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Mukhtiar Ali

Skilled professional with integrity. Committed to quality and excellence. Seeking a
responsible and challenging position in a reputed capacity in a stable organization where
my qualification and experience could be properly utilized.
Committed to professionalism; highly organized, work under strict deadline schedules
with attention to detail.
Feb 2006 - June 20! Pa"istan En#ineerin# Wor"s
Senior Welder and inentory controller
June 20! - $o %ate Oil & 'as Develop(ent )o(pan* Li(ite% +O'D)L,
!eological Sample Catching for "ud #ogging $nit
$o /or" as Wel%er on Oil an% 'as fiel%
Responsibilities as Wel%er at Pa"istan En#ineerin# Wor"s.

• %erform welding from arious departments with help of
welding torches and arcs.
• &nalyze defectie equipment and identify appropriate
defectie equipment and inform superisors.
• "anage work with help of manual welding machines and melt
metals for arious processes.
• "anage welding work and ensure compliance to all
specifications to perform defect work.
• 'eplace new and fabricate parts for ehicle bodies.
• (nsure clean weld )oint to obtain smooth look.
• "aintain disc grinder and perform all cleaning and grinding
of metals.
• &ssemble components with help of power and hand tools.
• "anagement of inentories
"ailing &ddress* +yaz general store, "aywati
near "enmoodabad, ,ando &dam, -istt,
Sanghar, Sindh, %akistan
C(##* ./012134451005

066; 0irpur 12as 3oar% Sindh
-nter(e%iate +)o((erce,
0667 4*%eraba% 3oar% Sindh
)o(puter 5"ills
• "s <ffice =Word, (xcel, %ower%oint >
• %roficient in Windows <S ? internet utilities.
Professional an%
Personal s"ills6
• + hae an ability to communicate in a professional, conincing and
presentable manner.
• (xtremely ambitious and goal oriented with a clear and concise ision of
future ob)ecties.
• &ble to work independently as well as a team player and capable of
handling responsibilities competently.
$rdu, (nglish, Sindhi, %un)abi
Personal infor(ation
@ather Aame* &bdul #atif
"arital Status* "arried
'eligion* +slam
Aationality* %akistan
-ate of Birth* 2/
&ugust, 2/48
Will be furnished on request.