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What is an ecosystem?
Living and non-living things in an area
What is ecology?

study of ecosystems
(What does the Greek suffix
-ology mean?)
What is a habitat?

Environment that meets the needs of
living things.
What is a niche?
he role of a living thing

What is a !o!ulation?
Grou! of the same kind of living things
living in an area

"lants get their energy from the

What is a !roducer?
$t can make its o%n food
(!lant or algae)

What is an herbivore?
&rganism that only eats !lants
What is a carnivore?
&rganism that only eats meat
What is an omnivore?
&rganisms that eat !lants or
What is a food chain?
'ovement of energy in a se(uence
What is a food %eb?
Grou! of food chains connected
What is a consumer?
)n animal that eats !lants or other

Give an exam!le of a !roducer*
consumer and decom!oser.
What is a decom!oser?
) living thing that feeds on remains of
!lants and animals
+ra% a food chain and label it.
(answers vary)

Why are there less animals or organisms
as you go level of an energy !yramid?

What could ha!!en if a link %as
missing from a food %eb? (,or
exam!le* all the mice disa!!ear?)

)s you go u! each level* each organism
needs more energy to survive. -ecause the
to! of the !yramid needs so much energy*
its com!etition is stiff. he largest
organism needs a lot of energy from other

"ossible ans%ers.
$f mice !o!ulation disa!!ears the
snake !o!ulation %ill decrease.
&nce snakes disa!!ear* the ha%ks
could die or be forced to find
other ty!es of food.
What could ha!!en if too many deer
!o!ulated a forest?
oo many deer can result in less food for
other animals.
What factors in the environment
can affect the !o!ulation?
/atural disasters
)biotic (drought* flood)
-iotic factor (insects that eat
too much* humans)
%o trees fell in a forest. ,ungus starts
gro%ing on the oak tree but not the !ine
tree. What can %e infer %ill ha!!en to the
oak tree?
$nfer that the tree %ith the decom!osers
%ill decom!ose faster.
) family of coyotes moves into a
forest. What conclusions can you
dra% about %hat %ill ha!!en to
the deer !o!ulation.

$f a !ack of coyotes moves in* $
can dra% a conclusion that the
deer !o!ulation may decrease.
What does biotic mean?
Living things in an ecosystem
Give an exam!le of a biotic organism?
)nimals* !eo!le* etc.
What does abiotic mean?
/on-living things in an ecosystem.
Give an exam!le of an abiotic 0
soil* sun* %ater