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Job Title : Airport Services Agent Department : STPC/Hotel, Check-in
Boarding, Baggage (EKAS
Job Number : EC! "#,"", "$ -##%"-&ario's
Reports To (Title) : S'pervisor Airport
Grade: EK()$
Reports To (Job No) : #"*$ 01/04/2006
To provide a +'alit, service to EK and Code share passengers in respect to check-in,
-oarding, special services and -aggage services as per co.pan,/s co..ercial and
sa0et, standards and proced'res, so that EK and code share passengers and their
-aggage are handed in a consistent and e1cient .anner(
General Ob,
To provide o'r c'sto.ers -oth internal and e2ternal, 3ith the -est services( 4 3ill do
., -est:
- To cheer0'll, greet ever, c' 3ith a s.ile, #)) 5 o0 the ti.e(
- To ens're that, 4 receive no valid co.plaints 0ro. E.irates c' a-o't the
+'alit, o0 services(
- To .aintain E.irates pro0essional i.age -, adhering to all applica-le corporate g'idelines(
- To deal pro0essionall, 3ith ., peers and .anagers(
C/e-01in 2 boardin3:
• 6'll, adhere to all operational proced'res (S7P 3ith regards to travel, i..igration
and sa0et, reg'lations(
• 4denti0, and .eet the standard and special service re+'ire.ents o0 the passengers
at check-in, trans0er desk, special services and -oarding gates -, adhering to the
set service standards and proced'res so that the passengers are handled in a
0riendl, and e1cient .anner(
• Collect -rie8ng sheet and sta9 allocation, check all the co'nters e+'ip.ents and
stationar,, report technical 0a'lt to :ercator thro'gh E:ACS
• Provide a proactive service to passengers prior to check-in s'ch as, .anaging
+'e'es, re.oving old -aggage tags, handling denied -oarding passenger, sta9
passengers, helping 0a.ilies, identi0,ing those 3ith special needs and code share
passengers, so that the, are directed to the relevant check-in co'nters and are
handled e1cientl,(
• 4nitiate -oarding at the gates, 0ollo3ing laid do3n -oarding priorities,
anno'nce.ents, hand -aggage re.oval, ;ight co'pon reconciliation and head
co'nt con8r.ation in order to assist the process 0or a sa0e and on ti.e depart're o0
EK ;ights( 6or ;ights -oarding 0ro. re.ote, ens're the handling proced're applies(
• <eliver an e1cient service at the trans0er desks 0or arriving EK passengers 3ho are
connecting to another EK / 7A= ;ights -, veri0,ing that their -aggage details are
recorded in :ACS (:ercator Airport Check-in S,ste. prior to checking in passenger
and iss'ing -oarding cards and .eal vo'cher 3here appropriate so that the trans0er
passengers are processed acc'ratel, and e2peditio'sl,(
• Ascertain the handling re+'ire.ents o0 the vario's categories o0 passengers (e(g(
'nacco.panied .inors, 3heelchair, elderl, and incapacitated etc( then ens'res
that appropriate special services and 0acilities are provided to .eet the special
services re+'ire.ents o0 the c'sto.ers(
• Provide cover 0or role a-ove 3hen operational re+'ire.ents de.and this i(e( >Act
Ba33a3e Ser.i-es:
• Checks .essages 0ro. o'tstations relating to short shipped -aggage and ens'res
that those passengers 3ho are a9ected are noti8ed as soon as the, reach the
-aggage arrival caro'sels, then escorts or directs passengers to the Baggage
Services 71ce 3here necessar, and assists 3ith the raising o0 Propert, 4rreg'larit,
reports, the iss'ance o0 4nteri. relie0 pa,.ents and/or overnight kits and the
restoration o0 ite.s le0t on -oard aircra0t, so that passengers are not kept 3aiting
• :onitors -aggage deliver, per0or.ance against agreed standards, keeping
passengers in0or.ed a-o't an, dela,s or irreg'larities 3ith their -aggage, so that a
positive i.age o0 o'r gro'nd prod'ct is .aintained in the e,es o0 EK passengers(
• Co-ordinates 3ith <@ATA !ro'nd 7perations concerning the ret'rn o0 checked in
-ags to passengers 3ho have -een oAoaded, the re-tagging to 8nal destination o0
short tagged -aggage to <BB, the ret'rn o0 -aggage 0or those passengers 3ho
decide to -reak their Co'rne, in <'-ai 0or STPC or <BB and the despatch o0 r'sh
-aggage on other ;ights, so that -ags are restored to their o3ners +'ickl,(
• :onitor 'nclai.ed -aggage and ens'res that details are +'ickl, 'pdated in Dorld
Tracer and that 7H< (on hand stickers are attached to these -ags,
contents/inventor, checked and 7H< 8le 'pdated and placed in the -aggage store
3here necessar,, so that the, can -e restored to their right0'l o3ners or to the
o'tstations as +'ickl, as possi-le(
• Handles arriving E'sh -ags 0ro. EK and 7A= ;ights, ens'ring that the o3ners in
<'-ai are contacted to advise the. o0 deliver, arrange.ents and then .akes those
arrange.ents 3ith the transport co.pan, to deliver on a cost e9ective -asis a0ter
liaising 3ith c'sto.s(
• Helps the passengers 3ho arrive at the land side desk to collect -ags, escorts the.
to the airside area, locates the -aggage and hands it over to its o3ner against a
signat're, then closes the 8le in the s,ste.(
• Handle the Telephone calls received at EK Baggage Services Call Centre, deal 3ith
passenger pro0essionall, and assist the passenger -, providing correct and ti.el,
• O levels
• Pro8cienc, in spoken and 3ritten English(
• Evidence o0 -ehavio'ral skills o'tlined on ASA !$ Behavio'ral Contract
Kno3ledge and Skills:
• Sho'ld have had " ,ears e2perience in a c' service role(
• Kno3ledge o0 airline passenger and -aggage handling pre0era-le(