How many states in The U.S.A. have smoking bans in effect?

o Springfield, September 17, 2006 banned in indoor workplaces, such as restaurants, bars, bowling
alleys and private clubs. Exemptions include store tobacco stores, several nursing home rooms,
stage productions, resort rooms and private homes not necessarily used for little one or adult day
care. Any similar ban with regard to unincorporated locations of surrounding Sangamon County took
impact exactly the actual same day.
o Multnomah County, July 1, 2000 banned throughout workplaces, except bars, truck stops, and
private residences. [16]
o Madison, June 21, 2005 banned in every workplaces, such as bars, along with restaurants. Cigar
bars had been originally covered inside the ban, yet are actually exempt. In Addition exempts private
clubs. [26]
o Hattiesburg: January 1, 2007, banned in most indoor public places, which includes bars,
restaurants, and area buildings.
o Cheyenne, August 15, 2006 banned in every public places, restaurants, bars, along with private
o Shorewood Hills, 1995 banned in all restaurants, bars, along with workplaces.
o Freetown, Massachusetts, January 1, 2004 banned in all businesses.
o Letcher County, will take impact July 1, 2006 in every public buildings and restaurants. Exempts
private clubs, private buildings.
* Nebraska
o Round Rock, banned inside workplaces as well as restaurants. Bars tend to be exempt.
o Franklin, August 1, 2006 banned in all public places, except bars as well as private clubs.
o Jeffersonville, June 15, 2006 banned in virtually all public places, including restaurants. Exempts
bars and also private clubs.
* Missouri
o Overland Park, January 2, 2008, banned in every workplaces, such as restaurants as well as bars,
private clubs, and also bowling alleys. Exempts outdoor patio places involving restaurants. First
Kansas Area region municipality in which voted in assistance of the particular model smoking ban
ordinance agreed to always be able to through Clean Air KC and in addition the Kansas Restaurant
as well as Hospitality Association(KRHA). Your former smoking ordinance needed smoking places in
restaurants that have been built following 2000 to be ventilated and also bodily separated, and
allowed for ventilated smoking rooms throughout workplace workplaces being created, each that
will no more always be allowed below the new ordinance.
o Kenosha, banned in most restaurants throughout 2000. Exemption is actually restaurants along
with totally separate rooms using a completely closed room separating smoking coming from non
o Rollingwood, banned within restaurants and bars.
o Centerville, 4 April 2005 bans almost all smoking throughout enclosed public places and locations
associated with employment. Smoking allowed inside establishments having 55% as well as greater
of their own gross sales originate from alcoholic beverages. Bowling alleys established prior to 4
April 2005, tobacco shops, and family members owned as well as managed companies exempt.
o DeKalb, banned in every indoor public places, along with ended up being phased inside for most
restaurants upon September 1, 2006. Ban will later always be phased throughout with regard to
bars starting September 1, 2007.
o Libertyville, October 1, 2006 banned in every public places, such as restaurants as well as bars.
also banned in recreational facilities, outdoor venues, and also outdoor patio areas.
o Plainfield, February 1, 2007 banned throughout workplaces, restaurants, and also bars. Exempts
private clubs and also nursing homes.
o Golden Valley: Smoking is prohibited in most restaurants and bars, which includes 25 feet (7.6 m)
from just about all entrances, along with outdoor dinning areas. Furthermore included public parks
along with recreational facilities. effective date March 31, 2005.
o Avon, September 1, 2006, banned in most public facilities except bars.
* Massachusetts, July 2004 banned in all workplaces, including restaurants along with bars, except
private clubs and cigar bars.
o Bethel, 1998 banned in most public places.
o Chandler
o Cook County, March 2007. Efficient throughout Cook County, except for municipalities having its
own bans, indoor smoking is banned in most public venues except with regard to private clubs along
with nursing homes. Municipalities can opt out as well as enact less restrictive bans in which permit
smoking throughout restaurants along with bars, as is the case using particular suburbs such as
Lansing, Rosemont, and Wheeling, exactly where smoking in restaurants as well as bars is even now
o Mandeville, June 10, 2005 banned in public places places, workplaces, virtually just about all
locations associated with public parks, and also restaurants without the liquor license. Exempts bars
and then pertaining to any restaurants using a liquor license.
o Morgan County, January 1, 2005 banned in all restaurants, except ones which have separate
smoking rooms.
* Georgia, one July 2005 banned inside restaurants along with bars that permit minors to be able to
enter, or even employ minors.
o Banned in nearly every indoor place as involving March 1, 2007[18]
* Delaware, November 2002 banned in all public buildings, such as workplaces, bars, restaurants,
and casinos.
o Beaumont, ban takes impact August 1, 2006 in most enclosed public places, including workplaces,
restaurants, along with bars.
* Utah, throughout 2006 Utah became the 12th state in the country for you to ban smoking in bars.
In March 1, 2006, the particular Utah State Legislature passed amendments for the 1995 Utah
Indoor Clean Air Act that will totally ban smoking in bars and taverns by January 1, 2009. The
Particular revised smoking ban originally banned smoking in private clubs as of January 1, 2007,
however a bill passed earlier this year that will now begin the actual ban pertaining to private clubs
inside Utah two a long time later, and around the same day as when bars go nonsmoking. The Actual
new amendments may also restrict smoking coming from day cares; private schools; social, fraternal
and also religious organizations; as well as workplace smoking areas. Your 1995 act previously
banned smoking within restaurants.
o Meeker County: Smoking will be prohibited throughout restaurants, bars, and also private clubs.
Temporary exemption for you to establishments together with liquor license that will expire in July
31, 2007. Successful date August 1, 2007.
o Luverne, banned inside workplaces, restaurants, and bars.
o Charles County - banned in restaurants however, not standalone bars since June 2006.[11] Its
county seat, La Plata, provides since passed an expanded ordinance heading past the county's ban,
extending the ban to be able to city bars, additionally to restaurants.
o Starkville: banned in most indoor public places, including bars, restaurants, along with town
buildings. Smoking can be prohibited in some outdoor areas.
o Chandler County
o Greeley, 2003 banned smoking within bars along with restaurants. Fort Collins and also Boulder
are typically thought in order to be "liberal" cities and Greeley was Colorado's initial "conservative"
city in order to enact the particular ban.
* Kansas
* Wisconsin
o International Falls: Smoking is actually prohibited in most indoor places of restaurants. Exempts
restaurants along with for sale liquor license that record much more then 20% associated with sales
from liquor, as well as separated areas of restaurants together with for sale liquor license.
Successful date November 11, 2005.
o Paducah, April 1, 2007 banned in every workplaces, bars, along with restaurants.
+ Minneapolis: Smoking banned in bars, restaurants, clubs, pool halls as well as bowling alleys.
Smoking allowed on outdoor patios.
o Montgomery County, July 1, 2003 - banned in all eating along with drinking establishments. [12]
o Highland Park, June 1, 2005 banned in all public places.
* Maine, January 2004 banned throughout bars. Smoking continues to end up being able to be
banned inside restaurants since 2000.
o Montgomery
o Beloit, July 1, 2007 banned in every workplaces, and also restaurants. Exempts gaming facilities,
along with taverns along with 50% or even greater alcohol sales.
o Cottonwood, banned throughout workplaces, bars, as well as restaurants.
* Texas
o Columbia, January 9, 2007, banned in most workplaces, except pertaining to bars exactly where
85% regarding income will come from the sale associated with alcohol. [21]
* Oklahoma
+ St. Paul: Since associated with March 31, 2006, smoking will be prohibited in every bars and
restaurants within the city. Your ban had been long opposed by former mayor Randy Kelly
nevertheless signed by simply mayor Chris Coleman about January 11.
o Lindenhurst, November 16, 2006 banned in every public places, which includes outdoor patios.
o Allegheny County, which includes the actual city of Pittsburgh, January 2, 2007; for restaurants
and many bars, other than ones that will help to make 90% as well as much more income from
alcohol sales: may 1, 2007 (expected), pending judgment on the lawsuit
o new York City, March, 2003 - banned smoking in all restaurants, food-service establishments, and
also bars.
* Hawaii, Smoking ban in restaurants are generally enforced through Honolulu as well as Maui
counties [3]. a smoking ban that will affect county while stating facilities, workplaces, and enclosed
or even partially enclosed public locations has been signed directly into law on July 10, 2006 and can
just take effect upon November 16, 2006.
* Maryland
o Woodway, banned throughout restaurants, bars, as well as workplaces.
o Superior, 2000, banned smoking throughout bars and also restaurants, such as patios.
o Robinson, banned in most public places. Exempts bars.
o Hinsdale, July 1, 2006 banned in every public places.
* Louisiana, SB 742 signed into law, banning smoking in most workplaces, restaurants, along
together with other indoor public venues. That exempts bars as well as casinos, using effect in
January 1, 2007. [9]
o Champaign, January 31, 2007 banned indoors in many list businesses, which includes bars and
also restaurants, as well as in private clubs certified to offer food as well as alcohol. Companies
within the services business (lawyers, economic consultants, etc.) are exempt and could pick if to be
able to allow smoking. [6]
o Allen County, 2007 banned in all places, except pertaining to bars, and then any establishments
prohibiting minors under 21 via entering. Comparable for the Cook County smoking ban,
municipalities are allowed to opt out of it, like what New Haven chose to do.
o Ames Banned smoking throughout many public venues besides bars, bowling alleys, truck stops,
along with restaurants (after 8:30 p.m.). the state supreme court ruled that municipalities did not
hold the authority to pass through such bans thus invalidating the actual city's ordinance. Because
Of to an aggressive grass roots movement, though, over 95% of restaurants are entirely smoke-free.
o Sitka, October 5, 2005, passed the non-comprehensive ordinance. Your merely exemptions are
generally for stand-alone bars and also clubs. An interesting feature was that will minors usually are
usually not permitted where smoking will be allowed. This particular caused the particular Elks Club
to consider the option to ban smoking with a vote of his or her membership.
o Omaha, October 1, 2006, banned in every workplaces. a five-year sunset clause (until may 2011)
exempts bars which do not serve food, keno parlors, as well as tobacco-only shops. Pending lawsuit
in city may eliminate the clause. Pending statewide legislation might mirror Lincoln's ordinance,
overriding Omaha exemptions.
o Speedway, September 1, 2006 banned in every indoor public facilities except bars.
o Park Ridge, August 1, 2006 banned in most public places. Bars exempt until September 11, 2006.
o Ballwin, March 11, 2005, banned in public areas places, workplaces, and also restaurants without
liquor licenses. Took impact with regard to bars and restaurants with liquor licenses about January
2, 2006.
o Beaufort County, banned in every workplaces, which includes restaurants along with bars, within
unincorporated areas regarding Beaufort County. January 10, 2007. [19]
o Moorhead: Smoking can be prohibited in all restaurants. Exempts bars. Efficient date December
15, 2004.
o Calabasas, 2006 banned in most indoor as well as outdoor public places, except for any handful
regarding scattered, designated outdoor smoking places inside town. Believed being the particular
strictest ban inside the United States.
o Bloomington, January 1, 2005 banned in public places buildings which includes outdoor dining
areas. Smoking will be permitted simply outside at a "reasonable distance" from doors, vents, and
windows - measured through whether smoke can drift inside. In Addition banned in bars and also
private clubs as of 2005.
o Anchorage, 2001 banned inside the majority of workplaces. Bars that do not serve food are
generally exempt. Any referendum in order to roll back again Anchorage's ban towards the original
2001 smoking ban ordinance on April 3, 2007 failed, and the Anchorage ban will extend for you to
bars, fraternal clubs along with bingo halls as associated with July 1, 2007. Private clubs is planning
to be exempt, when closed for the public. [1]
o McLeod County: Smoking is actually prohibited throughout restaurants as well as liquor
establishments, such as ten feet through entrances. Exempts organization using available for sale
liquor license in which proven prior to the date regarding adoption associated with this ordinance
(establishments using seating capacity with regard to fewer when compared with 50 persons with a
occasion in which possibly serve zero food or perhaps just pre-packaged food, like frozen pizza).
effective date August 1, 2006.
o Schertz, 2001 banned throughout restaurants, except if restaurant bar sales account for higher
when compared with 25% of a restaurant's business. Bars exempt.
o Howard County - passed smoking ban in June 5, 2006. Your ban went straight into effect within
August 2006, but restaurants and bars using existing ventilated smoking locations may have until
August 2007 to comply.
o Portland, September 2005 The Particular local mass transit agency Tri-Met prohibits smoking
within almost all bus shelters, transit centers, and a new lot MAX train stations. This rule is
enforceable by a fine, exclusion, or arrest.
o Corvallis, August 1997 banned in most organizations and also public buildings, such as inside
three meters (10 ft) involving entrances.
o Greenwood, April 22, 2006 banned in most places, except bars.
o Elk Grove Village, January 1, 2007 banned in most public places.
o Zionsville, August 10, 2006 banned in every indoor public places, such as workplaces, restaurants,
bars. In Addition banned in private clubs, similar to Bloomington's ban.
* Minnesota, Your Clean Indoor Air Act was enacted within 1975 as well as bans smoking in every
workplaces not necessarily frequented by the general public. in 2007, hawaii legislature can be
considering the Freedom for you to Breathe Act, which would ban smoking in every restaurants
along with bars, as well as inside some other workplaces, subject to a number of exceptions. [13]
o Duluth: Smoking prohibited in restaurants as well as restaurants using bars. Exempts restaurants
along with bars together with separately ventilated, enclosed rooms, where nobody below 18 can be
allowed. Efficient date January 1, 2004.
o Menominee, September 12, 2006 banned in most public places, except Native American
ceremonies, bars, and also restaurants with that help to make 50% or much more of their particular
sales coming from alcohol.
o Lubbock, July 22, 2004 banned in most public places, except for any smoking areas in restaurants
or perhaps bars that are completely walled off from your remaining building, and possess a separate
ventilation system. Bingo halls and also designated resort smoking rooms exempt.
o Peoria
* Alaska
* Iowa
o San Luis Obispo, two August 1990 became the first town in the world to ban smoking in most
public buildings
o Flagstaff, Might 1, 2005, banned inside restaurants, bars, and also workplaces. Exempts private
clubs, certain areas associated with nursing homes, along with hotel + motel rooms.
o Prince George's County, December 23, 2005 (ban switches into effect 45 times after passage)
banned in all bars and also restaurants. private clubs tend to be exempt.
o West Lafayette, July 1, 2007 banned in most workplaces except homes, a range of resort rooms,
list tobacco stores, tobacco bars, private clubs as well as outdoor areas in the city, such as Purdue
University's primary campus.
o Leawood, January 2, 2008, has been your 2nd Kansas Metropolis region municipality to agree to
the KRHA model smoking ban ordinance, comparable for the ban passed in Overland Park. The idea
bans smoking in all places, except for outdoor patio areas regarding restaurants.
+ Duluth, 2002, banned in all places, except bars. Voters rejected extending Duluth's smoking ban
for you to bars, in a 2004 referendum.
o Hennepin County (which consists of Minneapolis), March 31, 2005 banned in public areas. While
regarding January 3, 2006, this ban was rolled back again right after hefty lobbying by simply bar
owners, excepting businesses that derive more than 50% involving revenue via liquor sales.
o Carrollton, banned inside restaurants.
o Philadelphia, January 8, 2007, the ban on smoking inside virtually all workplaces, such as
restaurants, and in just about any bars which do not possess a minimal of 90% alcohol sales.
o Evanston, July 1, 2006 banned in most public places. Exempts private clubs.
o Bedford Park, June 1, 2006 banned in all public places.
* Virginia, upon March 26, 2007 Governor Tim Kaine produced changes to a bill by simply Residence
Vast Majority Leader Morgan Griffith that will would have needed restaurants that allow smoking to
publish indicators saying "Smoking Permitted" to always be able to ban smoking in most restaurants.
He stated that he opposed an over-all ban on public smoking, however says he supports the ban on
smoking within restaurants for you to "protect the fitness of each patrons as well as employees."[4]
Kaine's amendment ended up being rejected through the Virginia Legislature in April 4th, 2007,
during the legislature's one-day veto session in which day, as well as the governor intends to veto
the particular bill, that returned in order to him in its original form. [25]
o Garden City, January 8, 2007 banned in every restaurants as well as bars, along with private clubs.
Exempts private offices.
o Odessa, banned within restaurants, except for just concerning any smoking areas throughout
restaurants which are totally walled off from the remaining building, as well as use a separate
ventilation system.
o Summit County, February 2006 smoking ban becoming adopted with a quantity of exemptions --
smoke shops, twenty % of resort rooms, bowling alleys, private clubs as well as racetracks. Akron's
less-restrictive Clean Indoor Air Ordinance, about the books since 1990, prevails in the city. This
allows smoking throughout bars, bowling alleys, bingo halls, restaurants, banquet halls, hotels and
also tobacco stores. because the 2 laws conflict, enforcement is becoming delayed indefinitely.
o Eau Claire, 2000, banned in all restaurants.
* West Virginia local smoking bans associated with different degrees set up in most counties except
Mingo County, Pocahontas County, as well as Monroe County. Your bans happen to be able to be set
by county health departments. The Actual "banning" began inside 2001, beginning along with
Kanawha County.
o Madison, January 8, 2007 Area Council voted to end up being able to restrict smoking.
Organizations possess sixty days to always be able to comply. Comparable to become able to
Huntsville ban, businesses could elect to be smoking or non-smoking. In the event that smoking, no-
one beneath 19 could enter or perhaps work there.
o Tucson
o Skokie, August 7, 2003 banned in every public places and places associated with employment,
except pertaining to stand-alone bars, isolated bar places regarding restaurants together with
separate HVAC systems, tobacco stores as well as bowling alleys. Restaurants along with bars had
been given one year via adoption to finish just about any changes necessary to comply with most the
ordinance. For You To allow smoking, restaurants together with bars are needed to get no less than
50% of the institution always be smoke-free, and furthermore the smoking location must have a wall
or barrier along with a separate HVAC system.
o Mankato, July 1, 2006 prohibited in most restaurants and also bars. Right now there is actually a 1
year hardship clause for any businesses providing sales receipts regarding greater than 15% loss for
one year, via July 1, 2006 only till July 1, 2007, when almost all offered exemptions expire.
o Sioux Falls 2003 closed the actual loophole allowing restaurants to acquire a liquor license,
without having intention to use it, to maintain their own smoking sections regarding their
restaurants. Restaurants that have liquor licenses will require to have liquor in their menu and open
to customers.
* Ohio, on November 7, 2006 58.52% of voters approved Smoke Free of Charge Ohio (Issue 5),
which bans smoking in all restaurants, bars, enclosed public places and workplaces. As this ban is
actually a state law, it superseded any local or county smoking ban formerly within force if this came
into impact about December 7, 2006. However, it truly is unenforceable with now since the rules
possess certainly not been solidified and it is at present below review from hawaii level. Not Too
Long Ago additional exemptions in order to Issue 5 contain private truckers, whose private cab
places fell below the sketchy wording of the "working environment" along with via heated protest
acquired an exemption. There furthermore is significantly protest from private fraternal lodge
organizations credited towards the sketchy wording involving what the law states and also promises
of Smoke Free Regarding Charge Ohio in which private lodges would be exempt, when it had been
found that these were not. Right now there can be a lot non-compliance statewide because of to
economic losses connected with privately owned bars in which located the particular prospective for
a fine would end up being a small price to pay looking at the alternative regarding losing his or her
businesses entirely.
o Colebrook, banned within restaurants.
o Gilbert
o Prescott, November 2005, banned within restaurants, bars, and also workplaces.
* Vermont, September 1, 2005 banned lighted tobacco products in any indoor location regarding
public access, which includes restaurants, bars as well as facilities owned or perhaps operated by a
social, fraternal, as well as religious club. Vermont offers banned smoking within restaurants since
1995, however the ban didn't deal with bars until 2005.
o Terrebonne Parish, January 12, 2006 banned within purchasing centers and malls, adult, child-
care, and also health-care facilities, parish buildings, sports arenas, museums, retail store stores,
restaurants without a new liquor license, along with bus stops. Exempts restaurants along with bars
using liquor liceneses.
o Lawrence, July 1, 2004 began a ban on smoking in "all enclosed public places" inside the city.
o Salina, 2002, banned in most restaurants in between 5am as well as 9pm. Ban only applies to
* Montana, one October 2005, banned in most public buildings, such as workplaces along with
restaurants. Bars, casinos, night clubs, and also cocktail lounges that get 60% or perhaps much
more of their earnings from alcohol or even gambling are exempt in the ban until October 1, 2009.
* New Jersey, April 15, 2006, banned within bars, restaurants, bowling alleys, etc. Exceptions in NJ:
cigar lounges, tobacco retailers, as well as on the gaming floors in Atlantic city casinos (an
compromise smoking ban upon casino floors goes into effect April 15, 2007). This particular ban had
been signed straight into law in January 15, 2006. New Jersey's smoking ban thus connected any
stretch involving coastal Northeast states with bans against smoking within bars as well as
restaurants, spanning via Delaware for you to Massachusetts.
* New Hampshire, all neighborhood bans are currently about hold, due for you to a state supreme
court decision.
o Louisville, November 15, 2005 banned in most public buildings, except bars and taverns,
restaurants along with income through bar revenue at least 25%, Churchill Downs, along with using
permission from your city.
o Bloomington, January 1, 2007 banned in every indoor public venues (including restaurants, bars,
bowling alleys and also pool halls), indoor areas involving employment, along with outdoors inside
15 feet with the main public entrance to a indoor location exactly where smoking is actually
prohibited. Exempts tobacco shops closed to become able to minors, specific nursing residence
rooms, any limited quantity of designated smoking rooms throughout hotels, and also private clubs
only if closed to the public. Establishments with liquor licenses are generally provided a two for you
to six-month extension while constructing an approved outdoor smoking area. Presently there can
additionally be a special exemption for one enclosed smoking room using negative-pressure
ventilation system, outdoor exhaust, and located inside a new TSA-secured area; this actually is
intended regarding passengers in the Central Illinois Regional Airport which have passed through
+ Bloomington: Smoking can be prohibited in all bars and restaurants, including 25 feet (7.6 m)
coming from entrances as well as outdoor consuming locations of restaurants. Exempts 50%
involving outdoor consuming areas as designated pertaining to smoking area. effective date July 19,
o Delaware County
o Hilton Head Island, Indoor smoking ban within restaurants, bars, as well as public places will
consider impact may 1, 2007.[23]
o Georgetown, October 1, 2005 banned throughout most public buildings. Smoking will be
nonetheless allowed in certain resort rooms.
* Pennsylvania
o Olmsted County: Smoking is actually prohibited throughout restaurants. Exempts bars and
restaurants with a separately enclosed bar, using separate ventilation system. effective date January
1, 2002.
o Keene, February 4, 2002 banned within restaurants as well as bars, except inside bars using
separated ventilation systems.
o Muncie, July 15, 2006 banned smoking throughout restaurants along with bowling alleys, except
individuals using attached bars which were closed off from the remaining part associated with the
building. Exceptions had been additionally created for bars and taverns.
* Rhode Island, 1 March 2005 banned inside virtually all indoor workplaces, except a range of
gambling facilities.
o Bluffton, banned in all workplaces, such as restaurants and bars. January 10, 2007. [20]
* Wyoming
* Colorado, statewide ban went into impact July 1, 2006, making Colorado the particular 13th state
to pass a smoking ban. Colorado's ban exempts casinos, private homes and also cigar bars. a group
of bar proprietors tried to block your ban via using impact in July, [2], fearing which casinos might
have an unfair benefit over bars. Their Particular request for any restraining order about the ban
has been denied through Judge Babcock, however the team is presently proceeding using a lawsuit
against the statewide ban.
o Sullivan's Island, effective July 20, 2006, a new ban in smoking in workplaces, including
restaurants and bars. Upheld from the Charleston County Court of Widespread Pleas about
December 20, 2006. [24]
* Oregon
* Connecticut, 1 April 2004 banned inside bars, restaurants, along with workplaces together with a
lot more than 5 employees. Almost All 3 states bordering Connecticut (NY, Massachusetts, as well as
Rhode Island) also provide statewide bans in smoking throughout bars, restaurants, etc.
o Greenville, January 1, 2007, banned in all workplaces, restaurants, and also bars. a latest court
ruling earlier this month has ruled Greenville's smoking ban being inside violation of the state
preemption law, along with invalid. [22]
o Columbus, 26 September 2005 bans almost all smoking within enclosed public facilities or perhaps
locations involving employment. Exceptions contain tobacco shops, private clubs, and twenty
percent regarding hotel rooms.
* Kentucky
o Benbrook, successful November 1, 2006. Ban consists of most public buildings and also inside 25
feet (7.6 m) associated with entrance or exit of same. With Regard To your purposes of this
ordinance, 'public building' consists of home offices, irrespective of access to public, also as storage
buildings, detached garages, or even every other constructing on residential web site or another
place within the city. Ban consists of allowing a individual in order to smoke.
o Eugene, July 2001 banned in most public areas, such as bars, restaurants, as well as venues. [15]
* California, 1994 banned in virtually all workplaces (excepting tobacconists), including almost all
restaurants, and in 1998 smoking was banned inside bars. Additionally, California prohibits smoking
inside 20 feet associated with just about any door or window involving virtually any government
constructing within the actual state, which includes buildings owned as well as occupied (e.g.
leased) simply by any government entity, which includes public universities, or public buildings
leased to private firms.[2]
o Alvin, 2002 banned within restaurants. Bars along with taverns exempt.
o Ramsey County (which includes St. Paul), March 31, 2005 banned in public buildings, excepting
businesses that derive greater than 50% of income from liquor sales.
* New York, July 2003 banned in all workplaces, bars, restaurants, bowling alleys, pool halls, along
with organization cars, except Indian casinos and "cigar bars".
o Tempe, 2002 banned in all indoor workplaces, restaurants, as well as bars.
o Smoking can be illegal inside and within 25 ft (7.6 m) of State-owned buildings, such as
courthouses, municipal buildings as well as public education and learning facilities.
* Illinois The Particular Illinois General Assembly is presently considering the Smoke free Illinois
Act, which will ban smoking in virtually just about all public places statewide, such as bars along
with restaurants, subject into a few, narrow exemptions.[4][5].
* Florida, 1 July 2003 banned in all workplaces, except private homes, tobacco shops, designated
rooms from motels and hotels, and standalone bars along with a maximum of 10% regarding income
through meals sales.
From Wikipedia:
o Arlington, January 1, 2007. Ban consists of all restaurants along with clubs as well as outdoor
places inside 50 feet involving entrance or exit associated with establishment.
o Shreveport, Could 10, 2005 banned in public areas buildings, metropolis parks, public areas,
restaurants, and stores as well as retail stores. Exempts bars and then for any businesses that sell
* Mississippi Smoking was banned in most government buildings as regarding July 1, 2006. [14]
o Columbus, February 1, 2006, banned in most public places, except bars along with private clubs.
o Fort Collins, 2002, banned throughout workplaces such as bars as well as near doors and windows.
o Scranton, January 7, 2007, Smoking banned in almost all workplaces, including restaurants and
most bars.
o Oak Park, July 1, 2006 banned in every public places. Separate floors involving restaurants exempt
until March 1, 2007.
o Olathe, November 16, 2006 banned in all public places, including restaurants, bars, and also
workplaces. Private clubs and fraternal clubs exempt.
o Dallas, March 1, 2003 banned in most restaurants, bowling alleys, along with city-owned facilities.
Bars are exempt along with hotels will offer smoking rooms. Private clubs are nonetheless subject to
those regulations.
o Boulder, 1995 banned indoors except regarding isolated rooms inside bars and restaurants.
o Wilmette, July 1, 2004 banned in all public locations along with areas regarding employment.
o Juneau, 2002 bans smoking in most public places, yet stand-alone bars plus some bar/restaurants
are generally exempt until 2008.
o Cloquet: Smoking prohibited in restaurants. Exempts bars, and also bar/restaurants along with
separately ventilated, enclosed rooms, where no-one below 18 will be allowed. In Addition consists
of 5 feet (2 m) through entrances. Successful date September 7, 2001.
o Columbia, January 9, 2007, banned in public areas places, including bars and restaurants.
* Arkansas, July 21, 2006 banned within just regarding all workplaces. Exceptions include
establishments that do not allow patrons younger as compared to 21; retail tobacco stores; long-
term care facilities which includes nursing homes; gaming floors involving operations regulated by
the Arkansas Racing Commission; designated resort smoking rooms; along with workplaces together
with fewer when compared with three employees.
o Fort Wayne, banned within January 1999 in every restaurants, except throughout separate,
completely enclosed area(s) within a cafe or perhaps restaurant using a ventilation system.
Exempted bars and also bowling alleys. Efficient June 1, 2007, Fort Wayne's ban will expand to
incorporate all restaurants, bars, as well as private clubs. That will except store tobacco stores,
along with hotel rooms in which are particularly designated regarding smoking. [8]
o Indianapolis, March 1, 2006 banned in most workplaces, day-care facilities, sports arenas, as well
as restaurants and bars serving or perhaps employing minors younger compared to 18. Exempts
bowling alleys, tobacco bars, tobacco stores, and also private clubs.
o El Paso, January 2, 2002 banned in most workplaces, bingo halls, restaurants, bars, and public
locations along with waiting rooms regarding doctor's facilities.
o Guadalupe, banned inside workplaces, restaurants, along with bars.
o Valparaiso, April 1, 2007, banned in most locations except bars and also private clubs.
o Lafayette
o Baltimore, Area Council passed ban for bars and restaurants on February 26, 2007. Ban adopts
impact upon January 1, 2008. [10]
o Vanderburgh County
o Marana
o Abilene, January 3, 2007 voter-approved smoking ban took effect, banning smoking in every
restaurants, bars, and workplaces.
o Deerfield, March 1, 2006. banned in all public places,
such as parks along with other outdoor assemblies.
o Maryville, banned inside restaurants. Exempts most
bars, and exempts restaurants which get 50% as well as
more of their particular sales through alcohol.
o Huntsville
* South Dakota, 2002 banned in all office workplaces,
along with restaurants which do not have a liquor
license. Smoking additionally banned in most
government buildings, for each an executive order by
Governor Mike Rounds inside 2006. Gambling along with casino facilities, bars, and then with
regard to any restaurant which has a new liquor license are usually exempt in the ban.
* Washington, December 8, 2005 banned in every workplaces, which includes bars, restaurants,
bowling alleys, non-tribal casinos, and also bus stops. Additionally bans smoking while standing
inside 25 feet (7.6 m) of the door as well as window that may open or a ventilation intake, as well as
cigar bars aren't allowed to possess smoking. Private property can be excepted through this ban, as
well as "smoking clubs" get opened that permit smoking. Presently it is the strictest smoking ban by
state in the country.
o Citronelle, March 1, 2006 banned in workplaces, restaurants, bars, homes providing daycare, and
also area parks.
o Moose Lake: This specific was the first area throughout Minnesota in order to prohibit smoking
inside restaurants. Exempts bars. effective date August 1, 2000.
o Abilene, August 29, 2005, banned in every workplaces, except bars along with bowling alleys.
o Talbot County, April 2004 banned in most bars and restaurants. Exempts fraternal clubs.
* Arizona, efficient Could 1, 2007. 54.8% regarding voters approved the Smoke Free of Charge
Arizona Act (Proposition 201), banning smoking in all bars, restaurants, along with workplaces. The
Particular Arizona Department associated with Well Being Solutions will be presently preparing to
enforce the actual measure state-wide.
o Fairway, January 1, 2006, banned in every public places.
o Chicago, January 16, 2006 banned in all public indoor places. Successful January 16, 2006, the ban
prohibits smoking in restaurants without having bars, typical areas within residential buildings,
sports arenas, convention centers, stores, malls, train platforms and also outdoors within 15 feet (4.6
m) of any public building entrance. Yet bars, taverns, and restaurants using bars do not have for you
to comply with the ban until July 1, 2008, or even they need to implement an air-filtration system
that will enable the indoor air using smokers to become regarding the same top quality since the
outdoor air. However, your Commissioners of the city associated with Chicago Departments
involving Public health as well as Environment have adopted regulations enforcing the Chicago
Clean Indoor Air Ordinance of 2005 stating that "no active engineering approach or even technology
can be able to lowering the concentration of the constituents of environmental tobacco smoke (ETS)
for you to levels that will remove well being risks or amounts seen in ambient air inside areas exactly
where zero smoking occurs." Accordingly, individuals regulations further offer that "No public
location or perhaps where an individual work topic to [the Clean Indoor Air Ordinance involving
2005] shall end up being exempt from your smoking prohibition through claiming which such
regulated location has been equipped with air filtration or even purification device as well as
comparable technology that will render the particular exposure in order to secondhand smoke in
these regulated location equivalent to such coverage to end up being able to secondhand smoke
within the ambient outdoor air." [7]
o Pueblo, 2003, banned smoking throughout bars as well as restaurants.
* District associated with Columbia Town Council passed any ban on January 4, 2006 modeled
closely in NYC's which went in to effect upon April 4, 2006 for restaurants (except bar areas). Bars,
nightclubs, taverns and furthermore the bar areas of restaurants became smokefree within January
* New Mexico, March 13, 2007 going in to effect June 15, 2007, what your law states bans smoking
inside virtually just about all indoor workplaces, as well because the entrances to those buildings.
There are exemptions pertaining to casinos, bingo halls, private clubs, cigar bars, private residences
not necessarily useful for child care as well as adult well being care, tobacco stores along with
manufacturers, limousines regarding private hire, enclosed places in bars and restaurants useful for
private capabilities and also sole-proprietor businesses using fewer when compared with 2
employees. the law in addition prohibits smoking close to end up being able to the entrances,
windows and also ventilation systems. Employers will be required in order to adopt, implement and
post a written smoking policy. Penalties are $100 for any 1st violation, $200 for a second violation
within 12 months along with $500 for your third as well as subsequent violations.
* Indiana
o Seymour, July 30, 2006 banned inside public venues except bars along with private clubs.
o Marble Cliff, banned throughout workplaces, restaurants, and also bars.
o Kokomo, October 6, 2006 banned in all public venues and workplaces, except bars, private clubs,
nursing homes, and then any establishments serving alcohol and not serving patrons under 21.
o Tupelo: October 2006, banned in every indoor public places, such as restaurants as well as bars.
o Vernon Hills, October 1, 2006 banned in every public places, except parks along with outdoor
dining locations no less than 15 feet (4.6 m) through entrances.
o Erie County, March 15, 2007 banned in all workplaces, such as rsetaurants and also bars within
Erie County. Your ban has been just lately ruled as invalid by a judge's ruling inside early March,
due for you to a state preemption law involving smoking in all communities apart from Pennsylvania
cities involving large size, and is not necessarily heading to consider effect. [17]
o Beltrami County: Smoking can be prohibited inside restaurants and also bars, which includes 10
feet (3 m) coming from entrances. Exemptions consist of smoking permitted inside restaurants as
well as bars between eight p.m. and 3 a.m., in guest rooms associated with hotels as well as motel,
inside rented or leases cabins or perhaps resorts, and also dormitory rooms, all regarding which
expires on January 1, 2007. Successful date January 1, 2005.
o Carmel, March 5, 2006 banned in all workplaces, enclosed places and common-use areas (i.e.
restrooms, lobbies, etc.), nursing homes as well as retirement facilities, condos, and restaurants.
Exempts bars which do not employ as well as serve individuals beneath 21, tobacco shops and bars,
private vehicles, private and also fraternal clubs, and hotel/motel rooms, providing which 20% as
well as fewer rooms are usually designated regarding smoking.
o Janesville, 2002, banned in restaurants, except pertaining to literally separated and also ventilated
locations within a restaurant. Additionally exempts restaurants that have lower than 50% food sales.
o Lexington, April 27, 2004 banned in public buildings.
o Shelbyville, August 1, 2006 banned in most public places, nevertheless exempts bars.
o Morrow, September 21, 2006 prohibited in all public places, which includes bars.
o Athens-Clarke County, 2005, Indoor smoking ban, such as restaurants as well as bars, passed
simply by Athens-Clarke County Commission
* Idaho, July 2004 banned throughout restaurants, list stores, sports venues, child care centers,
schools, and also hospitals. Bowling alleys will be covered inside the ban later on this year, due for
the legislature recently overriding the governor's veto on the bill extending your ban to bowling
alleys. Exempts bars and private clubs.
o Normal, January 1, 2007 banned in every restaurants, bars, as well as in the actual program of
outdoor assemblies. Exempts outdoor patio locations throughout bars and also restaurants further as
compared to 15 feet (4.6 m) in the entrance into a smoke-free building, parks, along with private
o Greenfield, March 1, 2006 banned in every public places, however exempts bars.
o Birmingham
o Eagle County, 2005, voters banned smoking in bars and restaurants.
o Charleston, July 2007, prohibited in all restaurants, bars, and workplaces.
o Lincolnshire, August 1, 2006 banned in all public places except enclosed bar areas along with
separated as well as ventilated dining places involving restaurants.
o Starkville: Might 20, 2006, banned in all indoor public places, such as bars, restaurants, as well as
town buildings. Smoking is also prohibited in certain outdoor areas.
* Alabama
o Lawrence, July 1, 2006 banned in every areas except bars.
* Puerto Rico
o Urbana, August 1, 2006 banned in every public places. Bars exempt until January 1, 2007.
o Madison,
o Ashland, Could 1, 2000 banned within restaurants. Exempts bars, and any restaurants with
physically separated and ventilated smoking rooms.
o Lincoln, January 1, 2005, banned in public places buildings, except outdoor dining locations and
designated hotel rooms.
o Laramie, April 6, 2005 Smoking outlawed in most public places, which includes restaurants, bars
along with private clubs.
o Trussville
o Pell City, April 2006 banned in most restaurants, but exempts bars. Restaurants only allowed to
have a smoking section that's totally literally separated, along with have a separate ventilation
o Sedona, March 10, 2006 banned in every workplaces, restaurants, bars, and a lot indoor facilities.
Exempts private clubs, nursing along with adult health treatment facilities, Native American rituals,
tobacco stores, and also outdoor patios.
o Plano, banned throughout restaurants.
o Frankfort, July 25, 2006 banned in public places buildings.
o Surprise
o Evanston, 2006, banned in every restaurants, bars, along with workplaces.
o Laredo, October 2006 banned in most public places, workplaces, restaurants, and bars. recently
amended to always be able to exempt establishments that prohibit minors under 21 from entering.
o Mesa, 1996
o Harlingen, April 2, 2005 banned in most public places except bars, nightclubs, at Valley Race Park,
a neighborhood dog track.
o Smoking will be banned in any indoor workplace - which includes restaurants and also hotels -
unless any separate ventilation system below negative strain will be installed with regard to
ventilating your smoking area. A Quantity Of exceptions are usually built in for you to the statute.[3]
o Evansville, January 2, 2007 banned in most public places, except inside establishments using
literally separated smoking rooms prohibiting minors beneath 18.
o Burr Ridge, July 10, 2006 banned in all public places.
o Houston, September 5, 2005 banned in restaurants, however excludes bar areas inside restaurants
and also bars/taverns. Ban extended in order to bars and also restaurant bar places in September
* South Carolina
o Buffalo Grove, October 1, 2006 banned in all public places.
o Fayetteville, 2004 banned within restaurants.
o Daviess County, January 1, 2006 banned in virtually any public institution open to youngsters
below 18. Exempts private businesses as well as bars.
o Atlantic City, April 15, 2007, Atlantic Town took benefit of a loophole which allows local
jurisdictions in order to enact a new tougher smoking ban compared to state. A New compromise
smoking ban proposal has been passed, instead of the total ban originally proposed for casino floors,
prohibiting smoking throughout 75% associated with gaming floors, along with requiring any
gaming locations allowing smoking being no higher as compared to 25% of the overall gaming floor.
Additionally, it needs any gaming places allowing smoking to be literally separated as well as
ventilated from non-smoking gaming areas, as well as for permanent seperation regarding such
places to be in place from the finish involving 2007.
o Ashland, October 1, 2006 Prohibits smoking in most enclosed public facilities check here along
with areas involving employment, also as outdoor arenas, venues and patios and decks involving
o West Lake Hills, smoking banned in public places.
o New Braunfels, banned in many indoor public places, which includes restaurants. Private clubs
and stand-alone bars exempt.
o Austin, September 1, 2005 ban extended to all bars and clubs. Smoking will be nonetheless
allowed in bingo halls, fraternities, hotel rooms, and nursing homes. the ban has been approved by
merely 52% associated with voters.