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Colleen Deputy
and this is my
Table of Contents
Business Card
Graduate Poster
Letter Head
Event Ad Flier
Colleen was born and raised in a small town in the Seattle Area, called Bonney
Lake. She attends the university Brigham Young University of Idaho and is study-
ing Visual Communications. She wants to own her own photography business to
support her future family.
Twitter Username: @C01133bear
Blog Link:
Linked in:
Description: This Montage was inspired by the fact that the 4th of July is coming up, and ot my
family it is nearly as big as Christmas. NOTE: No, I am not trying to be unpatriotic. I love America,
just like you!
Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, Steps taken while designing): At first I searched for my images
that I was going to use. I found an image of a waving flag, an image of the constitution of the Unit-
ed States, and an image of grumpy cat. After I saved them on my desktop, I dragged the image of
the constitution on to photoshop, and made it black and white. I then turned up the Contrast all the
way. Then, I added the image of the waving flag behind it to give it the texture in the background. I
made the colour of that lighter, so that the words are more legible. I used the layers tool, messed
around a little bit, and finally chose “Multiply” to be the effect. Then I added the image of Grumpy
Cat, used my brush tool, made my feather at 100, and drew around the part of Grumpy Cat that I
wanted. I then dragged the image onto the Flag/constitution, arranged it as you see it, and dark-
ened up Crumpy cat so that he was easily seen.
Message: Going into this process, I didn’t really have a message in mind. I was just tying to improve
my skills, and get something out of this week’s project. But after I finished it, what people thought
what the message was that the US people love america, but they aren’t always happy with the
government. Which seems appropiate concerning the state of it right now! So I guess that is my
Audience: The audience is Americans.
Top Thing Learned: I learned that if you don’t take the time to sketch out what you want, then your
design won’t be as good as you hoped it would be. You should always prepare so that you can do
your very best, and get the best grade you can.
Filter / Colorization used and where it was applied: Multiply, that was the only filter I chose, the rest
did weird things that I didn’t like.
Color scheme and color names: Red, White, Blue, Black, White.
Title Font Name & Category: I didn’t use any fonts, the words “We the people” are part of the
Copy Font Name & Category: I didn’t use any fonts, all words were already included in the image of
the constitution.
Sources: I used Google Images to find the images I chose.
Photo Design
Description: You are applying for a job with a company that is looking for an individual who knows photogra-
phy and how to design in Photoshop.
Process: I took this photo in the evening, in my bedroom. Yes, these are most of my shoes. The lighting was
pretty bad so I had to do a bit of work to correct that using the balance, and exposure tool. I also made the
main focus be the purple and teal shoes, so I used the Focus tool to blur the rest of the shoes, although
they were already fairly blurry, and made the designated focal point shoe sharper. I also made sure that the
colours of the shoes were true to their appearance using the vibrance and saturation tool. I then made the
rectangles, overlapped them, and then created a text box for every one of those letters, and then changed
the font and arranged them so that they were aligned.
Message: The message of my design is that a fashion show is coming up, like a preview that would be seen
in a clothing store.
Audience: My audience are women, especially those who enjoy looking fashionable.
Top thing I learned: I learned of the importance of saving things correctly. I did not save this as a photo-
shop file, and so I was not able to go and improve on it after I had received critique. So yes, I did miss one
requirement of the assignment that was to choose a colour scheme from the colour wheel that we learned. I
learned my lesson.
Colour Scheme and Colour Names: Purple and Teal, colours that look good together yes, but it is not a
correct colour scheme.
Font Name and Category: I used the Fonts Apple Chancery (script), and another Sans serif Font to create a
Date and Time: May 21st, 2014. 5:40 pm.
My original image can be found at:
Business Card
Description: Designing stationery for a company, I chose to design my Water Mark for my Photography.
Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): \
Step 1: I opened up Illustrator and used the shape tool to create the size of my business cards, and for my
stationary. Step 2: Then I went to my blog, and chose my image, and put it on the card that represented the
front of it. Step 3: Then I created a text box and typed in my name, highlighted it, and changed the font and
size. Step 4: Then I arranged the photo to the spot I liked it, created a rectangle for the text to rest on. Step
5: chose the colour from the photo, and changed the transparency to 65%. Step 6: I created the flower that
took so long by creating the petal shape, and rotating it over and over again. Then I grouped them together,
made copies of it, changed the shape and colour and layered them how I wanted them, and dragged them
from InDesign to Illustrator and arranged it in the corner that I wanted it to be in. Step 7: I created a text
box, stole the text from my business card, and created a rectangle with 55% transparency and selected the
colour from the photo, and that was my stationary! (Apologies for it not being shown, try to overlook that).
Message: My message was to catch the eyes of fellow photographers, and to get business.
Audience: My audience is females from 18 to 50 years old, interested in having their picture taken, or their
family, perhaps their graduating senior.
Top Thing Learned: I learned that you can go from one program to another, because when I was creating
the flower, I used Illustrator, because I tried making it on InDesign and it was about 10 times harder!
Description: Your employer wants you to design a full-color, folding brochure to help pro-
mote the company product, service or location. Any duplex (two-sided) folding document
can be considered a brochure. Brochures come in all sizes and shapes.
Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):
Message: My message is that those who have clothes who do not need then should
donate them a a good, small town america business that will help them find homes for
those women who need then to get into better places in their lives,
Audience: The audience is those who shop at Rottles Clothing and Shoes, those who had
unnecessary professional clothing to donate to those in need.
Top Thing Learned: I learned that when you put a lot of hard work into a project, and do
all the correct process you can do to improve it, including getting feedback and making
corrections to my design, I can learn and grow more then I would have if I hadn’t made
Color scheme and color names: Teal and Purple, they came straight from the ACTUAL
logo of the ACTUAL store, Complementary.
Copy Font Name & Category:Sans Serif, Eras Medium ITC
Word Count of copy: 261 Words.
Thumbnails of Images used: 4
Sources (Links to images on original websites)
Women Business Silouette:
Rottles Banner:
Description: A potential employer requests a web page of one of your logos with a description
of the design process that demonstrates basic HTML and CSS skills. I went to Youtube videos for
any questions that I had as well.
Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I had a lot of help from some of my friends that are better at
this than an I am, but in the end, I did most of the work, once I had understood the basics, such
as linking your HTML page to your CSS Style sheet, and having it in a folder so that it could be
viewed correctly.
Message: The message of this webpage is to show off my watermark, by choosing colours from
the photo that showcases the logo/watermark. It is meant for females.
Audience: The audience is females from the age 18-50.
Top Thing Learned: I learned a lot of things this week, the fact that I went from zero knowl-
edge about HTML and CSS, and that by the end of 2 weeks I was able to produce a webpage is
beyond me.
Color scheme and color hex: I decided to use a simple monochromatic colour scheme so that it
served it’s purpose and to showcase the logo more correctly.
Title Font Families & Category: The font families that I chose to use were Script, and Oldstyle.
Changes made to the CSS I changed the fonts for the body and title, the background colour to
one from my flower picture, and the center where it shows off the logo on the business cards
white so that it was easy to view, and simple, clean.
Graduate Poster
Description: Black and White Flier announcing a Graduate Leadership Conference
Process:I started sketching on lined paper and then I went on to In-design and made the arrows using the pen tool, then I
created my texts box using the text tool and then I selected my fonts so that they were complimentary, and then I placed my
logo and photo on the document, and made sure that everything was aligned.
Message: I want the message of my flier to be direct, clean and not distracting. I want readers to be able to get the infor-
mation they need about this conference as quickly as possible.
Audience: Those who are recent graduates, ranging from age 20-25
Top thing I learned: I learned that if you really want to be good at something you must work hard, and challenge yourself,
like I did in In-Design, I had never used it before!
Create three completely different, original logos to fit a company or personal image
that will appeal to the audience. Do not imitate existing logos or use your previous
Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):
Step one: I searched for items on Google images, and after some sketching and
brainstorming, I decided to run with my last name as an obcious creative outlet. Step
2: I put the images of the Gun and the star into Illistrater, then I created the star to
match the image, and used the pen tool to go around the gun image. Step 3: I filled
that image in, created the text for the star and the gun image, and chose a font for
both. Step 4: I manipulated the text for the gun to look like a bullet, and created
framing lines for the star. Step 5: I then used the pathfinder tool to make all parts of
the 3 images united. I now had 3 separate logos.
Message: This was supposed to be the first step to branding myself and my photog-
Audience: Photographers.
Top Thing Learned: I learned that I need to save it correctly in order to post in on
here, hence why you don’t see an image like you should have.
Votes on favorite logo: 2
Top Logo = 2 Middle Logo = 3 Bottom Logo = 2
My favorite logo is 3.
Letter Head
Description: You are asked to design a new logo and stationery items. Create a new logo, not one
that was used in the last project, then design a business card and letterhead.
Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I used the programs Adobe Photoshop and InDesign for this
project. First, I opened up a document in InDesign and created a text box in the top left hand cor-
ner and tyoped in the information required, Name, Address, Email and phone number. Then I went
to my blog and took one of my images, and dragged that image into Photoshop. Once the image
was placed in Photoshop I chose the magic wand tool and while holding down shift, selected all
the parts of the flower that I wanted, then I saved that selection. Then I click and dragged it to my
document in InDesign and positioned it as I wanted it, and it was complete!
Message: The message of my design is that I can take good pictures, and that those who are
seeking their pictures to be taken can come to me for quality work!
Audience: My audience is 18 to 50 year old Females.
Top Thing Learned: This was the design that I chose to use some of the 2 hours that was
necesary for editing, because the first time I did this assignment, It was terrible. I had run out
of time, and all I turned in on Ilearn for this assignment was the business cards because I was
ashamed of the letter head.
Color scheme and color names: Monochromatic; Black, White and Fuscia.
Title Font Name & Category: Script, Mistral.
Copy Font Name & Category: None
Event Ad Flier
Description: Colour Flier of a Charity Event which asks people to donate their gently used professional clothing for the homeless.
Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I use this image from the June 2012 Ensign, scanned it in and plugged it into my document. I
then had some text to cover up, so I made some boxes, made them a colour that conveyed my message well, and then created
my text boxes. The to make it look more professional, I made the texts boxes have no fill, or line.
Message: My message is to get people to donate their gently used professional clothing to Rottles Clothing and Shoes, to go to
the charity, Helping hands. I am trying to draw the attention to the fact that homeless women cannot get jobs without profes-
sional clothing, they wouldn’t even get an interview!
Audience: My audience is women mainly, but anyone that has clothing they are not using are welcome to donate clothing to the
Color scheme and color names: I used the colours from the image, pulling the light blue from it. I chose black text because it
would be the easiest to see from afar, and has contrast from the light colours in the image.
Top Thing Learned: I learned that Word is not the easiest way to create things on, besides typing out essays. But, if you work
through it, you can do it!
Title Font Name & Category:
Title: Brush Script MT Italic
Body Text: Calibri (Body)
Scanned images used, sources, original sizes, location of scanner used: I used the scanner on the first level of the Mckay
Library on BYU-Idaho Campus in the commons area.