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Pappy !uly!
Wow! WhaL a dlfference a monLh makes here on Lhe
farm! !uly brlngs on some of our favorlLe crops:
cucumbers, beans, LomaLoes, peppers, sunflowers,
zlnnlas and many more! We have qulckly LranslLloned
from sowlng seeds and planLlngs, Lo Lrelllslng and
prunlng crops llke LomaLoes and cucumbers.
LasL week we flnlshed bulldlng our brand new composL
blns! Larller lasL monLh, we were lucky enough Lo have
n? Cares, an lncredlbly organlzed and energlzed
volunLeer group, [oln us on Lhe farm Lo help us bulld slx
beauLlful cedar composL blns. n? Cares donaLed boLh
Lhe Lools and supplles needed Lo help consLrucL our
new composL sysLem, and over Lhe pasL few weeks we
have been drllllng and hammerlng away wlLh our
interns whenever we’re not busy harvesting. It was
exclLlng Lo work wlLh our lnLerns, glvlng everyone Lhe
opporLunlLy Lo pracLlce uslng power Lools. WheLher you
were a seasoned carpenLer glvlng Llps, or a Llmld flrsL-
Llmer challenglng yourself Lo Lry someLhlng new,
everyone worked LogeLher Lo creaLe whaL are now Lruly
a slghL Lo be seen!
1hls season we have a very dedlcaLed and eager Lo learn
group of lnLerns LhaL larmer Molly and Llz lead each
week ln harvesLlng, general farm malnLenance and
carpenLry pro[ecLs. lf you are lnLeresLed ln worklng wlLh
us on Lhe ?ouLh larm Lhls season, come [oln us every
1uesday and 1hursday from 9am-3pm!
larmer Llz
1o learn more abouL n? Cares vlslL Lhem onllne aL:

ka|nbow Chard
Lac|nato ‘D|no’ Kale
Sweet and Sp|cy sa|ad m|x
Mustard Greens
Gar||c Scapes
Green and Þurp|e Ita||an 8as||
1ha| 8as||
Green Cabbage

8ache|ors 8uttons
Sunf|owers ‘Þro Cut Go|d’
n|gh|ander M|||et
Cregano f|ower

8y Mo||y Cu|ver, Iarm Manager
LasL week, we saw some Lurnover ln our hoop
house: we pulled ouL Lhe Larkspur flowers LhaL
were planLed lasL CcLober – Lhls bed wlll become a
greaL place for salad mlx ln a few more monLhs. We
are beglnnlng Lo see Lhe flrsL slgns of LomaLoes and
peppers – [usL a few flowers aL Lhls polnL, we are
worklng Lowards geLLlng Lhese frulLlng crops
esLabllshed and as leafy and robusL as posslble
before Lhe frulL develops. 8lgger, lusher planLs
yleld more frulL! We have cuL all our garllc scapes –
Lhe lasL of whlch are ln your shares Lhls week, now
we walL abouL 1 more week before we pull Lhe
garllc and ‘cure’ lL, you should see lL ln your shares
by Lhe end of Lhe monLh! We are sad Lo reporL LhaL

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our flrsL kohlrabl crop – usually a sLellar one for Lhe
?ouLh larm - dld noL do very well due Lo belng
planLed ln a blL Loo shady of a spoL. We’ll be
sowlng some more ASAÞ and hope Lo geL lL Lo you
ln SepLember!
This week’s highlight goes to the ever
popular Cabbage! The health benefits
from cabbage are innumerable. People
who regularly consume large amounts
of cabbage are found to be enjoying low
rate of colon cancer. The protective
element of cabbage is assumed to have
come from bioflavonoids, indoles,
monterprenes and other plant chemicals
that inhibit tumor growth and protect
cells against damage from free radicals,
those unstable molecules released when
the body uses oxygen. Some of these
chemicals also speed up the body’s
metabolism of estrogen.

Iun facts:
Cabbage is the most commonly consumed
vegetable next to potatoes in the world.

Cabbage is also one of the oldest vegetables,
dating back to the 1600’s.

“S|ster S|aw”
1 bunch of LaclnaLo kale
x head Creen Cabbage shredded
2 CarroLs shredded
1 small red onlon
2/3 cup ollve oll
1/3 cup balsamlc vlnegar
11bsp llme [ulce
1 Lsp maple syrup
1 plnch of salL and pepper
D|rect|ons (Makes 10 Cups)
1. Stir together the kale, green cabbage, red cabbage,
carrots, and onion in a very large bowl; set aside.
2. Whisk together the olive oil, vinegar, lime juice,
maple syrup, salt, and pepper. Pour the dressing
over the vegetables, and stir thoroughly, making
sure to coat the vegetables very well. Chill in the
refrigerator for two hours before serving.

Iarmer Þrof||e: Iosh ka||n, UI1Þ Crew Leader
!"#$# &$# '() *$(+,
l grew up ln Chlcago. l now llve ln kenslngLon, 8rooklyn.

!"' -.- '() /&01 1( &22$#01.3# &1 1"# 4()1" 5&$+,
l was ln Lhe Lralnlng program ln 2012 and have noL been
able Lo leave Lhe ?ouLh larm slnce! 1hls season l am
here abouL one day a week worklng wlLh Lhe currenL
apprenLlces as well a Leacher for fleld Lrlps LhaL are
vlslLlng Lhe farm.

!"&1 &$# '()$ *&$+.06 6(&78,
1o eaL good food!! 1o be a parL of Lhe rlch communlLy
of Lhe ?ouLh larm. 1o work along slde oLhers, learnlng,
Leachlng and hopefully passlng on Lhe appreclaLlon for
good food, susLalnable agrlculLure and Lhe values of
dolng lL yourself.

!"&198 '()$ *&:($.1# :#6#1&;7#,
!usL one?? l love any hearLy green, llke collards or kale. l
also love chlll peppers, Lhe splcler Lhe beLLer, anyLhlng
Capslcum chlnense.

!"&198 '()$ *&:($.1# &82#31 (* *&$+.06,
LaLlng!! l also flnd farmlng very LherapeuLlc, worklng so
lnLlmaLely wlLh Lhe soll, planLs, lnsecLs, mlcrobes, fungl,
sun and waLer. And, l llke Lo eaL

!"# %&'!" ()*+ "# #$% &'($ )*$++, -+. /01,'* )%.2'*%
!"#$%"&&"' !""# %& '()* +


We have [ust embarked on an IC8¥ campa|gn to
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1ra|n|ng for farm staff and summer youth. No
donat|on |s too sma|| – our goa| |s 53000 by Iu|y 7!
Donate here:

Iu|y and August Vo|unteer Days:
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and 3
SaLurday of Lhe monLh, 10-4pm
Lvery Wednesday, 2:30-6:30pm durlng our farmers

Þ|ease note: !# /.77 0(1 ;# "(7-.06 & <(7)01##$ =&'
1".8 >&1)$-&'? @)7' A

Upcom|ng Vo|unteer Saturday Dates:
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