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The Second International Conference On
“Science and Technology in Archaeology and
Organized by
Queen Rania Institute of Tourism and Cultural Heritage
The Hashemite University
ar!a " #ordan$
Following the successful outcome of The First International Conference, held
in Jordan and organized by the Queen Rania Institute of Tourism and Cultural
Heritage at the Hashemite Uniersity, and U!"#C$ during the %eriod &'(&)
*ugust '++', we are ery %leased to announce for The #econd International
Conference on ,Science and Technology in Archaeology and Conservation”
which will ta-e %lace in Jordan between )(&& .ecember '++/0
In the last few decades, archaeological inestigation has changed almost
beyond recognition, as hae the other social sciences0 The com%uter,
statistical methods, and the scientific a%%roach hae transformed archaeology
from a %urely descri%tie disci%line into a one that is solidly su%%orted by a
large battery of inestigatie techni1ues0 Therefore, im%roed methods of
sharing information and coordinating its distribution are needed among
%rofessionals and scholars0 #ubstantial efforts are channeled into database
systems, website %ublications and search ca%abilities0 Conseration
%rofessionals need to gain both intellectual and technological control oer the
e2isting -nowledge base0 Unfortunately, this has become increasingly difficult
with the ast e2%ansion of the -nowledge base0 !onetheless, it is essential to
-ee% %ace with deelo%ments to aoid reinenting the wheel and to ta-e
adantage of the benefits of technology transfer0
#cience and Technology are becoming essential in the conseration of the
tangible cultural heritage0 This includes historic monuments and buildings,
archaeological artifacts, ancient arts and ceramic findings0 The conce%t of
conseration e2%anded to include 3eoarchaeology, which is concerned with
the reconstruction of landsca%e, %reseration of archaeological materials, non(
destructie testing methods using imaging, and dendrochronology0 The
intangible heritage is also threatened 4mainly by globalization5 and therefore,
it also is the center of focus of conserationists0

6ultidisci%linary studies %roide us with useful material on the study of
material remains li-e fossils, artifacts, and monuments that belong to ancient
human ciilizations0 6any archaeological sites %roide inaluable
o%%ortunities for research %ro7ects, e2caations e2%editions, and fieldwor-
6any relatiely new technologies hae been successfully a%%lied to the
deelo%ment of archaeological %redictie models0 This includes 3I#, *erial
*rchaeology, Thermogra%hic Infrared 6ultis%ectral #canners 4TI6#5,
Imaging Radar, Resistiity 6a%%ing, 6agnetometer #urey, 6agnetic
#usce%tibility #ureys, 3round 8enetrating Radar 438R5, 3eo%hysical
.iffraction Tomogra%hy 43.T5, and 9irtual Reconstructions in *rchaeology,
Com%uted To%ogra%hy, and Ra%id 8rototy%ing0
#imilarly, :ioarchaeological *nalytical Techni1ues, $steoarchaeology, Faunal
and ;ithic *nalysis, .ating 4$rganic and Inorganic 6aterials5, :iomaterials
4:one, Residues5, Technology < 8roenance 4#tone, 8lasters, 8igments,
Ceramics, 3lass, 6etals5, Remote #ensing in *rchaeology and 6itigation
Inestigations hae conerted archaeological studies from its classical a%%roach
to a dynamic one that integrates with the #cience and Technology of modern
It is ho%ed that this conference will tac-le these deelo%ments that show how
science and technology with its eolutionary a%%roaches and a%%lications has
ta-en archaeology and conseration in new directions0 =e therefore sincerely
inite you to become an actie %artici%ant in this forthcoming conference0
Although S&T is seen to be the main emphasis of our conference, we
believe Archaeology and Tourism should play a central role in it.
Therefore, we encourage specialists in these areas to contribute.
This year has witnessed the Iraq War with subsequent and unfortunate
looting of Iraqis cultural heritage. We believe that special sessions should
be dedicated to contributions related to the protection of heritage against
vandalism as well as measures of protection during wartime. Therefore,
such contribution related to this issue will be greatly valued.
Main Topics to be covered:
• *rchaeology
• Tourism and #ustainability
• Cultural Heritage 6anagement
• !andalism
• *rchaeological Information #ystem *I#
• 3eogra%hical Information #ystem 3I#
• Information Technologies
• #tone =eathering
• Restoration of 6onuments and Historical *rtifacts
• 8olicies and #trategies in Conseration
• *rchaeometry
• 6useology
• Imaging *nd !on(.estructie Techni1ues *%%lications
• *ncient *rt and Technologies
• ;andsca%e *rchaeological Conserations
• "nironmental Im%act *ssessment on cultural heritage
• Heritage 6anagement in Crises and Conflicts
"A#TI$I"ATI%& '%#(
Family Name: SA("I)T#% !ATT*%&)++.+++.+++.+.+
First Name: (A#IA (A#TA++++++++++.+++.+++.+.+
Title: ,r. in Archaeology++++.++++++.+++.+++.+.+
Organization / Institution: &ational *niversity of Tucuman.+++.+.+
Country: Argentina++++++++++.+++.+.+.+++.+.+
City: San (iguel de Tucum-n+++++++++.++..+++.+++.+.+
Street: )spa.a /012++..++++.++++.+++.+++.+.+
ip Code: 3111+++++++++++++++++++.++.+.+++.+.+
!"one: 11435267532341/0+++++++++.+.++.+++.+.+
Fa#: +++++++++++++++++++++++++.+++.+.+

I wish to submit a full %a%er >es !o

!aper Title: 3eogra%hic Information #ystems a%%lied to the -nowledge of
Formatie %eriod cultures 4!orthwest *rgentina5++++.+++.+++.+.+
& poster: ++++++++++++++++++++.+++.+++.+.+

The com%leted Registration Form must be sent, fa2ed or emailed to?

8rof0 .r0 Talal *-asheh
"(mail? ta-asheh@inde20com07o
Fa2? ++AB'(C(/D' BB&/
$r? 6r0 6aher *bu Jafar
"(6ail? m7afar@hu0edu07o
Fa2? ++AB'(C(/D' BB&/
Abstract9 :/11 words or less;
.eadline for abstract submission? *ugust, )
, '++/0 If the
a%%lication andE or abstract are receied after the deadline date, a
late fee of F &++ will be a%%lied to all conference fees0 8artici%ation
fees are F'C+ or "uro 'C+ or J.&)C0 #tudents will be offered a
discount0 * limited amount of su%%ort is aailable for those who
re1uest on a first come first sered basis0 =e regret that we cannot
su%%ort trael under any circumstance0 All papers will be in