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A Victory Complete

Tannenberg 1914
1.0 NT!O"#CTON
1.1 Scale
1.$ Components
1.% Calculation Conventions
1.4 Fog of War
$.1 Map
$.$ Combat units
$.% Headquarters
$.4 Command Chits
$.) Markers
%.0 (!E(A!ATON FO! (LA*
4.0 SE+#ENCE OF (LA*
A. Rail Capacity Adustment !hase
B. Reinforcement and Replacement !hase
C. Command Chit Selection !hase
". Command Chit "ra# !hase
E. Supply !hase
F. $nd of %urn !hase
).0 STAC,N&
/.0 CO''AN"
/.1 Command Chit Selection
/.$ Command $&ecution
/.% H's and Activation
/.4 H's and Combat Support
0.0 'OVE'ENT
0.1 Movement !rocedure
0.$ ()C $ffects on Movement
0.% Strategic Movement
0.4 Rail Movement
9.0 CO'BAT
9.1 Combat !rinciples
9.$ Combat !rocedure
9.% Combat Ratio "etermination
9.4 Combat Result "etermination
9.) Retreat
9.- Advance After Combat
10.0 S#((L*
10.1 Supply Status
10.$ *eing in Supply
10.% Supply Status $ffects
11.1 Reinforcements
11.$ Western Front Reinforcements
11.% Russian )ptional Reinforcements
11.4 Replacements
1$.0 1+ S(ECAL !#LES
1%.0 1OFF'AN
14.1 %he Campaign +ame
14.$ %annenberg
14.% %he *attle of the Masurian ,akes
14.4 -ictory !oints
14.) Sudden "eath -ictory
14.- Reinforcement %able
1).0 C!E"TS
1-.0 E2(AN"E" SE+#ENCE OF (LA*
1.0 NT!O"#CTON
A Victory Complete is a t#o.player game that recreates the stunning +erman victory over Russia at the
beginning of World War )ne/ %he +ermans must use superior command control0 interior lines0 and the
mobility provided by railroads to stop the large but lumbering Russian army/ %he Russians must try to
pin the +ermans do#n and bring their superior numbers to bear/
A Victory Complete is based on the popular game A Victory Lost and its progeny/
MM! Rules12on +autier v3/4 !age 3 of 56
A he& represents appro&imately .... kilometers of terrain from side to side/ $ach turn represents about a
.... period/ Combat units are primarily divisions/
 7map8
 7counters8
 %his rulebook
 7charts8
 7dice8
When halving or quartering0 al#ays round do#n any fractions/ 9f more than one calculation is made0
retain any fractions until final odds calculation/
EXAMPLES: One half of 5 is 2.5 and is rounded down to 2. One quarter of 3 is 0.75 rounded down to
When t#o combat units stacked in a he& must halve :or quarter; their combat strengths0 first add them
up before halving :or quartering;0 and then round do#n/
Calculate odds by dividing the combat strength of the attacker by the combat strength of the defender
and rounding do#n to the nearest column on the Combat Results %able/ )dds above 6.3 odds use the 6.
3 column on the Combat Results %able< odds belo# 3.= use the 3.= column/
1.4 FO& OF 3A!
$&cept #hen calculating the odds for an attack he has committed to make0 a player cannot e&amine the
units in an enemy stack/ He can observe the stack>s top unit :or marker; only/ A player cannot cancel an
attack after announcing it/ %his means that a player can hide his units through the udicious :but al#ays
legal?; placement of markers and H's/
@ou #ill need one coffee cup or similar opaque container from #hich to dra# Command Chits/ %his is
the A"ra# Cup/B
$.1 'A(
%he map represents the parts of $ast !russia0 #hat is !oland0 and Russia over #hich the
historical campaign #as fought/ A grid of he&agons :he!es; is superimposed on it to facilitate
positioning and movement of the playing pieces/ Several charts0 tables0 tracks0 and bo&es are printed
around the mapC
MM! Rules12on +autier v3/4 !age 5 of 56
 %he T4rn Trac5 is used to record the turn currently in progress/ 9t also provides information on
ma&imum rail capacity for each turn0 replacements0 and H' activation/ !lace the %urn Marker
here to sho# the current turn/ Advance the %urn Marker one bo& each time both players have
completed their A!layer %urns/B
 %he !ail Capacity Trac5 can be used by both sides to keep track of remaining rail capacity/
 %he Combat !e64lt6 Table :CR%; is used to resolve combat/
 %he Acti7e 1+ Bo8 is used to hold the currently active H'/
 %he +erman and Russian 1+ (ool and #6e9 1+ Bo8e6 are used to hold available and used
 %he 'a8 1o::man Bo8 is used to hold the Ma& Hoffman counter/
 %he 0
Army Comman9er Bo8 is used to sho# #ho currently commands the D
 %he Terrain E::ect6 C;art :%$C; provides a map key and sho#s the effects of the different
terrain features on movement and combat/
 %he 3e6tern Front an9 !466ian Optional !ein:orcement Bo8e6 are used to hold the +erman
Western Front reinforcements and Russian )ptional reinforcements until committed/
 %he 3e6tern Front !ein:orcement Table is used to determine the entry of the +erman
Western Front Reinforcements/
$.1.1 'ap E9ge an9 Coa6t 1e8e6< )nly he&es #hich have at least EFG terrain visible are playable/
Ho#ever0 even the slightest piece of terrain along the *altic coast is considered playable/ Hnits forced
into unplayable he&es are eliminated/
$.1.$ Entry 1e8e6< Map.edge he&es A I H are Russian.only entry he&es0 and 9 I M are +erman.only/
$ntry he&es are used for supply :3F/5/=;0 control of victory point he&es :34/4/3;0 reinforcements :33/3;0
and rail movement :D/4/=;/
$.1.% Bri9ge6< A river he&side crossed by railroad or a bridge symbol is a bridged river he&side/ Any
other river he&side is an unbridged river he&side/
$.$.1 Combat units represent the military forces that historically took part in the campaign/ All combat
units are color.coded by nationality/ As used in these rules0 the #ord AunitB includes Acombat unitB and
Aheadquarters unitB :5/=;/
=n6ert combat 4nit grap;ic6>
$.$.$ %he numerical ratings and symbols printed on combat units can be read as follo#sC
 #nit "< %his indicates the number or name of the unit/
 #nit Si?e< %his indicates the siJe of the unit0 e/g/0 division/
 Corp6 Color< %he color of the unitKs type symbol indicates #hat corps it belongs to/
 #nit Type< %he symbol indicates the type of the unit/
 'o7ement Factor< %his rating determines ho# far the unit can move0 and is e&pressed
as a number of Movement !oints/
 Attac5 an9 "e:en6e Factor6< %hese ratings are used to resolve combats/
MM! Rules12on +autier v3/4 !age = of 56
 T4rn o: entry< %his is on the right side of the counter//
HL9% A**R$-9A%9)LS )L %H$ C)HL%$RS
RC Reserve
,W :l#;C ,and#ehr :brigade;
WFC Western Front
)!%C )ptional
$rJC $rsatJ :replacement;
,MC ,MtJen
*rdC *redo# "etachment
SiC Siberian
FiC Finnish
%kC %urkestan
+C +uard
$.$.% Combat Strengt;< Most combat units have a full.strength side :front; and a reduced.strength
side :back; #ith decreased combat strength< some only have a full.strength side :their back is blank;/
Combat losses flip a combat unit to its reduced.strength side :or eliminate it if it has no reduced.
strength side;/
$.% 1EA"+#A!TE!S
$.%.1 Headquarters :H'; represent the high.echelon formations that historically took part in the
campaign/ H's are units0 and are color.coded like the combat units0 but H's are not combat units/
$ach H' has a Combat Support Mode on the front of its counter and a Movement Mode on the back/
As used in these rules0 the #ord AunitB includes AH'B and Acombat unit/B
$.%.$ %he numerical ratings and symbols printed on H's can be read as follo#sC
 Corp6 "e6ignation Color< %his color corresponds to the corps color of the combat
units belonging to the same corps/
 Comman9 !ange< %his rating is used to determine #hich combat units the H' can
activate :N/=;/ Lote the different Command Range for Combat and Movement
 Combat S4pport< %his number appears on the Combat Support Mode side of the
H' and is used in combat/
 Corp6 N4mber< %he number of the H'Ks corps/
 'o7ement Factor< %his rating determines ho# far the H' can move0 and is
e&pressed as a number of Movement !oints/
 T4rn o: entry< %his is on the right side of the counter/
$.%.% Special rules apply to H's :35/F;/
$.4 CO''AN" C1TS
%here is one Command Chit for each H' in the game/ $ach turn0 a number of +erman and Russian
MM! Rules12on +autier v3/4 !age 4 of 56
Command Chits are placed in the "ra# Cup0 from #hich they are randomly dra#n one by one/ $ach
Command Chit allo#s the activation of its corresponding H'0 #hich in turn allo#s certain combat
units to move and attack/ %he %urn %rack specifies ho# many +erman and Russian Command Chits
may be put in the "ra# Cup and dra#n each turn/ See N/F for more detail/
%here is one special Command Chit in the gameOthe +erman 3st Corps Command ChitOand it is
used differently from the others :3=/5;/
$.) 'A!,E!S
%he follo#ing markers are used in this gameC
 T4rn 'ar5er< Hsed on the %urn %rack to record the current turn/
 O4t o: S4pply@6olate9 'ar5er6< %hese are placed P)ut of Supply> side up on units that are
out of supply/ %heir reverse side is used to designate units that are P9solated>/ "ifferent colored
versions of these markers are provided to be used on +erman and Russian units0 respectively/
 !ail Capacity 'ar5er< Hsed to track current rail capacity/
%.0 (!E(A!ATON FO! (LA*
%he players select one of the three scenarios :34/F;0 choose sides :+erman or Russian; and set up their
forces according to the scenario instructions/ %he scenario instructions provide all set up information0
as #ell as victory conditions and any special rules/ !lace all reinforcements on their turn of arrival on
the %urn %rack and place the %urn Marker on the turn indicated by the scenario/
4.0 SE+#ENCE OF (LA*
%he game proceeds follo#ing the phases outlined belo# :more details appear in later rule sections0 and
in the e&panded Sequence of !lay at the back of this booklet :36/F;;/ %his sequence of phases
constitutes a turn0 and must be repeated until the last turn is over or a sudden death victory :34/E; is
A/ RA9, CA!AC9%@ A"2HS%M$L% !HAS$
*/ R$9LF)RC$M$L% AL" R$!,AC$M$L% !HAS$
*/3 Western Front Reinforcements Segment
*/5 )ptional Reinforcements Segment
*/= Replacements Segment
*/4 Reinforcements !lacement Segment
*/E Reinforcements Movement Segment
C/ C)MMAL" CH9% S$,$C%9)L !HAS$
"/ C)MMAL" CH9% "RAW !HAS$
"/3 Movement Segment
"/5 Combat Segment
$/ SH!!,@ !HAS$
$/3 9solation Segment
$/5 Attrition Segment
MM! Rules12on +autier v3/4 !age E of 56
$/= Supply Status Segment
$/4 9solated Movement Segment
F/ $L" )F %HRL !HAS$
F/3 Sudden "eath -ictory Segment
F/5 %urn Advance Segment
).0 STAC,N&
%#o or more friendly units in the same he& constitute a Astack/B
).0.1 Stac5ing Limit6< A ma&imum of t#o combat units :#hether full. or reduced.strength; and one
H' can occupy a he&/ A H' cannot be stacked #ith another H'/ +ame markers :e/g/0 )ut of Supply;
do not effect stacking/
).0.$ No Stac5ing 3it; t;e Enemy< +erman and Russian units can never stack in the same he&/ %he
only time #hen a unit can enter an enemy.occupied he& is #hen a lone H' is overrun :35/F/3;/
).0.% 3;en En:orce9< %he stacking limit is enforced at the end of each Movement Segment0 Combat
Segment0 and Reinforcement Movement Segment/ 9f a unit e&ceeds the stacking limit in #hat #ould
have been the last he& of a retreat0 it may retreat an additional he& :Q/E/N;/
).0.4 (enalty< 9f a he& is overstacked0 the o#ning player must eliminate his choice of units so as to
comply #ith the stacking limits/
).0.) Fog o: 3ar< Remember that players are not allo#ed to e&amine enemy stacks :3/4;/
(ones of Control :()Cs; represent a combat unit>s ability to inhibit enemy movement/
-.0.1 .OC (roAection< A combat unit #ith a ()C proects its ()C into all he&es adacent to the
combat unit0 e&cept those he&es into #hich the combat unit cannot move/ ()Cs never e&tend into
#ater he&es or across impassable he&sides or across unbridged maor river he&sides/
-.0.$ #nit6 3it; .OC6< A combat unit #ith a printed attack :not defense; factor of 3 or more has a
()C/ Combat units #ith no printed attack factor0 or a printed attack factor of F0 do not have ()Cs/
H's do not have ()Cs/
-.0.4 '4ltiple .OC6< More than one ()C proected into the same he& has no more effect than one
-.0.) .OC 'o7ement (enaltie6< A unit pays t#o movement points in addition to normal terrain costs
to enter an enemy ()C/ A unit also pays t#o movement points in addition to normal terrain costs to
e&it an enemy ()C/ %he presence in a he& of more than one enemy ()C does not add to the penalty/
%he presence of a friendly ()C does not negate the penalty/
MM! Rules12on +autier v3/4 !age 6 of 56
E!a"#le: $t would %ost a unit 5 MPs to "o&e dire%tl' fro" one ene"' (O) to another ene"' (O) in
%lear terrain.
-.0.- .OC6 an9 !ein:orcement6< Reinforcements cannot be placed in enemy ()Cs/ Friendly units do
not negate enemy ()Cs for reinforcements :33/F;/
-.0./ .OC6 an9 Combat< A unit that is forced to retreat into an enemy ()C must lose one step for
each such he& in the retreat/ 9f a stack is retreating0 the stack as a #hole must lose one step for each
()C he& :i/e/0 every unit in the stack does not lose a step for each such he&;:Q/E/4;/
-.0.0 .OC6 an9 S4pply Line6< $nemy ()Cs block supply lines/ Friendly combat units do negate
enemy ()Cs for purposes of tracing a supply line :3F/5;/
-.0.9 .OC6 an9 S4pply Stat46< Supply status has no effect on ()Cs/ )ut of Supply and 9solated
combat units still e&ert a ()C :3F/=;/
/.0 CO''AN"
Combat units must be activated by a H' to move and attack other combat units0 using the procedure
belo#/ %he e&ception to this is the activation of units using the Hoffman Counter0 also e&plained belo#/
/.1.1 A7ailable Comman9 C;it6< 9n the Command Chit Selection !hase0 both players consult the %urn
%rack to see ho# many Command Chits they may select for that turn/
/.1.$ Comman9 C;it Selection< $ach player then secretly selects that number of Command Chits
from his H' !ool and places them into the "ra# Cup/ 2ust in case it is not clear0 all +erman and
Russian Command Chits go into the "ra# Cup together/ Mi& Kem up good/
/.1.% !466ian Selection Limitation< *eginning on turn 40 and for the rest of the game0 the Russian
player may only change his Command Chit selection every third turn/
E!a"#le: On turn * the +ussian #la'er sele%ts )o""and )hits A , and X. -e "ust sele%t those sa"e
%hits on turns 5 and . as well. On turn 7 he "a' %han/e his sele%tion and he will then use that
sele%tion until turn 00 and so on.
,esi/n note: 1his rule si"ulates su#erior 2er"an intelli/en%e and the infle!i3ilit' of the +ussian hi/h
/.1.4 A player may not e&amine the Command Chits in the "ra# Cup or in his opponent>s H' !ool/
/.$ CO''AN" E2EC#TON
9n the Command Chit "ra# !hase0 Command Chits are randomly dra#n from the "ra#
Cup< #hich player dra#s does not matter/ %he o#ner of the dra#n chit becomes the active player and
MM! Rules12on +autier v3/4 !age N of 56
activates the H' corresponding to this chit/ %he activated H' can in turn activate certain combat units
:not H's; #ithin its Command Range as described in section N/=/ %he activated units may then move
in the Movement Segment :D/F; and fight in the Combat Segment :Q/F;/ After the active player is
finished0 he places the dra#n chit face up in his Hsed H's *o& and another Command Chit is dra#n
from the "ra# Cup/ When there are no more Command Chits in the "ra# Cup0 proceed to the supply
phase :3F/F;/
/.%.1 Comman9 !ange an9 Being n Comman9< A combat unit is 9n Command if it is #ithin the
Command Range of an activated H' :e&ceptionC 3F/3/5;/ A H'Ks Command Range is the red number
on the bottom left of the H' counter/ Command Range is e&pressed as a number of he&es0 counted
from the H'/ A H' #ith a Command Range of four can thus put friendly combat units up to four :i/e/0
three intervening; he&es a#ay 9n Command/ Lote that H's have different values depending on the
mode they are in :N/=/E;/
/.%.$ Acti7ating #nit6< When a Command Chit is dra#n0 the corresponding H' on the map is
immediately a%ti&ated/ %he activated H' immediately activates all 9n Command :N/=/3; combat units
of its corps plus one 9n Command combat unit not of its corps :playerKs choice;/ 9f the activated H' is
+erman0 it may activate a se%ond 9n Command combat unit not of its Corps0 but onl' if that second
combat unit is an 9ndependent combat unit :N/=/4;/ Lote that if the +erman H' activates t#o non.corps
combat units both of them "a' be 9ndependent combat units0 but at least one of them "ust be
9ndependent/ Lote that the Movement Segment :D/F; begins after these activations/
/.%.% Comman9 !ange Limitation6< Command Range does not e&tend across impassable he&sides or
through full #ater or lake he&es/ A )o""and +an/e %rossin/ an un3rid/ed "a4or ri&er he!side "ust
sto# in the first he! a%ross the ri&er and %annot e!tend further. Supply status0 enemy units0 and enemy
()Cs have no effect on Command Range/ Lote0 ho#ever0 that an isolated H' may not activate any
combat units :3F/=/=< 35/F/6;/
/.%.4 9n9epen9ent Combat #nit6< 9ndependent combat units are combat units that do not belong to
any corps0 and accordingly do not bear a corps color code/ An 9ndependent combat unit can be
activated by any activated H' if it is 9n Command :N/=/3< N/=/5;< 9ndependent combat units can also be
activated by Hoffman :3=/F;/
/.%.) 1+ 'o9e6< $ach H' has a front side0 #hich represents its Combat Support Mode0 and a back
side0 #hich represents its Movement Mode/ A H' in Combat Support Mode has a greater Command
Range0 a Movement Factor of Jero0 and a combat support :N/4; value of R3/ 9n Movement Mode0 a H'
has a lesser Command Range and no combat support value0 but it can move/ An activated H' can
change from one mode to the other during the Movement Segment0 but only 3efore it moves/
:Choosing Combat Support Mode in effect means that a H' cannot move during that Movement
Segment/; Lote that a player may also change a H'Ks mode for purposes of retreat from combat :Q/E/E;
and 9solated Movement :3F/=/4;/
,esi/n note: )o"3at Su##ort Mode re#resents the #re#arations done 3' the -5 and su##ortin/
%o"3at units #rior to 3attle in%ludin/ #ositionin/ artiller' %reatin/ a""unition du"#s settin/ u#
dis#at%h routes and #re#arin/ 3attle #lans. Mo&e"ent Mode re#resents the -5 and all its su##ortin/
MM! Rules12on +autier v3/4 !age D of 56
%o"3at units on the "o&e6 the' ha&e si/nifi%ant "o3ilit' 3ut offer less effe%ti&e %o"3at su##ort to the
/.4 1+S AN" CO'BAT S#((O!T
H's have no attack or defense factor0 but they can provide support to friendly attacking or defending
combat units in the form of a favorable one.column shift on the combat results table/ For every combat
that occurs in a Combat Segment0 each side may choose an' one H' to provide support if the
follo#ing conditions are metC
 the H' is in supply<
 the H' is in Combat Mode<
 at least one combat unit of the H'Ks corps is participating in the combat< and
 that combat unit is #ithin the H'Ks Command Range :N/=/3;/
Pla' note: 1he -5 #ro&idin/ su##ort need not 3e a%ti&ated there is no li"it to the nu"3er of shifts the
sa"e -5 %an #ro&ide durin/ the sa"e )o"3at Se/"ent and there is no li"it to the nu"3er of different
-5s that %an #ro&ide su##ort durin/ the sa"e )o"3at Se/"ent.
0.0 'OVE'ENT
9n the Movement Segment0 the active player can move his activated H' :if it is in Movement Mode
:N/=/E;; and his activated combat units/
0.1 'OVE'ENT (!OCE"#!E
0.1.1 Hnits are moved one at a time/ A unit cannot start moving until the previous unit has completed
its move/
0.1.$ 'o7ement (oint6< 9n a Movement Segment0 each activated unit receives a number of Movement
!oints :M!s; equal to its Movement Factor/ A unit may use all0 some0 or none of its M!s/ Hnused M!s
are lost< they cannot be kept from one Movement Segment to another/ %o enter an adacent he& or cross
a he&side0 a unit must e&pend M!s equal to the cost sho#n on the %errain $ffects Chart :%$C;/ A unit
cannot enter a he& if doesnKt have enough M!s :but see D/3/=;/
0.1.% One 1e8 'o7ement< A unit #ith a Movement Factor of at least one may al#ays move one he&0
even if it does not have sufficient M!s0 as long as it does not enter or cross impassable terrain/ %his
includes isolated unit movement :3F/=/4;/
0.1.4 Bri9ge9 !i7er 1e86i9e6< A bridged river he&side negates the river movement costs/
0.1.) 1+ O7err4n6< A moving combat unit can overrun a lone enemy H' by simply entering its he&
0.1.- 'o7ement !e6triction6< A unit may not move off the map :e&cept #hen using rail
movement :D/4/=;;0 into a #ater he&0 or across an impassable he&side/ Hnits cannot enter or cross pro.
MM! Rules12on +autier v3/4 !age Q of 56
hibitive terrain :unless negated by railroads;/ Al#ays use the AcostliestB terrain feature in a he& unless
using a railroad :D/3/N< D/4;/ A unit cannot enter a he& occupied by an enemy unit :e&ceptionC H's can
be overrun during the Movement Segment :35/F/3;;/
0.1./ 'o7ing Along !ailroa96< Hnits using regular movement to move along a railroad ignore the
cost of the terrain crossed or entered and instead pay the railroad cost of one M! per he&/ %he railroad
cost is used only #hen the unitKs movement follo#s along the railroad/ "o not confuse regular
movement along a railroad #ith Rail Movement :D/4;/
,esi/n note: +ailroads in this #art of the world usuall' had a road runnin/ #arallel to the". A unit
"o&in/ alon/ a railroad in the /a"e is dee"ed to 3e usin/ su%h a road. 1he unit is not /oin/ for a
train ride whi%h is instead re#resented 3' +ail Mo&e"ent.
0.1.0 6olate9 #nit 'o7ement< 9solated units may not move during the Movement Segment/ %hey
can0 ho#ever0 move during the Supply !hase :3F/=/4;/
0.1.9 1+6 an9 'o7ement. An activated H' may move during the Movement Segment only if it is in
Movement Mode/ H's in Combat Support Mode have a Movement factor of Jero as a reminder/ An
activated H' can change its mode during the Movement Segment but only before it moves :N/=/E;/
A unit pays t#o movement points in addition to normal terrain costs to enter an enemy ()C/ A unit
also pays t#o movement points in addition to normal terrain costs to e&it an enemy ()C/ %he presence
in a he& of more than one enemy ()C does not add to the penalty/ %he presence of a friendly ()C
does not negate the penalty :6/F/E;/
A unit using strategic movement doubles its Movement !oints if the follo#ing conditions are metC
 %he unit must not spend any part of the Movement Segment in an enemy ()C< i/e/0 it may not
start in0 finish in0 or pass through an enemy ()C/ 9t can overrun enemy H's though :35/F/3;/
 %he unit must spend the entire Movement Segment in its home country :i/e/0 +erman units can
only use strategic movement in +ermany0 and Russian units in Russia;/
0.%.1 Limite9 !466ian Strategic 'o7ement on T4rn6 1 an9 $< %he Russian player may not perform
strategic movement on turns 3 and 5/
0.4 !AL 'OVE'ENT
Rail Movement represents the moving of units by train and occurs during the Movement Segment/
Hnits can combine Rail Movement #ith regular movement0 but not #ith strategic movement/ "o not
confuse Rail Movement #ith strategic movement :D/=;0 or #ith regular movement along a railroad
0.4.1 !ail Capacity< $ach side has a rail capacity0 e&pressed in rail points :R!s;0 #hich changes from
MM! Rules12on +autier v3/4 !age 3F of 56
turn to turn/ Check the %urn %rack to see ho# many R!s each side gets each turn/ )ne R! allo#s one
unit to move an unlimited number of he&es along a multi.track rail line in friendly territory/ %#o R!s
allo# one unit to move an unlimited number of he&es along a single.track rail line in friendly territory/
!layers can use the Rail Capacity %rack on the map to help keep track of remaining R!s/
0.4.$ !ail 'o7ement (roce94re< %o use Rail Movement0 an activated unit must be on a rail line
during its Movement Segment0 in its home country :i/e/0 +ermans in +ermany and Russians in Russia;0
not in an enemy ()C0 and #ith at least t#o M!s of its movement allo#ance remaining/ H's using Rail
Movement must be in Movement Mode/ %he o#ning player then e&pends R!s per D/4/3 to Rail Move
the unit/ A unit may not use Rail Movement through a he& in an enemy ()C/ Hnits that finish their
Rail Movement may not move any more for that Movement Segment0 even if they have M!s
0.4.% !ail 'o7ement O:: t;e 'ap< Hnits using Rail Movement may move off the map at any friendly
lettered entry he& :5/3/5; and must return at any other friendly lettered entry he& to end the Rail
Movement/ Lo other movement is permitted/ Rail Movement must be competed on the map0 it
can never end
,esi/n note: +ail "o&e"ent is not allowed in ene"' %ountr' 3e%ause althou/h the +ussians did tr' to
%on&ert rail lines on the western side of the Prussian 3order their #ro/ress was slow and insi/nifi%ant.
9.0 CO'BAT
9n the Combat Segment0 the active player can attack enemy combat units adacent to his activated
combat units/ $mpty he&es or H's alone in a he& %annot be attacked/ %he active player is termed the
Attacker in the Combat Segment0 #hile the other player is termed the "efender0 regardless of the
overall strategic situation/
9.1.1 One Attac5 (er Combat #nitB Acti7ate9 #nit6 Only< An activated combat unit can participate
in only one attack during a single Combat Segment/ Lon.activated combat units cannot participate in
attacks0 even #hen adacent to enemy combat units/
9.1.$ Combat 6 Vol4ntary< Activated combat units do not have to attack enemy combat units/
9.1.% One Combat #nit Attac56 One 1e8< A single combat unit can attack only one he&< it cannot
attack t#o or more he&es/ %#o combat units stacked in the same he& may attack t#o different he&es
9.1.4 '4ltiC;e8 to SingleC;e8 Combat< A single he& can be attacked only once per Combat Segment/
Combat units in t#o or more he&es adacent to the same he& can attack it together/ 9f t#o or more
combat units #ant to attack the same he&0 their attack strengths are added together0 and only one
combat is resolved/
9.1.) "e:en9er6 "e:en9 Toget;er< 9f several enemy units are stacked in the attacked he&0 the Attacker
must attack all of them/ %he defense strengths of the units are added together/
MM! Rules12on +autier v3/4 !age 33 of 56
9.1.- (ro;ibite9 Terrain< A combat unit cannot attack across a he&side #ith terrain that is prohibited
to it/
9.1./ 6olate9 #nit6< 9solated combat units have an attack factor of Jero and their defense strength is
9.1.0 .ero Attac5 Factor #nit6< Combat Hnits #ith an attack factor of Jero can not attack by
themselves0 but they may participate in an attack #ith combat units #hose attack factor is greater than
Jero/ While they add nothing in the #ay of combat strength0 such combat units can help absorb step
losses and may advance after combat/
9.$ CO'BAT (!OCE"#!E
Combats are resolved one by one0 in the order of the Attacker>s choice0 according to the follo#ing
procedure/ %he attacker does not have to declare all of his attacks at the beginning of the segment/
D1E "eclare #hich he& is attacked by #hich combat units/
D$E "etermine the total attack and defense strength0 calculate the Combat Ratio0 and modify it if
necessary :Q/=;/
D%E Roll one die on the CR% and apply the combat result :Q/4;/
9.%.1 Attac5 an9 "e:en6e Strengt;6< %o resolve a combat0 first combine the attack strengths of the
Attacker>s participating combat units0 then combine the defense strengths of the "efender>s
participating combat units/ Several factors can affect attack and defense strengthsC
 )ut of supply :3F/F; combat units halve their attack strengths/
 9solated :3F/F; combat units have Jero attack and half defense strengths/
 %errain effects are cumulative #ith supply effects/
When t#o combat units stacked in a he& must halve :or quarter; their combat strengths0 first add them
up before halving :or quartering;0 and then round do#n/
9.%.$ Combat !atio< %otal attack strength divided by total defense strength gives the Combat Ratio/
When calculating ratios0 fractions are rounded down0 to either the nearest column on the CR% or :#hen
above 6I3; the nearest #hole ratio/
E!a"#les: 05:5 /i&es a 370 )o"3at +atio. 2.:8 /i&es a 270 )o"3at +atio. 02:7 /i&es a 0.570 )o"3at
+atio. 09:03 /i&es a 070 )o"3at +atio. 25:2 /i&es a 0270 )o"3at +atio.
9.%.% Terrain an9 1+ !atio S;i:t6< When occupied by the "efender>s combat units0 some terrain
types provide CR% ratio column shifts in favor of the "efender/ %errain effects are cumulative/ 9n
addition0 a ma&imum of one H' that a; is in supply0 b; has #ithin its Command Range at least one
friendly combat unit from its corps participating in the combat0 and c; is in Combat Support Mode0 may
also provide one favorable ratio shift to the combat/ Lote this H' shift is available to both sides0
MM! Rules12on +autier v3/4 !age 35 of 56
Attacker and "efender0 and the H' does not have to be activated :N/4;/ Combine all the shifts to arrive
at a net shift/
E!a"#les: A +ou/h he! with a 1own #ro&ides two +atio shifts down in fa&or of the ,efender and thus
a 370 atta%: would 3e redu%ed to 0.570 ;first shift to 270 se%ond shift to 0.570<. One +atio shift
redu%es a 570 atta%: to *70.
9.%.4 O:: t;e C;art6< %he net shift is applied to the actual odds0 even if those odds are greater than 6.3
or #orse than 3.=/ 9f the final Combat Ratio after applying any shifts is less than 3.= or greater than 6.
30 the combat is resolved on the 3.=. or 6.3R column0 respectively/
E!a"#le: A 02=0 atta%: with three shifts for the defender would 3e%o"e a 8=0 atta%: and resol&ed on
the .=0> %olu"n. $t would not 3e a 3=0.
9.%.) "e:en9er6 at .ero< 9f the total defense strength in a he& is reduced to F by rounding do#n0 the
combat is automatically resolved on the 6I3R column of the CR%0 and all ratio shifts favorable to the
"efender are ignored/
9.4.1 Combat !e64lt6< )nce the final Combat Ratio has been computed0 the Attacker rolls one die and
reads the result on the corresponding ro# under the appropriate ratio column of the CR%/ All results are
e&pressed in terms of step losses and1or number of he&es to retreat/
I S Lo effect/
A S %he result affects the attacker/
" S %he result affects the defender/
T S Lumber of steps lost from any involved combat units/
rT S Lumber of he&es to be retreated/
E!a"#le: A result of ,0r2 would "ean the ,efender "ust lose a total of one ste# and retreat two
9.4.$ Strengt; Step6 an9 Lo66e6< Most combat units are printed on both sides0 #ith each side
representing one AstepB of strength/ Such combat units are At#o.stepB combat units/ %he full.strength
side of a t#o.step combat unit is the side #ith the larger attack and defense factors/ Remove one step of
a t#o.step combat unit by flipping it to its #eaker0 reduced.strength side< it is no#.a one.step combat
unit and is eliminated on its ne&t step loss/ Some combat units have only one step/ %hese combat units
have printing on only one side/ A single step loss eliminates such a unit/ $liminated combat units are
removed from the map< they count to#ard victory points :34/4; and may also return as replacements
9.4.% Allocating Step Lo66e6< When a result calls for a step loss0 the first step lost must be from the
side>s strongest combat unit0 meaning the combat unit #ith the highest printed attack strength :for the
attacker; or highest printed defense strength :for the defender;/ %he o#ning player allocates any
remaining step losses as he pleases among his combat units/
MM! Rules12on +autier v3/4 !age 3= of 56
E!a"#le: $f two full=stren/th %o"3at units in the sa"e he! suffer a 2=ste# loss the ownin/ #la'er %an
eli"inate the stron/er %o"3at unit or fli# 3oth %o"3at units to their redu%ed=stren/th side. $f a 0=ste#
loss it would ha&e to 3e ta:en fro" the stron/er of the two.
9.4.4 1+6 an9 Combat< H's never take step losses and may thus not be used to satisfy combat losses/
9f a H' is left alone after combat0 it is overrun if enemy combat units advance :35/F/3;/
9.) !ET!EAT
9.).1 !etreat &enerally< %he o#ning player retreats his units/ Retreat is not normal movement<
retreating units do not e&pend M!s/ Stacked units that must retreat can stay together or split up/
9.).$ Lengt; o: !etreat< %he combat result indicates number of he&es the affected units must retreat/
A"r3B means all the defending units must retreat one he&0 for e&ample/ A unit must end its retreat that
number of he&es from #here it startedOno doubling back?
9.).% !etreat !e6triction6< Hnits may not retreat across or into terrain that is prohibited to them/ A
retreating unit al#ays retreats in such a #ay as to enter the fe#est he&es in enemy ()Cs :and thus to
suffer the fe#est step losses :Q/E/=;;/ Should step losses be equal using various retreat paths0 a
retreating unit must satisfy as many as possible of the follo#ing conditionsC
D1E $ach he& entered is closer to any one friendly supply source<
D$E %he stacking limit is not e&ceeded in the last he& of retreat/
Condition D1E takes precedence over D$E if both cannot be satisfied/
9.).4 Step Lo66e6 From !etreat< A unit forced to retreat into an enemy ()C :even if that ()C
contains a friendly unit; must lose one step for each such he& in the retreat/ 9f a stack is retreating0 the
stack as a #hole must lose one step for each such he& :i/e/0 every combat unit in the stack does not lose
a step for each such he&;/
$very unit forced by retreat into or across terrain prohibited to it loses one step for each such he& or
he&side of the retreat/ :Lote that in the case of prohibitive terrain0 the combat unit #ould stay put0 lose
a step0 and not actually retreat into the prohibited he& or across the prohibited he&side/;
9.).) !etreat an9 .ero '( Combat #nit6< All combat units #ith a Movement Factor of Jero are
automatically eliminated if they receive a retreat result0 unless they are in a fortified he&0 #hich negates
the retreat result/
9.).- 1+6 an9 !etreat6 an9 O7err4n6< A H' stacked #ith retreating combat units retreats #ith them/
H's in Combat Support Mode are placed Movement Mode #hen they retreat/ A retreating combat unit
can overrun a lone enemy H' by simply entering its he& :35/F/3;/ Ho#ever0 a combat unit eliminated
because it retreated into an enemy ()C #ould not cause the overrun of a H' in that he&/
9.)./ !etreat an9 Stac5ing< 9f a unit e&ceeds the stacking limit :E/F; in the last he& of a retreat0 it must
retreat one additional he&0 #ithin all the section Q/E/= retreat restrictions/ 9f it e&ceeds the stacking limit
in this ne# he&0 it must retreat another he&0 and so on/
9.).0 !etreat into S4b6eF4ent Combat< A combat unit that retreats into a he& that is subsequently
MM! Rules12on +autier v3/4 !age 34 of 56
attacked does not add its strength to the combat but does suffer any adverse combat results/
9.-.1 9f an attacked he& becomes empty as a result of combat :i/e/0 the defending units either retreated
or #ere eliminated;0 the attacking combat unit0 and any H's stacked #ith them0 may advance as many
he&es as the defender retreated/ 9f the defenders #ere eliminated0 the attackers may advance t#o he&es/
H's in Combat Support Mode are placed in Movement Mode before advancing/
9.-.$ Advance after combat is optional< the Attacker may advance all0 some0 or none of his attacking
units subect to normal stacking limits :E/F;/ Advance after combat is not normal movement/ Advancing
units do not e&pend M!s and enemy ()Cs :6/F; are ignored/
9.-.% %he first he& of advance must be the attacked he&/ %here is no limitation as to the second he& of
advance0 e&cept that units cannot advance across he&sides or into he&es prohibited to them/
9.-.4 O7err4n6< An advancing combat unit overruns a lone enemy H' by advancing into its he&
)ne or more cavalry combat units in a he& occupied solely by cavalry may retreat before combat/ %he
retreat is announced and conducted after the attack is announced but before it is resolved/ %he cavalry
is retreated t#o he&es subect to all of the retreat rules :Q/E;/ %he attacking units may advance one he&
subect to the advance after combat rules :Q/6; and may not attack again this phase/
,esi/n note: ?hen %a&alr' is sta%:ed with infantr' or a -5 it is dee"ed to 3e #la'in/ a su##ortin/
role and thus %annot retreat. ?hen alone %a&alr' is s%reenin/ and s%outin/ and thus 3etter a3le to
a&oid the ene"'.
10.0 S#((L*
10.1 S#((L* STAT#S AN" (1ASE SE+#ENCE
10.1.1 S4pply &enerallyC A unit is either in supply0 out of supply :))S; or isolated :3F/5;/ ))S and
isolated units are indicated #ith the appropriate marker/
10.1.$ S4pply (;a6e SeF4ence< %he Supply !hase is divided up into the follo#ing segments0 #hich
are follo#ed in strict sequenceC
A. 6olation C;ec5 Segment< Check all units marked ))S or isolated and remove the markers
from any that are no# in supply :3F/5;/ Lo# check the remaining units that are still marked
))S or isolated and change their status as follo#sC
 if a unit is 9n Command :N/=/3; of a friendly H' it is ))S and marked as
 if a unit is not 9n Command :N/=/3; of a friendly H' it is isolated and marked
MM! Rules12on +autier v3/4 !age 3E of 56
as such/
LoteC For purposes of this rule0 there is no requirement that a H' be activated for a unit to be 9n
Command :N/=3/;< nor do the H' and the unit need to be of the same commandOany
H' can provide supply for any friendly 9n Command unit/
B. Attrition Segment< All isolated combat units no# roll for attrition :3F/=/E;/
C. S4pply Stat46 Segment< Check the supply status :3F/5; of all remaining units0 :i/e/0 all those
that began the Supply !hase in supply; and add ))S markers accordingly/
". 6olate9 'o7ement Segment< All isolated units may move one he& :3F/=/4;/
10.$ BEN& N S#((L*
10.$.1 S4pply Line< A supply line is a string of adacent he&es leading from the he& in question/ A
supply line cannot pass through unbridged maor river he&sides or impassible terrain/ A supply line
cannot include an enemy.occupied he&0 or a he& in an enemy ()C unless that he& is occupied by a
friendly combat unit or H'/
10.$.$ !ail S4pply Line< A rail supply line is a string of adacent he&es along a rail line/ A rail supply
line cannot include an enemy.occupied he&0 or a he& in an enemy ()C unless that he& is occupied by a
friendly combat unit or H'/
10.$.% S4pply So4rce6< Map.edge he&es AIH are Russian supply sources0 and map.edge he&es 9IM
and UMnigsberg are +erman supply sources/
10.$.4 S4pply :or Combat #nit6C A combat unit is in supply if itC
 has a supply line :3F/5/3; of no "ore than five M!s from its he& to a friendly H'
:3F/5/E;< or
 occupies a city he& in its home country< or
 has a supply line of no "ore than five M!s from its he& to a rail he& in its ho"e %ountr' ;+ussia
for +ussians 2er"an' for 2er"ans< #hich in turn has a rail supply line :3F/5/5; to a friendly
supply source :3F/5/=;/
10.$.) S4pply :or 1+6< A H' is in supply if itC
 has a supply line :3F/5/3; from its he& of no "ore than five M!s to a friendly supply source
:3F/5/=;< or
 occupies a city he& in its home country< or
 has a supply line of no "ore than five M!s from its he& to a rail he& in an' country #hich in
turn has a rail supply line :3F/5/5; to a friendly supply source :3F/5/=;/
Pla' note: +e"e"3er that -5s %an use rail he!es in ene"' territor' for su##l' 3ut %o"3at units %an
MM! Rules12on +autier v3/4 !age 36 of 56
10.%.1 n S4pply< 9n supply units operate normally/
10.%.$ O4t o: S4pply< ))S units have their attack factor halved/ %heir defense and movement factors0
and ()C are not affected/ ))S combat units may not receive replacements :33/4;/ ))S H's may not
provide a ratio shift in combat :Q/=/=;/
10.%.% 6olate9< 9solated combat units do e&ert a ()C but have their attack factor reduced to Jero0 their
defense strength halved0 and may not move during the Movement Segment :but see 3F/=/4;/ 9solated
H's can not activate0 and may not provide a ratio shift in combat :Q/=/=;/ 9solated combat units also
suffer attrition :3F/=/E;/
10.%.4 6olate9 #nit 'o7ement< "uring the supply phase0 follo#ing the supply status check0 all
isolated units may0 if possible0 move one he& if doing so #ill bring them closer to a he& #here they
#ould be in supply/ !lace any isolated H's in Movement Mode if they use isolated movement/ 9solated
unit movement is voluntary/
10.%.) Attrition< At the beginning of the supply phase0 before the supply status check0 roll a die for
each isolated combat unit/ )n a roll of 3 or 50 the combat unit loses a step/ )ne step combat units are
eliminated/ Remember0 H's do not suffer attrition/
11.1.1 Entry o: !ein:orcement6< Reinforcements are Command Chits0 units that enter the game
during the Reinforcement !lacement Segment of the game turn identified by the number in the upper
left of the counter/
11.1.$ (lacing !ein:orcement6< %he Reinforcement %able :34/6; sho#s #here units are placed0
usually an entry he& or a city/ Reinforcements may be placed in violation of stacking limits0 but they
may not be placed in he&es containing enemy units or enemy ()Cs0 even if those enemy ()Cs are
occupied by friendly units/ 9f a map.edge entry he& is so blocked0 a reinforcement may be placed in any
he& on the same map.edge he& up to ten he&es a#ay< if any other reinforcement he& is blocked0 the
reinforcement may be placed up to five he&es a#ay/
Command chits are placed in their sideKs H' !ool/
11.1.% 'o7ing !ein:orcement6< Follo#ing placement0 reinforcements may be moved in the
Reinforcement Movement Segment0 during #hich they can move pursuant to all the rules on movement
:D/F;/ 9f reinforcements move by rail0 they count against the rail capacity for that turn :but see 33/5/=;/
11.1.4 "elaying !ein:orcement6C Reinforcements may be delayed to enter on any subsequent turn/
Ho#ever0 delaying Western Front :33/5; reinforcement entry does not save the +erman player from
incurring victory point costs :34/4/5;/
MM! Rules12on +autier v3/4 !age 3N of 56
11.$.$ C;ec5 :or 3F !ein:orcement6 an9 1in9enb4rg< %he +erman player checks for the WF
Reinforcements and Hindenburg during each Western Front Reinforcement Segment by rolling a die
against the Western Front1Hindenburg Reinforcement %able and applying the necessary modifiers/
11.$.% Commitment an9 Arri7al o: t;e 3F !ein:orcement6< %he WF reinforcements arrive as
regular reinforcements on the fourth turn after commitment :i/e/0 commitment on turn E means arrival
on turn Q;/ %he WF reinforcements arrive as normal reinforcements :#hich means they can be delayed;0
#ith the e&ception that0 if they move by rail during the Reinforcement Movement Segment they do not
count against the +erman rail capacity/
11.$.4 3F !ein:orcement6 an9 !466ian Victory (oint6< 9f the WF reinforcements are committed0
#hether voluntarily or not0 and #hether they actually enter the game or not0 the Russian player receives
victory points :34/4/5;/
11.$.) (rittGit? an9 1in9enb4rg< !ritt#itJ starts as commander of the +erman D
Army and is
immediately replaced by Hindenburg on the turn Hindenburg is activated/ Simply flip the !ritt#itJ
counter over to reveal Hindenburg/ Hindenburg allo#s the +erman player to dra# one e&tra H' during
the Command Chit Selection !hase for the rest of the game :but not for the Masurian ,akes scenario
-istori%al @ote: 1he ?A reinfor%e"ents #la'ed a si/nifi%ant role in the )a"#ai/n 3ut at /reat %ost to
the 2er"ans. 1he for%es whi%h were #art of the ?estern Aront "ain reser&e were ori/inall'
%o""itted as #art of the BS%hlieffen PlanC to the ri/ht win/ of the final 3attle for Paris6 instead the
units were sent to the Eastern Aront. -istorians de3ate the i"#a%t this had on the war.
*eginning #ith the )ptional Reinforcements Segment of turn Q0 the Russian player "a' commit either
a; the Russian +uard0 or b; one reserve division/ He makes this choice each turn as long as either
option is available to him/ Any committed units are placed as reinforcements during the Reinforcement
!lacement Segment :33/3/5;/ %he Russian player loses victory points for each such commitment
9mportantC 9f the Russian +uard is committed0 the Russian +uard H' arrives as a reinforcement on the
followin/ turn/
"uring the Replacement Segment each player checks the %urn %rack to see if he receives a
replacement/ A replacement allo#s one of the follo#ing actions in the Replacement SegmentC
 restoring a step to any friendly combat unit on the map that is a; not marked ))S or 9solated
:3F/F;0 and b; 9n Command :N/=/3; of a friendly H'< or
 placing a combat unit from the dead pile at reduced strength in the same he& as its corps H'<
MM! Rules12on +autier v3/4 !age 3D of 56
the H' cannot be marked ))S or 9solated :3F/F;< this can be in an enemy ()C< note that it is
impossible for an 9ndependent combat unit :N/=/4; to be returned to play in this #ay/
1$.0 1+ S(ECAL !#LES
1$.0.1 O7err4n6< A H' alone in a he& may be overrun by enemy combat units #hen they move0
retreat0 or advance after combat/ %he combat unit simply enters the H'>s he&0 and the H' is relocated
:see 35/F/E;/ Lote that a H' alone in a he& %annot be attacked by enemy combat units during a Combat
1$.0.$ Combat< H's never suffer step losses and cannot be eliminated as a result of combat/ Ho#ever0
a H' must be relocated :see 35/F/E; if all the combat units stacked #ith it at the beginning of a combat
are eliminated0 for any cause0 as result of this combat/
1$.0.% !etreat6< A H' stacked #ith a combat unit at the start of a combat must retreat #ith it if it is
forced to retreat as result of this combat/
1$.0.4 A97ance6< A H' stacked #ith a combat unit at the start of a combat may advance #ith it0 at the
attacker>s option0 if it advances after this combat/
1$.0.) 1+ !elocation< %o relocate a H'0 place it0 in the same mode0 at least five he&es a#ay from its
he& in the direction of a friendly supply source/ %he ne# he& must also be at least five he&es a#ay
from the nearest attack.capable enemy combat unit/ 9f the H' cannot be relocated0 it is received as a
reinforcement on the ne&t turn/
1$.0.- 6olate9 1+6. 9solated H's may not activate any combat units/
1%.0 1OFF'AN AN" CO!(S
1%.1 1OFF'AN
1%.1.1 1o::man Arri7al< Ma& Hoffman is represented by the Hoffman counter and arrives as a
reinforcement on turn 4 of the Campaign and %annenberg scenarios only< it is not used in the Masurian
,akes scenario/ )n arrival0 place the Hoffman counter in the Ma& Hoffman bo& on its face.up :value 5;
1%.1.$ 1o::man #6e. %he Hoffman counter is a kind of AtrumpB that the +erman player can use at any
time during the Command Chit "ra# !hase after any Command Chit has been dra#n but before it is
played/ Hoffman can be used t#ice in the game0 and it can be used t#ice in the same turn/ !lay of the
Hoffman chit allo#s the +erman player to place the ust.dra#n Command Chit back into the "ra# Cup
and activate an H' or combat unit/ 9t does not matter if the H' or combat unit #as already
activated during the current turn0 nor does play of Hoffman preclude a normal activation of the H' or
combat unit later in the same turn< ho#ever0 Hoffman %annot be used on the same H' or combat unit
t#ice in the same turn/ %rack use of Hoffman by flipping the counter to its 3 side after the first use and
removing it after the second/
MM! Rules12on +autier v3/4 !age 3Q of 56
1%.1.% 1o::man !emo7al< %he Hoffman counter is removed the earlier ofC
 its second use< or
 the Reinforcement and Replacement !hase t#o turns after Hindenburg arrives :33/5/E;< or
 the Reinforcement and Replacement !hase of turn 3F/
1%.$ CO!(S
1%.$.1 Loo6e Cannon. Whenever the 9 Corps is activated :either by chit dra# or Hoffman;0 the +erman
player rolls a die/ )n a 3.=0 the 9 Corps activation proceeds as normal/ )n a 4.60 the die is rolled a
second time/ 9f the second die roll is 3.=0 the 9 Corps activation proceeds as normal/ *ut if the second
die roll is 4.60 the 9 Corps activation becomes a Aloose cannon/B For a loose cannon activation0 the
+erman player must attack this turn #ith both 9 Corps divisions< if this is not possible0 the +erman
player must move them by regular movement as close to the nearest enemy units as possible/ 9n
addition0 t#o other combat units #ithin range of the 9 Corps H' may be activated to support any 9
Corps attacks that turn/
,esi/n note: 1he 2er"an $ )or#s rule refle%ts the insu3ordination and 3rillian%e of its %o""ander
&on Aran%ois.
%he game has = scenarios/ 1he )a"#ai/n 2a"e 1annen3er/ and 1he Dattle of the Masurian La:es/
Hnits al#ays set up at full strength unless noted as AreducedB/ %he Russians set up first in every
14.1 T1E CA'(A&N &A'E
14.1.1 Bac5gro4n9< %his is the full game covering the Russian initial attack through the +erman
counterattack/ %he game starts on turn 3 and ends after turn 36 or by sudden death victory :34/E;/
14.1.$ (layable Area an9 Control< %he #hole map is playable/ $verything West of the border begins
in +erman control :34/4/3;0 and everything $ast of it begins in Russian control :34/4/3;/
14.1.% !466ian Set4p<
Army :Rennenkampf;
99 Corps :all;C #ithin one he& of 4E/3E and $ast of the border/
999 Corps :all;C #ithin one he& of 46/54/
9- Corps :all;C #ithin one he& of 4E/5F/
VV Corps :all;C #ithin one he& of 4N/5N/
VV-9 Corps :H' and E6R "iv;C E3/56/
Rifle *rigadeC he& 44/5F/
and 5
+uards Cav "ivC he& 46/5N :yes that is inside !russia?;/
Cav "ivC he& 44/3Q/
and =
Cav "ivC he& 46/5E/
MM! Rules12on +autier v3/4 !age 5F of 56
9nd Cav *rigadeC he& 4N/5Q/
Army :Samsonov;
-9 Corps :all;C #ithin one he& of =N/FN/ All units of the 4
and 36
"ivisions are reduced/
V999 Corps :all;C #ithin one he& of =4/FE/
V- Corps :all;C #ithin one he& of =F/F=/
VV999 Corps :H' and 5
"iv;C he& 56/F3/
Cav "ivC he& =Q/33/
and 3E
Cav "ivC #ithin t#o he&es of 54/F4/
+arrisonsC )J in he& 4=/330 ,o in ,omJ/
9n )ptional reinforcements bo&C ENR0 EQR0 N=R and +uard Corps :all;/
Available Command Chits :place in H' !ool;C 9990 9-0 -90 V-0 VV0 VV999 and VV-9/
14.1.4 &erman Set4p<
Army :v/!ritt#itJ;
9 Corps :all;C #ithin t#o he&es of 4F/54/
9R Corps :all;C #ithin t#o he&es of =6/5F/
V-99 Corps :all;C #ithin one he& of =5/5E/
VV Corps :all;C #ithin t#o he&es of 5D/35/
Fortress brigadesC UM in UMnigsberg0 Ma in Marienburg0 %h in %horn/
,M *rigade in =E/3D/
NF l# *rigade in 53/FQ/
3st Cav "ivision :all three; #ithin three he&es of 4=/5N and West of the border/
l# *rigadeC =D/=3/
9nf *rigadeC 3D/FQ/
l# *rigadeC =4/36/
Reserve "ivC =E/3D/
l# *rigadeC =6/5E/
Available Command Chits :place in H' !ool;C 90 9R0 V-990 VV/
WF reinforcementsC All in WF Reinforcement bo&
Army H'C !ritt#itJ face up in D
Army Commander *o&/
14.1.) Victory Con9ition6< Sudden death victory applies :34/E;/ Score victory points as per 34/4/5/
14.1.- Victory Le7el6<
Russian "ecisive -ictory EF or more
Russian Maor -ictory =E.4Q
Russian Minor -ictory 5E.=4
"ra# 3F.54
+erman Minor -ictory F.Q
+erman Minor -ictory :.3;.:.3F;
MM! Rules12on +autier v3/4 !age 53 of 56
+erman Maor -ictory :.33;.:.5F;
+erman "ecisive -ictory :.53; or less
14.$.1 Bac5gro4n9< %his scenario depicts the opening battles on the $astern Front in 3Q34/ 9t starts on
turn 3 and ends after turn 3F/
14.$.$ (layable Area an9 Control< Same as %he Campaign +ame/
14.$.% !466ian Set4p< Same as %he Campaign +ame
14.$.4 &erman Set4p< Same as %he Campaign +ame
14.$.) Victory Con9ition6< Same as %he Campaign +ame/
14.$.- Victory Le7el6<
Russian Maor -ictory EF or more
Russian Minor -ictory =E.4Q
+erman Minor -ictory 5F.=4
+erman Maor -ictory 3Q or less
@ote: 1here is no draw #ossi3le in this s%enario.
14.%.1 Bac5gro4n9< %his scenario depicts the +erman counter.offensive that forced the Russians out
of $ast !russia/ %he scenario starts on turn 35 #ith the +erman player turn and ends after turn 36/
14.%.$ (layable Area an9 Control< $verything Lorth and $ast of he&ro# VV/35 and 5E/VV0 inclusive
is playable/ %he Russian player controls :34/4/3; all eight to#ns $ast of the front line/
14.%.% !466ian Set4p<
99 Corps :all;C #ithin one he& of =6/5F/ :4= "iv reduced;/
999 Corps :all; #ithin one he& of =5/54/ :5N "iv reduced;/
9- Corps :all; #ithin one he& of ==/5= :=F "iv reduced;/
VV Corps :all; #ithin one he& of ==/56 :5D W 5Q "ivs reduced;/
VV99 Corps :Finnish;C 43/3E :reduced;/
VV-9 Corps :all; and 3
Cav *rigadeC #ithin one he& of =5/5Q/
E4R "ivC =D/55/
ENR "ivC =E/55/
N5R "ivC =6/5E/
Rifle *rigadeC #ithin one he& of ==/5=/
and 5
+uard CavC #ithin one he& of =6/5F :reduced;/
Cav "ivC =D/5F/
Cav "ivC #ithin one he& of =4/5=/ :=
Cav reduced;/
MM! Rules12on +autier v3/4 !age 55 of 56
Available Command Chits :place in H' !ool;C 990 9990 9-0 VV0 VV-9/
14.%.4 &erman Set4p<
9 +uard Res Corps :all;C #ithin one he& of 5Q/54/
9 Res Corps :all;C #ithin one he& of 5Q/53 :=6R reduced;/
V9 Corps :all;C #ithin one he& of =3/5F :55 "iv reduced;/
VV Corps :all;C #ithin one he& of =5/3D :43 "iv reduced;/
V-99 Corps :all;C =4/3N/
,M *rigadeC =E/3D/
Fortress brigadeC UM in UMnigsberg/
$rJ brigade and 3
l#0 5
l#0 Q
l# brigadesC #ithin si& he&es of UMnigsberg/
9 CorpsC 3
"iv and Corps H' in =6/3E0 5
"iv :reduced; =6/36/
l# "ivC =5/35/
*rd "etachmentC 5E/56/
l# *rigadeC 5D/5F/
3st Cav "ivC ==/3D/
Dth Cav "ivC =3/3D/
Available Command Chits :place in H' !ool;C 9+0 9 Res0 V90 VV0 V-990 9/
14.%.) Victory Con9ition6< %here is no sudden death victory/ Score victory points for the Russians per
14.%.- Victory Le7el6<
Russian Maor -ictory 3F or more
Russian Minor -ictory F.Q
+erman Minor -ictory :.3; . :.Q;
+erman Maor -ictory :.3F; or less
14.%./ Special !4le6<
3/ %he Finnish VV99 Corps is considered A9ndependentB for activation purposes :N/=/4;/
5/ Hindenburg is in play but his special ability :33/5/E; is not used/
=/ Hoffman :3=/F; is not in use/
4/ %here are no reinforcements in this scenario/
E/ 9gnore the H' Command Chit capacity printed on the %urn %rack/ $ach side instead selects four
Command Chits :N/3; each turn/
6/ %he Russian player selects his Command Chits on turns 350 3= and 36 :N/3/=;/
14.4 VCTO!* (ONTS
14.4.1 Controlling a 1e8. %o control a he& for victory points a player must have a unit in the he& or
have been the last player to have a unit in the he&/ !assing through a he& counts as having a unit there/
9n addition0 the player needs to be able to trace a supply line :3F/5/3; from the he& to any one of his
entry he&es/
MM! Rules12on +autier v3/4 !age 5= of 56
14.4.$ T;e Campaign &ame an9 Tannenberg Scenario6< %he Russian player gains or loses victory
points as follo#sC
RE For every to#n in +ermany under Russian control/
R5F For every city in +ermany under Russian control/
.E For every to#n or city in Russia under +erman control/
R5F 9f the WF Reinforcements are committed in %he Campaign +ame scenario onl'/
R3F 9f the WF Reinforcements are committed in the %annenberg scenario onl'/
.E For each optional Russian division committed/
.3E 9f the Russian +uard Corps is committed/
R3 For every eliminated +erman unit/
.3 For every eliminated Russian unit/
14.4.% T;e 'a64rian La5e6 Scenario< %he Russian player gains or loses victory points as follo#sC
RE For every to#n in +ermany under Russian control/
.E For every to#n in Russia under +erman control/
R3 For every eliminated +erman unit/
.3 For every eliminated Russian unit/
14.) S#""EN "EAT1 VCTO!*
Check for sudden death victory in the Sudden "eath -ictory Segment of the $nd %urn !hase :4/F/F;
%he +erman player #ins a sudden death victory at the end of turn three if the Russian player does not
have at least three H's inside +ermany/ %he end of turn three is the only time this type of sudden death
victory is in effect for the +ermans/
%he Russian player #ins a sudden death victory if he controls :34/4/3; "anJig at the end of any turn/
$ither player #ins a sudden death victory if his opponent has no combat units on the map at the end of
any turn/
T4rn +erman Russian
1 . 55 :reduced;0 54 :reduced;0 =+ "ivs0 9st Corps H'/ All at he& H/
$ . 90 99 and V999 H' Command Chits/
% $rJ0 3 l# brigades
:#ithin 6 he&es of
4 =ER "iv :he&
F6/FN;/ Hoffman/
N5R "iv :he& A;
) 3,W "iv :entry
he& ,;
- . .
/ . E=R :he& A;0 3
Rifle *rig :he& H;
0 . .
MM! Rules12on +autier v3/4 !age 54 of 56
9 . VV99 Finnish Corps and 3F
Army H' :he& C or ";
10 Withdra# Hoffman E4R :he& A;0 N6R "iv :he& +;/ 3F
Army Command Chit
11 *rd :entry he& 9; 9 %urkestan :he& C or ";/
1$ . .
1% . 999 Siberian :he& C or ";/
WF reinforcements enter on any of he&es 90 20 U or ,/ WF Reinforcement Command Chits enter one
turn after WF arrival/ Russian +uard Corps enters at he& +/ %he Russian +uard Command Chit enters
one turn after the Russian +uard arrival/ All other Russian optional reinforcements enter at he& A/
1).0 C!E"TS
''( Ver6ion
"evelopmentC Adam Stark#eather
RulesC 2on +autier
!roofreadersC Richard Cro#e0 2r/0 9ain Uanitsch
% CroGn6 Ver6ion
"esign W "evelopmentC Magnus LordlMf
+raphics W RulesC Magnus LordlMf and Stefan $kstrMm
CoverC Magnus LordlMf
ResearchC Magnus LordlMf
Special thanks toC Stefan $kstrMm0 2an ,arsson and +Mran *Mrkman/
!laytestersC 2an ,arsson0 Stefan $kstrMm
1-.0 E2(AN"E" SE+#ENCE OF (LA*
A. !ail Capacity A9A46tment (;a6e
*oth players adust their rail capacity for the turn by sliding the markers on the Rail Capacity %rack
to the number indicated on the %urn %rack/
B. !ein:orcement an9 !eplacement (;a6e
B.1 3e6tern Front !ein:orcement6 SegmentC %he +erman player rolls a die and makes any
adustments to the die.roll according to the Western Front Reinforcement rule :33/5;/ 9f Hindenburg
enters0 flip the !ritt#itJ marker to the Hindenburg side :33/5/E;/ 9f the Western Front units are
committed0 place them on the %urn %rack 4 turns later/ E!a"#le: $f %o""itted on turn 5 #la%e the"
to arri&e as reinfor%e"ents on turn 8.
B.$ Optional !ein:orcement6 Segment< %he Russian player may activate any optional
reinforcements :33/=;/
B.% !eplacement6 SegmentC !layers may issue replacements to combat units not marked out of
supply or isolated/ Consult the %urn %rack to see ho# many replacements are available for the turn
B.4 !ein:orcement6 (lacement Segment< !lace arriving combat units on their entry he&/ !lace
arriving H' Command Chits in the H' !ool :33/3/5;/
B.) !ein:orcement6 'o7ement Segment< Starting #ith the Russian player0 each player moves
MM! Rules12on +autier v3/4 !age 5E of 56
reinforcements according to the rules for movement of reinforcements :33/3/=;/
C. Comman9 C;it Selection (;a6e
$ach player selects a number of Command Chits from his H' !ool equal to the number indicated
on the %urn %rack for that turn :N/3;/ Add one to the number of Command Chits the +erman player
can select if Hindenburg is in play :33/5/E;/ *oth players drop their Command Chits in the "ra#
". Comman9 C;it "raG (;a6e
"ra# one Command Chit from the "ra# Cup :N/5;/ 9t does not matter #hich player dra#s/ %he
appropriate units are no# activated :N/=;/ Lo# proceed to segments "/3 and "/5 belo#/ After
finishing the Combat Segment0 place the Command Chit in the Hsed Command Chit *o& and dra#
another Command Chit/ Repeat this process until there are no more Command Chits left in the
"ra# Cup and then proceed to the ne&t phase/
".1 'o7ement Segment< %he player moves activated units :D/F;/
".$ Combat Segment< %he player performs combat #ith activated combat units :Q/F;/
E. S4pply (;a6e
E.1 6olation Segment< Check if any out of supply units are isolated :3F/3/5A;/
E.$ Attrition Segment< Check if any isolated combat units suffer attrition :3F/3/5*;/
E.% S4pply Stat46 Segment< Check supply status for remaining units :3F/3/5C;/
E.4 6olate9 'o7ement Segment< 9solated units may move one he& :3F/3/5";/
F. En9 o: T4rn (;a6e
F.1 S499en "eat; Victory Segment< Check to see #hether either player has achieved a sudden
death victory :34/E;/
F.$ T4rn A97ance Segment< Advance the turn marker to the ne&t bo& on the %urn %rack/
MM! Rules12on +autier v3/4 !age 56 of 56