8 /er s7ore on t/e S7ra99le s/eet, 1ave
a 7urt sm$le to )en -u99ar8 s$tt$n1 $n mo7: fear a7ross from /er, an8
lau1/e8. <3=m 7lean$n1 *our 7lo7:, )en. -ope $t 8oesn=t /urt too mu7/.<
)en lau1/e8 as /e 1lan7e8 a1a$n at /$s t$les. Most 0ere vo0els, an8 /e
/a8 no pla7e to put t/em. <Cou=re not 8o$n1 a ver* 1oo8 ;o9 of lett$n1
me 0$n.< )en 0as four *ears ol8er t/an Mart/a, 0$t/ t/$7: s$lver /a$r
an8 a lean, 0ell-l$ne8 fa7e t/at left l$ttle 8ou9t /e /a8 spent man*
/ar8 *ears 0or:$n1 /$s farm as 0ell as p$t7/$n1 $n to /elp t/e
+a1e 3!
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
ne$1/9ors 0/o nee8e8 /$m. -e 0as st$ll stron1 an8 prou8 of $t, an8 $t
too: l$ttle pro88$n1 for /$m to pull out /$s ol8 9ox$n1 trop/$es an8
Mar$ne Corps me8als from /$s 8a*s f$1/t$n1 0$t/ t/e '$rst +rov$s$onal
)r$1a8e $n +usan, ?orea.
Mart/a 1ot up an8 8ra11e8 t0o more lo1s onto t/e f$re. S/e 1lan7e8 at
t/e p/oto1rap/s on t/e mantel an8 t/e* 0arme8 /er more t/an t/e small
f$re ever 7oul8.
#/ere 0ere at least a 8o%en p/otos of Clar:, t/e f$rst ta:en t/e 8a*
s/e an8 Fonat/an foun8 /$m $n t/e f$el8, an8 t/e last ta:en a mont/
after Fonat/an 8$e8. ,n t/e 0all surroun8$n1 t/e f$repla7e s/e /a8
frame8 Clar:=s f$rst 9*-l$ne8 ne0spaper art$7le for t/e 6a$l* +lanet
an8 pla7e8 $t next to /$s 7olle1e 8$ploma. S/e an8 Fonat/an 0ere al0a*s
so prou8 of /$m.
S/e p$7:e8 up /er an8 Fonat/an=s 0e88$n1 p/oto, an8 t/e memor$es 7ame
9a7: stron1. #/e* 0ere 1oo8 memor$es of man* /app* *ears, an8 s/e
7/er$s/e8 t/em 0$t/ all /er /eart.
S/e not$7e8 t/at )en 0as loo:$n1 at t/e furn$ture 7atalo1ue a1a$n. S/e
s$1/e8, preten8$n1 exasperat$on. S/e :$sse8 /$m on /$s /ea8, smelle8
/$s s0eet afters/aveKLO s/e /a8 9ou1/t $t for /$m on t/e$r last va7at$on
upstateKLO t/en 1lan7e8 8o0n at t/e pa1e /e=8 9een loo:$n1 at.
<)en, 3 l$:e m* :$t7/en ta9le, an8 3 0ant to :eep $t. 3=ll let *ou 0$n
0/en 0e=re pla*$n1 for a ne0 9e8.< S/e pla7e8 /er 0e88$n1 p/oto 9a7: on
t/e f$repla7e mantel, poure8 /erself anot/er /alf 1lass of 0$ne, an8
sat 8o0n a1a$n, 7arefull* rest$n1 t/e 1lass on /er nap:$n.
<Mart/a,< /e sa$8, tr*$n1 8esperatel* to ma:e /$s po$nt, <3=m ;ust
t/$n:$n1 0e=ll nee8 somet/$n1 ne0, $s all.<
S/e pulle8 t/e 7atalo1ue 7loser an8 stu8$e8 t/e p$7tureKLO not a ver*
1oo8 one, s/e 8e7$8e8KLOof a small roun8 ta9le, smaller t/an t/e one t/e*
0ere s$tt$n1 at. <2e0 0eat/ere8 ma/o1an* :$t7/en ta9le,< s/e rea8.
<.xpla$n to me /o0 a ta9le 7an 9e 9ot/ 0eat/ere8 an8 ne0.<
-e lau1/e8, :no0$n1 /e=8 pro9a9l* lose t/$s ar1ument, 9ut /e 0asn=t
rea8* to 1$ve $n *et. <#/ere=s not/$n1 0ron1 0$t/ ne0.<
Mart/a sl$8 t/e 7atalo1ue 9a7: to /$m an8 too: anot/er s$p of /er 0$ne.
<2ot/$n1 0ron1 0$t/ ol8, e$t/er,< s/e sa$8. <4n8 t/$s ta9le=s alrea8*
-e 7lose8 t/e 7atalo1ue an8 tosse8 $t to t/e 7/a$r 9es$8e /$s 7rumple8
ol8 7oat. -e m$sse8, an8 $t fell 9* t/e 8o1, not >u$te as an7$ent as
t/e 7oat 9ut ol8 enou1/ an8 t$re8 enou1/ not to ra$se /$s /ea8 to see
+a1e 3"
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
0/at /a8 fallen to /$s s$8e. #/e ol8 poo7/ 1ave a l$ttle snort, t/en
0ent 9a7: to sleep.
<,:a*, o:a*,< )en sa$8. <W/atever *ou 0ant, Mart/a. )ut 0/at=s 0$t/ t/e
atta7/ment to a ta9le an*0a*P<
Mart/a=s e*es move8 to t/e e81e of t/e ta9le, an8 /er f$n1ers tra7e8
t/e letters t/at /a8 9een 7arve8 $nto $t *ears 9efore. <Clar:.<
<3 ;ust l$:e $t, )en. 3t /as /$stor*. 2o0, are *ou tr*$n1 to 8$stra7t
me so 3 0on=t f$n$s/ t/e 1ameP Cou /ave sevent* po$nts, )en. 3 /ave,
a/em, four /un8re8 an8 n$ne. ,r are *ou rea8* to 7on7e8eP<
<2ever, 0oman.< -e lau1/e8.
-e loo:e8 at /$s t$les a1a$n, tr*$n1 to f$1ure out /o0 to use t0o 4=s,
one ., one 3, one ,, an8 a S an8 C. <3=8 l$:e to ex7/an1e t/ese. 4n8
*es, 3 :no0 3=ll m$ss a turn.< -e loo:e8 up to see /er star$n1 out t/e
:$t7/en 0$n8o0 as $f t/ere 0as somet/$n1 /appen$n1 outs$8e. <Mart/aP<
-e felt t/e ta9le move su88enl*, an8 /$s S7ra99le t$les 1entl* v$9rate8
a7ross $t. #/e :$t7/en l$1/ts 9l$n:e8 on an8 off. #/e 7up9oar8 8oors
slamme8 open, an8 t/e 1lasses, 7ups, an8 plates $ns$8e 9e1an to s/a:e.
-e /ear8 a lo0 rum9le. <.art/>ua:eP< 2o. #/ere are no fault l$nes
an*0/ere near /ere.
<Mart/a, 0/at $nKLOP<
#/e rum9l$n1 8eepene8, 1ro0$n1 $nto a 8eafen$n1 roar. -e 0as
fr$1/tene8, 9ut Mart/a 0as ;ust 7alml* loo:$n1 out t/e 0$n8o0 as $f s/e
7oul8n=t 9e less 7on7erne8. -e t/ou1/t /e sa0 an o88 sm$le on /er fa7e,
9ut surel* mat 0as $mposs$9le. ,ne 8$8n=t sm$le $n t/e e*e of a storm.
<Mart/aP< /e 7alle8 a1a$n, 9ut s/e 0asn=t pa*$n1 /$m an* attent$on.
W/at $s 0$t/ *ou ton$1/tP
-e sa0 t/e n$1/t s:* turn re8, a 8ull 9ur1un8* at f$rst, t/en $t flare8
$nto a mu7/ 9r$1/ter s7arlet. 3t 0as $mposs$9le, 9ut $t appeare8 to /$m
t/at t/e s:* 0as on f$re. 3s $t an a$rplaneP ,r ma*9e t/e s/uttleP
-a8 /e rea8 t/at t/e* ;ust laun7/e8 one of t/em, or 0ere t/e* 1o$n1 to
8o mat soonP -e 7oul8n=t remem9er 0/$7/. Memor*. Se7on8 t/$n1 to 1o.
-e stoo8 9* Mart/a=s s$8e as t/e ent$re s:* l$t up l$:e noon. #/en t/e*
9ot/ sa0 $tN a meteor 0as strea:$n1 ;ust a9ove t/em, r$1/t over me
farm, $t 0as roun8 an8 seeme8 to 9e ma8e of s/$n* 1lass, an8 $t loo:e8
to )en l$:e $t 0as a9out to 7ras/.
#/ere 0as a su88en t/un8erous 9last. <Son$7 9oom.< )en :ne0 t/at soun8
+a1e 4&
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
#/en, for a moment, ever*t/$n1 0as s$lent. 3s $t overP #/e ans0er 7ame
;ust a moment later 0$t/ a 8eafen$n1 explos$on t/at rattle8 t/e ol8
)en rea7/e8 for t/e p/one an8 8$ale8. <Call$n1 t/e pol$7e,< /e sa$8,
9ut t/ere 0as no 8$al tone. Mart/a=s f$n1er 0as on t/e /oo:.
<Mart/a, 0/at are *ou 8o$n1P< -e 0as 7on7erne8N S/e loo:e8 so stran1e,
so 8$fferent. <S/oul8 3 7all *ou a 8o7torP<
<3=m all r$1/t, )en, <s/e sa$8, 7alml*.
<)ut *ou sa0 t/atKLO<
<3t=s ;ust a meteor$te. Somet$mes t/e* 9urn up $n t/e atmosp/ere, an8
somet$mes t/e* ma:e $t all t/e 0a* 8o0n. 2o nee8 to trou9le t/e s/er$ff
a9out $t. 2ot/$n1 /e 7an 8o a9out a meteor an*0a*.<
Somet/$n1 $s 0ron1. -e 0as a9out to as: /er 0/at, 9ut Mart/a loo:e8 at
/er 0at7/, t/en too: /$s /an8 $n /ers. <5$sten, $t=s late, )en. 3=ve
/a8 a n$7e 8$nner, an8KLM<
2o0 /e 0as reall* 0orr$e8. <)utKLM<
<3t=s o:a*. 3=m f$ne. Reall*. 3=ll see *ou tomorro0 n$1/t, )en. 'or
<#omorro0. )$n1o.< S/e sa$8 f$rml*.
-e :ne0 t/at stone-fa7e8 loo:, $t al0a*s appeare8 0/en /e 0ante8 /er to
8o somet/$n1 s/e 0as 8ea8 set a1a$nst. -e never 7oul8 move /er on7e s/e
set /er m$n8. )ut t/at 0as o:a* an8 7erta$nl* 9etter t/an someone 0$t/
no m$n8 of t/e$r o0n. <4 meteor$te, *ou sa*P<
S/e sa$8 not/$n1, 9ut no88e8 0/$le st$ll loo:$n1 out t/e 0$n8o0.
<Mart/a ?ent, 3 :ne0 *ou=8 9e trou9le.<
-e 1ave /er a >u$7: :$ss on t/e 7/ee:, pette8 t/e t$re8 ol8 poo7/, 0/o
st$ll 0oul8n=t move 9ut a7:no0le81e8 /$m 0$t/ a snort, t/en /o99le8 out
to t/e p$7:up an8 0ave8 1oo8-9*e.
S/e 0at7/e8 /$m pull onto t/e ma$n roa8, an8 Mart/a=s sm$le fa8e8.
Coul8 $t reall* 9e /$mP
+a1e 41
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
S/e pulle8 on a 7oat an8 1ot $nto t/e ol8 tru7:, t/en /urr$e8 as fast
as $t 7oul8 1o 8o0n t/e 8$rt roa8 to0ar8 t/e 9a7: f$el8s. 3t=s exa7tl*
0/ere /e lan8e8 9efore.
-er /eart 0as ra7$n1. S/e 0asn=t sure s/e=8 ever see /$m a1a$n. #/en
s/e s/ove8 /er /app$ness as$8e, remem9er$n1 0/* /e /a8 left. 6$8 /e
f$n8 0/at /e nee8e8 to f$n8P 5or8, 3 7erta$nl* /ope so.
#/e tra7: pulle8 up to t/e lar1e 7ornf$el8 t/at prov$8e8 ;ust a9out
enou1/ pro8u7e to pa* for t/e farm=s up:eep. S/e /urr$e8 as fast as s/e
7oul8 an8 ran t/rou1/ t/e spa7es 9et0een t/e 7ornstal:s unt$l s/e sa0
t/e 7/arre8 tren7/, several /un8re8 feet lon1.
Fust l$:e 9efore.
Mart/a rus/e8 alon1s$8e $t, :eep$n1 off t/e rut, st$ll /ot an8 smo:$n1.
#/ere $t $s.
#/ere 0as a 8eep 7rater 0/ere t/ere /a8 9een a lar1e oa: ;ust m$nutes
9efore. 4t t/e 9ottom of $t t/e 7r*stal s/$p 0as st$ll 1lo0$n1 from t/e
/eat of reentr*. 2ot/$n1 /a8 7/an1e8.
S/e stret7/e8 out /er foot to see /o0 /ot t/e 1roun8 0as. S/e felt t/e
/eat ras/ up $nto /er nose, an8 0$t/out mean$n1 to, s/e pulle8 9a7:
$nst$n7t$vel*. S/e 7oul8 feel /er pulse 9eat$n1. 3t 0as lou8 an8
pa$nful, 9ut s/e 9ra7e8 /erself an8 starte8 a1a$n.
)ut a /an8, stron1 an8 f$rm, pulle8 /er 9a7:. S/e starte8 to s7ream
0/en s/e /ear8 /$s vo$7e. <2o. 6on=t. 3t=s too /ot,< /e sa$8.
-e 0as stan8$n1 9e/$n8 /er, /ol8$n1 on to /er. -e 0as t/$nner t/an s/e
remem9ere8, an8 /$s fa7e 0as 8ra0n an8 pale. W/at /appene8 to *ouP
<Clar:. ,/, m* 8ear, s0eet 5or8. #/an: *ou.<
<Mom, 3KLO<
S/e sa0 /$s e*es roll up $nto /$s /ea8 an8 /$s :nees 9e1$n to 9u7:le.
S/e 9ra7e8 /erself as /e 7ollapse8 $nto /er arms.
'or a moment s/e t/ou1/t s/e 7oul8 /ol8 /$m, 9ut /er o0n le1sKLO8amn.
.ver*t/$n1 a9out me $s 1ett$n1 ol8 as Met/usela/KLO0o99le8 an8 fell out
from un8er /er. #/e* 9ot/ tum9le8 to t/e 1roun8.
<Clar:, o/, noKLM<
-e loo:e8 at /er t/rou1/ /alf-7lose8 e*es. -$s l$ps, 8r* an8 par7/e8,
+a1e 42
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
>u$vere8 as /e stru11le8 to tal:. )ut onl* one 0or8 es7ape8 9efore
un7ons7$ousness 7la$me8 /$m. <Mom.<
Mart/a ?ent felt /$s 0e$1/t 7rus/$n1 $nto /er, 9ut, 0$t/ tears
stream$n1 8o0n /er fa7e, s/e /el8 on to /$m for a lon1, lon1 t$me.
-er son 0as /ome.
C/apter .$1/t
+rev$ous#op 2ext
#/e f$rst t/$n1 /e sa0 0/en /e f$nall* opene8 /$s e*es a1a$n 0ere t/e
fam$l$ar 7onstru7t$on paper 7utouts of 8o%ens of small stars t/at /e
/a8 1lue8 to t/e 7e$l$n1 0/en /e 0as onl* a :$8. '$rst 1ra8e, or 0as
t/at :$n8er1artenP #/e stars 0ere 7olore8 $n 7ra*on, an8 /e su88enl*
re7o1n$%e8 t/e$r pattern. M* Do8J #/at=s t/e v$e0 from ?r*pton. -$s
ol8er self /a8 for1otten man* of For-.l=s lessons, 9ut t/e* 0ere st$ll
fres/ $n t/at lon1-a1o f$ve-*ear-ol8 m$n8.
Clar: ?ent 0as 9a7: $n /$s ol8 room. -e loo:e8 out t/e 0$n8o0 an8 sa0
t/e sun ;ust a9out to r$se, $ts 9r$1/t *ello0 ra*s 9e1$nn$n1 to pee:
t/rou1/ t/e t/$7: 7lou8s.
-$s ol8 9oo:7ases 0ere l$ne8 up a1a$nst t/e far 0all an8 t/e 9oo:s 0ere
$n t/e same pla7e /e=8 left t/em, alt/ou1/ t/e* 0ere sta7:e8 neatl*
$nstea8 of s/ove8 $n an*pla7e /e >u$7:l* foun8. #/ere 0ere more of /$s
9a9* p$7tures /ere t/an /e remem9ere8, as 0ell as p/otos from 8$fferent
9$rt/8a* part$es an8 even /$s /$1/-s7/ool 1ra8uat$on. #/$s room /a8
9een /$s l$fe, an a$l-4mer$7an :$8=s l$fe.
-e 0as /ome.
-$s ol8 8es: sat $n t/e 7orner as $t /a8 for lon1er t/an /e=8 9een
al$ve. #/$s room 0as on7e /$s 8a8=s off$7e, 0/ere /e=8 1o for an /our
or so ever* afternoon an8 0r$te letters, ma:e out 7/e7:s, an8 p/one
suppl$ers an8 fr$en8s. -$s 1ran8parents /a8 9ou1/t t/e 8es: 0/en
Fonat/an 0as onl* eleven. #/e* 7erta$nl* 1ot t/e$r mone*=s 0ort/.
#/e 8oor nu81e8 open, an8 S/el9* t/e ol8 8o1 entere8, /$s lon1 8roop*
ta$l /an1$n1 9et0een /$s le1s. -e 9oun8e8 over to Clar: an8 sn$ffe8
/$m. -$s ta$l 9e1an to 0a1 as /e l$7:e8 /$s ol8 fr$en8. <-e*, 9o*,<
Clar: sa$8, pett$n1 /$m. <St$ll loo:$n1 1oo8 for an ol8 mon1rel.<
+a1e 43
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
Clar: sa0 t/e 7loset st$ll /a8 /$s 7lot/$n1 /an1$n1 $n $t, exa7tl* as
/e=8 left $t f$ve *ears 9efore, all 8r*-7leane8 an8 prote7te8 9*
plast$7. San$t$%e8 for *our prote7t$onJ
<#/e*=re pro9a9l* out of st*le 9* no0, 9o*, 9ut 0/en 0as 3 ever $n
-e 9rus/e8 /$s teet/ an8 too: a lon1 s/o0er an8 felt mu7/ 9etter. #/e
7r*stal star :ept /$m ant$sept$7 an8 7lean, 9ut /e :ne0 t/ere 0as no
0a* ultrason$7s 0oul8 ever repla7e a /ot, la%* s/o0er. -e 8r$e8 /$mself
off an8 put on a pa$r of ;eans an8 a 0/$te #-s/$rt. #$me to re;o$n
/uman:$n8, /e t/ou1/t.
W$t/ a slo0 ex/ale, /e ma8e /$s 0a* 8o0nsta$rs. S/el9* slo0l* follo0e8.
<MomP Cou /ereP< -e ma8e /$s 0a* $nto t/e :$t7/en. <MomP< #/ere 0as no
ans0er. -e s7anne8 t/e farm 0$t/ /$s Q-ra* v$s$on, 9ut /e 7oul8n=t f$n8
/er an*0/ere. #/e ol8 p$7:up 0asn=t t/ere, e$t/er. -e musse8 up t/e
8o1=s fur an8 /ea8e8 outs$8e. <S/e must=ve 1one to to0n to p$7: up
suppl$es. S/e 0asn=t prepare8 for 7ompan*.< #/e 8o1 lo*all* follo0e8.
-e 0an8ere8 $nto t/e 7ornf$el8 an8 loo:e8 9a7: at t/e farm/ouse. 3t /a8
fallen $nto 8$srepa$r. -e 7oul8 see t/at t/e tra7tor 0as ruste8 an8 t/e
f$el8 over1ro0n.
-e :nelt an8 ran /$s f$n1ers t/rou1/ t/e 8r*, 7rum9l$n1 so$l. @se8 to
9e t/e 9est farm$n1 lan8 for a /un8re8 m$les. Cou 7an=t /arvest mu7/ $n
t/$s. Duess t/ere /asn=t 9een mu7/ ra$n latel*.
#/e farm /a8 7/an1e8. More t/an /e /a8 expe7te8.
-$s memor$es 0ere so 7learI -e 0as f$fteen, an8 t/e 7ornf$el8 ;ust
sout/ of t/e /ouse 0as overflo0$n1 0$t/ tall, r$7/ stal:s, plante8, as
/$s fat/er /a8 tau1/t /$m, $n a ser$es of s/ort ro0s to ma:e $t eas$er
for t/e plants to poll$nate 8ur$n1 tassel$n1. #/e s0eet 7orn /a8 9een
matur$n1 for nearl* t0o mont/s an8 0as ;ust a 0ee: or so s/* of
/arvest$n1. -e an8 /$s 8a8 0oul8 1et to t/e f$el8 earl* $n t/e morn$n1
to 9e1$n t/e$r la9or.
<2o us$n1 *our spe7$al a9$l$t$es,< /$s fat/er 0oul8 al0a*s rem$n8 /$m.
<We p$7: $t t/e ol8-fas/$one8 0a*.< -e :ne0 Clar: 7oul8 7lear t/e f$el8
$n less t/an f$ve m$nutes, 9ut Fonat/an 0ante8 to tea7/ /$m pat$en7e.
<2ot ever*t/$n1 /as to 9e 8one fast ;ust 9e7ause *ou 7an. Somet$mes
$t=s t/e exper$en7e t/at matters, not onl* t/e results.<
Clar: remem9ere8 stan8$n1 $n t/e f$el8, >u$et as t/e prover9$al 7/ur7/
mouse, 9reat/$n1 $n t/e morn$n1 a$r, /$s teena1e self surve*$n1 t/e
lan8. -e :ne0 t/en /o0 lu7:* /e 0as to 9e t/ere.
+a1e 44
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
#/e *oun1 Clar: 1ave a 0$8e sm$le an8 9e1an to run. -e p$7:e8 up spee8,
spr$nt$n1 t/rou1/ t/e a7res of 7orn unt$l /e 0as ;ust a 9lur amon1 t/e
#/e 7ool 0$n8 0as rus/$n1 past /$m, 9lo0$n1 /$s /a$r, $nv$1orat$n1 /$m.
-e let loose 0$t/ a 0$l8 roar an8 ;umpe8. -e sa$le8 over t/e stal:s,
ten feet stra$1/t up an8 f$fteen feet 8o0n t/e ro0. -e ;umpe8 a1a$n,
/$1/er an8 fart/er t/$s t$me, t/$rt* feet up, lan8$n1 more t/an t0ent*
feet from 0/ere /e=8 left t/e 1roun8.
-$s po0ers 0ere ;ust 9lossom$n1, an8 /e love8 to pus/ t/em to t/e$r
4ll r$1/t, let=s see 0/at *ou 7an reall* 8o, /e t/ou1/t to /$mself. -$s
/eart 0as pump$n1 as /e p$7:e8 up spee8. #/e farm 0as 9lurr$n1 aroun8
/$m. -e :ept runn$n1, faster an8 faster. #/ere 0as a 0ater spr$n:ler
a/ea8 of /$m. W$t/ a s/ort lau1/ /e 7lose8 /$s e*es an8 leapt.
W/en /e opene8 t/em a1a$n /e sa0 /e 0as sa$l$n1 t/rou1/ t/e a$r,
$mposs$9l* /$1/. -e felt as $f /e 7oul8 ;ust /an1 $n t/e a$r an8 never
lan8 $f /e 8$8n=t 0ant to.
)ut /e 8$8. -e 7ame to rest not on t/e 1roun8, 9ut on top of t/e ol8
1ra$n 9$n. -e 0as a /alf m$le from 0/ere /e starte8.
-e loo:e8 up. #/e s:* 0as a 8eep 9lue peppere8 0$t/ onl* a fe0 errant
8ar: smu81es, leftovers from last n$1/t=s ra$n. )ut farm$n1 0as no0 t/e
last t/$n1 on /$s m$n8. 'or t/e past *ear or so more of /$s $n7re8$9le
a9$l$t$es 0ere reveal$n1 t/emselves, an8 ea7/ ne0 8$s7over* 0as
3t 0as onl* last 0ee:. -e 0as $n 9$olo1* 7lass, s$tt$n1 t0o 8es:s
9e/$n8 5ana, star$n1 at /er lon1 re8 /a$r 0$t/ t/e perfe7t 1reen 9o0
7$n7/$n1 $t $nto a pon*ta$l t/at /*pnot$7all* metronome8 9a7: an8 fort/
ea7/ t$me s/e turne8 /er /ea8. -e felt /eat 0ell$n1 up 9e/$n8 /$s e*es,
a small 9onf$re t/at 0as su88enl* $1n$t$n1 $nto $nferno $ntens$t*. -e
7lampe8 /$s e*es t$1/t, :no0$n1 $f /e 8$8n=t 8o somet/$n1 soon t/e*
0oul8 explo8e 0$t/ f$re.
W/at $s /appen$n1 to meP
-e 9e1an to s0eat, an8 /e never 8$8 t/at. -e felt /$s 9reat/ >u$7:en
un7ontrolla9l*. -e /a8 to release t/e /eat fast, 9ut /e 7oul8n=t 8o $t
/ereN $f /e 8$8n=t 7ontrol $t, /e 0oul8 9urn 8o0n t/e ent$re s7/ool.
-e ;umpe8 out of /$s seat, /$s e*es st$ll s/ut, an8 /e ran, mum9l$n1
somet/$n1 l$:e <3=m sorr*. 3 1otta 1o. Must=ve 9een lun7/. 3 feel
+a1e 45
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
-e 8$8n=t 0a$t for t/e tea7/er to 1$ve /$m a /all pass. -e 0as alrea8*
out t/e front 8oor of t/e s7/ool, 9ut /e 7oul8 /ear t/e 7lass st$ll
lau1/$n1N so 0/at else 0as ne0P
#/e* al0a*s t/ou1/t /e 0as 0e$r8, 8$fferent from t/e rest of t/em. Well
*ea/. 6u/. 3 7an run faster t/an a lo7omot$ve, *ou ;er:s. 5et=s see *ou
8o t/at.
3n less t/an f$ve se7on8s /e 0as 9a7: at t/e farm, $n t/e nort/ f$el8
0/ere Mom an8 6a8 tol8 /$m t/e* /a8 foun8 /$m. -e opene8 /$s e*es an8
felt a mass$ve explos$on es7ape from t/em. -e 7oul8n=t /ave 0a$te8
anot/er se7on8. W/en /$s e*es 7oole8 a1a$n /e sa0 t/at t/e 1roun8
surroun8$n1 /$m 0as on f$re.
S$tt$n1 atop t/e s$lo /e t/ou1/t a9out t/at $n7re8$9le revelat$on. -eat
v$s$on. 3=ve 1ot /eat v$s$on. 'or t/e rest of t/e 0ee: /e 0or:e8 ea7/
afternoon after f$n$s/$n1 /$s /ome0or: to learn to 7ontrol t/at po0er.
Can=t a77$8entall* 9urn 8o0n t/e s7/ool, no matter /o0 mu7/ 3 ma* 0ant
-e prepare8 /$mself, t/en leapt off t/e s$lo. -e 7on7entrate8 to sta*
afloat t/$s t$me. 2ot to lan8. 3n a s$n1le leap /e soare8 over t/e
ent$re f$el8. #/e 9arn 0as 7los$n1 $n a/ea8 of /$m. -e tr$e8 to stop
9ut 7oul8n=t. -e tr$e8 to 7/an1e 8$re7t$on, 9ut 8$8n=t :no0 /o0. -e
felt /$s /eart t/ump$n1 7ra%$l* $ns$8e /$s 7/est as /e smas/e8 t/rou1/
t/e 9arn roof. -e 0as fall$n1, an8 /e 9ra7e8 /$mself for $mpa7t. )ut
t/ere 0as none.
-e 0as $ns$8e t/e 9arn, /over$n1 /or$%ontall*, ;ust s$x $n7/es a9ove
t/e 1roun8. 2ot fall$n1. 2ot r$s$n1. Fust float$n1.
-e s0allo0e8 /ar8 an8 env$s$one8 /$mself vert$7al an8 /$s 9o8* t$lte8
up0ar8 unt$l /e 0as stan8$n1. Stan8$n1 9ut st$ll float$n1.
-e loo:e8 8o0n to t/e 1roun8, an8 /$s e*es automat$7all* refo7use8. -e
0asn=t loo:$n1 at t/e 1roun8 9ut t/rou1/ $t an8 past la*ers of 8$rt an8
so$l-7a:e8 floor9oar8s, to 0/at loo:e8 l$:e a 0oo8en 8oor lea8$n1 to
t/e small 7ellar 9elo0 $t.
)ut $t 0as 0/at 0as $n t/e 7ellar t/at $ntereste8 /$m. -$88en un8er a
tarp 0as a stran1e e11-s/ape8 o9;e7t t/e s$%e of a 9a9*=s 7r$9.
-e 7leare8 t/e 0a* to $t >u$7:l*, reveal$n1 a 7/arre8 7r*stal po8 un8er
t/at ol8 ratt* tarp. -e /a8 never seen $t 9efore 9ut /e :ne0 exa7tl*
0/at $t 0as. #/$s 0as t/e s/$p 3 arr$ve8 $n as a 9a9*.
+a1e 46
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
#/e po8 0as 1lo0$n1 0$t/ a l$1/t ra8$at$n1 from t/e small 0/$te 7r*stal
l*$n1 $ns$8e $t. For-.l=s 7r*stal. 4s /e rea7/e8 $n an8 p$7:e8 $t up,
t/e l$1/t 1lo0e8 9r$1/ter, 9at/$n1 /$m $n $ts 9l$n8$n1 $ntens$t*.
Clar: 0as st$ll :neel$n1 $n t/e f$el8, t/e 8r* so$l s$ft$n1 t/rou1/ /$s
f$n1ers. 6$fferent t$me t/en. 3 0as $nno7ent an8 ex7$te8 9* ever*t/$n1
ne0. 3t 0as all spelle8 out for me so 7learl* t/en. 3 /a8 a /ome 0/ere
3 9elon1e8. M* parents :ne0 t/e 8$fferen7e 9et0een r$1/t an8 0ron1 an8
8$8 t/e$r 9est to tea7/ $t to me. 3 /a8 s7/ool an8 3 0as ex-
pe7te8 to a7/$eve spe7$f$7 results. 3 /a8 fr$en8s, an8 t/e* truste8 me
to 9e trut/ful an8 /onest. 3 :ne0 0/ere 3 stoo8. 3 :ne0 0/o 3 0as.
-e patte8 t/e last of t/e 8ust off /$s /an8s, t/en stoo8 up an8 loo:e8
at t/e r$s$n1 sun as $ts 9r$1/t 0armt/ 0as/e8 over /$m. Cea/. 6$fferent
t$me t/en.
-e felt somet/$n1 soft /$t $nto /$s left foot. 3t 0as a tattere8
9ase9all, an8 $t 0as follo0e8 a se7on8 later 9* S/el9*, 0a11$n1 /$s
ta$l ex7$te8l*, tr*$n1 to 7onv$n7e Clar: to pla* 0$t/ /$m.
Clar: sm$le8 at t/e 8o1=s anx$ous fa7e. <3 0as exa7tl* l$:e *ou, 9o*.
2ot/$n1 0as ever 0ron1.< Clar: tosse8 t/e 9all up on7e or t0$7e, t/e
8o1 9ra7$n1 $ts 9o8*, rea8* to run 0/$7/ever 0a* t/e 9all fle0. Clar:
tosse8 $t up one more t$me, t/en t/re0 $t. S/el9* 9e1an to run 9ut t/en
stoppe8 su88enl*. #/e 9all 0as not 8ropp$n1. 3t :ept sa$l$n1 t/rou1/
t/e a$r, 8$sappear$n1 from v$e0.
#/e 8o1 turne8 9a7: to Clar:, loo:$n1 at /$m >u$%%$7all*, as $f to as:
0/ere 8$8 $t 1oP
<,ops. Sorr*, 9o*. 'or1ot m* o0n stren1t/. 3=ll 1et *ou a ne0 one, 3
prom$se. )ut 3=ve 1ot somet/$n1 3 /ave to 8o f$rst.<
-e p$7:e8 up a s/ovel from $ns$8e t/e 9arn an8 turne8 9a7: to t/e
f$el8, star$n1 at t/e lon1, st$ll-smol8er$n1 tren7/ re7e8$n1 $nto t/e
smo:* m$st. 4t t/e ver* en8 of $t, 9ur$e8 8eep $n t/e 8$rt, 0as t/e
7r*stal star. -e too: t/e s/ovel an8 9e1an to 9ur* $t.
4fter /e 0as 8one, /e returne8 to t/e ol8 9arn, la$8 t/e s/ovel on7e
a1a$n a1a$nst t/e 0all. -e sa0 t/e la*er of 8ust an8 8e9r$s t/at
7overe8 t/e floor. W$t/ a 0/oos/ of super9reat/ /e 9le0 t/e ru99le
a0a*, reveal$n1 t/e 7ellar 8oors.
S/el9* s$8le8 up to /$m, 0on8er$n1 0/at /e 0as 8o$n1. <6$11$n1 up an
ol8, 9ur$e8 9one,< /e ans0ere8.
-e pulle8 t/e 8oors open an8 sa0 /$s ol8 7/$l8/oo8 s/$p. -e opene8 $t,
+a1e 4
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
:no0$n1 $t 0oul8n=t 9e t/ere, 9ut /e loo:e8 an*0a*. #/e fat/er 7r*stal
0as 1one, as /e :ne0 $t 0as. -e=8 ta:en $t 0/en /e 0as seventeen. W/en
/e left Smallv$lle an8 ma8e /$s 0a*KLM nort/.
2ext to t/e 7r*stal s/$p 0as a sta7: of ol8 ne0spapers. '$ve *ears=
0ort/. 4ll t/e 6a$l* +lanet an8 all a88resse8 to <Mart/a ?ent,
Smallv$lle.< -$s mot/er /a8 save8 t/e ne0s for /$m, ever* 8a*=s paper
for nearl* f$ve *ears. S/e never 1ave up /ope t/at /e 0as 7om$n1 9a7:.
Do8, 3 love /er.
Clar: sat on t/e po8 an8 p$7:e8 up t/e most re7ent $ssue. 3t 0as f$lle8
0$t/ t/e t*p$7al 0orl8 ne0sI Wars. -urr$7anes. 6$sasters. 4ll 8$fferent
from t/e ones /e 8ealt 0$t/, all prett* mu7/ t/e same. 5$fe 1oes on.
#/ere 0ere no ment$ons of /$m.
-e use8 /$s Q-ra* v$s$on an8 s7anne8 t/e 9ottommost papers.
<Meteor S/o0er )affles S7$ent$sts<
-e /a8 /an8le8 t/at frea: pro9lem on /$s last 8a*. -e /a8 /ope8 someone
0oul8 /ave 8$s7overe8 t/e reason for t/e meteor s/o0er 9* no0. ,/, 0ell.
-e spe8 t/rou1/ t/e ne0spapers.
<Cape8 Won8er Stuns C$t*<
5o$s=s f$rst art$7le on /$m. Superman, 8a* one.
<3 Spent t/e 2$1/t 0$t/ Superman<
.xa11erate8, /e remem9ere8. 4 /ea8l$ne 8es$1ne8 to sell papers, not to
9e fa7tual. St$llKLM
<Superman Stops Cr$m$nal Masterm$n8 5ex 5ut/or<
3t too: /$m lon1 enou1/ to 9u$l8 a sol$8 7ase a1a$nst t/at man$a7.
<5ex Dets 5$fe #/an:s to Man of SteelI S0ears Reven1e<
Ca88a *a88a *a88a. 3f 3 /a8 a n$7:el for ever* t/reat of reven1e ma8e
a1a$nst me, 3 7oul8 1$ve )$ll Dates a run for /$s mone*.
<4stronomers 6$s7over ?r*pton 3nta7tKLOS$1ns of 5$fe 'oun8<
-e loo:e8 a0a*, 0$s/$n1 /e=8 never seen t/at one. ?r*pton. 2ot >u$te a
l$e, 9ut $t 0asn=t /ome. 3t 0oul8 never 9e /ome.
+a1e 4!
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
-e 0as near t/e m$88le of t/e sta7:.
<Superman 6$sappears<
<W$ll -e .ver ReturnP<
.ven /e 0asn=t sure.
-e s7anne8 for more /ea8l$nes, slo0l* 1ett$n1 up to 8ate on all t/e
ne0s t/at 0as f$t to rea8. War. 'am$ne. Cr$me.
.a7/ 8a*=s paper foun8 t/e art$7les on Superman=s 8$sappearan7e put
fart/er an8 fart/er $nto t/e 9a7: of t/e ne0spaper unt$l, a9out a *ear
later, ;ust after t/e f$rst ann$versar* of /$s 8$sappearan7e, t/e*
f$nall* 8$sappeare8 alto1et/er.
#/ere 0as not/$n1 a9out /$m for nearl* anot/er *ear, unt$lI <W/* t/e
Worl8 6oesn=t 2ee8 Superman. )* 5o$s 5ane.< -e pulle8 t/e paper from
t/e sta7:.
3 s/oul8 /ave tol8 /er.
-e 9e1an rea8$n1.
<'or f$ve lon1 *ears, t/e 0orl8 /as stare8 $nto t/e s:*, 0a$t$n1,
/op$n1, an8 pra*$n1 for /$s return. We /ave spent our 8a*s as:$n1 0/ere
/e 0ent, 8e9at$n1 0/* /e left, an8 0on8er$n1 $f /e=s even al$ve.<
<+eople /ave al0a*s lon1e8 for 1o8s, mess$a/s, an8 sav$ors to s0oop
8o0n from t/e s:* an8 8el$ver t/em from t/e$r trou9les. )ut $n t/e en8,
t/ese sav$ors al0a*s leave, an8 0e are fa7e8 0$t/ t/e same trou9les
t/at 0ere t/ere from t/e 9e1$nn$n1.<
<So, $nstea8 of fa7$n1 mem ourselves, 0e 0a$t for t/e sav$or to return.
)ut t/e sav$or never 8oes, an8 0e real$%e $t 0as 9etter /e /a8 never
7ome at all.<
Cea/. 3 s/oul8 /ave tol8 /er.
-e 7lose8 t/e 7ellar 8oors 9e/$n8 /$m. 4s /e 0al:e8 to t/e /ouse S/el9*
0as trott$n1 next to /$m, a ne0 9ase9all, 0et an8 8r$pp$n1, /app$l*
ens7on7e8 $n /$s mout/.
Was s/e r$1/tP
-e ploppe8 /$mself $nto t/e t/$7: m$88le 7us/$on of t/e 7ou7/ an8
remote8 /$s 0a* t/rou1/ t/ree /un8re8 7/annels of s$t7oms, 8ramas,
8o7umentar$es, mov$es, foo8 preparat$on s/o0s, 7artoons, an8 ne0s. #/e*
+a1e 4"
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
flas/e8 past /$m, a monta1e of tr$v$a /e /a8 no $nterest $n follo0$n1.
#/e ne0s s/o0s 0oul8 /ave on7e 7alle8 to /$m.
<3n *et anot/er n$1/tt$me s$e1e of a C/$7a1o 9an:, arme8 ro99ers eva8e8
7apture 9*KLM<
<KLMa torna8o r$ppe8 t/rou1/ a to0nKLM<
<KLMa fam$l* 0as /el8 at 1unpo$nt 0/enKLM<
<KLMa /$1/-r$se erupte8 $n flames ;ust 9eforeKLM<
-e put 8o0n t/e remote, poure8 some 7ereal an8, as /e ate, 1lan7e8 at
t/e ne0spaper at /$s s$8e. 5o$s=s art$7le 0as a9ove t/e fol8.
Was s/e r$1/tP
-e felt t/e 8o1=s nose press a1a$nst /$s le1. Clar: sa0 /$m 8rop t/e
9all, tell$n1 /$m to t/e 9est of /$s a9$l$t* t/at /e for1ave Clar:
los$n1 t/e ot/er 9all, 9ut /e st$ll 0ante8 to pla*. -e pette8 S/el9*,
ruffle8 /$s fur, an8 s7rat7/e8 9e/$n8 /$s ears. S/el9* nearl* purre8.
Clar: p$7:e8 up t/e 9all an8 9oun7e8 $t $nto t/e :$t7/en. 4 se7on8
later t/e 8o1 8roppe8 $t 9* /$s feet a1a$n, /$s ton1ue /an1$n1 over t/e
7orners of /$s ma0, an ever-/opeful loo: $n /$s 8ar: 9ro0n e*es. Clar:
/a8 to sm$le.
<'eel$n1 9etterP< -$s mot/er 0as 9e/$n8 /$m. -e /a8n=t /ear8 /er enter
t/e room.
-e 1ot up an8 /u11e8 /er. S/e 0as a 9$t /eav$er t/an /e remem9ere8, 9ut
s/e seeme8 /app$er an8 stron1er. <Dett$n1 t/ere.<
<Cou ;ust nee8e8 a 1oo8 n$1/t=s sleep, t/at=s all.< S/e sa0 t/e
ne0spaper on t/e 7ou7/. <3 :ept t/em for *ou.<
<Cea/. 3nterest$n1, umm, rea8$n1. #/an:s, Mom.<
S/e loo:e8 out t/e 0$n8o0, 7on7erne8. Clar: :ne0 0/at s/e 0as loo:$n1
for. <6on=t 0orr*. 3 9ur$e8 $t t/$s morn$n1.<
)ut s/e 8$8n=t turn 9a7: to /$m, /er e*es 0ere f$xe8 some0/ere 9e*on8
t/e /or$%on.
+a1e 5&
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
-e 7oul8 tell s/e 0as 7r*$n1, 9ut s/e 0as too prou8 to let /$m see. -e
put /$s po0erful arms aroun8 /er an8 /u11e8 /er ten8erl*, 7omfort$n1
/er. S/e snuffle8 up /er tears 9ut 7ont$nue8 star$n1 $nto t/e
not/$n1ness of spa7e an8 t$me.
<'$ve *ears. 3t 0as ;ust so lon1. 3f *our fat/er 0as al$ve, /e never
0oul8 /ave let *ou 1o. 4n8 t/en, su88enl*, *ou=re /ere.<
-er vo$7e 9e1an to 7ra7:, 9ut s/e 7oul8n=t stop tal:$n1. 3t 0as as $f
f$ve *ears of 0orr*$n1 /a8 to pour out of /er all at on7e 9efore s/e
7oul8 1o 9a7: to some sort of a normal l$fe.
<3 almost 1ave up. #/ere 0ere t$mes 3 t/ou1/t 3=8 never see *ou a1a$n.<
-e 7ont$nue8 to /ol8 on to /er as s/e 0$pe8 some ne0 tears a0a* 0$t/
t/e sleeve of /er 9louse. <6$8 *ou f$n8 0/at *ou 0ere loo:$n1 forP< s/e
-e s/oo: /$s /ea8 sa8l*. <3 t/ou1/tKLM /ope8KLM $t m$1/t st$ll 9eKLM<
<Cour /omeP< Mart/a f$n$s/e8 for /$m.
<Well, one t/$n1 3 learne8. #/$s $s m* /ome. #/at pla7eKLM 0as a
1rave*ar8.< -e pause8, tr*$n1 to sa* 0/at /e :ne0 to 9e true, 9ut t/e
0or8s st$ll stu7: $n /$s t/roat. <3=m all t/at=s left.<
<#/e un$verse $s a 9$1 pla7e, Clar:,< s/e sa$8 softl*, 7omfort$n1 /$m
no0, t/e an1er 1one, t/e mot/er 9a7: $n pla7e. <Cou never :no0 0/o=s
out t/ere. 4n8 even $f *ou are t/e last, $t 8oesn=t mean *ou=re alone.<
S/e stoo8 on /er toes an8 pulle8 /$m to /er, :$ss$n1 /$m on t/e
fore/ea8. -$s 9o8* seeme8 to relax. 4t last s/e let 1o an8 steppe8 to
t/e m$rror /an1$n1 near t/e f$repla7e. S/e pulle8 out a pa$r of
earr$n1s from /er po7:et an8 fastene8 t/em.
-e 0as sm$l$n1. 3t 0as r$1/t to 7ome 9a7: /ere. #o 7ome 9a7: /ome.
<So, 0/en are *ou plann$n1 on /ea8$n1 9a7: to Metropol$sP< s/e as:e8,
7/e7:$n1 t/e m$rror, ma:$n1 sure /er earr$n1s /un1 r$1/t an8 t/at /er
ne7:la7e 0as $n pla7e.
Clar: /es$tate8 9efore ans0er$n1. <47tuall*, 3 0as t/$n:$n1 a9out
st$7:$n1 aroun8 t/e farm. 3t 0oul8n=t ta:e mu7/ t$me for me to repa$nt
t/e 9arn or replant t/e f$el8. +la7e 7oul8 9e s/$ps/ape $n ;ust a fe0
S/e pulle8 out l$pst$7: from /er purse an8 remove8 t/e top. <W/at a9out
+a1e 51
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
t/at 1$rl *ou use8 to l$:e. 5o$s 5aneP #/e one *ou /a8 me sen8 all
t/ose post7ar8s toP 3 /ave to a8m$t 3 1ot prett* 1oo8 at s$1n$n1 *our
S/e not$7e8 /e 8$8n=t respon8. S/e put 8o0n t/e l$pst$7:.
<Cou :no0, s$n7e *ou=ve 9een 1one t/e ne0s /asn=t 9een >u$te 0/at $t
use8 to 9e. #/e 0orl8 7an al0a*s use moreKLM 1oo8 reporters.<
Clar: sm$le8, un8erstan8$n1. <3t=s /ar8 for me to l$ve m* l$feKLM :eep$n1
-e turne8 a0a*. #/e memor$es of ?r*pton, of 8eat/ an8 s/attere8 7r*stal
l*$n1 s$8e 9* s$8e 0$t/ t/ose 1reat an7$ent to0ers of /ope, rus/e8 9a7:
to /$m. -e 1re0 t/e 7r*stal star from For-.l=s 1$ft an8 r$s:e8
ever*t/$n1 to 1o t/ere, not ;ust 9e7ause /e 9el$eve8 t/at ?r*pton 0as
st$ll al$ve an8 0oul8 0el7ome t/e$r lon1-lost son 9a7: to t/e$r fol8,
9ut 9e7ause $t 0oul8 /ave allo0e8 /$m to put as$8e t/ose se7rets, to
for1et t/e 8e7e$ts /e nee8e8 to :eep up $n or8er to l$ve ea7/ 8a*.
-e :ne0 for Superman to ex$st t/ere nee8e8 to 9e a Clar: ?ent. )ut
$ns$8e /$m, $n t/e 8eepest 7ore of /$s t/ou1/ts, /e 0as Clar: far more
t/an /e ever 0as t/$sKLM sav$or, as 5o$s /a8 7alle8 /$mKLM t/$s s*m9ol of
perfe7t$on ever*one t/ou1/t /$m to 9e.
)ut 5o$s 0as 0ron1. #/e* 0ere all 0ron1. -e m$1/t /ave po0ers, 9ut /e
8$8n=t see /$mself as an* :$n8 of 1o8 7ome to 0al: t/e .art/ an8 s/o0
man:$n8 0/ere $t /a8 1one 0ron1. -e onl* 7ame to /elp.
-e 0asn=t ra$se8 on ,l*mpus, 9ut $n Smallv$lle, 1$ven t/e values of t0o
of t/e 9est people /e /a8 ever :no0n, 9ut /e 0as st$ll prone to
m$sta:es an8 f$ts of temper an8 errors of ;u81ment, ;ust as an*one
-e use8 /$s po0ers for 1oo8, 9ut /e /a8 7ome to feel t/e 0e$1/t of /$s
8est$n* 7rus/$n1 /$m.
-e nee8e8 rel$ef. -e nee8e8 /$s o0n /ope. -e nee8e8 /$s o0n Superman to
1u$8e /$m.
-e felt /$s mot/er=s /an8 ta:e /$s. <Clar:, *our fat/er an8 3 0ante8 a
7/$l8 so mu7/, an8 0/en *ou 7ame to us, 0ell, mu7/ t/e 0a* *ou 8$8 last
n$1/t, 0e :ne0 $f an*one foun8 out a9out *ou, or t/e t/$n1s *ou 7oul8
8o, t/e* m$1/t ta:e *ou a0a*. ,r 0orse.<
S/e loo:e8 outs$8e t/e 0$n8o0, t/e sun no0 over/ea8. <3t 0as a se7ret
*our fat/er an8 3 1la8l* :ept our 0/ole l$ves.<
+a1e 52
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
'or several m$nutes /e 8$8n=t respon8. -e /a8 never full* t/ou1/t out
t/e 0or8s 9eforeKLOt/e* 0ere feel$n1s t/at 7/urne8 $ns$8e /$m, never
ver9al an8 spe7$f$7KLOan8 t/e* 0ere a0:0ar8 for /$m to f$n8s 0or8s to
8es7r$9e. -e 0as t/e one 0/o 0as suppose8 to /ave all t/e ans0ers, not
;ust more >uest$ons.
<3 8on=t :no0 $f 3=m t/at 1u* an*more. 3 8on=t even :no0 $f 3=8 9e
0el7ome8 9a7:.<
Mart/a lau1/e8. <#/at=s preposterous, Clar:. #/e not$on of an*one 0/o
7ares a9out ot/ers not 0ant$n1 *ou 9a7:, 3=m sorr*, 9ut 3 /ave to
lau1/. -o0 7oul8 *ou ever 9el$eve t/atP<
,f 7ourse, s/e :ne0 t/e ans0erI -e never un8erstoo8 /$s o0n po0er or
t/e po0er /$sKLM 1oo8nessKLM /a8 on ot/ers. -e 7arr$e8 0$t/ /$m t/e 0$s8om
of a un$verse, 9ut at t$mes /e 0as also so na$ve $t startle8 /er.
<Cour fat/er use8 to sa* t/at *ou 0ere put /ere for a reason. 4n8 0e
all :no0 $t 0asn=t to 0or: a farm.<
-e :ne0 s/e 0as r$1/t. S/e usuall* 0as, 9ut Smallv$lle 0as /$s /ome.
#/$s farm 0as 0/ere /e 9elon1e8.
-e not$7e8 t/e ne0spaper a1a$n. 5o$s=s art$7le 0as s7ream$n1 at /$m. <3
8on=t :no0, Mom. 3 st$ll t/$n: 3 s/oul8 sta*. Ma*9e not for t/e lon1
/aul, 9ut r$1/t no0.<
4 :no7: on t/e 8oor $nterrupte8 /$m. Doo8, /e t/ou1/t. -e 0as /app* to
8rop t/e 7onversat$on.
-e turne8 to see )en -u99ar8 at t/e 8oor. <Mart/aP< )en=s rea8* sm$le
rem$n8e8 Clar: /o0 mu7/ /e /a8 l$:e8 /$m.
<3n /ere, )en,< Mart/a sa$8. <Come on $n. 5oo: 0/o=s /ere. Cou remem9er
m* son, Clar:.<
)en entere8, a small 9ou>uet of flo0ers $n /$s /an8, 0/$7/ /e 1ave to
Mart/a as /e :$sse8 /er on t/e 7/ee:. Clar:=s mout/ 8roppe8. <Mr.
-u99ar8,< /e f$nall* sa$8 0/en /e foun8 /$s vo$7e a1a$n.
)en -u99ar8 sm$le8 a1a$n. <M*, m*. #/e last t$me 3 sa0 *ou, *ou 0ere
pa7:$n= up for t/e 9$1 7$t*. 4 lot s:$nn$er, too. So, *ou fle0 $n last
<W/atP< Clar: 0as startle8. W/at 8$8 /$s mot/er tell /$mP -e turne8 to
Mart/a su88enl*, /$s e*es pan$7:$n1. W/at 8o 3 sa*P S/e no88e8 9a7: to
/$m. 3t=s all r$1/t.
+a1e 53
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
<Cea/,< $s all Clar: sa$8.
)en 1r$nne8. <Cou m$sse8 t/e 9$1 event, Clar:. Meteor stru7: /ere last
n$1/t, too. 5$t up t/e 0/ole s:*. Cou 0oul8=ve 9een ama%e8.<
<Meteor.< Clar: 9reat/e8 out. <Cea/. Soun8s spe7ta7ular. W$s/ 3=8 seen
)en turne8 to Mart/a, 0/o f$n$s/e8 appl*$n1 /er ma:eup. <Cou rea8*P<
S/e p$7:e8 up /er purse an8 too: /$s /an8. <Can=t :eep me a0a*.<
<W/ere are *ou 1o$n1P< Clar: as:e8, st$ll unsure 0/at exa7tl* 0as 1o$n1
Mart/a sm$le8. <3t=s We8nes8a*, Clar:. )$n1o n$1/t.<
Clar: loo:e8 at t/em /an8 $n /an8, 9ot/ ver* /app*. -e 0as start$n1 to
put t/$n1s to1et/er. <Cou t0oKLM *ou=re 8at$n1P<
Mart/a 1lan7e8 at )en, 0/o un8erstoo8 an8 /ea8e8 out. <3=ve 1ot to
start t/e 7ar. Somet$mes $t 1ets a 9$t 7ran:*, *ou :no0. 3=ll see *ou
$n a m$nute. 4n8 n$7e see$n1 *ou a1a$n, Clar:.<
<@//, r$1/t. Doo8 see$n1 *ou, too, Mr. -u99ar8.<
Mart/a 0a$te8 for )en to leave, t/en turne8 to Clar:, /er ol8 /an8s
1entl* tou7/$n1 /$s fa7e. <Clar:, 8ear, no one 0$ll ever repla7e *our
fat/er. )ut )en an8 3 /ave foun8 somet/$n1 spe7$al. #o1et/er. 4n8,
0ell, t/$s m$1/t all 7ome as a s/o7:KLM anot/er s/o7:KLM<
W/at no0P -o0 9a8 $s t/$s 1o$n1 to 1etP #ell me, Mom. 5evel 0$t/ me.
<3=m sell$n1 t/e farm, Clar:. We=re mov$n1 to Montana.<
4ll /e 7oul8 8o 0as repeat 0/at s/e sa$8. <MontanaP< -$s mout/ 0as
st$ll /an1$n1 open, an8 /e 0as sure /$s e*es 0ere as 0$8e as one of
t/ose ol8, 7ra7:e8 1oo1l* 8olls /$s mot/er /a8 as a *oun1 1$rl an8 no0
:ept on a 8resser 8ra0er $n /er se0$n1 room.
<#/e la:es are 1reat, an8 0e love t/e f$s/$n1.<
3=m not 9a7: on .art/. 3=m $n some alternate m$rror 8$mens$on.
<'$s/$n1P CouKLM l$:eKLM f$s/$n1P<
S/e turne8 /$s /ea8 so t/e$r e*es met. -ers 0ere sa8 9ut f$rmN s/e :ne0
t/$s 0as 7om$n1 t/e moment s/e sa0 t/e s:* turn re8 0$t/ f$re ;ust as
+a1e 54
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
s/e :ne0 s/e 0as not a9out to 9a7: 8o0n.
<Clar:, *ou=ve 9een 1one a lon1 t$me. 4n8 not even *ou 7an stop t/e
0orl8 from sp$nn$n1.<
,n7e a1a$n s/e pulle8 /$s /ea8 lo0 so s/e 7oul8 :$ss /$m on /$s
fore/ea8. <We=ll tal: more tomorro0. 6on=t 0a$t up.<
Clar: 0al:e8 /er outs$8e an8 sa0 )en open t/e 7ar 8oor for /er to 1et
$n. <3t=s 1oo8 to see *ou a1a$n, Clar:. Wel7ome 9a7:,< /e sa$8. Clar:
no88e8 an8 0at7/e8 t/e 7ar ta:e off 8o0n t/e roa8 $nto to0n.
-e sat 8o0n on t/e 7ou7/ a1a$n. S/el9* 8roppe8 t/e 9ase9all onto t/e
ne0spaper at Clar:=s s$8e, on 5o$s=s art$7le, t/en 7urle8 up next to
/$m. W$t/ a /eav* s$1/ Clar: too: t/e 9all, spun $t on /$s f$n1er a fe0
t$mes, t/en t/re0 $t, 1entl* t/$s t$me, $nto t/e next room. )ut $nstea8
of 7/as$n1 $t, t/e 8o1 s$mpl* *a0ne8 an8 reste8 /$s ol8 /ea8 a1a$nst
/$m. Clar:=s /an8 foun8 $ts 0a* onto S/el9*=s /ea8 an8 s7rat7/e8 $t.
<Cea/, 0el7ome /ome.<
C/apter 2$ne
+rev$ous#op 2ext
,uts$8e, t/e a$r 0as t/$7: 0$t/ sno0 an8 sleet. )ut $ns$8e t/e slee:
21-foot *a7/tKLOs:$nfl$nt Aan8er0ort/ 7oul8n=t /ave sprun1 for t/e
2!&-foot mo8elPKLO5ex 5ut/or 8$8n=t 7are a9out t/e ra1$n1 ar7t$7 storm.
-e :no7:e8 a fe0 pool 9alls $nto t/e$r po7:etsKLOperfe7t t/ree-7us/$on
r$7o7/etsKLOloo:e8 8o0n at t/e 1lass floorN t/e l$1/ts 0ere on, reveal$n1
an arra* of 7olorful f$s/ s0$mm$n1 9elo0, settle8 $nto /$s 7us/*
loun1er, an8 0as l$sten$n1 to Carmen pla*$n1 over #/e Dertru8e=s soun8
s*stem as /e pore8 t/rou1/ t/e last of t/e nearl* one /un8re8 9oo:s /e
/a8 9rou1/t 0$t/ /$m on t/$s tr$pI Cr*stals, #/e 6ef$n$t$ve Du$8eN #/e
Cr*stal an8 M$neral Du$8eN #/e Deolo1$st=s Du$8eN Ma:e Cour ,0n
Cr*stalsN M$nerals= +/*s$7al Deolo1*N #/e Cr*stal 4tlas, an8 Dems an8
-e put 8o0n t/e 9oo:s an8 ran /$s f$n1ers t/rou1/ /$s /a$r as /e snu7:
a pea: at t/e small ma:eup m$rror on /$s 8es:. ,nl* t/e 9est /a$r for
t/e 9r$1/test m$n8, /e t/ou1/t as /e a8;uste8 t/e 0$1 a 9$t to t/e
-e loo:e8 a7ross t/e spra0l$n1 t/ousan8-s>uare-foot stateroom, past t/e
pool ta9le an8 t/e p$ano 0/ere /e assume8 8ear ol8 Step/en use8 to
+a1e 55
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
serena8e Dertru8e, t/en to /$s 8es:, formerl* Dertru8e=s 8es: an8,
9efore /er, Step/en=s, an8 r$fle8 t/rou1/ t/e sta7:s of art$7les an8
papers /e /a8 assem9le8 over t/e *ears on Superman an8 t/e fa9le8
planet ?r*pton.
-e p$7:e8 up a f$ve-*ear-ol8 7op* of t/e 6a$l* +lanet 0$t/ t/e 9ras/
/ea8l$ne, <4stronomers 6$s7over ?r*pton 3nta7t. S$1ns of 5$fe 'oun8,<
an8 /e sm$le8. <Dotta love t/e 7lass$7s.<
-e 1lo0ere8 to0ar8 t/e 9ar. <?$tt*J W/ere are *ou, m* 8ear.< 2o
response. -e s$1/e8 an8 turne8 9a7: to #/e Deolo1$st=s Du$8e. -e 0ent
t/rou1/ $ts ta9le of 7ontents for t/e art$7le /e mar:e8 on mole7ular
7r*stal re7om9$nat$on. #/$s 0$ll 8o for no0, /e 8e7$8e8. -e 0oul8 8eal
0$t/ M$ss ?o0als:$ later.
,n t/e 8e7: of #/e Dertru8e t/e four men 0ent a9out t/e$r 8a$l* tas:s.
#/e t0$n 2&&&-+ Caterp$llar 8$esels pus/e8 t/e 9oat to over t/$rteen
:nots, 9ut Drant :ne0 t/at 0asn=t nearl* fast enou1/ for t/e 9oss.
S/ort an8 s>uat, an8 loo:$n1 even roun8er un8er /$s f$ve la*ers of 7ol8
prote7t$on, Drant sporte8 a s$x-8a*-ol8 stu99le t/at $t7/e8 enou1/ to
7onstantl* s7rat7/ 9ut not enou1/ to rem$n8 /$m to s/ave $t off $n t/e
morn$n1. )$no7ulars presse8 to /$s e*es, /e stoo8 on #/e Dertru8e=s
tea: 8e7:, sear7/$n1 forKLM somet/$n1.
Ma*9e Mr. 5ut/or /a8 8es7r$9e8 0/at t/e* /a8 7ome to t/$s fro%en
/ell/ole forN /e even 8re0 /$m a p$7ture, 9ut Drant st$ll 0asn=t sure
0/at t/e* expe7te8 to f$n8 /ere, $n t/e m$88le of t/$s fro%en
0astelan8. <2ot/$n1,< /e s/oute8 so /e 7oul8 9e /ear8 over t/e 0$n8.
<3t=s al0a*s not/$n1.<
<Well, :eep loo:$n1,< )rutus snappe8 9a7: to /$m. <Mr. 5ut/or=s 1ett$n1
prett* an1r* $t=s ta:$n1 so lon1.< )rutus 1rum9le8. -e /ate8 9e$n1
/ere, $n t/e 7ol8. 4lone. W$t/ no9o8* to /urt.
<3 st$ll 8on=t 1et $t. W/* 7oul8n=t 0e sta* $n Metropol$sP W/* 8$8 0e
/afta 7ome /ereP<
Stanfor8 loo:e8 up from #/e Dertru8e=s 7ontrols. <Cou ro9 9an:s,
9e7ause t/at=s 0/ere t/e mone* $s, r$1/tP<
<#/at 8oesn=t ma:e sense, Stanfor8.< )rutus 0as s7rat7/$n1 t/e /oo8 of
/$s par:a, tr*$n1 to ma:e $t all 0or: $n /$s m$n8. <#/ere=s no mone*
/ere. Come to t/$n: of $t, t/ere=s no 9an:s /ere, e$t/er.<
Stanfor8 s/oo: /$s /ea8. <)rutus, 0e=re not /ere for mone*. Mr. 5ut/or
7oul8 1et us mone* an*t$me /e 0ante8. W/at 0e=re after $s /ere.
Some0/ere. Fust :eep loo:$n1.<
+a1e 56
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
Stanfor8 1lan7e8 9a7: at t/e sonar $ma1e on #/e Dertru8e=s ra8ar
s7reen. St$ll not/$n1. )ut 5ut/or s0ore $t 0as 7lose. Su88enl*, a lar1e
9l$p 8an7e8 a7ross t/e ra8ar. Somet/$n1KLM $t loo:e8 to /$m l$:e a
stru7ture of some :$n8 0as ;ust a/ea8 of t/em.
Fust as su88enl*, t/e 9l$p 8$sappeare8, an8 t/e $ma1e ofKLO0/atever $t
/a8 9eenKLO0as 1one.
Stanfor8 no88e8 to Drant, 0/o presse8 t/e $nter7om. <Mr. 5ut/orP< #/ere
0as no ans0er. 4ll /e 7oul8 /ear 0as some operaKLO0/at t/e /ell 8oes t/e
9oss see $n t/em an*0a*PKLO9lar$n1 over t/e 7om. <Wa$t /ere. 3=m 1o$n1
Drant sa0 R$le* follo0$n1 /$m. #/e s:$nn* 0easel /a8 /$s 7am7or8er $n
/an8, as al0a*s, re7or8$n1 t/e$r ever* movement, $n7lu8$n1 9at/room
9rea:s. 5ut/or=s or8ers.
<6o7ument t/e tr$p. #/e 9rea:fasts, lun7/es, 8$nners, an8 sna7:s. 4n8
ma:e sure *ou re7or8 ever* 9r$ll$ant 0or8 t/at tr$ps l$lt$n1l* off m*
s$lver ton1ue. 3t all must 9e re7or8e8 for poster$t*. +eople 0$ll :no0
t/at 1reatness 9e1an /ere, on t/$s overs$%e8 7anoe, $n$t$ate8 9* t/e
0orl8=s 1reatest 7r$m$nal 1en$us t/at $s 5ex 5ut/or.<
R$le* 0as, as al0a*s, $n t/e 0a*. Drant pus/e8 /$m as$8e an8 /ea8e8 for
t/e sta$rs to t/e ma$n stateroom. <Det t/at t/$n1 out of m* fa7e,< /e
9ar:e8. R$le* stoppe8 an8 let Drant pass. #/en /e p$7:e8 $t up a1a$n
an8 7ont$nue8 f$lm$n1, t/$s t$me from t/e 9a7:. W/en Mr. 5ut/or sa$8
re7or8 ever*t/$n1, /e meant ever*t/$n1J
?$tt* 0as 9reat/$n1 /ar8 as s/e /urr$e8 to t/e 9ar an8 9e1an pour$n1
8r$n:s. <Sorr*, 5ex. 3 0asKLO<
5ut/or 7ut /er off. <3t $s f$ve after t/ree, M$ss ?o0als:$. 3 8on=t see
a 8r$n: $n m* /an8. 6o *ou see a 8r$n: $n m* /an8P<
?$tt* s/oo: /er /ea8 an8 poure8 one 8r$n:, t/en set $t 8o0n to 1et a
se7on8 1lass. -e l$:e8 t0o mart$n$s at on7e. #/e *a7/t leane8 to t/e
s$8e, an8 t/e 8r$n: sl$8 off t/e 9ar, s/atter$n1 on t/e 0oo8en floor.
<3=m sorr*, 5ex. Reall* sorr*,< s/e sa$8, mopp$n1 up t/e mess.
5ut/or /el8 up a /an8, palm out. <3t $s no0 s$x after t/ree, M$ss
S/e >u$7:l* poure8 /$m a 8r$n:, 8roppe8 $n t0o ol$ves, an8 7arefull*
0al:e8 a7ross t/e s0a*$n1 8e7: to /an8 $t to /$m. S/e sa$8 not/$n1
0/$le /e s$ppe8 $t. <4//, 9etter,< /e f$nall* sa$8. <M* se7on8 one,< /e
+a1e 5
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
#/$s t$me s/e 0as rea8*. S/e /an8e8 $t to /$m an8 settle8 9a7:,
relax$n1 at last. <Stanfor8 0as ru8e to me a1a$n. Cour fr$en8s 1$ve me
t/e 7reeps.<
5ut/or /el8 t/e se7on8 mart$n$ 1lass up to t/e l$1/t, s>u$nt$n1 as /e
7/e7:e8 $t out. <+r$son $s a 7reep* pla7e, ?$tt*, an8 one nee8s to ma:e
7reep* fr$en8s $n or8er to surv$ve. ,n t/e $ns$8e, even m* talents 0ere
0ort/ less t/an a 7arton of 7$1arettes an8 a s/arp p$e7e of metal $n m*
<6$8 *ou reall* /ave to ma:e fr$en8s 0$t/ t/em, 5exP W/at a9outKLMP<
<Cour poor former 9o*fr$en8 0/om *ou 8ut$full* v$s$te8 ea7/ #ues8a*
afternoon an8 ever* ot/er Satur8a*P 6o *ou t/$n: /e 0oul8 /ave 0or:e8
to m* 9enef$t on7e /e learne8 t/at *ou an8 3, 0ell, /e must /ave
0on8ere8 0/* /$s 7on;u1al v$s$ts 0ere su88enl* 7ut off.<
<4n8re0 0as small-t$meKLM<
<4n8 3 0as +ar: +la7e an8 )roa80a* rolle8 $nto one. W$t/ a 8as/ of
Marv$n Dar8ens for sp$7e. Ces, *es, one 7an=t 9lame *ou for see$n1 t/e
l$1/t, 9ut *ou /ave to a8m$t our extra7urr$7ular 8all$an7es l$m$te8 m*
/en7/man opt$ons.<
W$t/ a 8$s1uste8 loo: 5ut/or put 8o0n t/e mart$n$ 1lass. <-mmpfff.<
?$tt* loo:e8 7ur$ous. <W/atP<
<3s t/$s t/e re0ar8 for t/e man 0/o pat$entl* 0a$te8 9* Dertru8e
Aan8er0ort/=s 9e8s$8e, fee8$n1 /er prunes, rea8$n1 /er 6$7:ens, 0as/$n1
/erP< -e s/u88ere8 at t/e t/ou1/t.
<W/at are *ou tal:$n1 a9out, 5exP<
<4n8 0/at 8$8 3 8o t/at all forP So 0e 7oul8 l$ve $n t/e :$n8 of
opulen7e a 1$rl l$:e *ou onl* rea8s a9out $n ma1a%$nes.< -e p$7:e8 up
t/e 1lass a1a$n. <3s t/$s t/e re0ar8, ?$tt*P 4 mart$n$ 0$t/ one
0$t/ere8 ol$veP< W$t/ t0o f$n1ers /e 1$n1erl* p$7:e8 $t out of t/e
1lass an8 /el8 $t up as far a0a* from /$m as /e 7oul8, s/unn$n1 $t.
?$tt* snat7/e8 t/e mart$n$ 9a7:. <M* name $s ?at/er$ne. 4n8 t/at 0$1
ma:es *ou loo: ol8.<
<So 8oes *oursKLM ?$tt*.<
S/e 1ra99e8 /er /a$r, em9arrasse8, an8 0al:e8 9a7: to t/e 9ar, tr*$n1
to :eep /er 8$1n$t* as 0ell as /er 9alan7e. S/e /ate8 9oats. S/e /ate8
+a1e 5!
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
/o0 t/e* move8. S/e /ate8 ever*t/$n1 a9out t/$s stup$8 tr$p. <Some
o7ean vo*a1e *ou prom$se8 me.<
S/e 1ra99e8 t/e s$8e of t/e 9ar for support, t/en turne8 9a7: to
<So no0 t/at 0e=re out $n t/e m$88le of no0/ere, a0a* from pr*$n1 e*es,
8oes t/e ol8est 7r$m$nal m$n8 of our t$me t/$n: 3=m 0ort/* of /ear$n1
/$s planP<
5ut/or snorte8. <Small 8oses for small m$n8s. 4not/er mart$n$, please.<
S/e poure8 anot/er 8r$n: an8 let /$m see /er f$ll t/e 1lass 0$t/ t/$7:,
fat ol$ves. S/e /an8e8 $t to /$m. <#/an: *ou, ?$tt*,< /e sa$8.
<So 0/at $s $tP Clu99$n1 9a9* seals or sell$n1 $7e to .s:$mosP<
5ex p$n7/e8 an ol$ve out of t/e 1lass an8 tosse8 $t $nto /$s open
mout/. <6o *ou :no0 t/e stor* of +romet/eusP< )efore s/e 7oul8 ans0er,
/e 7ont$nue8. <,f 7ourse *ou 8on=t. +romet/eus 0as a 1o8 0/o stole t/e
po0er of f$re from t/e ot/er 1o8s an8 1ave 7ontrol of $t to t/e
mortals. 3n essen7e, /e 1ave us te7/nolo1*. -e 1ave us po0er.<
?$tt* loo:e8 out t/e 0$n8o0, t/en 9a7: to 5ut/or. <So, 0e=re steal$n1
f$re. 3n t/e 4r7t$7.<
-e too: anot/er ol$ve an8 8roppe8 $t $n /$s mout/. <47tuall*, sort of.
Cou see, 0/oever 7ontrols te7/nolo1* 7ontrols t/e 0orl8. #/e Roman
.mp$re rule8 9e7ause t/e* 9u$lt roa8s. #/e )r$t$s/ .mp$re rule8 t/e
0orl8 9e7ause t/e* 9u$lt s/$ps. 4mer$7a 9u$lt t/e atom 9om9KLM an8 so on
an8 so fort/.<
-e put 8o0n /$s 1lass, p$7:e8 up #/e S7$en7e of Cr*stal #e7/nolo1* an8
opene8 $t to a full-7olor 8ou9le-pa1e sprea8 of a 7r*stal 1ar8en
7omplete 0$t/ 7uta0a*s 8eal$n1 0$t/ l$1/t 8$spers$on an8 polar$%at$on,
7olor, 7leava1e, p$e%oele7tr$7 7ompress$on, an8 t/e 9$refr$n1en7e
refra7t$on of l$1/t. ?$tt* loo:e8 at $t, turne8 t/e 9oo: ups$8e 8o0n to
see $f $t ma8e an* more sense t/at 0a*, t/en stare8 7onfuse8 at 5ex.
<3 ;ust 0ant t/e same t/$n1 +romet/eus 0ante8,< /e sa$8,
<Soun8s 1reat, 5ex. )ut *ou=re not a 1o8.<
-e 0as a9out to repl* 0/en Drant entere8, st$ll 8r$pp$n1 0et. <We foun8
-e /el8 up a /an8 as /e turne8 9a7: to ?$tt*. <Do8P Do8s are self$s/
+a1e 5"
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
9e$n1s 0/o fl* aroun8 $n l$ttle re8 7apes an8 8on=t s/are t/e$r po0er
0$t/ man:$n8. 3 8on=t 0ant to 9e a 1o8, ?$tt*. 3 ;ust 0ant to 9r$n1
f$re to t/e peopleKLM<
S/e stare8 at /$m. 3=m not 9u*$n1 t/$s, 5ex.
-e 7ont$nue8. <4n8 3 0ant m* 7ut.<
Sat$sf$e8, /e turne8 9a7: to Drant.
5ex 5ut/or left #/e Dertru8e an7/ore8 near t/e $7* s/ore as t/e* 9e1an
t/e /ars/ $nlan8 tre: t/rou1/ t/e s/r$e:$n1 0$n8s an8 en8less sno0. 3f
/$s memor* 0as 7orre7tKLOan8 $t almost al0a*s 0asKLO/e :ne0 t/e* 0oul8 onl*
9e outs$8e $n t/$s fles/-free%$n1 9l$%%ar8 for a9out an /our or so.
.ven $f t/e* 7oul8n=t see $t, $t 0as 7lose. -e 7oul8 feel $t $n /$s
-$s men, /e t/ou1/t, 0ere 0or:$n1 out 0ell, as /e :ne0 t/e* 0oul8.
Drant an8 )rutus, 9ot/ 7arr*$n1 /eav* totes la8en 0$t/ 5ut/or=s
e>u$pment an8 ot/er ne7ess$t$es, stru11le8 to :eep up 0$t/ t/e ot/ers.
5ut/or /a8 o9serve8 an8 stu8$e8 t/em for t/e ent$re f$ve *ears /e 0as
$n pr$son. -e :ne0 t/at t/ou1/ t/e$r 7om9$ne8 3Ss 0ere pro9a9l* $n t/e
1er9$l ran1e, t/e* 0ere lo*al an8 follo0e8 or8ers. W/at more 7oul8 /e
Stanfor8 0as $n t/e lea8, 7onstantl* 7/e7:$n1 t/e D+S for an* m$nor
7ourse 7orre7t$ons. -e 0as a real f$n8, an8 5ut/or :ne0 $t. W/at 0ere
t/e o88s, after all, of un7over$n1 a te7/ l$:e /$m, an expert $n
7r*stal man$pulat$on, 9e/$n8 9ars, serv$n1 t/e f$rst of f$fteen to
t0ent* *ears an8 more t/an 0$ll$n1 to 8o an*t/$n1 $f $t meant 1ett$n1
out earl*P
5ut/or :ne0 Stanfor8 0asn=t a s7$ent$st or even /alf as smart as /e,
9ut t/en, 0/o 0asP St$ll, /e 7oul8 ta:e 5ut/or=s 7r*stal t/eor$es,
exe7ute t/em to perfe7t$on, an8 not 7on7ern /$mself 0$t/ all t/ose
f$n$7:* moral $mpl$7at$ons.
5ut/or stompe8 a/ea8, a man on a m$ss$on. -e allo0e8 /$mself a small
sm$le as ?$tt* put /er arm $n /$s an8 tru81e8 alon1s$8e /$m. 6esp$te
/o0 s/e presente8 /erself, /e :ne0 /er 3S 0as 7ons$8era9l* 1reater man
/er 9ust s$%e, 0/$7/ $n $tself 0as >u$te ample. 2atural, too, a rar$t*
for t/e 1$rlfr$en8s of lo0l$fes an8 7r$m$nals 0/o t/ese 8a*s 0oul8
t/ro0 /alf t/e$r f$rst $lle1al /aul $nto n$p-an8-tu7: sur1er*.
-e :ne0 ?$tt* 0as al0a*s s7/em$n1 an8 plott$n1, somet/$n1 /e a8m$re8 $n
an*one, espe7$all* a 0omanN 9ut /e also :ne0 as sure as /e 0as a
7ert$f$e8 1en$us 0$t/ t/e papers to prove $t, 7ompare8 to /$m s/e 0as
+a1e 6&
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
8o1-pa88l$n1 $n t/e s/allo0 en8 of t/e 1ene pool. 3f s/e ever tr$e8
an*t/$n1 a1a$nst /$m, /e :ne0 /e=8 9e prepare8 for $t. )ut at least for
no0 s/e=8 8o.
R$le* follo0e8 9e/$n8, /$s 7am7or8er 8o7ument$n1 t/e ;ourne* as al0a*s.
5$:e Stanfor8, Drant, an8 )rutus, 5ut/or /a8 met R$le* $n pr$son. R$le*
/a8 al0a*s 9een $nto mov$esN /e s/ot a 7ouple of 0ell-re7e$ve8 9lue
f$lms, a7te8 $n one of t/em as 0ell. -e also s/ot a 7ommer7$al for some
Fapanese 7$nnamon 1um 0$t/ a 9urn$n1 after-:$7:. 4s far as 5ex 5ut/or
0as 7on7erne8, R$le* /a8 2&T2& v$s$on an8 7oul8 /ol8 t/e 7am7or8er
stea8*. 4n* ot/er s:$lls 0oul8 pro9a9l* 1et $n /$s 0a*.
5ut/or stare8 $nto t/e en8less sno0 an8 $7e. 4s soon as t/e* entere8
$t, /e remem9ere8 t/e valle* as $f $t 0ere *ester8a*. -e=8 flo0n over
$t t/e f$rst t$me /e /a8 7ome /ere, an8 0al:e8 past $t on t/e 0a* 9a7:,
9efore f$n8$n1 a tra0ler t/at 0oul8 ta:e /$m t/e rest of t/e 0a* /ome.
-e 7learl* sa0 t/e s7ene $n /$s m$n8. #/e lan8s7ape 0as 1o$n1 to
7/an1e, /e re7alle8, $n a9out t0ent* m$nutes, on7e t/e* passe8 t/e
1la7$er t/at 0as loom$n1 ;ust a/ea8 of t/em.
#/e* 7$r7le8 t/e 1la7$er an8 pus/e8 t/e$r 0a* t/rou1/ t/e su88en s0$rl
of sno0 t/at tr$e8 to 8r$ve t/em 9a7:. <?eep 1o$n1,< 5ut/or s/oute8.
?$tt* 0as s7ream$n1 at /$s s$8e. <)ut, 5ex, $t=s free%$n1. Can=t 0e
turn 9a7:P<
<2o, 0e=re 7lose. We=re nearl* t/ere.< -e too: /er /an8 an8 pulle8 /er
a/ea8 0$t/ /$m.
Stanfor8 turne8 9a7:, loo:$n1 >u$%%$7all* at 5ut/or. <3s t/$s $tP<
5ut/or no88e8. <-$s se7ur$t* s*stem an8 earl*-0arn$n1 8ev$7e all rolle8
$nto one. Fust :eep mov$n1. -e 9u$lt $t to fr$1/ten us, not :$ll us.
Stup$8 9lue )o* S7out. 2ever :ne0 /o0 to use /$s po0ers r$1/t.<
#/e* ma8e t/e$r 0a* past t/e frea:$s/ storm an8 sa0 t/at t/e flat
pla$ns /a8 9e7ome a lan8s7ape of ta$l, $7* 7olumns t/at stret7/e8 up
$nto t/e 9l$n8$n1 ar7t$7 sun.
<Cou 0ere r$1/t,< Stanfor8 sa$8. <#/ere 0as some :$n8 of unnatural
0eat/er pattern :eep$n1 $t /$88en.<
<3=m al0a*s r$1/t.< 5ex pause8 t/en 1r$nne8. <We=re /ere.<
?$tt* loo:e8 aroun8 an8 sa0 not/$n1 9ut more $7e an8 more $7e to0ers.
<-ereP W/ere=s /ereP We=re no0/ere, 5ex.<
+a1e 61
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
-e s$1/e8. <2one are so 9l$n8 as t/ose 0/o 0$ll not see.<
S/e $1nore8 /$m as s/e loo:e8 at t/e 7olumn $n front of /er an8 tou7/e8
$t, t/en >u$7:l* 8re0 /er /an8 a0a*. +u%%le8, s/e loo:e8 at $t a1a$n,
t/en too: off one of /er 1loves an8 tou7/e8 $t a1a$n.
<#/$s $7e $s 0arm,< s/e sa$8, turn$n1 to 5ut/or, 7onfuse8. -e 0as
sm$l$n1 :no0$n1l*.
<3t=s not $7e. 3t=s 7r*stal.<
Stanfor8 sa0 /er runn$n1 /er f$n1ers over t/e 7olumn a1a$n, t/en
l$7:$n1 t/em. -e rolle8 /$s e*es as /e loo:e8 at 5ut/or. <W/* $s a 1u*
l$:e *ou 0$t/ a 1$rl l$:e /erP<
5ut/or 1r$nne8. <W/* 8o 9eaut$ful 0omen 7arr* aroun8 u1l* 8o1s,
Stanfor8P W/* 8o people volunteer 0$t/ t/e mentall* 7/allen1e8P Wor: $n
Stanfor8 0a$te8 for an ans0er, 9ut 5ut/or=s attent$on 0as alrea8*
else0/ere. )e/$n8 /$m /e /ear8 ?$tt*=s vo$7e over t/e roar$n1 0$n8. <3
7an /ear *ou,< s/e 0as s/out$n1.
C/apter #en
+rev$ous#op 2ext
#/e* 7reste8 t/e r$81e, t/en sa0 $t r$s$n1 up over t/e /or$%on, t/e
s$%e of a 7at/e8ral 0$t/ 7r*stal ar7/$te7ture rem$n$s7ent of a 0orl8
5ut/or /a8 never seen 9ut /a8 stu8$e8 $nt$matel*. 6es$1ne8 on ?r*pton,
9u$lt on .art/.
<Superman=s 'ortress of Sol$tu8e.<
#/e* ma8e t/e$r 0a* t/rou1/ t/e ma%e of to0er$n1 7r*stal 7olumns an8
0at7/e8 $n a0e as l$1/t refra7te8 t/rou1/ t/em, form$n1 a m$ll$on
overlapp$n1 ra$n9o0s. 5ut/or 0a$te8 $mpat$entl*, t/en snappe8 at t/em
to follo0. <+eopleJ We 8$8n=t travel more t/an t/$rt*-f$ve /un8re8
m$les for *ou to 1o flo0er 7/$l8. We /ave 0or: to 8o.<
<Cou are su7/ a spo$lsport, 5ex,< ?$tt* fume8. 5ut/or snappe8 /$s
f$n1ers at R$le*, 0/o su88enl* resume8 /$s f$lm$n1. <Sorr*, 9oss. 3
1ot, u//KLM 8$stra7te8.<
+a1e 62
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
Drant tr$e8 to see t/e 'ortress 7e$l$n1, 9ut $t 0as lost some0/ere $n
t/e m$st* /a%e /$1/ a9ove /$m. 4ll /e 7oul8 see 0ere refra7te8 ra$n9o0s
am$8st t/e s:*s7raper 7r*stals. <Was t/$s /$s /ouseP<
5ut/or remove8 /$s 1o11les an8 stuffe8 mem $n /$s 9a7: po7:et, t/en
too: $n a 8eep, 9r$s: 9reat/ of 7ol8 a$r. <Cou m$1/t t/$n: t/at. Most
0oul8. )ut, no. -e l$ve8 amon1 us.<
5ut/or ran /$s /an8s over t/e 7r*stals. #/e*=re 9eaut$ful, an8 t/e*=re
m$ne. -e snappe8 /$s f$n1ers, an8 R$le* turne8 t/e 7amera from ta:$n1
1ener$7 9a7:1roun8 p$7tures t/e* 7oul8 7ut to, to /$m. #/$s 0as 1o$n1
to 9e an $mportant pronoun7ement, R$le* :ne0. -e move8 $n for a t$1/t
5ut/or 0a$te8 pat$entl* for t/e s$1nal t/at /e 0as $n fo7us, t/en
7ont$nue8. <#/$s $s more of a monument to a lon1-8ea8 an8 extremel*
po0erful 7$v$l$%at$on. 3t=s 0/ere /e learne8 0/o /e 0as an8 0/ere /e
7ame for 1u$8an7e.< -e sl$8 /$s f$n1er a7ross /$s t/roat an8 0/$spere8,
<Cut.< #/en /e po$nte8 a/ea8 an8 R$le* fo7use8 t/e 7amera on t/e next
#/e* 7ont$nue8 $nto t/e 7entral 7/am9er, an $mmense almost 7$r7ular
/all 0$t/ smaller a8;o$n$n1 rooms ;utt$n1 off aroun8 $ts per$meter.
#/e 7/am9er, 0$t/ $ts s0eep$n1 vaulte8 7e$l$n1 r$s$n1 /un8re8s of feet
over/ea8, appeare8 to ?$tt*, to /ave 9een altere8 $n some 0a*, as $f
7r*stal 7/un:s /a8 9een remove8 0$ll*-n$ll*. ,ff to t/e s$8e s/e sa0
s$1ns t/at a lar1e 0e81e of 7r*stal /a8 9een remove8 from t/e 0all as
$f somet/$n1 1re0 t/ere, t/en 9ro:e off. <W/at=s t/$s, a 1ara1eP< s/e
5ut/or lau1/e8. <Cou=re not so far off, ?$tt*. #/e lea8$n1 t/eor* $s
t/at /e too: off from /ere $n a fut$le attempt to f$n8 /$s /ome 0orl8.<
?$tt* /ear8 Stanfor8 st$fle a lau1/ as 5ex 1lare8 at /$m. W/at are
t/ose t0o up toP
5ut/or ran /$s f$n1ers over t/e e81e of t/e 9ro:en 7r*stal. <3f so,
even /e 0oul8 /ave to rel* on a 7raft of some :$n8, an8 3=ll 9et
Dertru8e=s last 8ollar t/at=s exa7tl* 0/at use8 to 9e par:e8 t/ere.<
?$tt* loo:e8 a1a$n at Stanfor8, st$ll sm$l$n1, t/en 9a7: at 5ut/or.
<So, 8$8 /eP<
<6$8 /e 0/atP<
<#a:e off for /$s /ome 0orl8P<
+a1e 63
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
S/e sa0 5ex sm$le at Stanfor8 a1a$n. <WellKLM 0e 1ave /$m a l$ttle pus/.<
5ex turne8 a0a*, an8 s/e sa0 /$m >u$etl* 7ount$n1 to /$mself as /e
steppe8 un8er a lar1e open$n1 $n t/e 7e$l$n1 $nto t/e fa$nt s/aft of
l$1/t t/at $t 7ast t/ere. -e too: one step for0ar8, t/en anot/er an8
anot/er, slo0l* an8 8el$9eratel* measur$n1 t/e 8$stan7e of ea7/
purposeful str$8e.
<Cou a7t l$:e *ou=ve 9een /ere 9efore,< sa$8 ?$tt*.
-e rolle8 /$s e*es an8 /el8 a /an8 to /$s l$ps to s/us/ /er. -e too:
anot/er step for0ar8, an8 t/enKLOAW,,MJKLO /e 0as su88enl* envelope8 9* a
9r$1/t 0/$te l$1/t t/at seeme8 to respon8 to /$s ever* movement.
<-ere $t $s, ;ust as 3 sa$8. 4n8 *es, m* 8ear, t/$s $s not m* f$rst
S/e 1ro0le8 at /$m an8 steppe8 9a7:, alon1 0$t/ t/e ot/ers. Drant
leane8 to R$le* an8 0/$spere8 to /$m. <W/atever *ou 8o, 8on=t stop
s/oot$n1. Det $t all. 3f t/e 9oss surv$ves, /e=s 1o$n1 to 0ant to 0at7/
$t over an8 over a1a$n.< R$le* no88e8 nervousl* an8 %oome8 $n for
anot/er 7lose-up.
#/e 7r*stals 9eneat/ 5ut/or=s feet appeare8, to ?$tt*, to 9e 1ro0$n1.
#/en anot/er 7r*stal, one more 7olumnl$:e $n $ts s/ape, rose from t/e
1roun8 8$re7tl* $n front of /$m.
5ut/or assume8 $t 0as nearl* $8ent$7al to t/e 7ontrol 7olumn $n
Superman=s 7r*stal star.
3t rose to ;ust over four feet 9efore stopp$n1. ?$tt* sa0 5ut/or
9reat/e $n 8eepl*, lustfull* leer$n1 at $t as /e /a8 never leere8 at
/er. S/e 0on8ere8 0/* s/e 0as feel$n1 ;ealous over a p$e7e of ro7:. S/e
poute8 as /e ran /$s /an8s over $ts surfa7e l$:e a 7on7ert p$an$st. -e
never tou7/e8 me l$:e t/at. -e 0as pla*$n1 t/e 7r*stal.
S/e sa0 a s$n1le lar1e 7r*stal set amon1 t/e ot/ers on t/e 7onsole.
#/$s 0as t/e fat/er 7r*stal, t/e one For-.l /a8 pla7e8 9es$8e /$s son
as /e sent /$m spa7e0ar8 to f$n8 /$s 8est$n*.
3t pulse8 1entl* as 5ut/or remove8 $t from $ts po7:et. #/ere 0ere man*
ot/er open$n1s on t/e 7onsole. -e turne8 to ?$tt* 0$t/ a smu1 1r$nKLO#ol8
*ou 3 :ne0 0/at 3 0as 8o$n1KLOt/en turne8 9a7: an8 f$t t/e fat/er 7r*stal
$nto t/e lar1est, /$1/est /ole.
4 perfe7t f$t.
S/afts of l$1/t f$lle8 t/e 'ortress. W/$sper$n1 e7/oes /umme8 from $ts
+a1e 64
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
ever* 7orner. #/e l$1/ts 7ame to1et/er form$n1 mult$ple 1/ostl* fa7es,
all of t/em of t/e same /an8some 0/$te-/a$re8 man.
<M* son.< -$s vo$7e 0as soft 9ut 7ompell$n1. W/$le ?$tt*, )rutus,
Drant, an8 even Stanfor8 steppe8 9a7: $n fear, 5ut/or sta*e8 /$s
1roun8, /$s e*es r$vete8 on t/$s stran1er from anot/er 0orl8.
<W/o $s /eP< ?$tt* as:e8.
5ut/or $1nore8 /er as t/e vo$7e 7ont$nue8. <Cou 8o not remem9er me. 3
am For-.l. 3 am *our fat/er.< 5ex turne8 to ?$tt*. <4n8 /e t/$n:s 3=m
/$s son.<
<.m9e88e8 $n t/e 7r*stals 9efore *ou $s t/e total a77umulat$on of all
l$terature an8 s7$ent$f$7 fa7t of ot/er 0orl8s spann$n1 t/e
t0ent*-e$1/t :no0n 1alax$es.<
For-.l=s vo$7e 7ont$nue8. <#/ere are >uest$ons to 9e as:e8, an8 $t $s
t$me for *ou to 8o so. -ere, $n t/$s 'ortress of Sol$tu8e, 0e s/all tr*
to f$n8 t/e ans0ers to1et/er.<
<Can /e see usP< ?$tt* 0on8ere8 alou8.
5ut/or s/oo: /$s /ea8. <2o. -e=s 8ea8. 2o0 s/////.<
<So, spea:, m* son. Spea:.< For-.l $nstru7te8, t/en 0ent s$lent,
<W/at are *ou 1o$n1 to as: $t, 9ossP<
<Su$et, Drant. 6on=t 8$stra7t me. 4 1reat m$n8 $s at 0or: /ere.<
5ut/or t/ou1/t for a moment. -e /a8 t/e se7rets of t/e un$verse $n
front of /$m. -e 7oul8 as: for t/e :no0le81e to 7ure all 8$seases. -o0
famous 0oul8 /e 9e t/enP M* Do8, /o0 t/e masses 0oul8 0ors/$p me. )ut
t/en, 3=ve al0a*s /ate8 t/e$r :$n8.
3f /e 0ante8 to, /e 7oul8 a7>u$re t/e se7rets of 9u$l8$n1 1reat
stars/$ps t/at 7oul8 span t/e un$verse. -e 7oul8 as: an*t/$n1 /e 7oul8
$ma1$ne, an8 $t 0oul8 9e expla$ne8 to /$m $n 1lor$ous 8eta$l.
)ut /e :ne0 /e /a8 onl* one >uest$on. #/e one >uest$on t/at /a8 7ause8
/$m to tre: all t/$s 8$stan7e to t/$s 7ol8, ar7t$7 'ortress.
<#ell me ever*t/$n1, 'at/er,< /e sa$8. <Start$n1 0$t/ t/e 7r*stals.<
#/e fat/er 7r*stal pulse8 an8 /umme8, an8 5ex sm$le8. -e 0oul8 soon, /e
:ne0, /ave a 1ran8 ne0 /ome.
+a1e 65
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
C/apter .leven
+rev$ous#op 2ext
#/e 7a9 8r$ver 8$8n=t 9ot/er loo:$n1 $nto t/e 9a7:seat as /e 7/e7:e8
t/e meter, <#/at=ll 9e t/$rt*-four f$ft*, 9u8.< -e 1ot out of t/e 7ar
an8 fl$ppe8 open t/e ol8, 8ente8-$n trun: to f$n8 t/e t0o lar1e
su$t7ases 0e81e8 9et0een t/e spare t$re an8 t/e ;a7:. 4s t/e passen1er
7lums$l* s$fte8 t/rou1/ /$s 0allet, /e rea7/e8 $n to pull t/em out. #/e
su$t7ases 9arel* move8. <W/a88a*a 1ot $n t/ese t/$n1s, 9r$7:sP<
-e tr$e8 a1a$n an8 nearl* 8$slo7ate8 /$s s/oul8er. #/e passen1er sm$le8
1entl* as /e l$fte8 out 9ot/ of t/em at on7e, reste8 one of t/e
su$t7ases on t/e 1roun8, t/e ot/er tu7:e8 un8er /$s arm, /an8e8 t/e
8r$ver t0o t0ent$es, p$7:e8 t/e su$t7ase up a1a$n, an8 /ea8e8 for t/e
pla%a entran7e of t/e 6a$l* +lanet 9u$l8$n1.
-e 0as 1reete8 9* .80ar8 t/e se7ur$t* 1uar8, loo:$n1 onl* a 9$t ol8er
t/an t/e last t$me t/e* /a8 seen ea7/ ot/er.
<-e*, lon1 t$me no see.<
<)een travel$n1, *ou :no0. -ere an8 t/ere.<
#/e* tal:e8 for a fe0 m$nutes a9out /$s exten8e8 tr$p, .80ar8=s
1ran87/$l8ren U9ot/ 0ere 8o$n1 0ellV, /$s 0$fe Step/an$e Us/e /a8
9ro:en /er /$p 9ut 0as re7over$n1V, an8 .80ar8=s up7om$n1 ret$rement.
#/e man sa$8 /e=8 9e sure to 7ome to t/e part* an8 0as /app* /e 1ot
9a7: to to0n $n t$me.
-e t/en 1ot $nto t/e elevator, an8 0/en t/e 8oors opene8 a1a$n on t/e
e8$tor$al floor, /e steppe8 out $nto t/e 0$l8 7/aos t/at /a8 9een /$s
/ome for so ver* lon1.
2ot/$n1 /a8 7/an1e8 $n t/e f$ve-plus *ears /e=8 9een 1one. Ro0s of
reporters an8 re0r$ters, stu7: $n 7u9$7les mu7/ too small for t/em an8
t/e$r 8es:s, 0ere st$ll /un:ere8 over 7omputers, t*p$n1 a0a* fur$ousl*,
for0ar8$n1 t/e$r stor$es, art$7les, 7lass$f$e8s, or 0/atever to
e8$tor$al, 0/o 0oul8 t/en pro7ess t/e mater$al an8 sen8 $t on to
la*out. 4ss$stants an8 7op*9o*s 0ere s7urr*$n1 a9out l$:e 7ra%* m$7e,
nav$1at$n1 t/rou1/ t/e ma%e of 8es:s, rus/$n1 to ma:e 7ru7$al
+a1e 66
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
#/ere 0as a 7erta$n frant$7 >ual$t* /ere t/at ener1$%e8 /$m. Cea/, t/$s
0as t/e r$1/t t/$n1 to 8o.
-e passe8 a ro0 of telev$s$ons, all set to 8$fferent ne0s 7/annels. 4
8$fferen7e at lastI #/ese #As 0ere 5C6 0$8e-s7reens 0$t/ a p$7ture
>ual$t* /e /a8 never exper$en7e8 9efore. ',Q 0as tal:$n1 pol$t$7s. C22
0as a$r$n1 an ex7lus$ve $nterv$e0 0$t/ t/e pr$me m$n$ster of Fapan.
MS2)C /a8 one of $ts tal:$n1 /ea8s ar1u$n1 0$t/ t/ree 1uests, s/out$n1
t/em 8o0n over some ne0 7on1ress$onal s7an8al. 2o. 2ot/$n1=s reall*
-e ma8e /$s 0a* t/rou1/ t/e 9ullpen, /$s su$t7ases 7lums$l* :no7:$n1
$nto one 8es: after anot/er. 4 ta9le 9o* sa0 /$m 7om$n1 an8 ;umpe8 out
of /$s 0a* $n t$me to avo$8 9e$n1 /$t 9* t/e e81e of an errant
su$t7ase. #/e man sm$le8 apolo1et$7all* as /e passe8 /$m.
-e turne8 an a$sle an8 /$s su$t7ase /$t $nto anot/er 8es:. 4 7amera,
s$tt$n1 pre7ar$ousl* on t/e e81e, s/oo: $tself off an8 9e1an to fall.
-e 8roppe8 t/e su$t7ase, rea7/e8 8o0nKLOfaster t/an t/e e*e 7oul8
follo0KLOan8 7au1/t t/e 7amera 9efore $t fell onto t/e mar9le floor.
<Careful, 7areKLM< a *oun1 vo$7e 7aut$one8 /$m 9efore stopp$n1 $n
#/e man 1ave an em9arrasse8 sm$le. <Sorr*, F$mm*.<
F$mm* ,lsen=s e*es 0ent 0$8e.
<M$ster Clar:,< /e sputtere8. #/en real$%e8 0/at /e sa$8. <3 mean ?ent.
M$ster ?ent. Cou=re 9a7:J 3 8on=t 9el$eve $t. Wo0.<
Clar: stu7: out /$s /an8, expe7t$n1 F$mm* to ta:e $t. -e /a8 9een ;ust
a 9o* 0/en Clar: too: off on /$sKLM explorat$on. 2o0 F$mm* 0as pro9a9l*
$n /$s earl* t0ent$es, 7lean-7ut an8 8resse8 $n a 7onservat$vel* 7ut
s/$rt an8 9o0t$e per/aps one s$%e too lar1e for /$m.
F$mm* :ept star$n1 at /$m. <,/, 0o0. ,/, m* Do8. Wel7ome 9a7:J -e*,
7ome 0$t/ me. 2o, 0a$t. 6on=t move.< F$mm* stoo8 1ap$n1 at Clar: for
anot/er fe0 se7on8s, t/en rus/e8 off, su88enl*. <Sta* /ere,< /e s/oute8
Clar: 0a$te8 $n front of F$mm*=s 7u9$7le, /$s s$x-foot-four-$n7/ frame
topp$n1 over t/e s/ort 0alls.
-e 1lan7e8 aroun8, loo:$n1 for an* 8$fferen7es $n t/e pla7e s$n7e /e
left. 2e0 people 0ere 9us*$n1 t/emselves 0$t/ 0or:. )ut t/en ne0spaper
off$7es 0ere al0a*s f$lle8 0$t/ /opeful 0anna9es. Some ma8e $t. ,t/ers
fle8, for ;o9s 0$t/ less pressure.
+a1e 6
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
2e0 fam$l* p/otos 0ere s$tt$n1 on 8es:s or ta7:e8 to 7u9$7le 0alls.
#/ere 0as a ne0 7oat of pa$nt alon1 t/e 9a7: 0alls, an8, /e not$7e8,
t/e or$1$nal as9estos 7e$l$n1 /a8 9een remove8 an8 repla7e8 0$t/ ne0,
safer mater$als. #/e +lanet off$7e 0as 9ot/ ne0 an8 fam$l$ar. 4
nostal1$7 sm$le sprea8 a7ross /$s fa7e.
<)e/$n8 *ou, M$ster ?ent,< F$mm*=s vo$7e 7alle8. Clar: turne8 to see
F$mm* /ol8$n1 a plate 7overe8 $n alum$num fo$l. <-ere. 3 ma8e $t
Clar: peele8 9a7: t/e fo$l an8 sa0 t/ere 0as a 7a:e on a plate, 9ut $ts
0/$ppe8 7ream frost$n1 0as smeare8 9* 1ru99* f$n1ers. 3t no0 rea8, <We
om a7: lar:.< -e s0ept a f$n1er a7ross $t, s7oop$n1 up a small p$e7e
an8 8ollop$n1 $t $nto /$s mout/. <6el$7$ous.<
F$mm* sa0 t/at part of t/e 7a:e 0as alrea8* 1one. <,/. 3 1uess t/e
ot/er 1u*s 1ot /un1r*,< /e sa$8, 8$sappo$nte8. -e /a8 0ante8 Clar:=s
return to 9e spe7$al.
Clar: 0as a9out to 7onsole /$m 0/en anot/er vo$7e 9oome8 out. <,lsenJ<
Clar: sm$le8. 3 0as 0on8er$n1 0/ere /e 0as.
+err* W/$te storme8 $n. -e 0as $n /$s m$8s$xt$es 0$t/ a t/$7: mane of
star: 0/$te /a$r, 9ut /e move8 l$:e /e 0as st$ll a *oun1 reporter
9ull$n1 /$s 0a* $nto ma;or s7oops. -e 0as, as usual, 1ro0l$n1, a9out to
snap $n an1er. Clar: 7oul8n=t remem9er 0/en +err* W/$te /a8 loo:e8 an*
8$fferent. <W/ere are t/ose p/otos from t/e S$xt*-s$xt/ Street 9$rt/8a*
7lo0n massa7reP Compos$t$n1 nee8s t/em no0.<
F$mm*=s fa7e lost $ts 7olor. <R$1/t a0a*, C/$ef. -e*, loo: 0/o $t $s.<
+err* turne8 to /$m an8 st$fle8 0/at Clar: :ne0 0as 1o$n1 to 9e a
sm$le. Coul8n=t /ave t/at no0, 7oul8 /eP <?ent,< /e 9ar:e8. -$s 0a* of
sa*$n1 /ello.
Clar: 8$8n=t expe7t more. +err* 0as +err*, an8 /e 0as never 1o$n1 to
1$ve $n to s/o0$n1 /$s emot$ons. Fust as 0ell. Clar: preferre8 /$m t/$s
Clar: remem9ere8 t/at 0/en /e announ7e8 /e 0as leav$n1 +err* too: /$m
to lun7/ an8 spent a9out t0o /ours tr*$n1 to 1et /$m to 7/an1e /$s
m$n8. W/en Clar: sa$8 /e 7oul8n=t, +err* 0$s/e8 /$m t/e 9est, pa$8 t/e
7/e7:, an8 left 0$t/out anot/er 0or8.
Clar: put out a /an8, 9ut +err* 8$8n=t ta:e $t. <-e*, C/$ef. #/an:s for
1$v$n1 me m* ;o9 9a7:KLM<
+a1e 6!
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
)ut +err* 0as alrea8* /alf0a* 9a7: to /$s off$7e. <6on=t t/an: me.
#/an: 2orm +ar:er for 8*$n1.<
F$mm* no88e8 to Clar:. <3t 0as /$s t$me.<
<Well, 3 8o appre7$ate $t, C/KLO<
<4n8 8on=t 7all me C/$ef,< +err* sa$8, slamm$n1 /$s off$7e 8oor 9e/$n8
/$m. #/an: Do8 some t/$n1s 8on=t 7/an1e.
<Come on. 5et=s 1et *ou set up,< F$mm* sa$8 as /e rea7/e8 for one of
Clar:=s su$t7ases. -e 1ra99e8 t/e /an8le an8 tr$e8 to pull $t, 9ut $t
/el8 f$rm. -e use8 9ot/ /an8s, an8 t/e su$t7ase t$lte8 ;ust a 9$t,
enou1/ for $ts ru11e8 pol*olef$n 0/eels to 1a$n tra7t$on. F$mm* 8ra11e8
$t slo0l* a7ross t/e floor 9efore /e not$7e8 Clar: 0as 0al:$n1 t/e
ot/er 0a* to0ar8 t/e 7luster of reporters= 8es:s. -$s ol8 8es:.
<M$ster ?ent. ,ver /ere, M$ster ?ent.< F$mm* 0as mot$on$n1 Clar: to0ar8
t/e ot/er en8 of t/e room. Clar: loo:e8 9a7: to Reporters= Ro0, t/en
9a7: at F$mm*, an8 follo0e8 /$m. F$mm* 0as, as al0a*s, exu9erant.
<So, 0o0, *ou sure are lu7:*. -$tt$n1 t/e open roa8, /$t7//$:$n1 aroun8
t/e 0orl8 l$:e t/at. 3 7an=t 0a$t to /ear all a9out t/e +eruv$an llama
Clar: 0as 7onfuse8. <5lama ro8eoP<
#/e* stoppe8 at a small 8es: near t/e 9a7: 0all, an8 F$mm* 0as rel$eve8
to let t/e su$t7ase 8rop 0$t/ a /eav* t/u8. <Cea/. 3 :ept all t/ose
post7ar8s *ou sent. -e*, 1otta run. 3=ll 7/e7: on *ou $n a 9$t, o:a*P<
Clar: no88e8 an8 sat at /$s ne0 8es:. 5lama ro8eoP 3=m 1o$n1 to /ave to
as: Ma exa7tl* 0/at s/e 0rote $n t/e post7ar8s. -e opene8 a fe0
8ra0ers, s7oote8 /$s 7/a$r a7ross t/e 7u9$7le to test t/e 0/eels, t/en
returne8 to t/e 8es:. <,/, /e*, 8o *ou :no0 0/ere 3 7an f$n8KLM<
-e loo:e8 up 9ut F$mm* 0as alrea8* 1one. <KLM5o$sP<
Clar: s$1/e8 as /e loo:e8 for somet/$n1 to 8o. 2ext to /$m 0as a
mass$ve sta7: of ne0spapers, ma1a%$nes an8, t/ere 0as no ot/er 0or8 for
$t, ;un:. 2orm +ar:er=s ;un:. #/e sta7: 0as so /$1/ /e 7oul8n=t see
over $t $nto t/e next 7u9$7le. #/$s all 1ets t/ro0n out ton$1/t.
-e /efte8 one of /$s su$t7ases onto t/e 8es:, s/a:$n1 t/e sta7: of
-e 0as a9out to open $t, t/en not$7e8 t/e 8oor 9e/$n8 /$m.
+a1e 6"
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
2ot /ere. #/e ;an$tor=s 7loset.
-e s/ut t/e 8oor an8 pulle8 on t/e 7/a$n 8an1l$n1 $n front of /$m. 4
small s$xt*-0att 9ul9 0arme8 up t/e t$n* spa7e. #/ere 0ere 9u7:ets of
7lean$n1 solut$on, 0as/ ra1s, mops, solvents, 9rus/es, an8 s>uee1ees
7lutter$n1 t/e 7loset s/elves. 4 ;an$tor=s un$form /un1 from a /oo:
t/at /a8 lost one s7re0 an8 0as t$lt$n1 for0ar8 pre7ar$ousl*. 4n*t/$n1
/eav$er t/an t/e s/$rt an8 pants 0oul8 pull $t out of t/e 0all.
-e 7leare8 a spa7e on t/e ta9le an8 opene8 t/e su$t7ase. 3ns$8e 0ere
8o%ens of presse8 su$ts an8 s/$rts. -e remove8 some 9oo:s an8
to$letr$es, t/en p$7:e8 up one f$nal $tem, a frame8 p/oto of /$s mot/er
an8 fat/er, Fonat/an an8 Mart/a. -e loo:e8 at $t for a lon1 t$me 9efore
7arefull* la*$n1 $t as$8e.
@n8erneat/ t/e p/oto 0as a lar1e re8 <S< em9ro$8ere8 on a 9r$1/t *ello0
8$amon8-s/ape8 s/$el8N /$s Superman un$form, 7leane8 an8 neatl* fol8e8
9* /$s mot/er. -e 1entl* tou7/e8 t/e s*m9ol, no0 ;ust a rem$n8er of t/e
s/attere8 7rest /e foun8 on t/at an7$ent to0er $n t/e Aalle* of t/e
W$t/out a 0or8 /e 7lose8 t/e 7ase a1a$n an8 /$8 $t on t/e lo0er s/elf
of t/e stora1e 7a9$net $n t/e 9a7: of t/e 7loset.
<Clar:, 7ome /ere.< F$mm* 0as 7all$n1 /$m. <-e* loo:. 3t=s 5o$s.<
Clar:=s e*es 0$8ene8. S/e 0as /ere. -e too: a lon1, 8eep 9reat/,
7ompose8 /$mself, an8 slo0l* 0al:e8 9a7: $nto t/e off$7e.
-$s l$ps 0ere 8r*, an8 /e felt a 7oarse t$7:le $n /$s t/roat as /e
loo:e8 for /er. Come on, 8on=t ma:e t/$s /ar8er t/an $t /as to 9e.
W/ere are *ouP 5et=s 1et t/$s over 0$t/.
-e 7oul8n=t see /er an*0/ere. -e s0ept t/e room 0$t/ /$s Q-ra* v$s$on,
9ut t/ere 0as st$ll no s$1n.
<Mr. ?ent. ,ver /ere. SeeP R$1/t t/ere. 3n front of t/e 1u* from t/e
F$mm* 0as stan8$n1 next to D$l #ruman, one of t/e ot/er +lanet
reporters. Clar: follo0e8 F$mm*=s 1a%e up to t/e #A mon$tor on t/e
0all. #/e* 0ere 0at7/$n1 a l$ve v$8eo fee8 of a press 7onferen7e ta:$n1
pla7e on 9oar8 a mo8$f$e8 )oe$n1 alrea8* $n m$8-fl$1/t.
)o99$e-'a*e, a stunn$n1 9lon8e 0$t/ sear$n1 9lue e*es, loo:e8 more l$:e
a mo8el t/an t/e ;et=s pu9l$7 relat$ons spo:es0oman. S/e 0as stan8$n1
$n t/e front of t/e plane, sm$l$n1 profess$onall* to t/e reporters 0/o
fur$ousl* 0rote 8o0n /er ever* 0or8. <Cou s/oul8 alrea8* /ave t/e
+a1e &
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
te7/n$7al spe7s as 0ell as t/e fl$1/t prof$le, so $f *ou 8on=t, please
let me :no0, an8 3=ll 1et t/em to *ou.<
4 lon1t$me aeronaut$7s profess$onal 0/o /a8 9e1un 0or:$n1 on t/e spa7e
s/uttle pro1ram t0o 0ee:s after 1ra8uat$n1 from 7olle1e, )o99$e-'a*e
0as use8 to 8eal$n1 0$t/ t/e press, an8 s/e ma8e 7erta$n t/at as /er
e*es slo0l* s0ept t/e 7ro08, t/e* momentar$l* 7ame to rest on ea7/
reporterKLOfollo0e8 9* a >u$7: sm$leKLOto 1$ve t/em t/e feel$n1 s/e 0as
tal:$n1 onl* to t/em.
<Ma$n en1$ne 7utoff an8 external tan: separat$on 0$ll 7ommen7e
approx$matel* e$1/t m$nutes after laun7/ an8 ;ust 9efore or9$t
$nsert$on, 0/$7/ var$es, of 7ourse, a77or8$n1 to ea7/ m$ss$on. )* t/e
0a*, 8$8 *ou :no0 t/e $s t/e f$rst a$rplane to /ave a rose name8
after $tP<
S/e sm$le8 a1a$n, an8 t/e reporters lau1/e8, r$1/t on 7ue. S/e 7oul8
rattle off a t/ousan8 8$fferent $mpress$ve stat$st$7s a9out t/e plane,
9ut t/e rose stor*, an8 $t 0as true, 0as t/e one t/at al0a*s appeare8
$n t/e$r art$7les. D$ve t/e people 0/at t/e* 0ant.
<W$t/ a ta:eoff 0e$1/t of nearl* t/ree->uarters of a m$ll$on poun8s, $n
t/e past t/e spa7e s/uttle nee8e8 t0elve m$ll$on poun8s of t/rust, ;ust
$n $ts $n$t$al laun7/ p/ase. )* p$11*9a7:$n1 t/e .xplorer on t/$s
)oe$n1 KLM< S/e 0as a9out to 7ont$nue 0/en a /an8 poppe8 up, nearl*
9lo7:$n1 t/e #A s7reen. #/ere=s al0a*s one 0/o 0on=t let me f$n$s/
9efore /av$n1 to as: t/e$r >uest$ons.
<CesP< S/e 0as a 1oo8 a7tress, an8 t/ere 0as no sense of $mpat$en7e $n
/er vo$7e.
4 tall, slen8er 0oman stoo8 up, /er /an8 st$ll 0av$n1. Clar: stare8 at
t/e #A, transf$xe8. S/e 0as a l$ttle more mature t/an t/e last t$me /e
/a8 seen /er, 9ut s/e 0as ;ust as 9eaut$ful, an8 /e note8, ;ust as
spun:*, as ever.
<5o$s 5ane, 6a$l* +lanet. +$11*9a7:$n1P 3s t/at off$7$al term$nolo1*P<
)o99$e-'a*e /el8 $n /er anno*an7e. <Ces, M$ss 5ane. 3t $s.< Do a0a*.
S$t 8o0n. Stop as:$n1 stup$8 >uest$onsJ
)ut 5o$s 0as ;ust 9e1$nn$n1. <Cou state8 t/at t/$s s/uttle 0$ll us/er
$n a ne0 era of travel, ena9l$n1 t/e avera1e person to affor8
trans7ont$nental fl$1/ts v$a outer spa7eKLO 9ut 7an *ou tell us t/e exa7t
pr$7e an =avera1e person= 0$ll 9e expe7te8 to pa*P<
#/e 7ra7:s $n )o99$e-'a*e=s p$7ture-perfe7t ma:eup 0ere 9e1$nn$n1 to
s/o0 at t/e 7orners of /er mout/. <3 t/$n: *ou=ll f$n8 t/at ans0er $n
+a1e 1
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
*our press pa7:et, M$ss 5ane. 'eel free to ta:e *our t$me loo:$n1 for
F$mm* 0as 1r$nn$n1 as 5o$s sat 8o0n. S/e al0a*s as:s t/e 1reat
>uest$ons. -e turne8 to Clar:, 0/o seeme8 7onfuse8. <W/at=s 1o$n1 on
t/ere, F$mm*P W/at $s t/$sP<
F$mm* turne8 9a7: to t/e mon$tor s7reen as )o99$e-'a*e too: a >uest$on
from 5aura 6ane, a *oun1 reporter from t/e #r$9une F$mm* /a8 8ate8
t0$7e a9out a *ear a1o.
<,/, $t=s t/e f$rst 8ual-7raft laun7/ of a pr$vatel* fun8e8 or9$tal
s/uttle t/at uses on9oar8 SR)s $nstea8 of external fuel tan:s.<
-e not$7e8 Clar:=s 7onfuse8 loo:. <SR). Sol$8 Ro7:et )oosters. #/e*=re
1o$n1 to laun7/ $t off t/e 9a7: of a ;et.<
Clar: loo:e8 0orr$e8. <Soun8s 8an1erous.<
D$l t/rust /$s fa7e $n front of F$mm*=s. <,lsen, 3 7an=t /ear /er. #urn
$t up.<
F$mm* 0as su88enl* flustere8 as /e 1ra99e8 t/e remote 7ontrol an8
fum9le8 0$t/ $t. #/e #A fl$7:ere8 an8 7/an1e8 to a l$ve 9ase9all 1ame.
<Sorr*. Sorr*.<
4s F$mm* tr$e8 to operate t/e remote, Clar: ma8e /$s 0a* to 5o$s=s
8es:, 7luttere8 as al0a*s 0$t/ 9oo:s, f$les, an8 n$7ot$ne pat7/esKLOSt$llP
W/at am 3 1o$n1 to 8o 0$t/ /erP
S$tt$n1 atop a fol8er, an en1rave8 letter. <5o$s 5ane, 4s a Re7$p$ent
of #/$s Cear=s +ul$t%er +r$%e, Cou 4re 'ormall* 3nv$te8 to t/e 40ar8s
S/e 0on. Doo8. S/e 8eserve8 $t. #/at=s so 1oo8.
-e 0as st$ll 9eam$n1 0/en /e not$7e8 t/e 1roup$n1 of frame8 p/otos
7ro08$n1 t/e 8es:top. 5o$s 0$t/ /er fam$l*. 5o$s 0$t/ /er s$ster. 5o$s
0$t/ a /an8some *oun1 man. 5o$s 0$t/ a l$ttle 9o*.
W/o are t/e*P
-e loo:e8 up to see several 7/$l8=s 7ra*on 8ra0$n1s p$nne8 or tape8 to
t/e 7u9$7le 0all. #/e* all rea8, <#o Mom.< -e turne8 9a7: to t/e p/oto
an8 stu8$e8 $tKLM tr*$n1 to ma:e /ea8s or ta$ls of t/e t0o stran1ers
0/ose /app* fa7es 0ere 9eam$n1 out at /$m.
+a1e 2
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
<-e loo:s a lot ol8er no0. ?$8s 1ro0 up so fast,< F$mm* sa$8.
Clar: loo:e8 at /$m, a 9$t over0/elme8. <-$s mot/erP<
F$mm* sa0 /$s 7onfuse8 fa7e. <,/, 1ee. ,/, no. Cou=ve 9een 1one. Well,
Clar:, *ou 9etter s$t 8o0n 9e7ause *ou 0$ll not 9el$eve t/$s. 'earless
reporter 5o$s 5ane $s a momm*.<
Clar: felt ever* mus7le $n /$s 9o8* st$ffen. -e 8$8n=t :no0 0/at to
sa*. <Sorr*,< 0as t/e onl* t/$n1 t/at stum9le8 out of /$s mout/, an8 /e
0asn=t even sure 0/at t/at meant.
F$mm* 0as sm$l$n1. <3=m surpr$se8 s/e never tol8 *ou, Clar:.<
?r*pton 0asKLM $t 0as 0orse t/an 8ea8. M* mot/er $s $nvolve8 0$t/ anot/er
man, not m* fat/er, an8 t/e* 0ere mov$n1 to o/, 1oo8 Do8, Montana. 5o$s
$s, /e 7oul8 /ar8l* even frame t/e t/ou1/t, aKLM mot/erP 3s t/at even
-e :ne0 F$mm* /a8 no $8ea t/at ever*t/$n1 $n /$s l$fe su88enl* seeme8
to unravel. -e too: 7ontrol, or 0/at l$ttle 7ontrol /e 7oul8, an8
for7e8 a fa:e 7alm sm$le. <3 /aven=t reall* 9een rea7/a9le.< -e let $t
8rop 0/en anot/er t/ou1/t stru7: /$m. <Wa$t. S/e=s marr$e8P<
<Cup, 0ell, no. 2ot reall*,< F$mm* sa$8, tr*$n1 to sort $t all out $n
/$s m$n8. <More l$:e a prolon1e8 en1a1ement. )ut 8on=t as: M$ss 5ane
0/en t/e*=re t*$n1 t/e :not.< -e loo:e8 aroun8 an8 leane8 7loser to
Clar:. -$s vo$7e fell to a 7onsp$rator$al 0/$sper. <S/e /ates t/at
Clar: st$ll 0asn=t sure 0/at F$mm* /a8 sa$8. -e 1lan7e8 at t/e #A
mon$tor a1a$n an8 /ear8 5o$s=s vo$7e 8ro0n$n1 out t/e ot/er reporters=.
<)o99$e-'a*e, $f t/$s laun7/ $s as p$votal as *ou 7la$m, 0/* $s $t onl*
9e$n1 7overe8 9* one ne0s net0or:P<
Clar: turne8 a0a* from t/e 7amera an8 loo:e8 a1a$n at t/e p/oto $n /$s
/an8. 5o$s. -er son. 4n8 /$m, t/eKLM 0/at 0as /eP -er 9o*fr$en8P 5overP
<Cou all r$1/tP< F$mm* as:e8. <Cou loo: l$:e *ou 7oul8 use a 8r$n:.<
Clar: stare8 a/ea8. .ver*t/$n1 0as a 9lur t/at /e :ne0 not even /$s
teles7op$7 v$s$on 7oul8 s/arpen. <3t=s almost noon, F$mm*.<
F$mm* no88e8, 1r$nn$n1. <Cou=re r$1/t. 4lmost lun7/ /our. We 9etter
+a1e 3
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
C/apter #0elve
+rev$ous#op 2ext
#/e* entere8 t/e 47e ,= Clu9s, an8 F$mm* po$nte8 Clar: to a seat $n t/e
9a7:. <-e*, )o,< F$mm* sa$8 to t/e tall 0/$te-/a$re8 man 0or:$n1 out
t/e 7ross0or8 pu%%le on t/e 7artoon pa1e of t/e 6a$l* +lanet, <0e=ll
s$t 9a7: t/ere, o:a*P<
)o s/ru11e8. <W/atever.< -e 0ent 9a7: to f$1ur$n1 out a n$ne-letter
0or8 mean$n1 to 7onne7t or 8$v$8e.
Save for one un7ons7$ous Fapanese 9us$nessman slumpe8 over on /$s 9ar
seat, t/e 9ar 0as empt*, 9ut Clar: st$ll felt out of pla7e. <S/oul8n=t
0e 1et somet/$n1 to eat f$rstP<
F$mm* lau1/e8. <)o serves up a 1reat plate of pret%els an8 peanuts. So
0/at 8o *ou 0antP<
Clar: sat 8o0n an8 s>u$nte8 at t/e 0all of 9ottles s/elve8 9e/$n8 )o.
<Fust 0ater, please. 'lat.<
)o ra$se8 /$s /ea8 from t/e pu%%le an8 1ave /$m a stran1e loo:. Clar:
turne8 to see F$mm* 1$v$n1 /$m t/e same loo:.
<Cou sureP< )o as:e8.
Clar: not$7e8 t/e #A a9ove t/e 9ar 0as set on t/e s/uttle laun7/. #/e
7amera s0ept a7ross t/e )oe$n1 =s 7a9$n, an8 for a moment Clar: sa0
5o$s, seat-9elte8 $n pla7e, tr*$n1 fur$ousl* to 1et )o99$e-'a*e=s
attent$on, 9ut t/e +R 0oman :ept tal:$n1. <KLMno0, 0/en 0e /$t fort*
t/ousan8 feet, t/e s/uttle 0$ll 8eta7/, as7en8, an8 f$re t/e f$rst of
t/e t0o propellant s*stemsI t/e l$>u$8 fuel 9oosters.<
S/e po$nte8 to a mon$tor s7reen an8 t/e four astronauts strappe8 $nto
t/e$r seats. Steve Cea1er, t/e s/uttle 7omman8er, 0ave8 at t/em. <,ur
/eroes,< )o99$e-'a*e sa$8. <)ut t/e*=re 9us* no0, so 0/* 8on=t 0e let
t/em 1et on 0$t/ t/e$r 0or: 0/$le 0e s/o0 *ou exa7tl* /o0 separat$on
0$ll o77ur.<
#/e mon$tor s7reen 7/an1e8 $nto a p$7ture of an an$mate8 vers$on of t/e
;et. 4s )o99$e-'a*e 7ont$nue8 to tal: over t/e p$7ture, t/e 7artoon
p$7ture8 t/e s/uttle separat$on pro7e8ure $n 9r$1/t 7olors an8 lou8
mus$7. <#/en, 0/en t/e s/uttle rea7/es t/e stratosp/ere,< s/e sa$8,
+a1e 4
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
<t/e $nsert$on 9oosters 0$ll f$re, sen8$n1 t/e 7raft $nto or9$t.<
Clar: /ear8 5o$s=s vo$7e 7all$n1 fa$ntl* from t/e 9a7: of t/e plane.
<3=m sorr*. 6$8 *ou ;ust sa* =$nsert$on 9oosters=P<
)o99$e-'a*e /el8 9a7: /er temper. 3t 0on=t 9e mu7/ lon1er. Fust a fe0
more m$nutes. <Ces, M$ss 5ane. 3 8$8.<
Clar: /ear8 5o$s p$pe up a1a$n. <R$1/t. ,f 7ourse.<
Clar: 7alle8 9a7: to )o. <47tuall*, ma:e t/at a 9eer, please.< )o
no88e8, un$mpresse8.
<4n*t/$n1 elseP<
Clar: loo:e8 at t/e #A a1a$n. <Cea/. 3sn=t t/ere a 1ame onP<
)o no88e8, 1ra99e8 a remote, an8 t/e 9ase9all 1ame appeare8. #/e Ravens
0ere pla*$n1 t/e '$ns. 3t 0as t/e t/$r8 $nn$n1, an8 t/e '$ns 0ere a/ea8
t0o to one. <#/an:s,< Clar: sa$8.
<2o pro9lem,< )o sa$8. -e turne8 to F$mm*. <#/e usualP< Clar: sa0 F$mm*
ea1erl* no8. 4 se7on8 later a 9eer 0as s$tt$n1 $n front of /$m, an8 a
s/ot of 0/$s:e* 0as pla7e8 9efore F$mm*. W/at=s 1o$n1 on /ereP
Clar: not$7e8 t/e 7lo7:, an8 $t 0as su88enl* 1I15 p.m. -e loo:e8 at /$s
9ottle an8 sa0 $t 0as empt*, an8 )o 0as 8ropp$n1 /$s prev$ous 9ottle
$nto t/e re7*7l$n1 9$n, alon1 0$t/ seven ot/ers. -e turne8 to see
F$mm*, /$s /ea8 on t/e ta9letop. -$s e*es 0ere open, 9ut ;ust 9arel*.
<4not/erP< )o as:e8 Clar:. Clar: stare8 at t/e empt* 9ottle $n front of
/$m an8 s/ru11e8. W/* notP 3=m not 8r$v$n1. 'l*$n1 ma*9e, 9ut not
F$mm* sm$le8 a slopp* 1r$n. <Cou :no0, )o, ever s$n7e Superman too: off
$ntoKLO0/ere 8$8 Superman ta:e off to, an*0a*PKLOan*0a*, s$n7e /e 0ent
9*e-9*e an8 all our 0orl8s 0ent a l$ttle 0e$r8KLM< F$mm* tappe8 /$s empt*
0/$s:e* 1lass a1a$nst t/e 7ounter. )o f$lle8 $t a1a$n. <Well, s$n7e
t/en, Clar: too: off, too. C=see, /e=s 9een 8o$n1 a l$ttle
soul-sear7/$n1 for a fe0 *ears. -e sa0 llamas.<
)o loo:e8 at Clar: s$pp$n1 /$s latest 9eer. <,/, *ea/P Com$n1 9a7: must
9e tou1/.<
Clar: 0as 7onfuse8. <Com$n1 9a7:P W/at 8o *ou meanP<
<Cou :no0,< )o sa$8. <#o 0or:. #o start up all over a1a$n.<
+a1e 5
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
Clar: no88e8. -e sa0 Fo/nn$e 6av$s :no7: out a tr$ple, 9r$n1$n1 a man
/ome. 3t 0as t/ree to t0o no0. <Cea/, 0ell, *ou :no0. #/$n1s 7/an1e. 3
mean, of 7ourse t/$n1s 7/an1e, 9ut somet$mes t/$n1s t/at *ou never
t/ou1/t 7oul87/an1e. 5oo: at 5o$s. 4 0oman l$:e /erKLM 3 t/ou1/t s/e=8
never settle 8o0n.<
F$mm* 0as s0$rl$n1 t/e 1ra$ns of salt t/at /a8 fallen from t/e pret%els
onto t/e ta9le $nto a l$ttle 0/$rlpool 8es$1n. -$s /ea8 rotate8 0$t/
t/e movement of /$s f$n1er. -e loo:e8 up to t/e #A, not real$%$n1 t/e
7/annel /a8 9een 7/an1e8. <3f *ou as: me, =7ause s/e=ll never sa* $t,
9ut 3 t/$n: s/e=s st$ll $n love 0$t/ *ou-:no0-0/o.<
F$mm* rea7/e8 for /$s 1lass an8 7/u11e8 $t 0/$le Clar: stare8 at /$m,
Dertru8e Aan8er0ort/=s 8o1 0as >u$etl* 7/e0$n1 on a 9one $n t/e 7orner
of t/e /all0a*. 4 7ommon fa9r$7 7ollar /a8 repla7e8 /er 8$amon8-stu88e8
s/o0stopper, 9ut t/e 8o1 8$8n=t seem to 7are. #/e 8o1KLO0as $t #ala or
5.6.PKLO 5ut/or 7oul8 never tell t/e 8$fferen7eKLOper:e8 up, /er ears
rotat$n1 to a 8$stant soun8. S/e 8$s7ar8e8 t/e 9one $nto a small p$le
of matte8 fur an8 s7ampere8 over t/e t$le floor an8 8o0n t/e sta$rs to
t/e front 8oor, 0/ere t/e alarm panel 0as 9eep$n1. #/e 8o1 stoo8 9a7:
an8 0at7/e8 t/e 8oor s0$n1 open.
?$tt* ?o0als:$ steppe8 $ns$8e an8 ma8e a fa7e. <47:. #/$s pla7e $s so
ta7:*. 5ex, 0/* are 0e 9a7: /ereP<
5ut/or 1rum9le8 as /e pus/e8 past /er. <?$tt*, 0/$le *ou 0ere 8o$n1
*our na$ls, 3 0as unlo7:$n1 t/e se7rets of one of t/e most a8van7e8
7$v$l$%at$ons $n t/e un$verse.<
#/e 8o1 0at7/e8 5ut/or mar7/ past, 9arel* a7:no0le81$n1 ?$tt*=s
presen7e. ?$tt* pause8 to s7rat7/ t/e 8o1 9e/$n8 /er ears. <-e*,
0eren=t t/ere t0o of t/eseP< 5ut/or 7ont$nue8 0al:$n1, $1nor$n1 /er,
t/en 0as ;o$ne8 9* )rutus, Stanfor8, Drant, an8 R$le*, /$s 7am7or8er $n
/an8, re7or8$n1 ever*t/$n1. S/e /urr$e8 to 7at7/ up.
<Cou see,< 5ex 7ont$nue8 un$nterrupte8, <unl$:e our 7lun:* eart/9oun8
met/o8s of 7onstru7t$on, t/e te7/nolo1* of ?r*pton, t/at=s Superman=s
/ome 0orl8 9* t/e 0a*, 0as 9ase8 on man$pulat$n1 t/e 1ro0t/ of
?$tt* 0asn=t $mpresse8. <Soun8s l$:e /o7us-po7us to me.<
5ex pause8 an8 1ro0le8 as /e 1lan7e8 9a7: at /er, ta:$n1 /er 7/$n $n
/$s /an8. <,f 7ourse. #o a pr$m$t$ve m$n8, an* suff$7$entl* a8van7e8
te7/nolo1* $s $n8$st$n1u$s/a9le from ma1$7.<
+a1e 6
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
5ut/or opene8 t/e 9asement 8oor an8 /ea8e8 8o0n t/e sta$r7ase. <C$t$es.
Ae/$7les. Weapons. .nt$re 7ont$nents. 4ll 1ro0n.<
#/e* rea7/e8 t/e 9ottom of t/e sta$rs. #/e room 9efore t/em 0as 8ar:,
9ut t/e e7/oes rever9erat$n1 t/rou1/ $t $n8$7ate8 an $mpress$ve s$%e.
<Cr*stals. #o t/$n: one 7oul8 7reate a ne0 0orl8 0$t/ su7/ a s$mple
l$ttle o9;e7t.< -e remove8 t/e 0/$te 7r*stal /e too: from t/e 'ortress
an8 /el8 $t $n front of /$m for t/em to see. <3t=s l$:e a see8. 4ll $t
nee8s $s 0ater.<
<5$:e Sea Mon:e*s,< ?$tt* sa$8 8r*l*.
5ut/or 7ont$nue8 to stare at $t. <.xa7tl*, ?$tt*. 5$:e Sea Mon:e*s.<
5ut/or turne8 t/e l$1/ts on reveal$n1 a /u1e, spra0l$n1 room an8 an
$mmense mo8el tra$n set s$tt$n1 on a ta9le. #$n* people, m$n$ature
ve/$7les, an8 even a small, >ua$nt to0n f$lle8 $n t/e spa7es aroun8 t/e
tra7:s. 3n t/e 7enter of t/e set 0as a small la:e, f$lle8 0$t/ real
0ater. #o* planes an8 ;ets 7$r7le8 over t/e to0n, suspen8e8 on nearl*
$nv$s$9le 0$res.
<Wo0,< ?$tt* ex7la$me8. S/e 0al:e8 aroun8 t/e tra$n set, star$n1 at t/e
/un8re8s of t$n* f$1ures 1o$n1 a9out t/e$r l$ves. #/ere 0ere pol$7emen,
9us 8r$vers an8 7a9 8r$vers, ut$l$t* 0or:ersKLOone 0as per7/e8 atop a
ut$l$t* poleKLOan8 passers9*.
3n front of t/e 1ro7er* store a /eav*set man $n an apron 0as /ol8$n1 a
9a1 of fru$t. 4 small 0oman 0$t/ a 9o* $n to0 0as $n front of t/e
store, pose8 as $f s/e 0as a9out to enter $t. #/ere 0as a l$ne of
people $n front of t/e post off$7e an8 a9out a 8o%en 7/$l8ren ma:$n1
t/e$r 0a* past a 7ross$n1 1uar8 as t/e* /ea8e8 to s7/ool. ,ne of t/e
7/$l8 mo8els 0as l*$n1 on $ts s$8e. Drant 7a7:le8, assum$n1 a 7ar /a8
stru7: /$m.
?$tt* not$7e8 t/e l$ttle 7/ur7/ an8 t/e small 0e88$n1 part* on $ts
front steps. 4 9r$8e an8 1room 0ere stan8$n1 $n front of a m$n$ster.
S/e p$7:e8 up t/e 1room. <3, 5ex 5ut/or, 1$ve *ou ?at/er$ne ?o0als:$,
ever*t/$n1,< s/e 0/$spere8.
S/e 1$11le8 an8 put t/e 1room 8o0n a1a$n. 5ex 7an /ave 0/atever /e
0ants. )ut 3=ll 1et ever*t/$n1 else. S/e lau1/e8. S/e sa0 Stanfor8,
tools $n /an8, /un7/e8 over a small 0or:9en7/, star$n1 t/rou1/ a
m$7ros7ope, a7ross t/e room from /er.
<Careful, 7areful,< 5ex 7aut$one8 /$m.
Stanfor8 0as us$n1 a m$n$ature 8$amon8 sa0 to s/ave off a t/$n veneer
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
from t/e e81e of t/e 0/$te 7r*stal. 4 small fla:e fell to t/e s$8e.
@s$n1 7al$pers, /e p$7:e8 up t/e t$n* sl$ver an8 0al:e8 to0ar8 5ex,
prou8l* s/o0$n1 /$m t/e sl$7e.
<)ut $t=s so small,< ?$tt* sa$8.
5ex stare8 at $t. <3t=s not t/e s$%e t/at matters. 3t=s /o0 *ou use
?$tt* rolle8 /er e*es. <St$ll us$n1 t/at l$neP<
5ex 1lare8 at /er for a se7on8KLO<'unn*<KLO9efore turn$n1 to R$le*. <4re
*ou 1ett$n1 t/$sP<
R$le* turne8 t/e 7amera to 5ut/or an8 1ave a t/um9s-up s$1n. <2ot me,
*ou $8$ot. -$m.< R$le* >u$7:l* turne8 t/e 7amera 9a7: to follo0
Stanfor8, ever so 7arefull* /ol8$n1 t/e 7r*stal sl$ver as /e slo0l*
ma8e /$s 0a* to t/e small la:e $n t/e m$88le of t/e tra$n set.
<Careful,< 5ut/or sa$8. <Cou :no0 0/at to 8o.<
Stanfor8 leane8 for0ar8 as /$s foot sna11e8 a tra$n set 7a9le t/at
sna:e8 a7ross t/e floor to t/e 22& outlet on t/e ot/er s$8e of t/e
room. -e lost /$s 9alan7e as t/e 7al$pers an8 7r*stal fle0 out of /$s
/an8s an8 8roppe8 $nto t/e 7enter of t/e la:e. -e fell to t/e 1roun8,
0a$t$n1 for t/e explos$on.
-e stoo8 up a1a$n an8 sa0 t/at ever*one else /a8 nervousl* move8 to t/e
ot/er s$8e of t/e room. -e 1lan7e8 9a7: to t/e la:e an8 sa0 /$s
7al$pers lean$n1 up from $t, $ts 7lose8 ;a0s su9mer1e8. -e s7urr$e8
a7ross t/e room an8 ;o$ne8 t/e ot/ers. <Sorr*, 9oss,< /e sa$8 to
?$tt* 7/u7:le8. <Wo0. #/at=s reall* somet/$n1, 5ex.<
)ut 5ut/or 0as st$ll sm$l$n1. <Wa$t for $t.<
-e /el8 /$s 9reat/. C=mon. W/at t/e /ell are *ou 0a$t$n1 forP 6o $tJ
2ot/$n1. -e turne8 from t/e set, 8$sappo$nte8. <4ll r$1/t R$le*, s/ut
off t/e 7amera.<
R$le* 0as %oom$n1 $n on t/e 7al$pers. <)ut 3=m 1ett$n1 $t.<
5ex s/oo: /$s /ea8. <3 sa$8 s/ut off t/e 8amn 7amera.<
R$le* turne8 off t/e 7am7or8er an8 starte8 to put $t 8o0n 0/en t/e
+a1e !
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
tra$n set l$1/ts su88enl* fl$7:ere8 an8 8$e8. -e loo:e8 up to see t/e
9asement l$1/ts 1o 9la7:. <6$8 3 8o somet/$n1 0ron1, 9ossP<
5ut/or turne8 9a7: to t/e tra$n mo8el. -e felt /$s /eart9eat >u$7:en.
<2o. #/at 0asn=t *ou. #urn $t on a1a$n. #urn $t on.<
#/e mo8el la:e 0as 9e1$nn$n1 to 9u99le. #/rou1/ a t/$n la*er of fo1 /e
7oul8 see t/at t/e 7r*stal 0as 1lo0$n1.
#/e /all0a* l$1/ts 8$e8. #/e l$v$n1-room l$1/ts 8$e8. #/e f$rst-floor
l$1/ts, t/en t/e se7on8-floor an8 t/e att$7-area l$1/ts all 8$e8, too.
.ven $n t/e 8ar:ness, 5ut/or 0as star$n1 at t/e 1lo0$n1 7r*stal an8 t/e
9u99l$n1 0ater.
)e1$nn$n1 $n $ts m$88le an8 ra8$at$n1 out0ar8 from t/ere, t/e /ouse
9e1an to s/ut 8o0n. ,uts$8e, $n t/e 1reat 1ar8ens, t/e spr$n:ler s*stem
su88enl* stoppe8, an8 t/e 1ar8en l$1/ts explo8e8.
#/e 9la7:out 7ont$nue8 sprea8$n1 from t/ere.
C/apter #/$rteen
+rev$ous#op 2ext
Clar: ?ent 8o0ne8 /$s e$1/t/ 9eer 0/en t/e l$1/ts 0ent out at t/e 47e
,= Clu9s. -e 8$8n=t 7are. )o p$7:e8 up t/e p/one to 7all t/e po0er
7ompan*, 9ut t/e fam$l$ar 8$al tone 0asn=t 0a$t$n1 for /$m. -e loo:e8
at t/e re7e$ver as $f /e 7oul8 $nt$m$8ate $t $nto 0or:$n1, 9ut t/e
p/one 0asn=t afra$8 of /$m. <#/at=s 0e$r8. Must 9e a 9la7:out.<
Clar: 1lan7e8 up an8 lo0ere8 /$s 1lasses. -$s e*es fo7use8, an8 t/e
9a7: 0all to t/e 9ar 8$sappeare8, reveal$n1 t/e street 9e*on8.
Streetl$1/ts 9l$n:e8 off. Store-0$n8o0 l$1/ts 0ent 8ar:. Cars slo0e8 to
a stop, 9ump$n1 $nto ea7/ ot/er as t/e$r frant$7 8r$vers tr$e8
$neffe7t$vel* to turn t/e$r steer$n1 0/eels.
)o /un1 up t/e p/one, s/ru11e8, an8 turne8 9a7: to Clar:. 3t 8$8n=t
matter 0/at 0as 1o$n1 on outs$8e. 3n /ere, /e 7ontrolle8 t/e 0orl8.
<Want anot/erP<
Clar: 9l$n:e8 as /$s e*es refo7use8. -e turne8 9a7: to F$mm* an8 sa0
/$s /ea8 st$ll rest$n1 on t/e ta9le, /$s snor-$n1 1ro0$n1 lou8er. Clar:
s/ru11e8, loo:e8 up at t/e #A, $ts s7reen t/an:full* 8ar:. <Sure,< /e
+a1e "
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
sa$8. W/* notP
3ns$8e t/e 6a$l* +lanet t/e l$1/ts su88enl* 0ent out 0$t/out
explanat$on. 4s one, a /un8re8 reporters, se7retar$es, an8 ass$stants
/$t t/e save :e*s, 9ut t/e$r 7omputers 0ere alrea8* 8o0n. #/e* all
tr$e8 to remem9er 0/en t/e* save8 last an8 /o0 mu7/ t/e* 0oul8 /ave to
ret*pe 0/en t/e po0er returne8.
+err* W/$te loo:e8 out /$s off$7e 0$n8o0 an8 onto a 7$t* t/at /a8 7ome
to a 8ea8 stop. Cars 0eren=t mov$n1. -orns 0eren=t 9lar$n1. #/e eer$e
s$len7e 0as fr$1/ten$n1. -$1/ a9ove, on t/e roof, t/e 6a$l* +lanet
1lo9e stoppe8 rotat$n1. +err* turne8 9a7: to /$s off$7e not real$%$n1
/e 0as /umm$n1 3t=s t/e en8 of t/e 0orl8 as 0e :no0 $t.
#/e 9la7:out 7ont$nue8 on $ts out9oun8 ;ourne*, not *et nearl* sate8.
Fo/n W$ll$amson sat 9a7: $n M$ss$on Control an8 stare8 at t/e 8$spla*
s7reens. So far so 1oo8. #/e s/uttle 7omman8er=s vo$7e 0as 7om$n1 $n
lou8 an8 7lear over t/e ra8$o. <M$ss$on Control, 9ooster $1n$t$on $s at
#-m$nus one m$nute, an8 0e are prepp$n1 to 8$sen1a1e 7oupl$n1s, an8KLO<
#/e po0er 8$e8 a9ruptl*, an8 t/e s7reens fl$7:ere8 off. W$ll$amson
s/unte8 to emer1en7* po0er, 9ut $t 8$8n=t respon8.
-e fell 9a7: $nto /$s 7/a$rN 7onta7t 0$t/ t/e )oe$n1 s/uttle 0as lost.
3n t/e .xplorer s/uttle, t/e four astronauts 0ere strappe8 $nto t/e$r
seats 0/en t/e 9la7:out /$t. #/e l$1/ts on S/uttle Comman8er Cea1er=s
7onsole s/ut off $n se>uen7e. -e /$t t/e 7on, 9ut ne$t/er t/e fam$l$ar
9eep nor stat$7 1reete8 /$m. <M$ss$on ControlP Come $n, over.< 3t 0as
8ea8. W/at t/e /ell $s 1o$n1 onP
3ns$8e t/e ;et 7a9$n, t/e l$1/ts su88enl* fl$7:ere8 an8 0ent out.
)o99$e-'a*e=s an$mate8 7artoon moane8 $ts 0a* to a stop. 5o$s loo:e8
outs$8e t/e 0$n8o0 an8 sa0 t/e 1roun8. 3t seeme8 to 9e 7loser t/an
3n t/e 7o7:p$t, Capta$n -am$lton /ear8 t/e en1$nes 8$e as /$s stoma7/
felt t/e plane su88enl* 8rop. -e rema$ne8 7alm as /e tr$e8 to re1a$n
po0er an8 7onta7t 0$t/ 4$r Control.
#/en, ;ust as su88enl*, t/e po0er 0as 9a7:. -am$lton put t/e plane $nto
a l$1/t 8$ve, t/en 9rou1/t /er out a1a$n. 3ns$8e me ma$n 7a9$n,
)o99$e-'a*e=s an$mate8 7artoon 1roane8 $ts 0a* 9a7: to $ts stor*, 9ut
no9o8* 0as pa*$n1 an* attent$on.
+a1e !&
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
3ns$8e t/e s/uttle, Comman8er Cea1er an8 /$s men allo0e8 t/emselves a
s$1/ of rel$ef.
#/e ;et levele8 off, 9a7: on 7ourse. 4ll 0as 0ell a1a$n.
#/e #A turne8 $tself 9a7: on $n t/e 47e ,= Clu9s as F$mm* pulle8
/$mself 9a7: to a s$tt$n1 pos$t$on an8 nurse8 /$s unf$n$s/e8 8r$n:
t/rou1/ a stra0. Clar: 0as loo:$n1 at /$m /opefull*.
<W/en *ou sa$8 5o$s 0as st$ll $n love 0$t/ *ou-:no0-0/oKLM0/o 8$8 *ou
F$mm* turne8 to Clar:, /$s e*es /alf-7lose8 an8 /$s sm$le 0$8e as $f /e
:ne0 1reat se7rets 9etter left unspo:en. -e /$77upe8, an8 t/at 0$se,
:no0$n1 loo: 8$sappeare8 a1a$n. -e turne8 a1a$n to /$s s/ot 1lass an8
/el8 $t up to t/e l$1/t, a 8$amon8 $nspe7te8. <6$8 *ou :no0 3 /aven=t
/a8 a p$7ture pu9l$s/e8 $n t0o mont/sP<
-e let t/at /an1. Clar: tr$e8 to 1et F$mm*=s attent$on, 9ut /$s e*es
0ere fo7use8 some0/ere else. <2o, 3 8$8n=t. )ut F$mm*, 0/en *ou sa$8
t/at, 8$8 *ou mean t/at 5o$s $s st$ll $n love 0$t/ SupermanP<
F$mm* turne8 9a7: to Clar:, 9lear*-e*e8 an8 7onfuse8. -$s 0or8s 0ere
slo0 as /e tr$e8 to 7ontrol t/e pronun7$at$on of ever* last s*lla9le.
<3 8on=t remem9er sa*$n1 t/at. Cou must 9e 8run:, Clar:.<
Clar:=s vo$7e softene8. <47tuall*, 3=ve al0a*s /a8 a prett* /$1/
toleran7e. )ut a9out 0/at *ou sa$8KLM< -e sa0 F$mm* star$n1 m$n8lessl* at
/$s 8r$n:, t/en 0at7/e8 /elplessl* as t/e 9o*=s e*es 7lose8 pea7efull*
an8 /$s fa7e san:, almost $n slo0 mot$on, to t/e ta9letop, 0/ere /e
starte8 snor$n1 a1a$n.
)o pla7e8 anot/er 9eer on t/e ta9le $n front of /$m. Clar: stare8 at $t
as $f $t 0ere a9out to perform some :$n8 of tr$7:.
-e t/ou1/t a9out ever*t/$n1 t/at /a8 /appene8 s$n7e /e 7ame /ome.
-omeJ #/at 0as a lau1/.
-e t/ou1/t a9out 1ro0$n1 up $n Smallv$lle, remem9er$n1 t/e t$me ;ust
9efore /$s po0ers 9e1an to reall* 9lossom. -e /a8 fe0 expe7tat$ons 9a7:
t/en. 3t 0as t/e r$8e t/at mattere8, not t/e 1oal.
5ana. +ete. 4ll t/e ot/ers. 4ll /$s fr$en8s. #/e* 0ere $mportant to
/$m. )ut after t/e 7/an1e, after /$s 7/an1e, /e :ne0 t/at as mu7/ as /e
m$1/t /ave 0ante8 $t, $t 7oul8 no lon1er 9e t/at 0a*. -e /a8 a m$ss$on.
For-.l /$mself /a8 tol8 /$m t/at.
+a1e !1
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
3t 7/an1e8 after Smallv$lle. 4fter /$s fat/er 8$e8. M* real fat/er, /e
t/ou1/t. Fonat/an ?entKLOt/e man 0/o ra$se8 me. #/e man 0/o love8 me. 2ot
t/e man 0/o 1ave me a m$ss$on an8 t/en 0al:e8 out of m* l$fe.
3t 7/an1e8 so mu7/ after /e too: For-.l=s 7r*stal from t/e 9arn, as:e8
)en -u99ar8 to /elp /$s mot/er loo: after t/e farm, an8 ma8e t/at lon1
tre: nort/. .ver*t/$n1 7/an1e8 after /e t/re0 t/e 7r*stal $nto t/e
fro%en ar7t$7 0aters, an8 $t 9u99le8 an8 frot/e8 an8 t/en 1re0 $nto /$s
'ortress of Sol$tu8e.
'ortress of Sol$tu8eJ
-e /ate8 t/at 0or8.
-$s fat/er prom$se8 /$m /e 0oul8 never 9e alone a1a$n, 9ut t/en 0/*
9u$l8 a pla7e for sol$tu8eP
Ma*9e t/at 0as suppose8 to 9e m* /ome, 9e7ause r$1/t no0 not/$n1 mu7/
else feels l$:e $t $s.
-e l$ve8 0$t/ t/at sol$tu8e for *ears, /$s onl* 7ompan* For-.l=s >u$et
vo$7e rem$n8$n1 /$m t/at /e /a8 a 8est$n*, t/en tra$n$n1 /$m /o0 to
fulf$ll $t.
W/at $f 3 8on=t 0ant to /ave a 8est$n*P W/at $f 3 8on=t 0ant to 9e
spe7$alP Cou sa$8 3 0asn=t a 1o8, 9ut *ou turne8 me $nto one an*0a*.
5o$s 7alle8 me a sav$or. )ut s/e sa$8 t/e 0orl8 s/oul8n=t /ave sav$ors
9e7ause people 0oul8 7ome to expe7t us to solve all t/e$r pro9lems for
3f 3=m not a 1o8, t/en 0/at am 3P 3f 3 s/oul8n=t 9e a sav$or, t/en 0/at
s/oul8 3 9eP
Clar: stare8 at t/e 9eer s$tt$n1 on t/e 7ounter $n front of /$m. -e
0asn=t 8run:, /e 0as sure of t/at, 9ut /e 7erta$nl* felt a l$ttle
9u%%e8. -e loo:e8 out t/e 9ar 0$n8o0 a1a$n. ?r*pton 0asn=t /ome.
Smallv$lle 0asn=t /ome. Metropol$s 0asn=t turn$n1 out to 9e all 1reen
la0n an8 0/$te p$7:et fen7es e$t/er.
W/ere 0as t/$s m*t/$7al /ome /e 0as loo:$n1 forP W/ere 8$8 /e 9elon1P
-e turne8 9a7: to t/e 9eer an8 rea7/e8 for $tKLM
KLMt/en pus/e8 $t a0a*.
R$le* turne8 on /$s 7amera a1a$n an8 a$me8 $t at 5ut/or. ?$tt* 0as
+a1e !2
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
t/$n:$n1, W/at t/e /ell ;ust /appene8P Stanfor8 0as 7ount$n1 /$s
f$n1ers, ma:$n1 sure /e 0as $nta7t, 0/$le )rutus an8 Drant 0ere ;ust
/app* to 9e al$ve. )ut 5ex 0as st$ll star$n1 $nto t/e la:e, 0a$t$n1.
<#/at=s $tP< ?$tt* as:e8, $n8$1nantl*. <4ll t/at ;a%% for some
$tt*-9$tt* poofP<
5ut/or 8$8n=t turn to /er. <2ope. 4re *ou 1ett$n1 t/$s, R$le*P<
R$le* no88e8 an8 move8 7loser. W$t/ s/a:* /an8s /e a$me8 t/e 7amera at
t/e small la:e $n t/e m$88le of t/e mo8el ra$lroa8 set.
#/e ta9le 9e1an to s/a:e as t/e rum9l$n1 9e1an a1a$n, at f$rst slo0l*,
l$:e some /$1/-spee8 tra$n rattl$n1 $ts 0a* ;ust outs$8e t/e$r 0$n8o0,
t/en $t 1re0 lou8er an8 lou8er l$:e roller-7oaster s7reams. ?$tt* sa0
t/e tra$n set v$9rate. #/e t$n* 7/ur7/ steeple sl$ppe8 off $ts 9ase,
7rus/$n1 t/e /opeful 0e88$n1 part*. S/e 0at7/e8 t/e tra$ns 7ras/ as
7ra7:s tore t/rou1/ t/e mo8el lan8s7ape l$:e a rava1$n1 eart/>ua:e.
.ver*one /as a fault. M$ne use8 to 9e $n Cal$forn$a, 5ut/or t/ou1/t.
2o0 $t=s /ere.
)u$l8$n1s s/attere8 an8 over/ea8, $n t/e real 0orl8, t/e 9asement
l$1/ts explo8e8 an8 t/e 0ater p$pes spl$t, spra*$n1 9o$l$n1 0ater
?$tt* fell 9a7: as t/e mans$on=s 0alls an8 floor 7ra7:e8 exa7tl* as t/e
mo8el 7$t* /a8 moments 9efore.
5ut/or 0at7/e8 an8 sm$le8. 3t 0as all so mu7/ 9etter t/an /e /a8
Fo/n W$l/amson 0as /un7/e8 over t/e M$ss$on Control 7on as 8ata spoole8
a7ross t/e 9ottom of /$s 7omputer s7reen. <.xplorer, not sure 0/at ;ust
/appene8, 9ut $t loo:s l$:e 0e=re 1o$n1 to /ave to s7ru9 t/e laun7/.
Cea1er=s vo$7e 7ame over t/e ra8$o. <Ro1er t/at. 49ort$n1 9ooster
5ee 4aron, /$s 7op$lot, fl$ppe8 open t/e 7ontrol panel an8 entere8 t/e
a9ort se>uen7e. -e 0a$te8 for t/e 1reen l$1/t to turn to re8, 9ut $t
8$8n=t /appen. -e reentere8 t/e se>uen7e a se7on8 t$me. St$ll no
7/an1e. <S$r, 9oosters are not respon8$n1. We are st$ll 7ount$n1 8o0n
for $1n$t$on.< -e 0as loo:$n1 to Cea1er for a su11est$on.
<Can 0e release t/e 7oupl$n1sP<
4aron entere8 a ne0 se>uen7e an8 /ear8 t/e s/uttle 7oupl$n1s f$re. -e
+a1e !3
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
7/e7:e8 t/e mon$tor. #/e* /a8 not 8$sen1a1e8. <2e1at$ve.<
Cea1er 7/e7:e8 t/e panel a1a$n. #/ere 0as onl* a /an8ful of se7on8s
rema$n$n1 9efore t/e 9oosters, st$ll atta7/e8 to t/e ;et, f$re8. #/e
7omman8er too: a moment to 7alm /$mself as /e rea7/e8 for t/e ra8$o.
<M$ss$on Control, 0e /ave a malfun7t$on. Can *ou 8o a remote overr$8eP<
-e :ne0 $f t/e* 7oul8n=t, t/e 9ooster $1n$t$on 0oul8 8estro* t/e ;et as
0ell as t/e$r s/uttle.
W$ll$amson sa0 Curt$s enter t/e 7o8es. <2e1at$ve.<
#/e 0orst 0as /appen$n1. 4stronauts :ne0 $n a8van7e of an* m$ss$on t/at
t/ere 0as al0a*s a poss$9$l$t* t/e* 7oul8 8$e. 6ra0n 9* 9ot/ t/e nee8
for a8renal$ne as 0ell as t/e t/r$ll of explorat$on, p$lots /ave, s$n7e
t/e 8a0n of manne8 fl$1/t, put t/emselves at r$s: to pus/ ne0
te7/nolo1$es to t/e$r l$m$ts. R$s: 0as a ne7essar* ev$l t/at t/e* l$ve8
0$t/ ever* t$me t/e* s/ot t/emselves $nto t/e s:* r$8$n1 $n 0/at 0as
l$ttle more t/an a t/$n metal 9ox.
-e an8 Cea1er /a8 1ro0n up to1et/er $n t/e spa7e pro1ram, W$ll$amson
an8 Cea1er, pus/$n1 ea7/ ot/er, al0a*s tr*$n1 to out8o t/e ot/er. 3f
t/e* /a8n=t 8$s7overe8 t/$rteen *ears a1o t/at W$ll$amson=s lun1s 0ere
operat$n1 at less t/an full 7apa7$t*, /e m$1/t /ave 9een $n t/e s/uttle
no0 $nstea8 of /$s 9est fr$en8.
W$ll$amson s0ore /e 0asn=t 1o$n1 to 1$ve up. 6eat/ 0as 1o$n1 to /ave to
8o 8ou9le 8ut* $f $t 0ante8 to ta:e /$s fr$en8s.
<2e1at$ve, .xplorer,< /e sa$8 7alml*, alt/ou1/ feel$n1 an*t/$n1 9ut.
<,verr$8e $s not respon8$n1.<
Cea1er sat 9a7: $n /$s 7/a$r. #/e ot/er astronauts /a8 /ear8 W$ll$amson
>u$etl* pronoun7e t/e$r 8eat/ senten7e. <,verr$8e $s not respon8$n1.<
Ma*9e, 9ut t/e* st$ll /a8 0or: to 8o. #/rou1/ /$s seat 7us/$on /e felt
t/e 9oosters rum9le an8 s/a:e. ,uts$8e, /e :ne0, t/e* 0oul8 ;ust 9e
start$n1 to smo:e.
4lt/ou1/ s/e /a8 no $8ea 0/at /a8 /appene8, )o99$e-'a*e 0as :eenl*
a0are t/at somet/$n1 /a8 1one 0ron1.
-er ;o9 re>u$re8 /er to :eep sm$l$n1 no matter 0/at, to :eep on /er
tal:$n1 po$nts, present t/at /app* fa7e to t/e press, all t/e 0/$le
m$n$m$%$n1 potent$al pro9lems. .ver* t$me s/e felt t/e en1$nes 1roan
/er sm$le 0$8ene8 ;ust a 9$t more.
3f t/e reporters 0eren=t as:$n1 t/emselves 0/* t/e s/uttle /a8n=t
+a1e !4
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
8$sen1a1e8 0/en t/e* felt t/e s/u88er rum9le $ts 0a* t/rou1/ t/e ;et,
t/e* m$1/t /ave real$%e8 t/e loo: $n /er e*es 8$8n=t >u$te mat7/ t/e
/app* fa7e s/e 0as present$n1 to t/e 0orl8.
<2o0,< s/e sa$8, :eep$n1 /er vo$7e l$1/t as $f t/e en1$ne 1roans 0ere
e$t/er ant$7$pate8 or natural, <$f *ou loo: out to t/e r$1/t s$8e, 0/en
$t $s t$me *ou=ll 9e a9le to see t/e s/uttle 7l$m9 $nto t/e
stratosp/ere. 4n8 $f *ou=re lu7:*, *ou ma* /ear t/e fa$nt pop of t/e
son$7 9oom.<
.ver*one ;umpe8 as t/e* /ear8 t/e 9oom, t/en t/e* settle8 9a7:,
applau8e8, an8 lau1/e8. ,9v$ousl* ever*t/$n1 0as un8er 7ontrol.
<See 0/at 3 meanP< )o99$e-'a*e 0as lau1/$n1 0$t/ t/em, 9ut s/e 0as t/e
onl* one $n t/e passen1er 7ompartment 0/o :ne0 t/at 9oom 0as not t/e
one s/e /a8 9een tal:$n1 a9out. <,:a*, ever*one settle $n for a 0/$le.
3=ll f$ll *ou $n on 0/at=s 1o$n1 on<KLOs/e loo:e8 at /er 0at7/KLO <$n ;ust
a fe0 m$nutes, 1$ve or ta:e.<
5o$s 5ane presse8 9a7: $nto /er seat, 0orr$e8. S/e 0asn=t lau1/$n1.
S/e=8 flo0n 0$t/ Superman. S/e :ne0 0/at son$7 9ooms soun8e8 l$:e, an8
t/at, s$ster, 0/atever t/e /ell $t 0as, 0as no son$7 9oom.
#/e pr$mar* 9oosters /a8 f$re8, an8 t/e 9last /a8 alrea8* 9e1un to melt
t/e ;et=s ta$l. #/e ;et 9e1an to s/a:e as $t an8 $ts s/uttle 7ar1o
ro7:ete8 up $nto t/e s:*.
<.ver*one, please ma:e sure *our seat 9elts are fas-tene8.< #/e
7apta$n=s vo$7e 0as 7om$n1 over t/e $nter7om. <We are exper$en7$n1
separat$on pro9lems 0$t/ t/e s/uttle. 3=ll 1et 9a7: to *ou as soon as 3
/ave an* $nformat$on.< #/e 7om 7l$7:e8 off a9ruptl*, an8 t/e reporters
0ent 0$l8.
5o$s felt t/e ;et rattle an8 lur7/ for0ar8, t/en s/e sa0 )o99$e-'a*e
t/ro0n 9a7: an8 tum9le to t/e floor. S/e 0as 1ra99$n1 t/e seat le1s to
stop /er sl$8e to t/e 9a7: of t/e ;et. .ver*one 0as s7ream$n1 as t/e*
foun8 t/emselves plastere8 to t/e$r seats, flattene8 9* t/e poun8$n1 1
for7es. #/e roar of t/e 9oosters an8 t/e s7ree7/ of t/e 9u7:l$n1 metal
/ull 0ere su88enl* 8eafen$n1.
Comman8er Cea1er not$7e8 t/e a$rspee8 $n8$7ator lean $nto t/e re8 %one.
-e turne8 9a7: to t/e ra8$o. <Ma*8a*, Ma*8a*. )oosters /ave f$re8, an8
0e are not 8$sen1a1e8. 3 repeat, 0e are not 8$sen1a1e8.<
-e :ne0 t/ere 0as ma*/em $n M$ss$on Control as t/e 9rass an8 t/e te7/s
ran one emer1en7* s7enar$o after anot/er, /op$n1 a1a$nst /ope t/at
t/ere 0as somet/$n1 t/e* /a8 overloo:e8, 0/$le never allo0$n1
t/emselves to a7:no0le81e t/at even $f t/e* foun8 $t, t/ere 0as
+a1e !5
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
pro9a9l* st$ll no 0a* to save t/e ;et an8 t/e s/uttle $n t$me.
#/e* 0ere s7$ent$sts, not m$ra7le ma:ers. )ut t/e* 0eren=t a9out to
1$ve up.
#/e reporters 7over$n1 t/e laun7/ on t/e 1roun8 relu7tantl* pulle8
t/emselves a0a* from t/e M$ss$on Control mon$tors an8 7alle8 $n t/e$r
stor$es. #/$s 0as t/e part of t/e ;o9 t/e* pra*e8 t/e* never /a8 to
report. Most of t/e reporters :ne0 W$ll$amson an8 Cea1er personall*
from 0or:$n1 0$t/ t/em 7losel* over t/e *ears. #/e* /a8 1one out to
lun7/ an8 8$nner 0$t/ t/em an8 one or t0o /a8 9e7ome 7lose fr$en8s.
#/e* :ne0 /o0 7lose t/ose t0o 0ere an8 0/at must /ave 9een 1o$n1
t/rou1/ W$ll$amson=s m$n8 as /e tr$e8 to f$n8 a 0a* to save /$s fr$en8
as 0ell as ever*one else on 9oar8. #/e fl*9o*s 0ere a9out fun an8 /ar8
l$v$n1 an8 t/e reporters, 8esp$te t/e s7oop t/$s prov$8e8, never 0ante8
to 0r$te t/e$r o9$tuar$es.
W/en 6a$l* +lanet reporter Curt$s Wa*ne 0as ;ust a :$8, no more t/an
t/$rteen, /e use8 to 1et up at m$8n$1/t to l$sten to t/e ne0s of t/e
latest ro7:et laun7/ or spa7e m$ss$on ta:$n1 off from Cape ?enne8*.
5ater, /e 0oul8 spen8 /ours l$sten$n1 over an8 over a1a$n to t/e
/omema8e tapes /e ma8e of Walter Cron:$te announ7$n1 to t/e 0orl8 t/at
man /a8 lan8e8 on t/e moon.
-e /a8 volunteere8 to 7over t/e s/uttle laun7/ stor*, 9ut 5o$s 5ane 1ot
t/e ass$1nment $nstea8. S/e al0a*s 1ot t/e ass$1nment. Curt$s 7oul8
/ave resente8 /er, an8 somet$mes /e a7tuall* 8$8, ex7ept t/at /e :ne0
8eep 8o0n t/at as 1oo8 as /e 0as, s/e 0as, for all /er seem$n1
8$%%$ness, t/e 9etter reporter an8 t/e 9etter 0r$ter.
-e loo:e8 a7ross M$ss$on Control an8 sa0 W$ll$amson 7alml* spea:$n1
0$t/ one of t/e te7/s. Curt$s :ne0 /e an8 Cea1er 7ame up $n t/e
astronaut pro1ram to1et/er an8 0ere 9est men at ea7/ ot/er=s 0e88$n1s.
-e ma* loo: 7alm, 9ut man, 0/at=s 1ot to 9e 1o$n1 on un8er t/e surfa7e.
-e spo:e a s$lent pra*er for ever*one, t/en /e, too, 7alle8 $n t/e
stor*, slo0l* enun7$at$n1 ever* 0or8 so $t 7oul8 9e 7op$e8 7orre7tl*.
<'our veteran astronauts, a )oe$n1 ;et p$lot an8 /$s 7re0 of
t0elve, alon1 0$t/ nearl* f$ft* reporters, $n7lu8$n1 t/e 6a$l* +lanet=s
o0n +ul$t%er +r$%e-0$nn$n1 5o$s 5ane, are 7urrentl* $n t/e most 8$re
s$tuat$on of t/e$r l$vesKLM<
W$t/$n t0o m$nutes, telev$s$on stat$ons s0$t7/e8 over from t/e$r
re1ular 9roa87ast$n1 to t/e ne0s 8$v$s$on. <#/$s ;ust $nKLM< <#/e
$nau1ural fl$1/t of t/e s/uttle .xplorer appears to 9e exper$en7$n1
extremel* ser$ous te7/n$7al 8$ff$7ult$esKLM<
#/e ne0s7asters 0ere profess$onal, 7ooll* rea8$n1 t/e 9ran8-ne0 7op*
off t/e #ele+romp#ers as $f t/e 0or8s /a8 9een re/earse8.
+a1e !6
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
+err* W/$te /a8 9een tol8 a9out Curt$s=s p/one 7all an8 /a8 t/e #A on
$n /$s off$7e. -e put 8o0n /$s 7$1ar an8 /elplessl* 0at7/e8 t/e ne0s.
C/apter 'ourteen
+rev$ous#op 2ext
3n t/e 47e ,= Clu9s, t/e '$ns 0ere 0$nn$n1 s$x to f$ve $n t/e f$rst
1ame of a 8ou9le/ea8er t/at 0oul8 ta:e most of t/e n$1/t. #/e Ravens
0ere up 0$t/ t0o men on 9ase, no outs, an8 t/e top of t/e$r l$neup
/un1r* for a7t$on. Clar: 0as pra*$n1 for a str$:e. 2ot/$n1 a1a$nst t/e
Ravens, 9ut 7ome on, t/ese 0ere t/e '$ns. #/e 7/amps. #/e* /a8 to 0$n.
#/e 1ame su88enl* 8$sappeare8 an8 0as repla7e8 9* t/e WD)S-#A lo1o. <We
$nterrupt our re1ularl* s7/e8ule8 pro1ram for t/$s spe7$al report.<
#/e $ma1e 7/an1e8 a1a$n to Mar* Wat:$ns, t/e D)S an7/or.
Wat:$ns 0as 1r$m, an8 Clar: :ne0 t/at 0/atever 0as 0ron1 /a8 to 9e
ser$ous. Clar: nu81e8 F$mm*, 9ut /e 0as alrea8* a0a:e an8 l$sten$n1.
<We /ave an on1o$n1 tra1e8* to report out of Cape Canaveral, 'lor$8a.
'or t/at 0e 1o to 'lora Fo/nson l$ve at t/e s7ene.<
'lora Fo/nson, an attra7t$ve 9runette $n /er earl* t/$rt$es, stare8
1r$ml* $nto t/e 7amera as s/e rea8 t/e ne0s s7roll$n1 up t/e
#ele+romp#er. <We=re 7om$n1 to *ou l$ve from t/e ?enne8* Spa7e Center,
0/ere $t seems t/ere $s a pro9lem 0$t/ t/e $nau1ural fl$1/t of t/e ne0
or9$tal s/uttle, .xplorer. Reports are ;ust 7om$n1 $n, 9ut $t appears
t/e s/uttle=s 9oosters /ave f$re8 9efore 8eta7/$n1 from t/e )oe$n1
;et, veer$n1 9ot/ 7raft 8ramat$7all* off 7ourse an8 out of 7ontrol. 3t
$s feare8 t/at 0/en t/e se7on8ar* 9oosters $1n$te, 9ot/ 7raft 0$ll 9e
<5o$s $s on t/at fl$1/t,< F$mm* sa$8, su88enl* so9er an8 alert. -e
turne8 to Clar:, 9ut all /e sa0 0as a 0a8 of mone* rolle8 up on t/e
ta9le. F$mm* 1ra99e8 /$s 7amera an8 too: off.
Clar: rus/e8 past t/e 7ro08 7lustere8 several la*ers 8eep $n front of
t/e 0$n8o0 of t/e 8$s7ount ele7tron$7s store, star$n1 at t/e #As, all
tune8 to t/e same 7/annel, all 9lar$n1 ne0s of t/e tra1e8*. -e=8 9een
follo0$n1 t/e stor* from t/e moment /e left t/e 9ar, /$s super/ear$n1
p$7:$n1 up one 9roa87ast after anot/er as /e rus/e8 to0ar8 t/e alle*0a*
+a1e !
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
a7ross t/e street from t/e 47e ,= Clu9s. -e /a8 almost s/ru11e8 /$mself
out of /$s s/$rt 0/en /e not$7e8 /e 0as 0ear$n1 a 0/$te #-s/$rt 9eneat/
$t an8 not t/e fam$l$ar re8, *ello0, an8 9lue s/$rt /e /a8 expe7te8 to
R$1/tJ ,ops.
Clar: rus/e8 $nto t/e +lanet 9u$l8$n1, 7urs$n1 /$mself for leav$n1
9e/$n8 /$s su$t7ase, leav$n1 9e/$n8 /$s 7ostume. 3f t/e*=re /urt
9e7ause ofKLM -e 8roppe8 t/e t/ou1/t. Fust 1et t/e ;o9 8one.
#/ere 0as no t$me to ta:e t/e elevator. -e /urr$e8 t/rou1/ t/e 8oor
lea8$n1 to t/e sta$rs an8 9lurre8 /$s 0a* up t/e 8o%en floors to t/e
e8$tor$al off$7es. -e sa0 ever*one en1rosse8 0at7/$n1 t/e stor* unfol8
on t/e #A. -e %$ppe8 past t/em an8 entere8 t/e ;an$tor=s 7loset,
>u$etl* 7los$n1 $ts 8oor 9e/$n8 /$m.
-e foun8 /$s su$t7ase an8 too: out t/e neatl* fol8e8 su$t /e=8 7ome
for. -e stare8 at $t for a moment, /es$tat$n1. 3f 3 8o t/$s, $f 3
release t/e 1en$e, /e 7an=t ever 9e put 9a7: $nto /$s 9ottle a1a$n.
)ut /e :ne0 /e /a8 no 7/o$7e. For-.l an8 5ara 0ere r$1/tN /e /a8 a
8est$n*. Fonat/an an8 Mart/a ?ent 0ere also r$1/tN /e 0as put /ere on
.art/ for a reason.
#/e su$t felt 7omforta9le an8 some/o0 reassur$n1. -e too: a lon1
9reat/, steppe8 outs$8e, an8 ma8e /$s 0a* to t/e nearest 0$n8o0.
.ver*one 0as st$ll 0at7/$n1 t/ose /orr$f*$n1 $ma1es fl$7:er$n1 a7ross
t/e telev$s$on. -e 7au1/t /$s refle7t$on $n t/e 1lassN /e 0as st$ll
0ear$n1 Clar:=s 1lasses. 3t /as 9een a lon1 t$me. -e sl$ppe8 t/em $nto
/$s 7ape po7:et, t/en steppe8 out $nto t/e 7ol8 a$r.
-e foun8 t/e 0$n8 a1a$nst /$s fa7e 9ra7$n1 as /e soare8 over Centenn$al
+ar:. 3t /a8 9een more t/an f$ve *ears s$n7e /$s last fl$1/t, an8
t/ou1/ /e felt a pan1 of 1u$lt for t/$n:$n1 $t, espe7$all* no0,
7ons$8er$n1, fl*$n1 feltKLM natural. 3t felt 1oo8. Some/o0 empo0er$n1. -e
real$%e8 /o0 mu7/ /e /a8 m$sse8 $t.
-e fle0 over a 9ron%e statue of /$mself $n t/e m$88le of t/e par:, near
t/e la:e an8 t/e 7arousel, stan8$n1 tall an8 prou8, /ol8$n1 a meteor
over /$s /ea8KLOone of t/e a7tual meteors /e /a8 7au1/t on /$s last 8a*
on .art/. +eople 0ere s$tt$n1 on t/e 9en7/es 7$r7l$n1 $t, /av$n1 lun7/,
tal:-$n1 an8 lau1/$n1, /app$l* l$v$n1 t/e$r 8a*s, temporar$l* una0are
of t/e pro9lems pla1u$n1 t/e rest of t/e 0orl8.
-$s teles7op$7 v$s$on let /$m rea8 t/e en1rave8 pla>ue part$all* 9ur$e8
$n t/e 1roun8 $n front of t/e statue, for superman, our sav$or. -e
+a1e !!
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
-e never 0ante8 to 9e a sav$or, or even to 9e t/ou1/t of t/at 0a*. Ces,
/e :ne0 /e 0asn=t ;ust a pol$7eman 0/o 7ame 0$t/ somet/$n1 extra. -e
a7:no0le81e8 /$s po0ers separate8 /$mself from nearl* ever*one else,
9ut /e 8$8n=t t/$n: of /$mself as spe7$al. W/* 8$8 t/e* /ave toP
-e 1lan7e8 up an8 7on7entrate8, fo7us$n1 /$s e*es unt$l /e lo7ate8 a
lon1 tra$l of smo:e 7l$m9$n1 $nto t/e upper atmosp/ere, /alf0a* a7ross
t/e @n$te8 States. -e tra$ne8 /$s teles7op$7 v$s$on to f$n8 t/e /ea8 of
t/e 7omet an8 sa0 t/e s/uttle, $ts 9oosters st$ll f$r$n1, 8ra11$n1
alon1 0$t/ $t t/e /elpless )oe$n1 .
-e s0$t7/e8 to Q-ra* v$s$on an8 7/e7:e8 $ns$8e t/e ;et. -e sa0 a 9lon8
0oman, )o99$e-'a*e, 7ra0l$n1 a7ross t/e floor, stru11l$n1 /er 0a* $nto
a seat. ,x*1en mas:s 0ere 8es7en8$n1 from t/e over/ea8 7ompartments,
an8 passen1ers 0ere se7ur$n1 t/em $n pla7e as $nstru7te8 9* t/e
pre-fl$1/t mov$e.
-e sear7/e8 a$sle after a$sle unt$l /e foun8 5o$s. #/an: 1oo8ness. S/e
/a8 1ra99e8 /er mas: 9ut 0as fa$l$n1 to put $t on properl*. 4 reporter
next to /er /elpe8 f$t $t $nto pla7e an8 9e1$n t/e flo0 of ox*1en.
#/e smo:* tra$l 0as no0 8$re7tl* a/ea8 of /$m, so /e 9an$s/e8 /$s
8ou9ts an8 strea:e8 to0ar8 $t. W$t/$n se7on8s /e sa0 t/e 0$t/ t/e
p$11*9a7:e8 s/uttle 7l$m9$n1 /$1/er $nto t/e atmosp/ere, t0o f$1/ter
;ets attempt$n1 to follo0 9ut una9le to :eep up.
-$s Q-ra* v$s$on allo0e8 /$m to see t/e astronauts, 7alml* fl$pp$n1 t/e
s0$t7/es on t/e panel t/at s/oul8 /ave 8eta7/e8 t/em from t/e ;et. #/e
s*stem /a8 s/ort-7$r7u$te8, some/o0 ta:$n1 $ts 9a7:up 0$t/ $t, an8
not/$n1 0as 0or:$n1 no0. -e 7oul8 7learl* /ear Comman8er Cea1er
spea:$n1 0$t/ M$ss$on Control. <.nter$n1 mesosp/ere $n s$xteen se7on8s.
Se7on8ar* 9ooster $1n$t$on $n t0ent* se7on8s. 3t 8oesn=t loo: 1oo8,
-e /ear8 M$ss$on Control respon8, t/e$r vo$7es 7alm, 8esp$te t/e
o9v$ous stress. <.xplorer, -ouston, @-' 7omm.KLO7/e7:. 6o *ou rea8P<
+er/aps, /e real$%e8, t/at one of t/e reasons /e /ate8 t/at term sav$or
appl$e8 to /$m 0as t/at /e 9el$eve8 /e 0asn=t ta:$n1 real r$s:s 8o$n1
0/at /e 8$8. Most of /$s a7t$ons, /e felt, 0eren=t l$fe-t/reaten$n1. -e
0as $nvulnera9leN almost not/$n1 ex7ept for :r*pton$te 7oul8 /arm /$m.
)ut pol$7emen, f$remen, people l$:e t/ese astronauts, t/e* put t/e$r
l$ves on t/e l$ne ever* t$me t/e* tr$e8 to /elp man:$n8 ta:e *et
anot/er small step for0ar8. #/e* 0ere t/e real /eroes, an8 /e 0$s/e8
t/e* re7e$ve8 t/e a77la$m t/e* 8eserve8.
-an: Fosep/s, t/e nav$1at$ons off$7er, 1lan7e8 at t/e ra8ar s7reen an8
+a1e !"
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
sa0 a small 9l$p rus/$n1 to0ar8 t/em. <S$r,< /e 7alle8 out, <p$7:$n1 up
somet/$n1 on ra8ar.<
3n M$ss$on Control, Fo/n W$ll$amson loo:e8 at /$s o0n s7reen an8 sa0
t/e same 9l$p 7los$n1 $n on t/e ;et. )$r8P M$ss$leP W/at t/e /ellKLOP
<We see $t, too. Can *ou 1et v$sual 7onta7t, .xplorerP< Fosep/s loo:e8
out t/e 7o7:p$t 0$n8o0, 9ut t/e s/uttle 0as surroun8e8 9* 7lou8s.
<Can=t tell, M$ss$on Control. 2ot *et.<
W$ll$amson=s vo$7e soun8e8 res$1ne8. <?eep loo:$n1, .xplorer.<
+eer$n1 $ns$8e t/e ;et, Superman sa0 )o99$e-'a*e stru11l$n1 to stan8.
#/e plane ;er:e8 su88enl* to t/e s$8e, an8 s/e fell a1a$n. -e sa0 5o$s
un9u7:le /er o0n seat 9elt. S/e rea7/e8 out to 1ra9 )o99$e-'a*e as t/e
;et 9an:e8 to t/e r$1/t. 5o$s /el8 on to /er seat 0$t/ one /an8 an8
1ra99e8 )o99$e-'a*e 9* t/e 0r$st 0$t/ t/e ot/er. S/e pulle8 /er $nto a
#/e f$1/ter ;ets levele8 off as t/e* rea7/e8 max$mum velo7$t*. ,n t/e$r
ra8ar t/e* sa0 0/at appeare8 to 9e a t/$r8 ;et s7ream$n1 to0ar8 t/em.
2o. 2ot a ;et. W/at $s $tP
#/e lea8 ;et 9an:e8. <S$r, 0e=re see$n1 somet/$n1 pass$n1 us. Can=t
ma:e $t out *et. ,/, m* Do8, s$r.<
Superman 0as 7loser no0. -e 7oul8 ma:e out t/e an8 s/uttle less
t/an a m$le a0a*.
Fosep/s 7/e7:e8 t/e 7onsole. <Se7on8ar* 9ooster $1n$t$on $n f$ve. 'our.
Superman 0as 0$t/$n a /un8re8 feet of t/e ;et 0/en t/e se7on8ar*
9oosters $1n$te8 an8 9le0 off t/e =s ta$l. #/e 9last ro7:ete8 9ot/
7raft for0ar8 0/$le 9last$n1 Superman 9a7:.
-e tum9le8 unt$l /e 0as a9le to re1a$n 9alan7e, t/en, 0$t/ ;ust a
pause, /e ro7:ete8 a/ea8 a1a$n. -e sa0 5o$s=s fa7e, frame8 9* t/e ;et=s
0$n8o0, star$n1 at t/e vast 7urvature of t/e .art/ far 9elo0. S/e
loo:e8 up an8 sa0 t/at t/e s/uttle 0as 7l$m9$n1 to0ar8 outer spa7e,
8ra11$n1 t/e /elpless ;et 0$t/ $t.
-er e*es 0$8ene8 $n surpr$se as /e passe8 /er at super-spee8. S/e
loo:e8 a1a$n, 0on8er$n1 $f 0/at s/e sa0 0as real or ;ust 0$s/
Superman s7anne8 t/e an8 sa0 t/at t/e 7oupl$n1s 0ere st$ll se7ure.
+a1e "&
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
-e stra$ne8 to p$7: up spee8. #/e ;et 0as less t/an a /un8re8 feet a0a*
3 7an 8o t/$s. 3 /ave to 8o t/$s.
'or ;ust a moment /e felt 7alm, almost serene. -e 7lose8 /$s e*es an8
let t/e 7ool 0$n8 ras/ past /$m. -e 0as a runner /$tt$n1 /$s str$8e. -e
0as t/ere. -e 0as rea8*. 3n t/e %one, /e remem9ere8 $t 0as 7alle8. -$s
mus7les relaxe8. -$s fa7e, taut 0$t/ 0orr*, 1ave 0a* to rel$ef.
#/e ;et 0as 8$re7tl* 9elo0 /$m.
-e 1ra99e8 $ts 7ol8, metal s:$n an8 pulle8 /$mself slo0l* a7ross $ts
9ell*. -e /el8 on, f$1/t$n1 9ot/ t/e 0$n8 an8 1rav$t*, 0/$7/ 0ere
7onsp$r$n1 to toss /$m off as >u$7:l* as t/e* 7oul8. 'or1et $t. 3=m
/ere, an8 3=m not leav$n1 =t$l 3 1et 0/at 3 7ame for.
-an8 over /an8 /e pulle8 /$mself a7ross t/e 9o8* of t/e ;et, f$1/t$n1
t/e relentless pressures pus/$n1 a1a$nst /$m. -$s mus7les t$1/tene8 as
/e stra$ne8 to 1a$n ever* $n7/, ever* foot.
Do8s 7oul8 8o t/$s 0$t/out an* pro9lems /e t/ou1/t. #/e* 7oul8 0$s/ t/e
;et to safet*. #/e* 7oul8 ma:e ever*t/$n1 r$1/t a1a$n ;ust 9* snapp$n1
t/e$r f$n1ers.
)ut /$s f$n1ers a7/e8 as /e pulle8 /$mself a7ross t/e ;et=s 9o8*, t/e
0$n8 slamm$n1 at /$m, tr*$n1 to fl$n1 /$m 9a7: $nto spa7e. 3t /a8 9een
f$ve lon1 *ears s$n7e /e /a8 exerte8 /$mself $n t/$s 0a*. '$ve *ears
sleep$n1 $n stas$s, l$v$n1 $n /$s 8reams, an8 /$s movements no0 felt
a0:0ar8, an8 /$s 9alan7e 0as pre7ar$ousN t/e ;et=s sl$7: metal 9o8* 0as
not 8es$1ne8 to 9e 7l$m9e8 over l$:e some pla*1roun8 mon:e* 9ars.
#/e ;et metal 9un7/e8 as /$s f$n1ers 8u1 $nto $t. #/en, as /e
7ont$nue8, ea7/ /an8/ol8 9e7ame a foot/ol8, somet/$n1 for /$m to pus/
a1a$nst, ma:$n1 t/e next several feet seem poss$9le to a8van7e. 6esp$te
t/e a0:0ar8ness an8 pa$n, /e /a8 not 7ons$8ere8 1$v$n1 up. #/$s /a8 to
9e 8one, an8 even $f $t tore /$m apart, /e 0as 1o$n1 to save t/e ;et.
-e rea7/e8 t/e 7oupl$n1s an8 pus/e8 at t/em. #/e 0$n8 0as 8o$n1 $ts
9est to tear /$m a0a*, 9ut /e /el8 on, pus/$n1 /ar8er an8 /ar8er unt$l
t/e* f$nall* snappe8. -e 7oul8 feel t/e t0o 7raft 8eta7/$n1.
-e 9a7:e8 off, /over$n1 for an $nstant, re1a$n$n1 ;ust a fra7t$on of
/$s stren1t/, 9ut /e :ne0 $t 0oul8 /ave to 9e enou1/. -e pus/e8 a1a$n,
for7$n1 t/e s/uttle s:*0ar8, $nto spa7e, safel* a0a* from t/e ;et.
M$ss$on Control=s vo$7e 7ra7:le8 over t/e ra8$o. <.xplorer, @-' 7omm.
C/e7:. 6o *ou rea8P ,ver.<
+a1e "1
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
#/ere 0as s$len7e. #/e :$n8 t/at 7ut 8$re7tl* t/rou1/ W$ll$amson=s
/eart. )ut t/en, <Droun8 7ontrol, 0e /aveKLM l$ftoffP 3 mean, 0e=re $n
or9$t. 6on=t as: me /o0, 9ut ever*t/$n1 $s o:a*.<
Superman 7/e7:e8 $ns$8e t/e ;et a1a$n an8 sa0 t/e passen1ers exper$en7e
a 9r$ef feel$n1 of 7alm as t/e$r pens, 1lasses, ma1a%$nes, an8 ot/er
loose $tems starte8 to floatN t/e* 0ere $n %ero 1rav$t*. Superman /ear8
/$s o0n /eart t/ump$n1N /e :ne0 0/at 0as 1o$n1 to /appen next.
#/e ;et, /av$n1 rea7/e8 $ts apex, 9e1an to plummet.
-e 1lan7e8 up, sa0 t/at t/e s/uttle 0as safel* mov$n1 $nto or9$tKLOone
less 0orr*KLOt/en 8ove for t/e ;et free-fall$n1 l$:e a 9om9 to0ar8 t/e
1roun8, smo:e tra$l$n1 9e/$n8 $t, mar:$n1 $ts 8oome8 8es7ent.
-e :ne0 0/at /e /a8 to 8oI Dra9 $ts 0$n1. +ull on $t. Slo0 8o0n t/e ;et.
)ut t/e 0as sp$nn$n1 too fast an8 /ar8. #/e 0$n1 stra$ne8, t/en
9ent, an8 f$nall* 9ro:e. Superman tum9le8 off, /over$n1 for a 9r$ef
moment, t/en /e reor$ente8 /$mself as t/e ;et ar7e8 8o0n0ar8 $n a
7ont$nu$n1 nose8$ve.
4 moment later t/e 0$n8 an8 pressure s/attere8 $ts left 0$n1, 7annon$n1
$t $nto Superman. -e fle0 t/rou1/ $t 0$t/out pause or t/ou1/t. #/e*=re
pan$7:$n1 $ns$8e. S7ream$n1. 3 see t/e fear $n 5o$s=s e*es, 9ut s/e=s
for7$n1 /erself to 9e 7alm 9* tal:$n1 $nto /er tape re7or8er, report$n1
on t/e fall. 2ot/$n1 fa%es /er.
Superman sa0 t/e /or$%on sp$nn$n1 9elo0 /$m. -e pulle8 /$mself a7ross
t/e /ull, s/oot$n1 past t/e 0$n8o0s to0ar8 t/e ;et=s nose. 4ston$s/e8
passen1ers 1a0:e8 at /$m from $ns$8e.
'$fteen /un8re8 feet. #0elve /un8re8 feet.
-e ma8e $t to t/e nose. -e 1ra99e8 $t, t/en pus/e8 a1a$nst $t, tr*$n1
a1a$n to slo0 $t 8o0n an8 7ontrol $ts 8es7ent. -$s feet floun8ere8N
t/ere 0as not/$n1 to pus/ a1a$nst 9ut /$s o0n $n8efat$1a9le 0$ll.
4 t/ousan8 feet. 2$ne /un8re8 feet.
-e /ear8 t/e$r 7r$es, an8 t/ou1/ /e 0ante8 to 1$ve t/em t/e$r pr$va7*,
/e 0as una9le to s/ut t/em out. #/ere 0ere reporters from f$fteen
7ountr$es, an8 t/e* pra*e8 $n a 8o%en 8$fferent lan1ua1es.
-$s m$n8 tr$11ere8 anot/er memor* of anot/er t$me.
Stran1e /o0 l$fe 0or:s, s*mmetr*. M* f$rst appearan7es t/en an8 no0,
+a1e "2
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
9ot/ 7onne7te8 0$t/ fall$n1 a$rs/$ps. )ot/ 0$t/ 5o$s 5ane.
3t 0as t/e 6a$l* +lanet /el$7opter. 3ts lan8$n1 s:$8s /a8 sna11e8 a
loose 7a9le on t/e +lanet=s roof /el$pa8 an8 t/e 7opter 0as una9le to
ta:e off. 3t 0as *an:e8 9a7: an8 fell a1a$nst t/e s$8e of t/e 9u$l8$n1.
+e8estr$ans on t/e street 9elo0 sa0 $t /an1$n1 pre7ar$ousl* from t/e
roof. #/e pol$7e an8 f$re 8epartment move8 $n. Reporters su88enl*
appeare8, from no0/ere, t/e$r 7amera 7re0s re7or8$n1 ever* moment.
.ver*one 0as 0at7/$n1. Wa$t$n1. S/e 0as 8an1l$n1 from t/e 7opter,
/ol8$n1 on to a fra*$n1 seat 9elt. #/en $t snappe8, an8 s/e fell.
-e onl* /a8 an $nstant to ma:e a 8e7$s$on t/en, l$:e no0. ,ne 8e7$s$on
t/at 0oul8 7/an1e /$s ent$re l$fe. 4n8 l$:e no0, /e /a8 no 7/o$7e.
-e fle0, rea8*$n1 /$mself to 1ra9 /er as s/e fell. 4s /e 8$8 /e lo0ere8
/$mself ;ust a 9$t, 9rea:$n1 /er fall 1entl*.
S/e stare8 at /$m as $f s/e 7oul8n=t a77ept t/at s/e 0as safe $n t/$s
person=s, t/$s stran1er=s arms. S/e 0as a9out to s7ream 0/en /e 1ave
/er a sl$1/t sm$le an8 spo:e to /er softl* an8 reassur$n1l*. <.as*,
m$ss. 3=ve 1ot *ou.<
S/e :ept loo:$n1 at /$m as $f s/e 0ere /av$n1 a 8ream, t/en s/e loo:e8
8o0n to t/e 1roun8, no lon1er rus/$n1 up to /er, t/en 9a7: up at /$m,
st$ll 8$sor$ente8, per/aps even more t/an s/e=8 9een a moment 9efore.
<Cou=ve 1ot meP W/o=s 1ot *ouP<
)efore /e 7oul8 ans0er t/e* 9ot/ /ear8 t/e /el$7opter=s s:$8s snap. #/e
7opter 0as fall$n1 8$re7tl* at t/em.
-e /el8 onto /er 0$t/ one /an8 an8 1ra99e8 t/e 7opter 0$t/ /$s ot/er.
S/e loo:e8 at /$m a1a$n. W/at are *ouP -e 7ont$nue8 sm$l$n1 as /e fle0
/$s pre7$ous 7ar1o 9a7: to $ts rooftop pa8.
4s /e let /er 8o0n, s/e 9e1an to 0o99le a 9$t, unstea8* on /er feet. <3
7erta$nl* /ope t/$s l$ttle $n7$8ent /asn=t put *ou off fl*$n1, m$ss,<
/e sa$8 l$1/tl*, tr*$n1 to 8$ffuse /er nervousness. <Stat$st$7all*
spea:$n1, of 7ourse, $t=s st$ll t/e safest 0a* to travel.<
S/e no88e8, st$ll >u$et, st$ll unsure $f s/e 0as 8ream$n1. ,r 8ea8. ,r
somet/$n1 else. -e starte8 to leave 0/en s/e f$nall* 7alle8 to /$m.
<Wa$t. W/o are *ouP<
-e turne8 an8 sm$le8 a1a$n. <4 fr$en8.< -e t/en >u$etl* 7l$m9e8 $nto
t/e n$1/t s:* an8 8$sappeare8 $nto t/e 8$stan7e.
-e remem9ere8 s/e stoo8 t/ere for a 0/$le, >u$et an8 num9, tr*$n1 to
+a1e "3
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
ma:e sense of t/e $mposs$9le. 3t 0as t/e onl* t$me $n all t/e *ears
/e=8 :no0n /er, 9efore or after t/at 8a*, t/at s/e /a8 ever 9een
C/apter '$fteen
+rev$ous#op 2ext
Seven /un8re8 feet.
5o$s 0as fall$n1. 41a$n. )ut t/$s t$me $t 0asn=t from a /el$7opter.
'rom somet/$n1 l$1/t enou1/ t/at /e 7oul8 7at7/ an8 /ol8 stea8* 0$t/
onl* one /an8. #/$s t$me $t 0as a spee8$n1 8ea80e$1/t t/at 0as not
a9out to 7ooperate 0$t/ /$m or an*one else. 'rom /ea8 to ta$l t/e ;et
0as 1"5 feet, " $n7/es lon1. 3t 0e$1/e8 more t/an four /un8re8 t/ousan8
poun8s. W$t/out t/e passen1ers. #/at 0as not $ts plummet$n1 0e$1/t.
3f /e 7oul8 move 0orl8s l$:e t/e* use8 to /ave /$m 8o $n t/ose 7om$7
9oo:s t/e* ma8e a9out /$m, t/en t/$s 0oul8 9e no pro9lem. #/en /e 0oul8
9e t/e next 7losest t/$n1 to a 1o8, as 5o$s /a8 sa$8.
)ut, 8esp$te /$s 1$fts, as m$ra7ulous as t/e* 0ere, /e 0as ;ust a man.
-e /a8 no t/ree 0$s/es /e 7oul8 utter to ma:e t/$s 1o a0a*. +eter +an
0as ;ust a stor*, /e /a8 on7e tol8 5o$s.
)ut t/$s 0as no fantas*. #/$s 0as real$t*.
-e loo:e8 8o0n a1a$n an8 sa0 t/e lar1e 'lor$8a 7$t*, $ts 0$8e avenues
7on1este8 0$t/ rus/-/our traff$7. #/ere 0ere more t/an f$ft* t/ousan8
people f$ll$n1 nearl* ever* 9lo7:, 0al:$n1 $ts streets, s/opp$n1 t/e$r
0a* a7ross to0n, 8r$v$n1 t/e$r 7ars, l$v$n1 an8 0or:$n1 $n t/e 7$t*=s
prou8 off$7e 9u$l8$n1s an8 /$1/-r$ses, man* 9u$lt 9a7: $n t/e =3&s 0/en
art 8e7o 0as :$n1, an8 t/e ot/ers, 7onstru7te8 more re7entl*, 8es$1ne8
to f$t $nto t/e 7$t*s7ape, a retro v$e0 of 0/at t/e future s/oul8 9e.
#/e passen1ers= s7reams $nterrupte8 /$s rever$e. )ut alon1 0$t/ t/e
s7reams /e /ear8 moments of 7/eer$n1. W/*P W/oP
-e s7anne8 t/e area an8 loo:e8 to t/e nort/, ;ust a7ross t/e 9r$81e to
a lar1e par:, 0/$7/ o77up$e8 nearl* t0o /un8re8 pr$me a7res of lan8.
#/e l$1/ts of t/e sta8$um 0ere announ7$n1 to all 0$t/$n f$ft* m$les
t/at t/e '$ns 0ere pla*$n1. Come on 8o0n an8 ;o$n t/e fun.
#/e Ravens /a8 7ome from 9e/$n8 to 0$n t/e f$rst 1ame eleven to seven.
+a1e "4
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
#/e* 0ere no0 $n t/e 9ottom of t/e fourt/ of t/e$r 8ou9le/ea8er. 4lv$n
Wa*ne of t/e '$ns /a8 ;ust /$t a /ome run 0$t/ t/ree men on, a 1ran8
slam t/at put t/e '$ns a/ea8 s$x to not/$n1. #/e* 0eren=t 1o$n1 to let
t/e Ravens /ave t/e$r 0a* 0$t/ t/em a1a$n.
Ferr* -arlan /$t a fl* 9all t/at s/ot stra$1/t up $n t/e a$r. 'ort*
t/ousan8 fans 7rane8 to see $t, 9ut t/e$r attent$on 0as 8ra0n to
somet/$n1 ot/er t/an t/at /$1/-fl*$n1 9all.
Most of t/em /a8n=t seen /$m for more t/an f$ve *ears. Some of t/e
*oun1er fans t/ou1/t /e 0as ;ust some f$1ment from m*t/ or /$stor*,
from 0a* 9a7:, *ou :no0, 9efore Worl8 War 3 or A$etnam or some t$me
lon1 a1o. )ut t/e* all :ne0 /$s 7ostume, t/e* all :ne0 t/at re8 7ape.
-$s name >u$7:l* sprea8 t/rou1/ t/e sta8$um. -e 0as 9a7: Superman 0as
-e 0as $n front of a ;et /ea8$n1 8$re7tl* for t/em, an8 t/e* sa0 /$s
fa7e 7ontorte8 0$t/ pa$n as /e pus/e8 a1a$nst $ts nose 0$t/ ever* $ota
of stren1t/ /e 7oul8 summon.
Some of t/em 9e1an to run, 9ut ot/ers, t/e ol8er ones mostl*, t/e ones
0/o remem9ere8 see$n1 /$m fl* t/rou1/ t/e 7$t* on /$s 0a* to saveKLM
someoneKLM 8$8n=t 9ot/er to leave t/e$r seats. -e=s 9a7:.
#/e* p$7:e8 up t/e$r 9$no7ulars, 9rou1/t to t/e par: to 0at7/
C/r$stop/er Deor1e or Mort S7/0art% steal t/$r8 or sl$8e $nto /ome.
#/rou1/ t/e$r 9$no7ulars t/e* 7oul8 see /$m stra$n$n1 as /e pus/e8
a1a$nst t/e fall$n1 ;et, as /e 0as pus/e8 8o0n 9* $t.
Cou 7an 8o $t, Superman. Cou 7an 8o an*t/$n1.
#/e* 0ere fall$n1, 9ut $t appeare8 to t/ose 0at7/$n1 t/at t/e$r 8es7ent
0as o77urr$n1 $n slo0 mot$on. #/e fall 0as 9e$n1 7ontrolle8. -e 0as
lo0er$n1 t/e ;et to0ar8 t/e f$el8. -e 0as /ol8$n1 a /alf-m$ll$on-poun8
;et, for 7r*$n= out lou8J
4s Superman an8 t/e ;et 8re0 7loser, t/e pla*ers ran to t/e e81e of t/e
f$el8 to 1$ve /$m room. Ma*9e t/e people $n t/e stan8s /a8 7ome /ere to
see t/e so-7alle8 superstars pla* a 1ame, 9ut 9ot/ teams :ne0 9etterN
/e 0as t/e real superstar. -e 0as t/e pro.
#/e sta8$um l$1/ts fl$7:ere8 an8 explo8e8 as t/e rema$ns of t/e ;et=s
0$n1s tore t/rou1/ t/em.
3ns$8e $t, 0/$le some passen1ers pra*e8 an8 ot/ers s7reame8, 5o$s
rema$ne8 7alm, /er e*es 7lose8, /er 9reat/$n1 normal. Superman $s 9a7:.
+a1e "5
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
Superman $s /ere.
#/e* 0ere 8$re7tl* over t/e 8$amon8, 9ut st$ll fall$n1 fast. #oo fast,
Superman t/ou1/t. -e 9ra7e8 /$mself a1a$n an8 1ave t/e ;et one last,
mass$ve pus/.
#/e /ull 1roane8 as a 0ave of :$net$7 ener1* r$pple8 t/rou1/ t/e steel,
travel$n1 t/e len1t/ of t/e ;et unt$l $t f$nall* slo0e8 to a stop, onl*
a fe0 feet a9ove t/e 1roun8.
5o$s felt t/e 7a9$n ;olt. Most of t/e people aroun8 /er s7reame8 a1a$n,
not sure 0/at /a8 ;ust /appene8. S/e 1r$ppe8 /er seat arms t$1/ter.
-e=s 9a7:. -e=s /ere.
-e /overe8 over /ome plate, a9out a 8o%en feet a9ove 1roun8, /ol8$n1
t/e ;et stra$1/t up. #/e mus7les $n /$s arms 0ere 9un7/e8 an8 stra$ne8,
an8 /e felt l$:e t/e* 0ere 1o$n1 to 9urst. -e 0ante8 to toss t/e plane
as$8e, to 1et r$8 of t/e mass$ve 0e$1/t /e 0as tr*$n1 to /ol8 stea8*,
9ut, 8esp$te t/e pa$n, /e for7e8 /$mself to lo0er $t slo0l* to t/e
1roun8. -$s feet tou7/e8 t/e plate.
-e /el8 f$rm for 0/at seeme8 to /$m to 9e /ours, t/en /e 7arefull*
t$lte8 t/e ;et an8 lo0ere8 $t unt$l $ts 0/eels /$t t/e 1roun8, :$7:$n1
up 7lou8s of 8$rt an8 8ust.
-e steppe8 9a7: an8 too: a lon1, 8eep 9reat/, t/en ;umpe8 to t/e
passen1er 8oor an8 pulle8 $t free. -e steppe8 $ns$8e t/e ;et an8 loo:e8
<3s ever*one all r$1/tP<
#/e* no88e8, unsure 0/at /a8 ;ust /appene8.
-e s7anne8 t/em >u$7:l*N no 9ro:en 9ones.
-e sm$le8, an8 t/e$r anx$et$es seeme8 to 8$sappear. <3 su11est *ou all
sta* $n *our seats unt$l me8$7al attent$on arr$ves.<
#/e* no88e8 a1a$n, 0$t/out sa*$n1 a s$n1le 0or8.
-e not$7e8 5o$s pee:$n1 out from 9e/$n8 a seat. S/e loo:e8 fra%%le8,
9ut 9eaut$ful. S/e 0as al0a*s 9eaut$ful. -e ma8e /$s 0a* 8o0n t/e a$sle
to /er. #/e reporters let /$m pass, t/e >uest$ons t/e* 0ere 0a$t$n1 to
as: evaporat$n1 as /e steppe8 past t/em.
S/e un8$8 /er seat 9elt an8 stoo8, st$ll s/a:$n1, 9ut loo:$n1 onl* at
/$m. #/e ;et 7oul8 /ave 9een on f$re. +eople 7oul8 /ave 9een 9urn$n1
an8 s7ream$n1, 9ut all s/e 0oul8 /ave seen 0as /$m 0al:$n1 7loser an8
+a1e "6
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
7loser, t/ose 8eep 9lue e*es star$n1 $nto /er soul.
<4re *ou o:a*P< /e as:e8.
S/e opene8 /er mout/, 9ut all t/at 7ame out 0as a small s>uea:. -e
sm$le8 a1a$n, 1entl* 9rus/e8 a0a* some of /er /a$r, an8 let /$s /an8
fall, ;ust for a moment, on /er 7/ee:.
Superman real$%e8 t/e ot/ers 0ere loo:$n1 at t/em. -e 1at/ere8 /$mself,
0$n:e8 at 5o$s, t/en turne8 to t/em.
<Well,< /e sa$8, <3 /ope t/$s l$ttle $n7$8ent /asn=t put an* of *ou off
fl*$n1. Stat$st$7all* spea:$n1, $t=s st$ll t/e safest 0a* to travel.<
-e remem9ere8. 5o$s let /erself lau1/ as Superman turne8 from /er an8
0al:e8 9a7: up t/e a$sle. -e steppe8 $nto t/e 8oor0a* an8 sa0 t/e
sta8$um 7ro08 star$n1 at /$m, t/e #A 7ameras, tap$n1 t/e 8ou9le/ea8er,
tra$ne8 on /$m, a 7lose-up of /$s fa7e 8om$nat$n1 t/e sta8$um=s
Fum9otron s7reen.
#/e* /a8 all 9een >u$et, as $f s$len7e /a8 some/o0 9een or8ere8 9* some
/$1/er aut/or$t*, 9ut as soon as t/e* sa0 /$m step $nto t/e 8oor0a*,
t/e$r $n/$9$t$ons 8$sappeare8. #/e* 9e1an to 7/eer an8 applau8 more
t/an t/e* ever /a8 at an* 1ame. More t/an t/e* /a8 0/en t/e '$ns /a8
0on t/e Worl8 Ser$es.
3n t/e 6a$l* +lanet off$7es, t/e staff s7reame8 0/en t/e* sa0 /$m.
+err* W/$te, s$tt$n1 alone $n /$s off$7e, 0at7/$n1 t/e small #A on /$s
8es:, too: t0o asp$r$n as /e 1ave /$s s$lent t/an:s.
Superman=s $ma1e 0as on ever* mon$tor s7reen $n M$ss$on Control. #/e
normall* reserve8 s7$ent$sts 0ere s/out$n1, 8an7$n1 out of 7ontrol,
l$:e f$ve-*ear-ol8s, an8 not 7ar$n1 0/o 0as 0at7/$n1.
Superman loo:e8 at t/e 7ro08, feel$n1 a 9$t $nt$m$8ate8. 3t /a8 9een so
lon1. #/e* 0ere /oot$n1 an8 0av$n1 t/e$r '$ns= 1$ant fl$pper-on-a-st$7:
s$1ns, an8 *ell$n1 out /$s name, /op$n1 /e=8 /ear t/em an8 loo: t/e$r
0a*. #/e$r 7/eers :ept 1ro0$n1 lou8er an8 lou8er. -e 0as almost as/ame8
to a8m$t $t, 9ut $t felt 1oo8. -e no88e8 at t/em, 0ave8 1oo8-9*e, t/en
rose $nto t/e s:* an8 fle0 off, /app* /e 0as /ome a1a$n. 3t 0as a 1oo8
f$rst 8a*.
C/apter S$xteen
+a1e "
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
+rev$ous#op 2ext
#/e to0n /a8 9een 7ompletel* 8estro*e8. #/e post off$7e 0as st$ll on
f$re as 0as t/e pol$7e stat$on, t/e ro0 of off$7e 9u$l8$n1s next to $t,
t/e 9lo7: of small /omes t/at 8otte8 t/e lan8s7ape an8, $n an $ron$7
t0$st, t/e f$re/ouse. #/e fast-foo8 restaurant /a8 sun: $nto t/e
mass$ve /ole $n t/e to0n 7enter, 0/$7/ /a8 also s0allo0e8 at least
n$neteen of t/e to0n=s 7ars. #/e 1roun8 0as f$lle8 0$t/ /oles an8
7ra7:s, an8 t/ere 0ere 9o8$es ever*0/ere, man* of t/em 7rus/e8 9e*on8
re7o1n$t$on. #/e la:e /a8 9een empt$e8 of all $ts 0ater.
5ex p$7:e8 /$mself up from 9e/$n8 t/e mo8el tra$n set ta9le an8 loo:e8
at t/e former Aan8er0ort/ 9asement, 7/arre8, $n s/am9les, an8 f$lle8
0$t/ several $n7/es of 0ater t/at /a8 sp$lle8 out of t/e 7ra7:e8 p$pes.
6e9r$s floate8 on $ts surfa7e alon1 0$t/ several ot/er 8$stur9$n1 p$les
of unre7o1n$%a9le t/$n1s 5ut/or 7/ose not to $8ent$f*.
-e loo:e8 a/ea8, an8 /$s e*es 0$8ene8, t/en /e turne8 to R$le* 0$t/
/opeful ant$7$pat$on. <6$8 *ou 1et t/atP 4re *ou st$ll 1ett$n1 $tP<
R$le*, /ol8$n1 t/e v$8eo 7amera $n /$s trem9l$n1 /an8s 0as no88$n1
repeate8l*. <Cea/. 3 1ot t/e 0/oleKLM s7ar*KLM t/$n1.<
5ut/or turne8 9a7: to t/e /u1e 7r*stal stru7ture t/at /a8 1ro0n up
t/rou1/ t/e tra$n set, to0er$n1 over t/e 8estro*e8 7$t*s7ape. #/e
7r*stal format$on starte8 0/ere t/e la:e /a8 9een an8 loo:e8 nearl*
$8ent$7al to Superman=s 'ortress of Sol$tu8e, as 0ell as t/e ru$ns of
?r*pton, onl* $n m$n$ature s7aleN t/e tra$n-set vers$on, onl* real, /e
?$tt* loo:e8 un8er t/e ta9le t/at /el8 t/e 8emol$s/e8 mo8el an8 sa0
t/at t/e 7r*stal stru7ture /a8 1ro0n t/rou1/ t/e 9ottom as 0ell, 0$t/
7r*stal ten8r$ls p$er7$n1 t/e 9asement=s 7on7rete floor, t/en mov$n1
8o0n $nto t/e 1roun8 9elo0. S/e s/oo: /er /ea8, not 9el$ev$n1 0/at s/e
0as see$n1. <5ex, *our l$ttle 7r*stal 9ro:e ever*t/$n1.<
5ex 0as 1r$nn$n1 as /e 7/e7:e8 out t/e 8evastat$on. <So $t 8$8.<
+err* W/$te 7$r7le8 t/e 7onferen7e room, 1lar$n1 at t/e reporters
s$tt$n1 aroun8 t/e ta9le, t/e$r sl$m notepa8s $n front of t/em, pens $n
t/e$r /an8s, ta:$n1 8o0n ever* 0or8 /e sa$8. <3 0ant to :no0 $t allJ
.ver*t/$n1J< /e s/oute8.
-e 0a$te8 for t/e fear to f$ll t/e$r e*es. 'ear 0as 1oo8. 'ear 0oul8
1et t/e$r /earts pump$n1. 'ear 0oul8 1et t/em 0or:$n1 /ar8er an8
faster. 'ear 0oul8 ma:e tomorro0 morn$n1=s e8$t$on of t/e 6a$l* +lanet
+a1e "!
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
sell t0$7e as man* 7op$es as t/e$r 7losest 7ompet$tor.
4s /e 0al:e8 aroun8 t/e ta9le, /e 7l$ppe8 F$mm* ,lsen=s 7/a$r,
startl$n1 t/e *oun1 p/oto1rap/er, 0/o 0as tr*$n1 to 8e7$8e $f /e s/oul8
as: 6onna $n t/e se7retar$al pool $f s/e 0ante8 to 1o to a mov$e 0$t/
/$m on 'r$8a*. <,lsen, 3 0anna see p/otos of /$m 9at/e8 $n sta8$um
<@//, C/$ef, /e fle0 off. -o0 am 3KLO<
+err* /a8 alrea8* move8 on to /$s next v$7t$m. <SportsI -o0 0$ll t/$s
event 7/an1e 9ase9allP -o0 0$ll t/e* 1et t/e plane out of t/ereP< -e
turne8 to 4l$7e #ravers an8 /$s e*es 9ore8 $nto /ers. <#ravelI W/ere
/as /e 9eenP Was /e on va7at$onP 3f so, 0/ereP<
-e 7$r7le8 t/e room a1a$n. #/e* 0ere tense, 0a$t$n1 for t/e mus$7 to
stop an8 for /$m to steal t/e$r 7/a$rs, $f not t/e$r souls. <'as/$onI
3s t/at a ne0 su$tP -ealt/I W/at=s /e 9een eat$n1P -as /e 1a$ne8
0e$1/tP )us$nessI -o0 0$ll t/$s affe7t t/e mar:etP S/ort termP 5on1
-e pause8, an8 t/e* 0a$te8 for /$s next t$ra8e, 9ut none 7ame. -a8 /e
ext$n1u$s/e8 t/e flame 9urn$n1 $n /$s 9ell*, or 0as /e 0a$t$n1 to 7at7/
/$s 9reat/ an8 9e1$n all over a1a$n. St$ll not/$n1. -e 0as star$n1 at
t/em, an8 t/at ma8e /alf of t/em rea7/ for t/e$r stoma7/ a7$8 p$lls an8
t/e ot/er /alf for t/e$r Aal$um.
<Well, 0/at are *ou stan8$n1 aroun8 forP< /e s/oute8. <D,J<
#/e* ran out of t/e 7onferen7e room, 9a7: $nto t/e 9ullpen, 0/ere t/e*
1ra99e8 t/e$r 7oats an8 too: off 9efore /e /a8 a 7/an7e to s7ream at
t/em a9out somet/$n1 else.
-e 0al:e8 9a7: $nto t/e 9ullpen an8 sa0 t/e last of t/em 7ramm$n1 $nto
t/e elevators.
'ear 1oo8. 'ear ver* 1oo8.
5o$s 5ane 0as s$tt$n1 at /er 8es:, /un7/e8 over /er 7omputer s7reen.
S/e turne8 to D$l, 0or:$n1 $n t/e 7u9$7le next to /ers. <D$l, /o0 man*
'=s are t/ere $n 7atastrop/$7P<
)efore D$l 7oul8 respon8, +err* $nterrupte8. <2one. 4n8 0/at=s t/e
5o$s 1lan7e8 at /$m, t/en 9a7: to t/e s7reen. <#/$s m*ster$ous
ele7troma1net$7 pulse :no7:e8 out porta9le 8ev$7es an8 ent$re po0er
1r$8s, 7aus$n1 a 7atastrop/$7 event 8ur$n1 t/e /$1/l* toute8KLO<
+a1e ""
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
+err* 8$8n=t let /er f$n$s/. <5o$sP<
<3n m* off$7e.< #/en /e pause8 an8 loo:e8 up to t/e fe0 reporters st$ll
l$n1er$n1 $n t/e 9ullpen. <#/$s 1oes for ever*9o8*. #/e stor* $sn=t t/e
9la7:out. 3t=s Superman.<
5o$s follo0e8 +err*, an8 on7e t/e* 0ere $ns$8e /$s off$7e, /e s/ut t/e
8oor 9e/$n8 t/em.
3n t/e 9a7: 7orner of t/e +lanet=s e8$tor$al floor, Clar: loo:e8 up
from /$s 7urrent o9$tuar* 7olumn. <41nes 6re*fuss, 9orn 1"2, 8$e8KLO< /e
left t/at 9lan:.
#/rou1/ t/e 1lass 0alls, /e not$7e8 5o$s stan8$n1 $n +err*=s off$7e,
ar1u$n1 0$t/ /$m. -e 7on7entrate8, fo7us$n1 /$s super/ear$n1. -e 0as
su88enl* l$sten$n1 $n on ever* 7onversat$on ta:$n1 pla7e on t/e
e8$tor$al floor. -e 0or:e8 to f$lter out t/e ot/er vo$7es.
<3=m tell$n1 *ou, *ou=re 8ea8 0ron1 /ere.< 5o$s 0as 7ompla$n$n1. So
0/at else $s ne0P <#/e stor* $s t/e .M+, C/$ef. .ver* ele7tron$7 8ev$7e
on t/e .ast Coast 1oes 8ar:KLO<
<5o$s,< +err* $nterrupte8, <t/ere are t/ree t/$n1s t/at sell papers $n
t/$s 0orl8I tra1e8$es, sex, an8 Superman. 3=m t$re8 of tra1e8$es, an8
*ou 7an=t 0r$te 0ort/ a 8amn a9out sex, so t/at leaves one t/$n1.< -e
po$nte8 to t/e #A, on7e a1a$n s/o0$n1 Superman=s res7ue of t/e )oe$n1
. 3t 0as t/e sevent*-e$1/t/ t$me t/e net0or: pla*e8 $t t/at morn$n1.
<'$ne. -e=s a stor*, 3 a1ree. =Superman Returns,= 9la/-9la/9la/. 'ront
pa1e. Ma*9e a fe0 more pa1es $ns$8e. We=ll onl* 9e a 8a* 9e/$n8 ever*
#A stat$on $n t/e 7ountr*, us$n1 t/e same p/oto1rap/s t/e* use8, onl*
ours 0on=t 9e mov$n1. )ut C/$ef, /e=s not t/e onl* stor*. Ma*9e not
even t/e most $mportant one.<
<5o$sP< #/e vo$7e 0as *oun1er t/an +err*=s 9ut /a8 t/e same $ntonat$on.
S/e allo0e8 /erself a /u1e sm$le an8 turne8 to see /er f$an7e, R$7/ar8
W/$te, enter$n1. <R$7/ar8P W/at are *ou 8o$n1 /ereP<
-e 1ave /er a 9$1 /u1 an8 s/ot a 1lan7e at /$s un7le. <3=m $nterrupt$n1
somet/$n1, aren=t 3P< 5o$s an8 +err* 9ot/ turne8 to /$m. <Cea/,< t/e*
sa$8 s$multaneousl*.
<So t/at=s /er f$an7e,< Clar: note8. R$7/ar8 W/$te 0as a tall,
9roa8-s/oul8ere8 man 0$t/ a lean fa7e toppe8 0$t/ 8ar: 9ro0n /a$r. -e
+a1e 1&&
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
loo:e8 l$:e /e 0or:e8 out t0o or t/ree 8a*s a 0ee: an8 appl$e8 /$mself
to t/e tas:. Cea/, let=s see *ou l$ft up 1$ant ;um9o ;ets, pal. -e /a8
a rea8* sm$le to 0/$7/ Clar: too: an $mme8$ate 8$sl$:e.
<=S7use me,< a vo$7e sa$8, $nterrupt$n1 /$m. Clar: loo:e8 8o0n to see a
fra$l-loo:$n1 f$ve-*ear-ol8 9o* stan8$n1 next to /$s 8es:.
<-$,< /e sa$8. #/e 9o* too: a /$t off t/e $n/aler /e /a8 pulle8 out of
/$s pants po7:et. Clar: loo:e8 to0ar8 5o$s=s 8es: a1a$n $n t/e
e8$tor$al 0$n1. -$s Q-ra* v$s$on p$7:e8 out t/e p$7ture of /er 0$t/ a
*oun1 9o*. #/$s $s Fason. #/$s $s /er son.
<W/o are *ouP< Fason as:e8.
Clar: leane8 $n 7loser, sm$l$n1. #/e 9o* 0as 0or:$n1 /ar8 to 7ontrol
/$s 9reat/$n1. <3=m Clar: ?ent. 4n ol8 fr$en8 of *our mom=s. 'rom
9efore *ou 0ere 9orn.<
<Reall*P< Fason sa$8. <S/e=s never ment$one8 *ou.<
Fason s/oo: /$s /ea8 as /e /ear8 /$s name 9e$n1 7alle8. <Fason.<
-e turne8 to see /$s mot/er 8eterm$ne8l* ma:$n1 /er 0a* t/rou1/ t/e
;un1le of 8es:s. S/e 0rappe8 /er arms aroun8 /$m an8 /un:ere8 lo0 to
loo: /$m 8$re7tl* $n /$s e*es.
<3 tol8 *ou to sta* $n 6a88*=s off$7e.<
#/e 9o* ma8e a fa7e. <6a88*=s off$7e $s 9or$n1.< Clar: stare8 at /$m.
Ma*9e /e 0as a l$ttle small an8 fra$l, 9ut $t 0as o9v$ous t/ere 0as a
f$re 9urn$n1 $n t/at l$ttle 9o8*. -e 8ef$n$tel* /a8 5o$s=s stea8fast
5o$s f$nall* not$7e8 Clar:, an8 0$t/ a 0$8e sm$le s/e :$sse8 /$m
>u$7:l* on t/e 7/ee:. 'or a moment /e 9e7ame l$1/t-/ea8e8. <5o$s.<
<Clar:, 0el7ome 9a7:.< 4s /e stoo8, s/e /u11e8 /$m. <3 see *ou=ve
alrea8* met t/e mun7/:$n.<
Fason 0as loo:$n1 9ore8 as 0ell as anno*e8. <Cea/, 0e 0ere ;ust
tal:$n1. -e seems l$:e a 1reat :$8, 5o$s.< )ut 5o$s /a8 alrea8* turne8
9a7: to Fason.
<6$8 *ou ta:e *our v$tam$nsP .*e 8ropsP +revent$lP +ol*-A$-'lorP< Fason
no88e8 after ea7/ $tem on /$s mot/er=s 7/e7: l$st. Clar: 7oul8 tell
t/e*=8 8one t/$s rout$ne 9efore.
+a1e 1&1
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
<Ces, Mom,< /e sa$8, st$ll 9ore8, 0$t/ no s$1n of rel$ef a/ea8.
5o$s turne8 9a7: to Clar:, s/a:$n1 /er /ea8 $n 8espa$r. <-e=s a l$ttle
fra1$le, 9ut /e=ll 1ro0 up to 9e 9$1 an8 stron1 l$:e /$s 8a8, 0on=t
*ouP< Clar: sa0 Fason reflex$vel* no8 a1a$n. -e 0asn=t pa*$n1
S/e not$7e8 /er 0at7/ an8 0as su88enl* 7on7erne8. <R$7/ar8P< S/e seeme8
$mpat$ent, 9ut Clar: 7oul8n=t tell 0/*.
S/e /a8 7/an1e8 s$n7e /e last sa0 /er, f$ve *ears a1o, 0/en Clar: tol8
+err* /e 0as 1o$n1 to leave on a 0orl8 tr$p to <Sort t/$n1s out, *ou
:no0. .ver*t/$n1=s 7/an1$n1 so fast t/ese 8a*s.< S/e 0as at /er 8es:,
0or:$n1, o9l$v$ous to 0/at 0as 1o$n1 on a7ross t/e /all. 4n8 after /e
tol8 /er /e 0as leav$n1, s/e sm$le8 at /$m, /alf-/ear$n1 0/at /e sa$8,
an8 muttere8 a non7omm$ttal <)*e. See *ou later, Clar:.<
S/e 0as fo7use8 on /er art$7le 8eta$l$n1 /o0 Superman save8 t/e 7$t*KLM
a1a$nKLM t/$s t$me from a meteor s/o0er t/at 0$t/out /$m, s/e 0rote,
0oul8 /ave 7ompletel* 8estro*e8 Metropol$s. -e 0asn=t sure t/e 7$t*
0oul8 /ave 9een <7ompletel* 8estro*e8,< 9ut t/ere 0oul8 /ave 9een
extens$ve 8ama1e.
Clar: 0at7/e8 as s/e 7alle8 R$7/ar8=s name a1a$n, ex/ale8 $mpat$entl*,
an8 9le0 a0a* a 0$sp of /a$r t/at /a8 9een rest$n1 on /er 7/ee:,
/arm$n1 no9o8*.
-e 0as stru7: 9* /o0 9eaut$ful s/e st$ll 0as. )lesse8 0$t/ perfe7t 9one
stru7ture, s/e 0oul8 never 7/an1e, 9ut $t st$ll ma8e /$m stare at /er,
even after all t/$s t$me. -e t/ou1/t a9out t/e 5o$s /e use8 to :no0.
#/at 0oman=s fo7us use8 to 9e solel* on /er 0or:. 3=m on a stor*. Det
t/e /ell out of m* 0a*. 4s for :$8s, t/at 0as somet/$n1 ot/er people
/a8 an8 9est to avo$8.
-e 0as amuse8 as /e 0at7/e8 /er 8ote over t/e t$n* f$ve-*ear-ol8. W/o=8
/ave ever suspe7te8 s/e /a8 maternal $nst$n7tsP M$ra7les 0$ll /appen.
S/e 0as stra$1/ten$n1 out Fason=s s/$rt, re9u7:l$n1 /$s 9elt, an8
r$fl$n1 t/rou1/ /$s po7:ets to ma:e sure /e /a8 all /$s p$lls, spra*s,
an8 ot/er me8$7al a$8s. Clar: 0at7/e8 /er /u1 an8 :$ss /$m on /$s
7/ee:. -e 0as feel$n1 stran1el* o88. -e 0as t/r$lle8 t/at 5o$s /a8 a
son s/e love8 so openl*, 9utKLM
-e 0asn=t sure 0/at 0as 0ron1. Was /e surpr$se8 t/at after leav$n1 /er
for f$ve *ears 0$t/out a 0or8 of explanat$on t/at s/e /a8 8one t/e
a8ult t/$n1 an8 move8 onP Ma*9e /e 0as ;ealous t/at Fason 0asn=t /$sP
Was /e anno*e8 t/e man s/e 0as 0$t/ 0as a7tuall* a 1oo8 manP Someone to
a8m$reP Someone 0/o ma8e /er /app*P 3f /e 0as a 7reep, 3 7oul8KLM
+a1e 1&2
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
2o. 6on=t t/$n: a9out $tJ
St$ll, /$s stoma7/ :notte8. -e felt stran1el*KLM >ueas*. -e 0as 9ot/ere8
9* t/e 0a* /e felt an8 :ne0 /e /a8 to 1et past $t >u$7:l*.
Clar: 7alle8 to /er. <5o$s, 3 sa0 *ou on #A, $n t/at, *ou :no0, t/e
;et. 4re *ou o:a*P 3 mean, 0o0. 3t must /ave 9een su7/ an or8eal.<
S/e rea7/e8 past /$m an8 1ra99e8 a stapler off /$s 8es:. <,/, *ea/. 3t
0as not/$n1. -e*, 7an 3 9orro0 *our staplerP<
S/e /a8 alrea8* ta:en $t. <Sure. ,/, an8 7on1ratulat$ons on t/e
+ul$t%er. #/at=s $n7re8$9le. Reall*.<
S/e 7uffe8 Fason=s pantsKLOfrom t/e$r fra*e8 e81es /e=8 o9v$ousl* 9een
tr$pp$n1 over t/em a lot. <Cea/. Can *ou 9el$eve $t. R$7/ar8J< s/e
*elle8 a1a$n.
S/e stoo8 up an8 a8m$re8 /er son, t/en leane8 over an8 :$sse8 /$m on
t/e top of /$s /ea8. <+ra7t$7all* perfe7t $n ever* 0a*.< Fason 1$11le8
as s/e loo:e8 9a7: at Clar:. <-e ;ust loves 0at7/$n1 Mar* +opp$ns,< s/e
sa$8, expla$n$n1. <3 t/$n: /e a7tuall* ;ust loves t/ose pen1u$ns. So, 3
0anna /ear all a9out *our tr$p. W/ere=8 *ou 1oP W/at=8 *ou seeP Meet
an*one spe7$alP<
<Well, t/ere=s ;ust so mu7/,< Clar: 9e1an. S/e sa0 a smu81e on Fason=s
s/$rt an8 0et /er /an8:er7/$ef 0$t/ /er ton1ue to ru9 $t out.
<@mm, so 0/ere to 9e1$n,< Clar: 7ont$nue8. <Well, 3 0as $n Sout/
4mer$7a. 3, u//, t/$n: 3 sent *ou a post7ar8 from t/at, u///, +eruv$an
llama ro8eoP 6oes t/at str$:e a 9ellP<
<Cou s7reame8 for meP< R$7/ar8 W/$te sa$8 as /e entere8. Clar: 0as
floun8er$n1 for somet/$n1 to sa* an8 8$8n=t m$n8 t/e $nterrupt$on.
<-$, 6a88*,< Fason s/r$e:e8. W/$te p$7:e8 up Fason an8 1ave /$m a
<4re *ou 1ett$n1 $nto trou9le a1a$nP< 5o$s 0as 7/e7:$n1 /erself out $n
/er 7ompa7t m$rror. <W/at=s /e 8one t/$s t$meP 6estro* t/e pressesP
.rase *our stor* a1a$nP< -e turne8 9a7: to Fason. <3s t/at 0/at *ou
8$8, *ou l$ttle monsterP 6estro* all of Momm*=s /ar8 0or:P< #/e 9o*
1$11le8 an8 t/re0 /$s arms aroun8 /$s fat/er.
5o$s 0as alrea8* 1o$n1 n$net* $n a f$ft*-m$le-per-/our %one. <3=ve 1ot
to run out. Can *ou 9oo: /$s flu s/otP 3 for1ot 0$t/ ever*t/$n1 1o$n1
+a1e 1&3
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
R$7/ar8 nu%%le8 /$s son=s 7/ee:. <4lrea8* 8one. 2extP<
<Dreat. 4n8 0or: some fam$l* ma1$7 to 1et *our un7le to stop 1$v$n1 me
a /ar8 t$me a9out m* art$7le, please.<
5o$s 0as f$nall* sat$sf$e8 0$t/ /o0 s/e loo:e8. <41a$n. Dotta 1o,< s/e
sa$8, :$ss$n1 R$7/ar8. 3t laste8 lon1er t/an Clar: t/ou1/t appropr$ate.
Clar: s/$fte8 un7omforta9l* an8 7leare8 /$s t/roat. 5o$s sa0 /$m, 8$8 a
8ou9le ta:e, t/en remem9ere8 /e /a8 9een stan8$n1 t/ere. <,/, r$1/t.
#/$s $s Clar:. R$7/ar8, Clar:. Clar:, R$7/ar8.<
Clar: exten8e8 /$s /an8. R$7/ar8 set Fason 8o0n an8 too: $t >u$7:l*.
<Clar: ?ent. 2$7e to meet *ou.<
<-$. R$7/ar8 W/$te.<
5o$s 0as 7/e7:$n1 out /er /an89a1 as s/e 7ont$nue8. <R$7/ar8=s an
ass$stant e8$tor /ere 0/o=s 9as$7all* save8 our $nternat$onal se7t$on.
-e=s also a p$lot an8 l$:es /orror mov$es.< S/e 7lose8 /er 9a1,
7ont$nu$n1. <Clar: $s, 0ell, Clar:.<
R$7/ar8 0as 0arm an8 fr$en8l*. <Dreat to f$nall* meet *ou. 3=ve /ear8
so mu7/.<
Clar: e*e8 5o$s. <Cou /aveP<
<Cea/. F$mm* ;ust 0on=t s/ut up a9out *ou.<
5o$s :$sse8 R$7/ar8 a1a$n. <Dotta run,< s/e sa$8 as s/e :$sse8 Fason.
<5ove *ou, /one*.<
<5ove *ou, too, Mom.<
<5ove *ou more.< S/e mout/e8 /$s 7/ee: unt$l /e starte8 lau1/$n1. -e
/a8 a 1oo8, /app* lau1/.
-e=s /a8 a 1oo8 l$fe, Clar: un8erstoo8. )ut /e 8$8n=t :no0 0/at to
t/$n: of t/at.
<W/ere are *ou 1o$n1P< R$7/ar8 as:e8.
5o$s ma8e a fa7e. <Cou /ear8 +err*. Superman=s 9a7:, an8 /e t/$n:s 3=m
t/e onl* one e>u$ppe8 toKLM< S/e pause8, su88enl* 8e7$8$n1 not to
7ont$nue. <2everm$n8.<
+a1e 1&4
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
<#o 0/atP<
<3t=s not/$n1.< Clar: 7oul8 tell t/at 5o$s 0as tr*$n1 not to ans0er.
,9v$ousl* Superman 0as a sore po$nt 9et0een t/em. -e sm$le8, t/en
$mme8$atel* re1rette8 $t.
<3 8on=t :no0 0/at t/e pro9lem $s, /on,< /e sa$8, st$ll pla*$n1 0$t/
Fason. <3 mean, $t $s Superman.<
Clar: turne8 a0a*. -e 8$8n=t nee8 to :no0 /o0 mu7/ /e 0as /ate8 9* t/e
man 5o$s o9v$ousl* love8.
<-e 0as a /ero. -e 0as t/e 9est t/ere=s ever 9een. 4n8 $f *ou 0ere
7lose to /$m, 0ell, t/at 0as t/en. 3t=s o:a*. -e=s 9a7: an8 t/at=s
1reat, too, an8 $f *ou 7an 1et t/e ex7lus$ve on /$m, t/at=s even
9etter. )ut $f *ou=re afra$8 $n an* 0a* $t 0oul8 9ot/er me, $t 0on=t.
W/at 7an 3 sa*P -e=s Superman. Do for $t, /one*.<
Clar: turne8 to /$m, /$s e*es narro0. -e=s a fanP -e=s a 1oo8 man. -e
loves 5o$s. 4n8 /e=s a fanP Coul8 $t 1et an* 0orseP
<Ma*9e *ou 7oul8 $ntro8u7e me to /$m. 3=8 love t/at.<
W/* $s m* mot/er mov$n1 from Smallv$lleP
<R$7/ar8, *ou 8on=t 1et $t,< 5o$s sa$8, fum$n1. <3t=s me. 3 8on=t 0ant
to 9e on t/e stor*. #/at part of m* l$fe=s over, an8 3 8on=t 0ant to 1o
9a7:. 3 8on=t 0ant to spea: to /$m.<
3t=s 5o$s.
R$7/ar8 stoo8 $n front of /er, 1entl* 7ra8l$n1 /er fa7e. <-one*, 3 love
*ou. Cou :no0 t/at. 4n8 $f $t=s 1o$n1 to /urt *ou $n an* 0a* to 8o
t/$s, t/en 8on=t. Cou :no0 0/atever $t $s 3=m on *our s$8e.<
<)ut +err*=s $ns$st$n1KLM<
<So 8on=t l$sten to /$m. -e /as t/e rest of us on t/at stor*. 3 8on=t
t/$n: /e=8 even :no0 *ou 0ere else0/ere.<
<3=m not plann$n1 to. 3=m 1o$n1 to t/e po0er plant to loo: $nto t/e
9la7:out. See*a.< S/e 1ave /$m anot/er :$ss, t/$s t$me on t/e 7/ee:,
t/en too: off >u$7:l*.
R$7/ar8 s/oute8 after /er. <W/en 0$ll *ou 9e /omeP< )ut s/e 0as alrea8*
out t/e 8oor. -e stare8 as $t 7lose8 9e/$n8 /er an8 turne8 a0a* onl*
after /e sa0 /er 1et $nto t/e elevator.
+a1e 1&5
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
<Wo0, s/e /asn=t slo0e8 8o0n for a se7on8,< Clar: sa$8. <St$ll t/e same
ol8 5o$s. Cou 7an=t :eep /er $n one pla7e for lon1.<
R$7/ar8 no88e8. <#ell me. 2o matter /o0 7lose 0e are, t/at 0oman 0$ll
al0a*s 9e a m*ster* to me. )ut 3 love /er an*0a*, an8 /ave s$n7e t/e
8a* 3 f$rst met /er.< -e turne8 to Clar: an8 lo0ere8 /$s vo$7e so Fason
0oul8n=t /ear /$m. <)ut fran:l*, s/e=s a l$ttle p$sse8. 3 0as out
fl*$n1 0/en s/e 0asKLM $n trou9le. 3 t/$n: s/e 0as 8$sappo$nte8 3 8$8n=t
some/o0 s0oop $n an8 save /er l$:e Superman. 2ot t/at 3 7oul8.<
-e p$7:e8 up Fason an8 /el8 /$m $n t/e 7roo: of /$s arm. <Well, 3=m
sure 3=ll 9e see$n1 *ou aroun8 t/e off$7e. 3f *ou ever nee8 me, 3=m
r$1/t over t/ere.<
-e 1esture8 to0ar8 t/e lar1e off$7e next to +err*=s. <2$7e off$7e,<
Clar: sa$8.
R$7/ar8 lau1/e8. <Cea/. 3=m not sure $f 3 1ot $t 9e7ause 3=m t/e
ass$stant e8$tor an8 8eserve $t, or 9e7ause 3=m t/e e8$tor=s nep/e0.
)ut *ou :no0, t/e v$e0=s t/e same.< -e turne8 to leave 9ut not$7e8
Clar:=s 7omputer. <W/at=s t/at *ou=re 0or:$n1 onP<
Clar: 7/e7:e8 t/e s7reen. <,9$tuar$es.<
R$7/ar8 rea8 t/e p$e7e. <2$7e 0r$t$n1, 9ut t/ose people aren=t 8ea8
Clar: sat 8o0n at /$s 8es: an8 fl$ppe8 t/rou1/ a t/$7: f$le fol8er
f$lle8 0$t/ papers. <Cea/, 9ut *ou :no0 *our un7leKLOumKLOMr. W/$te an8
t/at .a1le S7out 9anner /e=s 1ot over /$s 8es:.<
R$7/ar8 lau1/e8 a1a$n.
<4l0a*s 9e prepare8.< -e an8 Clar: e7/oe8 t/e same 0or8s.
<R$1/t.< -e 1lan7e8 at /$s son $n /$s arms. <C=mon, monster. Sa*
1oo8-9*e to Clar:.<
<)*e, Clar:.<
<)*e, Fason,< Clar: ans0ere8 0$t/ a sm$le.
-e sat 9a7: 8o0n as R$7/ar8 0al:e8 off, Fason $n to0. -e sa0 R$7/ar8
9oun7e a 9$t, t/en /ear8 Fason lau1/ a1a$n. Doo8 lau1/. -onest lau1/.
-e 0at7/e8 R$7/ar8 leave, 0av$n1 to one of t/e reporters 0/o 0as as:$n1
/$m a >uest$on. R$7/ar8 sm$le8 as /e ans0ere8 somet/$n1 a9out S$n1apore
+a1e 1&6
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
an8 $ts le1al s*stem, an8 Clar: 0as stru7: 9* somet/$n1 /e /a8n=t
not$7e8 9efore.
R$7/ar8 loo:e8 ver* mu7/ l$:e /$m. ,r a7tuall*, l$:e /$m 0$t/out t/e
1lasses an8 t/e t$m$8 att$tu8e.
More l$:e Superman.
C/apter Seventeen
+rev$ous#op 2ext
5ex 5ut/or 0as not a /app* man. -e /a8 p$7:e8 up a 7op* of t/e 6a$l*
+lanet from 9e/$n8 t/e rose9us/es near t/e front por7/ stoop 0/ere t/e
paper9o* /a8 tosse8 $t, an8 stare8 at t/e /ea8l$ne for t/e t/$r8 t$me.
<#/e Man of Steel 3s )a7:.< @n8er t/e /ea8l$ne, 0/$7/ /e t/ou1/t f$lle8
t/e ent$re pa1e, t/e* f$t $n a full 7olor s/ot of t/at super7reepKLO t/e
p/oto 7apture8 from t/e 7ameras 7over$n1 t/e 1ame. -e 0as /ol8$n1 up a
8amne8 ;et 9* $ts nose. )* $ts noseJ
<#/$s $s $mposs$9le. 6o *ou /ave an* $8ea /o0 man* la0s of p/*s$7s t/$s
8ef$esP 4ll of t/em.<
5ut/or 0as 1$r8$n1 for an exten8e8 rant. <3t=s 8o7tore8, t/at=s 0/at $t
$s. 5oo: at $t. 3t=s 9een expertl* 7/an1e8 us$n1 t/at 7/eap;a7:
7omputer p/oto-retou7/$n1 soft0are t/e*=re sell$n1 t/ese 8a*s. +ro9a9l*
8one 9* some ten-*ear-ol8 9rat 0$t/ a 8ra0$n1 ta9let an8 an /our of
free t$me 9et0een pla*$n1 v$8eo 1ames.<
?$tt* peere8 over /$s s/oul8er an8 loo:e8 at t/e p$7ture of Superman,
stan8$n1 $n t/e ;et=s 8oor0a*, /$s sm$le ra8$at$n1 more 0atta1e t/an
5ut/or=s l$ttle 7r*stal s/ar8 0as 7apa9le of 8$mm$n1. <-ell-o/,< s/e
sa$8, a8m$r$n1l*. <3t sa*s /ere /e save8 ever*one as t/e ;et 0as
fall$n1 to $ts 8oom, an8 after t/e* lan8e8 /e personall* 7/e7:e8 to see
$f t/e passen1ers 0ere all r$1/t. W/at a man.<
5ut/or pulle8 t/e paper a0a* from /er. <ManP ManP -e=s not a man. -e=s
an al$en. +ro9a9l* /$8es /$s 9u1 e*es an8 tenta7les un8er t/at 7ape.
4n8 furt/ermore, t/$s /as to 9e a l$e. -e 7an=t 9e 9a7:. 2ot no0. 2ot
Dertru8e=s 8o1 0as 9ar:$n1 at /$m. #/e 8amne8 8o1 0as al0a*s 9ar:$n1 at
+a1e 1&
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
/$m. -e too: t/e paper an8 ra$se8 $t to slap t/e man1* mutt. #/e 8o1
*$ppe8 an8 too: off 9efore $t 7oul8 9e /$t. <4n8 sta* out,< 5ex
-e too: anot/er loo: at t/e ne0spaper an8 an1r$l* stuffe8 $t $n /$s
9a7: po7:et. <'ollo0 me. 3=ve 1ot plans.<
#/e* /a8 starte8 9a7: $nto t/e mans$on 0/en t/e* /ear8 t/e m$n$van pull
$nto t/e entran7e0a*. 3t s7ree7/e8 to a stop $n front of t/em. 3ns$8e,
Drant, R$le*, Stanfor8, an8 )rutus 0ere s0eat$n1 profusel*N t/e$r fa7es
0ere 9ru$se8 9la7:-an8-9lue.
5ut/or ran /$s f$n1ers a7ross t/e s$8e of t/e m$n$van. #/ere 0ere at
least a 8o%en 9ullet /oles 8ott$n1 $ts s$8e. -e stu7: /$s f$n1er $nto
one of t/em. <Run $nto trou9leP<
Drant put on /$s ma7/o loo:. <Cou s/oul8 see t/e ot/er 1u*s.<
)rutus opene8 t/e rear /ol8, reveal$n1 a lon1 7rate $ns$8e. -e 1ra99e8
$t an8 sl$8 $t out. <-e*, 3 7an use some /elp /ere.<
5ut/or 1lare8 at Drant, 0/o rus/e8 to 7at7/ t/e 9a7: en8 of t/e 7rate
9efore $t tum9le8 out of t/e trun:, <Sorr*, 3 0as st$ll 9reat/$n= /ar8.
Dett$n= s/ot at $sn=t as eas* as $t loo:s.<
)rutus an8 Drant 7arr$e8 $t aroun8 t/e 9a7: of t/e mans$on, to t/e
8o7:s, 0/ere #/e Dertru8e 0as moore8. 5ut/or follo0e8, st$ll 1rum9l$n1
over t/e ne0spaper. <Careful 0$t/ t/at. 3t=s 0ort/ more t/an e$t/er of
#/e* ma8e t/e$r 0a* onto #/e Dertru8e an8 set t/e 7rate $n t/e ma$n
7a9$n, 0/ere 5ut/or /a8 prepare8 a pla7e for $t. 5ut/or follo0e8, an8
Stanfor8 rus/e8 9e/$n8 to 7at7/ up.
<So, 0/at are 0e 1o$n1 to 8oP< Stanfor8 as:e8, tr*$n1 to 7at7/ /$s
<Cou=re 1o$n1 to mo8$f* $t a77or8$n1 to t/e plans an8 atta7/ $t to t/e
stern. 3 8on=t 7are $f t/e $nstru7t$ons are $n Russ$an.<
Stanfor8 s/oo: /$s /ea8. <Cou :no0 0/at 3 mean, 5ex. -e=s not stup$8.
-o0 lon1 8o *ou t/$n: $t=s 1o$n1 to ta:e /$m to tra7e all t/at stuff
9a7: to me an8 *ouP<
-e 0a$te8 for a rea7t$on from 5ut/or, 9ut t/e 9oss 0as alrea8* por$n1
t/rou1/ t/e 9oo:s sprea8 a7ross /$s 8es:. Cr*stals, t/e 6ef$n$t$ve
Du$8e 0as s$tt$n1 on top of a /alf 8o%en ot/ers a9out 7r*stals, 1ems,
an8 m$nerals. <-e 0as suppose8 to 8$e up t/ere, 5ex.<
+a1e 1&!
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
<3 :no0 0/at /e 0as suppose8 to 8o. )ut 8o *ouP W/at /ave 3 tol8 *ou
a9out anno*$n1 me 0/$le 3=m 0or:$n1P W/at am 3 8o$n1P<
<4n8 t/ese 9oo:s, 0/* am 3 rea8$n1 t/emP<
<Conne7t t/e 8ots.<
5ut/or felt /$s le1 9e$n1 7la0e8 an8 sa0 Dertru8e=s 8o1 pa0$n1 /$m an8
sn$ff$n1 t/e floor. 3nfur$ate8, 5ex /urle8 t/e ne0spaper at t/e an$mal
9ut m$sse8. #/e 8o1 sn$ffe8 $t, t/en s>uatte8 an8 pee8 on t/e paper.
5ut/or 0as a9out to t/ro0 a /eav* 9oo: at t/e 0/$m-per$n1 8o1 0/en /$s
e*es 0ent to a small /ea8l$ne on t/e ur$ne-soa:e8 paper. #/e 8o1
f$n$s/e8 $ts 9us$ness, an8 5ut/or p$7:e8 up t/e paper an8 /an8e8 $t to
Stanfor8. <Stanfor8, *ou 0orr* too mu7/.<
Stanfor8 loo:e8 at t/e sta$ne8 art$7le. <Worl8=s 5ar1est Colle7t$on of
Meteor$tes on .x/$9$t at Metropol$s Museum of 2atural -$stor*.<
<-o0 fortu$tous.< 5ut/or 0al:e8 past Stanfor8 as /e 7ont$nue8 to rea8
t/e art$7le. -e pause8 an8 turne8 9a7:. <4n8 f$n8 t/at 8o1 a n$7e
Superman=s p/oto1rap/ 0as ever*0/ere. 3t 0as s/o0n 7ont$nuousl* on all
t/e ne0s stat$ons as 0ell as on t/e front pa1e of ever* ne0spaper $n
t/e 7$t*. #/e 6a$l* +lanet pu9l$s/e8 t/ree extra e8$t$ons, ea7/ one
0$t/ a lar1er p/oto of Superman on t/e front pa1e t/an $n t/e prev$ous
e8$t$on. 3f t/e #r$9une s$%e8 t/e$r 7over p/oto at 6& p$7as, t/e next
+lanet e8$t$on /a8 t/e$rs at 11&.
<#/e lar1er t/e p/oto, t/e 9etter t/e sell-t/rou1/,< prom$se8 +err*.
4lt/ou1/ Clar: 0as 8ou9tful, $t /a8 0or:e8. Sales of t/e +lanet 0ere up
a 0/opp$n1 f$ft*-one per7ent.
Clar: 0as 7ramme8 $nto t/e left 7orner of t/e +lanet elevator as $t
ma8e $ts 0a* to t/e lo99* floor. More t/an a 8o%en Superman /ea8 s/ots
an8 /ea8l$nes separate8 /$m from 5o$s, 7rus/e8 on t/e ot/er s$8e of t/e
7ar. 5o$s 1lare8 at t/e p/oto1rap/s an8 tr$e8 to turn a0a* from t/em,
9ut 0/erever s/e loo:e8, /e 0as t/ere, sm$l$n1 at /er 0$t/ /$s perfe7t
teet/ an8 t/ose penetrat$n1 9lue e*es t/at 1l$ttere8 l$:e starl$1/t.
S/e s/ut /er o0n e*es an8 0a$te8 for t/e elevator to 8$n1. #/e 8oor
sl$8 open, an8 s/e pus/e8 /er 0a* out.
+a1e 1&"
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
S/e 0as /urr*$n1 out of t/e 9u$l8$n1. <@/, 5o$s,< Clar: 7alle8 to /er,
tr*$n1 to 7at7/ up.
5o$s not$7e8 /$m an8 sm$le8, 9ut 7ont$nue8 on /er 0a*. Clar: /a8 to
rus/ to :eep up.
<-e*, Clar:. 3 /aven=t seen mu7/ of *ou. )een reall* 9us*, as usual.
So, /o0=s *our f$rst 0ee: 9a7: at 0or:P<
<3t=s o:a*. ?$n8 of l$:e r$8$n1 a 9$:e, 3 1uess.<
<4 9$:eP< 5o$s 8$8n=t un8erstan8, 9ut t/en s/e rarel* un8erstoo8
an*t/$n1 /e sa$8.
<Cea/, *ou :no0, *ou never for1et /o0. 5$:e an elep/ant.< -e real$%e8
s/e 0asn=t follo0$n1 /$m. <2ever m$n8.<
#/e* ma8e t/e$r 0a* outs$8e $nto a street 7ro08e8 0$t/ people rus/$n1
/ome after 0or:. <Superman Returns< 0as on t/e 1lo0$n1 l$1/t 9anner
t/at 7$r7le8 t/e +lanet 9u$l8$n1. <Man of Steel Saves S/uttle.<
<.ver*one :no0s t/at alrea8*,< 5o$s 7ompla$ne8. <Do8, *ou 7an=t 0al:
an*0/ere 0$t/out someone st$7:$n1 some p/oto of /$m $n *our fa7e an8
1us/$n1 t/at /e=s 9a7:, /e=s 9a7:. Well, 0/ere t/e /ell 0as /eP #/at=s
0/at 3 0ant to :no0. 4n8 0/* t/e /ell 8$8n=t /e sta* 0/erever t/e /ell
/e 0asP 2o0 t/at=s a >uest$on t/at nee8s ans0er$n1. 4n8 $f 3 7are8
enou1/, 3=8 su11est $t to +err* for an $n-8ept/ art$7le. )ut 3=m too
9us*. 3t=s *ours, Clar:, $f *ou 0ant $t.<
Clar: stru11le8 to :eep up 0$t/ /er. <Dos/, t/an:s, 5o$s. )ut 3 0as
t/$n:$n1 s$n7e 3=ve 1otten 9a7: 0e /aven=t reall* /a8 a 7/an7e to 7at7/
up. Woul8 *ou 0ant toKLOP<
5o$s $nterrupte8 9efore /e 7oul8 f$n$s/. <-e*, 7an 3 as: *ou
S/e loo:e8 at /$m for a lon1 t$me. <-ave *ou ever 9een $n loveP<
Clar: starte8 to ans0er, 9ut t/en 5o$s $nterrupte8 a1a$n.
Ma*9e, /e 0as 9e1$nn$n1 to t/$n:, s/e 8$8n=t reall* 0ant to /ear /$s
<,r at least, /ave *ou ever met someone an8 $t=s almost l$:e *ou 0ere
from totall* 8$fferent 0orl8s, 9ut *ou s/are su7/ a stron1 7onne7t$on
t/at *ou :ne0 *ou 0ere 8est$ne8 to 9e 0$t/ ea7/ ot/erP )ut t/en /e
+a1e 11&
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
ta:es off 0$t/out expla$n$n1 0/*, or 0$t/out even sa*$n1 1oo89*eP<
-e 0as star$n1 at /er, an8 s/e lau1/e8. <Soun8s 7/ees*, 3 :no0.<
<#ax$J< s/e s/oute8 as s/e steppe8 $nto t/e street an8 ra$se8 a /an8 to
7at7/ a 7a9. 4 /alf 8o%en spe8 past. #0o /a8 a7tual passen1ers $n t/em.
Clar:=s vo$7e 0as soft, as $f /e 0as /av$n1 trou9le tal:$n1. <Well,
ma*9e sa*$n1 1oo8-9*e 0as so /ar8 9e7ause /e 8$8n=t :no0 0/et/er $t
0oul8 9e 1oo8-9*e for a l$ttle 0/$le or 1oo8-9*e forever.<
5o$s 0as loo:$n1 8o0n t/e street, 1ett$n1 more an8 more anno*e8 as
tax$s flas/e8 past.
<4n8 ma*9e /e /a8 to 1o an8 /e 0ante8 to sa* 1oo89*e, 9ut /e 7oul8n=t
f$n8 t/e 1uts to 8o $t, 9e7ause $f /e sa0 *ou, even one last t$me,
0ell, ma*9e /e 0as afra$8 t/at $f /e even loo:e8 at *ou ;ust on7e, /e
0oul8 never 9e a9le to leave.<
-e pause8, too: $n anot/er 1ulp of a$r, t/en f$nall* sa$8, <Ma*9e $t
0as too 8$ff$7ult for /$m.<
S/e 0/$rle8 to fa7e /$m. )* t/e loo: on /er fa7e $t 0as o9v$ous t/at /e
/a8 a77$8entall* /$t a ver* ra0 nerve. <6$ff$7ultP 6$ff$7ultP W/at=s so
8$ff$7ult a9out $tP Doo8-9*eJ SeeP 3t=s eas*. W/at=s so /ar8 a9out
sa*$n1 1oo8-9*eP<
-er $ntens$t* 0as over0/elm$n1 /$m. Clar: 9a7:e8 up a fe0 steps, t/en
foun8 /$s vo$7e a1a$n. <W/o are 0e tal:$n1 a9outP<
5o$s steppe8 $nto t/e street an8 9e1an 0/$stl$n1 an8 0av$n1 for t/e
7a9. <2o9o8*. 'or1et 3 sa$8 an*t/$n1,< s/e sa$8. #/en s/e s7reame8,
Clar: loo:e8 aroun8 a0:0ar8l*, an8 /$s vo$7e rose a full o7tave. -e
7ont$nue8 to stammer an8 stutter. <So, 8o *ou 0ant to 1ra9 a >u$7:
9$teP M* treat.<
5o$s turne8 to /$m an8 let /er an1er fa8e. -e 0as a fr$en8. Sort of.
W/* 0as s/e 1o$n1 4tt$la t/e -un on /$mP -e=s not t/e pro9lem. Clar:
?ent $s never t/e pro9lem.
<,/, 3=8 love to, 9ut 6a88* too: t/e 7ar, an8 $t=s m* turn to 7oo: t/e
fam$l* 8$nner, 0/$7/ means 3=ve 1ot ;ust enou1/ t$me to 1et 9a7: to t/e
su9ur9s an8 or8er C/$nese foo8.<
+a1e 111
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
S/e 0as sm$l$n1 an8 never loo:e8 more 9eaut$ful. <Cea/, 0e /ave a
reall* n$7e pla7e on t/e r$ver. Cou s/oul8 8rop $n somet$me.<
Clar: felt /$s /eart ra7$n1. <3=8 love to.< 4not/er 7a9 rus/e8 past,
$1nor$n1 t/em. Clar: stu7: /$s t0o f$n1ers $n /$s mout/ an8 0/$stle8.
#/e s/r$ll soun8 0as lou8 an8 p$er7$n1, an8 even as a small 8o1 a 9lo7:
a0a* 0/$mpere8 0ea:l* $n response, a 7a9 su88enl* s7ree7/e8 to a /alt
an8 9a7:e8 up to t/em.
<@//, sorr* =9out t/at. Cou 7all a 7a9P<
<Wo0, t/an:s,< 5o$s sa$8, $mpresse8, as s/e 7l$m9e8 $nto t/e 9a7:seat.
<#/ree-t0elve R$vers$8e 6r$ve.< S/e turne8 9a7: to Clar: an8 opene8 t/e
7a9 0$n8o0. <D=n$1/t, Clar:.<
-e stoo8 to t/e s$8e of t/e street as a 8o%en 7ars 9lare8 t/e$r /orns
for /$m to move. )ut /e 0as 0at7/$n1 /er 7a9 ma:e $ts 0a* 8o0n t/e
9lo7: an8 turn t/e 7orner.
<Doo8-9*e, 5o$s.<
C/apter .$1/teen
+rev$ous#op 2ext
5on1 9efore t/e* sa0 /$m 7om$n1 t/e* /ear8 t/e fam$l$ar 0/oos/ of 0$n8.
,l8-t$mers :ne0 /e 0as /ea8$n1 to0ar8 t/em, soar$n1 t/rou1/ Metropol$s
at superspee8. 49le to leap tall 9u$l8$n1s at a s$n1le 9oun8, as t/e*
use8 to sa*. W/en t/e* sa0 /$m, /o0ever, /e 0asn=t fl*$n1 over t/e
s:*s7rapersN /e 0as no more t/an t0ent*-f$ve feet off t/e 1roun8,
7or:s7re0$n1 /$s 0a* t/rou1/ t/e 7$t* streets an8 alle*s, $n an8 aroun8
t/e 9u$l8$n1s. #/e* 7oul8 tell /e seeme8KLM 8$stra7te8.
#/e* 7alle8 /$s name 9ut /e 8$8n=t appear to /ear t/em. +er/aps, t/e*
t/ou1/t, /e 0as on /$s 0a* to some emer1en7* an8 /a8 no t$me to
a7:no0le81e t/e$r presen7e. #/e* 0ave8 an8 ;umpe8 0/$le s/out$n1 at
/$m, tr*$n1 to 7at7/ /$s e*e, 9ut /e 7ont$nue8 mean8er$n1 t/rou1/ t/e
7$t*, /ea8$n1 east 8o0n )roa80a*, t/en /opp$n1 over t/e Metropol$s
R$ver, fl*$n1 parallel to t/e C$t* )r$81e, t/en 0est to t/e su9ur9s.
-e stu8$e8 t/e ro0s of luxur* /ous$n1 9u$lt alon1 t/e s/ore, 9a7: $n
t/e s$xt$es 0/en t/e su9ur9s 0ere ;ust 9e1$nn$n1 to 9oom. #/$s 0as
9efore s/opp$n1 malls e>ual$%e8 opportun$t$es an8 9efore transportat$on
ma8e $t ;ust as fast to 1et to t/e 7$t* 7enter from t/e /e$1/ts of
+a1e 112
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
We81e-more as $t 0as from t/e upper 0est s$8e.
S$n1le men an8 0omen l$ve8 $n t/e 7$t*=s /$1/-r$ses, ta:$n1 $n $ts
n$1/tl* events, 7lu99$n1 t/e$r 0a* 8o0nto0n or ;ust luxur$at$n1 $n a
7$t* t/at never seeme8 to sleep. )ut marr$e8 7ouples, overflo0$n1 t/e$r
t$n* apartments 0$t/ 9ur1eon$n1 fam$l$es an8 t0o overs$%e8 7ars, move8
fart/er a0a*, sear7/$n1 for a less /arr$e8 l$fest*le an8 affor8a9le
t0o- or t/ree-9e8room /omes 0$t/ fen7e8-$n la0ns 0/ere t/e$r :$8s 7oul8
pla* safe an8 prote7te8.
Superman /overe8 over t/e /omes. -e loo:e8 up an8 8o0n t/e streets
unt$l /e sa0 a seaplane float$n1 next to a small 8o7: t/at le8 to a
lar1e *ar8 an8 a fan7* all-0oo8 s0$n1 set. #/e l$1/ts $ns$8e t/e
t0o-stor* /ouse 0ere on an8 /e 7oul8 see $ts o0ners rus/$n1 a9out
$ns$8e, prepar$n1 for 8$nner.
#/$s 0as $t. -e >u$etl* lo0ere8 /$mself 9e/$n8 t/e trees, /over$n1 ;ust
outs$8e t/e 8$n$n1-room 0$n8o0, unseen.
-e 7oul8 /ear <-eart an8 Soul< 9e$n1 pla*e8 over an8 over a1a$n $ns$8e.
-e fo7use8 /$s e*es, an8 t/e outs$8e 0all seeme8 to 8$sappear. -e 7oul8
see a 7/$l8=s 9e8room on t/e se7on8 floor. #/e parents= 9e8room 0as
a7ross t/e 0a*. )ot/ 0ere mess*.
#/e 9o*=s room /a8 a small 9e8 tu7:e8 to t/e s$8e of a lon1 0all. 3n
front of $t 0as an ol8 to* 7/est, f$lle8 9e*on8 7apa7$t*, $ts top
una9le to l$e flat a1a$nst $t. 4 8es:, ;ust a9out lar1e enou1/ for a
:$8, 0as presse8 a1a$nst t/e 0all un8er t/e open 0$n8o0. -e sa0 to*
a$rplanes /an1$n1 on f$s/$n1 @ne from t/e 7e$l$n1, an8 to* tru7:s
s$tt$n1 atop a small 8resser 8ra0er. #*p$7al 9o*=s room, /e t/ou1/t.
,ne t/at s/o0s t/ere=s a lot of love /ere.
Superman 0ante8 to leaveKLO/e :ne0 /e s/oul8n=t /ave 7ome $n t/e f$rst
pla7eKLO9ut for reasons t/at es7ape8 /$m /e 7ont$nue8 to l$n1er. -e
turne8 to t/e :$t7/en. 3t 0as a lar1e room 0$t/ a 7enter $slan8. -e sa0
5o$s empt*$n1 9oxes of C/$nese ta:eout onto serv$n1 plates 0/$le
R$7/ar8 0as fum9l$n1 0$t/ 7/opst$7:s, f$tt$n1 t/em 9et0een /$s f$n1ers
as t/e $nstru7t$ons on t/e$r paper /ol8er tol8 /$m to, tr*$n1 to ma:e
t/em 0or: to1et/er $n s*n7/.
Fason 0as pla*$n1 <-eart an8 Soul< on a small ele7tron$7 :e*9oar8.
.ver* t$me /e stru7: an $n7orre7t note, /e stu99ornl* starte8 a1a$n
from t/e 9e1$nn$n1.
<Cou 7an :eep pla*$n1, son. Cou 8on=t /ave to start over,< R$7/ar8
<)ut 3 0ant to, 6a8. 3 0ant to 8o $t r$1/t.<
+a1e 113
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
-e 0as ;ust l$:e 5o$s.
S/e 9rou1/t $n t/e f$rst platter. <?un1 pao s/r$mp,< s/e announ7e8.
Fason /urr$e8 to t/e ta9le, ex7$te8. <M$ne.<
5o$s lau1/e8 as s/e s/oo: /er /ea8. <2$7e tr*, :$88o. 2o peanuts, no
seafoo8, an8 8ef$n$tel* no 0ontons.< S/e opene8 a separate 9ox for /$m.
<Fust r$7e an8 sno0 peas for *ou.<
Fason sneere8, t/en 0ent 9a7: to /$s :e*9oar8 an8 starte8 <-eart an8
Soul< from t/e 9e1$nn$n1 a1a$n.
R$7/ar8 loo:e8 at t/e :un1 pao. <W/* 8o 0e 1et C/$nese foo8 $f /e=s
<)e7ause /e loves t/e peas,< 5o$s sa$8, la8l$n1 out t/e 7/$7:en. <4n8 3
t/$n: 0e all prefer e11 rolls over ma7ro9$ot$7 s/a:es.<
Fason 0as no88$n1. <Ma7ro9$ot-3C?J<
<Doo8 po$nt,< a1ree8 R$7/ar8.
R$7/ar8 0at7/e8 as 5o$s s7oope8 out foo8 for ever*one 9ut, as al0a*s,
s/e 1ave /erself a smaller port$on. -e t/en not$7e8 t/e l$nes 7reas$n1
/er fore/ea8 an8 t/e 8o0n0ar8 turn to /er mout/. -e 0ante8 to sa*
somet/$n1 t/at 0as on /$s m$n8, 9ut 0asn=t sure /o0. ,r even $f /e
S/e 0asn=t tal:$n1 as s/e ate, an8 5o$s al0a*s tal:e8, 0/et/er or not
t/ere 0as an*t/$n1 to tal: a9out. -e s0allo0e8 /ar8 an8 /ea8e8 for t/e
8eep 0aterI
<3=ve not$7e8 *ou=ve 9een a7t$n1 a l$ttle 8$fferent latel*.<
5o$s 8$8n=t loo: up. <-ave 3P<
-e /es$tate8, 9ut t/en 7ont$nue8. <4n8 3 prom$se8 m*self 3=8 never as:
*ou a9out t/$s, 9ut no0 t/at /e=s 9a7:KLM< -e pause8 t/en 7ont$nue8.
<Cour art$7leKLM<
<=W/* t/e Worl8 6oesn=t 2ee8 Superman=P W/at a9out $tP<
R$7/ar8 s/oo: /$s /ea8. <2o, no. #/e ot/er one. 'rom *ears a1o. )efore
0e met.<
5o$s 0as 9affle8. <W/$7/ art$7leP 3 0rote 8o%ens a9out /$m. 3 0as
+a1e 114
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
pra7t$7all* /$s press a1ent.<
-e 8$8n=t 0ant to 1o t/ere, 9ut /e 7ont$nue8 an*0a*. <#/at f$rst one.
=3 Spent t/e 2$1/t 0$t/ Superman.=< 'rom t/e loo: on /er fa7e /e :ne0
$t 0as a m$sta:e to as:, 9ut t/ere 0as no 0a* to retra7t $t no0.
S/e 1ave /$m a loo:, t/en lau1/e8. <R$7/ar8, 7ome on. #/at 0as ;ust a
t$tle for an $nterv$e0. +lus, $t 0as *our un7le +err*=s $8ea. 2ot/$n1
/appene8 t/en. 3 s0ear.<
-e felt a 7ol8 s0eat form$n1 aroun8 /$s ears. <3 0as ;ustKLM<
S/e turne8 /$s fa7e so /e 0oul8 /ave to loo: at /er. -e 0as so s0eet
an8 so lov$n1. S/e /a8n=t 9een t/$n:$n1 a9out $t 9efore, 9ut of 7ourse
/e=8 9e 0orr$e8 a9out /$m.
<R$7/ar8<KLO/er vo$7e 0as >u$et an8 lov$n1KLO<t/at 0as a lon1 t$me a1o.<
S/e tr$e8 to 9e reassur$n1, 9ut s/e 0as afra$8 t/e trep$8at$on $n /er
vo$7e 0oul8 tell /$m $t 0as not lon1 enou1/.
-e lau1/e8. <2o, no, no. 3 mean. Cou. -$m. Do8, an* 0oman 0oul8 0ant
/$m. +lent* of 1u*s, too. 4n8 *ea/, 3 :no0 $t 0as a lon1 t$me a1o.
#rust me. 3=m f$ne 0$t/ t/at.<
<)ut 3 ;ust 0ante8 to :no0KLM< -e :ept /$s e*es lo0, st$ll tr*$n1 to
avo$8 /ers. 6on=t 1o t/ere. 6on=t as:. <Were *ou $n love 0$t/ /$mP<
S/e ans0ere8 /$m >u$7:l*. 3t 0oul8n=t 8o to l$n1er on t/$s. <-e=s
Superman. .ver*one 0as $n love 0$t/ /$m.<
<)ut 0ere *ouP< /e 0as no0 loo:$n1 $nto /er e*es. #/ere 0as a pause,
9r$ef, 9ut $t /el8 t/ere lon1er t/an s/e 0oul8 /ave 0ante8.
<2o,< s/e sa$8, f$rml*.
Superman >u$etl* rose $nto t/e s:*. #/e moon 0as full, an8 /e 7urse8
$ts l$1/t.
5o$s loo:e8 at R$7/ar8, 0/o 0as star$n1 at /er 7ur$ousl*, t/en s/e
1lan7e8 8o0n a1a$n to /er plate. Fust eat. 6on=t sa* an*t/$n1. Fust eat.
S/e p$7:e8 up /er 7/opst$7:s an8 use8 t/em expertl* to l$ft some of t/e
:un1 pao. S/e felt a 9ree%e, 9ut 0/en s/e 7/e7:e8, s/e sa0 t/e 0$n8o0s
0ere 7lose8.
<5o$s, are *ou o:a*P< R$7/ar8 as:e8.
S/e s/oo: /er /ea8 an8 snappe8 out of /er unexpla$ne8 rever$e. S/e
lau1/e8 0$t/out reason an8 s0allo0e8 /er foo8. 3t 0as 1oo8. Reall* 1oo8.
+a1e 115
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
S/e loo:e8 at one of t/e paper 7artoons, open$n1 $t to see $ts
7ontents. <Cea/. Sorr*. 3=m f$ne. -e*, 8$8n=t 3 /ave four 0ontonsP<
Fason 0as stuff$n1 a 0onton $nto /$s mout/, tr*$n1 to eat $t 9efore
t/e* not$7e8. <FasonJ< s/e s7reame8, as 9ot/ s/e an8 R$7/ar8 8$ve8 at
/$m, snat7/$n1 $t from /$s mout/ 9efore $t 0as too late.
Superman floate8 $n t/e s$len7e of t/e stratosp/ere, star$n1 at t/e
9la7:ness a9ove /$m, an8 t/e l$1/ts of Metropol$s s/$n$n1 9elo0. #/e
6a$l* +lanet 9u$l8$n1 0as more t/an t0ent* m$les a0a*, 9ut even 0$t/out
/$s teles7op$7 v$s$on /e 7oul8 7learl* see $ts famous revolv$n1 1lo9e,
an8 $ts 5C6 r$n1s 9r$1/tl* 8$spla*$n1 t/e latest ne0s.
-e rose /$1/er an8 loo:e8 9e*on8 t/e +lanet 9u$l8$n1, to t/e 0/ole of
Metropol$s, so vast an8 spra0l$n1 $t seeme8 to 9urst out of ever* map
ever 8ra0n. -e felt ver* small $n 7ompar$son.
<Was 3 0ron1 to 7ome 9a7:P< /e sa$8, :no0$n1 t/ere 0as no9o8* to /ear
/$m. <3 t/ou1/t t/$s 0as r$1/t. 3 t/ou1/t Metropol$s 0as m* /ome. -ave
3 8one somet/$n1 so /orr$9l* 0ron1 t/at 3 7an=t /ave a /ome an*moreP
W/at. 3s. Wron1. W$t/. MeP<
#/e 7lou8s move8 $n >u$7:l*, surroun8$n1 /$m. #/e* rum9le8KLO0as a storm
7om$n1 $n, /e 0on8ere8, or 0as t/$s some/o0 t/e ans0er to /$s >uest$on.
#/e* seeme8 to spea: to /$m $n a vo$7e /e /a8 /ear8 so man* t$mes
3t 0as as $f /e 0ere $n t/at 7r*stal s/$p a1a$n, an $nfant alone,
a8r$ft $n an en8less not/$n1ness, onl* t/e vo$7e, t/at vo$7e, to :eep
/$m 7ompan*.
-e 0as 9a7: $n t/e 'ortress of Sol$tu8e after t/at lon1 ;ourne* nort/
from Smallv$lle to t/e 4r7t$7. Seventeen *ears ol8, afra$8 an8 *et
8eterm$ne8, l$v$n1 for so lon1 $n t/at 7ol8, ster$le 0orl8 /e 1re0 to
love. #/at vo$7e, t/at soft-spo:en vo$7e, 9rou1/t /$m 9a7: to 9efore /e
/a8 >uest$ons, to 9efore /e /a8 8ou9ts, to 9efore /e lost /$s pla7e,
/$s 0a*.
<'at/erP< /e sa$8.
For-.l=s vo$7e surroun8e8 /$m, 7omforte8 /$m. <.ven t/ou1/ *ou 0ere
ra$se8 as a /uman 9e$n1, *ou are not one of t/em.<
#/e vo$7e rever9erate8 $n t/e fol8s of t/e 7lou8s. 'or a moment /e
t/ou1/t /e 7oul8 see /$s fat/er=s fa7e tal:$n1 to /$m from somepla7e
else. -$s e*es 0ere f$lle8 0$t/ 0armt/ an8 7ompass$on an8 love for t/e
7/$l8 /e /a8 to sen8 a0a*, l$:e Moses, $n a small 9as:et 8r$ft$n1
a7ross a lon1, seem$n1l* en8less sea to anot/er pla7e, anot/er 0orl8.
+a1e 116
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
4not/er l$fe.
<W/* am 3 /ere, 'at/erP< /e as:e8.
<Cou /ave a 8est$n*, m* l$ttle ?al-.l, an8 on .art/ *ou s/all see $t
-e :ne0 For-.l=s 0$se 0or8s 0ere uttere8 lon1 a1o, on a planet t/at no
lon1er ex$ste8. #/e ans0er 0as 1eneral, p$7:e8 9* t/e 7r*stal 7omputer
as a mat7/ for Superman=s >uest$on, 9ut not even For-.l 7oul8 spea: to
/$m 8$re7tl* from t/e 1rave.
Superman t/ou1/t a9out t/e Aalle* of t/e .l8ers, 8ea8, 9ut st$ll
stan8$n1 a 1alax* a0a*, st$ll prou8 an8 8ef$ant a1a$nst t/e 8eat/ t/at
/a8 7la$me8 ever*t/$n1 else aroun8 $t. -e t/ou1/t t/at For-.l 0as l$:e
t/ose 1reat 7r*stal monol$t/sN 1one 9ut st$ll al$ve, $f onl* $n /$s
)ut t/at 0as 1oo8 enou1/ for no0.
<#/e* 7an 9e a 1reat people, ?al-.l. #/e* 0$s/ to 9e.<
<3=ve seen t/at 1reatness, 'at/er. 3=ve 0al:e8 0$t/ t/em, an8 3 :no0
t/e* *earn for t/e trut/. 3=ve seen $t $n t/e$r e*es. #/e* /ope. #/e*
0$s/. #/e* tr* so /ar8.<
<3=m not sure t/e* nee8 me an*more. -onestl*, 3=m not sure t/e* ever
8$8. 3 0orr* m* presen7e ma8e t/em 8epen8 too mu7/ on me, 9ut 3 7an=t
turn m* 9a7: on t/em. 3 7an=t let t/em suffer 0/en 3 7an allev$ate so
mu7/ pa$n. 3 8on=t :no0 0/at to 8o, 'at/er. 4n8 3 8on=t :no0 0/ere to
For-.l=s 0or8s e7/oe8 $n /$s /ea8. <#/e* onl* la7: t/e l$1/t to s/o0
t/em t/e 0a*. 'or t/$s reason, a9ove all, t/e$r 7apa7$t* for 1oo8, 3
/ave sent t/em *ou, m* onl* son.<
4lone $n t/e 8ar:ness of spa7e, /e /overe8, st$ll an8 s$lent, /$s e*es
7lose8, t/$n:$n1, me8$tat$n1. -e /ear8 t/e 7$t*=s soun8s, soft at
f$rst, $nno7uous an8 $nno7ent, 9ut t/en 1ro0$n1 $nto an an1r* v$olent
-e /ear8 la*ers of no$sesI 4t f$rst t/ere 0ere t/e 7ar /orns an8 t/e
rattl$n1 of ra$lroa8s an8 su90a*s. )eneat/ t/em /e 7oul8 /ear t/e
ele7tron$7 8$stra7t$ons of ra8$os an8 telev$s$ons. )eneat/ t/em t/ere
0as en8less 7/atter$n1, vo$7es lau1/$n1 or 7ompla$n$n1, ar1u$n1 or
-e 7oul8 /ear 8$stant t/un8erstorms.
+a1e 11
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
#/ere 0ere so man* no$ses. -e fo7use8 to f$lter out t/e more 7/aot$7
-e /ear8 an eart/>ua:e rattle $ts 0a* to0ar8 a lonel* +a7$f$7 $slan8
0/$le a su88en vol7an$7 erupt$on sent f$re stream$n1 to0ar8 a 7ro08e8
4s$an 7$t*. -e /ear8 1unf$re an8 s$rens.
-e /ear8 t/e no$ses of Metropol$s 7om$n1 from far 9elo0 /$m. -e /ear8
$ts 7r$es for /elp.
-e opene8 /$s e*es a1a$n.
-e 0as /ome a1a$n, an8 Metropol$s nee8e8 /$m.
4t least /e 0as 7erta$n someone 8$8.
+art #0o
C/apter 2$neteen
+rev$ous#op 2ext
<3=m 9ore8,< ?$tt* sa$8 a1a$n, *a0n$n1. #/e* 0ere 0at7/$n1 S$e1fr$e8
ple81e eternal love to )run/$l8e 9* 1$v$n1 /er 'afner=s r$n1. S/e
pla7e8 $t on /er f$n1er as /e /el8 up /er s/$el8 an8 mounte8 /er /orse,
t/en ro8e off $nto t/e 0oo8s.
<3 7an onl* f$le m* na$ls for so lon1, *ou :no0. )es$8es, 0/at=s t/$s
=Rope of 6est$n*= t/$n1 all a9out, an*0a*P 4n8 0/o 7ares $f $t 9ro:e or
0/atever $t 8$8P<
<W/o 7aresP W/o 7aresP< 5ut/or snarle8 9ut never too: /$s e*es off t/e
performan7e. <#/$s $s t/e p$nna7le of opera, ?$tt*. Wa1ner=s
Dotter8ammerun1, t/e f$nal a7t of #/e R$n1 of t/e 2$9elun1. 4ll t/e 9$1
9o*s are /ere, t/e t0$l$1/t of t/e 1o8s, en8-of-t/e-0orl8 stuff. 4n8
+a1e 11!
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
t/$s $s t/e f$rst t$me s$n7e t/e sevent$es t/at me full R$n1 7*7le /as
pla*e8 $n Metropol$s.<
<SoP 3s t/at all *ou 7an sa*P =SoP= So t/$s $s l$:e resear7/. 3t /as
ever*t/$n1 to 8o 0$t/ ever*t/$n1 0e=re 8o$n1. #/at $8$ot S$e1fr$e8 $s
our so-7alle8 /ero, an8 later, at t/e en8, /e 8$es. Cou /ear8 $t r$1/t.
#/e /ero 8$es. Can $t 1et an* 9etter t/an t/atP -e loves )run/$l8e. Cou
;ust sa0 /$m 1$ve a r$n1 to /er to prove t/at love. ,nl* /e 1ets
8ru11e8 an8 turne8 $nto a tool of Dunt/er, lor8 of t/e D$9$7/un1sKLM<
<=D$9$7/un1s=P Cou=re ma:$n1 t/at up.<
<M* talents are man*, 9ut sa8l* t/e* 8o not $n7lu8e 7ompos$n1 operaKLM 3
fear 3 /ave to rema$n onl* an ar8ent a8m$rer. 3t=s m* s$n1le fault, *ou
m$1/t sa*.<
<3 m$1/t. )ut 3 0on=t.<
-e snorte8. <Mov$n1 alon1, Dunt/er an8 /$s /alf 9rot/er -a1en for7e
S$e1fr$e8 to /elp 1et )run/$l8eKLOt/e 0oman /e loves, remem9erKLOto marr*
Dunt/er $nstea8 of /$m, an8 t/en, at t/e en8 of t/e stor*, S$e1fr$e8 $s
9etra*e8 an8 :$lle8. -ave 3 tol8 *ou /o0 mu7/ 3 love 0at7/$n1 /eroes
8$eP .spe7$all* 0/en $t=s a77ompan$e8 9* t/e en8 of t/e 1o8s an8 t/e
0orl8, $n t/at or8er.<
<Cou=re s$7:, *ou :no0 t/atP<
<49solutel*, an8 $t=s one of m* most en8ear$n1 tra$ts.<
S/e s/oo: /er /ea8. <So 0/at 8oes t/$s /ave to 8o 0$t/ usP<
-e rolle8 /$s e*es. <#/e 0oman nee8s t/e Rea8er=s 6$1est vers$on of one
of t/e 1reatest operas ever 0r$tten. 4ll r$1/t, let me spell $t out for
*ou. #/e /ero $s $n love 0$t/ t/$s 0oman.<
<Cou alrea8* sa$8 t/at. 3=m not 8um9, no matter 0/at *ou ma* t/$n:.<
<3 /ave never t/ou1/t *ou 0ere 8um9, m* 8ear. Man$pulat$ve, 9eaut$ful,
7raft*, sex*, untrust0ort/*, even 7r$m$nal, all tra$ts, 9* t/e 0a*,
t/at 3 a8m$re an8 loo: for $n a 0oman. 4n8 as 3 use *ou for all *our
o9v$ous 7/arms, 8on=t 9el$eve for a moment 3=m not a0are t/at *ou t/$n:
*ou=re us$n1 me. W/$7/, 9* t/e 0a*, *ou 7an 8o t/ree or four t$mes a
8a* at least, 8ear ?$tt*KLM<
<?at/er$ne. ?$tt* soun8sKLM so 7/eap.<
+a1e 11"
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
<Cou are man* t/$n1s, 9ut 9ase8 on /o0 mu7/ 3 /ave to spen8 :eep$n1 *ou
$n stolen ;e0els an8 p$lfere8 perfume, 7/eap $s not amon1 t/emKLM
?at/er$ne. 4n8 *ou=re also not 8um9. )ut *ou are na$ve.<
<SoP< s/e sa$8, 1ro0$n1 $mpat$ent. <W/at are *ou tr*$n1 to sa*, /u/P<
<4ll r$1/t. W/at 0e are 0at7/$n1 /as ever*t/$n1 to 8o 0$t/ our 7urrent
s$tuat$on, events t/at are alrea8* $n mot$on, an8 plans t/at 0$ll soon
ra$n 1reatness 8o0n on us.<
?$tt* seeme8 un$mpresse8. <Cou=re not 7onv$n7$n1 me.<
5ut/or snarle8, 9ut 7ont$nue8 an*0a*. <3 prom$se8 *ou 7astles $n t/e
s:*P Cou=ll 1et t/at an8 more. Cou 0ant 9$1P Cou 0ant eart/s/a:$n1
spe7ta7ularP Do8s are 1o$n1 to 8$e /ere, ?at/er$ne. Worl8s, too,
not/$n1=s ever 1o$n1 to 9e t/e same, as t/e* sa*, an8 $f ever*t/$n1
0or:s out a77or8$n1 to plan, 7ross *our /eart an8 /ope to 8$e, 0/$7/
*ou 0$ll, 9* t/e 0a*, $f an*t/$n1 1ets s7re0e8 up, 0e=ll 9e l$v$n1 $n
our ne0 /un8re8-room +ala7e of t/e Do8s $n less t/an<KLO/e 7/e7:e8 /$s
0at7/KLO<t0ent*-four /ours, 1$ve or ta:e.<
?$tt* /a8 seen /$m s$tt$n1 a7ross an8 several seats 8o0n t/e ro0 from
/er, nearl* on7e a 0ee: for more t/an a *ear, 0/enever s/e v$s$te8
4n8re0 $n t/at 1lass-part$t$one8 pr$son 1reet$n1 room. S/e :ne0 0/o t/e
9al8 man 0asKLO ever*one :ne0 5ex 5ut/orKLOan8 s/e=8 see /$m ar1u$n1 0$t/
/$s la0*er or 0$t/ one 1$rlfr$en8 or anot/er, or /e 0oul8 9e /u88le8 $n
t/e 7orner 0r$t$n1 letters to Dertru8e Aan8er0ort/, po$son$n1 /er
a1a$nst /er o0n fam$l*, alt/ou1/ s/e 8$8n=t :no0 t/at t/en.
.ven $n pr$son /e 0as po0erful. #/e 1uar8s 9rou1/t /$m suppl$es, 9e*on8
t/ose allotte8 9* t/e state. W/o else 0as allo0e8 to r$p an8 9urn t/en
mar:et $lle1al 6A6s from /$s ;a$l 7ellP ,nl* 5ex 5ut/or. -e 0as even
allo0e8 to use t/e 0ar8en=s pr$vate pool 0$t/out an*one else present to
7ause /$m trou9le.
,ne #ues8a*, after 1o$n1 /ome, s/e Doo1le8 5ex 5ut/or, reveal$n1 more
t/an 46,&&& pa1es of $nformat$on, most 8eta$l$n1 /$s numerous 7r$mes.
4 fe0 0ere fan s$tes, 0/$7/ even $n7lu8e8 some fan f$7t$on, usuall*
romant$7 es7apa8es 9et0een 5ut/or an8 t/e 0r$ter as to1et/er t/e* too:
over 7ountr$es an8 ro99e8 9an:s.
4s s/e rea8 t/rou1/ t/e more fa7tual pa1es, $t seeme8 as $f not/$n1 0as
9eneat/ /$m. -e 0as 1u$lt* of ro99er* an8 mur8er, $n8ustr$al esp$ona1e
an8 several attempts at terror$sm, 9ut tu7:e8 $n 9et0een tr*$n1 to 9lo0
up t/e San 4n8reas 'ault an8 assass$nat$n1 t/e pres$8ent, /e also o0e8
an emperor=s fortune $n traff$7 t$7:ets an8 late l$9rar* 9oo:s. 3t 0as
o9v$ous to ?$tt* t/at /e=8 steal t/e mone* out of t/e 7/ur7/ /at, $f /e
ever 0ent to 7/ur7/.
+a1e 12&
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
So 0/* exa7tl* 0as s/e 8ra0n to /$mP -e 7erta$nl* 0asn=t a n$7e man.
2ot l$:e Superman. -e 7oul8 9e 7ruel, 7allous, an8 unt/$n:$n1.
.spe7$all* 0/en /e l$:e8 *ou. 4n8 /$s loo:s 0ere 7erta$nl* not/$n1 to
0r$te /ome a9out, e$t/er. 41a$n, not l$:e Superman. )ut t/ere 0as st$ll
somet/$n1 a9out t/at 9al8 /ea8 an8 t/ose smol8er$n1 e*es. Wee: 9* 0ee:,
s$tt$n1 a7ross t/e a$sle from /$m, 0at7/$n1 /$m t/rou1/ t/e 1lass, s/e
foun8 /e 0as 9e7om$n1 more an8 more $nterest$n1 9* t/e v$s$t.
<D$rls l$:e t/e 9a8 9o*s,< /er mom /a8 on7e tol8 /er as a 0a* of
expla$n$n1 /er o0n sevent/ marr$a1e, t/$s one to a r$7/ 7orporate
ra$8er 0/o, less t/an t0o mont/s later, 0as sent to San Suent$n, t/e
result of an em9e%%lement s7/eme t/at 8$8n=t >u$te 0or: out r$1/t. 3f
Mom 0as r$1/t, an8 t/e 9a88er t/e* 0ere t/e more *ou fell for t/em,
t/en s/e :ne0 s/e 0as /opelessl* $n love.
,f 7ourse, 9es$8es t/e 9al8 /ea8 an8 t/ose e*es, /e 0as r$7/, 0/$7/ 0as
$mportant. 5on1 9efore s/e 0as 8one 0$t/ /$m s/e :ne0 s/e=8 f$n8 a 0a*
to 0/ee8le a0a* some of t/at fortune. -er mot/er /a8 lon1 a1o tau1/t
/er t/e art of t/e <lon1 7on.<
)ut $t 0as more t/an mone* t/at /a8 :ept /er 0$t/ /$m. S$x mont/s after
/e f$rst sa0 /er loo:$n1 at /$m, /e /a8 a 1uar8 pass /er a note,
su11est$n1 a more pr$vate 1et-to1et/er, per/aps $n a /alf /our, $n t/e
0ar8en=s off$7e, on t/e lar1e pool ta9le.
S/e :ne0 0/* s/e a77epte8.
3f /$s 7onf$8en7e 0as ele7tr$7, t/e po0er s/e sa0 9urn$n1 $n t/ose
$n7re8$9le e*es 0as nu7lear. W/en *ou 0ere 8ra0n $nto /$s 7$r7le *ou
9el$eve8 /e 7oul8 ma:e an*t/$n1 /appen.
So on #ues8a* afternoons an8 ever* ot/er 0ee:en8, s/e=8 s$t a7ross t/e
1lass, tal:$n1 s0eet not/$n1s 0$t/ 4n8re0 for almost t0ent* m$nutes,
plann$n1 t/e$r future to1et/er for 0/en /e 0as f$nall* release8, t/en
s/e 0oul8 spen8 t/e next t0o /ours 0$t/ 5ut/or.
-e reveale8 to /er /$s 8reams, an8 as s$7: as t/e* ma* /ave soun8e8 at
f$rst, t/e* f$t /$m. W/ere most people sa0 sm$le* fa7es $n t/e moon, /e
sa0 0orl8s r$pe for 7on>uest. 3t 0as sort of t/r$ll$n1.
<,ne 8a* Metropol$s 0$ll loo: up to me, ?$tt*,< /e=8 sa*, /$s arms
aroun8 /er na:e8 9o8* as t/e* luxur$ate8 $n t/e 0ar8en=s /ot tu9. <3=ll
9e s$tt$n1 $n m* estate, /$1/ a9ove t/e 7$t*, loo:$n1 8o0n on t/e /o$
pollo$, :no0$n1 all t/e t$me t/at t/e* /a8 to loo: up at me. #/ere
0oul8n=t 9e a moment t/e* 0eren=t a0are t/at 3 0as a for7e to 9e
re7:one8 0$t/.<
+a1e 121
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
S/e real$%e8 t/at 0/$le 4n8re0=s 8reams 0ere of 0or:$n1 for )lo7:9uster
an8 rent$n1 a t0o-9e8room apartment some0/ere $n Su$7$8e Slum, /er
8reams 0ere of 0/$te p$7:et fen7es an8 satell$te 8$s/es an8 never
/all0a*s f$lle8 0$t/ rat 8ropp$n1s.
5ut/or=s /all0a*s 0oul8 all 9e spotless, an8 t/e p$7:et fen7es 0ere
7om$n1, s/e 0as sure of t/at. 4s for t/e satell$te 8$s/, s/e alrea8*
/a8 more #A stat$ons t/an s/e :ne0 0/at to 8o 0$t/.
-$s 9oom$n1 vo$7e pus/e8 t/rou1/ /er t/ou1/ts. <KLMan8 as t/e 0aters
overflo0 $ts 9an:, t/e R/$nema$8ens, 7arr*$n1 t/e r$n1, s0$m off $n
tr$ump/. #/e 7urta$n falls as t/e flames en1ulf Aal/alla, /$8$n1 $t
from s$1/t forever. #/e en8. So, *ou 1et $t no0P<
<Sure. S$e1fr$e8 8$es alon1 0$t/ a 9un7/ of 1o8s. 4n8 t/ere=s fat 0omen
on 9$1 /orses. So 0/atP )$1 8eal. 3=m st$ll 9ore8.<
S/e sm$le8 at /$m s0eetl*, t/$n:$n1 ma*9e rat 8ropp$n1s an8 Su$7$8e
Slum 0eren=t loo:$n1 all t/at 9a8 after all.
C/apter #0ent*
+rev$ous#op 2ext
2ot ever*one pa$8 attent$on to t/e ne0s. S7ott W. M$t7/ell for one, an8
for t0o to four, /$s 9est fr$en8s s$n7e ;un$or /$1/ s7/oolI Steve Sava,
6ave )$n1/am, an8 5en Cu8en. #/e* /a8 spent t/e last t0o 8a*s $n t/e$r
fourt/ floor 0al:-up, a rott$n1 /us: of a 9u$l8$n1 t/e to0n 7oun7$l
0oul8 /ave 7on8emne8 *ears a1o /a8 t/e* 9ot/ere8 to 1o to t/at se7t$on
of to0n.
#/e* or8ere8 $n p$%%a ever* 8a* for lun7/ from ,r$1$nal +ete=s 8o0n t/e
9lo7:, an8 never t$ppe8 t/e s7ra0n* :$8 0/o /a8 to 0al: up t/ose four
fl$1/ts to 7olle7t /$s f$fteen 9u7:s for +ete=s t0o-for-one spe7$al.
#o8a*, t/e :$8 pause8 on t/e t/$r8 floor, spat on t/e p$%%a, reseale8
t/e 9ox, t/en /an8e8 $t to Sava, 0/ose turn $t 0as to pa*. #/e :$8
7olle7te8 /$s mone*, t/en ma8e /$s 0a* to /$s next 8el$ver*, 9ut t/$s
t$me /e 0as sm$l$n1.
#/e 9an: ro99er* 0as s7/e8ule8 for later t/at afternoon, an8 S7ott an8
t/e ot/ers 0ere 1o$n1 over t/e plans one more t$me. #/e* 0ere ex-7ons
an8 /a8 fa$le8 at t/e$r /alf/earte8 attempt to 1o stra$1/t $n t/e real
0orl8. #/e* preferre8 t/e se7ur$t* pr$son offere8 t/em, so for t/e past
t/ree mont/s t/e* /a8 9een tr*$n1 to 7ome up 0$t/ t/e 9est 0a* of
+a1e 122
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
lan8$n1 9e/$n8 m$n$mum se7ur$t* 9ars a1a$n, 9ut t/e* 7oul8 not a1ree
upon a solut$on.
#/en, one 8a*, t/e* re7e$ve8 8eta$le8 ro99er* plans $n t/e ma$l as 0ell
as t/e parts for a 0eapon t/at, t/e letter $ns$ste8, 0oul8 assure t/e$r
su77ess. #/e onl* prov$so 0as t/at t/e ro99er* /a8 to 9e 8one $n a ver*
spe7$f$7 to0n $n ,/$o, on a 7erta$n 8a* an8 t$me. #/e* 0oul8 follo0 t/e
preplanne8 es7ape route, an8 assum$n1 t/e* 8$8n=t 9ot7/ $t up, t/ere
0oul8 even 9e a rente8 7opter 0a$t$n1 for t/em to ma:e t/e$r es7ape.
#/e 8onor ne$t/er as:e8 for a 7ut of t/e pro7ee8s nor tol8 t/em 0/o /e
0as. #/e letter 0as s$mpl* s$1ne8, <4 fr$en8.<
#o S7ott an8 t/e ot/ers, mov$n1 to 4ru9a 0$t/ a 7ouple /un8re8 t/ou
ea7/ soun8e8 a /ell of a lot 9etter t/an anot/er s$x-to-ten-*ear
stret7/ at Mansf$el8 Corre7t$onal. #/e* too: a vote, an8 four to %ero
t/e* 8e7$8e8 to 1$ve $t a tr*.
#/e* follo0e8 t/e plans to t/e letter, an8 t/e ro99er* 0ent off 0$t/out
a /$t7/. M$t7/ell, Sava, an8 )$n1/am ran a7ross t/e street, 8u7:e8 $nto
t/e alle*, 7l$m9e8 over t/e fen7eKLOt/e* /a8 earl$er pla7e8 a la88er
t/ere to ma:e t/e 7l$m9 even eas$erKLOsnea:e8 $nto t/e 9asement of t/e
Dro$ler )u$l8$n1 on S$xt/ an8 Ma$n, an8 too: t/e elevator up to t/e
roof, 0/ere Cu8en 0as 0a$t$n1 for t/em 0$t/ t/e 7opter.
#/e* tosse8 t/e 9a1s of mone* $ns$8e $t 0/$le Cu8en f$n$s/e8 assem9l$n1
t/e 0eapon, a lar1e tr$po8-mounte8 Datl$n1 1un. -e s0un1 $t aroun8
to0ar8 t/e e81e of t/e roof an8 a$me8 $t at t/e street. Spe7$f$7all* at
s$x pol$7e 7ars t/at /a8 su88enl* pos$t$one8 t/emselves $n front of t/e
9an: after t/e teller tr$ppe8 t/e s$lent alarm.
#/e* /a8 9een 0arne8 t/$s 0oul8 /appen. Cu8en 1lan7e8 at /$s 0at7/. -e
0as suppose8 to start f$r$n1 $n exa7tl* one m$nute. -e 8$8n=t :no0 0/*
t/e* ;ust 8$8n=t ta:e off $n t/e 7opter an8 ma:e t/e$r es7ape, 9ut t/e
plan /a8 0or:e8 perfe7tl* so far, so /e 8e7$8e8 not to as: >uest$ons.
-e 7/e7:e8 /$s 0at7/ a1a$n an8 9e1an t/e 7ount8o0n.
#/e 7ops /un:ere8 9e/$n8 t/e$r 7ars an8 a$me8 t/e$r o0n 0eapons up
to0ar8 t/e roof. C/r$s 6$lle, t/e 8epartment ne1ot$ator, arr$ve8 an8
0oul8 soon 9e1$n t/e lon1 pro7e8ure to en8 t/$s latest pro9lem
pea7efull*, /e /ope8. )efore /e 7oul8 8$1 t/e 0$reless m$:e out of /$s
7ase, /o0ever, a /a$l of 1unf$re 9e1an ra$n$n1 8o0n from t/e roof.
Dlo0$n1 tra7er 9ullets spra*e8 t/e pol$7e 7ars, tear$n1 t/em apart $n a
matter of moments.
Cu8en lau1/e8. #/$s 0eapon 0as t/e stuff t/at 8reams 0ere ma8e of, at
least t/e 8reams of a ps*7/opat/ 0/o /a8 al0a*s 9een too 7o0ar8l* to 1o
all t/e 0a* unt$l no0. -e :ept f$r$n1 even after t/e 7op 7ars 0ere
re8u7e8 to sla1. #/en /e 0/$rle8 an8 9e1an 9last$n1 apart a 9us t/at
+a1e 123
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
/a8 a77$8entall* turne8 t/e 7orner an8 0an8ere8 $nto t/e 7r$me s7ene.
Fust for 1r$ns.
<5enn*, 7=mon, man. 5et=s 1et t/e /ell outta /ere.< M$t7/ell an8 t/e
ot/ers 0ante8 to leave. W/* press t/e$r lu7:P
Cu8en 0asn=t /ear$n1 an* of $t. <2o 0a*, not *et. #/e letter sa$8 0e
/a88a :eep f$r$n1 for t0o m$nutes. 3 1ot t/$rt* se7on8s left.< -e 0as
lau1/$n1, spra*$n1 more tra7er 9ullets a7ross '$ft/ 4venue. <=S$8es,
3=m /av$n1 0a* too mu7/ fun, man.<
#0o of t/e 9an:=s se7ur$t* 1uar8s, .8 M$ller an8 5arr* S:$r, /a8
follo0e8 t/e four t/$eves from t/e 9an: to t/e Dro$ler )u$l8$n1 an8
>u$etl* ma8e t/e$r 0a* up t/e 9a7: sta$r0ell to t/e roof. )ot/ 0ere
0/ee%$n1 9* t/e t$me t/e* rea7/e8 t/e e$1/t/ floor.
#/e* /ear8 t/e 1unf$re t/rou1/ t/e roof 8oor. <Rem$n8 me a1a$n, 0/* are
0e 8o$n1 t/$sP #/e 7ops 1ot $t 7overe8.<
S:$r s/oo: /$s /ea8. <4n8 t/at=s 0/*. #/e*=re 8$stra7t$n1 t/em, so
0e=re 1onna mar7/ $n an8 1et t/e 7re8$t. 4fter last mont/ *ou 0anna 1et
anot/er 9la7: mar:P< M$ller s/oo: /$s /ea8. <3t=s settle8. Cou rea8*P<
<Cea/,< M$ller a1ree8, relu7tantl*.
#/e* 9ot/ ra$se8 t/e$r 0eapons an8 9urst t/rou1/ t/e 8oor, f$r$n1. #/e*
:ne0 t/e* /$t Cu8en, 9ut /e 8$8n=t fall. #/e$r 9ullets 0eren=t
penetrat$n1 /$s fla: vest.
Cu8en spun aroun8 an8 f$re8, t/e tra7er 8ot 0as tar1ete8 to M$ller=s
fore/ea8. -e s>uee%e8 t/e tr$11er an8 t/en f$re8 a1a$n, t/$s t$me at
S:$r. #/e t0o 1uar8s /a8 no t$me to loo: at ea7/ ot/er an8 sa* t/e$r
1oo8-9*es. #/e* 9arel* /a8 t$me to real$%e t/e* 0ere a9out to 8$e.
#$me. Was. Slo0$n1. 6o0n.
Su88enl*, a 9lurr* strea: of re8 an8 *ello0 move8 past t/e 9ullets as
$f t/e* 0ere stan8$n1 st$ll. #/e strea: stoppe8 an8 7ame $nto fo7us. 3t
0as a *ello0 s/$el8 0$t/ a lar1e re8 <S< em9la%one8 on $t.
Superman=s s/$el8.
3t s/oul8 /ave /appene8 too fast for t/em to see 0/at /appene8, 9ut
M$ller an8 S:$r s0ore t/e* sa0 $t all. Superman, stan8$n1 9et0een t/em
an8 t/e 9ullets, /a8 ;ust su8-8enl* appeare8, /$s /an8s 7asuall*
rest$n1 on /$s /$ps, /$s l$ps 7urle8 $nto a 9emuse8 sm$le.
#/e 9ullets 9oun7e8 off /$s 7/est. )oun7e8J -e 0asn=t 0ear$n1
+a1e 124
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
9ulletproof armor. #/e* ;ust 9oun7e8. #/e $mpa7t 8$8n=t pus/ /$m 9a7:.
-e stoo8 t/ere, st$ll sm$l$n1.
#/e t/$eves s7attere8, 8u7:$n1 to avo$8 t/e r$7o7/et$n1 9ullets. Cu8en,
9$8$n1 9e/$n8 an a$r 7on8$t$oner vent, tr$e8 to f$re a1a$n, 9ut /$s
0eapon 0as out of ammo. -e 1ra99e8 /$s p$stol an8 f$re8, t/$s t$me at
Superman=s /ea8.
Superman 8$8n=t move. #/e 9ullets 9oun7e8 off ;ust as t/e* /a8 /$s
4t t/e same t$me, t/e pol$7e streame8 onto t/e roof, 0eapons rea8*.
Capta$n +aul 2ee=s ;a0 8roppe8 as /e sa0 t/e 9an: 1uar8s sm$l$n1 at
/$m. <W/at too: *ou 1u*s so lon1P< S:$r as:e8.
2ee 0asn=t l$sten$n1. -e 0as st$ll star$n1 at t/e 1eta0a* /el$7opter.
3ts propeller 0as sp$nn$n1 la%$l* l$:e a 9a9*=s mo9$le to*, ea7/ of t/e
four 0oul8-9e ro99ers t$e8 to a 8$fferent 9la8e.
#/e 1reen +# Cru$ser tore 8o0n )roa80a*, 0eav$n1 from s$8e to s$8e,
teeter$n1 out of 7ontrol. 3t s0$pe8 a 1ar9a1e 7an on t/e 7orner of
2$neteent/ an8 s7attere8 $ts 7ontents a7ross t/e street. #0o 7a9s
veere8 $nto ea7/ ot/er to avo$8 9e$n1 /$t 9* $ts treasure of
ne0spapers, 7an8* 0rappers, an8 /alf-eaten p$%%a sl$7es. +e8estr$ans
8$ve8 for 7over.
#/e Cru$ser=s 8r$ver 0as s7ream$n1 as lou8 as s/e 7oul8 as s/e slamme8
t/e 9ra:es an8 spun t/e 0/eel. #/e 7ar refuse8 to respon8. <Some9o8*
stop t/$s t/$n1J< s/e s/oute8. S/e 0as afra$8 s/e 0as 1o$n1 to 8$e.
S/e spun t/e 0/eel a1a$n an8 mana1e8 to avo$8 /$tt$n1 a 9us$nessman,
9ut $t 9rou1/t t/e Cru$ser onto t/e s$8e0al:. 4/ea8 of /er 0as a
7ro08e8 7$t* s>uare. S/e s/r$e:e8 a1a$n.
#/e 7ar slamme8 $nto an empt* 9en7/. #/e startle8 p$1eons roost$n1 on
$t flappe8 t/e$r 0a* to safet*. S/e 7ont$nue8 s7ream$n1 as s/e sa0 t/e
people a/ea8 of /er tr*$n1 to run a0a*. S/e pumpe8 t/e 9ra:es a1a$n,
9ut t/e* 0ere st$ll refus$n1 to 7ooperate. S/e 7lose8 /er e*es an8
9e1an pra*$n1.
S/e felt a 9ump an8 let out a lo0 s7ream. ,/, Do8, 8$8 3 ;ust :$ll
)ut $t 8$8n=t feel l$:e s/e /a8 /$t somet/$n1. 3t feltKLM s/e 0asn=t
>u$te sure 0/at $t 0as l$:e. S/e no lon1er felt /er t$res trea8$n1 t/e
street, an8 at t/e same t$me s/e sense8 s/e 0as slo0$n1 8o0n 9ut st$ll
mov$n1, too.
+a1e 125
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
S/e opene8 /er e*es an8 no lon1er sa0 t/e 7$t* s>uare $n front of /er.
#/ere 0as t/e par: founta$n, 9ut $t 0as 9elo0 /er. S/e 0as r$s$n1 $nto
t/e a$r. #/en s/e stoppe8. S/e loo:e8 8o0n an8 sa0 t/e par: ;ust
9eneat/ /er. 4m 3 float$n1P 6$8 3 8$e an8 am 3 no0 r$s$n1 to -eavenP
#/e Cru$ser 0as /o$ste8 on Superman=s s/oul8ers, /el8 ;ust a9ove /$s
/ea8. S/e felt t/e 7ar s/a:e ;ust a 9$t as /e slo0l* an8 1entl* lo0ere8
$t 9a7: to t/e 1roun8.
S/e sa0 /$m stan8$n1 9* t/e 8r$ver=s 8oor, /$s e*es even 9luer t/an t/e
p/oto1rap/s on ever* ne0spaper an8 #A ne0s s/o0 /a8 /$nte8. -e 0as
mus7ular, 9ut not 9ul:* $n t/at 0a* s/e never l$:e8. More l$:e a
s0$mmer=s 9o8*, s/e o9serve8. -e opene8 t/e 8oor an8 rea7/e8 a /an8
$ns$8e for /er to ta:e. <4re *ou all r$1/t, m$ssP<
S/e 0o99le8 /er 0a* out of t/e 7ar an8 not$7e8 $n t/e 8r$ver=s rearv$e0
m$rror t/at /er ma:eup /a8 smeare8 an8 t/at /er /a$r 0as fra%%le8,
v$7t$m of /er Cu$s$nart r$8e. S/e 1ra99e8 /er 7/est an8 1aspe8.
<M* /eart,< ?$tt* ?o0als:$ s/oute8. <3 t/$n: 3=m 8*$n1.<
Fust as s/e /a8 9een $nstru7te8 9* 5ex 5ut/or, s/e fell 9a7:, :no0$n1
/e 0oul8 9e t/ere to 7at7/ /er. S/e 0as 0ear$n1 a t$1/t, lo0-7ut 8ress
t/at a77entuate8 ever* 7urve an8 left l$ttle to t/e $ma1$nat$on. S/e
0as s/a:$n1, 9ut 0/en s/e sa0 t/e 7ro08 form$n1 aroun8 /er s/e su88enl*
pulle8 /erself to1et/er.
4 teena1e 9o* too: out /$s 7ell p/one an8 snappe8 /er p/oto. S/e sm$le8
for t/e 7amera, t/en fell 9a7: $nto Superman=s arms, s/$mm*$n1 /er 9o8*
a1a$n as $f 7onvuls$n1.
Superman 0as pu%%le8. <3=m sorr*P<
S/e 0as st$ll 7lut7/$n1 /er 7/est 0/en s/e loo:e8 up at /$m. <3=m
prett* sure t/e*=re /eart palp$tat$ons. -ere. D$ve me *our /an8,< s/e
sa$8 0ea:l*, 7ou1/$n1 out /er 0or8s for 8ramat$7 effe7t. S/e poute8 as
/e pulle8 $t a0a*, nervousl*. <3 /ave /eart palp$tat$onsKLM an8 a
murmur.< S/e 7ou1/e8 a1a$n. <4n8 m* 9a7:. 3 t/$n: 3 rupture8 aKLM a
Superman s7anne8 /er 0$t/ /$s Q-ra* v$s$on, t/en s/oo: /$s /ea8. <3
8on=t see an*t/$n1 0ron1.<
S/e rea7/e8 up an8 1ra99e8 /$m, /er /an8 l$n1ere8 over /$s 7/est. Wo0J
<+lease,< s/e sa$8, 1asp$n1 for 9reat/. <#a:e me to a /osp$tal.< S/e
passe8 out, fall$n1 l$mp $n Superman=s arms.
-e sa0 t/e 7ro08 star$n1 at t/em, 0a$t$n1 to see 0/at /e 0oul8 8o next.
+a1e 126
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
-e s/$fte8 /er to one arm an8 rose $nto t/e s:*. <W$ll someone please
7all an8 /ave /er 7ar to0e8P<
#/an:s.< #0o 8o%en people s$multaneousl* 8$ale8 t/e$r 7ell p/ones.<
#/e re8 9us pulle8 to a stop $n front of t/e Metropol$s Museum of
2atural -$stor*. '$ve passen1ers 8$sem9ar:e8 an8 ma8e t/e$r 0a* up t/e
mar9le sta$rs to t/e museum entran7e. 6$re7tl* $n front of t/em 0as a
plast$7 8onat$on 9ox f$lle8 0$t/ 7as/. 4tta7/e8 to t/e front of $t 0as
a small s$1n, su11este8 8onat$onI ten 8ollars. 4 /an8 rea7/e8 $nto a
po7:et, t/en 8roppe8 $n a n$7:el.
#/e museum 1uar8 loo:e8 at t/e men. <3=m sorr*, s$r, 9ut 0e=re 7los$n1
$n ten m$nutes.<
<We onl* nee8 f$ve,< 5ex 5ut/or ans0ere8, 7/e7:$n1 /$s 0at7/ as /e
pus/e8 past t/e 1uar8. Stanfor8, a 7amera 7ase 8an1l$n1 from aroun8 /$s
ne7:, )rutus, Drant, an8 R$le* follo0e8 /$m $ns$8e. <-urr*. Cou :no0
0/at to 8oP<
)rutus an8 Drant no88e8. <We 0ent over $t ten t$mes to8a*.<
<4n8 t/at=s suppose8 to 1$ve me a feel$n1 of 7onf$8en7eP #ell me a1a$n
0/at t/e plan $s.<
Drant re7ounte8 0/at /e an8 )rutus 0ere suppose8 to 8o as t/e* 0al:e8
past t/e ex/$9$ts f$ll$n1 t/e Dran8 -all, 9arel* pa*$n1 attent$on to
t/e 1$ant #*rannosaurus rex 0/ose mass$ve /ea8 lo0ere8 st$ffl* an8
1ro0le8 at t/em as t/e* passe8 un8er $t. 3ts /ea8 returne8 to $ts
upr$1/t pos$t$on an8 0a$te8 for t/e next tour$st to tr$11er $ts
)rutus an8 Drant pause8 $n front of a 7lose8 8oor mar:e8 aut/or$%e8
personnel onl*. <#/$s $s $t.<
<4ll r$1/t,< 5ut/or sa$8, <)ut $f *ou s7re0 t/$s up, 0or8 of a8v$7e,
8on=t meet up 0$t/ us later.< )rutus an8 Drant ma8e t/e$r 0a* 8o0n t/e
fl$1/t of sta$rs to t/e 9asement /all0a* an8 7ont$nue8 8o0n a narro0
7orr$8or unt$l t/e* foun8 t/e 9rea:er panel s7re0e8 to a far 0all.
3ns$8e $t 0ere 8o%ens of s0$t7/es.
W/$le Drant stu8$e8 t/e /an8-8ra0n 7/art t/e 9oss /a8 1$ven /$m $n
or8er to $8ent$f* t/e 8$fferent s0$t7/es, 5ut/or an8 Stanfor8 ma8e
t/e$r 0a* to t/e Cr*stals an8 Demstones ex/$9$t. R$le* l$n1ere8 for a
moment, lov$n1l* star$n1 at a lar1e 8$amon8 s$tt$n1 on a 7$r7ular 9la7:
felt pa8. -e 7oul8 ret$re for l$fe on 0/at t/at stone 7oul8 9e fen7e8
for. -e loo:e8 up an8 not$7e8 5ex 0as alrea8* on t/e ot/er s$8e of t/e
lar1e /all. Ma:$n1 sure t/e 7am7or8er 0as fo7use8 on 5ut/or, /e /urr$e8
+a1e 12
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
to 7at7/ up.
#/e* entere8 t/e spa7e ex/$9$t, a spe7ta7ular s/o0 of /un8re8s of
8$fferent meteor$tes ran1$n1 $n s$%e, s/ape an8 7olor, 0$t/ t/e lar1est
of t/em $llum$nate8 9* spotl$1/t $n t/e 7enter of t/e room. 5ut/or
a8m$re8 $t 9ut turne8 /$s attent$on to a 9a7: 0all f$lle8 0$t/ smaller,
less $mpress$ve ro7:s.
-e turne8 to Stanfor8. <#/e*=re 1o$n1 to s7re0 $t up. 3 :no0 t/e*=re
1o$n1 to s7re0 $t up.<
<3 8on=t t/$n: so, Mr. 5ut/or,< Stanfor8 sa$8. <Cou put t/e fear of Do8
$n t/em.<
<3t=s me t/e* s/oul8 9e fear$n1, not t/at 7elest$al 9us*9o8*. Do8=s 1ot
not/$n1 on me.<
-e 0a$te8 as t/e last of t/e tour$sts left, /urr*$n1 to t/e 1$ft s/op
9efore t/e museum 7lose8 to 9u* some 7/eap souven$r t/e*=8 toss $nto a
7loset an8 never loo: at a1a$n, t/en 7/e7:e8 /$s 0at7/ a1a$n. <#/e
Stanfor8 opene8 t/e 7amera 7ase an8 remove8 a pa$r of /$-te7/ 1o11les
0$t/ 8$als t/at tune8 $ts sens$t$v$t* for m$nute flu7tuat$ons of
ra8$at$on, /eat, an8 l$1/t. <R$1/t /ere, s$r. Fust ma:$n1 some
last-m$nute a8;ustments.<
3n t/e 8o0nsta$rs ma$ntenan7e room, )rutus 7/e7:e8 /$s 0at7/ a1a$n.
<4lmost t$me.< Drant no88e8 as /e foun8 t/e ma$n s0$t7/ $n t/e 9rea:er
<Rea8* 0/en *ou are.<
3n t/e meteor$te ex/$9$t, Stanfor8 turne8 on t/e 1o11les, t/en tune8
one of t/e 8$als. Sat$sf$e8, /e /an8e8 t/em to 5ut/or. <#/e*=re rea8*,
5ut/or snorte8 as /e put t/em on. <#/e* /a8 9etter 9e.<
-e s7anne8 t/e 0all of small meteor$tes, 9ut not/$n1 s/o0e8 up $n t/e
1o11les. 2ot a pro9lem. -e 7/e7:e8 /$s 0at7/ a1a$n an8 9e1an to 7ount
8o0n to /$mself.
R$le*, 7/e7:$n1 /$s 0at7/, no88e8 to Drant, 0/o fl$ppe8 t/e 9rea:er
s0$t7/. #/e l$1/ts t/rou1/out t/e museum su88enl* 0ent out.
#/e meteor$te room 0as $n near 8ar:ness. 5oo:$n1 t/rou1/ t/e 1o11les,
/e sa0 t/at t/e meteor$tes appeare8 $n 8eep s/a8es of 9lue. 5ut/or
+a1e 12!
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
a8;uste8 a 8$al on $ts s$8e, sett$n1 t/em for a spe7$f$7 level of
-e loo:e8 a1a$n at t/e 9a7: 0all. 4 s$n1le meteor$te 0as 1lo0$n1 1reen.
5ut/or 1r$nne8.
#/ere 0as t/e soun8 of s/atter$n1 1lass, follo0e8 a moment later 9* a
p$er7$n1 alarm.
4 moment later t/e l$1/ts returne8N rela*s /a8 s0$t7/e8 t/e po0er to
t/e emer1en7* 1enerators. 3f t/e 1uar8s 0/o streame8 $nto t/e room
/a8n=t 9een so rattle8, t/e* 0oul8 /ave real$%e8 t/at t/e t0o people
0/o /a8 9een $n t/e room on t/e$r last 7/e7: 0ere no0 1one, an8 t/at
9e/$n8 a s/attere8 1lass 0$n8o0 a1a$nst t/e far 0all, one of t/e
meteor$tes 0as no0 m$ss$n1. #/e pla7ar8 0/ere $t on7e sat /a8 fallen
over as 5ut/or rea7/e8 $n to snat7/ t/e ro7:. 3t /a8 rea8, a8$s a9a9a,
?$tt* ?o0als:$ 0as st$ll un7ons7$ous, or at least as un7ons7$ous as s/e
nee8e8 to 9e 0/$le Superman fle0 /er a7ross t/e 7$t* to Metropol$s
Deneral. Superman sa0 t/e .M#s near an am9ulan7e star$n1 at /$m as /e
ma8e a slo0 8es7ent. 4s t/e* lan8e8, ?$tt* pee:e8 a loo: at /er
0r$st0at7/. 3t 0as t$me.
<4ll r$1/t, m$ss, 0e=re /ere,< Superman sa$8. ?$tt* su88enl* s/$mm$e8
$n /$s arms an8 9olte8 upr$1/t. S/e loo:e8 ama%e8 as s/e 7/e7:e8
/erself out, patt$n1 /erself 8o0n as $f to ma:e 7erta$n s/e 0as st$ll
$n one p$e7e. <3t=s a m$ra7le,< s/e ex7la$me8 /app$l*. <M* 9a7:, m*
/eart palp$tat$onsKLO/eale8.< S/e 0as st$ll /ol8$n1 on to /$m an8 presse8
/erself $n 7loser. <Cou=re a m$ra7le 0or:er. W/at 8$8 *ou 8oP<
Superman tr$e8 to step 9a7: 9ut s/e /el8 on. <2ot/$n1. 3 ;ustKLO<
S/e presse8 $n 7loser, s>uee%$n1 /$m as t$1/tl* as s/e 7oul8. -er l$ps
move8 $n7/es from /$s ears. <Call me ?at/er$ne.<
-e 0as tr*$n1 to remove /$mself from /er v$sel$:e 1r$p, 9ut s/e 0asn=t
lett$n1 1o. <?at/er$ne. 3 reall* s/oul8 9e 1o$n1.<
S/e let /er arms sl$8e 8o0n /$s 9a7: an8 7oppe8 a >u$7: feel. 4 s/$ver
ra7e8 up /er sp$ne. S/e sm$le8 s0eetl* as s/e ease8 9a7:. <,f 7ourse.
+la7es to 1o. +eople to save.< S/e stare8 $nto /$s e*es, t/ose
$n7re8$9le e*es, an8 s/e :ne0 s/e /a8 to 1ra9 t/e 7/an7e 0/en s/e
7oul8. <3 :no0 t/$s $s ta7:*, 9ut 8o *ou 0ant to ma*9e 1ra9 7offee
+a1e 12"
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
#/e loo: $n /$s e*es 1ave /er /$s ans0er. S/e sm$le8 a1a$n, t/en 9a7:e8
a0a* some more, 1$v$n1 /$m spa7e to 9reat/e. <3=m sorr*. 'or1et 3 ever
sa$8 t/at. #/an:s for *our /elp. )*e.< S/e 1ave /$m a >u$7: :$ss on t/e
7/ee:, t/en s7ampere8 off.
Superman 0at7/e8 as s/e left, pu%%le8, em9arrasse8, an8 flattere8. -e
sa0 t/e am9ulan7e 8r$vers star$n1 at /$m, t/en /e laun7/e8 /$mself $nto
t/e a$r, an8 /ea8e8 up $nto t/e 8$stan7e.
Fosef Muller=s 0$fe /a8 /a8 a premon$t$on t/at morn$n1. <Somet/$n1 9a8
$s 1o$n1 to /appen,< s/e 0arne8 /er /us9an8, as /e s/o0ere8 an8 1ot
rea8* for 0or:. -e :$sse8 /er on t/e fore/ea8 as s/e prepare8 /$s
oatmeal, set out t/e 9o0l of 9ro0n su1ar, an8 1ot /$s 7offee rea8*. .va
love8 /$m, an8 /e /a8 no 8ou9ts a9out t/at, 9ut s/e /a8 premon$t$ons at
least t/ree t$mes a 0ee:, e$t/er a9out 8an1er, floo8s, 8$sease, or
fam$ne, an8 to 8ate none of t/em /a8 ever panne8 out. W/en /e=8 as: /er
a9out t/em later, <3 m$srea8 t/e 7/arts,< $s all s/e=8 sa* as a 0a* of
expla$n$n1. <)ut 3 0on=t 8o t/at a1a$n. 3 prom$se.<
-e too: t/e 9ro0n 9a1 s/e prepare8 t/at 7onta$ne8 a sausa1e san80$7/,
apple 0$t/ 8r$e8 tomato, /$s favor$te, an8 a 9anana, an8 0a$te8 for
-ans to 9eep /$s /orn an8 8r$ve /$m to 0or: near t/e 7enter of Mun$7/.
,n7e t/ere, t/e* 7l$m9e8 onto t/e s7affol8 an8 0ere ta:en to t/e top
floor of t/e f$ft*-s$x-stor* S/ul% )u$l8$n1 0/ere t/e* 7leane8 t/e
sout/- an8 0est-fa7$n1 0$n8o0s 9efore t/e en8 of t/e 8a*.
Fosef an8 -ans tal:e8 a9out t/e so77er 1ame t/at 0as on t/e telev$s$on
t/e prev$ous n$1/t. 5u:as 48al1$so /a8 8ef$n$tel* 9een ro99e8. ,8ell
Aerner 0as overrate8 an8 overpa$8, an8 $f t/e* /a8 9een $n 7/ar1e, t/e*
0oul8 /ave 7anne8 Co/ann Ste$n=s ass t0o seasons a1o.
4s t/e* passe8 t/e t/$rt*-n$nt/ floor, Fosef t/ou1/t /e /ear8 a fa$nt
7ra7:$n1 soun8. Fust as su88enl*, t/e s7affol8 l$ste8 to t/e left. #/e*
1ra99e8 t/e rope ;ust as t/e platform spl$t $n /alf, len1t/0$se.
Fosef=s onl* t/ou1/ts as /e 8an1le8 four /un8re8 feet off t/e 1roun8
0ere, <W/at 8o *ou :no0P .va 0as r$1/t.<
Derman telev$s$on, 0/$7/ 0as tap$n1 a 1ame s/o0 t0o 9lo7:s a0a*,
/urr$e8 $nto pos$t$on an8 tra$ne8 t/e$r 7ameras to 7at7/ t/e fall, $f
$t s/oul8 /appen, or t/e res7ue, $f t/at 0as even poss$9le. Su88enl*,
t/e t0o men 8$sappeare8, onl* to s/o0 up se7on8s later /alf0a* a7ross
5ater t/at afternoon, en1$neers /a8 to slo0 8o0n t/e tape $n or8er to
see t/e re8-an8-9lue 9lur 0/$% past, 1ra9 t/em, t/en fl* t/em to
D$l 0as star$n1 at t/e telev$s$on mon$tors. <Man, $t=s all t/e same no
+a1e 13&
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
matter 0/ere *ou loo:.< -e 0as us$n1 t/e remote to surf t/e 7/annels.
D)S 2e0s 0as 1o$n1 t/rou1/ t/e$r Superman 0at7/-l$st. 3n S/an1/a$, /e
/a8 stoppe8 a pett* t/$ef from ro99$n1 a small /ar80are store. #/e
t/$ef /a8 /a8 a 1un a$me8 at t/e fr$1/tene8 o0ner, t/en, a se7on8
later, /e foun8 /$mself t$e8 up $n an ele7tr$7al 7or8. #/e* s/o0e8 a
se7ur$t*-7am s/ot of Superman s/a:$n1 /an8s 0$t/ t/e t/$ef=s former
3n Mel9ourne, /e stoppe8 a floo8. 3n Ca$ro, /e prevente8 a san8storm
from 9ur*$n1 a small v$lla1e.
D$l 7l$7:e8 to anot/er 7/annel 0/ere a 9lan:-fa7e8 an7/or sat $n front
of a 0orl8 map mar:$n1 Superman=s overn$1/t feats 0$t/ small <S<-s/ape8
<Reports are floo8$n1 $n from Metropol$s, -ouston, an8 as far a0a* as
Ca$ro an8 S/an1/a$. #/$s $s ;ust t/e latest $n a ser$es of overn$1/t
appearan7es 9* t/e Man of Steel.<
<Ma:$n1 up for lost t$me, 3 1uess.< D$l 7/an1e8 t/e 7/annel a1a$n, to a
/ome v$8eo ta:en of t/e .$ffel #o0er. #/e 7amera su88enl* 0/$ppe8 up $n
t$me to 7at7/ Superman strea:$n1 a7ross t/e s:*, 8$sappear$n1 over t/e
/or$%on. ,ver t/e tape *ou 7oul8 /ear tour$sts s/out$n1 at /$m, tr*$n1
to 1et /$s attent$on. 4n /our later, t/e* learne8, /e /a8 stoppe8 0/at
7oul8 /ave 9een a 8$sastrous floo8 $n Aen$7e.
Clar: entere8 t/e off$7e an8 sat on t/e 8es:top 9es$8e D$l. -e *a0ne8
as /e loo:e8 up at t/e #A. <W/at=s 1o$n1 onP<
D$l 8$8n=t 9ot/er turn$n1. <Superman. -e=s 9een /av$n1 a 9us* 8a*.<
Clar: 7/u7:le8. <S/o0-off, $f *ou as: me. Sa*, 8$8 *ou 0ant to /ear
a9out t/$s reall* neat llama ra7e 3 sa0P< D$l 8$8n=t seem to 7are.
#/e lo7al ne0s 7/annel /a8 a 7re0 poste8 outs$8e a small 8el$ several
9lo7:s sout/ of t/e +lanet off$7es.
#0o men $n /an87uffs 0ere 9e$n1 le8 a0a* 9* t/e pol$7e. #/e reporter
0as $nterv$e0$n1 t/e anx$ous Fa7o9, t/e 8el$ o0ner.
<S$r, after /e 7apture8 t/e men ro99$n1 *our 8el$, 8$8 /e 8o or sa*
Fa7o9 s7rat7/e8 /$s /ea8, tr*$n1 to remem9er. Su88enl*, /e 0as 9eam$n1.
<-e tr$e8 t/e /ummus. -e sa$8 /e l$:e8 $t.< Fa7o9 loo:e8 8$re7tl* $nto
t/e 7amera, 9e7om$n1 ser$ous. <4n8 Superman never l$es. Fa7o9=s 6el$,
7orner of '$ft*-t/$r8 an8 S$xt/. 4n8 $f *ou sa* *ou sa0 t/$s, 3=ll 1$ve
+a1e 131
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
*ou 1& per7ent off. W/at a 8eal.<
Clar: /$8 a small sm$le as /e 0ave8 1oo8-9*e to D$l. D$l /a8 7/an1e8
t/e 7/annel a1a$n an8 8$8n=t not$7e /e /a8 left. -e /ea8e8 for +err*=s
off$7e, pass$n1 anot/er #A. #/$s 7/annel 0as repla*$n1 t/e s7ene of
Superman sav$n1 ?$tt*, t/e 1reen Cru$ser /el8 over /$s /ea8.
5o$s 0as loo:$n1 at t/e same p$7ture, pr$nte8 $n t/e +lanet. S/e
fl$ppe8 t/e pa1e to anot/er p/otoN t/$s one as of Superman 7arr*$n1 t/e
7ar=s 9eaut$ful 8r$ver $n /$s arms, /er /ea8 t/ro0n 9a7:, /er lon1 le1s
expose8 $n a 8ress sl$t up to t/e 0a$st. 3ts plun1$n1 ne7:l$ne met $t
at t/e 9eltl$ne. 5o$s t/en tosse8 t/e paper 8o0n, 8$s1uste8. <./,< $s
all s/e sa$8.
+err* p$7:e8 up t/e paper an8 sm$le8 at t/e p/oto. <=./P= =./P= #/at=s
$7on$7. 4n8 t/e* 0ere ta:en 9* a t0elve-*ear-ol8 0$t/ a 7amera p/one.<
F$mm* ,lsen 0as s$tt$n1 at /$s 8es:, 1a%$n1 off $nto spa7e. <,lsen,
0/at=ve *ou 1otP<
F$mm* loo:e8 at a p/oto of t/e s:*l$ne of Metropol$s. -e po$nte8 to a
small 9lur /alf-/$88en 9* t/e 7lou8s.
<-e=s r$1/t t/ere, C/$ef. 5oo: $n t/e s:*.<
<3t=s a 9$r8,< 5o$s sa$8, 9ore8.
<3t=s a plane.< +err* /a8 p$7:e8 up t/e p/oto an8 exam$ne8 $t 7losel*.
F$mm* po$nte8 at $t a1a$n. <2o, loo:. 3t=sKLO<
<Cou 0ante8 to see meP< Clar: sa$8, pee:$n1 $nto +err*=s off$7e,
7arr*$n1 /$s pa8 an8 pen7$l, rea8* to ta:e notes.
<S$t 8o0n, ?ent. 5et=s tal: some /alft$me strate1*.<
Clar: not$7e8 5o$s loo:$n1 un7omforta9le. S/e o9v$ousl* :ne0 0/ere t/$s
0as 1o$n1.
<2ot lon1 a1o, Superman an8 t/e 6a$l* +lanet 0ent to1et/er l$:e 9a7on
an8 e11s. 6eat/ an8 taxes. S$e1fr$e8 an8 Ro*.< +err* pause8 for effe7t
9ut not$7e8 onl* Clar: 0as pa*$n1 attent$on. <2o0 3 0ant t/at 9on8
-e turne8 to 5o$s, sta99$n1 /er forearm 0$t/ /$s f$n1er. <5o$s, 3 :no0
*ou=ve 9een snea:$n1 aroun8 0or:$n1 on t/at 9la7:out stor*KLO<
<3t 0asn=t ;ust a 9la7:out, C/$ef,< s/e snappe8 9a7: 8efens$vel*. <3t
+a1e 132
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
0as 7ell p/ones, pa1ers, automo9$les, a$rplanesN $t 0as ever*t/$n1.<
+err* 0asn=t l$sten$n1, <KLO9ut ever* ot/er paper $n to0n /as t/e$r
9est-loo:$n1 female reporters on rooftops 0a$t$n1 to $nterv$e0
Superman, an8 none of t/em /ave t/e /$stor* *ou t0o 8o.<
5o$s ;umpe8 up an1r$l*. <W/atP 2oJ C/$ef.< S/e 0as fur$ous, /er fa7e
re88en$n1 0$t/ an1er. <5$sten to me. 3=ve 8one Superman. Covere8 /$m.
3=ve 7overe8 Superman. Cou :no0 0/at 3 mean.<
<.xa7tl*,< +err* $nterrupte8. <#/at ma:es *ou t/e expert, so *ou=re
1o$n1 to 8o /$m a1a$n.<
Clar: tr$e8 to $nter;e7t, 9ut /e 0as 8ro0ne8 out 9* t/e s/out$n1 mat7/
$n sess$on.
<)ut t/ere are a 8o%en ot/er stor$es out t/ere.<
<2ame one,< +err* 7/allen1e8 /er.
S/e remem9ere8 one an8 1r$nne8. <Well, t/ere 0as a museum ro99er* last
n$1/t. .ven Superman m$sse8 t/at one. -e 0as too 9us*KLM< S/e p$7:e8 up
t/e ne0spaper an8 tosse8 $t 8o0n $n front of +err*. ?$tt* ?o0als:$=s
p/oto 0as star$n1 at /$m. Clar: pee:e8 at $t an8 sm$le8
t$m$8l*.<KLMsav$n1 t/$s str$pper.<
3 8$8P /e t/ou1/t.
<4n8 0/at=8 t/e* stealP<
5o$s fl$ppe8 t/rou1/ t/e art$7le. <4 meteor$te.<
+err* pus/e8 t/e paper as$8e. <)or$n1. D$l 7an /an8le $t.<
F$mm* fo7use8 t/e lens on /$s 7amera an8 too: an $ma1$nar* p/oto of
5o$s an8 +err* f$1/t$n1. #/e* fou1/t over nearl* ever* stor*. <W/*
8on=t *ou 1u*s tra7: 8o0n 5ex 5ut/orP< F$mm* $nterrupte8.
-e 0as surpr$se8 0/en t/e* all turne8 to /$m. Clar: fe$1ne8
non$nterest, 9ut 0as pa*$n1 attent$on. #/e spotl$1/t on /$m, F$mm*
/app$l* too: 7enter sta1e. <3 mean, no one=s seen /$m s$n7e /e 0on /$s
f$ft/ appeal, an8 /e=s 1ot more 9a8 /$stor* 0$t/ Superman t/an an*one.
Ma*9e /e=s 1ot somet/$n1 to sa*.<
+err* s/oo: /$s /ea8, 8$sm$ss$n1 t/e $8ea. <5ut/or=s *ester8a*=s ne0s.<
5o$s 8$sa1ree8. <2o, 3 l$:e t/at $8ea, +err*. 5ex 5ut/or $s a 7areer
7r$m$nal 0/o nearl* :$lle8 /$m, for +ete=s sa:e. Fust 9e7ause 5ex
+a1e 133
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
8oesn=t fl*KLO<
Clar: leane8 7loser, 0/$sper$n1 7onsp$rator$all*. <F$mm*, /o0 8$8 5ex
5ut/or 1et out of pr$sonP<
F$mm* s/ru11e8. <#/e appeals 7ourt 7alle8 Superman as a 0$tness. -e
0asn=t aroun8. -o0 mu7/ 8o *ou t/$n: t/at p$sses off Superman no0P<
<4 lot,< Clar: sa$8, matter-of-fa7tl*.
5o$s 0as st$ll ar1u$n1 0$t/ +err*. <W/at $s t/$s an*0a*P 4 ne0spaper or
a ta9lo$8P We /ave plent* of 1oss$p 7olumn$sts e>u$ppe8 to 7over
Superman. D$ve $t to someone else.<
4s s/e tr$e8 to t/$n: of someone to pa0n t/e stor* off on, Clar:
not$7e8 /er nose 0r$n:le. -e love8 t/at loo:. <+oll*,< s/e sa$8,
f$nall*. <D$ve /$m to +oll*.<
#/e* turne8 to see +oll* 1lar$n1 at t/em from /er 7u9$7le.
+err* stoo8 up an8 1lare8 at 5o$s. <5o$sP Super. Man.<
<W/at a9out t/e 9la7:outP< s/e tr$e8 one more t$me.
+err* turne8 to Clar:. <?ent. )la7:out.<
5o$s fume8 an8 stal:e8 out. <Dreat. #/an:s, C/$ef.< 4 moment later,
Clar: rus/e8 after /er.
F$mm* starte8 to follo0, 9ut +err* 7alle8 /$m 9a7:. <,lsen, *ou=re a
7op*9o* a1a$n $f *ou 8on=t 9r$n1 me one 8e7ent p$7ture of /$m 9* t/e
en8 of t/$s 0ee:.<
F$mm*=s /eart fell. <)ut C/KLO<
+err*=s f$n1er 0as su88enl* 0av$n1 $n front of /$m. <3 0asn=t 1onna sa*
+err* sat 8o0n, turn$n1 to t/e 7omputer. F$mm* stoo8 t/ere for anot/er
se7on8, as $f 0a$t$n1 for some last 9l$ster$n1 7omment or 0$t/er$n1
loo:, t/en 8arte8 out of t/e off$7e. -e 1ro0le8 at /$s 7amera as t/e
elevator 8oors 7lose8 9e/$n8 /$m. <Sta* $n fo7us next t$me.<
5o$s 0as alrea8* at /er 8es: 0/en Clar: entere8 t/e 7u9$7le. <5o$s, 3=m
sorr*. 3 8$8n=t :no0KLM<
S/e spun /er 7/a$r aroun8 an8 /an8e8 /$m a t/$7: sta7: of f$les.
+a1e 134
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
Clar: loo:e8 un7omforta9le as s/e for7e8 t/em $nto /$s /an8s. <#a:e $t.
Cou 0ante8 a 0a* out of t/e o9$tsP -ere *ou 1o.<
<2o. 2ot t/$s 0a*. 2ot $f $t=s 1o$n1 to 9ot/er *ou.<
<)ot/er meP ,f 7ourse not. W/* $n t/e 0orl8 0oul8 $t 9ot/er me t/at
*ou=re 1ett$n1 m* stor*, t/e one onl* 3=ve 9een 0or:$n1 on, t/e one
3=ve 9een 7/amp$on$n1.<
Clar: fl$ppe8 t/rou1/ t/e f$les. <,/, 1oo8. )e7ause 3=8 /ate $t $f t/$s
8ama1e8 our relat$ons/$p.<
5o$s loo:e8 up to /$m >u$%%$7all*. <Relat$ons/$pP<
,n t/e #A s7reen 9e/$n8 Clar: s/e sa0 t/e $ma1e of Superman, $n
Bermatt, S0$t%erlan8, /ol8$n1 up a 7/a$n of t0elve mounta$n 7l$m9ers.
-e /a8 save8 t/em 0/en t/e 7a9le 7ars 9ro:e, stran8$n1 t/em on top of
t/e Matter/orn. S/e rolle8 /er e*es, t/en turne8 9a7: to 0or:.
S/e tr$e8 to 7ome up 0$t/ t/e 9est 0a* for Superman to f$n8 /er. #/e
sooner s/e 1ot past t/$s $8$ot$7 stor*, t/e /app$er s/e=8 9e. W/* /$mP
W/* $s $t al0a*s /$mP 3=m 8one 0$t/ /$m.
S/e starte8 to t*pe, <'all out t/e 0$n8o0,< 9ut 8elete8 $t. W/at $f
/e=s 9a7: $n Bermatt, 0/erever t/e /ell t/at $sP 4s s/e stru11le8 for a
se7on8 poss$9$l$t*, s/e /ear8 a small vo$7e 7all$n1 to /er. <Momm*.<
S/e sm$le8 as Fason ran $nto /er arms. S/e tousle8 /$s /a$r an8 :$sse8
/$m. <W/at $s m* l$ttle trou9lema:er 8o$n1 /ereP<
R$7/ar8=s vo$7e p$pe8 $n a se7on8 9efore s/e sa0 /$m enter, Fason=s
report 7ar8 $n /$s /an8s. <-e 1ot an 4 $n s7$en7e, 9ut a 6 $n 1*m, so
0e=re 8o$n1 somet/$n1 r$1/t.<
5o$s :$sse8 /$m 0arml*. <4t least one of us $s.<
R$7/ar8 not$7e8 Clar: stan8$n1 $n t/e 8oor0a*, /ol8$n1 5o$s=s resear7/.
-e loo:e8 9a7: at 5o$s, t/e >uest$on o9v$ous $n /$s e*es.
<3t=s +err*,< s/e snappe8. <-e ;ust s/ove8 Superman 9a7: $nto m* l$fe.<
R$7/ar8 s/ot a 1lan7e to0ar8 +err*=s off$7eN /$s un7le 0as on t/e
p/one, no 8ou9t 7/e0$n1 out some paper suppl$er.
-e turne8 9a7: to 5o$s. <Well, 3=m sure *ou 7an f$n8 a 0a* to $nterv$e0
Superman 0$t/out 9r$n1$n1 /$m 9a7: $nto *our l$fe.<
+a1e 135
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
,n t/e #A 9e/$n8 Clar:, a reporter 0as surroun8e8 9* people, all 0$t/
9$no7ulars an8 teles7opes 0a$t$n1 for Superman to pass over/ea8.
<#/ere=s reall* no 0a* aroun8 $t, fol:s,< /e sa$8. <Superman $s 9a7: $n
all of our l$ves.<
R$7/ar8 s$1/e8 an8 loo:e8 at Clar:, st$ll stan8$n1 $n t/e 0a*, /ol8$n1
t/e f$les. <-o0 a9out t/$sP We=ll sta* late, 1et 8$nner. 3=ll /elp *ou
0$t/ Superman, an8 *ou an8 Clar: 7an 0or: on t/e 9la7:out stor*
5o$s /ear8 Fason us$n1 /$s $n/aler. 3t 0/ee%e8, nearl* empt*. <-ere *ou
1o, :$8.< 5o$s pulle8 out a ne0 one from /er purse an8 /an8e8 $t to
R$7/ar8 turne8 to Clar:. <So, $s t/at 1oo8 for *ou, Clar:P<
-e no88e8. <Soun8s s0ell.<
5o$s an8 R$7/ar8 9ot/ loo:e8 at /$m. 6$8 /e ;ust sa* <s0ell<P
Fason 0as 9eam$n1 as /e pulle8 up /$s sleeve an8 s/o0e8 5o$s t/e
)an8-4$8 on /$s upper arm. <5oo:, Mom. 3 1ot m* flu s/ot.<
<6$8 $t /urtP< 5o$s as:e8, 7lean$n1 a smu81e on /$s fa7e.
<2ot a 9$t.< -e 1r$nne8.
S/e leane8 $n an8 :$sse8 /$m a1a$n. <#/at=s m* 9o*.<
C/apter #0ent*-,ne
+rev$ous#op 2ext
5ex 5ut/or settle8 $nto #/e Dertru8e=s leat/er eas* 7/a$r, put /$s feet
up on t/e lar1e 8es: an8 7lose8 /$s e*es for a fe0 m$nutes as -a*8n
pla*e8 $n t/e 9a7:1roun8. 4s /$s t/ou1/ts too: off on a moment of
fantas*, /e preten8e8 /e 0as 7on8u7t$n1 t/e or7/estra, 9r$n1$n1 up t/e
0$n8 se7t$on, lo0er$n1 t/e str$n1s, 8eepen$n1 t/e per7uss$on. Soon, /e
t/ou1/t, /e 0oul8n=t /ave to preten8. -e=8 /ave /$s o0n or7/estra an8
t/e*=8 pla* 0/atever /e 7/ose exa7tl* as /e 8es$re8 $t.
#/e 7on7ert over, /e loo:e8 up at t/e frame8 naut$7al map s7re0e8 to
t/e 0all, t/en to a se7on8 map, t/$s one rolle8 up $n /$s /an8s. -e
+a1e 136
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
starte8 to unroll $t 0/en /e /ear8 t/e 7la7:et*-7la7: of ?$tt*=s /$1/
/eels 8es7en8$n1 t/e sta$rs, /ea8$n1 to0ar8 /$m.
<4/, 3 0as 0on8er$n1 0/at 0as ta:$n1 *ou so lon1, ?$tt*.<
-e turne8 an8 sm$le8 as s/e slappe8 /$m /ar8 a7ross t/e fa7e. -e
1ra99e8 /$s 7/ee: an8 loo:e8 /urt. <Somet/$n1 0ron1, m* 8earP<
S/e leane8 $n 7lose, an8 snarle8, <3 0as 1onna preten8 m* 9ra:es 0ere
out. 5$:e 0e tal:e8 a9out. +reten8J< -er vo$7e 0as s/r$ll an8 r$s$n1,
nearl* out of 7ontrol. <Cou 8$8n=t /ave to a7tuall* 7ut t/em.<
-e leane8 9a7: $nto t/e 7/a$r, 7los$n1 /$s e*es on7e more. <,f 7ourse 3
8$8. 4 man 7an al0a*s tell 0/en a 0oman $s preten8$n1. .spe7$all*
S/e tr$e8 slapp$n1 /$m a1a$n, 9ut /e 7au1/t /er 0r$st an8 /el8 $t f$rm.
S/e tr$e8 to pull $t a0a*, 9ut /e 0oul8n=t let 1o unt$l /e felt /er
9a7: 8o0n.
<6$8 *ou at least 1et *our 8um9 ro7:P< s/e sa$8 0ea:l*.
-e no88e8, sm$l$n1, as /e pulle8 /er 7loser to /$m. S/e 0as a /un8re8
:$n8s of trou9le, 9ut s/e 7ame 0rappe8 $n an $rres$st$9le pa7:a1e. <3
8$8. 2o0 as: me a9out t/e map.<
S/e loo:e8 at t/e map on t/e 0all. 3t 0as ;ust an or8$nar* map 0$t/ all
t/ose l$nes t/at 0ent up an8 8o0n an8 from s$8e to s$8e t/at meant
not/$n1 to /er. <#/at mapP< s/e as:e8.
-e lau1/e8. <2o. #/$s one,< /e sa$8, /ol8$n1 up t/e rolle8 map $n /$s
/an8s. <#/$s map $s t/e future.<
-e pulle8 /er 7loser, t/e$r l$ps almost tou7/$n1.
<Mr. 5ut/or,< Drant=s vo$7e 9oome8 over t/e $nter7om, ru$n$n1 t/e
moment, <t/e*=re a9out to start, s$r.< -e let /er 1o, an8 s/e s7urr$e8
9a7: a fe0 feet.
<#/an: *ou, Drant,< /e sa$8, anno*e8 9ut anx$ous to 1et to 0or:. -e
1lan7e8 9a7: to ?$tt*. <Well, 8ut* 7alls, Ms. ?o0als:$. We=ll tal: more
a9out t/$s later.<
S/e 0as >u$et as /e put t/e tu9e a0a* an8 loo:e8 8o0n at t/e ne0spaper
on /$s 8es:. <2$7e p$7ture,< /e 7ommente8 as /e 9rus/e8 past /er.
4s /e slamme8 t/e stateroom 8oor 9e/$n8 /$m, ?$tt* sa0 t/e 7op* of t/e
6a$l* +lanet. #/ere 0as a full-7olor p/oto of Superman /ol8$n1 /er $n
+a1e 13
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
/$s arms. #/ose po0erful arms. S/e sm$le8 at t/e p$7ture. 4n8 t/ose
9lueeeee e*es.
S/e 1lan7e8 at 5ex=s 7omputer an8 sa0 some mean$n1less 8$a1rams on t/e
mon$tor. 4lt/ou1/ s/e 8$8n=t :no0 0/at t/e* meant, t/e* 0ere mo8els of
?r*pton$an 7r*stal te7/nolo1* as 0ell as 7r*stall$ne ve/$7les an8 lar1e
tra7ts of lan8. .ven /a8 s/e re7o1n$%e8 0/at s/e 0as loo:$n1 at, s/e
7oul8 never /ave un8erstoo8 t/e$r $mportan7e.
3nstea8, s/e stare8 a fe0 more m$nutes at t/e p$7ture of /er loo:$n1
1$88* $n Superman=s arms, t/en 0ent 9a7: to /er 7a9$n to 8ream
0on8erful 8reams.
5ut/or steppe8 onto t/e 9r$81e as Stanfor8 0as 7arefull* remov$n1 t/e
explos$ves from a m$ss$le, t/en sett$n1 t/em as$8e $n a 8ra0er. -e
measure8 t/e m$ss$le 7ompartment, t/en turne8 to t/e small, ro7:*
meteor$te t/e* /a8 stolen from t/e museum 0/$le t/e* :ept Superman 9us*
else0/ere, f$1/t$n1 ev$l, $n;ust$7e, an8 9a8 9ra:es.
Stanfor8 7/$ppe8 off p$e7es of t/e meteor$te=s outer s/ell as 5ut/or
1a%e8 over /$s s/oul8er, star$n1 at $ts $nner 7ore. 3t 0as 1lo0$n1
Stanfor8 7/$ppe8 a0a* some more ro7: an8 expose8 more of t/e :r*pton$te
9eneat/ $t. 4 lon1, s/arp sl$ver of :r*pton$te 9ro:e off onto t/e
7ounter. 3t 0as a9out s$x $n7/es lon1 an8 tapere8 to a po$nt. 5ut/or
sl$ppe8 $t $nto /$s po7:et.
4s Stanfor8 7arefull* pla7e8 t/e rema$n$n1 7/un: of t/e :r*pton$te $nto
a metal v$se, ;ust un8er t/e 8r$ll, /e 0a$te8 for 5ex=s 1o-a/ea8
s$1nal. 5ut/or f$nall* no88e8, an8 Stanfor8 starte8 t/e 8r$ll. -e t/en
lo0ere8 $t slo0l* unt$l $ts t$p starte8 8r$ll$n1 $nto t/e 1lo0$n1 1reen
C/apter #0ent*-#0o
+rev$ous#op 2ext
F$mm* ,lsen 0as one step a0a* from ;ump$n1 out t/e +lanet 0$n8o0, 0$t/
no expe7tat$ons t/at Superman m$1/t 9e aroun8 to save /$m. -$s stoma7/
0as :notte8 as /e sat /un7/e8 over /$s :e*9oar8, popp$n1 anot/er
stoma7/ a7$8 7an8* 0/$le star$n1 at /$s 7omputer. 4 7alam$tous sl$8e
+a1e 13!
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
s/o0 of /$s latest p/otos fl$7:ere8 past, one after t/e ot/er, all
8$sappo$nt$n1I +/oto 1 0as a pat7/ of 9lue s:*. -e 7oul8 see a s$n1le
puff* 7lou8 float$n1 $n $t, 9ut no $ma1e of Superman. W/at 0as 3
t/$n:$n1P #/e 7lou8 8$ssolve8 $nto p/oto 2, 0/$7/ 0as an out-of-fo7us
s/ot of t/e s$8e of a 9u$l8$n1. -e remem9ere8 8un:$n1 /e sa0 Superman
strea:$n1 past. 3f Superman /a8 ever 9een t/ere, 9* t/e t$me t/e
s/utter re7or8e8 t/e $ma1e, /e 0oul8 /ave 9een /alf0a* to #oronto.
+/oto 3 0as no 9etter, a 9lurr* $ma1e of 0/at 7oul8 /ave 9een a man, or
poss$9l* a tree. ,r a s/a8o0.
#/e s$8e0al: pavement 0as loo:$n1 1oo8. #/e onl* t/$n1 t/at 8$8 t/ese
8a*s. -e 0at7/e8 as a fe0 more /orren8ous $ma1es stuttere8 past.
<Crap,< /e sa$8 a1a$n.
Clar: loo:e8 up from t/e 0ater7ooler, 0orr$e8. F$mm* /a8 al0a*s 9een so
up9eat. W/at /appene8 to /$mP
F$mm* stare8 at a p$7ture of anot/er useless strea: of 9lue s:*. <#/e
1u* ;ust moves too fast. 3 /aven=t 1otten one 8e7ent s/ot. +err*=s
1o$n1 to f$re me. 3 ;ust :no0 $t. Do8, m* stoma7/.< -e s0allo0e8
anot/er t0o 7an8$es an8 0as/e8 t/em 8o0n 0$t/ some so8a.
Clar: felt 9a8 for /$m. <?eep at $t. -e=s 1ot to slo0 8o0n eventuall*.<
Clar: reste8 a fr$en8l* /an8 on F$mm*=s s/oul8er an8 0at7/e8 more of
t/e sl$8e s/o0. -e /a8 to a8m$t t/e p/otos 0ere prett* 9a8. <Cou=ve 1ot
to 9e pat$ent. 4n8 *ou 0ant to :no0 anot/er se7retP<
F$mm* 7o7:e8 an e*e9ro0. <W/atP<
<+err* 0on=t respe7t *ou unt$l *ou tal: 9a7: to /$m. -e an8 5o$s f$1/t
all t/e t$me, 9ut *ou :no0 /o0 /e feels a9out /er. Cou=ve 1ot to stan8
up for *ourself, F$m. )ut 0/en *ou 8o, *ou=ve also 1ot to :no0 *ou=re
r$1/t. #/at=s 0/at /e respe7ts a9ove ever*t/$n1 else.<
<Cea/. )ut 0/at $f 3=m not r$1/tP<
<#/en 8on=t sa* an*t/$n1 unt$l *ou=re sure *ou are.<
F$mm* /a8 9e1un at t/e +lanet a9out t/e same t$me Clar: /a8, an8 0as
one of t/e f$rst people Clar: met t/e 8a* /e $nterv$e0e8 for t/e ;o9.
-e starte8 $n e8$tor$al as a ta9le 9o*, s/uffl$n1 papers from one
off$7e to t/e ot/er, fet7/$n1 7offee $f /e 0as as:e8 to or 7arr*$n1
sta7:s of art or e8$te8 7olumns up to s*n8$7at$on on t/e t0ent*-n$nt/
floor. W/en t/e +lanet $nstalle8 $ts $nternal e-ma$l s*stem, most of
t/ose ;o9s 0ent a0a*. )ut as lon1 as t/ere 0as a nee8 for 7offee, an8
as lon1 as F$mm*=s part-t$me pa* 0as lo0 an8 8$8n=t $n7lu8e me8$7al, /e
0as relat$vel* safe.
+a1e 13"
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
-e /a8 0ante8 to 9e a p/oto1rap/er from t/e t$me /e 0as t0elve. 'or /$s
s$xt/-1ra8e 1ra8uat$on, /$s fat/er /a8 9ou1/t /$m a pa0ne8 ol8
-assel9la8, an8 F$mm* spent t/e summer 9$7*7l$n1 aroun8 t/e Clearv$e0
se7t$on of Metropol$s, ta:$n1 p/oto1rap/s of ever*t/$n1 /e t/ou1/t
loo:e8 $nterest$n1. 3n Septem9er, /e s/o0e8 /$s sevent/-1ra8e tea7/er
t/e 9est of t/e p/otos, an8 0$t/ /er en7oura1ement, /e or1an$%e8 t/em
$nto a s/o0 for t/e s7/ool=s art 1aller*.
#/e p/otos 0ere seen 9* one of /$s 7lassmates= parents, 0/o 0or:e8 at
t/e Clearv$e0 S/opper, a lo7al free paper t/at pu9l$s/e8 a fe0
art$7les, 9ut ma8e $ts mone* sell$n1 a8vert$s$n1 to lo7al mer7/ants as
0ell as t/e 9$1 mov$e 7/a$ns tr*$n1 to lure t/e su9ur9an /ome9o8$es
8o0nto0n for t/e 0ee:en8s. #/e S/opper pa$8 /$m W25.&& for t/ree of /$s
<)a7: 4lle*s of Clearv$e0< p/otos an8 pu9l$s/e8 t/em on $ts front pa1e,
t/e 9e1$nn$n1 of F$mm*=s 8ream.
Several *ears later /e ;o$ne8 /$s /$1/-s7/ool ne0spaper an8 /a8 nearl*
a /un8re8 p/otos pr$nte8 8ur$n1 /$s t$me t/ere. -e use8 t/ose p/otos $n
/$s portfol$o an8 9e7ause of t/em 1ot a ;o9 $ntern$n1 at t/e 6a$l*
F$mm* /el8 no 8elus$ons t/at /e 0as 1o$n1 to 9e a star r$1/t off t/e
9at. -e assume8 0/en /e 0as /$re8 t/at /e=8 start 9* 0or:$n1 0$t/ t/e$r
staff p/oto1rap/ers, loa8$n1 f$lm, 8evelop$n1 ne1at$ves, $n s/ort,
learn$n1 t/e ropes, t/en, after prov$n1 /o0 1oo8 /e 0as, /e t/ou1/t
/e=8 >u$7:l* 1ra8uate to ;un$or p/oto1rap/er. 4fter f$ve *ears /e
env$s$one8 /$mself as a sen$or p/oto1rap/er, ass$1ne8, per/aps, to t/e
7r$me 9eat. -e 7learl* sa0 a ser$es of /$s 7r$me p/oto1rap/s pr$nte8 $n
/an8-toole8 leat/er-9oun8 e8$t$ons, per/aps 9e$n1 use8 to tea7/
p/oto1rap/* at Metropol$s @. )ut after t/ree *ears as ta9le 9o*, t/en
anot/er as 7op*9o*, an8 later un8er t/e 1ener$7 t$tle of <4ss$stant,<
/e /a8 not 9een allo0e8 to p$7: up a 7amera, let alone loa8 or use one.
<3 am so out of /ere,< F$mm* 0/$ne8. <+err*=s alrea8* fe8 up 0$t/ me,
an8 t/ese<KLO/e loo:e8 at a ser$es of p/otos of t/e attra7t$ve 9lon8e /e
sa0 0al:$n1 a7ross )$n8er )oule-var8, none 0$t/ Superman an*0/ere $n
t/emKLO<are not 1o$n1 to /elp me $n an* 0a*. 3 use8 to 9e so mu7/
C542DJ F$mm* an8 Clar: /ear8 a ru7:us 9e/$n8 t/em an8 sa0 Fason,
0ear$n1 a tras/ 7an on /$s /ea8, rampa1$n1 aroun8 t/e off$7e l$:e a
1$ant monster. -e roare8 0$l8l*, <DR,W5555555555< as /e slamme8 $nto
0alls, 9ut :ept 1o$n1.
<F$mm*, $s /eKLM o:a*P< Clar: 0/$spere8 to F$mm*.
F$mm* no88e8. <Cea/, /e=s f$ne. 4 fe0 0e$r8 aller1$es, ast/ma, 9ut t/e
:$8=s 7ome a lon1 0a* s$n7e /e 0as 9orn.<
+a1e 14&
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
<W/at 8o *ou meanP<
<Well,< F$mm* 9e1an, t/en lo0ere8 /$s vo$7e, <M$ss 5ane 8oesn=t l$:e to
tal: a9out $t, 9ut Fason 0as 9orn a l$ttle premature. #/e* 0eren=t sure
$f /e 0as even 1o$n1 to ma:e $t.<
Clar: :ept 0at7/$n1 Fason runn$n1 t/rou1/ t/e off$7e, 1ro0l$n1 l$:e
-e sa0 Fason run a7ross t/e floor to /$s mot/er s$tt$n1 at /er 8es:,
7/e7:$n1 over 7$t* maps.
Fason 9e1an /opp$n1 aroun8 5o$s, t/en f$nall* ran out of steam an8 sat
8o0n next to /er. R$7/ar8 ploppe8 8o0n 9es$8e /$m an8 put an arm aroun8
/$s son. -e :$sse8 Fason on t/e fore/ea8, an8 t/e* sat mere 0/$le 5o$s
5o$s pulle8 out a map of t/e .ast Coast an8 pla7e8 $t over t/e ot/ers.
S/e use8 a 7ompass to 8ra0 a ser$es of 7on7entr$7 7$r7les, 9ase8 on t/e
t$me an8 lo7at$on of ea7/ 9la7:out. #/e* 9e1an to s/o0 a pattern t/at
0oul8 1et /er 7loser to $ts po$nt of or$1$n.
5o$s turne8 to R$7/ar8 an8 not$7e8 t/at Fason 0as asleep. S/e :ept /er
vo$7e lo0. <We$r8. 3f t/ese t$mes are r$1/t, $t loo:s l$:e t/e 9la7:out
sprea8 from a spe7$f$7 po$nt.<
<W/ereP< R$7/ar8 0on8ere8.
S/e 7/e7:e8 t/e map a1a$n an8 s/oo: /er /ea8. <3=m not sure *et.<
Fason rolle8 off R$7/ar8 an8 0ent to sleep on t/e floor. R$7/ar8
fl$ppe8 t/rou1/ p$les of ol8 art$7les an8 resear7/ papers 8eal$n1 0$t/
Superman t/at 0ere 7ro08$n1 /er 8es:. <-e=s 7erta$nl* a lot taller t/an
3 t/ou1/t.<
47ross t/e room, Clar: su88enl* per:e8 up, l$sten$n1 $n on t/e$r
pr$vate 7onversat$on.
<S$x-four,< s/e sa$8.
<3 love t/at /e 7an see t/rou1/ an*t/$n1. 3=8 /ave fun 0$t/ t/at.<
<4n*t/$n1 9ut lea8,< s/e sm$r:e8.
<4n8 0/at=s t/at ot/er t/$n1 /e 8oes 0$t/ /$s e*esP 5aser 9lasts, or,
0/at 0ere t/e*P<
+a1e 141
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
<-eat v$s$on. )ut /e 8oesn=t use $t mu7/. -e also /as teles7op$7
v$s$on. #/at lets /$m see lon1-8$stan7e. 3f /e 7om9$nes Q-ra* v$s$on
0$t/ teles7op$7 v$s$on, t/ere=s pro9a9l* not/$n1 on .art/ t/at 7an /$8e
from /$m.<
<@nless $t=s 7overe8 9* lea8,< R$7/ar8 a88e8.
<Cea/. @nless $t=s 7overe8 9* lea8.<
R$7/ar8 p$7:e8 up a p/oto1rap/ ta:en on t/at f$rst 8a* Superman /a8 let
5o$s $nterv$e0 /$m. <3 9et /e=sKLM< -e 8$8n=t /ave to 7ont$nue.
<#0o /un8re8 an8 t0ent*-f$ve poun8s, faster t/an a spee8$n1 9ullet,
$nvulnera9le to an*t/$n1 9ut :r*pton$te, an8 /e never l$es.<
5o$s 1lan7e8 up from /er 0or:. <Ra8$oa7t$ve p$e7es of /$s /ome 0orl8.
3t=s 8ea8l*. #o /$m. W/*P<
<Fust as:$n1. Wo0. Soun8s l$:e t/e perfe7t 1u*.<
-e turne8 to see Clar: stan8$n1 near F$mm*. #/e* 0ere o9v$ousl* en1a1e8
$n some ser$ous 8$s7uss$on. <-e*, /o0 tall 0oul8 *ou sa* Clar: $sP< /e
5o$s s/ru11e8. <3 8on=t :no0. Ma*9e s$x-t/ree, s$x-fourP<
<4roun8 t0o /un8re8 poun8s,< R$7/ar8 a88e8.
5o$s pause8 an8 loo:e8 up a1a$n. <Sure, 0/*P<
S/e follo0e8 /$s 1a%e as /e turne8 to see Clar:. -e loo:e8 up an8
sm$le8 nervousl* as $f /e real$%e8 /e 0as 9e$n1 0at7/e8. -e 7ou1/e8
$nto /$s /an8, t/en 0ave8 at t/em. #/e* 9ot/ 9e1an to lau1/ to
t/emselves. <2o reason. 2ever m$n8.<
-e sa0 Fason 0a:$n1 up. <-e*, Fason, F$mm*, let=s 1o 1et t/ese $ntrep$8
reporters somet/$n1 to :eep t/em 1o$n1, o:a*P<
Fason 0as alrea8* on /$s feet. <)urrrrrr$tosJ RoarrrrrJ<
5o$s 0at7/e8 t/em ta:e off, sm$le8 at Clar:, an8 0ent 9a7: to 0or:. #/e
s$len7e 0as un7omforta9le. -e :ept snea:$n1 loo:s at /er, tr*$n1 to
f$n8 a 0a* to start a 7onversat$on. 4n* 7onversat$on. -e 8e7$8e8 /e 0as
1o$n1 to as: /er a9out t/e 9la7:outs. )efore /e 7oul8, 5o$s starte8
+a1e 142
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
<So. -ave *ou foun8 a pla7e to l$ve *etP<
-e s/oo: /$s /ea8. <2o. 3=m st$ll loo:$n1.<
<W/ere /ave *ou 9een spen8$n1 *our n$1/ts, t/enP<
Clar: s/ru11e8. <,/, /ere an8 t/ere.<
-e loo:e8 9a7: at t/e ;an$tor=s 7loset, t/en turne8 9a7: to /er. <Cou
:no0. @mm, 5o$s, 3 0ante8 to as: *ou a9out t/at art$7leKLM<
S/e stoo8 up, 7utt$n1 /$m off 9efore /e 7oul8 9e1$n. <-e*, 3=m 1onna
run 8o0nsta$rs for some fres/ a$r. 5et=s tal: 0/en 3 1et 9a7:. ,:a*P<
<Sure. 5ater t/en.<
S/e 1ra99e8 /er purse 9* one /an8le, sp$ll$n1 $ts 7ontents over t/e
floor. #/ere 0as a small ma:eup :$t, a tape re7or8er, an8 a pa7: of
7$1arettes. S/e s/ove8 t/em 9a7: $nto /er purse an8 1ave Clar: an
em9arrasse8 sm$le. -e 0as a9out to sa* somet/$n1 0/en s/e 8arte8 to t/e
4s t/e 8oor sl$8 s/ut /e ra$se8 /$s 1lasses, fo7use8 /$s e*es, an8 sa0
/er $ns$8e, 1ra99$n1 for /er pa7: of 7$1arettes. S/e presse8 t/e 9utton
for t/e top floor of t/e +lanet 9u$l8$n1 an8 /ea8e8 for t/e roof.
#/e a$r 0as 9r$s: an8 7lean, an8 s/e 8re0 $n a lon1 9reat/ as t/e 0$n8
rus/e8 past /er. #/e 6a$l* +lanet 1lo9e 0as revolv$n1 ;ust a9ove /er.
S/e sat 8o0n on t/e le81e an8 loo:e8 aroun8 /er susp$7$ousl*. #/ere 0as
no9o8* /ere. +erfe7t. S/e too: out a 7$1arette an8 stare8 at $t, t/en
fl$7:e8 /er l$1/ter an8 $t $1n$te8. )ut as soon as s/e tou7/e8 t/e
flame to t/e t$p, $t 0ent out.
S/e tr$e8 a1a$n. #/e l$1/ter l$t for a moment, t/en ext$n1u$s/e8 $tself
a1a$n. S/e tr$e8 a1a$n, fl$7:$n1 $t /ar8er t/$s t$me, 9ut $t
a77$8entall* 8roppe8 from /er /an8. ?neel$n1, s/e 1rope8 un8er a
rooftop vent sear7/$n1 for $t.
<Cou :no0, *ou reall* s/oul8n=t 9e smo:$n1, M$ss 5ane.<
,/m*Do8J S/e :ne0 t/at vo$7e. ?ne0 $t as 0ell as Fason=s, :ne0 $t
per/aps 9etter t/an an*one else=s.
C/apter #0ent*-#/ree
+a1e 143
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
+rev$ous#op 2ext
S/e *elpe8 as s/e sa0 /$m lan8 on t/e le81e.
<3=m sorr*. 3 8$8n=t mean toKLO<
Close up /e 0as ;ust t/e 0a* s/e remem9ere8. S/e 8re0 $n anot/er
9reat/. Rea8* no0J
S/e stra$1/tene8 up, 7ompos$n1 /erself. <3=m f$ne. Reall*. 3 ;ust
0asn=t expe7t$n1 *ou.<
-e steppe8 7loser, an8 s/e steppe8 9a7: $n response. <So 0/ereKLOP< S/e
starte8 to sa*, even as /e spo:e.
3t 0as an a0:0ar8 s$len7e.
5o$s :ne0 s/e /a8 to ta:e 7ontrol. 3f s/e 8$8n=t, t/$s 7oul8 turn out
so 0ron1. <Cou f$rst. 3 7an 0a$t.<
S/e 7oul8 see /$m stra$1/ten up, 7ompos$n1 /$mself. 3t 0as as a0:0ar8
for /$m as $t 0as for /er. Doo8J -e 8eserves $tJ S/e 0as an1r*, an8
alt/ou1/ s/e 0asn=t sure s/e 0ante8 $t, s/e 0as 1ett$n1 t/e 7/an7e for
some :$n8 of 7losure.
<3=m sorr*,< /e 9e1an. <'or leav$n1 l$:e mat. 4n8 0$t/ all t/e press on
t/e plane, 3 0asn=t sure $f $t 0as t/e 9est t$me for us to tal:.<
+ressP 5o$s 0as 7onfuse8. S/e stru11le8 to ma:e sense of /$m, t/en
su88enl* remem9ere8. <,/, r$1/t. #/e ;et. Well, t/ere=s no press aroun8
no0. .x7ept me.< S/e let t/e <me< /an1, 8eman8$n1 /$s explanat$on. S/e
7oul8 tell /e 0as stru11l$n1 for an ans0er. Cea/. 6o $t. Stru11le.
<3 :no0 people are, u/, as:$n1 a lot of >uest$ons no0 t/at 3=m 9a7:,
an8 3, u/, t/$n: $t=s onl* fa$r t/at 3 ans0erKLM t/ose people.<
#/ose peopleP <So, *ou=re /ere for an $nterv$e0P<
-e no88e8, not 7erta$n 0/at else to sa*. -e real$%e8 t/at 7om$n1 /ere,
7om$n1 to /er, 0as a m$sta:e. -er l$fe 0as settle8. S/e /a8 a :$8. S/e
0as /app*. W/* am 3 tr*$n1 to upset t/e apple7artP W/* 8$8 3 7ome /ereP
<,:a* t/en.< #/e an1er 0as t/$7: $n /er vo$7e. <4n $nterv$e0 $t $s.<
S/e rea7/e8 for /er purse, to 1et out t/e tape re7or8er. S/e fum9le8
+a1e 144
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
for $t am$8st all t/e stuff s/e /a8 tosse8 $n 0$t/out plann$n1. <W/ere
8$8 3 put t/at t/$n1KLMP<
<#/e r$1/t po7:et, 5o$s,< Superman sa$8.
<#/e tape re7or8er. 3t=s $n *our r$1/t po7:et.<
<,:a*. '$ne. 4n $nterv$e0. Soun8s ;ust a9outKLM r$1/t.< S/e turne8 t/e
tape re7or8er on. -e 0ants an $nterv$e0P -e=s 1onna 1et one /e 0on=t
ever for1et.
<5et=s start 0$t/ t/e 9$1 >uest$on. W/ere 8$8 *ou 1oP<
<#o ?r*pton,< /e ans0ere8, 0$t/out paus$n1.
5o$s 0as 7onfuse8. <)ut *ou tol8 me $t 0as 8estro*e8. 41es a1o.<
-e 8$8n=t ans0er /er >u$7:l*, an8 s/e 7oul8 see t/e pa$n 9e/$n8 /$s
e*es. W/en /e f$nall* spo:e, /$s vo$7e /a8 >u$-ete8 a 9$t. 3t felt sa8.
<3 8$8. 3t 0as. )ut 0/en astronomers t/ou1/t t/e* foun8 $tKLM 3 /a8 to
see for m*self.<
W/at /appene8 out t/ereP W/at 8$8 /e seeP S/e /ear8 /$s vo$7e 0ea:en,
an8 s/e real$%e8 /o0 mu7/ /$s ans0er affe7te8 /er as 0ell. 6amm$tJ W/*
7oul8n=t *ou ;ust tell me *ou move8 $n 0$t/ some 9$m9o or somet/$n1P
S/e pause8 to 1et /er 9ear$n1s.
<Well, *ou=re 9a7:, an8 ever*one seems to 9e /app* a9out $t.<
-e s/oo: /$s /ea8. <2ot ever*one,< /e sa$8 >u$etl*. <1 rea8 t/e
art$7le, 5o$s. =W/* t/e Worl8 6oesn=t 2ee8 Superman.=<
S/e=8 9een 0a$t$n1 for t/at. <So 8$8 a lot of people. #omorro0 n$1/t
t/e*=re 1$v$n1 me t/e +ul$t%er for $t.<
-e loo:e8 at /er, tr*$n1 to rea8 /er t/ou1/ts. 3t 0as t/e one po0er,
r$1/t no0, /e 0as t/an:ful /e 8$8n=t /ave. <W/* 8$8 *ou 0r$te $tP<
5o$s 7l$7:e8 off t/e tape re7or8er an8 turne8 a0a*. S/e 0al:e8 to t/e
ot/er s$8e of t/e roof an8 stare8 $nto t/e n$1/t s:*. S/e felt /er
7/ee: mo$sten as s/e 0$pe8 /er e*es 0$t/ t/e 9a7: of /er /an8.
<-o0 7oul8 *ou leave me l$:e t/atP<
-e stoppe8, 7au1/t off 1uar8.
+a1e 145
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
<3=m sorr* $f 3 /urt *ou.<
S/e felt t/e :not $n /er stoma7/. S/e /a8 l$ve8 0$t/ t/at pa$n for f$ve
*ears. W/ere are *ouP W/* 8$8 *ou 1oP 4re *ou ever 7om$n1 9a7:P 6$8 3
8o somet/$n1KLOP
3t 0as onl* $n t/e fe0 last mont/s t/at s/e /a8 9een a9le to put even a
small part of $t as$8e.
<2o. #/e t$me to sa* sorr* 0as f$ve *ears a1o.< S/e :ept star$n1 $nto
spa7e, tr*$n1 to re1a$n some mo8$7um of 7ontrol. 3 am not 1o$n1 to 7r*.
3 am not 1o$n1 to 7r*.
-er 0or8s 0ere 8el$9erate, spo:en slo0l* as $f tr*$n1 to t0$st t/em
$nto somet/$n1 7almer, less potent, t/an s/e felt, 9ut /er an1er st$ll
s/oo: /$m. <3 move8 on. 3 /a8 to. 4n8 so 8$8 t/e rest of us. #/at=s 0/*
3 0rote $t. #/e 0orl8 8oesn=t nee8 a sav$or.<
<3 never 0ante8 to 9e a sav$or. 3 never tr$e8 to 9e one. 3 ;ust 0ante8
to /elp t/e 9est 3 7oul8.<
<Cou sure s7re0e8 t/at up, 8$8n=t *ouP<
#/e* stoo8 >u$et, ne$t/er /av$n1 an*t/$n1 left to sa*. -e 0at7/e8 /er
for several m$nutes, :no0$n1 s/e 0as r$1/t, of 7ourse. -e s/oul8 /ave
tol8 /er 9eforeKLM -e s/oul8 /ave expla$ne8 $t all to /er, 9ut /e 8$8n=t.
-e 7oul8n=t.
<5o$s, 0$ll *ou 7ome 0$t/ meP< -e 0asn=t sure 0/* /e 0as as:$n1 /er or
0/at /e=8 /ope8 0oul8 /appen $f s/e sa$8 *es. 4ll /e :ne0 0as /e
7oul8n=t let /er 1o l$:e t/$s. 2ot no0, after all t/$s t$me.
-e 8$8n=t reall* /ave an ans0er. <#/ere=s somet/$n1 3 0ant to s/o0 to
*ou.< S/e 7ont$nue8 star$n1 at t/e s:*l$ne, r$pe 0$t/ t/e 7olors of an
earl* 8us:. <+lease,< /e sa$8 f$nall*.
S/e 0as /es$tat$n1, 0ant$n1 to 1o 9ut :no0$n1 s/e s/oul8n=t. <3 7an=t
9e 1one lon1,< s/e sa$8, t/en 7urse8 /erself for open$n1 t/at 8oor
a1a$n. 2ot/$n1 1oo8 7an 7ome pom t/$s.
-e sm$le8 s0eetl* at /er. <Cou 0on=t 9e.<
S/e steppe8 7loser to /$m, re1rett$n1 $t alrea8*, 9ut also :no0$n1 s/e
7oul8n=t refuse /$m. S/e never 7oul8. S/e :$7:e8 off /er /eels, t/en
pla7e8 /er feet on /$s. '$nall*, s/e loo:e8 up $nto /$s e*es.
+a1e 146
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
<Clar: sa*s t/e reason *ou left 0$t/out sa*$n1 1oo8-9*e $s 9e7ause $t
0as too un9eara9le for *ou. +ersonall*, 3 t/$n: t/at=s a loa8 of 7rap.<
Superman sm$le8 $n t/at 0a* t/at melte8 /er /eart. <Ma*9e Clar:=s
S/e tr$e8 to turn a0a* a1a$n 9ut 7oul8n=t. <Cou :no0, m*, umm, R$7/ar8,
$s a p$lot. -e ta:es me up all t/e t$me.< <2ot l$:e t/$s.<
S/e loo:e8 8o0n an8 1aspe8. #/e* 0ere alrea8* f$ft* feet a9ove t/e
rooftop an8 mov$n1 over t/e e81e. S/e 0as s/$ver$n1, an8 /er foot
sl$ppe8 off /$s. Drav$t* tu11e8 at /er, an8 s/e /el8 on to /$m t$1/ter.
#/e* 9e1an to r$se a1a$n.
S/e :ept star$n1 as /$s 0arm 9lue e*es rea7/e8 $nto /ers.
S/e :ne0 t/e* /a8 8one t/$s all 9efore. #/at ma1$7al n$1/t. W/en s/e
/el8 on to /$s /an8 as t/e* floate8 past t/e 7$t* an8 over t/e 0ater,
alone, loo:$n1 at ea7/ ot/er as $f no one else ex$ste8, t/at n$1/t 0/en
s/e fell $n love 0$t/ /$m :no0$n1 t/ere 7oul8 never 9e an*one else.
)ut t/ere 0as someone else no0.
#/e* 0ere 9ot/ s$lent as /e f$nall* stoppe8, /over$n1 /$1/ a9ove t/e
7$t*. #/e* floate8 t/ere for 0/at seeme8 l$:e forever.
3t 0as all t/e same, *et so 8$fferent.
<W/at 8o *ou /earP< /e f$nall* as:e8 /er.
5o$s s/oo: /er /ea8. <2ot/$n1. 3t=s >u$et.<
-e sm$le8 at /er. <6o *ou :no0 0/at 3 /earP 3 /ear ever*t/$n1.< -$s
sm$le fa8e8.
<Cou 0rote t/at t/e 0orl8 8oesn=t nee8 a sav$or. )ut ever* 8a* 3 /ear
people 7r*$n1 for one.<
S/e felt /er /eart s$n:. #/$s $sn=t t/e same. 3t $s 8$fferent.
-e 0as st$ll loo:$n1 at /er.
<3=ll ta:e *ou 9a7: no0,< /e sa$8.
#/e stars 0ere t0$n:l$n1 $n t/e 8ar:ness 0/en /e rea7/e8 out to t/em.
#/e* ma1$7all* r$pple8 at /$s tou7/. 5o$s sa0 /erself as t/e* fle0 ;ust
$n7/es a9ove t/e r$ver, /$s f$n1er runn$n1 t/rou1/ t/e 0ater,
fra1ment$n1 t/e$r refle7t$on.
+a1e 14
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
#/e* fle0 past ro0s of s/ore /omes. S/e sa0 a 1l$mpse of /er o0n /ouse
as t/e* /ea8e8 for t/e Metropol$s )r$81e, t/en 8$ve8 un8er t/e
#/e* 1l$8e8 past a se7t$on of s7affol8$n1 0/ere spar:s from 9lo0tor7/es
ra$ne8 8o0n aroun8 t/em l$:e f$re0or:s. Constru7t$on 0or:ers turne8 an8
1a0:e8 as t/e* 7ont$nue8 on to t/e 7$t*.
Metropol$s=s ma;est$7 to0ers 0ere 9at/e8 $n 1ol8en l$1/t as t/e* soare8
over an8 9et0een t/em. -e pulle8 to t/e r$1/t an8 7arr$e8 /er to0ar8 a
tall 9u$l8$n1. 3t 8$8n=t loo: l$:e /e 0as plann$n1 to stop. 5o$s 9ra7e8
/erself, 9ut /e rose su88enl*, an8 t/e* 9e1an to turn an8 sp$n, 0rappe8
$n ea7/ ot/er=s arms, l$:e some slo0 8an7e $n t/e m$88le of t/e s:*.
#/e* 7ont$nue8 r$s$n1 /$1/er, unt$l t/e 6a$l* +lanet 1lo9e appeare8. -e
/overe8 t/ere for anot/er moment, t/en 1entl* lo0ere8 /er to t/e roof.
S/e loo:e8 $nto /$s e*es a1a$n, t/e$r fa7es $n7/es apart. 3t 0oul8 9e
so eas*. S/e move8 7loser to /$m, t/en su88enl* pulle8 9a7:, 8a%e8.
<R$7/ar8=s a 1oo8 man,< s/e f$nall* sa$8 after a lon1 moment. S/e 7oul8
9arel* 7at7/ /er 9reat/. <4n8 *ou=ve 9een 1one a lon1 t$me.<
<3 :no0,< Superman sa$8.
S/e 0as stan8$n1 on t/e roof a1a$n. -e let /er 1o an8 s/e 1entl*
rea7/e8 8o0n an8 p$7:e8 up /er s/oes. S/e 0al:e8 unstea8$l* to t/e
rooftop 8oor, t/en turne8 9a7: to /$m. <So, 0$ll 3 see *ouP 4roun8P<
-e sm$le8 a1a$n an8 no88e8. <3=m al0a*s aroun8. Doo8 n$1/t, 5o$s.<
-e loo:e8 up $nto t/e s:* an8 0as su88enl* fl*$n1 t/rou1/ $t. 5o$s
0at7/e8 unt$l /e 0as 1one.
4fter a fe0 m$nutes, s/e >u$etl* ma8e /er 0a* 8o0n t/e sta$rs to t/e
e8$tor$al floor. -er t/ou1/ts 0ere fra%%le8, an8 t/at 9ot/ere8 /er. S/e
l$:e8 t/e l$fe s/e /a8 ma8e an8 8$8n=t 0ant an*t/$n1KLOnot even /$mKLOupsett$n1
S/e entere8 t/e 7onferen7e room an8 sa0 R$7/ar8, Fason, Clar:, an8
F$mm* eat$n1 ta:eout. -er sm$le returne8 as /er son ran to /er. <Momm*,
0e=ve 9een /av$n1 fun.<
S/e :$sse8 9ot/ of Fason=s 7/ee:s, t/en 1ave R$7/ar8 a :$ss on t/e
l$ps. <5ove *ou.<
<)a7: at7/a,< R$7/ar8 sa$8 as /e move8 a fe0 of t/e 7onta$ners 7loser
to /er. <We=ve 1ot 9eef, /one*. 6o *ou 0ant t/e ve11$e or tofu 0rapP<
+a1e 14!
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
<-one* 9eef,< s/e sa$8.
S/e s/oo: /erself out of /er rever$e. <Sorr*. Ae11$e. 3=ll /ave t/e
ve11$e 0rap.<
R$7/ar8 0at7/e8 /er star$n1 out t/e 0$n8o0, $nto t/e 8$stan7e, as $f
loo:$n1 forKLM somet/$n1. -er /a$r 0as 0$n89lo0n. <5o$s, 0/ere /ave *ou
S/e not$7e8 Clar: 0at7/$n1 as s/e ans0ere8 /$m. <3 0as ;ust on t/e
roof, 1ett$n1 some a$r.<
S/e sm$le8 at /$m, 9ut t/e loo: $n /$s e*es sa$8 /e 0as susp$7$ous.
<#ell me t/e trut/, 5o$s.<
S/e 0as trem9l$n1. 2ervous.
<-ave *ou 9een smo:$n1P< /e as:e8 /er.
S/e 1r$nne8 s/eep$s/l*. <Cau1/t.<
C/apter #0ent*-'our
+rev$ous#op 2ext
S/e ploppe8 8o0n onto t/e l$v$n1-room 7ou7/, t/e laptop rest$n1 on /er
lap. 'rom 0/ere s/e 0as s$tt$n1 s/e 7oul8 see t/e f$repla7e mantel an8
t/e 7luster of p$7tures of /er an8 R$7/ar8 an8 Fason t/at 7overe8 $t.
-e 0as su7/ a 1oo8 man, an8 s/e love8 /$m. S/e 8$8n=t /ave to loo: to
:no0 t/ere 0as a p$7ture of t/em, ta:en at t/e Metropol$s Count* 'a$r,
on t/e$r ver* f$rst 8ate, s$tt$n1 on t/e mantel=s left s$8e.
S/e real$%e8 /o0 stran1e $t 0as. -e 9e1an 0or:$n1 at t/e +lanet a fe0
0ee:s after SupermanKLM van$s/e8. Clar: /a8 ta:en off, tooKLOan8 somet$me
after Superman 8$sappeare8 /e sent a post7ar8 sa*$n1 /e nee8e8 to f$n8
/$mself, or somet/$n1 l$:e t/at. '$ne. W/atever.
S/e=8 met R$7/ar8 9efore, alt/ou1/ onl* on7e. S/e t/ou1/t /e 0as
1oo8-loo:$n1, 9ut t/e* /a8n=t tal:e8, an8 s/e 8$8n=t t/$n: mu7/ else
a9out /$m. )es$8es, /e 0as 0or:$n1 on t/e +lanet=s $nternat$onal s$8e,
+a1e 14"
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
9ase8 out of 5on8on, so t/e o88s of see$n1 /$m a1a$n 0ere sl$m at 9est.
)ut at +err*=s ur1$n1 /e=8 7ome 9a7: to Metropol$s, to /ea8 up t/e
+lanet=s 3nternat$onal )ureau from t/e ma$n off$7e. ,n /$s t/$r8 'r$8a*
0or:$n1 $n Metropol$s /e 7ompla$ne8 to /er t/at /e 8$8n=t :no0 an*one
$n to0n, t/en as:e8 $f s/e 0oul8 a77ompan* /$m to t/e 7ount* fa$r. -e
sa$8 /e reall* 0ante8 to see $t 9ut 8$8n=t t/$n: /e 7oul8 1o alone. 4
ma7/o t/$n1.
4 /armless enou1/ 1et-to1et/er, s/e t/ou1/t, /ar8l* a 8ate, 0$t/ t/em
an8 t/$rt* t/ousan8 ot/ers 7ro08$n1 t/e narro0 'a$rplex streets. S/e
0asn=t loo:$n1 to meet an*one. S/e /a8n=t *et a77epte8 t/e $8ea t/at
Superman 0as 1one. )ut t/e fa$r soun8e8 fun, 8um9 fun, a
not-alto1et/er-terr$9le 0a* to spen8 a free Satur8a*.
<4 5$ttle )$t of Countr* $n a W/ole 5ot of C$t*,< 0as t/e slo1an t/at
*ear. 4s t/e* entere8, a *oun1 1$rl 0/o 7oul8n=t /ave 9een more t/an
seventeen, 8resse8 $n 7ountr*-1$rl 1$n1/am, snappe8 t/e$r p/oto, 1ave
t/em a 7oupon, an8 sa$8 $t 0oul8 9e rea8*, $f t/e* 0ante8 to pur7/ase
$t, 0/en t/e* left t/e par: t/at n$1/t.
5o$s /a8 no $ntent$on of 8o$n1 so, 9ut n$ne /ours later, sate8 or
per/aps 0$re8 9* $7e 7ream, ve11$e 7orn 8o1s on a st$7:, lemona8e sol8
to t/em 9* teena1ers 0ear$n1 str$pe8 7lot/$n1 an8 /ats, ))S 7orn,
8eep-fr$e8 #0$n:$es an8 la8en 8o0n 0$t/ a /alf 8o%en 1$ant stuffe8
an$mals /e=8 0on for /er at t/e s$8es/o0, 0ell, t/e p$7ture /a8 7ome
out loo:$n1 reall* 1oo8, an8, 9es$8es, $t no lon1er seeme8 l$:e a
totall* 8or:* $8ea.
S/e 0as 1la8 no0 /e $ns$ste8 on 9u*$n1 t/e p$7ture for /er. 3t 0as a
memor* of t/e f$rst 8a* s/e stoppe8 7r*$n1 an8 starte8 to lau1/ a1a$n.
S/e tol8 /$m up front s/e 0asn=t $ntereste8 $n a relat$ons/$p. -e sa$8
/e /a8 no pro9lem 0$t/ t/at.
<#rust me. 3=m not loo:$n1 to settle 8o0n, e$t/er,< /e sa$8 more t/an
on7e. <'or all 3 :no0 an* 8a* no0 @n7le +err*=s 1o$n1 to s/$p me 9a7:
to 5on8on. )ut $t=ll 9e fun 0/$le $t lasts.<
'un. 'un 0oul8 9e o:a*. 'un 0oul8 a7tuall* 9e 8$fferent.
-e 0as n$7e. 'unn*. -an8some. .x7$t$n1. Smart as /ell. #/e* /a8 1reat
t$mes to1et/er, 9ut s/e st$ll 0asn=t loo:$n1 for an*one. 'or a lon1
t$me s/e 8$8n=t even 0ant to a8m$t t/ere 0as a relat$ons/$p 9re0$n1,
9ut slo0l*, an8 so $mper7ept$9l* ne$t/er of t/em not$7e8 $t, over a
lon1 t$me, $t seeme8 to /er no0, $t 9e7ame one nevert/eless.
4n8 0/en +err* f$nall* 8$8 tal: to /$m a9out return$n1 to 5on8on,
+a1e 15&
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
R$7/ar8 turne8 /$m 8o0n. <2ope. 2ot reall* $ntereste8. )es$8es, 3 7an
8o t/e ;o9 ;ust as 0ell from /ere,< /e 1uarantee8. W/en /e tol8 /er
0/at /e /a8 8one, s/e s/r$e:e8 0$t/ ;o*.
S/e 0asn=t >u$te sure 0/en s/e /a8 fallen $n love 0$t/ /$m, 9ut s/e
:ne0 /e 0as not onl* t/ere for /er 0/en s/e nee8e8 /$m, s/e :ne0 s/e
0ante8 to 9e t/ere for /$m, too. #o /elp /$m 0/en /e nee8e8 /er. #/at
0as 8$fferent for /er. #/at /a8n=t /appene8 $n an* of /er prev$ous
one-0a* relat$ons/$ps. .spe7$all* not 0$t/ /$m.
-e 8$8n=t nee8 /elp. -e 7erta$nl* 8$8n=t nee8 /ers.
S/e :ne0 s/e 0as a /an8ful. -ell, $t /a8 ta:en a Superman to 8eal 0$t/
/er, 9ut R$7/ar8 :ne0 /o0 to 7/allen1e /er. ?eep /er off 1uar8 a
l$ttle. -e 0asn=t someone *ou 7oul8 steamroller. )ut /e 0as someone s/e
0ante8 to s/are a l$fe 0$t/.
5o$s en;o*e8 t/e$r n$1/ts to1et/er, 7urle8 up on t/e 7ou7/, rea8$n1
9oo:s, 0at7/$n1 6A6s, pla*$n1 0$t/ Fason. R$7/ar8 0as a reall* 1oo8
7oo:, an $n7re8$9le fat/er, an8 an even 9etter lover. #/ere 0as a
7omfort t/ere, of 7ourse, 9ut $t 0as more t/an ;ust t/at.
,ne 8a* s/e 0o:e up at t/ree $n t/e morn$n1, rolle8 over $n 9e8, loo:e8
at /$m sleep$n1 9es$8e /er, an8 real$%e8 /o0 mu7/ s/e a8ore8 /$m.
S/e 1lan7e8 at t/e laptop a1a$n an8 s/$vere8, su88enl* feel$n1 7ol8.
S/e 9un8le8 t/e af1/an t/at R$7/ar8 /a8 9ou1/t for /er on one of t/e$r
0ee:en8 tr$ps to t/e +enns*lvan$an 6ut7/ 7ountr* aroun8 /er, an8 s/e
0rote $nto t/e n$1/t. 4t n$ne t/e next morn$n1, s/e /an8e8 t/e
$nterv$e0 to +err*.
<3s t/$s realP< /e as:e8. S/e 8$8n=t 9ot/er repl*$n1. <-o0=8 *ou f$n8
<-e foun8 me.<
<Dreat. 3 7an=t 0a$t to rea8 $t.< -e turne8 to t/e f$rst pa1e, 9ut s/e
0as st$ll stan8$n1 $n front of /$s 8es:, 0a$t$n1. <W/atJ<
Some0/ere from 8eep $ns$8e /er 5o$s foun8 a 0a* to 9e s0eet. ,r at
least to tal: s0eetl*. S/e 1ave /$m t/e most 8emure sm$le s/e 0as
7apa9le of ma:$n1. <So, Mr. W/$te, a9out t/at 9la7:outKLMP<
+err* put 8o0n t/e $nterv$e0 an8 1ave /er a 7onfuse8 loo:. <5o$s, t/$s
$s t/e 9$11est n$1/t of *our l$fe, an8 all *ou 7are a9out $s t/at
stor*P -ave *ou p$7:e8 out a 8ressP Somet/$n1 sna%%*, 3 /opeP<
<3t ;ust feels a l$ttle 0e$r8 0$nn$n1 for t/at art$7le,< s/e sa$8,
+a1e 151
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
s/o0$n1 more re1ret t/an s/e /a8 $nten8e8. <3t 8oesn=t seem r$1/t
<W/at 8oesn=t seem r$1/tP<
.ven as s/e 0rote a9out /$s return s/e spent most of t/e n$1/t a0a:e,
tr*$n1 to put 0or8s to /er m$xe8 feel$n1s. <Dett$n1 an a0ar8 for an
art$7le 7alle8, =W/* t/e Worl8 6oesn=t 2ee8 Superman.=< S/e /el8 up a
7op* of t/at morn$n1=s +lanet. <W/en, a77or8$n1 to t/$s paper, $t
+err* s/oo: /$s /ea8 as /e 1ot up from 9e/$n8 t/e 8es:. -e put /$s arm
aroun8 /er s/oul8er an8 9e1an to 0al: /er outs$8e. <5o$s, +ul$t%er
+r$%es are l$:e 47a8em* 40ar8s. 2o9o8* remem9ers 0/at *ou 1ot one for.
Fust t/at *ou 1ot one.<
5o$s 0as a9out to >uest$on /$m. <)utKLO< s/e starte8 to sa*.
<#/$s n$1/t=s for *ou, 5o$s. Fust en;o* $t. 3=m sure ?ent=s on t/e
S/e starte8 to protest 0/en t/e 8oor to /$s off$7e 7lose8 $n front of
/er. -e /a8 le8 /er $nto t/e 9ullpen 0$t/out /er even real$%$n1 $t. S/e
loo:e8 9a7: t/rou1/ t/e 1lass part$t$on an8 sa0 /e 0as alrea8* s$tt$n1
at /$s 8es:, 1o$n1 over /er $nterv$e0, a re8 pen $n /$s r$1/t /an8. S/e
1ro0le8 at /$m, an8 t/ou1/ /e 8$8n=t loo: up to see /er, /e 0ave8 /$s
left /an8 1oo8-9*e t/en turne8 to pa1e t0o.
C/apter #0ent*-'$ve
+rev$ous#op 2ext
#/e nort/ern l$1/ts 0ere s/$mmer$n1 $n t/e 8ar: 1ra* s:* as Superman
fle0 past t/e Sueen .l$%a9et/ 3slan8s an8 t/e 4lp/a R$81e to ;ust nort/
of t/e 'let7/er 49*ssal +la$ns. 4s far as /e 7oul8 see t/ere 0ere vast
m$les of unspo$le8 0/$teness pun7tuate8 onl* 9* small pools of 7r*stal
9lue 0ater. Seals 8otte8 t/e area, /opp$n1 $n an8 out of t/e /oles,
sear7/$n1 for enou1/ foo8 to susta$n t/em 8ur$n1 t/e on7om$n1 lon1
0$nter. 2ormall*, /e 0oul8 /ave pause8 to 0at7/ t/em pla*$n1, per/aps
even 8$v$n1 $nto t/e 0ater 9es$8e t/em to /elp t/em 8$1 out foo8 t/at
0as 9ur$e8 too 8eep to f$n8 eas$l*, 9ut to8a* 0as 8$fferent. #o8a* /e
8$8n=t mu7/ 7are a9out an*t/$n1.
-e 0as an1r*, t/en felt an1r$er for feel$n1 so an1r*. 3 0ent a0a*. Was
+a1e 152
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
t/e 0orl8 suppose8 to stop sp$nn$n1 unt$l 3 1ot 9a7:P )ut /e :ne0
real$t* 8$8n=t matter. -e 7oul8n=t 1et r$8 of t/e pa$nful /ole /e felt
9urn$n1 $n /$s stoma7/.
-e fle0 t/rou1/ a t/$7:, m$st* 9an: an8 emer1e8 a9out a m$le a0a* from
/$s 'ortress. 3t stoo8, 7r*stal s/afts 1leam$n1 $n t/e 9r$1/t ar7t$7
-e 7ame 9e7ause /e nee8e8 someone to tal: to an8 /ere, unl$:e $n
Smallv$lleKLOor 0as /$s mot/er alrea8* $n MontanaPKLO/e 7oul8 sa* 0/atever
0as $n /$s /eart. -e :ne0 Mart/a 0oul8 tell /$m /e /a8 to for1et 5o$s
an8 move on even as s/e /a8. 5o$s /a8 /er man an8 /er son, an8 $t
0oul8n=t 9e proper for /$m to 7ome 9et0een t/em. )* spea:$n1 0/at /e
alrea8* :ne0 0as t/e trut/, Mart/a 0oul8 9rea: /$s /eart, an8 /e 8$8n=t
0ant t/at, as r$1/t as s/e 0oul8 9e.
-e nee8e8 an*t/$n1 9ut t/at no0.
4ll /e 0ante8 no0 0ere for t/e 1/osts to l$sten, t/en for t/em to
re7$te t/e$r prepro1ramme8 plat$tu8es, to tell /$m a1a$n never to
7/an1e t/e 7ourse of /uman /$stor* or to rem$n8 /$m /o0 8$fferent /e
0as from t/em, t/en to sen8 /$m on /$s 0a*.
-e 8$8n=t nee8 to 9e tol8 0/at /e alrea8* :ne0. -e nee8e8 onl* to tal:,
t/en to leave.
<'at/er,< /e 7alle8 out, enter$n1 t/e 'ortress. <3t=s 9een a lon1 t$me
s$n7e 3=ve 7ome to *ou. )ut 3=ve never felt so alone.<
#/e 'ortress 0as 8ar:, eer$l* so. #/e on7e-1l$sten$n1 7r*stal 0alls
0ere l$:e 7ol8 s/eets of 7oal. -e use8 /$s Q-ra* v$s$on to 1u$8e /$m
t/rou1/ t/e 8ar:.
-e approa7/e8 t/e 7onsole an8 :ne0 r$1/t a0a* 0/at /a8 /appene8. #/e
7r*stals, $n7lu8$n1 For-.l=s fat/er 7r*stal, 0ere 1one. #/e* /a8 9een
remove8 from t/e 'ortress.
-e s7reame8, an8 /$s vo$7e e7/oe8 t/rou1/ t/e 4r7t$7 l$:e t/un8er.
-e 0as 1one, /alf0a* 9a7: to Metropol$s, 9efore t/e e7/o fa8e8.
C/apter #0ent*-S$x
+a1e 153
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
+rev$ous#op 2ext
F$mm* ,lsen 0as s/out$n1 as /e pus/e8 /$s 0a* t/rou1/ t/e off$7e,
7arr*$n1 t0o lon1 1o0ns on /an1ers as $f t/e* 0ere v$als of
n$tro1l*7er$n se7on8s a0a* from explo8$n1. <Wat7/ out, +ul$t%er part*
8resses 7om$n1 t/rou1/.< -e 7$r7le8 aroun8 4nne from t/e C$t* 6es:, 0/o
pee:e8 su88enl* out of /er 7u9$7le to see 0/at t/e no$se 0as a9out, an8
almost trample8 over D$l, 0/o 0as /urr*$n1 to t/e 9at/room. -e f$nall*
ma8e $t to e8$tor$al, 0/ere /e foun8 5o$s on t/e p/one.
<6epartment of Water an8 +o0er, please,< s/e sa$8 as s/e sa0 F$mm*
/urr*$n1 to /er. S/e 1esture8 /$m 7loser.
-e /el8 up t/e t0o 8resses, an8 s/e po$nte8 to t/e 1ra* 9ea8e8 one,
0/$7/ /e t/en /un1 on a 7oatra7: 9e/$n8 /er 8es:. -e 8arte8 off a1a$n
as s/e turne8 9a7: to t/e p/one.
<-$, t/$s $s 5o$s 5ane from t/e 6a$l* +lanet. 3 0as 0on8er$n1 $fKLM<
4fter /er Superman $nterv$e0 t/at morn$n1 s/e 7oul8n=t 1et out /er name
0$t/out someone $nterrupt$n1 /er. <Ces, /e $s a ver* n$7e man. )ut 3
0as 0on8er$n1 $f 3 7oul8 as: *ou a fe0 more >uest$ons a9out t/e
F$mm* reappeare8 /ol8$n1 a 8r* erase 9oar8. ,n $t /e 0roteI R$7/ar8=s
late. #ux not rea8* at 7leaners. Can *ou p$7: up Fason from s7/oolP
S/e 1ave /$m a t/um9s-up as t/e vo$7e as:e8 /er a9out 1ett$n1
Superman=s auto1rap/. F$mm* ran off a1a$n. 'or on7e /e 0as feel$n1
S/e 0as $mpat$ent 0$t/ t/e p/one responses s/e=8 9een 1ett$n1, 9ut s/e
tr$e8 to /$8e $t. S/e :ne0 t/$s 0as t/e 7urse of 0or:$n1 0$t/ m$88le
mana1ementN t/e* /a8 a mo8$7um of po0er an8 l$ve8 to 0$el8 $t.
<3 alrea8* spo:e to t/e #e7/nolo1* an8 .ner1* Comm$ttee, an8 t/e* sent
me 9a7: to *ou, an8 no0 *ou=re sen8$n1 me 9a7: to t/emP< S/e for7e8
/erself to rema$n pleasant as s/e rea7/e8 for /er pa8 an8 pen. <#/e
0/oP ,:a*P Can 3 1et t/e$r num9erP #/an: *ou.< S/e 0ante8 to a88 <Cou
pompous 9astar8,< 9ut t/ou1/t 9etter of $t.
S/e 8$ale8 t/e ne0 num9er an8 0a$te8. Ao$7e ma$l sent /er press$n1 =1=
for .n1l$s/, t/en an a9a7us full of ot/er num9ers unt$l s/e f$nall*
rea7/e8 /er ne0 7onta7t. <Metropol$s +u9l$7 Wor:sP M* name $s 5o$s
5ane. 3=m 7all$n1 from t/eKLO< S/e l$stene8 a moment. <Ces, 3=ll /ol8.<
S/e /ear8 four 8$fferent mov$e t/emes 9efore a /uman vo$7e p$7:e8 up
t/e l$ne a1a$n. #/$s vo$7e 0as female.
+a1e 154
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
<@/-/u/,< s/e sa$8. <Step/en Fones. 4n8 /e 8oes 0/atP ,/. 6eput*
6$re7tor of t/e +o0er ,uta1e #as: 'or7e. Dreat. 4n8 *ou 7an for0ar8 meP
#/an:s so mu7/. 3 appre7$ate $t.<
S/e foun8 /erself on a s$x-mov$e-t/eme /ol8 t/$s t$me. S/e use8 t/e
t$me to 7/an1e $nto /er even$n1 1o0n, ma:$n1 sure s/e 0as not seen 9*
an*one else. S/e 0as sl$p-p$n1 on /er /$1/ /eels 0/en t/e mus$7 0as
f$nall* 7ut off.
<-$, Step/en, t/$s $s 5o$s 5ane from t/e 6a$l* +lanet. 3=m 0r$t$n1 an
$nvest$1at$ve art$7le on t/e 9la7:out an8 ;ust nee8 a l$ttle $nfo on a
fe0 outstan8$n1 po0er 1r$8s.<
-e put /er on /ol8 for t0o more mov$e t/emes. Fust as <#ara=s #/eme<
from Done W$t/ t/e W$n8 9e1an, s/e /ear8 t/e p/one ma:e anot/er 7l$7:.
#/e 6eput* 6$re7tor of 9la/9la/9la/ /a8 returne8. #/$s t$me 0$t/ t/e
$nformat$on s/e nee8e8. S/e 7oul8 9arel* 7onta$n /erself.
<So, let me 1et t/$s stra$1/t. #/e upto0n 1r$8 0ent 8ar: at 12I36, an8
m$8to0n ten se7on8s 9efore. So 0/$7/ 1r$8 0as /$t f$rstP<
<Dr$8 F-12,< Fones sa$8, 7/e7:$n1 /$s 7/art. <47ross t/e r$ver. #/e
Aan8er0ort/ propert*.<
S/e 0rote t/at 8o0n. <Cou=re sure. 2ot/$n1 9efore t/atP<
<#/at=s $t.< Fones 0as 7erta$n.
<#/an:s, Mr. Fones. 3 appre7$ate $t.< #/$s t$me s/e a7tuall* meant $t.
S/e /un1 up, t/en 8$ale8 411 0/$le star$n1 at a map of Metropol$s.
<3nformat$on please. 3 nee8 a l$st$n1 for Aan8er0ort/.< S/e 0a$te8 ;ust
a fe0 se7on8s. <S$x Spr$n10oo8 6r$ve.<
<3s t/at a 9us$ness or a res$8en7eP< #/ere 0as no 8ela*. <4 res$8en7e.
#/an: *ou.<
S/e pulle8 t/e map off t/e 9ullet$n 9oar8 an8 tra7e8 a pat/ to t/e
Aan8er0ort/ propert*. #/en s/e loo:e8 up an8 not$7e8 t/e 7lo7: on t/e
0all an8 pan$7:e8.
<FasonJ< s/e s7reame8. S/e=8 for1otten to p$7: /$m up from s7/ool.
S/e $1nore8 /alf t/e street s$1ns an8 t0$7e as man* l$1/ts as /er 4u8$
43 spe8 to Fason=s s7/ool, almost t0ent* m$les a0a*, $n less t/an
f$fteen m$nutes, a ne0 re7or8 for /er. S/e sa0 Fason outs$8e, stan8$n1
+a1e 155
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
9* t/e sta$rs, /ol8$n1 t/e /an8 of one of /$s tea7/ers. Mrs. Mor1anPKLOs/e
remem9ere8. 5o$s pulle8 $n front of /$m an8 /on:e8.
<Det $n,< s/e 7alle8 out. S/e 0as $n a rus/.
Fason to88le8 over an8 ;umpe8 $nto t/e 9a7: seat. Mrs. Mor1an 9ent 8o0n
an8 0ave8 to 5o$s t/rou1/ t/e 0$n8o0. <Con1ratulat$ons, M$ss 5ane. Sa*
/$ to Superman for me.<
<#/an:s. W$ll 8o,< 5o$s repl$e8, pol$tel*.
Fason 0as 0at7/$n1 7artoons on t/e 7ar=s 6A6 s*stem as 5o$s pulle8 to a
stop ;ust outs$8e t/e Aan8er0ort/ .state 1ates. S/e /ear8 mus$7,
8ef$n$tel* opera, an8 $t 0asn=t 7om$n1 from t/e /ouse 9ut from 9e/$n8
Fason loo:e8 aroun8. <Momm*, 0/ere are 0eP 3s t/$s t/e +ul$t%erP<
5o$s opene8 t/e 9a7: 8oor an8 unlo7:e8 /$s 7/$l8-proofe8 seat-9elt
lo7:. <2o. 3 ;ust nee8 to as: t/ese people a fe0 >uest$ons, t/en 0e 7an
S/e loo:e8 past t/e estate an8 sa0 a *a7/t moore8 to a p$er 9e/$n8 $t.
#/e mus$7 0as 7om$n1 from t/ere. Doo8. Someone=s /ome.
<Can 3 sta* $n t/e 7arP<
5o$s lau1/e8. <2ot on *our l$fe, *ou l$ttle monster.< S/e /u11e8 /$m
t$1/tl*, 0$s/$n1 s/e 8$8n=t /ave to let 1o. -e 0as 7learl* t/e one part
of /er l$fe t/at /a8 0or:e8 out 9etter t/an s/e 7oul8 /ave $ma1$ne8.
S/e love8 /$m 0$t/out an* reservat$ons. 3t 0as 7omplete an8 total, an8
$t 8$8n=t matter 0/at /e 1ave /er 9a7:KLO t/ou1/ $n ever* l$ttle movement
an8 sm$le an8 even $n /$s pout$n1 7ompla$nts, /e 1ave /er so mu7/.
S/e 0at7/e8 /$m 1ro0$n1 from t/at f$rst prenatal sono1ram to /$s
trou9le8 9$rt/ an8 r$1/t up to t/e present. -e 0as ever-7/an1$n1 *et
7onstant. -$s personal$t* 0as set t/e moment /e 0as 9orn, alt/ou1/ $t
0as al0a*s a surpr$se 0/en /e 8$8 somet/$n1 so 7ompletel* unexpe7te8
t/at $t left 5o$s 8um9foun8e8 an8 /elpless.
<#/$s one=s 1o$n1 to 9e a l$ttle f$1/ter,< R$7/ar8 /a8 0arne8 /er. -e
0as r$1/t. Fason m$1/t /ave 9een p/*s$7all* 0ea:er t/an t/e ot/er :$8s,
9ut no matter 0/at 0as t/ro0n at /$m, not/$n1 ever fa%e8 /$m.
S/e never t/ou1/t s/e /a8 t/e stuff to 9e a mot/er, or even t/e
$nterest $n ever 9e7om$n1 one. S/e use8 to 0at7/ ot/er 0omen 8ot$n1
over t/e$r 9a9$es, /ol8$n1 mem, :$ss$n1 t/em, /u11$n1 t/em, an8
+a1e 156
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
t/ou1/t, 3=m ;ust not $nto t/at sort of t/$n1. Somet$mes s/e felt
/orr$9le for feel$n1 t/at, 9ut s/e :ne0 8eep 8o0n t/at $f s/e ever /a8
a :$8, s/e=8 /$re a nann*, let t/e /elp ta:e 7are of /$m unt$l /e 0as,
o/, e$1/teen, t/en s/$p /$m out $nto t/e 0orl8 as /er fat/er /a8 8one
to /er an8 /er s$ster, 5u7*.
S/e /a8 a l$fe s/e 7/er$s/e8, s/e t/ou1/t, an8 8$8 not 0ant $t 7/an1e8.
S/e 0as free an8 $n8epen8ent an8 stron1. S/e 0as 1o$n1 to 0$n t/e
+ul$t%er +r$%e one 8a* an8 prove t/at to ever*one. S/e 8$8n=t nee8 to
9e t$e8 8o0n to a /us9an8 an8 a :$8 for $8ent$t* l$:e ever*one else s/e
:ne0. S/e 0as 5o$s 5ane, 47e Reporter, an8 t/at 0as all s/e ever 0ante8
to 9e.
)ut somet/$n1 $ns$8e /er 7/an1e8 0/en 6r. Man:$e0$7% /an8e8 Fason to
/er on t/at f$rst earl* morn$n1, ;ust 7leane8 up, 9ut all prune* an8
0r$n:le8 l$:e some :$n8 of p$t$ful-loo:$n1 s/ar-pe$. 4n8 0/en s/e sa0
/$s e*es, t/ose 9eaut$ful e*es, /e 9e7ame /er 0orl8.
4n* re1rets s/e m$1/t /ave /a8, ra$s$n1 a 7/$l8 alone, not 9e$n1
marr$e8KLOnot even 9e$n1 sure s/e 0ante8 to 9eKLO0ere 1one t/e moment /e
1$11le8 at /er t/e f$rst t$me, or 8ef$antl* turne8 /$mself over $n /$s
7r$9 at least s$x 0ee:s 9efore /e s/oul8 /ave 9een a9le to, or ma8e /$s
ma$8en vo*a1e 7ra0l$n1 a7ross t/e floor.
S/e loo:e8 at /$m, all 1ro0n-up, an8 1ave /$m anot/er :$ss, 0/$7/ /e
promptl* 0$pe8 off /$s 7/ee: 0$t/ t/e 9a7: of /$s sleeve an8 an au8$9le
<5et=s 1o, :$8,< s/e sa$8.
-er 7ell p/one ran1 8$spla*$n1 t/e name 8a$l* planet on $ts s7reen. S/e
t/ou1/t a9out ans0er$n1 $t for a se7on8, men tosse8 t/e p/one $n t/e
1love 7ompartment. 2o 0a* +err* $s tal:$n1 me out of t/$s. S/e 1r$nne8
at Fason. <2o0 0e=re 1o$n1,< s/e sa$8, ta:$n1 /$s /an8.
#/e* ma8e t/e$r 0a* to t/e *a7/t. #/e mus$7 0as 7om$n1 from some0/ere
9elo08e7:s. S/e 7/e7:e8 out t/e 9oat an8 0/$stle8 a8m$r$n1l*. #/e onl*
t$me s/e=8 9een on a *a7/t 9$11er t/an t/$s one 0as for t/at 9$1 part*
$n 4tlanta 0/en t/e pres$8ent of a 7a9le ne0s net0or: tr$e8 to /$re /er
a0a* from t/e +lanet. 4lt/ou1/ s/e turne8 /$m 8o0n, an8 t/e part*,
t/ou1/ 1ran8, 0as ostentat$ous, s/e 0oul8 never for1et t/e 9oat.
5o$s an8 Fason 9oar8e8 t/e *a7/t an8 loo:e8 aroun8. #/e* steppe8 over
empt* 9eer 9ottles an8 p$%%a 9oxes.
W/oever l$ve8 /ere 0as a slo9. -ar8l* t/e :$n8 0/o 0oul8 /ave a /ouse
l$:e t/e Aan8er0ort/s=.
+a1e 15
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
<Mom, are 0e trespass$n1P< Fason as:e8. S/e 0as $mpresse8 t/at /e :ne0
0/at t/e 0or8 trespass$n1 meant. 2ot 9a8 for a f$ve-*ear-ol8.
<Ces,< s/e sa$8, t/en 7/an1e8 /er m$n8. <2o. 3 mean, =s////.=<
#/e* follo0e8 t/e mus$7 8o0n a fl$1/t of sta$rs t/at le8 to a lon1
7orr$8or, 0/ere s/e sa0 a 8oor0a* ;ust a/ea8, sl$1/tl* a;ar. Fason
follo0e8 as s/e entere8 a lar1e room f$lle8 0$t/ f$ne su$ts, s/oes,
;e0elr*, an8 ot/er expens$ve $tems. #/$s 0as a 7losetP W/oever l$ve8
/ere 0asn=t r$7/. #/e* 0ere fa9ulousl* r$7/.
<3 l$:e t/e 7url* one,< Fason sa$8. 5o$s turne8 to see /$m po$nt$n1 at
somet/$n1 on a s/elf. -er e*es su88enl* 0$8ene8 0$t/ fear. <,/, m*
S/e 0as loo:$n1 at a manne>u$n=s /ea8. S$tt$n1 atop $t 0as a toupee.
Fust one of man* /ea8s an8 /a$rp$e7es, all neatl* l$ne8 up $n ro0s.
<,/, no.<
S/e 1ra99e8 Fason=s /an8 an8 9a7:e8 a0a*. -e 7oul8 tell somet/$n1 9a8
/a8 ;ust /appene8. <Momm*, 0/at=s 0ron1P<
S/e 0as start$n1 to pan$7. <Fason, 8on=t ar1ue, 9ut :eep >u$et an8 run
as fast as *ou 7an. #/$s 0as a 9a8 $8ea. We=ve 1ot to 1et out of /ere.<
#/e room rum9le8 as t/e s/$p=s en1$ne su88enl* roare8 0$t/ l$fe. S/e
ran to a small 0$n8o0 to see t/at t/e* 0ere pull$n1 a0a* from s/ore.
#/e* /urr$e8 to t/e 8oor. 4ll t/e* nee8e8 to 8o 0as ma:e $t to t/e 8e7:
an8, $f ne7essar*, 8$ve $nto t/e 0ater. #/e s/ore 0asn=t t/at far a0a*
*et. S/e 0as a 1oo8 s0$m-mer, an8 $f ne7essar*, s/e 7oul8 /ol8 on to
Fason 0/$le t/e* ma8e t/e$r 0a* to safet*.
S/e pulle8 open t/e 8oor an8 s/r$e:e8 0/en s/e sa0 /$m.
5ex 5ut/or 0as stan8$n1 $n t/e 8oor0a*, f$ll$n1 $ts small frame. -e 0as
9al8KLOfe0 people ever sa0 /$m t/at 0a*KLO0ear$n1 a 9at/ro9e 0$t/ a
mono1ramme8 <A< on $t, an8 /e /a8 a toot/9rus/ stu7: $n /$s mout/.
<5ex 5ut/orJ<
-e narro0e8 /$s e*es at /er an8 sm$le8. <5o$s 5ane.<
4s Fason pla*e8 0$t/ t/e pool-ta9le 9alls $n t/e *a7/t=s stateroom,
r$7o7/et$n1 t/em off t/e var$ous 7us/$ons, 5o$s $mpat$entl* mar7/e8
9a7: an8 fort/, 0a$t$n1 for 5ut/or to reappear. S/e loo:e8 for a p/one
9ut 7oul8n=t f$n8 one. S/e 7urse8 /erself for not 9r$n1$n1 /er 7ell.
Fason 7rosse8 t/e stateroom an8 sat 8o0n $n front of t/e p$ano an8
+a1e 15!
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
pla*e8 a fe0 notes. <-eart an8 Soul< 0as /$s favor$te, an8 /e pla*e8 $t
0ell. ,r at least 0ell enou1/.
5ut/or 0al:e8 $n a fe0 m$nutes later, ;o$ne8 9* Stanfor8, R$le*, an8
)rutus. ?$tt* entere8 9es$8e /$m. -e 0as no0 8resse8 an8 sport$n1 one
of /$s 0$1s. #/e 7url* one.
<4n8 0/at=s *our nameP< /e as:e8 Fason, 0/o 0as /$tt$n1 t/e p$ano :e*s
0$t/ ver* l$ttle f$nesse.
Fason too: /$s /an8s off t/e :e*s. <3=m not suppose8 to tal: to
5ut/or sm$le8 at 5o$s. <Cute :$8. Smart, too.<
<#/an:s,< 5o$s sa$8. Sta* 7alm. #/$s 0$ll 0or: out. #/ere=s no reason
for /$m to :$ll us. Sm$le. 47t n$7e. -e=ll let us 1o.
5ut/or 0al:e8 aroun8 Fason a1a$n, teas$n1l* muss$n1 /$s /a$r. Fason
pus/e8 /$s /an8 a0a*. <)ut 3=m not reall* a stran1er, am 3P< 5ut/or
sa$8. <3 mean, t/$s $s l$:e a l$ttle reun$on.<
5o$s too: Fason=s /an8, prote7t$vel*.
<-ell,< 5ut/or 7ont$nue8. <3=m a fan, M$ss 5ane. 3 love *our 0r$t$n1.<
S/e 8$8n=t l$:e t/e 0a* /e 0as leer$n1 at /er. <4n8 *our 8ress.<
<Well, 3 love *our *a7/t,< 5o$s sa$8. 2o matter 0/at /e sa$8, /e 0as
not 1o$n1 to 1et /er to 7o0er. <-o0=8 *ou 1et $tP S0$n8le some ol8
0$8o0 out of /er mone*P<
?$tt* snorte8 a lau1/, 9ut 5ex=s e*es narro0e8. <6$8n=t *ou ;ust 0$n
t/e +ul$t%er +r$%e for m* favor$te art$7le ever, =W/* t/e Worl8 6oesn=t
2ee8 Superman=P<
5o$s 1lan7e8 at /er 0at7/. <2ot *et. 6$8n=t *ou /ave a fe0 more *ears
to 1o on *our 8ou9le l$fe senten7eP<
5ex lau1/e8, t/$n:$n1 a9out $t. <Well, 0e 7an t/an: t/e Man of Steel
for t/at. -e=s reall* 1oo8 at s0oop$n1 $n an8 7at7/$n1 t/e 9a8 1u*s.
)ut /e=s not so /ot on t/e l$ttle t/$n1s. 5$:e M$ran8a r$1/ts, 8ue
pro7essKLOma:$n1 *our 7ourt 8ate.<
5o$s 7/e7:e8 /er 0at7/ a1a$n. 3t 0as 1ett$n1 late. #/e 9an>uet 0oul8 9e
start$n1 soon, an8 ever* se7on8 0as ta:$n1 t/em fart/er from s/ore.
<6$8 *ou /ave an*t/$n1 to 8o 0$t/ t/e 9la7:outP< s/e as:e8 outr$1/t.
S/e 0as surpr$se8 0/en s/e sa0 /$m lau1/ an8 /$s e*es l$1/t up. <4re
+a1e 15"
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
*ou f$s/$n1 for an $nterv$e0, M$ss 5aneP<
S/e sat 8o0n $n a 7/a$r. <Well, $t=s 9een a 0/$le s$n7e *ou 0ere a
/ea8l$ne. Ma*9e $t=s t$me people :ne0 *our name a1a$n, /mmmP<
?eep /$m tal:$n1, 9ra11$n1 a9out /$mself. 3t=s 0/at /e loves t/e most.
S/e pulle8 Fason=s 7/a$r 7loser. <So /o0 a9out 0e turn t/e 9oat aroun8,
7all a 7a9 for m* son, an8 t/en *ou 7an 8o 0/atever *ou 0ant 0$t/ me.<
5ex loo:e8 at /er, t/ou1/t a9out /$s s7/e8ule, t/en turne8 to Fason.
<6o *ou :no0 0/at post/umous meansP<
Fason s/oo: /$s /ea8.
<Doo8,< 5ut/or turne8 9a7: to 5o$s. <Sorr* 0e 0on=t 9e turn$n1 aroun8,
9ut 0e 8o /ave some t$me to :$ll. So /o0 a9out t/at $nterv$e0P<
-e sa0 a pa8 an8 pen7$l near t/e fax ma7/$ne an8 /an8e8 t/em to /er.
<Cour toolsP< S/e felt /er /an8 turn 7ol8 an8 7lamm* as s/e too: t/em.
5ut/or settle8 9a7: $nto t/e 7/a$r. ?$tt* 0as 9e/$n8 t/em, preten8$n1
to rea8 me ne0spaper. <?$tt*. M* mart$n$. 4n8 an $7e8 tea for M$ss 5ane
an8 a 1lass ofKLO m$l:PKLOfor /er son.<
5o$s sa0 ?$tt* put 8o0n t/e paper. 3ts 7over s/o0e8 Superman sav$n1 t/e
9$m9o from t/e runa0a* 7ar. 5o$s su88enl* real$%e8 ?$tt* 0as t/e
<str$pper.< #/e 0/ole t/$n1 /a8 9een a setup.
W/at $s 5ut/or up toP
F$mm* ,lsen 0as s$tt$n1 at 5o$s=s 8es:, star$n1 at t/e p/oto of /er an8
Fason on t/e 7u9$7le 0all. -e 0as s$1/$n1 0/en Clar: entere8, loo:$n1
aroun8 t/e off$7e for somet/$n1.
<F$mm*, 8$8 *ou see t/e $nformat$on 5o$s 7olle7te8 on t/e 9la7:outP 3
nee8 $t for m* stor*.< F$mm* :ept star$n1 at t/e p/oto. Clar: /ear8 /$s
s$1/ a1a$n. <W/at=s 0ron1P<
<5o$s an8 Fason are m$ss$n1,< /e f$nall* sa$8.
F$mm* po$nte8 to +err* W/$te=s off$7e. +err* an8 R$7/ar8 0ere 9ot/
0ear$n1 t/e$r tuxe8os. R$7/ar8 0as on t/e p/one, 0/$le +err* 0as pa7$n1
aroun8 /$m, upset an8 nervous.
<W/at 8$8 t/e s7/ool sa*P< +err* as:e8, as R$7/ar8 /un1 up t/e p/one.
+a1e 16&
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
<S/e p$7:e8 up Fason, 9ut /$s tea7/er sa$8 s/e soun8e8 l$:e s/e 0as $n
a rus/.<
<3 /ear8 t/e ne0s. W/at 7an 3 8oP< Clar: as:e8, enter$n1.
R$7/ar8 0as star$n1 out t/e 0$n8o0. <3 8on=t :no0. #/$s $sn=t l$:e /er.
3 8on=t :no0 0/at to 8o. -er 7ar=s m$ss$n1. S/e=s m$ss$n1.<
+err* s/oo: /$s /ea8. <We=ve tr$e8 /er 7ell, 9ut t/ere=s no ans0er, an8
0e=re suppose8 to 9e at t/e 7eremon* $n a /alf /our.<
<W/en s/e=s 0$t/ Fason s/e al0a*s :eeps t/e 7ell on. -ell, s/e :eeps $t
on all t/e t$me an*0a*, even at n$1/t, $n 7ase one of /er sour7es /as
somet/$n1 to report. S/e=s never 0$t/out $t.<
Clar: 0as 7onfuse8. <,:a*, so un8erstan8 3=m ;ust 9e$n1 opt$m$st$7
/ere, 9ut ma*9e *ou=re all ;ump$n1 t/e 1un. Ma*9e s/e 1ot a flat t$re
some0/ere. Ma*9e /er 7ell p/one ran out of ;u$7e. ,r ma*9e s/e ;ust
0ants a l$ttle 9$t of t$me to /erself 9efore t/e 7eremon*. 3 mean, 3=8
9e nervous $f 3 0ere /er.<
<-e ma* 9e r$1/t, R$7/ar8.< +err* sa$8. <We 0ere tal:$n1 earl$er. S/e
0as >uest$on$n1 0/et/er s/e s/oul8 even 1et t/e a0ar8, 7ons$8er$n1
*ou-:no0-0/o=s return.<
<Cea/. SeeP #/ere 7oul8 9e a /un8re8 8$fferent explanat$ons,< Clar:
sa$8. <)es$8es, 3=m prett* sure s/e=s not t/e t*pe 0/o=8 ever put /er
son $n an* 8an1er. 3=m sure t/ere=s a reasona9le explanat$on 0/* s/e=s
R$7/ar8 7ont$nue8 pa7$n1. <5oo:, 3 :no0 *ou mean 0ell, Clar:. Cou, too,
+err*. )ut *ou 8on=t :no0 /er l$:e 3 8o. W/at 3=m 1ett$n1 $s a feel$n1.
Somet/$n1=s 0ron1.<
Clar: sa0 t/e emot$ons tear$n1 at R$7/ar8. -e 0as o9v$ousl* $n love
0$t/ 5o$s. 4n8 even $f s/e /a8 some reservat$ons, even $f t/ere 0as a
Superman lur:$n1 some0/ere $n t/e 9a7:1roun8, t/e* /a8 /a8 a 7/$l8
to1et/er. #/e* 0ere a 7ouple.
<4ll r$1/t,< Clar: sa$8. <#/en 0e=ll 0or: to1et/er an8 f$n8 /er.<
R$7/ar8 1ave /$m a 0ea: sm$le as /e patte8 /$m on /$s 9a7:. <F$mm* 0as
r$1/t. Cou=re a 1oo8 man, Clar:.<
Clar: sm$le8, 9ut /e 8$8n=t feel t/at 0a*.
+a1e 161
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
C/apter #0ent*-Seven
+rev$ous#op 2ext
<W/at 8o *ou :no0 a9out 7r*stalsP< as:e8 5ex 7asuall*.
5o$s s/ru11e8, loo:$n1 9lan:. <#/e* ma:e 1reat 7/an8el$ersP< -e lau1/e8
as /e p$7:e8 up a t/$7: leat/er-9oun8 9oo: from /$s 8es: an8 8roppe8 $t
$nto /er lap. -e 1esture8 for /er to open $t. S/e fl$ppe8 t/rou1/ t/e
pa1es, f$lle8 0$t/ p$7tures of 7r*stals an8 7/arts 0$t/ 7ompl$7ate8
W/en s/e loo:e8 up a1a$n, /e 0as /ol8$n1 t/e 0/$te 7r*stal /e /a8
stolen from t/e 'ortress of Sol$tu8e.
<M$ss 5ane, t/$s 7r*stal ma* seem unremar:a9le, 9ut so $s t/e see8 of a
re80oo8 tree.< 5o$s t/ou1/t s/e re7o1n$%e8 $t, t/at s/e /a8 seen $t
9efore, 9ut t/e memor* 0as va1ue, l$:e from a 8ream.
-e stro:e8 t/e 7r*stal ten8erl* as $f /e 0as ma:$n1 love to $t. <3f *ou
0ant to :no0 t/e trut/, $t=s /o0 our mutual fr$en8 $n t$1/ts ma8e /$s
ar7t$7 1eta0a* retreat. Cute, 9ut a l$ttle small for m* taste.<
-e 1esture8 0$t/ t/e 7r*stal to t/e lar1e ant$>ue naut$7al map on t/e
0all. -e /a8 mo8$f$e8 $t to s/o0 a ne0 lan8-mass ;ust off t/e 7oast of
S/e loo:e8 at t/e map, t/en at t/e 9oo: on /er lap, Ma:e Cour ,0n
Cr*stals, t/en 9a7: at t/e map. <Cou=re 9u$l8$n1 an $slan8P<
-e 0as 1r$nn$n1 no0, ru99$n1 /$s /an8s to1et/er, 1leeful t/at /e 7oul8
s/o0 off /$s 1reatest plan *et to someone 0/o 7oul8 appre7$ate $t $n
all $ts 8ar:, ev$l splen8or. <Cou=re not see$n1 t/e 9$1 p$7ture, M$ss
5ane. -ere, let me enlar1e $t for *ou.<
-e *an:e8 8o0n anot/er naut$7al map t/at s/o0e8 t/e lan8mass even
lar1er t/an $t 0as 9efore. 3t 0as nearl* t/e s$%e of a 7ont$nent.
<3t=s not ;ust an $slan8,< /e sa$8. <3t=s an ent$rel* ne0 7ont$nent.
A$rtuall* $n8estru7t$9le an8 self-susta$n$n1. 'or la7: of a 9etter
name, $t=s ?r*pton. 4n ext$n7t 0orl8, re9orn on our o0n.<
5o$s :ept star$n1 at t/e map, un8erstan8$n1 0/at /e 0as sa*$n1, *et not
7ompre/en8$n1 $t at t/e same t$me. <W/* 0oul8 an*one 1ro0 a 7ont$nentP<
+a1e 162
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
5ut/or /a8 9een ant$7$pat$n1 t/at >uest$on. 3t 0as t/e f$rst one an*one
of l$m$te8 $ntelle7t 0oul8 t/$n: of. .xplanat$ons 0oul8 9e so
unne7essar* $f onl* t/e* 7oul8 see t/e 0orl8 t/rou1/ /$s e*es.
<5an8, M$ss 5ane.< -e turne8 to ?$tt*. <?$tt*, 0/at 8$8 m* fat/er on7e
sa* to meP<
<Det outP<
<)efore t/at. -e sa$8, =Cou 7an pr$nt mone*, manufa7ture 8$amon8s, an8
people are a 8$me a 8o%en, 9ut t/e*=ll al0a*s nee8 lan8.=< -e turne8
9a7: to 5o$s, paus$n1 8ramat$7all* 9efore 1$v$n1 t/e pun7/ l$ne. <3t=s
t/e one t/$n1 t/e* 8on=t ma:e an* more of.<
<)ut t/e @n$te8 States 1overnment,< 5o$s starte8 to sa*. 5ut/or 0as
alrea8* *an:$n1 8o0n anot/er ant$>ue map for /er to see. -e /a8 7/an1e8
t/$s one to s/o0 /$s ne0 7ont$nent sprea8$n1 over /alf of 2ort/
4mer$7a, 0$t/ all t/e areas aroun8 $t 7overe8 9* 0ater.
<#/e @n$te8 States 1overnment, or 0/at 0$ll 9e left of $t, 0$ll 9e
un8er0ater. S$mple lo1$7, M$ss 5ane. #0o o9;e7ts s$mpl* 7an=t o77up*
t/e same spa7e.<
-e sa0 5o$s star$n1 at /$m as $f /e 0ere $nsane. -e 0as use8 to t/at.
Small m$n8s an8 people 0$t/ e*es 0/o 8$8n=t use t/em to see /a8 al0a*s
9een t/e 9ane of /$s ex$sten7e. <Do a/ea8. Cou /ave a >uest$on t/at $s
;ust 0a$t$n1 to 9e as:e8.<
<Cou t/$n: t/e rest of t/e 0orl8 0$ll ;ust let *ou :eep $tP #/e*=llKLO<
#/ere 0as no reason to let /er f$n$s/. #/e ans0er s/oul8 /ave 9een
o9v$ous, 9ut, of 7ourse, s/e 7oul8n=t /ope to re7o1n$%e $t.
<#/e*=ll 0/atP 3 /ave al$en te7/nolo1*.< -e 0a$te8 for /er to rea7t
some/o0, 9ut s/e :ept 1lar$n1 at /$m.
<48van7e8 al$en te7/nolo1*, t/ousan8s of *ears 9e*on8 0/at an*one else
7an t/ro0 at me. WeaponsP Ae/$7lesP Cou name $t.< -e 0as /op$n1 s/e
0oul8 7/allen1e /$m, 9ut s/e ;ust sat, s$lentl* star$n1 at t/e maps.
<4n8 eventuall*, t/e rest of t/e 0orl8 0$ll 9e 9e11$n1 me for a p$e7e
of t/$s =/$1/-te7/ 9ea7/front propert*.= 3n fa7t, t/e*=ll pa* t/rou1/
t/e nose for $t.<
5o$s loo:e8 a1a$n at t/e map of t/e @S 0$t/ 5ut/or=s 7ont$nent
en7roa7/$n1 $t. <)ut m$ll$ons of people 0$ll 8$e.<
<)$ll$ons.< 5ut/or lau1/e8 a1a$n. <,n7e a1a$n t/e press un8erest$mates
me. #/$s $s front-pa1e ne0s, M$ss 5ane.<
+a1e 163
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
5ut/or loo:e8 at /$s au8$en7e an8 sa0 t/e* 0ere all spee7/less no0.
?$tt* /a8 never /ear8 /$s full plan 9efore,
an8 s/e stoo8 next to /$m, star$n1 at t/e 7r*stal $n /$s /an8, /er
mout/ open, /er e*es 9lan:.
5ex 7oul8 see t/at 5o$s 0as putt$n1 $t to1et/er at last Ma*9e s/e
0asn=t as /opeless as /e t/ou1/t. <Come on,< /e sa$8, 9a$t$n1 /er. <Sa*
<Cou=re $nsane.<
5ut/or s/oo: /$s /ea8, 8$sappo$nte8. <2o. 2ot t/at. Come on. 3t=s ;ust
8an1l$n1 off t/e t$p of *our ton1ue. Sa* $t.<
3t 7ame out 0$t/out /er even t/$n:$n1 a9out $t. <Superman 0$ll never
let *ouKLO<
<Wron1J< /e s/oute8.
-e p$7:e8 up a metal 9ox t/at /a8 9een s$tt$n1 on t/e ta9le. -e opene8
$t, an8 a 1reen 1lo0 0as/e8 over /$s fa7e.
<W/at $s t/atP< 5o$s as:e8.
5ut/or 1r$nne8. <3 t/$n: *ou :no0 exa7tl* 0/at t/$s $s.< -e t$lte8 t/e
open 9ox for /er to see $ts 7ontents. ?r*pton$te. 3t /a8 9een s/eare8
to a slee: arro0-s/ape8 form, 0$t/ a /ole $n t/e 7enter. S/e rea7/e8
for $t, 9ut 5ut/or snappe8 t/e 9ox s/ut a1a$n.
<M$n8 over mus7le, M$ss 5ane. M$n8 over mus7le. 6on=t *ou a1reeP<
S/e loo:e8 at 5ut/or, t/en turne8 to Fason, 0/o 0as star$n1 $n a 8a%e
at t/e nast* man $n t/e 0$1.
<M$ss 5ane,< 5ut/or sa$8 a1a$n. <6on=t *ou a1reeP<
4lt/ou1/ 5o$s 0asn=t l$sten$n1, s/e no88e8 an*0a*. S/e 0as 0orr$e8
a9out Fason, an8 a9out /o0 /e 0oul8 0rap /$s m$n8 aroun8 0/at /e 0as
/ear$n1. @nt$l no0, s/e an8 R$7/ar8 /a8 prote7te8 /$m from t/e ma8men
of t/e 0orl8. 4n8 $n t/at small an8 sele7te8 pant/eon of ev$l, 5ut/or
0as un>uest$ona9l* t/e /$1/est of t/e /$1/.
)ut 5ut/or 8$8n=t 7are $f s/e 0as l$sten$n1 or not. 4ll /e nee8e8 0as
to /ear 0or8s of a1reement, s$n7ere or not. <Doo8,< /e sa$8,
+a1e 164
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
Drant=s vo$7e 7ra7:le8 over t/e $nter7om. <Mr. 5ut/or, 0e=re
approa7/$n1 t/e 7oor8$nates.<
5ex t/ou1/t a9out $t for a moment. <Cou=re sure. 49solutel* sure 0e=re
<Ces, s$r,< Drant repl$e8 after a moment. <5at$tu8e t/$rt*-n$ne 8e1rees
nort/, an8 lon1$tu8e sevent*-one 8e1rees 0est. Fust l$:e *ou sa$8.<
5ut/or sm$le8 as /e p$7:e8 up t/e 9ox 0$t/ t/e :r*pton$te an8 0al:e8 to
t/e sta$rs. -e pause8, turn$n1 9a7: to )rutus.
<6on=t let t/em out of t/$s room,< /e or8ere8.
)rutus no88e8. 4s 5ut/or left, 5o$s s7r$99le8 >u$7:l* on /er pa8.
3t 0as an over7ast s:* for as far as an*one 7oul8 see. 3n t/e 8$stan7e,
Metropol$s 0as a spe7: on t/e /or$%on. 4s 5ex an8 ?$tt* steppe8 onto
t/e 8e7:, /e /ear8 t/e en1$nes s/ut off. #/e* 0ere t/ere.
#a:$n1 a 8eep 9reat/, /e approa7/e8 Drant, 0/o 0as sett$n1 up a
mo8$f$e8 ro7:et laun7/er. R$le* 0as re7or8$n1 ever*t/$n1 as usual.
-e move8 $n for a 7lose s/ot of 5ut/or remov$n1 t/e :r*pton$te from one
9ox, an8 a 7r*stal from anot/er. <4ll r$1/t, 0at7/ 7arefull* no0. 3=m
onl* 8o$n1 t/$s on7e.< -e $nserte8 t/e small 7r*stal $nto t/e /ole
Stanfor8 /a8 8r$lle8 $nto t/e :r*pton$te. #/ere 0as a 9r$ef pulse of
l$1/t as t/e t0o ?r*pton$an o9;e7ts 0ere 9rou1/t to1et/er. <#/$s $s
1onna 9e so 1oo8.<
5o$s 0as nervous as s/e 0at7/e8 Fason at t/e p$ano, start$n1 <-eart an8
Soul< over a1a$n. S/e almost sm$le8 an8 starte8 to en;o* /$s pla*$n1,
t/en s/e remem9ere8 0/ere s/e 0as.
)rutus 7ame over an8 sat next to Fason, startl$n1 /$m. <Cou=re prett*
1oo8,< )rutus sa$8. Fason :ept pla*$n1. 4 fe0 se7on8s later, )rutus
;o$ne8 $n. -e 0asn=t ver* 1oo8, 9ut /e an8 Fason 9ot/ seeme8 to 9e
en;o*$n1 t/emselves. 5o$s loo:e8 a1a$n at t/e fax ma7/$ne s$tt$n1 on
t/e 8es:, t/en at t/e 7oor8$nates s/e /a8 s7ra0le8 on /er pa8. S/e
>u$etl* pulle8 t/e s/eet loose an8 0rote t/e 0or8s, <-elp @sJ 5o$s
5ane< un8er t/e lat$tu8e an8 lon1$tu8e 7oor8$nates.
)rutus an8 Fason 0ere en1rosse8 $n t/e$r mus$7 as 5o$s 9a7:e8 to0ar8
5ut/or=s 8es: an8 7asuall* sat on $ts e81e. W$t/ /er /an8s 9e/$n8 /er,
s/e sl$8 t/e paper $nto t/e fax ma7/$ne fee8er an8 presse8 a 9utton on
+a1e 165
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
t/e 8$al pa8. 3t 9eepe8. -er /eart s:$ppe8 as s/e turne8 9a7: to see
)rutus st$ll pla*$n1 alon1s$8e Fason, o9l$v$ous to t/e 0orl8 aroun8
S/e 0a$te8 for t/e mus$7 to 1ro0 lou8er a1a$n an8 s/e 8$ale8 t/e 6a$l*
+lanet fax num9er, t/en presse8 sen8. S/e 7oul8 /ear t/e ma7/$ne
8$al$n1 an8 7onne7t$n1. S/e loo:e8 9a7: to Fason an8 )rutus, 9ut t/e*
0ere too 9us* pla*$n1 to 7are.
4s t/e ma7/$ne 9e1an to fee8 t/e paper t/rou1/ $ts s7anner, s/e sat
9a7: an8 preten8e8 to en;o* t/e s/o0.
#/e s:* 0as 8ar:en$n1, an8 t/e 0$n8 0as start$n1 to 9lo0 a1a$n. #/e
temperature 8roppe8 rap$8l*. 5ut/or /urr$e8, se7ur$n1 t/e :r*pton$te
7r*stal $nto t/e mo8$f$e8 ro7:et, t/en $nsert$n1 t/at $nto t/e
<Rea8*, 9oss,< Stanfor8 sa$8.
5ut/or steppe8 9a7: an8 1ave t/e s$1nal, 0at7/$n1 7losel* as Sanfor8
presse8 t/e f$r$n1 9utton, $1n$t$n1 t/e ro7:et. 3t sa$le8 for several
/un8re8 feet, t/en 9e1an $ts 8es7ent, f$nall* smas/$n1 $nto t/e 0ater,
r$1/t on tar1et, 8$sappear$n1 un8er t/e surfa7e, 0$t/ onl* a sl$1/t
1reen 1lo0 to mar: $ts presen7e.
3ns$8e t/e stateroom t/e l$1/ts fl$7:ere8, t/en 0ent 8ar:. 5o$s /ear8
an ele7tron$7 7ou1/ an8 sa0 t/at t/e fax ma7/$ne /a8 8$e8 ;ust 9efore
t/e part of t/e paper 0$t/ /er messa1e /a8 1one t/rou1/. S/e 0ante8 to
s7ream 0$t/ frustrat$on, 9ut s/e /el8 $t $n. 6amnJ
<Momm*P< Fason 7r$e8 out. <W/at=s /appen$n1P< -e ran to /er,
fr$1/tene8, an8 s/e /el8 /$m 7lose. <Fust anot/er 9la7:out. 3t=ll 9e
o:a*, /on. 6on=t 0orr*.<
,n #/e Dertru8e=s 8e7:, 5ut/or /ear8 t/e *a7/t=s po0er sputter an8 8$e.
<3t=s 9e1$nn$n1,< /e sa$8, p$7:$n1 up /$s 9$no7ulars, star$n1 out to
t/e o7ean.
C/apter #0ent*-.$1/t
+rev$ous#op 2ext
Clar: 0as nervousl* pa7$n1 9* 5o$s=s 8es: as R$7/ar8 turne8 on /er
7omputer an8 0a$te8 an $nterm$na9le n$net* se7on8s for t/e startup to
+a1e 166
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
f$n$s/ $ts 7*7le. <3t=s ta:$n1 forever. W/* 8oesn=t s/e :eep t/$s t/$n1
<Ma*9e s/e=s at t/e 9ur1er s/op on Mer7er Street,< Clar: sa$8 as /e
stare8 out t/e 0$n8o0, fo7us$n1 /$s e*es to 9e1$n a lon1-8$stan7e s0eep
of t/e 7$t*, 9lo7: 9* 9lo7: $f nee8 9e.
<S/e=s a ve1etar$an,< R$7/ar8 state8 flatl*. -e 0as 1ett$n1 anx$ous.
C=mon, *ou stup$8 ma7/$ne. )r$n1 me to t/e 8amn 8es:top.
Clar: turne8 to R$7/ar8. <Well, 0/ere=s Fason=s s7/oolP 4n8 0a$t, s/e
$sP S$n7e 0/enP<
<#/ree *ears no0. 5$n7oln 4venue an8 West #0ent*-'ourt/ Street.< Clar:
turne8 9a7: to t/e 0$n8o0 an8 fo7use8 on t/e 5$n7oln Street area,
9e1$nn$n1 0$t/ t/e s7/ool, t/en mov$n1 out $n 7on7entr$7 7$r7les from
<,/, an8 0/at 7olor $s t/e 7arP<
<Dunmetal 1ra*. 3t=s an 4u8$ 43. Clar:, 0/at are *ou 1o$n1 to 8o, mount
an aer$al sear7/P< #/e 8es:top f$nall* opene8, an8 /e starte8 to t*pe.
Clar: turne8 to /$m, 0orr$e8. <W/atP<
<S/e /as a pass0or8.<
-e t*pe8 $n t/e pass0or8 spa7e. Fason. R$7/ar8. 5u7*. +ul$t%er. +lanet.
<6amn. C=mon, somet/$n1=s 1ot to 0or:.<
R$7/ar8 turne8 as /e /ear8 Clar: s$1/. <#r* =Superman.=<
R$7/ar8 9$t /$s l$p, t/en t*pe8 $t $n. -e /$t enter an8 t/e 7omputer
7l$7:e8 an8 7la7:e8, open$n1 /er /ar8 8r$ve. <Dot $t.< -e
8ou9le-7l$7:e8 t/e f$le mar:e8 <Current stor$es,< an8 0a$te8. #/e f$le
9e1an to open ;ust as t/e po0er 0ent out.
-e slamme8 /$s f$st a1a$nst t/e 8es: an8 9ur$e8 /$s /ea8 $n /$s arms.
<#/$s $s 0ron1. #/$s $s so 0ron1.<
<2o. S/e=s f$ne. Cou :no0 /er. 2ot/$n1 stops /er.< Clar: foun8 /$mself
next to R$7/ar8, 7onsol$n1 /$m. <)ut somet$mes s/e=s for1etful, an8
0/en s/e=s on a stor*, *ou :no0, not/$n1 else matters.<
<Cea/. R$1/t,< R$7/ar8 sa$8. <#/at=s 5o$s $n a nuts/ell. ,nl* somet$mes
3 t/$n: t/e nut=s st$ll $n t/ere 0$t/ /er. So 0e :no0 s/e=s f$ne. )ut
$f s/e $s, 0/* am 3 so s7are8P<
+a1e 16
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
Clar: sat star$n1 at t/e 9lan: 7omputer s7reen, 9ot/ of t/em >u$et.
#/ere 0as not/$n1 to sa*.
'rom spa7e, t/e planet .art/ loo:e8 l$:e a 8ar:, l$feless or9, float$n1
l$stlessl* t/rou1/ t/e 7osmos, l$t onl* 9* t/e refle7te8 l$1/t of t/e
full moon. #/en, slo0l*, s0eep$n1 a7ross t/e planet, l$1/ts 9e1an to
9l$n: on a1a$n.
3n #/e Dertru8e=s stateroom, 5o$s 0at7/e8 as t/e l$1/ts fl$7:ere8 on.
S/e /ear8 t/e fax ma7/$ne po0er$n1 up.
<Fason,< s/e sa$8 >u$7:l* an8 lou8l* enou1/ to 8ro0n out $ts soun8.
<W/* 8on=t *ou pla* t/at son1 a1a$n. Cou nee8 to :eep up *our pra7t$7e.
4n8 t/at=s a lot 9etter p$ano t/an our :e*9oar8.<
<3 8on=t t/$n: 3 0ant to. Can 0e 1o /ome no0P< 5o$s loo:e8 at )rutus,
t/en 9a7: at /er son. S/e put on t/e 9est sm$le s/e 7oul8 for /$m. <2ot
*et, /on. Soon.<
<C=mon, ma*9e /e=ll pla* 0$t/ *ou a1a$n, too,< $n8$7at$n1 )rutus.
)rutus s/ru11e8 /$s mass$ve s/oul8ers. <Sure.< Fason relu7tantl* 9e1an
to pla* as 5o$s 0at7/e8 t/e paper 9e1$n to fee8 t/rou1/ t/e ma7/$ne
a1a$n. #/$s t$me s/e 7rosse8 /er f$n1ers.
Fason=s pla*$n1 rever9erate8 un8er t/e o7ean, prov$8$n1 9a7:1roun8
mus$7 for t/e :r*pton$te-la7e8 7r*stal as $t plun1e8 8eeper $nto t/e
8ar: 0aters. 3ts 9r$1/t 1reen 1lo0 $ntens$f$e8, seep$n1 out of t/e
ro7:et s/ell, l$1/t$n1 up t/e o7ean floor.
3t 0as t/en t/at t/e 7r*stal 1re0, mel8$n1 0$t/ t/e :r*pton$te,
s/oot$n1 off ne0 9ran7/es t/at pus/e8 out0ar8 0$t/ 1reater an8 1reater
for7e. 3t expan8e8 unt$l t/e ro7:et /ous$n1 s/attere8.
#/e :r*pton$teT7r*stal amal1am 7ont$nue8 to 1ro0 an8 7/an1e as $t
8$sappeare8 $nto a 8eep 7/asm, s$n:$n1 $nto t/e 9la7: mur:$ness of t/e
o7ean 9e8. 4 su88en 9last of l$1/t l$t up t/e sea for m$les.
,n t/e surfa7e t/e 9last 0as so 9r$1/t t/at 5ut/or, ?$tt*, an8 Stanfor8
7overe8 t/e$r e*es. )ut 5ut/or 0as also 9as:$n1 $n $ts 9r$ll$an7e.
#/$s 0as $t, 5ex :ne0. #/e 7ulm$nat$on of ever*t/$n1 /e /a8 0or:e8 for
s$n7e /e 0as a *oun1 man, 0at7/$n1 as /$s fat/er un0$tt$n1l* 8estro*e8
5ut/orCorp, t/e 7ompan* /$s fat/er /a8 foun8e8 $n t/e m$8 1"4&s, r$1/t
after Worl8 War 33. -e /a8 mana1e8 to smu11le out Derman*=s 1reatest
+a1e 16!
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
s7$ent$sts even 9efore t/e t0o superpo0ers, Russ$a an8 t/e @n$te8
States, 7oul8 1ra9 0/oever 0as left. 4n8 t/e* t/ou1/t Aon )raun 0as
somet/$n1 spe7$al.
4lexan8er 5ut/or /a8 a 8ream t/at /e passe8 on to /$s 1ran8sonI <#/ere
0ere al0a*s 0$nners an8 losers,< /e=8 sa*. <#/ose 0$t/ v$s$on an8 t/ose
0/o 0ere 9l$n8 to t/e o9v$ous. #/e 5ut/ors 0oul8 al0a*s 7ontrol, never
9e 7ontrolle8. 3f :no0le81e 0as po0er, po0er 0as ever*t/$n1, an8 t/e
pursu$t of po0er 0as man=s no9lest 1oal.<
5ex t/ou1/t /$s 1ran88a8 /a8 a 7l$7/e for ever* purpose, a /omespun
/om$l* t/at usuall* state8 t/e o9v$ous $n t/e most s$mpl$st$7 0a*
poss$9le, 9ut /e :ne0 t/ou1/ t/e ol8 man 0as 0a* 9e*on8 7ra%*, /e 0as
also r$1/t.
#/e 1oal, 5ex 0as tau1/t, 0as to a77umulate po0er. -$s 1ran8fat/er /a8
8one $t 9* /av$n1 /$s Dermans 7reate t/e 7onsumer 9oom of t/e 1"5&s.
Mass mar:et mer7/an8$s$n1 t/at 0oul8 9u$l8 up t/e ne0l* emer1$n1 m$88le
7lass 0/$le s$multaneousl* plun1$n1 t/em /opelessl* $n 8e9t. W/en t/e*
tr$e8 to 9a$l t/emselves out, at 26 per7ent $nterest, 4lex 9ou1/t up
t/e$r propert* an8 t/e$r lan8.
<5an8, 5ex, al0a*s 1o for lan8. 3t=s t/e one t/$n1 t/e* a$n=t ma:$n1
5ex=s fat/er, pass$n1 alon1 t/at same a8v$7e, also 8$8 /$s 9est to
a77umulate 0/at t/e* a$n=t ma:$n1 no more of.
.arl* on 5ex real$%e8 /e 0as on /$s o0n $n t/$s 0orl8. ,/, /$s fat/er
/a8 left /$m a fe0 m$ll$on, a nest e11 starter at 9est, 9ut 8ear 6a8
/as s>uan8ere8 or lost t/e rest of t/e$r fortune, somet/$n1 5ex s0ore
0oul8 never /appen to /$m.
-e stu8$e8 9ot/ s7$en7e an8 9us$ness $n 7olle1e, man$pulat$n1 /$s
1ra8es 9* putt$n1 t/e pressure on some 1ee: to turn )-m$nuses $nto 4=s.
-e 7oul8 /ave 1otten t/e 4=s /$mself $f /e /a8 0ante8 toKLO/$s 1en$us
80arfe8 ever*one else=s $n t/ose /allo0e8 /alls, 9ut as /e never
atten8e8 7lasses or too: tests, /e 9e1an 0$t/ several str$:es alrea8*
a1a$nst /$m. W/* nee8 to 7onf$rm 0/at 3 alrea8* :no0P
Dra8uat$n1 at t/e /ea8 of /$s 7lass, /e 1ave t/e vale8$7tor* spee7/,
start$n1 0$t/ t/e fa7t t/at one 8a* t/e*=8 all 9e 0or:$n1 for /$m.
<2ot onl* mat,< /e tol8 t/em, prou8l* pose8 9e/$n8 t/e po8$um,
a88ress$n1 t/e 7onfuse8 au8$en7e, <9ut 0/en t/at /appens, *ou=re all
1o$n1 to 9e earn$n1 far less t/an m$n$mum 0a1e. 4n8 eventuall*, 0/en
*ou all nee8 *our ;o9s t/e most, t/at=s 0/en 3=ll export t/e 0or: to
3n8$a or #a$0an or ?orea or somepla7e else 0/ere 3 7an explo$t t/e
+a1e 16"
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
0or:ers an8 0/ere protest $s ver9oten. #/an: 1oo8ness for
8$7tators/$ps, 3 al0a*s sa*.<
W/$le /$s au8$en7e sat s$lent, t/e$r mout/s /an1$n1 open $n s/o7:, /e
turne8, 0al:e8 off t/e sta1e, an8 never turne8 9a7:.
5ex real$%e8 ver* earl* on /o0 to pla* t/e 1ame. 3f *ou loo: l$:e a
/ustler, tal: l$:e a /ustler, or smell l$:e a /ustler, t/ere=s no 0a*
people 0$ll let *ou /ustle t/em. #/e$r 1$ant re8 fla1s 0$ll 9e /o$ste8
/$1/. )ut $f *ou=re 9r$ll$ant, an8 /e 0as, /$s 1!& 3S 0as 8o7umente8
0/en /e 0as onl* seven, an8 $f *ou 1ave ever*one a 9$1 sm$le an8 a7te8
l$:e *ou 0ere one of t/em, 0ell, t/en t/e*=8 never see *ou 7om$n1.
-e /a8 a77umulate8 /$s f$rst /un8re8 m$ll$on 9efore /e 0as t0ent*-f$ve
9* snoo:er$n1 sevent*-f$ve of 'ortune=s -un8re8 R$7/est )us$nessmen out
of 2& per7ent of t/e$r fortunes.
<Rule of t/um9. #/e r$7/ al0a*s 0ant more, an8 t/e*=re t/e f$rst ones
0/o love a 1et-r$7/->u$7: s7/eme 0/en t/e* t/$n: $t 0$ll a7tuall*
0or:.< #/e p*ram$8 s7/eme 8$8 0or:, of 7ourse, 9ut onl* for t/e sto7:*,
9al8 man stan8$n1 at t/e ver* top. -e /a8 9een 0ell on /$s 0a* to a
fortune t/at 0oul8 ma:e )$ll Dates=s 9$ll$ons loo: l$:e loose 7/an1e,
0/en Superman ma8e /$s f$rst 9$1 splas/, sav$n1 t/e pres$8ent=s plane,
t/en follo0$n1 t/at up 9* sav$n1 5o$s 5ane.
3t all 0ent 8o0n/$ll from t/ere.
-e /a8 fame an8 fortune, 9ut $t 0as all ta:en a0a* from /$m $n less
t/an one se7on8 9* t/atKLM al$en.
-e 0as star$n1 at t/e o7ean, 0a$t$n1, /$s $mpat$en7e 0ear$n1 t/$n. -e
7/e7:e8 /$s 0at7/. <We=re t/ere, :$88$es.< -e lau1/e8.
4s t/e l$1/t 9laste8 $ts 0a* $nto #/e Dertru8e=s stateroom 5o$s
prote7t$vel* turne8 Fason a0a* from t/e 0$n8o0 an8 7overe8 /$s e*es.
<Momm*P W/* $s ever*t/$n1 so 9r$1/tP< <3 8on=t :no0, /on. )ut :eep *our
e*es 7lose8 an8 8on=t loo:, o:a*P< S/e /u11e8 /$m a1a$n an8 :$sse8 t/e
9a7: of /$s /ea8.
)rutus stoo8 an8 sa0 t/e l$1/t 0as fa8$n1. <3t=s 1ett$n1 8ar: a1a$n.
Ma*9e $t 0as a meteor or somet/$n1.<
5o$s no88e8. Cea/. 4 meteor. 4t least t/at 0on=t fr$1/ten Fason an*
more t/an /e alrea8* $s. 4 meteor.
)rutus sat 8o0n at t/e p$ano an8 tappe8 t/e 9en7/ a fe0 t$mes. Fason
sl$8 $n next to /$m, an8 t/e* 9e1an to pla*.
+a1e 1&
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
#/e s:* 0as su88enl* on f$re 0$t/ flas/es of 0$l8 l$1/tn$n1. ?$tt*
1ra99e8 5ut/or as t/un8er s/oo: t/e *a7/t. S/e 7ounte8 t/e se7on8s
9et0een t/e flas/es an8 t/e explos$ons as s/e=8 9een tau1/t as a :$8.
W/atever 0as 1o$n1 on out t/ere 0as 7lose, too 7lose. #/e s:* 0as a
s/eet of 1ra* an8 storm 7lou8s 0ere rum9l$n1 over/ea8. 4 m$nute a1o $t
/a8 9een 7lear.
<5ex, t/$s $sn=t l$:e t/e tra$n set,< s/e sa$8, afra$8, /ol8$n1 /$m
even t$1/ter.
<3 :no0,< /e repl$e8, over;o*e8 as /e 0at7/e8 t/e spe7ta7ular l$1/t
s/o0 t/at /e /a8 prov$8e8 for t/e$r even$n1=s enterta$nment.
#/ere 0as anot/er 9oom$n1 explos$on, follo0e8 9* more flas/es of l$1/t.
+uls$n1 7ra7:s et7/e8 a pat/ t/rou1/ t/e o7ean floor, pus/$n1 up t/e
loam* 9ottom so$l, releas$n1 a sea of 9u99les t/at sprea8 for m$les $n
all 8$re7t$ons. #/e o7ean rum9le8 as t/e 7/asms 1re0 0$8er an8 8eeper.
#/en t/e 7r*stal p$llars 9e1an to 1ro0.
4t f$rst t/e* 0ere onl* $n7/es t/$7:, 9ut as t/e* 1re0 la*er upon
la*er, t/e* expan8e8 >u$7:l* unt$l p$llars /un-8re8s of feet tall s/ot
up out of t/e 0ater. #/ere 0ere t/ousan8s of s/oots, s7ream$n1 as t/e*
1re0, 7r$ss7ross$n1 ea7/ ot/er, form$n1 $ntr$7ate patterns as t/e*
;utte8 up from t/e o7ean.
5ut/or o9serve8 t/at t/e 7r*stals some/o0 seeme8 al$ve, a 0arm, 1reen
1lo0 0as 9urn$n1 $ns$8e t/em, $ts l$fe9loo8 flo0$n1 t/rou1/ t/em,
1$v$n1 t/em $ts stren1t/, ur1$n1 t/em to 1ro0 /$1/er an8 stron1er, an8,
/e :ne0, more 8ea8l* t/an an*one 7oul8 suspe7t.
)elo08e7:s, )rutus an8 Fason 0ere pla*$n1 <-eart 4n8 Soul< one more
t$me. #/e* 0ere off-:e*, 9ut as lon1 as $t :ept t/em 9us*, 5o$s 8$8n=t
7are. S/e /$t t/e re8$al on t/e fax ma7/$ne an8 /ear8 $t 7onne7t. #/e
paper 9e1an to sl$8e t/rou1/ t/e ma7/$ne a1a$n, t/$s t$me slo0l* mov$n1
past t/e 0r$tten 7oor8$nates an8 t/e </elp us< l$ne. 5o$s=s name 0as
;ust 9elo0 t/at. 3t 0as ;ust a9out to a77ept t/e rest of t/e 8o7ument
0/en t/e po0er 8$e8 a1a$n.
5o$s 0as 7onfuse8. #/e l$1/ts $n t/e 7a9$n 0ere st$ll on. ,nl* t/e fax
ma7/$ne seeme8 to 9e affe7te8. S/e /ear8 a no$se an8 sa0 )rutus
stan8$n1 $n front of /er, /ol8$n1 t/e po0er 7or8, loo:$n1 ver* an1r*.
<-$. 3 0as ;ust, u//, fax$n1 m* $nterv$e0. Cou :no0, on 5ut/orP #/e one
/e 1ave me. Cou 0ere t/ere, remem9erP< S/e 0as 1r$nn$n1 as $f s/e /a8
no $8ea t/at 0/at s/e 0as 8o$n1 0as remotel* 0ron1.
-e 8$sa1ree8. -e t/re0 /er a1a$nst t/e 0all, t/en slamme8 /er $nto a
+a1e 11
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
9an$ster. S/e slumpe8 to t/e floor.
Fason /a8 stoppe8 pla*$n1 9efore )rutus 1ra99e8 5o$s 9* t/e arm. -$s
/eart 0as ;ump$n1 as )rutus storme8 past /$m, an1r$l* tromp$n1 to0ar8
/$s mot/er.
4s D$l #ruman >u$7:l* ma8e /$s 0a* a7ross t/e e8$tor$al floor, /e felt
anot/er pa$nful t0$n1e sta99$n1 /$s stoma7/, ;ust 9elo0 t/e 9eltl$ne.
Su88enl*, /e let out a lou8 9el7/. #/e taste of t/at street-ven8or /ot
8o1 returne8, f$ll$n1 /$s mout/, ma:$n1 /$m 0ant to t/ro0 up all over
-e sat 8o0n, /$s fa7e 7ol8 an8 7lamm*, 9reat/$n1 $n slo0l* unt$l t/e
su88en 7/$ll t/at ran alon1 /$s arms an8 le1s slo0l* 8$sappeare8. -e
0$pe8 /$mself off 0$t/ /$s /an8:er7/$ef, s/oo: /$mself alert a1a$n, an8
/ea8e8 9a7: to /$s 8es:. Memo to selfI 2o more /ot 8o1s.
4s /e passe8 t/e fax ma7/$ne /e sa0 a ne0 p$e7e of paper sl$8e off me
roller an8 $nto t/e 9$n.
3t 0as /an80r$tten, an8 all $t sa$8 0as, <-elp @sJ 3"21W.< -e 0as
st$ll tr*$n1 to ma:e sense of $t as /e 0al:e8 9a7: $nto t/e e8$tor$al
<Sm$le,< F$mm* ,lsen sa$8 as 2oel 4rt/ur, t/e prett* 9runette from
7lass$f$e8s, passe8 /$s 8es: on /er 0a* to 8$nner. S/e turne8 an8 1ave
/$m a 0$8e 1r$n as /e too: /er p$7ture.
<-e*. Can *ou pr$nt me a 7op* of t/atP< S/e 1ave /$m a loo: t/at sa$8
s/e 0ante8 /$m to as: /er out, 9ut F$mm* 0as o9l$v$ous.
<Sure, 3=ll 1et *ou an e$1/t-9*-ten an8 a 7ouple of 0allet-s$%e8, too.
#/an:s, 2oel.< 6$sappo$nte8, s/e 1ot $nto t/e elevator.
F$mm* a8;uste8 /$s teles7op$7 lens an8 7au1/t D$l $n $t, a9out f$ft*
feet a0a*, loo:$n1 stran1el* at a p$e7e of paper $n /$s /an8. -e
a8;uste8 t/e lens to 9r$n1 t/e note $nto fo7us.
#/e note onl* /a8 a fe0 0or8s on $t, 9ut t/e /an80r$t$n1 7au1/t /$s
e*e. <M* Do8.<
-e 1ra99e8 t/e paper out of D$l=s /an8s an8 ran to 5o$s=s 8es:. R$7/ar8
an8 Clar: 0ere st$ll t/ere, nav$1at$n1 t/e$r 0a* t/rou1/ /er 7omputer.
<R$7/ar8, *ou /ave to see t/$s. 3 7an=t 9el$eve $t.<
+a1e 12
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
R$7/ar8 too: t/e paper. <W/ere 8$8 *ou 1et t/$sP<
F$mm* po$nte8 to D$l. <3t 7ame t/rou1/ t/e fax. 3t=s 5o$s=s
/an80r$t$n1. 3=8 re7o1n$%e $t an*0/ere. )ut 3 8on=t :no0 0/at $t
<#/e*=re 7oor8$nates,< Clar: an8 R$7/ar8 sa$8 s$multaneousl*. #/e*
loo:e8 at ea7/ ot/er, t/en 9a7: at t/e note.
<3t=s t0ent* m$les off t/e 7oast,< R$7/ar8 sa$8. <F$mm*, 7all t/e Coast
Duar8 an8 tell +err* t/at 3=m ta:$n1 t/e seaplane.< -e 1ot up to leave,
9ut t/en /es$tate8. <Clar:P Com$n1P<
Clar: 0as st$ll star$n1 at t/e num9ers. -e turne8 to R$7/ar8 as /$s
/an8 rea7/e8 for /$s stoma7/. <2o, planes ma:e me s$7:. 3=ll sta* /ere
an8 :eep an e*e on t/$n1s ;ust $n 7ase.<
R$7/ar8 no88e8 an8 1ave /$m a 9r$ef sm$le.
Clar: 0a$te8 unt$l /e 0as 1one, t/en 1ot up an8 ma8e /$s 0a* to t/e
elevators. <F$mm*, 3=m 1o$n1 to 1et some a$r,< /e sa$8.
-e steppe8 $nto t/e elevator an8 0a$te8 for t/e 8oors to sl$8e s/ut.
#/e elevator 9e1an to r$se. -$s Q-ra* v$s$on 7/e7:e8 t/e next t/ree
floors an8 sa0 no9o8* /a8 7alle8 for t/e 7ar.
-e pulle8 open /$s s/$rt, reveal$n1 t/e ?r*pton$an 7rest 9eneat/ $t. 3n
a s$n1le s0$ft movement, /$s 7lot/es seeme8 to fall off /$m. -e presse8
t/em $nto a paper t/$n s/eet an8 tu7:e8 t/em $nto /$s 7ape po7:et as /e
fle0 up t/rou1/ t/e elevator emer1en7* roof /at7/, $nto t/e s/aft, an8
f$nall* 9laste8 out of t/e rooftop 8oor an8 $nto t/e s:*.
C/apter #0ent*-2$ne
+rev$ous#op 2ext
#/e 7$t* passe8 un8er Superman l$:e a 9lur. -e 7oul8 /ear a m$ll$on
vo$7es f$ll$n1 t/e streets, 9ut t/e* 0ere a ;um9le of 8$s7or8ant
soun8s, no$ses 0$t/out su9stan7e. -$s t/ou1/ts 0ere else0/ere.
-e :ept 1o$n1 over t/e fax $n /$s m$n8. 5o$s 0rote onl* t0o 0or8s.
<-elp us.< S/e sa$8 <us.< #/at meant s/e 0as pro9a9l* 0$t/ Fason. #/e*
0ere to1et/er. #/at 0as 1oo8.
+a1e 13
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
)ut <-elp.< 3t meant 0/erever s/e 0as, s/e 8$8n=t 0ant to 9e t/ere. S/e
/a8 sent t/em a fax. #/at meant s/e /a8n=t foun8 /erself stran8e8 on
some 8eserte8 $slan8 some0/ere. S/e 0as somepla7e t/at /a8 a fax
ma7/$ne an8 ele7tr$7$t*. )ase8 on t/e 7oor8$nates s/e sent, t/at meant
s/e /a8 to 9e on a 9oat or s/$p.
-e 0as soar$n1 over t/e o7ean, us$n1 /$s teles7op$7 v$s$on to sear7/
a/ea8. 3f s/e 0as out t/ere, /e :ne0 /e=8 f$n8 /er.
)ut /e 0as st$ll 0orr$e8. 3f s/e 0as loo:$n1 for /elp, $t 0as o9v$ous
s/e 8$8n=t 0ant to 9e 0/erever s/e 0as.
-a8 s/e an8 Fason 9een :$8nappe8P 3f so, 9* 0/omP 4n8 0/*P
-e :ne0 R$7/ar8 0as alrea8* on t/e 0a* /ome, 0/ere t/e seaplane 0as
1asse8 up an8 0a$t$n1 for /$m. -e :ne0 R$7/ar8 0as nervousN /$s
/eart9eat 0as t/ump$n1 0$l8l* as /e rea8 t/e fax. W$t/out po0ers, or
even :no0$n1 exa7tl* 0/at /e 0as /ea8$n1 $nto, R$7/ar8 /a8 1one off to
res7ue t/e fam$l* /e love8.
5o$s /a8 foun8 /erself a ne0 /ero.
R$7/ar8 0as +err*=s nep/e0, a 1oo8 man 0$t/ a 1oo8 /eart. -e remem9ere8
t/e t$mes 0/en +err* ment$one8 /$s nep/e0, *ears 9efore t/e* met, *ears
9efore Superman left for ?r*pton, leav$n1 t/e .art/, an8 5o$s, 9e/$n8.
+err* rarel* $f ever 1us/e8, 9ut /e a8m$re8 R$7/ar8, not 9e7ause t/e*
0ere relate8 9ut 9e7ause of 0/at R$7/ar8 /a8 ma8e of /$s l$fe.
-e /a8 seen t/em separatel* an8 /e sa0 t/em to1et/er, an8 as pa$nful as
$t 0as for /$m, /e /a8 to real$%e, /e /a8 to a77ept, t/at /e no lon1er
/a8 a pla7e $n /er l$fe. #/at 0as as:$n1 a lot of /$m, more t/an /e 0as
sure /e 7oul8 /an8le.
-e 0on8ere8 0/at t/e past *ears of /$s l$fe 0ere a9out. W/at /a8 1one
so 0ron1 t/at /e 0as loo:$n1 $nto spa7e for a /omeP W/at s/oul8 $t /ave
mattere8 to /$m t/at s7$ent$sts 9el$eve8 ?r*pton 0as st$ll al$veP -e
/a8 no real memor$es of t/at pla7e. .ver*t/$n1 /e /a8 :no0n a9out $t
/a8 7ome from For-.l=s le7tures. 3t s/oul8n=t /ave /a8 an* lure for
/$m. So 0/* 8$8 /e forsa:e ever*t/$n1 /e /a8 to rea7/ for somet/$n1 /e
never t/ou1/t /e m$sse8P
)elo0 /$m 8olp/$ns 0ere 8an7$n1 a7ross t/e 0aves, 7all$n1 to ea7/
ot/er, 7l$n1$n1 to1et/er as t/e* ma8e t/e$r 0a* to 0/erever t/e* 0ere
1o$n1. )eneat/ t/e surfa7e /e 7oul8 see s7/ools of f$s/ s0$mm$n1 7lose
to1et/er for mutual prote7t$on as t/e* ma8e t/e$r 0a* t/rou1/ t/e
+a1e 14
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
Su88enl*, /e sa0 t/em pan$7 an8 s7atter. 3t too: a moment lon1er for
/$m to /ear t/e stran1e rum9l$n1 9u$l8$n1 8eep un8er t/e 9ra7:$s/
0aters. #/ere 0as a lou8 7ra7:$n1 explos$on.
-e sa0 t/at t/e o7ean floor /a8 rupture8 as $f on a fault l$ne,
releas$n1 9la7: 8ust t/at s7attere8 $nto t/e $7* 7ol8. -e 0at7/e8 as
t/e rupture 7ont$nue8 to sprea8, 7reat$n1 1$ant f$ssures $n t/e floor.
4 1reat tren7/ opene8 an8 expan8e8, pus/$n1 past Superman, /ea8$n1
to0ar8 Metropol$s.
-e stare8 to0ar8 t/e /or$%onN 5o$s 0as some0/ere out t/ere, $n trou9le,
nee8$n1 /$s /elp. )ut /e sa0 t/e tren7/ spl$nter$n1 t/e eart/ as $t
relentlessl* 7ut $ts 0a* to0ar8 t/e 7oastl$ne. W/en $t /$t /e :ne0 $t
0oul8 9e t/e most 8evastat$n1 eart/>ua:e t/e 7ont$nentKLOan* 7ont$nentKLO
/a8 ever suffere8.
-e loo:e8 up a1a$n to t/e /or$%on. #orn.
5o$s ran to t/e pool ta9le, 8art$n1 aroun8 $t to :eep $t 9et0een /er
an8 )rutus. #/ere 0as a 8ar: ra1e 9urn$n1 $n /$s 8ull e*es, an8 $t
s7are8 /er. S/e 1ra99e8 Fason an8 s/ove8 /$m 9e/$n8 /er.
<Sta* 0$t/ me,< s/e or8ere8. -e /a8 no $ntent$on of leav$n1.
)rutus 7lam9ere8 over t/e ta9le. S/e 1ra99e8 t/e pool 7ue an8 slamme8
/$m /ar8 0$t/ $t a7ross t/e fa7e. -e rea7te8 for a moment, t/ou1/t
a9out 0/et/er $t /urt or not, t/en s/ru11e8 $t off. S/e s0un1 a1a$n. 3t
7ut a7ross /$s 7/ee:, an8 9loo8 9e1an to tr$7:le out. ,n t/e t/$r8
s0$pe, /e 7au1/t t/e 7ue an8 pulle8 $t an8 /er to /$m. -e 1ra99e8 /er
ne7: 0$t/ /$s free /an8.
,ut of t/e 7orner of /er e*es, 5o$s 7oul8 see Fason, 7o0er$n1 $n t/e
7orner, fro%en $n fear, 0/ee%$n1, tr*$n1 to 9reat/e as /$s nasal
passa1e0a*s s/ran:, slo0$n1 t/e flo0 of a$r to /$s lun1s. M* Do8, /$s
S/e :nee8 )rutus an8 slamme8 /$m 0$t/ /er f$sts, 9ut l$:e t/e 7ue, t/e*
/a8 no effe7t. #/e man 0as a monster. S/e tr$e8 to s>u$rm free, 9ut /e
smas/e8 /$s palm $nto /er 1ut, an8 s/e 7ollapse8, 9reat/less, to /er
-e stoo8 over /er, lau1/$n1 as s/e tr$e8 to 7at7/ /er 9reat/. -e p$7:e8
/er up an8 t/re0 /er a7ross t/e room $nto a s/elf of 9oo:s. #/e 9oo:s
s7attere8 as s/e slumpe8 to t/e floor, 9arel* 7ons7$ous.
-e stoo8 over /er, t/e 7ue /$1/ over /$s /ea8, rea8* to 7ome 8o0n /ar8
+a1e 15
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
on /er.
S/e t/rust /er feet out a1a$n, 9ut t/$s t$me s/e 0asn=t tr*$n1 to /urt
/$m. S/e use8 /$s mass$ve le1s as t/e $mmova9le post t/e* 0ere to pus/
/erself 9a7:0ar8, 7loser to t/e 9oo:7ase. 4s /e ra$se8 t/e 7ue over /$s
/ea8 a1a$n, s/e 1ra99e8 t/e 9oo:7ase an8 pulle8, t$pp$n1 $t over.
)rutus loo:e8 up ;ust as $t smas/e8 8o0n on top of /$m, 7ra7:$n1 /$s
ne7:. -e fell to /$s :nees, 0o99le8 a fe0 t$mes, t/en fell fa7e-f$rst
onto t/e pol$s/e8 0oo8 floors.
Fason 0as star$n1 at /$s mot/er, st$ll paral*%e8 0$t/ fear, 1asp$n1 for
9reat/. -e 1ra99e8 /$s $n/aler, too: a /$t off $t, t/en rus/e8 to /er
as s/e 0as r$s$n1 to /er feet.
<Momm*,< /e 7r$e8, terr$f$e8.
<3=m o:a*. 3=m f$ne,< s/e sa$8, 7ra8l$n1 /$m, tr*$n1 to 7alm /$m 8o0n
so /e 7oul8 7ontrol /$s 9reat/. <#/at man 0as so 9a8, an8 *ou 0ere so
9rave, /one*. 3=m prou8 of *ou. 4n8 0e=re o:a* no0.<
S/e 8$8n=t 9el$eve $t for a se7on8, 9ut s/e /ope8 /e 8$8.
-er le1s 0ere 9ru$se8 an8 a l$ttle 9loo8$e8, an8 $t 0as pa$nful to
stan8. S/e too: Fason 9* t/e /an8 an8 le8 /$m outs$8e $nto t/e
7orr$8or. Some/o0, s/e :ne0, t/e* /a8 to 1et off t/e 9oat.
S/e /ear8 R$le* an8 Drant /ea8$n1 8o0n t/e sta$rs, an8 s/e 8u7:e8 to
t/e s$8e. S/e turne8 to Fason an8 put a f$n1er to /er l$ps. S////.
#/ou1/ fr$1/tene8, /e no88e8. Doo8 9o*.
<DrantP< R$le* sa$8, po$nt$n1 to )rutus=s feet po:$n1 out from un8er
t/e fallen 9oo:7ase. Drant turne8 an8 sa0 5o$s an8 Fason 7o0er$n1 un8er
t/e sta$rs.
<)$1 m$sta:e, la8*,< Drant sa$8, as R$le* 1ra99e8 Fason an8 s/ove8 /$m
$nto a lon1, narro0 pantr*. 4 moment later Drant pus/e8 5o$s $ns$8e.
<+lease. 5et /$m 1o. -e 7an=t /urt *ou.<
<2ot 1onna /appen.< S/e /ear8 t/em lo7: t/e 8oor. <Fust a l$ttle
su11est$on. Sta* put. 2ext t$me 3 see *ou, *ou=re 8ea8. 4n8 *our 9rat,
<Cou 7an=t 8o t/$s. 5et us out of /ereJ +lease.< 5o$s 0as /ammer$n1 on
t/e 8oor, s/out$n1 even as s/e /ear8 t/em poun8$n1 up t/e sta$rs a1a$n.
<Can=t *ou :eep t/$s stup$8 t/$n1 stea8*, 5exP< ?$tt* sa$8 as #/e
+a1e 16
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
Dertru8e ro7:e8 9a7: an8 fort/, sen8$n1 /er fall$n1 port to star9oar8.
5ut/or $1nore8 /er as /e 7ont$nue8 to loo: at t/e sonar s7reen
8$spla*$n1 t/e stran1e stru7tures t/at 0ere form$n1 un8er t/e o7ean.
-e sa0 R$le* an8 Drant step onto t/e 8e7:. <W/ere=s )rutusP 3 ma* nee8
/$s mus7les.<
<#/ere 0as a l$ttle pro9lem 8o0nsta$rs. )rutus 0on=t 9e ;o$n$n1 us,<
sa$8 Drant.
5ex s/ru11e8. .as* 7ome. .as* 1o. <4n8 0/ere are t/e*P<
<5o7:e8 up. 3n t/e pantr*.<
5ut/or 1lan7e8 8o0n at t/e sonar $ma1e an8 sa0 t/at t/e stru7tures 0ere
1ro0$n1 even lar1er an8 faster. -$s plans 0ere almost 7omplete, an8 t/e
8e7$s$on 0/at to 8o 0$t/ 5ane an8 /er son 0as ma8e for /$m.
<Det t/e /el$7opter rea8*,< /e sa$8.
-e turne8 to t/e 7ounter 0/ere Stanfor8 /a8 8$smantle8 t/e m$ss$le, an8
opene8 a 8ra0er an8 too: somet/$n1 from $t. -e remove8 t/e mono1ramme8
/an8:er7/$ef from /$s po7:et, pla7e8 t/e m*ster$ous somet/$n1 $nto $t,
fol8e8 $t over, t/en /ea8e8 8o0n t/e sta$rs to0ar8 t/e stateroom.
-e sa0 /$s 8es: an8 t/e s/attere8 9oo:7ase 0$t/ )rutus st$ll l*$n1
un8erneat/ $t. 5ut/or s7oope8 up t/e rema$n$n1 :r*pton$te 7r*stals an8
ma8e /$s 0a* 8o0n t/e 7orr$8or. -e unlo7:e8 t/e pantr* 8oor an8 1reete8
5o$s an8 Fason, 9ot/ 7o0er$n1 $n t/e 7orner, /er arms prote7t$vel*
aroun8 /er son. 5ut/or 0$n:e8 at /$m.
<Cat7/,< /e sa$8 as /e tosse8 t/e fol8e8-over /an8:er7/$ef to t/em. 3t
fell to t/e floor an8 rolle8 to Fason=s feet.
5o$s tr$e8 to 1ra9 t/e 8oor 9efore 5ut/or slamme8 $t s/ut, 9ut s/e 0as
se7on8s too late. S/e turne8 9a7: to see Fason /ol8$n1 5ex=s
/an8:er7/$ef. -e /a8 opene8 $t, reveal$n1 t/e explos$ves Stanfor8 /a8
ta:en from t/e m$ss$les.
5o$s=s e*es 0$8ene8 $n terror. <-one*, 8on=t move,< s/e or8ere8. Fason
5ut/or 7/u7:le8 as /e ma8e /$s 0a* 9a7: up t/e sp$ral sta$r7ase. -e sa0
t/e s/a8o0 of t/e /el$7opter 9la8es sp$nn$n1. <5$:e 7lo7:0or:,< /e sa$8
to /$mself. -e 7l$m9e8 $ns$8e t/e 7opter an8 9u7:le8 /$mself $n.
<-ome, Fames. M* ne0 /ome, t/at $s.<
+a1e 1
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
4s t/e* rose, /e too: one last loo: at t/e 9eaut$ful *a7/t rest$n1
7alml* $n t/e sea 9elo0. <Dertru8e, 3 /ar8l* :ne0 *e,< /e sa$8,
#/e o7ean floor 0as a 9u99l$n1 9la7: 8ust roa8 map as t/e 1roun8
rupture 7ont$nue8 to sp$8er0e9 $n all 8$re7t$ons. #/e 7r*stals 0ere
re1enerat$n1, 8ou9l$n1 $n s$%e nearl* ever* f$ve m$nutes, t/e
stru7ture=s spee8 $n7reas$n1 even more as $t entere8 t/e 0arm s/allo0
0aters of t/e Metropol$s s/orel$ne.
+art #/ree
W,R56S 32 C,553S3,2
C/apter #/$rt*
+rev$ous#op 2ext
#/e 7$t*=s 8a* 9e1an prett* mu7/ l$:e all t/e ot/ers. #/ere 0ere
mass$ve traff$7 ;ams on t/e 5"5 from t/e su9ur9s $nto t/e 7$t*. 4
t0ent*-m$nute 0ee:en8 tr$p expan8e8 as al0a*s $nto an /our-an8-a-/alf
en8uran7e test. #/e Metro 0as pa7:e8 9efore $t left $ts f$rst stat$on,
an8 t/e strap/an1ers :ne0 mere 0oul8 9e no rel$ef unt$l $t 7lattere8
$ts 0a* to Center S>uare, onl* t0ent* m$les a0a*.
)* earl* morn$n1 t/e 7$t* 0as 7ro08e8 0$t/ 0or:ers, s/oppers, an8
tour$sts. Restaurants /a8 opene8 at s$x for t/e 9rea:fast 7ro08 an8
0oul8n=t 7lose a1a$n unt$l lon1 after m$8n$1/t, t/e$r 0or:ers
alternat$n1 e$1/t-/our s/$fts.
#/e museums opene8 at ten, 0/$le mov$e t/eaters 0oul8 9e1$n t/e$r f$rst
s/o0 at noon.
#/at 0as, at least, t/e plan.
)* t/e t$me t/e f$rst >ua:e /$t, more t/an " m$ll$on people /a8 pa7:e8
t/emselves $nto a 7$t* t/at 7oul8 7omforta9l* f$t onl* 4 m$ll$on. )ut
t/$s 0as 0/at l$v$n1 $n Metropol$s 0as all a9out.
+a1e 1!
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
#/ere 0ere, as al0a*s, 7ompla$nts a9out t/e no$se, a9out t/e traff$7,
a9out t/e s/eer 7on1est$on of ever*t/$n1N 9ut at t/e same t$me t/ere
0as l$ttle tal: of leav$n1. 3f *ou 0ere 9orn $n Metropol$s, *ou sta*e8
t/ere 9e7ause *ou 7oul8 never f$n8 anot/er 7$t* t/at 7oul8 r$val $t. 3f
*ou 0ere 9orn else0/ere, mov$n1 to $t 0as more t/an a l$fest*le 7/an1e.
3t 0as l$:e a :n$1/t=s :no0$n1 t/ere 0as no reason to ex$st outs$8e of
#/e f$rst $n8$7at$on of t/e $mpen8$n1 8$saster 0as t/e lo0 rum9le t/at
seeme8 to 9e 7om$n1 from ever*0/ere at on7e. Most t/ou1/t $t 0as t/e
su90a* s*stem, t/e Metro tra$ns spee8$n1 alon1 un8er1roun8, t/e soun8
of t/e$r 0/eels 1r$n8$n1 alon1 t/e tra7:s, es7ap$n1 up t/rou1/ t/e
street vents alon1 0$t/ tra$ls of smo:e an8 t/e smell of t/$n1s un/ol*.
)ut t/e rum9l$n1 7ont$nue8 to 8eepen $nstea8 of 8$sappear$n1 $nto t/e
8$stan7e as t/e tra$ns 7ra0le8 to0ar8 t/e$r f$nal 8est$nat$ons. W$n8o0s
0ere rattl$n1, t/en s/atter$n1, 1lass s/ar8s 0ere s/o0er$n1 t/e 7$t*
#/en t/e Wannama:er )u$l8$n1, 9u$lt 9* t/ose t0o e77entr$7 9rot/ers $n
1"3, Fo/n an8 Fonat/an, 9e1an to s0a*.
+err* /a8 9een stu8*$n1 5o$s=s fax 9efore t/e >ua:e /$t t/e +lanet.
<W/at are t/ese, lotter* num9ersP< /e 0on8ere8. #/e l$1/ts fl$7:ere8,
an8 +err* loo:e8 up, an1r* all over a1a$n. <C/r$st, not anot/er
F$mm* /ear8 a 7ar alarm outs$8e. -e 0asn=t 0orr$e8. -appene8 all t/e
t$me. )ut 0$t/$n a matter of m$nutes t/e streets 9e7ame a /orr$9le
7/orus of alarms.
#/at 0as 0/en t/e f$rst rum9le /$t t/e +lanet 9u$l8$n1, s/a:$n1 $t l$:e
a :$8 spra*$n1 a so8a 7an ;ust to see 0/at 0oul8 7ome 1us/$n1 out.
#/e a0ar8s $n +err*=s off$7e pulle8 loose from t/e 0alls an8 fell to
t/e floor, 9rea:$n1. -e s7reame8 $nto t/e 9ullpen. <Someone 9etter 9e
7over$n1 t/$s. ,lsen, 1et out t/ere an8 1et p$7turesJ<
)ut F$mm* /a8 run un8er t/e 8oor0a*N /e=8 seen a 8o7umentar* on
eart/>ua:es on t/e 6$s7over* C/annel an8 remem9ere8 t/e $nstru7t$ons.
-e /el8 on to t/e ;am9s for support.
<C/$ef,< /e s/oute8. <3 8on=t t/$n: t/$s $s ;ust anot/er 9la7:out.<
3n t/e s/a:$n1, no9o8* not$7e8, 9ut t/e l$1/ts /a8 1one out a1a$n, an8
t/e 7omputers 0ere 8o0n.
+a1e 1"
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
+err* pulle8 /$mself up from /$s 8es: an8, e81$n1 a1a$nst me 0all, ma8e
/$s 0a* to t/e 9ullpen. #/e staff 0as nervousl* 7/e7:$n1 t/e$r areas,
loo:$n1 for 8ama1e.
-e 0on8ere8 $f 5o$s /a8 9een r$1/t all alon1. Ma*9e t/e 9la7:out 0as
t/e stor* an8 Superman t/e s$8e9ar, t/e un8er-me-fol8 $tem mat 0as
7ont$nue8 on pa1e "! $n se7t$on C.
F$mm* :ept /$s 9alan7e as /e rus/e8 to t/e 0$n8o0 an8 loo:e8 out over
t/e Metropol$s s:*l$ne. -e /ear8 1lass s/atter$n1 a7ross t/e 7$t* an8
sa0 7/un:s of 8e9r$s fall$n1 ever*0/ere.
S:*s7rapers 0ere s/a:$n1, f$rst $n t/e 8$stan7e, 9* t/e p$ers, men
fann$n1 out from mere, mov$n1 to0ar8 m$8-to0n, /ea8$n1 for t/em.
<C/$efP< -e turne8 to see +err* /ol8$n1 on to /$s 8es: as t/e room
s/oo: a1a$n. <3 8on=t :no0 /o0, 9ut 3 t/$n: t/$s $s some :$n8 of
eart/>ua:e, an8 $t=s 7om$n1 t/$s 0a*.<
<,lsen, t/at=s not t/e 0a* eart/>ua:es move.<
<Cea/, 3 :no0. #/e* also 8on=t last t/$s lon1, e$t/er.<
F$mm* /ear8 1lass s/atter. #/e fam$l* p/otos /a8 fallen off 5o$s=s
<,/, no. 5o$s $s 1o$n1 toKLM< -e stoppe8, 0on8er$n1 $f R$7/ar8 /a8 foun8
/er *et.
-e turne8 $n t$me to see +oll* s0a*$n1 9a7: an8 fort/ as /er 7/a$r
0/eele8 /er a7ross t/e floor, past D$l, 0/o 0as /un:er$n1 un8er /$s
8es:. F$mm* 0asn=t sure, 9ut /e t/ou1/t D$l 0as pra*$n1. -e /ear8
anot/er 7ras/ 9e/$n8 /$m. #/e 0orl8 t$me 7lo7:s /a8 9ro:en loose from
t/e$r an7/ors.
#/at 0as 0/en F$mm* ,lsen sa0 t/e Wannama:er )u$l8$n1 7ollapse.
#/e s/o7: 0ave 7ont$nue8 to sprea8. )u$l8$n1 0re7:a1e an8 9ro:en 1lass
explo8e8 over t/e 7ro08s.
Superman /a8 ;ust passe8 t/e Wannama:er )u$l8$n1 0/en /e sa0 a to0er
>u$ver, t/en 7ollapse. -e ar7e8 9a7: to0ar8 t/e to0er an8 fl$ppe8
/$mself over, fl*$n1 0$t/ /$s 9a7: to t/e 1roun8.
-e s0oope8 un8er t/e fall$n1 8e9r$s an8 fo7use8 /$s e*es up at $t. #/e
a$r 9et0een t/em 9e1an to r$pple an8 1lo0 re8 as /$s /eat v$s$on
7reate8 a l$1/t as 9r$1/t as t/e sun. ,n t/e streets, people ran $n
fear, 7over$n1 t/e$r e*es from t/e 9urn$n1 $ntens$t*.
+a1e 1!&
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
#/e s/o0er of steel an8 1lass starte8 to melt, 9e7om$n1 f$er* l$>u$8
8rops. -e $n7rease8 t/e /eat, re8u7$n1 t/em to /armless 9$ts of as/ an8
Su88enl*, Superman 0as 1one. -e appeare8 /alf0a* a7ross to0n 0/ere t/e
rope straps /ol8$n1 a 7onstru7t$on 0or:er safel* to t/e s$8e of a
9u$l8$n1 snappe8 $n /alf. Su-perman 7au1/t /$m $n m$8a$r an8 9rou1/t
/$m safel* to t/e roof.
-e /ear8 s7reams 7om$n1 from t/e street an8 sa0 passers9* tr*$n1 to
pull a *oun1 man from a 9urn$n1, overturne8 7ar. -e fl$ppe8 /$mself
over a1a$n an8 strea:e8 8o0n, 9reat/$n1 $n 8eepl*, expan8$n1 /$s
7/ee:s. 4s /e strea:e8 past t/e 7ar, t/e people /ear8 a su88en W-,,S-
an8 sa0 t/at t/e f$re /a8 9een ext$n1u$s/e8, an8 t/e 7ar 0as 7overe8
0$t/ a la*er of frost.
+err* /el8 on to t/e 0all as /e 7alle8 /$s staff to1et/er. <Mu7/ as 3
/ate to sa* $t, ,lsen=s r$1/t. #/$s $sn=t a 9la7:out. So ever*one sta*
8o0n. 6on=t 9e a /ero. +rote7t *ourselves, an8 /opefull* t/$s 0$ll
pass.< #/e room s/oo: a1a$n.
+err* follo0e8 /$s o0n a8v$7e an8 fell to t/e floor, t/en 7ra0le8 un8er
t/e 7losest 8es:. -e t/ou1/t of /$s 0$fe, /$s 7/$l8ren, an8 /$s
1ran87/$l8ren, an8 /ope8 t/at /e 0oul8 see t/em all a1a$n soon.
-e /a8 9een 0or:$n1 $n ne0spapers, $n one 7apa7$t* or anot/er, s$n7e /e
0as n$ne. )a7: t/en $t 0as $n 8el$ver*, loa8$n1 up /$s 9$:e=s 9as:et
0$t/ ea7/ morn$n1 e8$t$on an8 8$str$9ut$n1 t/e papers as /e ma8e /$s
0a* to s7/ool. -e 1ot /$s f$rst real ;o9 at f$fteen 9* l*$n1 to Deor1e
#a*lor, e8$tor of Clevelan8=s 6a$l* Star. <Cess$rJ< /e sa$8. <3=m
e$1/teen. 4lmost n$neteen, s$r. 2ext mont/. 4n8 3 7an 8o t/$s ;o9
9etter t/an an*one else *ou 7an 1et for t/e mone* *ou=re pa*$n1.< +err*
0asn=t sure $f #a*lor /a8 9el$eve8 /$m, 9ut 9a7: t/en no9o8* seeme8 to
7are mu7/ as lon1 as /e 8$8n=t 1et $n t/e 0a*. #a*lor l$:e8 /$s 0r$t$n1
samples an8 foun8 /$m 9ras/ an8 7apa9le, a 1oo8 9e1$nn$n1. #/e :$8 /a8
talent, an8 no matter /o0 ol8 /e reall* 0as, 0as 1o$n1 to 1o far.
-$1/ 9loo8 pressure :ept /$m out of t/e arm*, so on7e /e 0as a7tuall*
e$1/teen, /e too: a ;o9 0$t/ a 5on8on paper, 0/$7/ too: /$m t/rou1/out
.urope an8 4s$a. -e /one8 /$s s:$lls 0or:$n1 alon1s$8e some of t/e
le1en8ar* fore$1n 7orrespon8ents, all more t/an 0$ll$n1, at least after
a 8r$n: or four, to /elp t/e ne0 :$8 learn /o0 to put to1et/er a stor*.
#/e* tau1/t /$m /o0 to 1et t/e 9est ans0ers 8ur$n1 an $nterv$e0, even
0$t/ t/e most ret$7ent $nterv$e0ees. #/e* s/o0e8 /$m /o0 to frame a
stor*, to f$n8 $ts 7ore, t/e nu11et t/at ma8e $t spe7$al, t/en /o0 to
9u$l8 on $ts t/eme. #/e* expla$ne8 /o0 to lure t/e rea8ers $n, /o0 to
+a1e 1!1
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
:eep t/e$r attent$on, an8, most $mportantl*, /o0 to en8 t/e p$e7e.
+err*=s 8es7r$pt$ve 0r$t$n1 9rou1/t /$m to t/e attent$on of several 2e0
Cor: pu9l$s/ers. 4t t0ent*-t0o /e 0rote a 9oo: a9out /$s earl*
7orrespon8ent 8a*s t/at ma8e /$m a 2e0 Cor: #$mes 9est-sell$n1 aut/or.
)* t/$rt*-four, 0$t/ s$x more 9oo:s to /$s name, marr$e8 an8 0$t/ a :$8
a9out to enter se7on8 1ra8e, an8 anot/er on t/e 0a*, /e real$%e8 for
/$s fam$l*=s sa:e $t 0as t$me to stop travel$n1. -e a77epte8 an
ass$stant e8$tor=s ;o9 at t/e 6a$l* +lanet. #0elve *ears later /e 0as
name8 e8$tor.
+err* sa0 F$mm* star$n1 9lan:l* out t/e 0$n8o0 as a 8$stant explos$on
s/oo: /$m out of /$s rever$e. -e rea7/e8 for /$s 7amera an8 9e1an
snapp$n1 p/oto1rap/s. 3f t/e :$8 ever 1ets /$s /ea8 s7re0e8 on r$1/t,
/e m$1/t ma:e $t. -e=s 1ot an e*e, no 8ou9t a9out $t. W/at /e nee8s $s
a 9ra$n to 1o 0$t/ $t.
F$mm* 0asn=t 7erta$n $f /e=8 surv$ve t/e 8a* or $f t/ere 0oul8 9e
an*one left to 8o0nloa8 /$s p$7tures an8 pr$nt t/em, 9ut as lon1 as /e
7oul8 9ra7e /$mself $n front of t/e 0$n8o0, /e 0as 1o$n1 to re7or8 t/e
8evastat$on as 9est /e 7oul8.
-e /ear8 7r$es 7om$n1 up from t/e street, an8 t/e* 9ro:e /$s /eart.
.ver*one 0as afra$8, afra$8 of 0/at 0as /appen$n1, afra$8 t/at t/ere
0as no es7ape, afra$8 t/e* 0oul8n=t see t/e$r love8 ones a1a$n.
F$mm* 7lose8 $n on t/e fa7es of people. #/ere 0as a s7are8 m$88le-a1e8
man stan8$n1 $n t/e street, not :no0$n1 0/at to 8o. 4 9o* of t0elve or
so 0as /elp$n1 an el8erl* 0oman. 4 *oun1 mot/er 0as s$tt$n1 on t/e
s$8e0al:, /u11$n1 /er 9a9* 7lose to /er. -e /ear8 /$s 7amera 7l$7:$n1
a0a* p/oto after p/oto unt$l /e /a8 to rea7/ $nto /$s s/$rt po7:et an8
ta:e out anot/er memor* 7ar8.
#/e people=s fa7es tol8 t/e stor* of Metropol$s. #/e* 0ere afra$8, of
7ourse, 9ut t/e* 0ere 8eterm$ne8, too, to ma:e $t 9a7: to t/e$r /omes,
to see t/e$r fr$en8s, t/e$r parents, t/e$r 0$ves, t/e$r /us9an8s, t/e$r
-e snappe8 an un7ounta9le num9er of p/otos of people /elp$n1 ot/ers
even as t/e* 0ere 8esperate to 1et out of t/e l$ne of 8an1er
t/emselves. 3n t/at $nstant, 0/en -ell seeme8 to 9e ta:$n1 7ontrol, /e
sa0 t/e moments of :$n8ness an8 7ar$n1 t/at ne0spapers, *es, even t/e
6a$l* +lanet, all too often for1ot to rem$n8 $ts rea8ers 0as out t/ere,
st$ll al$ve $n people=s /earts.
)ut t/e tra1e8* 0as over0/elm$n1. -e sa0 0/at loo:e8 l$:e a v$sual
s/o7: 0ave tear$n1 t/rou1/ t/e streets, t/en travel$n1 up t/e +lanet
9u$l8$n1. 4s $t rose /$1/er $t 0as s/atter$n1 0$n8o0s. '$rst floor.
+a1e 1!2
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
Se7on8 floor. #/$r8 floor. F$mm* 8u7:e8 as 1lass explo8e8 all aroun8
-e 0a$te8, t/en repos$t$one8 /$mself $n front of t/e 0$n8o0 a1a$n. -e
/ear8 s7ream$n1 an8 sa0 t/e 1as ma$ns explo8e up an8 8o0n '$ft/ 4venue.
.le7tr$7al f$res 0ere spar:$n1 an8 explo8$n1 a7ross t/e 7$t*. Dreen
flares f$re-0or:e8 $nto t/e 8ar:en$n1 s:* as transm$tter after
transm$tter fell an8 8$e8.
4not/er 0ave stru7: t/e 9u$l8$n1 an8 F$mm* fell. -e 0rappe8 /$s arms
aroun8 /$s 7amera an8 let /$s 9a7: ta:e t/e $mpa7t.
#/e s/o7: 0ave move8 up to t/e$r floor, 7ra7:$n1 t/e +lanet=s ram=s
/ea8 1ar1o*les t/at /a8 stoo8 as s$lent prote7tors ever s$n7e t/$s
latest an8 last 9u$l8$n1 0as 8e8$7ate8 $n Fune of 1"3!, 163 *ears after
$ts foun8$n1. #/e 0ave 7ont$nue8 past t/em, /ea8$n1 to0ar8 t/e roof.
-e /ear8 t/e 7ra7: of 7on7rete an8 steel. 3t 0as t/e 9ase t/e 6a$l*
+lanet=s art 8e7o 1lo9e /a8 per7/e8 on s$n7e t/at f$rst 8a* 0/en Fa7:
Ma*er, t/en t/e +lanet=s pu9l$s/er, fl$ppe8 t/e s0$t7/ an8 turne8 on
$ts l$1/ts. S$n7e t/at 8a* $t /a8 stoo8 9ravel* a1a$nst /urr$7anes an8
ot/er 8$sasters, 9ut no0 t/e 1lo9e pre7ar$ousl* teetere8 as t/e
9u$l8$n1 s0a*e8.
-e sa0 s/o7: 0aves r$pple t/rou1/ t/e room, tear$n1 up t/e floor$n1,
:no7:$n1 8o0n 7u9$7le 0alls, sen8$n1 8es: a77essor$es fl*$n1 $n ever*
#/e floor seeme8 to r$se an8 fall l$:e a 0ave. Mon$tors spar:e8 an8
explo8e8. ,ver/ea8 l$1/ts 0ren7/e8 t/emselves loose from t/e$r 7e$l$n1
9ra7:ets. 2ot/$n1 0as left stan8$n1.
4n8 t/en, as F$mm* 0as stru11l$n1 a7ross t/e room to0ar8 2oel, 0/o 0as
trappe8 un8er a 8es:, 7all$n1 for /elp, t/e rum9l$n1 stoppe8. 'or a
lon1 0/$le, not/$n1 move8. #/e room 0as >u$et.
F$mm* pulle8 2oel out from un8er t/e 8es:, t/en ran 9a7: to0ar8 +err*=s
+err* /a8 stru11le8 9a7: to /$s feet an8 surve*e8 t/e 8ama1e. <,:a*,
ever*one,< /e sa$8. <5et=s sta* put an8 sta* 7alm.<
F$mm* sa0 one of t/e ram=s /ea8s outs$8e t/e e8$tor$al off$7e 0$n8o0
7ra7:. <@//, C/$efKLMP< /e 7alle8.
+err* 1lare8 at /$m. <,lsen, 8on=t 7all meKLO< -e turne8 ;ust $n t$me to
see t/e ram=s /ea8 9rea: loose an8 fall. -e turne8 9a7: to t/e 9ullpen.
+a1e 1!3
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
<,:a*, ever*one, 7/an1e of plans. 2$7e an8 or8erl*. 6o0n t/e sta$rs.
Superman 0as /over$n1 unseen a9ove t/e 7lou8s as /e sorte8 t/rou1/ t/e
7r$es of t/e 7$t*. -e 0as nee8e8 ever*0/ere, an8 $t 0as tear$n1 /$m
apart. -e /ear8 an explos$ve W-@M+--- an8 0$t/ /$s teles7op$7 v$s$on
sa0 a f$fteen-foot 1e*ser of flame 1us/ up from a 7ra7:e8 1as ma$n.
3f an*one /a8 9een loo:$n1, t/e* 0oul8 /ave seen a re8-an8-9lue 9lur
strea: a7ross t/e 7$t*, fl*$n1 no /$1/er t/an ten feet off t/e 1roun8,
nav$1at$n1 t/rou1/ a tan1le of 9u$l8$n1s t/at /e real$%e8 /a8 9een
9u$lt $n t/e f$ve *ears s$n7e /e=8 9een 1one. #/e*=ve 9lo7:e8 off some
of m* 9est routes.
#/e 1e*ser explo8e8 a1a$n, sen8$n1 1reat 1ulps of f$re $nto t/e s:*.
Superman /ear8 anot/er ser$es of 7r$es an8 s7reams an8 sa0 an apartment
9u$l8$n1, less t/an a m$le a0a*, on f$re, nearl* a 8o%en people trappe8
on $ts roof, plea8$n1 for /elp. -e 7oul8 see t/at t/e 7losest f$re
en1$ne 0as onl* t0o m$les a0a*, 9ut $t /a8 fallen $nto a 7roo:e8 rav$ne
t/at /a8 su88enl* spl$t t/e roa8 apart as $t 0as respon8$n1 to st$ll
anot/er emer1en7*.
-e ro7:ete8 past t/e 1e*ser, effortlessl* 9lo0$n1 $t out l$:e a
9$rt/8a* 7an8le.
-e spun aroun8 an8 /ea8e8 for t/e apartment 9u$l8$n1. <Dra9 onto
0/atever *ou 7an an8 8on=t let 1o.< Con7entrat$n1 on t/e 9la%e,
Superman fo7use8 /$s super9reat/. .leven se7on8s later, t/e f$re 0as
-e s$1/e8, allo0$n1 /$mself a momentar* resp$te. #/$s $sn=t 1o$n1 to
stop, $s $tP -e s0oope8 9a7: to t/e f$re en1$ne /e=8 seen an8 pulle8 $t
onto t/e street. #/e f$remen offere8 t/e$r t/an:s, 9ut /e 0as alrea8*
-e /a8 /ear8 a 7ra7:$n1 soun8 7om$n1 from m$8to0n. 4lrea8* 0ar*, /e sa0
t/e 6a$l* +lanet 1lo9e teeter$n1 on $ts s/attere8 9ase, t/en, su88enl*,
fall$n1. 3t 7ras/e8 onto t/e rooftop, rolle8, t/en smas/e8 $nto t/e
0ater to0er. 3t :ept roll$n1 to0ar8 t/e 9u$l8$n1 e81e.
-e stra$1/tene8 /$mself, t/en use8 /$s arm l$:e a s0$mmer to a8;ust /$s
7ourse. 3n less t/an a se7on8 /e 0as spee8$n1 t/rou1/ t/e s:* a1a$n,
/ea8$n1 9a7: to t/e 6a$l* +lanet.
F$mm* ,lsen /a8 run out a/ea8 of t/e +lanet staff stream$n1 out of t/e
9u$l8$n1. -e 0as alrea8* ta:$n1 p/otos 0/en t/e* poure8 $nto t/e
streets. -e :ept 9a7:$n1 up an8 fell over one of t/e 9ro:en ram=s
+a1e 1!4
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
-e 0as loo:$n1 up no0, /$s e*es 0$8en$n1 0$t/ /orror.
+err* felt 8rops of 0ater from a9ove. 6on=t tell me. ,n top of
ever*t/$n1 else, $t=s ra$n$n1P -e loo:e8 up ;ust $n t$me to see t/e
+lanet=s 1lo9e tum9le over me s$8e of t/e 9u$l8$n1. <Dreat Caesar=s
D/ost,< /e sa$8 >u$etl* to /$mself.
#/e 1lo9e slamme8 $nto t/e s$8e of t/e 9u$l8$n1 as $t ma8e $ts 0a*
to0ar8 t/e 1roun8.
Superman 0as less t/an a /alf m$le a0a*, :eep$n1 /$s e*es on t/e 1lo9e.
3t /a8 fallen out of v$e0.
-e 0/$ppe8 aroun8 9u$l8$n1s, 0$n8$n1 /$s 0a* t/rou1/ t/e 7$t*, fl*$n1
faster t/an /e ever /a8.
-e 7ras/e8 t/rou1/ a 0$n8o0 an8, 0$t/out stopp$n1, 7ont$nue8 t/rou1/
t/e empt* off$7eKLOsmas/$n1 /$s 0a* t/rou1/ 0alls 0$t/out pause.
#/e 1lo9e 0as onl* se7on8s a0a* from 7ras/$n1 $nto t/e 7ro08. -e sa0
F$mm*, on /$s 9a7:, ta:$n1 more p/otos 0/en /e s/oul8 /ave 9een runn$n1
to safet*. -e 0as 8$re7tl* un8er t/e fall$n1 1lo9e. S24+ S24+ S24+.
Superman s0oope8 8o0n to ;ust 9elo0 t/e 1lo9e. -e 0as /over$n1 a 8o%en
feet a9ove F$mm* as /e 7au1/t $t. #/e momentum tr$e8 to pus/ /$m 8o0n,
9ut /e stru11le8, /ol8$n1 /$s pos$t$on.
-e lo0ere8 t/e 1lo9e on /$s s/oul8ersN 4tlas /ol8$n1 t/e .art/, F$mm*
t/ou1/t. Superman 0as perfe7tl* frame8 $n /$s v$e0f$n8er, loo:$n1 ever*
$n7/ t/e /ero /e 0as. -e snappe8 t/e p$7ture.
Superman set 8o0n t/e 1lo9e an8 allo0e8 /$mself a moment to ex/ale,
ex/auste8 an8 spent.
+err* W/$te pus/e8 t/rou1/ t/e 1a0:$n1 7ro08. <Superman, +err* W/$te,
6a$l* +lanet. W/at t/e /ell ;ust /appene8P<
-e 0as st$ll tr*$n1 to 7at7/ /$s 9reat/ 0/en /e /ear8 more rum9l$n1 $n
t/e 8$stan7e. 3t 0as somet/$n1 mu7/ lar1er t/an t/e s/o7: 0ave t/at /a8
;ust /$t Metropol$s. -e real$%e8 t/$s 0asn=t over.
<3=m not sure, 9ut 3=m 1o$n1 to f$n8 out.<
-e 9e1an to r$se 0/en +err* 7alle8 to /$m a1a$n. <Wa$t 5o$s $s
Superman loo:e8 at /$m for onl* a se7on8. <3 :no0.<
+a1e 1!5
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
4n8 t/en /e 0as 1one.
#/e 7r*stals :ept 1ro0$n1. #/e* f$lle8 $n t/e or$1$nal rupture /ea8$n1
for t/e 7oastl$ne, an8 Metropol$s.
'rom /$s /el$7opter, 5ut/or 0at7/e8 as t/e* rose from t/e o7ean floor,
a88$n1 ne0 la*ers, $n7reas$n1 $ts mass, fee8$n1 $ts o0n 1ro0t/. 5$:e an
$nsat$a9le pre8ator, $t 0oul8 soon 8estro* an*t/$n1 $t 7ame a7ross.
#/e 7r*stal superstru7ture 9ro:e t/e o7ean surfa7e, 1ro0$n1 lar1er an8
lar1er 9* t/e se7on8.
C/apter #/$rt*-,ne
+rev$ous#op 2ext
#/e 0aves /a8 slamme8 $nto #/e Dertru8e, nearl* overturn$n1 $t. )ut
5o$s /el8 Fason unt$l t/e s/$p f$nall* settle8 $nto an eer$l* 7alm$n1
ro7:$n1 mot$on.
<Momm*, $s $t overP 4re 0e o:a*P<
<Cou=re 8o$n1 1reat, /one*. 3 7an=t 9el$eve /o0 9rave *ou 0ere.< S/e
sa0 /$m nervousl* sm$le at /er, t/en s/e :$sse8 /$s 7/ee:s an8 9le0
$nto t/em, ma:$n1 a terr$9l* ru8e no$se. -e lau1/e8, an8 s/e relaxe8
/er 1r$p as /$s 9reat/$n1 slo0l* returne8 to normal.
4n8 no0 to 8eal 0$t/ 5ut/or=s explos$ves.
<,:a*, s0eet$e, *ou :no0 t/at t/$n1 $n t/e /an8:er7/$ef *ou=re /ol8$n1P
Well, $t=s ver* 9a8, an8 0e /ave to 1et r$8 of $t. So 0/$le *ou :eep
stan8$n1 st$ll, not mov$n1, 3=m 1o$n1 to :eep /$tt$n1 t/at port/oleKLO*ou
see $tPKLO unt$l $t 9rea:s. #/en 0e=ll t/ro0 t/e 9a8 t/$n1 a0a*. Cou
<Cea/,< /e sa$8, nervous 9ut 0$ll$n1 to 1o alon1.
<Dreat. So /ere=s 0/at 3=m 1o$n1 to 8o, /one*. 3=m 1o$n1 to preten8
$t=s l$:e t/e W/a7:-a-Wa99$t at t/e 7ount* fa$r 6a88* an8 3 too: *ou
to. Cou remem9er t/atP< -e no88e8, sm$l$n1.
<Dreat. )ut $nstea8 of us$n1 a /ammer, 3=m 1o$n1 to /$t $t 0$t/ m*
/an8s as /ar8 as 3 7an.<
+a1e 1!6
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
-e 0as star$n1 earnestl* at /er as s/e poun8e8 at t/e 1lass, over an8
<3t=s not 9rea:$n1,< /e sa$8 after a 0/$le.
S/e stoppe8. #/e port/ole 8$8n=t even /ave t/e 7ourtes* of s7rat7/$n1.
<Cea/, *ou=re r$1/t. ,:a*, 0e=ve 1ot to f$n8 somet/$n1 else.<
<Momm*, 0/at=s t/atP< Fason 0as loo:$n1 at an a$r 7on8$t$oner 1rat$n1
on t/e floor, part$all* /$88en un8er some 9oxes.
<Doo8 e*es, s0eet$e,< 5o$s sa$8 as s/e :nelt an8 pulle8 at t/e vent
7over. 3t 0as 9olte8 f$rml* $n pla7e an8 0oul8n=t loosen. S/e loo:e8
aroun8 t/e small room. 3=m $n a :$t7/en pantr*. #/ere=s 1ot to 9e tools
/ere. S/e sa0 a lar1e metal soup la8le /an1$n1 from one of a ser$es of
/oo:s on t/e far 0all.
Fason 0at7/e8, ama%e8, as /$s mot/er use8 t/e la8le l$:e a 7ro09ar,
;amm$n1 $t $nto t/e vent. -e 7oul8 see t/e pan$7 on /er fa7e an8 0ante8
to /elp. <Momm*,< /e 7alle8, mov$n1 to /er.
<Fason. 6on=t,< s/e s7reame8, >u$7:l* re1a$n$n1 7ontrol. <Fust sta*
0/ere *ou are, o:a*, /one*P< /e no88e8, :no0$n1 0/at /e /a8 to 8o.
<Sorr*, Mom.<
<6on=t 9e. Cou 0ere ;ust tr*$n1 to /elp. 3 love *ou, s0eet$e. 3 love
*ou so mu7/.<
3t st$ll ama%e8 /er 0/en s/e t/ou1/t a9out /o0 mu7/ /e /a8 7/an1e8 /er.
S/e loo:e8 at /$m, t/$n:$n1 /o0 9eaut$ful /e 0as an8 /o0, $n su7/ a
ver* s/ort t$me, /e /a8 9e7ome t/e most $mportant t/$n1 $n /er l$fe.
S/e stra$ne8 to pr* t/e vent loose. #/e la8le 9e1an to 9en8 un8er t/e
pressure, 9ut t/en, as s/e 0as a9out to >u$t, t/e 7over poppe8 off. S/e
loo:e8 9a7: at /er son, o9v$ousl* afra$8, 9ut st$ll not mov$n1. Do8,
0/at /e=s 1o$n1 t/rou1/, an8 $t=s all m* fault.
S/e 0ante8 to 7r*, 9ut :ne0 s/e 7oul8n=t. #/ere=8 9e plent* of t$me for
t/at later.
<Remem9er, /one*, 3 nee8 *ou to sta* st$ll. 6on=t move,< s/e sa$8, as
/e starte8 to step to0ar8 /er a1a$n. S/e sa0 /$m free%e l$:e $n a 1ame
of <Re8 5$1/t, Dreen 5$1/t.< Doo8 :$8. #/e 9est. <3=m 1o$n1 to ta:e $t
from *ou no0. So 9e rea8* to run to t/e ot/er s$8e of t/e room.<
S/e stare8 at t/e explos$ve $n /er /an8s as $f ta:$n1 /er e*es a0a*
+a1e 1!
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
from $t no0, even for an $nstant, 0oul8 7ause $t to 8etonate.
S/e leane8 over t/e 8u7t an8 t/re0 $t $ns$8e. #/en s/e ;umpe8, 1ra99e8
Fason, an8 pus/e8 /$m to t/e ot/er s$8e of t/e pantr*, /er 9a7: to t/e
vent, s/$el8$n1 /$m from t/e explos$on s/e :ne0 0as 7om$n1.
S/e 9e1an 7ount$n1 >u$etl* to /erself. ,ne. #0o. #/reeKLM
#/ere 0as a ser$es of 8ull 7lan1$n1 soun8s as $t 8roppe8 t/rou1/ t/e
a$r 8u7t. #/e no$se 1ra8uall* fa8e8 as $t fell fart/er an8 fart/er
.$1/t. 2$ne. #enKLM
#/en t/ere 0as s$len7e.
.$1/teen. 2$neteen. #0ent*.
S/e 0a$te8, st$ll /ol8$n1 on to /$m, a pr$%e more pre7$ous t/an
an*t/$n1 s/e /a8 ever /a8 9efore.
#0ent*-seven. #0ent*-e$1/t.
S/e opene8 /er e*es as /e opene8 /$s. S/e let out a /eav* s$1/KLM
KLM;ust as t/e* 9ot/ /ear8 t/e terr$f*$n1 explos$on.
#/e *a7/t ;er:e8 up0ar8, t/ro0$n1 t/em 9ot/ a7ross t/e small room.
)oxes an8 utens$ls, 7ans of foo8 an8 7lean$n1 suppl$es, 9ottles of
0ater an8 m$s7ellaneous nonsense t/at 0as store8 t/ere for *ears an8
lon1 s$n7e for1otten, explo8e8 off t/e$r s/elves l$:e so mu7/ :$t7/en
#/e Dertru8e 0oul8n=t stop ro7:$n1 as t/e /ull rupture8, 7reat$n1 a
/u1e 1ap$n1 /ole $n t/e s/$p=s 9ell*.
4 9urst of flame s/ot up from t/e vent. 5o$s 1ra99e8 Fason a1a$n an8
pus/e8 /$m 8o0n prote7t$vel*.
<Momm*,< /e 7r$e8. S/e /el8 on to /$m t$1/ter no0, afra$8 to let 1o.
<4re 0e 1o$n1 to 8$eP<
+a1e 1!!
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
<2o. #/at=s not 1o$n1 to /appen. 3=ve 1ot *ou, Fason. 4n8 *ou=ve 1ot to
:no0 3 0on=t let an*t/$n1 /appen to *ou. 3 prom$se.<
S/e :ne0 s/e 0as l*$n1, 9ut s/e 0as /$s mot/er, an8 /er onl* t/ou1/ts
0ere of /$m, a9out :eep$n1 /$m 7alm, a9out f$n8$n1 a 0a*, an* 0a*, to
/elp /$m surv$ve t/$s $nsan$t*.
#/e flames >u$7:l* su9s$8e8, 9ut t/en a 1e*ser of sea0ater 7ras/e8
t/rou1/ t/e vent. #/e s/$p 0as /alf-su9mer1e8 an8 s$n:$n1 fast. S/e
tr$e8 to open t/e 8oor a1a$n, t/$n:$n1 $ts lo7: m$1/t /ave 9een 8ama1e8
$n t/e 9last. )ut $t 0as st$ll lo7:e8 from t/e outs$8e an8 0oul8n=t
#/en t/e l$1/ts 0ent out.
<Momm*, 0/at=s /appen$n1P< S/e /ear8 /$s 9reat/ 9e1$nn$n1 to la9or
<3t=s ;ust t/e l$1/ts, s0eet$e. 3t=s o:a*. Fust sta* 0$t/ me. We=re
1o$n1 to 1et t/rou1/ t/$s, *ou trust me, 8on=t *ouP<
-e no88e8. <3 8o.<
<R$1/t, so ;ust 8o ever*t/$n1 3 sa*, an8 0e=ll 9e f$ne.< o: /$s /an8
an8 ma8e l$ttle s0$rls $n /$s palm 0$t/ /er f$n1er. 3t t$7:le8 /$m an8
/e lau1/e8 an8 s/e /ear8 /$s 9reat/$n1 return to normal a1a$n.
#/e *a7/t su88enl* t$ppe8 over, sen8$n1 t/em fall$n1 a1a$nst t/e 0all
a1a$n. #/e loose suppl$es 7annone8 $nto t/em. Water streame8 up t/rou1/
t/e vent an8 t/re0 5o$s 9a7:, a0a* from Fason. S/e sa0 /$m floun8er$n1,
t/en /e 1ra99e8 on to a 7a9$net s/elf 9olte8 to t/e 0all. <Fason, /an1
on to t/at, /one*. 6on=t let 1o,< s/e s7reame8.
S/e sa0 /$m 9e1$n to 7r*. -e fou1/t a0a* t/e tears.
S/e tr$e8 to 7ra0l to /$m 9ut s/e 7oul8n=t move. -er le1 0as tan1le8 $n
t/e rope of a l$fe preserver. #al: a9out $ron*. <-one*, m* foot=s
stu7:. So sta* put 0/$le 3 tr* to free m*self, o:a*P<
<-urr*, Momm*,< /e plea8e8.
#/e 0ater 0as up to /er 7/est. S/e :ept pull$n1 at /er le1 9ut 0as
una9le to untan1le $t.
S/e /ear8 /$m start$n1 to /*pervent$late a1a$n. ,/, no, not no0.
<-one*, f$n8 *our $n/aler. 3t s/oul8 9e $n *our po7:et. @se $t no0.<
-e stru11le8 to f$n8 $t, 7/e7:$n1 /$s po7:ets, t/en frant$7all*
+a1e 1!"
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
7/e7:$n1 t/em a1a$n. <Momm*, $t=s not t/ere.< -e 9e1an to 9reat/e
/ar8er, 0/ee%$n1 un7ontrolla9l*.
<3 :no0 /o0 s7ar* t/$s $s, Fason, 9ut tr* to 7alm *ourself 8o0n.
.ver*t/$n1=s 1o$n1 to 9e o:a*. We=re 1o$n1 to 9e f$ne. Fason. 5oo: at
me. 6on=t t/$n: of an*t/$n1 else.<
<Fust loo: at me.< S/e /a8 to 8$stra7t /$m, to 1et /$s m$n8 off /$s
9reat/$n1. -e=s 9e$n1 so 9rave, 9ut 3 8on=t :no0 0/at to 8o.
#/e sea0ater :ept r$s$n1 as $t floo8e8 t/rou1/ t/e vent an8 $nto t/e
-e sa0 /er f$1/t$n1 to sta* a9ove 0ater. S/e 0as s/out$n1 for /elp. -e
sa0 t/e 0ater floo8$n1 $nto /er mout/ a moment 9efore s/e 8$sappeare8
un8er t/e surfa7e. -e starte8 to pan$7 9ut t/en real$%e8 /e /a8 to /elp
Fason tr$e8 to s0$m for /er, 9ut #/e Dertru8e s/oo: a1a$n, an8 /e fell
9a7:. -e 1ra99e8 t/e s/elf, stea8*$n1 /$mself. -e felt /$s t/roat
t$1/ten, an8 /e :ne0 /e 0as 1o$n1 to /ave anot/er atta7: unless /e
/elpe8 /$mself.
-e 7on7entrate8 on f$n8$n1 /$s mot/er, lost $n t/e 8ar: 0ater. -e
loo:e8 for 9u99les r$s$n1 to t/e surfa7e. -e sa0 /er, a s/a8o0 un8er
t/e 0ater, /er arms frant$7all* 0av$n1, tr*$n1 to pull /erself up 9ut
st$ll stu7: 9elo0.
#/en /e /ear8 somet/$n1 from outs$8e an8 sa0 t/e pantr* 8oor r$p open.
#/ere 0as a man stan8$n1 t/ere, $n t/e 8ar:, 9ut Fason 7oul8n=t see 0/o
$t 0as. #/e man steppe8 $nto t/e room, t/en 8$ve8 un8er0ater.
#/e man sa0 5o$s stru11l$n1, pan$7:$n1, /er fa7e f$lle8 0$t/ fear. -e
8$ve8 lo0er an8 pulle8 t/e rope from aroun8 /er le1s. -e 1ra99e8 /er 9*
t/e 0a$st an8 /o$ste8 /er up $nto t/e a$r, pus/$n1 /er 9a7: to t/e 8r*
s$8e of t/e pantr*.
5o$s 0as 1ulp$n1 $n a$r as s/e sa0 t/e 8ar: s$l/ouette $n front of /er.
S/e 7oul8n=t see /$m 7learl* *et, 9ut s/e :ne0 0/o $t /a8 to 9e.
-e 0as /ol8$n1 a flas/l$1/t, an8 $ts l$1/t 7au1/t /$s fa7e.
R$7/ar8 W/$te 1r$nne8 at /er, t/en sa0 Fason 7l$n1$n1 8esperatel* to
t/e s/elf on t/e ot/er s$8e of t/e room. #/e 0ater 0as up to /$s ne7:.
<-an1 on, Fason. 3=m /ere.<
<6a88*.< -e sa0 /$s fat/er rea7/ out a /an8, an8 /e 1ra99e8 $t t$1/tl*.
+a1e 1"&
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
R$7/ar8 tu11e8 /$m $n, /ol8$n1 /$m f$rml*.
5o$s stare8 at /$m, not full* 7ompre/en8$n1 0/at s/e 0as loo:$n1 at.
<-o0P -o0 8$8 *ou 1et /ereP<
-e loo:e8 at /er 0$t/ a 7ur$ous sm$le. <3 fle0.<
4s t/e* /ear8 anot/er rum9le, t/e s/$p s/oo: a1a$n. #/e 0ater un8er t/e
*a7/t 0as 7/urn$n1 an8 9u99l$n1. 4n8 somet/$n1 8ar: un8er t/at 0as
<Can *ou 0al:P< R$7/ar8 as:e8 /er. S/e no88e8, st$ll not sure 0/ere s/e
0as or 0/at 0as /appen$n1. 3t=s R$7/ar8, 9ut /o0 7an /e 9e /ereP -o0
8$8 /e f$n8 usP 3=m 8ream$n1, aren=t 3P
<Doo8,< /e sa$8. <3=ve 1ot Fason. #/e seaplane=s ;ust outs$8e. 5et=s
1o.< )ut 5o$s 0as star$n1 9a7: $nto t/e pantr*, l$sten$n1 to t/e
1ro0$n1 rum9le t/at seeme8 to 9e 7om$n1 7loser an8 7loser.
R$7/ar8 sa0 /er /es$tat$n1. <3 7an=t let *ou alone for f$ve m$nutes.
W/at /ave *ou 1otten *ourself $nto no0P< /e as:e8 l$1/tl*.
S/e turne8 9a7: to /$m. <6on=t 9lame me. #/$s $s 5ex 5ut/or=s mess.<
#/e* /ear8 a /eav* metall$7 1roan, t/en t/e s/$p lur7/e8 a1a$n. )ut
t/$s t$me $t 0as mov$n1 up.
<W/at $n /ellP<
5o$s :ne0 0/at 0as /appen$n1. <R$7/ar8, 1ra9 on to somet/$n1. -urr*.<
S/e /el8 on to Fason as a /u1e 7r*stal 7olumn 0ren7/e8 $tself up out of
t/e 0ater, t/en $mpale8 t/e 9ottom of t/e *a7/t, p$er7$n1 t/e /ull,
pus/$n1 up to t/e 7e$l$n1, t/en t/rou1/ $t.
#/e pantr* t$ppe8 up0ar8 as 5o$s, R$7/ar8, an8 Fason 7lun1 to ea7/
ot/er. <5ut/orP M* Do8. W/at 8$8 /e 8oP< R$7/ar8 s/oute8 over t/e
1roan$n1 rum9le.
5o$s stare8 at /$m, s/a:$n1 /er /ea8. <#rust me, r$1/t no0 *ou 8on=t
0ant to :no0. 5et=s 1et out of /ere. +lease.<
#/e 7r*stal s/aft eas$l* l$fte8 #/e Dertru8e up out of t/e 0ater. 5o$s
1r$ppe8 R$7/ar8=s arm as /e /el8 on to 9ot/ /er an8 Fason. #/e *a7/t
s/oo: a1a$n, an8 t/e sea0ater t/at /a8 nearl* s0allo0e8 /er se7on8s
9efore, poure8 out t/e 8oor.
+a1e 1"1
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
<C=mon,< R$7/ar8 s/oute8. <We 7an ma:e $t to t/e plane.< -e turne8 to
Fason, sm$l$n1 en7oura1$n1l*. <Cou=re 8o$n1 1reat. 3=m so prou8 of
*ou.< Fason /el8 on t$1/t an8 tr$e8 to sm$le 9a7:.
5o$s /el8 on to R$7/ar8=s /an8. <Cou s/oul8 /ave seen /$m, R$7/ar8. Cou
0oul8n=t 9el$eve /o0 1oo8 /e 0as.<
S/e /ear8 a s/r$ll 7ra7:$n1 as t/e *a7/t=s 9o0 snappe8 an8 9ro:e a0a*
from $ts 7r*stal per7/, t/en san: 9a7: un8er t/e 0ater.
#/e* /el8 on as t/e s/$p=s stern tum9le8 off t/e sp$:e an8 lan8e8 flat
on t/e o7ean surfa7e. 3t floate8, 9ut ;ust 9arel*. #/e* fell to t/e
9a7: of t/e room as t/e pantr* t$ppe8 un8er t/e surfa7e an8 sea0ater
rus/e8 $nto $t a1a$n.
#/rou1/ t/e open 8oor s/e 7oul8 see t/e *a7/t /a8 9een s/eare8 $n /alf.
#/e 0ater 0as >u$7:l* f$ll$n1 t/e small room, 7ras/$n1 a1a$nst t/e
8oor, s/ov$n1 $t 7lose8. <R$7/ar8J< s/e s/oute8. <Det t/e 8oor.<
S/e stru11le8 to :eep $t open, pus/$n1 0$t/ all /er stren1t/ a1a$nst
t/e 7ras/$n1 0aves t/at :ept pour$n1 over /er.
<5o$s, 0a$t. 6on=t.< R$7/ar8 tr$e8 to *an: /er 9a7:, 9ut t/e 8oor
slamme8 $nto /er, smas/$n1 /er /ea8. S/e fell 9a7:, un7ons7$ous, next
to R$7/ar8 an8 Fason.
R$7/ar8 0as su88enl* afra$8. -e 1ra99e8 /er 0$t/ one /an8 an8 /el8
Fason 0$t/ t/e ot/er as 0ater poure8 $n aroun8 t/em, f$ll$n1 t/e room.
#/ere 0as onl* a foot or so of a$r a9ove t/e$r /ea8s, an8 t/e sea 0as
>u$7:l* rus/$n1 $n to f$ll t/at alrea8* slen8er 1ap.
#/e 9ro:en /ull san: $nto t/e o7ean, ;o$n$n1 t/e ot/er 7/un:s of
8e9r$s. #/e onl* s$1n of l$fe 0as t/e 9eam of l$1/t from R$7/ar8=s
flas/l$1/t s/$n$n1 t/rou1/ one of t/e port/oles.
Water f$lle8 t/e room to t/e 7e$l$n1. R$7/ar8 /el8 5o$s an8 Fason 7lose
to /$m. -e :$sse8 5o$s on t/e fore/ea8, t/en 8$8 t/e same 0$t/ Fason as
/e 0a$te8 for t/e en8 to 7ome.
-e /ear8 a 9oom$n1 soun8 from ;ust outs$8e t/e room 9ut :ne0 /e 0as
fantas$%$n1. #/en /e sa0 t0o s/afts of re8 mov$n1 outs$8e t/e port/ole.
#/rou1/ t/e mur:* 0ater /e tr$e8 to ma:e sense of 0/at /e 0as see$n1.
4re t/e* feetP Re8 feetP -e :ne0 /e 0as 8ream$n1. 3s t/$s 0/at people
see 9efore t/e* 8$e. )ut 0/* re8 feetP
#/en /e sa0 a fa7e pee:$n1 t/rou1/ t/e small 0$n8o0.
+a1e 1"2
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
-e felt Superman=s /an8s 1ra9 /ol8 of t/e pantr*, t/en 0ater 9e1an to
pour out of t/e port/ole. #/e* 0ere r$s$n1 as mur:* 0ater 1ave 0a* to
1ra* 7lou8s. #/rou1/ t/e port/ole R$7/ar8 7oul8 see a storm*, 8ar: s:*.
-e /ear8 t/e 8oor pulle8 off $ts /$n1es an8 sa0 Superman lean $ns$8e,
/$s left /an8 exten8e8.
<D$ve /er to me, t/en ta:e m* /an8,< /e sa$8 7alml*.
Superman 7ra8le8 5o$s $n /$s arms as R$7/ar8 sm$le8 at Fason. <We=re
safe no0.< W$t/ /$s free /an8, R$7/ar8 1ra99e8 Superman=s arm.
<Dot usP<
<Dot *ou,< Superman sa$8.
Superman opene8 /$s r$1/t /an8 an8 let 1o of t/e 9ro:en /ull. 3t sl$8
9a7:, s$lentl* 8$sappear$n1 $nto $ts 0ater* 1rave.
#/e seaplane 9o99e8 on t/e surfa7e. Superman 0as st$ll 7ra8l$n1 5o$s as
/e lan8e8 on one of $ts pontoons. -e sa0 R$7/ar8 set Fason 8o0n $ns$8e
$t, t/en >u$7:l* pla7e8 /er next to /$m.
S/e 0asn=t mov$n1. R$7/ar8 loo:e8 up at Superman, pan$7:$n1. <3s s/eKLOP<
Superman=s e*es 0ere alrea8* fo7us$n1 on /er. 4fter a fe0 moments /e
loo:e8 up an8 s/oo: /$s /ea8. <2o. S/e=ll 9e f$ne.<
#/e seaplane s/oo: as a 9last of 0$n8 /$t t/em. R$7/ar8 1ra99e8 Fason
<W/at t/e /ell=s 1o$n1 onP<
Superman 0as 7on7entrat$n1, star$n1 $nto t/e o7ean. <#/at=s 0/at 3=m
/op$n1 to f$n8 out. #a:e /er. -ol8 on to t/em 9ot/,< /e s/oute8.
R$7/ar8 1ra99e8 5o$s as Fason /el8 on to /$m.
<Superman,< R$7/ar8 s/oute8. <5o$s sa$8 5ex 5ut/or 8$8 t/$s. )ut /o0P
-o0 $s an* of t/$s poss$9leP<
Superman 1r$ma7e8. <5ut/orP 3 s/oul8 /ave :no0n. -e ;ust 0on=t 1o a0a*,
0$ll /eP<
<W/at 8oes $t meanP<
<-e=s s$7: an8 t0$ste8. W/atever /e=s up to $s 0orse t/an an*t/$n1 0e
+a1e 1"3
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
7oul8 $ma1$ne.<
Superman 0as tr*$n1 to stea8* t/e seaplane 0/en t/e o7ean starte8 to
9u99le. W$t/out 0arn$n1, 0aves smas/e8 at t/em, toss$n1 t/e plane.
<6on=t let 1o,< Superman s/oute8, star$n1 $nto t/e 0ater. <3n a9out t0o
se7on8s $t=s 1o$n1 to 1et a lot 0orse.<
Cr*stal s/oots tore t/rou1/ t/e 0aves. 4s t/e* /$t t/e open a$r t/e*
9e1an to 1ro0 even faster. -un8re8s of $mmense 7r*stal 7olumns, ea7/
one lar1er t/an an* man-ma8e to0er, 0ren7/e8 t/e$r 0a* $nto t/e s:*,
8$spla7$n1 t/e 0ater, for7$n1 0aves t/at 7ras/e8 over t/e seaplane,
t/en 7ont$nue8 on to0ar8 Metropol$s.
Superman stru11le8 9ut /el8 t/e plane stea8*.
#/e* stare8, a0estru7:, as even more 7r*stal 7olumns roare8 t/e$r 0a*
up t/rou1/ t/e tur9ulent 0aters.
Fason /el8 on to /$s mot/er as /e loo:e8 a1a$n at Superman. -$s fa7e,
lean an8 taut, loo:e8 fam$l$ar. <-e*, *ou :no0, *ou loo: ;ust l$:eKLO<
<Can *ou fl*P< Superman sa$8 to R$7/ar8, 7utt$n1 Fason off.
R$7/ar8 remem9ere8 0/ere /e 0as. <W/atP<
<Can *ou fl* 5o$s an8 Fason out of /ereP<
#/e 0aves :ept smas/$n1 at t/e plane, nearl* overturn$n1 $t. <3 7an=t
ta:e off $n t/$s.<
<3=ll /elp.< 4not/er 0ave 7ras/e8 $nto t/em. Superman pus/e8 a1a$nst
t/e seaplane, stea8*$n1 $t. <Fust prom$se me *ou 0on=t 7ome 9a7:.<
<3 0on=t. 3 prom$se.<
Fason s7ram9le8 $nto t/e 9a7:seat as Superman 9u7:le8 5o$s $n.
R$7/ar8 too: t/e 7ontrols. <We=re rea8*,< /e sa$8.
Superman steppe8 off t/e seaplane an8 floate8 $n front of $t. <-e*.
Wa$t.< R$7/ar8 7alle8 to /$m. Superman turne8 9a7: as R$7/ar8 1esture8
to0ar8 Fason an8 5o$s, st$ll un7ons7$ous. <#/an: *ou.<
Superman no88e8, t/en 8$ve8 $nto t/e 0ater.
R$7/ar8 starte8 t/e en1$ne as /e 7alle8 9a7: to Fason. <Cou strappe8
+a1e 1"4
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
<Cea/,< Fason sa$8, /ol8$n1 on to /$s mot/er.
<Doo8 9o*.<
#/e seaplane starte8 to r$se. R$7/ar8 7oul8n=t see /$m, 9ut /e :ne0
Superman 0as un8er t/em, l$ft$n1 t/em out of t/e 0ater, a9ove t/e
0aves. #/e* :ept r$s$n1 unt$l t/e 7r*stal 7olumns 0ere 9elo0 t/em. 4ll
t/e* 7oul8 see no0 0as a 8ar: s:*.
#/e seaplane ;er:e8 for0ar8, 8roppe8 for an $nstant, t/en rose a1a$n.
R$7/ar8 0as no0 $n 7ontrol.
-e sa0 Superman /over$n1 9e/$n8 /$m an8 1ave /$m a >u$7: salute, t/en
too: off t/rou1/ t/e ma%e of r$s$n1 7r*stals. Metropol$s $s onl* t0ent*
m$les a0a*, /e t/ou1/t )ut 0/at 8o 0e 8o 0/en 0e 1et t/ereP
5o$s 0as st$ll un7ons7$ous $n t/e 9a7:seat. R$7/ar8 sa0 Fason star$n1
at t/e 7olumns t/at 0ere form$n1 all aroun8 t/em, 7reat$n1 a 1lo0$n1
1ate0a* to t/e 7$t*.
<Fason, *ou /elpe8 Momm* 0/en *ou 0ere 9ot/ $n trou9le, an8 *ou 0ere so
1oo8 0/en Superman save8 us. Cou s/oul8 9e prou8 of *ourself.<
<Superman 8$8n=t save us, 6a88*. Cou 8$8. 3 0as so s7are8, t/en 3 sa0
*ou $n t/e 0ater. 3 love *ou.<
R$7/ar8 8$8n=t 0ant to 7r*, 9ut /e 7oul8n=t /elp /$mself.
C/apter #/$rt*-#0o
+rev$ous#op 2ext
Superman 0a$te8 unt$l t/e seaplane 8$sappeare8 $nto t/e 7lou8s. 5o$s
9elon1e8 t/ere on t/e plane, /e :ne0, as /e 9elon1e8 /ere.
-e 0as star$n1 at t/e 7r*stals as t/e* :ept 1ro0$n1, 7over$n1 t/e
o7ean, expan8$n1 to0ar8 t/e 7oastl$ne. #/e* /a8 9e1un as a latt$7e0or:
of $nterlo7:$n1 s/afts t/at 7r$ss7rosse8 ea7/ ot/er, 7onstru7t$n1 $ts
9as$7 frame. #/en more 7r*stals 1re0, f$ll$n1 $n t/e 1aps 9et0een t/e
open$n1s. ,t/er 7r*stals ;utte8 up0ar8, form$n1 sp$res an8 pea:s to
1$ve t/e 9ase s$%e an8 8ept/. Some/o0 5ut/or 0as 7reat$n1 a
terra-forme8 topo1rap/* t/at 0as eer$l* fam$l$ar.
+a1e 1"5
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
-e sa0 more 7r*stals t/rust up from t/e expan8$n1 frame0or:, 1ro0$n1
over ea7/ ot/er, la*er$n1 an8 form$n1 $nto vast mounta$nous 7/a$ns.
W/at on7e too: 7ountless m$llenn$a to a77ompl$s/ 0as no0 /appen$n1 over
a span of m$nutes.
Superman 0as /orr$f$e8. -e 0as 0at7/$n1 t/e 9$rt/ of an $slan8. 2o, /e
real$%e8, su88enl* ver* a0are t/at t/$s 7r*stal lan8mass 0as 1o$n1 to
9e lar1er t/an an* $slan8. 3t 0as almost t/e s$%e of a 7ont$nent. 3f $t
8$8n=t stop 1ro0$n1, /e 0as afra$8 $t 7oul8 9e7ome an ent$re 0orl8,
7rus/$n1 an8 superse8$n1 ever*t/$n1 t/at ex$ste8 9efore $t.
3s t/at ma8man tr*$n1 to 8estro* t/e .art/P
4 vast vert$7al mounta$n su88enl* erupte8, pus/$n1 up t/ousan8s of feet
from $ts 9ase, $ts 7l$ff 0alls tall an8 s/eer, $ts pea: level$n1 $nto a
0$8e, flat pla$n. )elo0 $t a 8eep 7/asm 0as form$n1, as $f $ts 7r*stals
0ere flee$n1 t/e 1or1e onl* to fee8 t/e 1ro0$n1 mounta$n.
#/en /e real$%e8 0/ere /e 0as.
-e 0as /over$n1 9es$8e Mount 4r1o, a9ove t/e m$st-7overe8 Qan C/asm,
;ust as /e /a8 on /$s return to ?r*pton. )ut t/ere 0ere no 9u$l8$n1s
/ere or an* ot/er s$1ns of l$feN $t 0as 9arren an8 star:, 0a$t$n1 for a
Sor-.l, ?ol-4r, or +ol-@s to transform $t $nto somet/$n1 1reat.
)ut /e sa0 more t/an ;ust Mount 4r1o sprea8$n1 over t/e o7ean l$:e
4tlant$s r$s$n1 from $ts 0ater* 1rave. #/e 7r*stals 0ere 7onstantl*
1ro0$n1 ne0 s/oots, sprea8$n1 $nto t/e 8$stan7e, 7reat$n1 more lan8,
more of ?r*pton.
Superman 0as fl*$n1 over /$s /ome planet a1a$n, 9ut t/$s t$me not $n
some l$fe-preserv$n1 s/$p. #/e 0orl8 /e=8 v$s$te8 0as a 8evastate8
ru$n, a mo7:er* of 0/at /a8 9een, 9ut t/$s planet $n pro1ress 0as
8$fferent, t/$s 0as 0/at /e $ma1$ne8 ?r*pton must /ave loo:e8 l$:e
9efore t/e 9$rt/ of manKLOunsull$e8. @ns/ape8. @nspo$le8.
'or a 9r$ef moment /e let /$mself for1et 0/ere /e 0as, an8 transporte8
/$mself 9a7: $n t$me, to 9efore Sor-.l an8 t/e ot/ers 9rou1/t pea7e to
t/e planet, to 9efore t/e f$rst ?r*pton$ans t/ou1/t to res/ape t/e$r
future. -e 0as transf$xe8, a0estru7: 9* $ts ra8$an7e.
-e allo0e8 /$mself to feel a part of t/$s pla7e as $f $t 0as /$s past,
/$s /er$ta1e. #/e 1reat 7r*stal 7olumns rose /$1/ a9ove /$m, 80arf$n1
/$m. 3t 0oul8 9e $mposs$9le to 0al: t/ese planes 0$t/out 9e$n1 /um9le8
$n t/e$r presen7e.
-e 0as loo:$n1 at 0/at For-.l must /ave seen, 0/at 5ara must /ave felt,
an8 /e un8erstoo8 /o0 $mposs$9le $t 0oul8 /ave 9een for t/em to forsa:e
+a1e 1"6
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
t/e$r 0orl8. #/e* /a8 1$ven /$m t/e 7/an7e for l$fe, a7ross t/e en8less
vo$8, 9ut for t/em t/ere 7oul8 9e no >uest$on t/at t/e* /a8 to sta*
9e/$n8. #/e$r memor$es 0ere of a 0orl8 t/at 0oul8 never 8$e, an8 t/e*
0oul8 9e part of $t al0a*s.
-e sa0 a lo0 valle* ;ust a/ea8 of /$m, t/e s$%e of an arena. 3mmense
p$llars s/ot up from t/e 1roun8, arran1$n1 t/emselves $n a lar1e
-e 0as /over$n1 a9ove t/e Aalle* of t/e .l8ers, 0at7/$n1 as t/ose 1reat
monol$t/s 0ere form$n1 $n front of /$mN perfe7t repl$7as of t/e
or$1$nal, 0$t/ onl* t/e fam$l* 7rests m$ss$n1. )ut t/e* 0ere
unm$sta:a9leN a/ea8 of /$m /e sa0 Sor-.l=s to0er, stan8$n1 prou8 an8
po0erful, as $f to sa* $t /a8 returne8 from t/e 1rave, no0 9etter t/an
2ext to $t +ol-@s=s an8 ?ol-4r=s to0ers rose to0ar8 t/e s:*. -e
real$%e8 t/$s 0as pro9a9l* /o0 t/e or$1$nal to0ers 0ere 1ro0n, 9ut
t/ese 0ere $nstantaneous 7reat$ons, not t/e la9or of *ears.
<?r*pton,< Superman sa$8 softl*. <5ut/or $s re9u$l8$n1 ?r*pton.<
#/e real$%at$on snappe8 /$m out of /$s 8a*8ream. #/$s 0asn=t ?r*pton.
#/ere 0as not even a tan1$9le 7onne7t$on 9et0een $t an8 t/e planetar*
s/ar8 /e /a8 flo0n over. #/at 0as a 0orl8 lon1 8ea8, lon1 1one. #/e
people 0/o /a8 l$ve8 on t/at planet, 0/o /a8 9u$lt $t an8 1ro0n $t,
7r*stal 9* 7r*stal, atom 9* atom, 0ere 1one, too.
?r*pton m$1/t /ave 9een 8ea8, 9ut as /orr$9le as t/at 0as, /e :ne0 t/$s
0asn=t an* 0orl8 t/at /a8 nurture8 /$s parents or /$s 1ran8parents or
an* of /$s an7estors. #/$s 0as a loat/some travest*, a pro8u7t of
$nsan$t*, a 9lasp/emous e7/o of a on7e-1reat 7$v$l$%at$on, an8 Superman
0as s$7:ene8 9* $t.
<We *earne8 to tou7/ t/e $mposs$9le, an8 more often t/an not 0e
-e :ne0 t/at 0orl8s 0ere not t/e 1roun8 one 0al:e8 upon, 9ut t/e fles/
an8 9loo8 of t/ose 0/o l$ve8 on $t, 0/o too: $ts 7ru8e form, 0/o to$le8
$n $ts f$el8s an8 9u$lt $ts 0on8ers. @nt$l $ts 1roun8 0as 0al:e8 on,
unt$l some $ntell$1en7e loo:e8 at $t an8 sa$8 3 7an ma:e $t 9etter, all
$t 0as 0as ro7: an8 mu8. 2o matter 0/at t/$s t/$n1 loo:e8 l$:e, $t
7oul8 not nor ever 9e t/e planet of /$s 9$rt/.
-e fle0 over t/e monuments an8 sa0, $n t/e m$88le of t/e 7$r7le, part
of t/e o7ean surroun8$n1 a ne0 latt$7e0or: of 7r*stals t/at 0as ;ust
9e1$nn$n1 to emer1e from $t, form$n1 a pea: /un8re8s of feet /$1/. 4top
$t, $ts slante8 7olumns res/ape8 t/emselves $nto 0/at loo:e8 l$:e a
+a1e 1"
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
1reat temple, l$:e somet/$n1 else /e /a8 seen 1ro0$n1 $n front of /$m a
lon1 t$me a1o, exa7tl* as $t 0as no0.
Seventeen *ears ol8. 4lone. 3n t/e 4r7t$7. 3n /$s /an8 0as For-.l=s
fat/er 7r*stal. -e t/re0 $t over la:es an8 mounta$ns unt$l $t f$nall*
7ras/e8 $nto t/e $7e an8 san: $nto t/e 4r7t$7 ,7ean.
3t 0as t/e 7r*stal t/at 1ave 9$rt/ to /$s 'ortress, prov$8e8 t/e
explanat$on of 0/o /e 0as an8 0/ere /e 7ame from, an8 allo0e8 /$m to
un8erstan8 /$s l$fe an8 /$s 8est$n*.
-e stare8KLOafra$8, s$lent, an8 9e0$l8ere8KLOas a ne0 'ortress of Sol$tu8e
1re0 $n front of /$m ;ust as $t /a8 9efore. -e sa0 5ut/or=s /el$7opter
par:e8 next to $t, 9ut t/ere 0as no one $ns$8e.
5ut/or /a8 stolen t/e 7r*stals from t/e 'ortress. -e use8 t/em to
7reate t/$s n$1/tmare. #/at ma8man /a8 ta:en For-.l=s 8ream an8
7orrupte8 $t.
4n8 no0 /e=s 1o$n1 to ans0er to me.
4s /e fle0 up t/e 7l$ff s$8e to t/e 'ortress, /e felt t/e 0$n8s r$s$n1,
an8 $n t/e /o0l$n1 /e /ear8 0/at soun8e8 l$:e 1/ostl* vo$7es. 'or a
9r$ef $nstant /e stoo8 at t/e entran7e, transf$xe8, unnerve8, as e7/oes
of vo$7es 7alle8 to /$m as $f t/e* 0ere For-.l an8 5ara 0el7om$n1 9a7:
t/e$r lon1-lost errant son.
<See an*t/$n1 fam$l$arP< 5ex 5ut/or as:e8, 7/u7:l$n1. Superman /a8
/ear8 t/at man$a7al lau1/ too man* t$mes 9efore, an8 $n /$s /eart, $n
/$s an1er, /e 0ante8 to stran1le $t out of ex$sten7e on7e an8 for all.
5ut/or 0as stan8$n1 atop t/e sta$r7ase t/at le8 $nto t/e ne0 'ortress.
)es$8e /$m 0as ?$tt*. S/e sm$le8 at Superman, 0av$n1 at /$m.
Superman 1lare8 at /$m. <3 see a t0$ste8 man=s s$7: ;o:e.<
-e ma8e /$s 0a* up t/e sta$rs an8 sa0 R$le*=s 7am7or8er po$nte8 at /$m.
-e turne8 an8 fo7use8 /$s e*es. 2ot/$n1 /appene8. -e 7on7entrate8,
t/en, f$nall*, t/e* 9urne8 re8, an8 t/e 7amera melte8 $n R$le*=s /an8.
Superman 7ont$nue8 up t/e steps, 9ut /e 0as su88enl* feel$n1 0ea:. -$s
fa7e 0as 7ol8. -e tou7/e8 $t 0$t/ t/e 9a7: of /$s /an8, an8 $t 0as
mo$st an8 7lamm*. -e 0as 9e1$nn$n1 to s0eat.
5ut/or 0as en;o*$n1 /$mself. <Reall*P Fust a t0$ste8 man=s s$7: ;o:eP
)e7ause 3 see m* ne0 apartment. 4n8 a spa7e for ?$tt* an8 m* fr$en8s,
an8 t/at one t/ere, 3=ll rent out,< /e sa$8, po$nt$n1 to t/e 'ortress=s
sout/ 0all.
+a1e 1"!
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
-e loo:e8 at $t a1a$n an8 1r$ma7e8 as $f see$n1 $t $n a ne0 l$1/t. <2o,
*ou=re r$1/t. 3t $s a l$ttle 7ol8. 4 l$ttleKLM al$en. 3t nee8s t/at /uman
Superman stru11le8 /$s 0a* to 5ut/or=s s$8e. #/e* 0ere fa7e-to-fa7e,
star$n1 at ea7/ ot/er.
<3 8on=t /ave t$me for t/$s, 5ut/or. Cou /ave somet/$n1 t/at 9elon1s to
me. 3=m 1ett$n1 $t 9a7:, t/en 3=ll 8eal 0$t/ *ou.<
Superman pus/e8 past 5ut/or to /ea8 $ns$8e t/$s 8amne8 7r*stal 7op*.
)ut $f $t 0as an*t/$n1 l$:e /$s fortress, /e :ne0 t/at For-.l=s fat/er
7r*stal 0oul8 9e $n t/e ma$n 7/am9er, f$tt$n1 7omforta9l* $n $ts
<3 1ot a 9etter $8ea, Superman. W/* 8on=t *ou 8eal 0$t/ me f$rstP<
5ut/or sa$8 as /e su88enl* pun7/e8 /$m $n t/e fa7e. Superman fell to
t/e 1roun8, reel$n1 $n s/o7: an8 pa$n, 9loo8 sp$ll$n1 from /$s mout/.
-e sa0 5ut/or stan8$n1 over /$m, a t0$ste8 1r$n on /$s fa7e. <,r ma*9e
$t=s me 8eal$n1 0$t/ *ou.<
#/en /e :$7:e8 Superman $n t/e fa7e, an8 t/e Man of Steel 1roane8 an8
5o$s moane8 as Fason tou7/e8 /er 1entl*. <Wa:e up, Momm*, 0a:e up.< -e
loo:e8 up at R$7/ar8. <S/e=s ma:$n1 no$ses.< #/en /e sa0 /er e*es open
an8 loo: aroun8, startle8.
<W/ere amKLOP FasonP< S/e sa0 R$7/ar8 $n t/e front seat. <R$7/ar8P< S/e
remem9ere8 t/e 0ater floo8$n1 $nto t/e pantr*. #/ere 0as no 0a* t/e*
7oul8 /ave surv$ve8. <4re 0eKLOP<
-e turne8 9a7: to /er, sm$l$n1. <3t=s all r$1/t. We=re safe.<
S/e t/en real$%e8 s/e 0as $n t/e seaplane. S/e loo:e8 out t/e 0$n8o0
onto a mounta$nous terra$n t/at seeme8 to 9e ma8e of 1lass. 6amm$t.
5ut/or su77ee8e8.
<-o0 8$8 0e 1et /ereP< s/e as:e8, tr*$n1 to sort $t out $n /er m$n8.
<Superman. -e reall* 7ame t/rou1/ for us. 3 7an un8erstan8 0/* *ouKLM< -e
8$8n=t f$n$s/.
<SupermanP W/at /appene8 to /$mP W/ere $s /eP<
+a1e 1""
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
<3t=s o:a*, /on. -e 0ent 9a7: to stop 5ut/or.<
-e sa0 /er e*es 0$8en $n /orror.
<2o. We=ve 1ot to stop /$m. 5ut/or /as :r*pton$teJ Superman 8oesn=t
:no0 $t. R$7/ar8, 0e /ave to turn aroun8.<
5o$s 0as a8amant. <We /aven=t 1ot t$me to ar1ue a9out t/$s. #urn t/e
plane aroun8. +lease.<
-e loo:e8 at /er, t/en at Fason, no88$n1 $n a1reement. #/e 8e7$s$on 0as
ma8e 9* t/e t/ree of t/em.
<Cou 1ot $t.<
Superman tr$e8 to roll over, 9ut 5ut/or /a8 a foot presse8 a1a$nst /$s
9a7:, p$nn$n1 /$m to t/e floor. -$s sa0 t/at /$s /an8s 0ere turn$n1
5ut/or 7/u7:le8 a1a$n. <?r*pton$te. Cou=re as:$n1 *ourself =/o0P= Well,
8$8n=t *our 8a8 ever tell *ou to loo: 9efore *ou leapP<
Superman felt /$s /ea8 nearl* explo8e as /e stru11le8 to a$m /$s Q-ra*
v$s$on at t/e 7r*stal. #/e 9a7: of /$s s:ull 0as t/ro99$n1, an8 /e
7oul8 9arel* see 0/at 0as 8$re7tl* $n front of /$m. )ut slo0l*, an
out-of-fo7us $ma1e 9e1an to 7ome to1et/er. 3n t/e 1roun8 an8 0alls of
t/$s 'ortress repl$7a 0ere po7:ets an8 ve$ns of :r*pton$te 0/$7/ /a8
some/o0 fuse8 0$t/ t/e 7r*stal, 9e7om$n1 one.
<Cr*stals are ama%$n1, aren=t t/e*P< 5ut/or lau1/e8, t/en smas/e8 /$s
foot $nto Superman=s 9a7:. -e lau1/e8 a1a$n as Superman re7o$le8 $n
5ut/or /un:ere8 8o0n an8 loo:e8 /$m $n t/e e*es. <#/e* $n/er$t t/e
tra$ts of t/e m$nerals aroun8 t/em. Sort of l$:e a son $n/er$t$n1 t/e
tra$ts of /$s fat/er.<
5ut/or stoo8 up a1a$n an8 smas/e8 /$s /eel $nto Superman=s s$8e. -e
t/ou1/t /e /ear8 a 9one 9rea:, an8 /e lau1/e8 out lou8. <,/, t/$s $s
1oo8. #/$s $s so 1oo8.<
Superman 0as $n Smallv$lle no0, 1ett$n1 out of /$s 8a8=s tru7: an8
/ea8$n1 up t/e sta$rs to s7/ool. )efore /e ;o$ne8 t/e ot/ers on t/e$r
+a1e 2&&
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
0a* to /omeroom, /e not$7e8 Fonat/an ?ent pull t/e tru7: aroun8 t/e
7orner, 0/ere, Clar: :ne0, /e=8 par: at 5eo -am$lton=s 'ee8 E Dra$n an8
9u* suppl$es for t/e up7om$n1 0$nter.
Superman 1roane8 a1a$n as a foot smas/e8 $nto t/e s$8e of /$s /ea8.
Clar: sa0 5ana a7ross t/e 7ro08e8 7orr$8or, ta:$n1 mat/ 9oo:s out of
/er lo7:er, tal:$n1 an8 lau1/$n1 0$t/ +ete. )efore 5ana=s 8a8 move8
t/em $nto an apartment $n to0n, t/e* o0ne8 t/e farm next to t/e ?ents,
not t/at +rofessor 5an1 ever farme8 $t. -$s 0$fe=s fam$l* /a8 $n/er$te8
t/e pla7e, an8 t/e* l$ve8 t/ere unt$l 5ana=s mom 8$e8, 0/en 5ana 0as
onl* n$ne.
5ut/or=s el9o0 7ras/e8 8o0n on /$s s$8e. Superman /ear8 several r$9s
4s far as Clar: 0as 7on7erne8, t/ere 0as no9o8* more 9eaut$ful $n
Smallv$lle t/an 5ana 5an1. 2o9o8* Clar: 7are8 a9out more an8 no9o8* /e
/a8 more trou9le tal:$n1 to. -e 7oul8 7/at to /er a9out 7lass 0or:, or
a9out sports, an8 7erta$nl* 1oss$p a9out mutual fr$en8sN 9ut t/e onl*
0a* /e 7oul8 su11est 1o$n1 to a mov$e 0$t/ /er 0as 9* as:$n1 all t/e$r
fr$en8s to 1o at t/e same t$me.
-e 0as so t$m$8 t/en, as s/* as Clar: later nee8e8 to 9e. #/ere 0as
safet* $n num9ers, /e t/ou1/t, an8 $f s/e turne8 /$m 8o0n s/e 0asn=t
turn$n1 /$m 8o0n, s/e 0as turn$n1 8o0n t/e 1roup.
4 foot smas/e8 $nto /$s fa7e. -e felt 9loo8 sp$ll from /$s 9ro:en nose.
6esp$te /$s trep$8at$ons an8 fears, t/ose Smallv$lle 8a*s 0ere /$s
favor$tes. -e :ne0 /$s po0ers 0ere 1ro0$n1 an8 t/at /e 0as 7/an1$n1,
*et /e /a8 t/e free8om to 9e /$mself, per/aps for t/e last t$me $n /$s
l$fe. #/ere 0ere no 8$s1u$ses t/en. 4lmost no pretense or l$es to 7over
up an $8ent$t* no one t/en suspe7te8 /e 0as :eep$n1.
)ut t/en, after Fonat/an=s 8eat/, as /$s po0ers emer1e8 stron1er an8
faster t/an 9efore, Mart/a su11este8 /e prepare for t/e 8a* 0/en t/ere
0oul8 9e a Clar: ?ent as 0ell as a Superman.
)ut t/ose 8a*s 0ere lon1 9efore /e learne8 to /un7/ over, to s/orten
/$mself 9* several $n7/es, an8 to ra$se t/e t$m9re of /$s vo$7e so t/at
Clar: spo:e at least an o7tave /$1/er t/an /$s future alter e1o.
4s /e un8erstoo8 t/e nee8 to 7reate a fa7a8e, a persona to separate /$s
t0o $8ent$t$es, /e also real$%e8 /$s l$fe 0as 7/an1$n1. 3t 0oul8 never
9e as $nno7ent as $t /a8 9een =t$l t/en. 2ever >u$te as 7arefree.
)ut t/at 0as all r$1/t, /e t/ou1/t. -$s fr$en8s, all l$v$n1 $n to0n,
+a1e 2&1
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
0ere /op$n1 for a future 0/ere t/e* m$1/t move from Smallv$lle, 9ut no
fart/er t/an f$ft* or a /un8re8 m$les a0a*. Most 0oul8 l$ve t/e$r l$ves
0$t/$n t0o /ours of /ome. Man* 0oul8 never 1et on an a$rplane or v$s$t
ot/er states, mu7/ less ot/er 7ountr$es. Most of t/em 0oul8 /ave ver*
/app*, fulf$ll$n1 l$ves.
5ut/or :$7:e8 /$m a1a$n, 9ut t/$s t$me Superman 8$8n=t feel $t.
-e :ne0 /e 7oul8n=t sta* $n Smallv$lle even $f /e /a8 0ante8 to. #o
/$m, /$s 0orl8 0as t/e 0orl8, not ;ust some 12 s>uare m$les of
farmlan8, no matter /o0 spe7$al or 0on8erful t/at farmlan8 ma* /ave
9een. )e7ause of 0/o /e 0as an8 t/e ama%$n1 t/$n1s /e 7oul8 8o, /$s
/or$%on 9e1an 0/ere t/e 7ornf$el8s en8e8.
5ut/or :$7:e8 /$m a1a$n, revel$n1 $n /$s an1er, l$v$n1 for t/e
v$olen7e, 7ru8e an8 9ar9ar$7. <5oo:, Superman, *ou=ve 1ot no one to
9lame 9ut *ourself. We sent *ou t/ere to 8$e, 9ut *ou /a8 to 7ome
Superman 7oul8 feel 9loo8 smear$n1 /$s fa7e an8 /an8s.
<6on=t *ou :no0 0/ere *ou=re 0ante8 an8 0/ere *ou=re notP<
Superman for7e8 /$s e*es to loo: up, /$s express$on turn$n1 from a1on*
to real$%at$on. 5ut/or lau1/e8 at /$s 8um9foun8e8 loo:.
<,/, *ea/. 4ll t/ose p/otosP #/ose stor$es a9out ?r*pton st$ll
ex$st$n1.< -e po$nte8 to /$mself 0$t/ 1lee. <3t 0as me. 4n8, o/ *es,
/$m,< /e sa$8, 1estur$n1 to Stanfor8. <#/an:full*, t/e press 8oesn=t
7/e7: fa7ts l$:e t/e* use8 to.<
Superman tr$e8 to spea:, 9ut 9loo8 0as f$ll$n1 /$s mout/. 5ut/or 1lare8
at /$m a1a$n as /e :$7:e8 /$m on7e more $n /$s s$8e. #/$s t$me Superman
*elpe8 $n pa$n. )loo8 spattere8 a7ross t/e 1l$tter$n1 7r*stal.
<Cou too: a0a* f$ve *ears of m* l$fe. 3 ;ust returne8 t/e favor.<
C/apter #/$rt*-#/ree
+rev$ous#op 2ext
5ut/or 0at7/e8 Superman s>u$rm$n1 on t/e 1roun8, re8 0elts spott$n1
+a1e 2&2
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
/$m, 9loo8 seep$n1 out of open 0oun8s. 4 7ouple more 1oo8, s0$ft :$7:s,
/e t/ou1/t, an8 t/e 7ostume8 fool 0$ll 9$te t/e 9$1 one. 4n8 not a
se7on8 too soon.
<6o *ou /ave an* $8ea /o0 lon1 3=ve 9een 0a$t$n1 for t/$s 8a*P +ro9a9l*
from t/e ver* moment *ou ma8e *our f$rst 9$1 splas/ res7u$n1 t/at 5ane
0oman. )* t/e 0a*, 8$8 *ou :no0 s/e=s 8ea8P 3 :$lle8 /er an8 /er l$ttle
9rat, too.<
Superman 1lare8 at /$m. <Cou=re s$7:.<
5ut/or leane8 over Superman an8 s0$pe8 a f$n1er t/rou1/ t/e 9loo8
smear$n1 /$s fa7e. <S$7:P Ma*9e. )ut tomorro0 *ou=ll 9e 8ea8J<
-e slamme8 /$s foot $nto Superman=s s$8e a1a$n an8 lau1/e8 as /$s
v$7t$m 1roane8 $n pa$n.
<)ut t/at 8a*, Superman, t/at a0ful moment 0/en all of Metropol$s
loo:e8 up to *ou, *ou never-l*$n1 9astar8, an8 pro7la$me8 *ou a /ero,
0ell, t/at=s 0/en $t 9e1an. 3n t/at s$n1le $nstant *ou 0ent from an
un:no0n to t/e o9;e7t of 0ors/$p.<
<3 0as ;ust 8o$n1 0/at 0as r$1/t.<
<,/, 8$8n=t as: to 9e a /ero.= Cou $8$ot. W/at 8$8 *ou t/$n: 0as
1o$n1 to /appenP #/e*=8 all su88enl* for1et a man 7oul8 fl*P Cou 0ant
to :no0 0/at ran:le8 meP 3 0as t/e one 0/o s/oul8 /ave 9een 0ors/$ppe8.
3 s/oul8 /ave 1otten t/e a8ulat$on an8 t/e /ea8l$nes.<
5ut/or leane8 over /$m a1a$n, t/e$r fa7es nearl* tou7/$n1. .ver*t/$n1
/e /a8 ever 0ante8 to tell Superman 0as sp$ll$n1 out faster t/an /e
<5oo: at all t/e 7r$mes of t/e 7entur* t/at 3=8 alrea8* 7omm$tte8 $n m*
s/ort, 0on8rous l$fe. 4n8 3 8$8 $t 0$t/out *our pes:* al$en po0ers.
3=ve earne8 ever*t/$n1 3=ve ever 1otten t/rou1/ an off-t/e-7/arts 3S
an8 t/e $8$o7* of ot/ers. So 0/at=s so 0ron1 $n /av$n1 t/e 0orl8
0ors/$p meP<
<Cou=re not a 1o8, 5ex. 2o more t/an 3 am.< Superman 0as star$n1 at
/$m. ?eep /$m tal:$n1. 3 nee8 t$me to re1a$n m* stren1t/.
<,/, reall*P Do8s 7reate an8 8estro* 0orl8s, an8 *ou :no0 0/atP 3 0as
nearl* t/ere. 3f $t 0eren=t for 1uess-0/oPKLOCal$forn$a 0oul8 /ave not so
>u$etl* sun: $nto t/e +a7$f$7. 3 0oul8 /ave rule8 t/e ne0 West Coast.
4n8 no 1overnment 7oul8 /ave stoppe8 me.<
<#/e* 0oul8 /ave foun8 a 0a*.<
+a1e 2&3
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
<2o t/e* 0oul8n=t. 3 /a8 t/em st*m$e8. )ut t/en *ou /a8 to s/o0 up, all
tall an8 prett*, 0$t/ mus7les 9ul1$n1 an8 *our r$8$7ulous 9lue-an8-re8
7$r7us 7ostume t/at 7r$e8 out, =5oo: at meJ= )ut 0/* s/oul8 t/e* 9e
loo:$n1 at *ou 0/en t/e* s/oul8 /ave 9een on t/e$r /an8s an8 :nees
pra*$n1 to meJ<
?$tt* tr$e8 to pull /$m a0a*. <5ex, *ou 8on=t /ave to 8o t/$s.< -e
pus/e8 /er as$8e, t/en slamme8 /$s f$st $nto Superman=s stoma7/ for
<6on=t 8o t/at ever a1a$n, ?$tt*. #/$s $s m* moment. #/$s $s 0/at 3
t/ou1/t a9out ever* 8a* 3 0aste8 9e/$n8 t/ose 9ars.<
-e turne8 9a7: to Superman, an1r$er t/an /e=8 ever 9een. <Cou stan8 for
ever*t/$n1 3 8esp$se. =#rut/P= )e /onest no0, 0/at 8oes t/e trut/ ever
1et *ouP =Fust$7eP= 3f t/ere 0as real ;ust$7e, 3 0oul8 alrea8* /ave
9een .art/=s ruler. =#/e 4mer$7an Wa*P= Well, soon t/ere 0on=t 9e an
4mer$7an Wa* 9e7ause t/ere 0on=t 9e an 4mer$7a.<
-e sm$le8 at Superman one more t$me. <Cou :no0, pal, 0/et/er *ou 7all
$t fate, or :$smet, or 8est$n*, $t al0a*s /a8 to 7ome 8o0n to t/$s. Cou
an8 me. 4lone. 4 f$1/t to t/e f$n$s/ t/at en8s 0$t/ *ou 8ea8 an8 me,
0ell, me f$nall* a7/$ev$n1 m* 1reatest tr$ump/.<
5ex stoo8 up a1a$n an8 :$7:e8 Superman as /ar8 as /e 7oul8. #/$s 0as
t/e :$7: t/at 0as 1o$n1 to 9rea: t/e last of Superman=s r$9s. #/e :$7:
t/at 0oul8 7rus/ /$s /eart.
?$tt* turne8 an8 7overe8 /er e*es, una9le to 0at7/ t/e 9rutal$t*. <5ex,
stop $tJ #/$s $s 0ron1. Fust :$ll /$m. -e 8oesn=t 8eserve t/$s.<
5ut/or 9le0 ?$tt* a :$ss as /e smas/e8 /$s foot $nto Superman=s fa7e.
<Sorr*, pump:$n, t/$s $s onl* t/e 9e1$nn$n1.<
<5ex. +lease.< ?$tt* 1ra99e8 /$m. <'or me.<
5ut/or 0at7/e8 >u$etl* as Superman pulle8 /$mself to t/e e81e of 7l$ff.
-e 0al:e8 over to /$m, /$s /an8s $n /$s po7:et.
-e leane8 8o0n, 1r$nn$n1 at Superman. <W/* 8on=t *ou 1et up an8 0al:P
,/, r$1/t. Cour on7e-$nvulnera9le le1s are 9ro:en. 3 1uess t/e Man of
Steel=s a l$ttle rust*, e/P<
Superman stru11le8 to loo: over t/e 7l$ff=s e81eN t/e 8rop 0as steep,
almost en8less. 4 7ol8, /un1r* o7ean 0as 0a$t$n1 9elo0.
-e sa0 a 9lur of mot$on to /$s s$8e, an8 t/en /e le8 out $n pa$n,
+a1e 2&4
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
ar7/$n1 9a7:0ar8, 9loo8 sp$tt$n1 from /$s mout/. 5ut/or /a8 ta:en t/e
:r*pton$te s/ar8 /e /a8 7/$ppe8 from t/e meteor from /$s po7:et, an8
plun1e8 $t 8eep $nto Superman=s 9a7:, a 1lo0$n1, 1reen 8a11er.
#/e po$son >u$7:l* 9e1an to $ns$nuate $tself $nto Superman. -e tr$e8 to
pull out t/e s/ar8, 9ut 5ut/or s/ove8 /$m 9a7: to t/e 1roun8 an8
snappe8 t/e s/ar8 at t/e 9ase, leav$n1 most of $t $ns$8e t/e 8eep
4 s$7:l*-loo:$n1 1reen pulse flo0e8 t/rou1/ Superman=s 9o8*. -e
s/$vere8 as t/e po$son ma8e $ts 0a* t/rou1/ /$s s*stem.
5ut/or leane8 $n 7lose an8 0/$spere8 $n /$s ears. <2o0, fl*.< #/en /e
steppe8 9a7:, 0at7/$n1 /$s a8versar* 8$e.
Superman loo:e8 8o0n off t/e e81e of t/e 7l$ff a1a$n. -e 7lose8 /$s
4n8 fell.
C/apter #/$rt*-'our
+rev$ous#op 2ext
-e plun1e8 $nto t/e 0ater, s$n:$n1 >u$7:l*, tum9l$n1 an8 sp$nn$n1. #/e
7ol8 sent a s/o7: t/rou1/ /$m, for7$n1 /$s e*es open. -e 0as 8$%%* an8
8$sor$ente8, not at all 7erta$n 0/ere /e 0as or 0/at /e 0as see$n1, 9ut
real$%$n1 parts of /$s 9o8* 0ere 1ro0$n1 num9.
-e not$7e8 /$s /an8s float$n1 $n t/e 0ater. #/e* 0ere 1reen. -e felt
t/e sta99$n1 pa$n $n /$s 9a7:, t/en /e remem9ere8 t/e :r*pton$te
-e sa0 t/e 7r*stals e81$n1 t/e$r 0a* to0ar8 /$m. Smaller s/ar8s 0ere
float$n1 freel* $n t/e 0ater. #/e* all loo:e8 so 9eaut$ful, 0$t/ t/e$r
9r$1/t 1reen 1lo0, t/e$r :r*pton$te s/$ne.
-e tr$e8 to s0$m 9a7: to t/e surfa7e, 9ut /$s arms 0oul8n=t move. #/e*
/un1 at /$s s$8es l$:e 8ea8 meat on a ra7:. -e tr$e8 to rea7/ for t/e
:r*pton$te s/ar8, 9ut 5ut/or /a8 left /$m no expose8 /$lt to 1ra9.
-e opene8 /$s mout/ $n a s$lent s7ream, stru11l$n1 to sta* al$ve $n t/e
mes/ of 7r*stal t/at 0as 7los$n1 $n aroun8 /$m, over /$m, surroun8$n1
/$m l$:e a tom9.
+a1e 2&5
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
Ma*9e $t $s t$me, /e t/ou1/t. Ma*9e $t=s t$me to 1o 9a7: to ?r*pton.
R$7/ar8=s seaplane 9an:e8 to0ar8 t/e mass$ve, 1ro0$n1 7ont$nent. Fason
loo:e8 8o0n an8 po$nte8 at t/e o7ean. <Momm*. 6a88*. #/ere.<
#/e seaplane 0as fl*$n1 ;ust a9ove t/e 0ater. 5o$s loo:e8, 9ut 7oul8n=t
see an*t/$n1. <Cou=re sure, /one*P< S/e sa0 Fason no88$n1, 7erta$n.
S/e un9u7:le8 /er seat 9elt an8 t/re0 t/e seaplane 8oor open.
<W/at are *ou 8o$n1P< R$7/ar8 as:e8.
S/e 8$8n=t ans0er. 3nstea8, s/e ;umpe8 $nto t/e 0ater.
Superman 0as float$n1, /$s e*es rolle8 up $nto t/e$r so7:ets, not
mov$n1. 4 s$n1le 9u99le es7ape8 /$s mout/. -e 0as s$n:$n1 >u$7:l*,
8$sappear$n1 $nto t/e 8ar:ness.
-e t/ou1/t a9out 5ut/or. W$t/out /$m, t/at ma8man 0oul8 f$nall* 1et /$s
0a*. -e t/ou1/t of /$s fat/ers. 3t 0oul8 9e so eas* to ta:e t/e$r /an8
an8 surren8er to t/e 7ol8. 3t 0oul8 ta:e t/e pa$n a0a*. 3t 0oul8 9r$n1
/$m pea7e. 4fter ever*t/$n1 /e=8 9een t/rou1/, surel* /e 8eserve8 at
least t/at.
)ut no.
-e 0asn=t rea8*. 2ot *et. Some8a* /e 0oul8 prou8l* 0al: 0$t/ t/em
a1a$n, tal: over t/e$r l$ves, re:$n8le lost memor$es, 9ut not to8a*.
#o8a* /e 0ante8 to l$ve. #o8a*, /e :ne0 /$s m$ss$on 0as not *et
a77ompl$s/e8. #o8a*, t/ere 0as st$ll a 0orl8 to save.
)ut $t 0as so 7ol8. -e t/ou1/t, ma*9e /e 0as too late, ma*9e /e 0as
alrea8* 8ea8. -e sa0 a 9eaut$ful 0oman mov$n1 t/rou1/ t/e 0ater to0ar8
-e 0as s$n:$n1 as /$s arms l$stlessl* floate8 up0ar8, /$s f$n1ers 0ere
l$:e 1rasp$n1 7la0s, tr*$n1 to 1ra9 at t/e 9eaut$ful 0oman, tr*$n1 to
1ra9 a t/$n1 /e :ne0 7oul8 not 9e t/ere. -e sa0 /$s re8 7ape float$n1
up0ar8, a9ove /$m, pulle8 9* t/e o7ean 7urrent.
#/e 0oman=s /an8 rea7/e8 out an8 tou7/e8 /$s 7ape, as $f rea8* to ta:e
/$m. -e tr$e8 to res$st, t/ere 0as st$ll so mu7/ to 8o. #/e 0oman
loo:e8 $nto /$s e*es an8 sm$le8 at /$m. 4n8 /e sm$le8 9a7:.
4s t/e seaplane /overe8 a9ove t/e surfa7e, R$7/ar8 an8 Fason 0ere
anx$ousl* star$n1 $nto t/e 0ater. W/ere 0as s/eP
+a1e 2&6
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
Fason 1aspe8, po$nt$n1. <3t=s Momm*. 3 see /er. 3 see /er.<
R$7/ar8 /el8 /$s 9reat/ as 5o$s surfa7e8, 1asp$n1 for a$r. 4not/er
f$1ure 9o99e8 to t/e surfa7e 9es$8e /er. Superman.
<3 nee8 /elp,< s/e s/oute8. <-e=s un7ons7$ous.<
W$t/out /es$tat$on, R$7/ar8 lan8e8 t/e plane on t/e 0ater an8 8$ve8 $n.
-e 0as l*$n1 $n /er arms, un7ons7$ous, /$s s:$n 1reen. S/e frant$7all*
sear7/e8 for a pulse 9ut 7oul8n=t f$n8 one. <Come on. Wa:e upJ Come
S/e 0as s/out$n1 at /$m, 9ut /e 8$8n=t move. S/e slappe8 /$s fa7e, 9ut
/$s e*es 0ere rolle8 9a7:, star$n1 at not/$n1.
S/e turne8 to R$7/ar8. <W/at are *ou 0a$t$n1 forP We=ve 1ot to 1et out
of /ere.<
<3=m tr*$n1. )ut 3 7an=t 1a$n alt$tu8e.< R$7/ar8 pus/e8 t/e 7ontrols,
8esperatel* tr*$n1 to 1et t/e seaplane 9a7: $nto t/e a$r, 9ut $t 0asn=t
7ooperat$n1. 3nstea8, $t 7ru$se8 t/rou1/ t/e 7/opp* 0aters l$:e a
<6a88*J< Fason s7reame8. R$7/ar8 s0erve8 as a 7r*stal mounta$n su88enl*
appeare8 $n front of /$m. #/e seaplane ;er:e8 to t/e s$8e as more an8
more 7r*stals rose from t/e sea.
-e pus/e8 a1a$n, 9ut t/e seaplane 0asn=t respon8$n1. <-one*, 3=m 8o$n1
m* 9est. -o0 $s /eP<
-er /an8s 0ere 7aress$n1 /$s fa7e. -e 0asn=t respon8$n1. <Cou 7an=t
8$e,< s/e 0/$spere8 to /$m. <Cou 7an=t leave me.. leave us a1a$n.
+leaseKLM pleaseKLM *ou 7an=t 8$e.<
-$s e*es 0ere mov$n1 un8er t/e$r 7lose8 l$8s. Slo0l*, t/e* 9e1an to
open. S/e remem9ere8 t/e* /a8 9een 9lue. 2o0 t/e* 0ere 1reen.
<?r*pton$te,< /e sa$8, /$s vo$7e 0ea: an8 7oarse. <#/ere=s :r*pton$te
$n t/e 7r*stals.<
S/e turne8 9a7: to R$7/ar8. <We /ave to 1et /$m a0a* from /ere.<
<3=m tr*$n1.<
-e sa0 mat t/e 7r*stals $n front of /$m 0ere expan8$n1 even faster t/an
+a1e 2&
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
t/e* /a8 9een. -e 0as surroun8e8 9* 8o%ens of 7olumns t/at 0ere
9lo7:$n1 /$s pat/. -e sa0 an open$n1, alrea8* narro0, 9ut f$ll$n1 $n
<Seat 9eltsJ< /e s/oute8. -e /ear8 Fason=s 7l$7: $nto pla7e.
R$7/ar8 1unne8 t/e 1as, an8 t/e plane ;er:e8 for0ar8, pus/$n1 t/rou1/
t/e narro0 pass a se7on8 9efore $t 7lose8 up. -e /ear8 Fason s7ream. <6a88*J<
Fason 0as star$n1 out t/e 0$n8o0s, /$s e*es 0$8e 0$t/ fear. R$7/ar8 sa0
t/e* 0ere on top of a 1$ant 0aterfall. W$t/out t/e$r even real$%$n1 $t,
t/e 7r*stals /a8 pus/e8 t/em up t/ousan8s of feet.
-e turne8 9a7:, frant$7, an8 all /e 7oul8 8o 9efore t/e seaplane fell
off t/e e81e an8 plummete8 8o0n to t/e o7ean, 0as to 7all out 5o$s=s
#/e* 0ere fall$n1. -e loo:e8 9a7: to see Fason /ol8$n1 on to t/e e81e
of /$s seat ;ust l$:e /e 8$8 on t/e roller-7oaster r$8e at t/e
amusement par:. -e sa0 5o$s /ol8$n1 Superman $n /er arms. -e turne8
9a7: to t/e 7ontrols an8 1unne8 t/e en1$ne one more t$me.
4s t/e en1$ne revve8, /e felt t/e plane 7at7/ t/e a$r. #/e* 0ere
pull$n1 up, /$1/er, over a 7r*stal o9el$s: t/at appeare8 su88enl* $n
front of t/em. #/e* 0ere fl*$n1 a1a$n. #/e* 0ere safe.
R$7/ar8 loo:e8 9a7: an8 sm$le8 at 5o$s. <We 8$8 $t.<
S/e rea7/e8 out an8 ten8erl* tou7/e8 /$s /an8. <3 love *ou,< s/e sa$8.
#/ere 0ere tears $n /er e*es as s/e turne8 9a7: to Superman.
S/e pus/e8 /$s 7ape a0a* as s/e felt somet/$n1 st$7:$n1 out of
Superman=s 9a7:. S/e pulle8 up /$s s/$rt an8 sa0 t/e sta9 0oun8. 3t 0as
1lo0$n1 1reen ;ust 9elo0 t/e surfa7e.
<,/, m* Do8. -e 0as sta99e8 0$t/ :r*pton$te.< S/e sa0 part of t/e
9ro:en s/ar8 em9e88e8 near /$s sp$ne.
<3t=s too 8eep. 3 7an=t 1ra9 $t. R$7/ar8, 3 nee8 pl$ers.<
<#/ere=s a tool9ox un8er t/e seat.<
S/e pulle8 $t out an8 fum9le8 $t open. #ools sp$lle8 over t/e floor,
$n7lu8$n1 a pa$r of nee8le-nose pl$ers. <Dot $t.<
S/e stare8 at t/e 0oun8, afra$8 to 8o an*t/$n1, 9ut :no0$n1 s/e /a8 no
+a1e 2&!
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
S/e 0$pe8 t/e tears from /er e*es an8 $nserte8 t/e pl$ers $ns$8e. #/e
seaplane 0as 8ar:, an8 $t 0as /ar8 to see, 9ut s/e use8 t/e 1reen
:r*pton$te 1lo0 as /er 9ull=s-e*e.
S/e s/$fte8 t/e pl$ers 9a7: an8 fort/ unt$l s/e felt t/e s/ar8. S/e
7lampe8 8o0n on t/e :r*pton$te an8 tu11e8. S/e felt somet/$n1 move. S/e
/a8 $t. Slo0l*, s/e pulle8 t/e pl$ers out, reveal$n1 t/e small, 1lo0$n1
s/ar8. #/ere 0as no 9loo8 on $t. S/e loo:e8 at /$s 9a7: an8 sa0 t/e
s7ar 0as more l$:e a 9urn.
S/e stare8 at t/e :r*pton$te for 0/at seeme8 forever, t/en opene8 t/e
seaplane 8oor an8 t/re0 $t out. S/e 0at7/e8 as $f fell $nto t/e o7ean,
8$sappear$n1 from v$e0.
<We 8$8 $t, /one*,< s/e sa$8. <We 8$8 $t.< R$7/ar8 loo:e8 9a7: an8 sa0
s/e 0as spea:$n1 to /$m.
-e sa0 Superman l*$n1 $n 5o$s=s arms. Superman opene8 /$s e*es slo0l*
an8 sa0 ever*one star$n1 at /$m. -e 0as 0ea:, 9ut /e 0as >u$7:l*
re1a$n$n1 /$s stren1t/.
<-o0 8$8 *ou f$n8 meP< /e as:e8.
5o$s /el8 on to /$m. <Su$et. Fust ta:e $t eas*. Cou=re /urt.<
-e pus/e8 /$mself up a 9$t an8 felt t/e sta99$n1 pa$n $n /$s 9a7:. 3t
/urt, 9ut not as $t /a8 9efore. <3t=s o:a*. 3=ll 9e all r$1/t.<
-e loo:e8 at R$7/ar8. <Cou prom$se8 *ou 0oul8n=t 7ome 9a7:. Cou l$e8.<
R$7/ar8 turne8 to /$m an8 sm$le8. <3=m not *ou. 3 7an 8o t/at.<
Superman loo:e8 at /$m >u$%%$7all* an8 1r$nne8. -e turne8 to 5o$s. <3
/ave to 1o 9a7:.< -e felt t/e pa$n a1a$n as /e rea7/e8 over to open t/e
seaplane 8oor.
5o$s /el8 on to /$m, refus$n1 to let 1o. <2o. Cou=ll 8$e $f *ou 1o
-e 0asn=t sm$l$n1 as /e loo:e8 $nto /er e*es. #/e* 0ere f$lle8 0$t/
lon1$n1 an8 un7erta$nt*. S/e t/ou1/t for ;ust an $nstant t/at /e also
loo:e8 fr$1/tene8.
<Doo8-9*e, 5o$s,< /e sa$8 as /e fle0 a0a*.
+a1e 2&"
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
C/apter #/$rt*-'$ve
+rev$ous#op 2ext
'loat$n1 /$1/ a9ove t/e 4tlant$7, /e sa0 t/at 5ut/or=s $slan8 0as st$ll
1ro0$n1 $n s$%e. -e :ept r$s$n1, /$1/ $nto t/e a$r, past t/e
almost-9la7: storm 7lou8s, $nto t/e stratosp/ere.
4s t/e 7lou8s parte8, /e sa0 t/e sun, .art/=s 9r$1/t *ello0 sun. -e
stret7/e8 out /$s arms an8 let $ts 0arm, $nv$1orat$n1 l$1/t 0as/ over
/$m. @n8er ?r*pton=s re8 sun /e 0oul8 /ave 9een normal, una9le to /elp
an*one. )ut .art/=s sun 1ave /$m /$s stren1t/, allo0e8 /$m /$s po0ers,
an8 /e :ne0 /e nee8e8 to em9ra7e t/em no0.
Superman ar7e8 9a7: 8o0n an8 reentere8 t/e atmosp/ere 0$t/ su7/ rene0e8
spee8 an8 po0er t/at t/e a$r aroun8 /$m $1n$te8. -e 0as a 9r$1/tl*
1lo0$n1 7omet strea:$n1 t/rou1/ t/e s:*.
-$s e*es fo7use8 an8 a r$pple of /eat v$s$on 9laste8 out0ar8 an8
vapor$%e8 a 7lou8 9an:. Superman 7ont$nue8 8o0n as /$s /eat v$s$on
stru7: t/e o7ean=s surfa7e. #/e fr$1$8 0aters 9u99le8 an8 m$ste8 ;ust
as /e plun1e8 $nto t/em.
-e 0as un8er0ater, s0$mm$n1 at t/e spee8 of soun8 to0ar8 t/e o7ean
floor. -e $n7rease8 t/e $ntens$t* of /$s /eat v$s$on, an8 t/e ro7:*
1roun8 turne8 to l$>u$8 ma1ma. -e 8$sappeare8 $nto $t as a /u1e 7lou8
of san8 an8 8$rt fle0 up, t/en ;ust as >u$7:l*, 0as su7:e8 9a7: $nto
t/e /ole Superman /a8 left 9e/$n8.
-e 7oul8 see mass$ve r$fts appear $n t/e 1roun8 aroun8 t/e 9ase of t/e
7r*stal stru7ture. De*sers 0ere 9u99l$n1 an8 1as 0as explo8$n1 from t/e
7rev$7es as t/e o7ean floor 7ont$nue8 to spl$t.
5ex 5ut/or sat $n t/e ma$n 7/am9er of /$s ne0 'ortress, /un7/e8 over a
ta9le, star$n1 at Drant an8 R$le*. -e /a8 a t0$ste8 1leam $n /$s e*es
as /e loo:e8 9a7: at t/e 7ar8s $n /$s /an8 an8 la$8 t/em 8o0n one at a
t$me. <'ull 9oat, su7:ers.<
-e too: a Cu9an from /$s po7:et an8 7l$ppe8 $ts en8. -e 0as a9out to
l$1/t $t 0/en /e /ear8 ?$tt* 7ompla$n$n1 9e/$n8 /$m.
<3t=s lea:$n1,< s/e sa$8. -e 0as 9e1$nn$n1 to /ate t/at 0/$ne.
-e turne8 to see /er stan8$n1 un8er an um9rella, prote7t$n1 /erself
from t/e small 8rops of 0ater fall$n1 from t/e 7e$l$n1.
+a1e 21&
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
<5ea:$n1P< -e 1lare8 at /er. <?$tt*. 3 :$ll Superman an8 7reate all of
t/$s, an8 t/e onl* t/$n1 *ou 7an sa* to me $s, =3t=s lea:$n1=P<
S/e 0as loo:$n1 at t/e 'ortress=s 7r*stal 0alls, not l$:$n1 0/at s/e
0as see$n1. <4re 9$ll$ons of people reall* 1o$n1 to 8$eP<
-e l$t t/e 7$1ar an8 too: a lon1 8ra1 on $t. <Ces,< /e sa$8,
matter-of-fa7tl*, a po$nt of extreme pr$8e, $n fa7t.
-e sa0 /$s 7$1ar smo:e trem9le, t/en 8$sperse su88enl*. -e fell 9a7: as
t/e 'ortress s/oo: an8 t$lte8, an8 a /u1e 7r*stal lump plummete8 onto
t/e ta9le, smas/$n1 t/rou1/ $t. Drant an8 R$le* ;umpe8 9a7:, fall$n1
out of t/e$r seats.
<)oss, 0/at t/e /ell=s 1o$n1 onP< Drant s/oute8, 7onfuse8 an8
fr$1/tene8. <4re 0e /av$n1 an eart/>ua:eP<
<Cou 0ant me to re7or8 t/$s, 9ossP< R$le* as:e8.
<3 0ant *ou to s/ut up, 9ot/ of *ou,< 5ut/or snappe8. -e tou7/e8 t/e
0all an8 felt $t v$9rate un8er /$s /an8s. <Can=t *ou feel $tP 6on=t as:
me /o0, 9ut t/$s pla7e $s mov$n1.< #/e 'ortress s/oo: a1a$n, /ar8er
no0. Cr*stals 0ere fall$n1 from t/e 7e$l$n1, s/atter$n1 on t/e 1roun8.
Drant an8 R$le* 8u7:e8 un8er t/e ta9le for prote7t$on.
5ut/or felt t/e v$9rat$ons $n7reas$n1. -e 1ra99e8 a small metal 9ox
s$tt$n1 on a le81e an8 tu7:e8 $t un8er /$s arm. <Come on. W/at are *ou
0a$t$n1 forP< -e 0as alrea8* /alf0a* to0ar8 t/e 'ortress ex$t.
-e /el8 on to t/e 0all as /e steppe8 outs$8e, star$n1 at t/e /or$%on.
3t 0as mov$n1, 1ett$n1 lo0er.
<We=re 1o$n1 upP -o0 $s t/at poss$9leP< -e s7ram9le8 9a7: $ns$8e t/e
'ortress, 1ra99$n1 t/e 0all for support.
-e felt f$n1ers 8$11$n1 $nto /$s arms. ?$tt* 0as /ol8$n1 on to /$m.
<5ex, 0/at=s /appen$n1P<
-e 8$8n=t :no0, 9ut /e 7oul8n=t tell /er t/at.
Close 9e/$n8 t/em, $n t/e Aalle* of t/e .l8ers, /e sa0 one of t/e
monol$t/s 9e1$n to 7ra7:. 3t seeme8 to s7ream, t/en fall over, 7ras/$n1
$nto t/e 'ortress. -a8 t/ere 9een a fam$l* 7rest, 5ut/or 0oul8 /ave
:no0n t/$s to0er stoo8 as a 0arn$n1 a1a$nst t/e return of 8$s/onest*
an8 v$olen7e.
Sor-.l=s monol$t/ rum9le8 as $t tore t/rou1/ t/e false 'ortress,
+a1e 211
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
7rus/$n1 $t to 8ust.
<Det to t/e /el$7opterJ 2o0J< 5ut/or s7reame8.
?$tt* 0as 0aver$n1, not sure 0/at s/e s/oul8 8o. <)ut our stuffP<
<5eave $t. 5eave ever*t/$n1.<
Stanfor8, Drant, an8 R$le* 0ere runn$n1 0/en t/e* felt t/e 1roun8
9eneat/ t/em v$9rate a1a$n. #/e* pus/e8 t/e$r 0a* over t/e mov$n1
7r*stal to0ar8 t/e 0a$t$n1 /el$7opter. #/e* /ear8 anot/er 7ra7:$n1
soun8 an8 loo:e8 up to see a se7on8 monol$t/ 9e1$n to s0a*. Su88enl*,
?ol-4r=s to0er s/oo: loose from $ts foun8at$ons. #/e open /an8 of
;ust$7e fell on t/em 0$t/ a 8eafen$n1 7ras/.
5ut/or s7ram9le8 $nto t/e /el$7opter an8 too: t/e p$lot=s seat. -e sa0
?$tt* 7l$m9 $n next to /$m an8 strap /erself $n. -e passe8 t/e metal
9ox to /er. 3t 0as f$lle8 0$t/ 7r*stals. <-ere, *ou /ol8. 3=m fl*$n1.<
4s /e starte8 t/e en1$nes s/e stare8 at t/e 9ox. #/$s 0as t/e 7ause of
ever*t/$n1 9a8. #/$s 0as t/e stuff of n$1/tmares, not 8reams as 5ut/or
/a8 prom$se8.
S/e t/ou1/t of 4n8re0, /er ex, pro9a9l* st$ll s$tt$n1 $n /$s 7ell,
0a$t$n1 for /$s parole $n e$1/t mont/s, star$n1 at t/e p$7ture of /er
$n t/at l$ttle t/on1 s/e /a8 sent to /$m for C/r$stmas last *ear 0/en
s/e an8 5ex va7at$one8 $n Mau$ for a 0ee:. Cea/, /e 0as small-t$me. 4
penn*-ante ;er: mostl*. )ut /e never 0ante8 to :$ll 9$ll$ons. S/e
m$sse8 :$ss$n1 /$s 7roo:e8 sm$le an8 f$n1er$n1 /$s tattoos at n$1/t
0/en /e 0as asleep.
S/e loo:e8 9a7: at t/e 7ase of 7r*stals 0$t/ un7erta$nt* an8
appre/ens$on. -er e*es fo7use8 on t/e Metrop-ol$s s:*l$ne. S/e /a8 ma8e
a 8e7$s$on.
S/e sa0 5ut/or 0or:$n1 t/e 7ontrols, an8 8umpe8 t/e 7r*stals out t/e
8oor. 5ut/or turne8 an8 sa0 t/em tum9l$n1 outs$8e.
S/e 1ave /$m a lar1e, $nno7ent sm$le. <,ops.<
5ut/or ra$se8 a f$st, 9ut t/en starte8 to 7l$m9 outs$8e to retr$eve
t/em $nstea8. 3=ll 8eal 0$t/ /er later. 4t ten t/ousan8 feet.
Su88enl*, /e sa0 f$ssures an8 7ra7:s form$n1 un8er t/e 7/opper,
t/reaten$n1 to s0allo0 t/em. -e s7ram9le8 9a7: $ns$8e an8 1unne8 t/e
en1$nes. #/e 7opter lur7/e8, t/en 8roppe8.
#/e 7r*stals 9eneat/ t/em /a8 7rum9le8 a0a*, fall$n1 $nto a 1ap$n1
+a1e 212
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
7/asm t/at 0as 1ro0$n1 0$8er ever* se7on8. #/e 7opter plummete8, t/en
$t 9e1an to r$se, fl*$n1 up an8 over t/e 7ollaps$n1 7r*stal mounta$n.
5ut/or stare8 out t/e 7/opper 0$n8o0 $n a forlorn 8a%e, not *et
un8erstan8$n1 0/at /a8 /appene8. #/e 7r*stals 0ere stru7turall* soun8.
-e /a8 ma8e sure of t/at. #/e* s/oul8n=t /ave 9ro:en apart as t/e* /a8.
#/e 'ortress s/oul8n=t /ave s/oo: or 7ollapse8. #/e monol$t/s 0ere
suppose8 to 9e eternal. W/at /a8 1one 0ron1P
-e felt t/e $slan8 st$ll r$s$n1, an8 /ear8 a 1reat roar as $ts 9ase
9ro:e t/e o7ean surfa7e, reveal$n1 an un8ers$8e of 9ro0n, ro7:* eart/.
#/e $slan8 0as float$n1 up0ar8, /$1/er an8 /$1/er.
-e :ept star$n1 unt$l t/e $slan8KLO/$s $slan8KLO0as at e*e level. 4n8 9elo0
$t, a mere spe7: $n $ts mass$ve un8ers$8e, 0as Superman, stra$n$n1 0$t/
all /$s stren1t/, pus/$n1 $t from 9elo0.
<2o. 2o. 2ononono. 2,J 3t=s $mposs$9le. -e=s 8ea8. 3 :$lle8 /$m. -e
7an=t 9e 8o$n1 t/$s. -e=s not real.<
?$tt* sm$le8 at /$m. <2o. 3 see /$m. -e=s not a 1/ost, 5ex. 2ot a
8ream. 2ot an $ma1$nar* /ero.<
5ut/or 1ro0le8 at /er, t/en po$nte8 t/e 7/opper out to sea. 3t 0as t$me
to re1roup.
#/e 7ont$nent 0as 1ro0$n1 even as /e 7arr$e8 $t /$1/er. -e 0as 8ra0$n1
$n all /$s po0er to pus/ $t spa7e0ar8, a0a* from /$s /ome. 40a* from
.ver*t/$n1 t/at 0as ?r*pton 0as /ereN t/e valle*s, t/e 7l$ffs, t/e vast
an8 1reat mounta$ns. .ver*t/$n1 ex7ept, of 7ourse, for t/e people. )ut
t/e* 0ere t/e ones 0/o mattere8, t/e onl* ones 0/o 8$8.
-e :ne0 .art/=s 9eaut$ful 1ol8en sun 0oul8 $m9ue /$m 0$t/ t/e stren1t/
to 7ont$nue.
Dreat 7/un:s of eart/ 9e1an to 9rea: apart, plummet$n1 $nto t/e o7ean.
-e felt a 0ave of nausea 1r$p /$m as t/e fall$n1 8$rt an8 7r*stals
expose8 t/e po$sonous ve$ns 8eep $ns$8e $t. #/e pa$n 7ut t/rou1/ /$m
l$:e t/at :r*pton$te 8a11er. -e 0as 7r*$n1 $n a1on*, almost los$n1 /$s
1r$p, 9ut /e :ept pus/$n1 t/e $slan8 /$1/er $nto t/e storm 7lou8s.
-e /a8 travele8 /alf a 1alax* to f$n8 /$s /ome, 9ut no0 t/at $t 0as
/ere all /e 0ante8 0as to 1et $t as far a0a* from /$m as /e 7oul8.
M$les 9elo0, t/e .art/ 0as float$n1 $n a spe7:le8 sea of 9la7:N
8r$ft$n1 0$sps of 7lou8s 7$r7le8 a pr$st$ne 9lue-an8-1reen planet
+a1e 213
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
teem$n1 0$t/ l$fe.
Superman felt as $f a l$1/tn$n1 9olt /a8 p$er7e8 /$s 7/est. -e 8ou9le8
over as a terr$9le pa$n lan7e8 t/rou1/ /$m. -$s arms /a8 9e7ome /eav*
an8 lea8en, an8 /e 7oul8 9arel* move t/em. More 8$rt an8 7r*stal /a8
fallen from t/e $slan8, expos$n1 even more :r*pton$te.
-e t/ou1/t /e /ear8 /$s fat/er=s vo$7e, /$s ?r*pton$an fat/er. <?al-.l,
m* son, *ou are all t/at rema$ns of a on7e-prou8 people. 4n8 $n *ou
?r*pton=s 1lor* 0$ll l$ve on.<
#/e 5ast Son of ?r*pton.
.ver*t/$n1 0as 8ar:, even t/e 1reen-1lo0$n1 $slan8. -e 0as $n spa7e.
.n8less. 3mmuta9le spa7e. 4n8 /e let out a pr$mal s7ream t/at 0oul8
/ave s/attere8 0orl8s $f soun8 7oul8 9e /ear8.
)ut $n t/at s7ream /e summone8 all /$s stren1t/, an8 all /$s po0er,
$nto one last a7t$on, an8 /e /urle8 t/e mounta$n $nto t/e 9la7:.
4fter a moment, /e 7lose8 /$s e*es an8 leane8 9a7:. -e 0asn=t fl*$n1
9a7: to .art/. -e 0as fall$n1, un7ons7$ous.
-e 7oul8n=t feel t/e 7ol8 of spa7e or, ;ust moments later, t/e a$r
aroun8 /$m /eat up as /e reentere8 .art/=s atmosp/ere, t/en, f$nall*,
$1n$t$n1 $nto a 9r$1/t oran1e 9all of f$re.
3n t/e Metropol$s streets 9elo0, people sa0 t/e 1lo0$n1 strea: tear
t/rou1/ t/e 7lou8s. #/e* stare8 at $t, terr$f$e8 at 0/at t/e* some/o0
:ne0 t/e* 0ere see$n1.
3t soare8 over t/e$r /ea8s, t/$s flam$n1 7omet, 7ross$n1 t/e 7$t*,
/ea8$n1 to0ar8 t/e 7$t* 7enter.
-e 7ras/e8 $nto Metropol$s=s Centenn$al +ar:, an8 t/e mass$ve explos$on
s/attere8 trees an8 sent 8e9r$s fl*$n1 /un8re8s of feet $nto t/e a$r.
4n8 t/en t/ere 0as s$len7e, an8 smo:e an8 steam rose from t/e s7or7/e8
C/apter #/$rt*-S$x
+rev$ous#op 2ext
+a1e 214
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
#/e s$rens /a8n=t *et tra$le8 off 0/en t/e 8oors 9urst open an8 t0o
parame8$7s, flan:e8 9* an es7ort of pol$7e, pus/e8 t/e 1urne* $nto
Metropol$s Deneral, rus/$n1 to0ar8 t/e emer1en7* 0ar8 at t/e en8 of t/e
7orr$8or. .ver*one /a8 9een 0arne8, an8 t/e* /a8 /a8 t$me to prepare.
6o7tors /a8 9een 7alle8 $n. ,t/ers, 0/o /a8 9een 8r$v$n1 /ome to t/e
su9ur9s after t/e$r s/$fts, 0ere /el$7optere8 9a7: to 0or:. #/e* 0ere
all rea8*.
#/e parame8$7s 0ere runn$n1 alon1s$8e t/e 1urne* 0/en t/e* 0ere met 9*
a 8o7tor an8 t0o nurses. <)reat/$n1 9e7ame s/allo0 $n trans$t. Can=t
1et a 9loo8 pressure rea8$n1, 9ut /$s /eart rate=s less t/an t/$rt*.<
<Det /$m $ns$8e, >u$7:l*.<
4 nurse remove8 Superman=s s/$rt an8 pulle8 off /$s 7ape, reveal$n1 t/e
8eep sta9 0oun8 on Superman=s 9a7:.
4 9r$1/t /alo1en 9ul9 spotl$1/te8 $t. <+enetrat$n1 sta9 0oun8 to r$1/t
s$8e of 9a7:. 2o /emorr/a1e.<
#/e nurse atta7/e8 t/e .?Ds. S/e 7/e7:e8 t/e 0ave-form os7$llat$n1
a7ross t/e s7reen. <Co8e 9lue. 'latl$ne,< s/e 7alle8.
<D$ve /$m an ep$nep/r$ne one m$ll$1ram. 3A pus/,< t/e 8o7tor snappe8.
#/e nurse tr$e8 to $nsert t/e nee8le $nto Superman=s arm. 3t 9ro:e.
#/e 8o7tor s/oo: /$s /ea8. ,:a*, let=s tr* somet/$n1 else. <S/o7: at
t0o /un8re8.<
#/e nurse turne8 to /$m, 0orr$e8. <3s t/at enou1/P -e=s notKLM /uman.<
-e no88e8, un8erstan8$n1, t/en too: a lon1 9reat/, paus$n1, t/$n:$n1.
<4ll r$1/t, 7/ar1e to t/ree-s$xt*.<
#/e 8o7tor pla7e8 t/e 8ef$9r$llator pa88les on Superman=s 7/est.
<Clear.< #/e pa88les 7ra7:le8 0$t/ ele7tr$7$t*. #/e nurse sa0 t/e
l$1/ts fl$7:er, t/en t/e 8ef$9r$llator spar:e8 an8 smo:e8.
2o 1oo8. .ven /alf-8ea8 /e=s $nvulnera9le.
-e turne8 to t/e /eart mon$tor 9ut 0as 1reete8 9* s$len7e. -e turne8
a0a*, tr*$n1 to p/rase /$s 0or8s 7arefull*.
#/en /e /ear8 a s$n1le 9eep.
+a1e 215
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
C/apter #/$rt*-Seven
+rev$ous#op 2ext
#/e 6a$l* +lanet /ea8l$ne sa$8 <Superman 3s 6ea8.< )eneat/ $t 0as
F$mm*=s p/oto of Superman /ol8$n1 up t/e 6a$l* +lanet 1lo9e.
<W/at 8o *ou t/$n:,< +err* W/$te as:e8.
R$7/ar8 loo:e8 at t/e ot/er mo7:-up. <Superman 5$ves.< )eneat/ $t 0as
t/e same p/oto. <3t=s :$n8 of 1ruesome, +err*.<
W/$te no88e8 solemnl*. <4l0a*s 9e prepare8.< -e put as$8e t/e paper,
t/en sat 8o0n, sa*$n1 not/$n1.
R$7/ar8 loo:e8 out to t/e 9ullpen an8 sa0 5o$s at /er 8es:. S/e 0as
pla*$n1 0$t/ a pen7$l, sp$nn$n1 $t, f$n8$n1 0a*s to :eep /erself
8$stra7te8. -e loo:e8 9a7: at /$s un7le, ;ust as >u$et, ;ust as som9er.
2ot$7$n1 5o$s, +err* 1ave /$m a 0ea: sm$le.
<-o0 $s s/eP< /e as:e8.
R$7/ar8 ma8e /$s 0a* slo0l* t/rou1/ t/e 9ullpen. Wor: 7re0s 0ere
7lean$n1 up t/e 8e9r$s. 4s$8e from t/e #As an8 p/ones, t/ere 0as l$ttle
no$se. .ver*one 0as ;o*-lessl* 1o$n1 a9out t/e$r 8a*. 4 ;o9 of 0or: /e
on7e /ear8 $t 7alle8.
-e sa0 Fason s$tt$n1 a7ross from 5o$s=s 8es:, >u$etl* loo:$n1 at a
9oo:, /$s /an8/el8 v$8eo 1ame s$tt$n1 next to /$m, turne8 off.
S/e 0as s$tt$n1 $n /er 7/a$r, /er fa7e 9lan: an8 emot$onless. 4 ne0
8o7ument 0as opene8 on /er 7omputer, 9ut as$8e from t/e tool9ar, t/e
s7reen 0as 9lan:, t/e 7ursor 9l$n:$n1. S/e /ear8 t/e staff murmur$n1 $n
t/e 9a7:1roun8 an8 loo:e8 up. #/e #A 0as 9lar$n1.
<4n8 t/e 7$t* $s st$ll reel$n1 from t/e s/o7: of a 1eolo1$7 8$stur9an7e
$n t/e m$8-4tlant$7. 'e8eral aut/or$t$es on s7ene /ave prom$se8 to
$ssue statements 9efore t/e 8a* $s out. 3n /$s press 7onferen7e, t/e
pres$8ent sa$8KLM<
5o$s 7lose8 /er e*es, tr*$n1 0$t/ all /er /eart to s/ut out all t/e
no$se. W/* 0on=t t/e* stop tal:$n1P 4 /an8 1entl* tou7/e8 /er. 3t 0as
Fason. S/e 0rappe8 /er arms aroun8 /$m, /u11$n1 /$m ten8erl*.
S/e sa0 R$7/ar8 approa7/$n1 an8 >u$7:l* 0$pe8 a0a* /er tears.
+a1e 216
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
<Cea/,< s/e sa$8, not even tr*$n1 to sm$le.
<We 7an leave 0/enever *ou=re rea8*. 3 mean, *ou 8on=t /ave to 9e
S/e :$sse8 Fason on t/e top of t/e /ea8, 7ont$nu$n1 to /ol8 /$m 7lose.
<W/ere else 0oul8 3 9eP<
-e loo:e8 up to t/e #A an8 sa0 F$mm*=s p/oto of Superman. #/e
ne0s7aster 0as st$ll 1$99er$n1 on. 3t 0as l$:e t/$s on ever* 7/annelI
nonstop tal:, t0ent*-fourTseven. <4n8 t/e 0orl8 0a$ts as Superman
rema$ns $n 7r$t$7al 7on8$t$on at Metropol$s Deneral. +ol$7e /ave
surroun8e8 t/e areaKLM<
<3 7oul8 8r$ve,< R$7/ar8 sa$8.
S/e loo:e8 at /$m, un7erta$n, as +err* 0al:e8 out of /$s off$7e an8
7alle8 to ,$l. <-e*, 0/at=s t/e stor* on t/at 9$1 7/un: of
0/atever-$t-0as Superman pulle8 out of t/e o7eanP<
D$l 7/e7:e8 /$s notes. <Well, astronomers sa* $t settle8 $nto or9$t
some0/ere 9et0een Mars an8 Fup$ter. Suppose8l*, $t=s la7e8 0$t/
:r*pton$te, an8 $t=s st$ll 1ro0$n1.<
+err* no88e8. <)ut 0/at are 0e 7all$n1 $tP 3t nee8s a name. Somet/$n1
splas/*. Somet/$n1 9$1.<
<+lanet tenP< D$l su11este8, lamel*.
+err* s/oo: /$s /ea8, ma:$n1 a fa7e. <Well, t/at=s a terr$9le $8ea.< -e
sa0 5o$s s$tt$n1 a7ross t/e a$sle. <5o$s, 0/at 8o *ou t/$n:P<
S/e loo:e8 up at R$7/ar8, t/en 1ot up an8 1ra99e8 /er 7oat. S/e too:
Fason=s /an8, t/en turne8 9a7: to +err*. <3 8on=t :no0 +err*. Call $tKLM
2e0 ?r*pton.<
+err* sm$le8. <2e0 ?r*pton. D$l, run 0$t/ $t.< -e sa0 5o$s an8 R$7/ar8
leav$n1. <W/ere are *ou t0o 1o$n1P<
<#o t/e /osp$tal,< 5o$s ans0ere8.
F$mm* 0al:e8 9*. <3=8 9e 7areful 8o0n t/ere, M$ss 5ane. 3t=s a
<We 0$ll, F$mm*. #/an:s.<
+a1e 21
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
<#ell /$m 3KLM tell /$m 0e=re all t/$n:$n1 a9out /$m.<
S/e 1ave /$m a sl$1/t sm$le as s/e an8 R$7/ar8 an8 Fason /ea8e8 for t/e
Metropol$s Deneral 0as surroun8e8 9* a 0all of people f$ll$n1 t/e
streets 0est to )roa80a*, east to Fefferson, nort/ to 'ort*-f$ft/ an8
sout/ to #/$rt*-n$nt/. #/e* /a8 7ome t/ere, some /ol8$n1 plates 0$t/
l$t 7an8les, ot/ers ;ust stan8$n1 an8 0av$n1 pla7ar8s, s$n7e t/e ne0s
/a8 f$rst /$t. #/e pol$7e, man* on /orse9a7:, move8 t/rou1/ t/e 7ro08
to :eep $t un8er 7ontrol, 9ut t/ere 0ere no 8$stur9an7es, no pro9lems.
#/e* /a8 7ome onl* to /onor t/e man 0/o meant so mu7/ to t/em.
5o$s, R$7/ar8, an8 Fason 0ere star$n1 at t/e t/ron1s of people 9lo7:$n1
t/e roa8s. #/e /osp$tal 0as onl* a 9lo7: a0a*, 9ut t/e$r 7ar /a8n=t
move8 for almost an /our.
<So mu7/ for par:$n1,< R$7/ar8 7ompla$ne8.
5o$s 0as alrea8* out t/e 8oor. <3t=s o:a*. 3 7an 0al:. #/$n: 3 7an 1et
R$7/ar8 sm$le8 at /er. <Cou=re 5o$s 5ane. #/e*=ll let *ou $n.<
Fason /el8 on to /er /an8. <3 0ant to 1o 0$t/ Momm*,< /e sa$8. S/e
loo:e8 9a7: at R$7/ar8. <3t=s o:a*. 3f t/at=s 0/at *ou 0ant.< -e 1ave
/er a /u1, t/en sat 9a7: $n t/e 7ar.
<We 8$8 ever*t/$n1 0e 7oul8.<
S/e loo:e8 at R$7/ar8, s$tt$n1 pat$entl* 9e/$n8 t/e 0/eel. 4 0on8erful
man. 4 lov$n1 man.
<3=ll 9e t/ere as soon as 3 7an, /on,< /e sa$8.
5o$s an8 Fason ma8e t/e$r 0a* t/rou1/ t/e 7ro08, to0ar8 t/e /osp$tal
entran7e. #/e 1uar8s re7o1n$%e8 /er an8 let /er $n, 7all$n1 a/ea8.
#/e* 0ere met 9* a 8o7tor, 0/o a77ompan$e8 /er 8o0n t/e lon1 7orr$8or.
#/e 0al: seeme8 en8less. S/e :ept /er e*es fo7use8 a/ea8, 9ut sa0 t/e
people star$n1 at /er as s/e passe8.
#/e* entere8 t/e re7ept$on area, an8 5o$s sa0 $t 0as 9e$n1 1uar8e8 9*
t0o pol$7e off$7ers. #/e 8o7tor us/ere8 /er past. <#/$s 0a*, M$ss
S/e starte8 to move for0ar8, 9ut t/en real$%e8 t/e 8o7tor 0as 1estur$n1
+a1e 21!
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
to /$s r$1/t, to0ar8 a s$mple /osp$tal room. S/e pause8 for a moment
t/en opene8 t/e 8oor.
-e 0as l*$n1 t/ere, un7ons7$ous, $n a small /osp$tal 9e8, /oo:e8 up
onl* to a /eart mon$tor. S/e 1aspe8, tr*$n1 to /ol8 $t all to1et/er.
S/e=8 seen /$m stru11l$n1, seen /$m 9lee8, seen /$s fa7e torn $n pa$n,
9ut no0, l*$n1 t/ere, e*es 7lose8, /$s 9reat/$n1 s/allo0 9ut 7onstant,
/e loo:e8 so 7alm an8 pea7eful.
S/e turne8 to t/e 8o7tor. <Coul8 0e /ave a m$nute, pleaseP<
<,f 7ourse,< t/e 8o7tor sa$8 as /e steppe8 out of t/e room. #/e 8oor
7lose8 9e/$n8 /$m, leav$n1 5o$s an8 Fason stan8$n1 a7ross from /$s 9e8.
#/e* 0ere all alone.
<3s /e 1o$n1 to 1et 9etterP< Fason as:e8.
<3 8on=t :no0.<
<3 0ant /$m to. 3 l$:e /$m.<
<Me, too.< #/e 0or8s 7/o:e8 $n /er t/roat.
S/e steppe8 7loser, tr*$n1 to f$n8 t/e 0or8s s/e /a8 0ante8 to sa*, 9ut
not/$n1 0as 7om$n1.
S/e t/ou1/t of t/at f$rst 8a*, $n t/e /el$7opter, 0/en /e /a8 save8 /er
so unexpe7te8l*. Cou=ve 1ot meP W/o=s 1ot *ouP #/ou1/t of t/at f$rst
n$1/t 0/en s/e sa0 /$m 8es7en8 l$:e a 1o8 from t/e /eavens. -e 0as
sm$l$n1 at /er as /e steppe8 onto /er pat$o.
#/at sm$le 7/an1e8 /er l$fe.
S/e 9lus/e8 at t/e memor*, so lon1 a1o.
S/e /a8 /a8 so man* >uest$ons.
3=m from prett* far a0a*. 'rom anot/er 1alax*, as a matter of fa7t. 3
7ome from a planet 7alle8 ?r*pton.
3 l$:e p$n: ver* mu7/, 5o$s.
3=m /ere to f$1/t for trut/, ;ust$7e, an8 t/e 4mer$7an Wa*.
3 never l$e.
+a1e 21"
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
-e never 8$8.
<Can *ou /ear meP< s/e sa$8, softl*. <#/e* sa*, somet$mes 0/en people
areKLM< S/e stoppe8 an8 turne8 a0a*. <2ever m$n8.<
#/e room 0as s$lent a1a$n. Fust t/e slo0 9eep$n1 from t/e /eart mon$tor
:ept /er roote8 to t/e moment, to t/e pla7e.
S/e 0al:e8 to /$s s$8e an8 too: /$s /an8. <#/ere=s somet/$n1KLM somet/$n1
3 nee8 to tell *ou.<
S/e 9ent lo0, 0/$sper$n1 $n Superman=s ears, /er e*es f$lle8 0$t/ tears
0/$7/ s/e tr$e8, fru$tlessl*, to 0$pe a0a*.
,n t/e ot/er s$8e of t/e /alf-8ra0n 7urta$n, Fason ran /$s f$n1er over
t/e em9lem of Superman=s neatl* fol8e8 7ostume. -e 0as tr*$n1 to 9e
9rave, 9ut /e 0as 7r*$n1.
5o$s loo:e8 at Superman a1a$n an8 leane8 $n 7loser. S/e s/ut /er e*es
an8 :$sse8 /$m. 3t 0as ten8er, ever*t/$n1 s/e remem9ere8.
#ears stream$n1, s/e pulle8 a0a* an8 loo:e8 a1a$n at t/e /eart mon$tor,
per/aps /op$n1, $mposs$9l*, t/at t/e :$ss 0oul8 9r$n1 /er sleep$n1
9eaut* 9a7: to l$fe.
)ut t/ere 0as no 7/an1e. 2o ma1$7 a0a:en$n1. 2o fa$r*-tale en8$n1.
,nl* t/e 9eep of t/e /eart mon$tor.
S/e stoo8 up an8 0$pe8 a0a* /er tears a1a$n, 7ompos$n1 /erself. S/e
sl$8 open t/e 7urta$n an8 1entl* too: Fason=s /an8.
<Come on, /one*.<
#/e* 0ere at t/e 8oor 0/en Fason s>u$rme8 /$s /an8 free. -e ran 9a7: to
t/e 9e8 an8 :$sse8 Superman on t/e fore/ea8. 5o$s=s tears 0ere flo0$n1
a1a$n, 9ut t/$s t$me s/e 8$8 not/$n1 to pus/ t/em a0a*. S/e felt a
terr$9le pa$n $n /er /eart an8 a 8r*ness $n /er t/roat. Fason ran 9a7:
to /er an8 1u$8e8 /er out of t/e room.
#/e reporters 0ere 0a$t$n1 as s/e an8 Fason steppe8 $nto t/e 0a$t$n1
room. 4 0all of 7ameras 0ere ta:$n1 /er p$7ture, m$7rop/ones 0ere
s/ove8 $n /er fa7e. Ao$7es 0ere s/out$n1 at /er from ever*0/ere. S/e
/el8 Fason 7lose.
<M$ss 5ane, 0/at 8$8 /e loo: l$:eP<
+a1e 22&
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
<6$8 /e sa* an*t/$n1P<
<3s /e 1o$n1 to ma:e $tP<
<W/at 8$8 *ou sa* to /$mP<
<6o *ou st$ll love /$m, M$ss 5aneP<
<6oes /e st$ll love *ouP<
#/e pol$7e 7leare8 a pat/ for /er as s/e an8 Fason /urr$e8 from t/e
/osp$tal. #/ere 0ere t/ousan8s more people 7ro08$n1 t/e streets.
Mart/a ?ent an8 )en -u99ar8 0at7/e8 as 5o$s ma8e /er 0a* t/rou1/ t/e
7ro08 to0ar8 t/e 0a$t$n1 7ar. Mart/a sa0 5o$s=s son, so /an8some an8 so
prou8 as /e 0al:e8 ;ust a/ea8 of /er, /ol8$n1 /er /an8, prote7t$n1 /er
from /arm.
S/e 0ante8 to sa* somet/$n1 to 5o$s, 9ut :ne0 s/e 7oul8n=t. 2o9o8* 7an
:no0 t/e trut/, Ma. 2ot as lon1 as an* of m* love8 ones are al$ve.
S/e 0ante8 to 1o $nto t/e /osp$tal, to tell t/em 0/o s/e 0as, to s$t at
t/e s$8e of /er son, to /ol8 /$s /an8, 9ut no9o8* 0oul8 9el$eve /er.
)ut Mart/a sa0 /$s 0$n8o0, :ne0 $t 0as /$s even 0$t/ t/e s/a8es 8ra0n,
an8 s/e sa0 /$m $n /er /eart. S/e felt )en=s /an8s /ol8$n1 /er, an8 as
/er tears flo0e8 freel* 0/$spere8 to /er son.
4 t/ousan8 m$les a0a*, a small, t$re8 f$1ure stoo8 up on a small, ro7:*
9ea7/. ?$tt* ?o0als:$ stare8 out at t/e o7ean. 3t 0as almost pea7eful.
)e/$n8 /er s/e /ear8 t/e fur$ous s/r$e: p$er7e t/e >u$et 7almKLOa1a$n.
5ut/or s7reame8 a1a$n as /e fur$ousl* /urle8 a 7o7onut $nto t/e 0ater.
<Cou=ve 1ot to stop t/at, 5ex. We onl* /ave s$x of t/ose.<
5ut/or stompe8 over t/e san8, an1r$l* :$7:$n1 $t $n all 8$re7t$ons.
<S$xP S3QP 3=8 tra8e t/ree /un8re8 t/ousan8 7o7onuts, an8 ever* 8rop of
*our 9loo8, for one >uartKLOof 1asol$neJ<
#/e /el$7opter 0as /alf0a* a7ross t/e 9ea7/, l*$n1 on $ts s$8e,
pro9a9l* lau1/$n1 at /$m for 9r$n1$n1 t/em to t/$s 1o8forsa:en stump of
<5east *ou /ave *our $slan8, 5ex,< ?$tt* sa$8, 8ra0$n1 a lar1e <S<
em9lem $n t/e san8. <3t=s 0/at *ou al0a*s 0ante8, r$1/tP< S/e 0at7/e8
as a lar1e 0ave 0as/e8 over $t, eras$n1 $t from s$1/t.
+a1e 221
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
S/e /ear8 /$m 1ro0l. <5exP< s/e sa$8.
-e 1lare8 at /er. <W/at, ?$tt*P W/at no0P<
-e sa0 t/e 0orr$e8 loo: on /er fa7e. -o0 7oul8 $t 1et an* 0orse t/an
<3 t/$n: t/e t$8e=s 7om$n1 $n.<
C/apter #/$rt*-.$1/t
4 nurse 0as on /er roun8s at Metropol$s Deneral as s/e approa7/e8
Superman=s 8oor. 4 1uar8 opene8 $t for /er. S/e p$7:e8 up /$s 7/art an8
7/e7:e8 $t. S/e approa7/e8 t/e 9e8 an8 fro%e $n /er tra7:s.
3t 0as empt*. S/e loo:e8 at t/e 7/a$r. #/e 7ostume, /$s 7ostume, 0as
S/e /urr$e8 to t/e 0$n8o0 an8 pulle8 open t/e 9l$n8s. #/e 0$n8o0 0as
S/e 1aspe8, s/oute8, an8 fa$nte8.
#/e 7lo7: on R$7/ar8=s n$1/tstan8 rea8 5I&& a.m. -e 0as sleep$n1
soun8l*, 9ut t/e ot/er s$8e of t/e 9e8 0as empt*.
5o$s 0as $n t/e :$t7/en, t*p$n1 on /er laptop, a mu1 of steam$n1 7offee
9* /er s$8e. S/e loo:e8 at t/e 7omputer s7reen.
<W/* t/e Worl8 2ee8s Superman< 9* 5o$s 5ane, $t 9e1an. S/e /a8 alrea8*
0r$tten t/ree pa1es 0/en s/e stoppe8.
S/e stare8 at t/e frame8 p/oto of /er 0$t/ R$7/ar8 an8 Fason, /$t t/e
save :e*, an8 1ot up, frustrate8.
S/e 0al:e8 to t/e 9a7: por7/, loo:e8 out at t/e r$ver, an8 put a
7$1arette to /er l$ps. S/e fl$7:e8 t/e l$1/ter, 9ut t/e flame 8$e8. S/e
loo:e8 aroun8, pu%%le8, t/en fl$7:e8 $t a1a$n. #/$s t$me t/e flame
/el8. S/e stare8 at $t for several se7on8s, t/en s/e snappe8 t/e 7over
7lose8. S/e 8roppe8 t/e 7$1arette an8 stompe8 $t out.
#/e vo$7e 9e/$n8 /er 0as >u$et, *et po0erful. <#/an: *ou, 5o$s.<
+a1e 222
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
-e 0as t/ere, $n front of /er, float$n1 over t/e 0ater.
<3KLO3 0ante8KLM 3=mKLM< S/e stru11le8 so /ar8 9ut 7oul8n=t f$n8 t/e 0or8s.
<3t=s all r$1/t.< -e sm$le8 at /er t/e same 0a* /e /a8 on t/at f$rst
n$1/t. 3 never l$e.
3t 0as 0/at s/e /a8 0ante8 an8 nee8e8 to /ear for *ears, an8 s/e 9e1an
to 7r* a1a$n.
Superman loo:e8 to t/e /ouse. 5o$s follo0e8 /$s 1a%e an8 sa0 Fason
0at7/$n1 t/em from t/e 0$n8o0. S/e turne8 9a7: to see Superman loo:$n1
at /er.
So /an8some. So perfe7t. W/at aKLM superman.
<W$llKLM 0eKLM st$ll see *ouKLM aroun8P<
-e sm$le8 a1a$n. -e loo:e8 so stron1, so al$ve. <3=m al0a*s aroun8.
Doo8 n$1/t, 5o$s.<
S/e sm$le8 s0eetl*, 0at7/$n1 as /e rose an8 8$sappeare8 $nto t/e
S/e stoo8 0at7/$n1 t/e s:$es lon1 after /e 0as 1one. 4fter all, s/e
:ne0 0/ere /e 0as, s0$mm$n1 t/rou1/ t/e /eavens, t/e .art/ 9elo0 /$m,
/$1/l$1/te8 9* t/e 8a0n$n1 sun 7ast$n1 $ts 0arm 1lo0 over t/e planet.
S/e :ne0 /e 0oul8 9e sm$l$n1. #/e .art/ 0as safe a1a$n. -$s /ome 0as
S/e loo:e8 9a7: at t/e /ouse an8 Fason st$ll 0at7/$n1 /er. S/e 0ave8 at
/$m, t/en 0ent 9a7: $ns$8e an8 0al:e8 up t/e sta$rs to /$s room.
#/e* sat to1et/er on /$s 9e8, /$s small /an8 $n /ers, loo:$n1 out t/e
0$n8o0, to0ar8 t/e stars.
+a1e 223
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
#/ere are so man* people to t/an: 0/en *ou novel$%e a mov$e s7r$pt.
.ver*one at 6C Com$7s an8 Warner )ros. /as 9een 1reat an8 $n7re8$9l*
/elpful. 4 spe7$al t/an: *ou to m* 6C Com$7s e8$tor, C/r$s Ceras$ an8
to m* Warner )oo:=s e8$tor, 6ev$ +$lla$. 4not/er extra t/an:s 1oes to
m* Warner )ros.=s fol:, Maureen S>u$lla7e, 0/o /a8 to put up 0$t/ a ton
of reall* p$7a*une >uest$ons l$:eI W/at exa7tl* are t/e names of t/e
t0o teams pla*$n1 9ase9allP 4n8 .mma Ro81ers for sett$n1 up meet$n1s,
1ett$n1 t/e mov$e s7r$pt to me 0/en $t almost loo:e8 l$:e t/at 0asn=t
1o$n1 to /appen, plus a sle0 of ot/er /elp alon1 t/e 0a*.
41a$n, 3 0ant to t/an: t/e s7reen0r$ters, M$7/ael 6ou1/ert* an8 6an
-arr$s, for t/e$r t$me an8 a8v$7e. 4n8, of 7ourse, )r*an S$n1er for
ma:$n1 $t poss$9le for me to 0or: on t/$s pro;e7t.
3 also 0ant to t/an: t/e people at .le7tron$7 4rts, espe7$all* C/r$s
Dra*, Sam Cl$ffor8, an8, of 7ourse, Ser1$o )ustamante, for ma:$n1 $t
almost eas* for me to 0or: on 9ot/ t/$s an8 t/e Superman v$8eo 1ame at
t/e same t$me. 4 reall* spe7$al t/an:s to 'l$nt 6$lle for all /$s
un8erstan8$n1, /elp, an8 /$s $mmeasura9l* $nvalua9le 1u$8an7e. 3 7an=t
even 9e1$n to sa* /o0 mu7/ $t 0as appre7$ate8.
#o 6av$8 49rams of Warner 3ntera7t$ve an8 to +aul 5ev$t%, Fo/n 2ee, an8
6an 6$8$o at 6C Com$7s.
4 t/an: *ou an8 a spe7$al t$p of t/e /at to 6r. M$7/ael Wat:$ns for /$s
/elp on un8erstan8$n1 exa7tl* /o0 supernovas 0or:. W$t/out /$m 3 0oul8
pro9a9l* /ave 0r$tten, <3t 0as a 9$1, /ot 1ass* t/$n1$e.< 4n8 to Mar$na
Stern for /er me8$7al :no0le81e.
#o .lle 6ee for 7url$n1 up un8er m* 8es: as 3 0rote t/e 9oo:. 4n8 0/en
3 0as stresse8 9* t/e 7rus/$n1 8ea8l$nes, for lett$n1 me pet /er. ,/,
8$8 3 ment$on 5.6.=s m* 9eaut$ful :ees/on8 pupp*P
4n8, as al0a*s, to 2oel for un8erstan8$n1 0/en 3 /a8 to sta* $n t/e
off$7e 0or:$n1 Satur8a*s an8 Sun8a*s $nstea8 of 1o$n1 out an8 /av$n1
3f 3 left out an*one, 3 apolo1$%e an8 t/an: *ou, too.
KLOMarv Wolfman 12T15T&5
49out t/e 4ut/or
Marv Wolfman /as 7reate8 more 7/ara7ters t/at /ave 1one on to
telev$s$on, an$mat$on, mov$es an8 to*s t/an an* ot/er 7om$7s 7reator
s$n7e Stan 5ee. #/e mult$-a0ar8 0$nn$n1 0r$ter $s t/e 0r$ter-7reator of
+a1e 224
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
)la8e, t/e Aamp$re -unter 0/$7/ /as 9een turne8 $nto t/ree /$t mov$es
starr$n1 Wesle* Sn$pes, an8 a #A ser$es. Marv also 7reate8 )ullse*e,
t/e pr$me v$ll$an $n t/e 2&&3 mov$e 6are8ev$l, an8 7o-7reate8 t/e 2e0
#een #$tans, 0/$7/ /as 9e7ome a runa0a* /$t s/o0 on t/e Cartoon
2et0or:. Marv=s 7/ara7ter Cat Drant 0as a re1ular on t/e 5o$s an8
Clar:I #/e 2e0 48ventures of Superman #A ser$es.
Marv /as also 9een e8$tor-$n-7/$ef at Marvel Com$7s, sen$or e8$tor at
6C Com$7s, an8 foun8$n1 e8$tor of 6$sne* 48ventures ma1a%$ne. -e /as
also e8$te8 an8 pro8u7e8 e8u7at$onal 7om$7s an8 0as 1$ven a spe7$al
7ommen8at$on 9* t/e W/$te -ouse for /$s 0or: on t/ree ant$-8ru1 7om$7s
for t/e <Fust Sa* 2o< pro1ram.
Marv /as 0r$tten an8 stor*-e8$te8 #A an$mat$on, mov$es, t/eme par:
s/o0s, v$8eo 1ames, an8 of 7ourse, 7om$7s. -$s 1"!5 ser$es, Cr$s$s on
3nf$n$te .art/s, 0as vote8 9* fans an8 profess$onals as t/e 2n8 9est
7om$7 ser$es of t/e 2&t/ 7entur* an8 $s st$ll $n pr$nt 2& *ears later.
-$s 0or: at Marvel an8 6C /as earne8 7ont$nu$n1 pra$se an8 /as 9een
repr$nte8 not onl* $n t/e @n$te8 States 9ut a7ross t/e 0orl8.
Most re7entl*, Marv /as 0r$tten a 8$re7t-to-v$8eo an$mate8 mov$e, #/e
Con8or, for +,W .nterta$nment as 0ell as 7o-0r$t$n1 t/e v$8eo 1ame
vers$on of Superman Returns for .le7tron$7 4rts. -e $s also 0or:$n1 on
-omelan8, t/e 1rap/$7 /$stor* of 3srael. -$s last novel, Cr$s$s on
3nf$n$te .art/s, 0as pu9l$s/e8 $n 4pr$l, 2&&5. -$s f$rst novel, #/e ,%
.n7ounter, 0r$tten some 2 *ears a1o, /as ;ust 9een repu9l$s/e8 $n a
8eluxe /ar87over e8$t$on. Marv $s also pro8u7$n1 15 1rap/$7 al9ums for
t/e e8u7at$onal mar:et.
Marv $s marr$e8 to /$s lovel* 0$fe, 2oel, an8 /as a 0on8erful 8au1/ter,
Fess$7a, from /$s f$rst marr$a1e. Marv an8 2oel also /ave a 9ran8 ne0
pupp* name .lle 6ee 6eux U5.6.V 0/o $s 7urrentl* 7/e0$n1 on ever*t/$n1
t/at $s an8 $sn=t na$le8 8o0n.
Cou 7an rea7/ Marv t/rou1/ /$s 0e9s$te, 000.marv0olfman.7om.
5ast Sons
3S)2I &-446-61656-
)* 4lan Drant
S@+.RM42. M4R#342 M42-@2#.R. 5,),.
3nterplanetar* 9ount* /unter 5o9o $s a notor$ous maver$7:. -app$l*
0rea:$n1 /avo7 as /e 9r$n1s $n /$s pre*, /e 7ares l$ttle 0/o /$s
+a1e 225
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
7l$ents or tar1ets areKLOeven 0/en /$s latest >uarr* $s F=onn F=onn%%,
Mart$an Man/unter of t/e Fust$7e 5ea1ue of 4mer$7a. Su88enl* 5o9o f$n8s
/$mself 7onfront$n1KLM Superman. Co1s $n t/e ma7/$nat$ons of a po0erful
art$f$7$al l$fe-form, t/ese t/ree al$ens, t/e sole surv$vors of t/e
planets ?r*pton, Mars, an8 C%arn$a, /ave onl* one t/$n1 $n 7ommonXt/e*
are t/e last of t/e$r :$n8...
5ast Sons
#M E GH 2&&6 6C Com$7s
4va$la9le 0/erever 9oo:s are sol8.
3S)2I &-446-6165-5
)* 6ev$n Dra*son
)4#M42. 4S@4M42. DR..2 4RR,W. 23D-#W32D. 4RS.245. #.M+.S#.
4 1uns/ot s/atters t/e Dot/am n$1/t as Sla8e W$lson, t/e super/uman
:$ller-for-/$re 6eat/stro:e, fa$ls to assass$nate t/e *oun1 son of a
v$s$t$n1 Suara7 8$1n$tar*. 2o0 t/ree le1en8ar* 7r$me f$1/ters, )atman,
Dreen 4rro0, an8 4>uamanKLO an8 t/e t/ree *oun1 /eroes 0/o /a8 on7e 9een
t/e$r lo*al s$8e:$7:sKLO;o$n for7es to stop Sla8e an8 t/ose 0/o /$re8
/$m. )ut as t/e /unt stret7/es a7ross 7ont$nents, open$n1 lost memor$es
an8 ol8 0oun8s, $t turns $nto a 8esperate ra7e a1a$nst t$meI for
6eat/stro:e $s 9ut one pla*er $n a plot to 8estro* all of Dot/amKLM
#M E GH 2&&6 6C Com$7s
4va$la9le 0/erever 9oo:s are sol8.
3S)2I &-446-6165!-3
)* 6enn$s ,=2e$l
)4#M42. 546C S-3A4. R3C-4R6 6R4D,2. #-. S@.S#3,2.
#/ere are a lot of unans0ere8 >uest$ons a9out A$7 Sa1e, t/e Suest$onI
/o0 /e spentKLOor m$sspentKLO/$s *out/N an8 /o0 /e 7ame to 9e a ;ournal$st
$n t/e 7ountr*=s 0orst 7$t*. #/$s stor* 0$ll solve t/ese m*ster$es,
retell an8 em9ell$s/ some tales alrea8* tol8, an8 tell a ne0 tale of
/o0 A$7, 0$t/ a 9$t of /elp, 9rou1/t some measure of seren$t* to a
+a1e 226
Wolfman, Marv - [Superman] - Superman Returns.txt
trul* 8rea8ful pla7e. 'rom /$s f$rst meet$n1 0$t/ 5a8* S/$va, 0/ere /e
0as almost :$lle8. #o tra$n$n1 0$t/ R$7/ar8 6ra1on, t/e 9est mart$al
art$st $n t/e 0orl8 Uex7ept per/aps for 5a8* S/$va an8 )at1$rlV. 4n8
/o0 )atman, 0/$le t/reaten$n1 /$s l$fe, also save8 /$m, t/$s stor* 0$ll
f$nall* prov$8e ans0ers a9out t/e Suest$on. W/o /e $s an8 0/at /e 8$8.
#M E GH 2&&6 6C Com$7s
4va$la9le 2ovem9er 2&&6.
+a1e 22