How to Write a Product

Proven Techniques for Increasing Your
Profits with Your Opinions
by: Lynn Terry
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Product Reviews 1 Profits(
+f you promote produ"ts as an affiliate) you!re going
to love this report. +!m going to spill my se"rets on
how to write a produ"t review that ma'es sales.
-rodu"t reviews are responsible for the ma.ority of
my affiliate sales and not .ust on the day that + write
a produ"t review. They get ran'ed in the ma.or
sear"h engines and "ontinue to ma'e sales for years/
Here are some co'sumer survey stats0 to w#et your appetite+
 123 of "onsumers say that product reviews i'flue'ce their online
pur"hasing de"isions.
 453 of online shoppers a"tively seek out product reviews before
they buy.
 6ore than half of $% online shoppers surveyed) read user reviews as
part of their produ"t resear"h.
 7early 8 of 95 $% online buyers read reviews at least :some of the
time; before ma'ing a pur"hase.
Ready to lear' #ow to write a product review t#at actually puts people
i' t#e /uyi'" mood2
-reat( ,et3s "et started4
*Stats originally provided by Web Pro News, shared with me by Susanne of
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T#e 5 $leme'ts of a Product Review
There are 4 elements that go into a great produ"t review:
• +mage/<ideo
• -rodu"t =es"ription
• >uyer =es"ription
• -roof
• 7egatives
• ?all@to@A"tion
• Aeyword -hrase
Aeep in mind that it!s the mer"hant!s .ob to sell the produ"t. &our .ob as an
affiliate is to pre-sell the produ"t. A good produ"t review will assist the visitor
with their buying de"ision so that they buy the right produ"t) and feel good about
doing it.
&ou may "hoose to frame your produ"t review around the visitor!s needs or wants
or you may "hoose to frame it spe"ifi"ally around the produ"t you are reviewing.
*ither way) here is a des"ription of ea"h of the 4 elements you should in"lude in
your review "omplete with e(amples from some of my own reviews.
1. Product Ima"e6.ideo
Always in"lude an image and/or video of the produ"t or servi"e that you are
reviewing. This helps your visitor visually "onne"t your review with the produ"t
or need that they are resear"hing) and draws them into your "ontent.
&ou "an ta'e a photo of the produ"t
yourself) use an image from the
mer"hant!s website) ta'e a s"reenshot of
the website) or use a pi"ture of you using
the produ"t.
=epending on the produ"t) you might also
in"lude before B after pi"tures.
<ideo options in"lude: s"reen "asting for digital produ"ts C ordering/ using/
results) unbo(ing of physi"al produ"ts pa"'ages you re"eived) or an e(planation
of the produ"t tal'ing head video#.
*(ample <ideo 9 D *(ample <ideo E D *(ample <ideo 2
© Lynn Terry – Feel Free to Pass This Report On As Is!
2. Product !escriptio'
=es"ribe the produ"t in detail: size) number of pages) features) ordering pro"ess)
delivery/pa"'age details) benefits) e(pe"ted results) your spe"ifi" results.
-eople are wary of s"ams) and of the a"tual value of a produ"t. They want to
'now e(a"tly what they!ll get if they order this produ"t today.
+n"lude your personal thoughts and personal e(perien"e about the produ"t or the
de"ision to order the produ"t. This helps your reader relate throughout the
review) as they are now in the position that you were when you pur"hased that
same produ"t.
3. )uyer !escriptio'
Fho is this produ"t forG Fho is this produ"t 7HT forG 7o one produ"t is a fit for
everyone that!s why we have an entire wall of toothpaste to "hoose from at the
store/# so don!t frame it that way. >e sure to des"ribe the ideal buyer in a way that
your reader "an easily de"ide if this is the right produ"t for them @ or not.
The point of your produ"t review is to ma'e sure the right people buy the right
Tip: +f there are two similar produ"ts) you might in"lude an alternate
re"ommendation for people who need :(yz; instead…
© Lynn Terry – Feel Free to Pass This Report On As Is!
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4. Proof
There are two types of proof to in"lude in your produ"t review:
o -roof that you a"tually reviewed the produ"t.
o -roof that the produ"t wor's.
-eople are s'epti"al of produ"t reviews and believe that produ"t review sites are
biased) and that reviews are based on payment or "ompensation. &our .ob is to
prove that you have the produ"t yourself and have provided an unbiased review.
-roof "an be a"hieved by using photos or video) by des"ribing the produ"t in
more detail than "an be found on the mer"hant!s website) mentioning
unadvertised bonuses and by addressing the negatives see next section#.
-eople are also s'epti"al of results) so you should in"lude proof on how the
produ"t wor's if possible. This "an in"lude images) video or details about your
personal results with the produ"t.
5. Ne"atives
-ointing out any negatives with the produ"t itself) or with
the ordering pro"ess) will ma'e your review ob.e"tive @ and
will dramati"ally in"rease the Jbelievability! of your produ"t
review. +f you don!t mention an obvious negative) it will
in"rease s'epti"ism.
=on!t be afraid to tell you readers the negatives/ They are
probably already thin'ing it) so this is your opportunity to address those thoughts
and help them ma'e an informed de"ision about ma'ing the pur"hase.
© Lynn Terry – Feel Free to Pass This Report On As Is!
+ sat down tonight to submit my re,uest for %tomper7et!s spe"ial offer)
and + de"ided to turn on the video "amera and let you wat"h over my
shoulder through the order pro"ess... StomperNet Review
+t automati"ally loaded the pro.e"t into the software so that + "ould
ar"hive it) review it or upload it to the web. Here!s an e(ample of an
illustration... ,ivescri/e Smartpe' Review
+ found a simple wor'@around as you "an tell by the video above for my Lives"ribe
%martpen Keview.
Fhen addressing the negatives) immediately follow that up with the solution @ or
with the reason why the negative didn!t deter &H$ from ma'ing the pur"hase.
6. &all:to:Actio'
=on!t forget this important element/ &our "all@to@a"tion tells your reader e(a"tly
what they should do ne(t) and it needs to be very spe"ifi" dire"tions with a
smooth transition. Ior e(ample:
• KeadyG ?li"' here for ordering instru"tions.
• Get Iree %hipping by ordering through Amazon."om
• ?li"' here to download L&M.
• ?li"' here to read more "onsumer reviews on Amazon.
• Get the best deal on A>? by ordering online at L&M website.
Ta'e a loo' at the landing page you!ll be sending visitors to from your produ"t
review and frame your "all@to@a"tion in a way that en"ourages them to "li"'
through @ and lets them 'now e(a"tly what to e(pe"t when they do.
7. ;eyword P#rase
As always) every pie"e of "ontent that you "reate on the internet should be
optimized for a spe"ifi" 'eyword phrase @ and reviews are no different. &ou may
be optimizing your review for the a"tual produ"t) or you may frame your review
around a spe"ifi" problem or need. ?hoose your 'eyword phrase so that you
attra"t the ideal reader. Here are some e(amples of two +!ve done:
• Starti'" a Home )usi'ess2 Read t#is4
• Mem/er'aire Review+ Mem/ers#ip Site Help
© Lynn Terry – Feel Free to Pass This Report On As Is!
Example 1: The only real downside +!ve found to this gadget is that you have to
upload your wor' to the Lives"ribe website in order to share it. The flash replay
files are proprietary) meaning you "an!t upload them to other spa"es on the web
@ su"h as &ouTube or your own website. ,ivescri/e Smartpe' Review
Example 2: At this point) the only negative thing + "an say about this "amera is
that it doesn!t have a flat bottom li'e the original non@H=# K?A %mall Fonder.
7o worries) + have a mini@tripod that + "an use... Iso'ic S'ap/o9 Review
+t!s often easier to ran' for the produ"t name N review. Ior e(ample) my
6embernaire Keview ran's OE in Google for :membernaire review;. %imply use
the produ"t name and add :Keview; at the end.
+ also still# ran' O9 on Google for :opportunity."om review; and :traffi" se"rets
E.5 review.; This is a great way to "ontinue to ma'e sales on a produ"t) long after
the initial buzz or laun"h phase is over @ parti"ularly in the +nternet 6ar'eting
)o'us -oodies ou &a' Impleme't to Make More(
)o'us Tip <=+
+f you share a lot of produ"t reviews on your site or blog) ma'e it a point to tal'
about what 7HT to buy. =on!t be afraid to write negative reviews now and then.
+t!s important to prove that you are real) and that you "an be ob.e"tive. &our
readers will appre"iate you for it) and trust your opinion more.
)o'us Tip <7+
7eed more details for your produ"t reviewG Go to &ahoo/ Answers) or any forum
or dis"ussion site/area) and post a ,uery for feedba"' on your produ"t. This is
espe"ially helpful with physi"al produ"ts) su"h as a "ertain gas grill or home
applian"e. At the end of your ,uery in"lude a note that you may use responses
anonymously in an up"oming report on the produ"t) and that you!ll "ome ba"'
and share the lin' to that report when it is available.
Learning how to write a produ"t review that engages readers and ma'es sales is a
s'ill that will improve over time. Ta'e this "he"'list and write a produ"t review
for your site or blog today/
+f you have any ,uestions) feel free to leave a "omment on my blog post all about
how to "reate an in"ome produ"ing produ"t review #ere.
&ou "an also .oin us on my I'ter'et Marketi'" *orum for ,uestions about
affiliate mar'eting) +nternet mar'eting) or setting up your blog or website.
© Lynn Terry – Feel Free to Pass This Report On As Is!