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• GATE 2015 Syllabus for

Mechanical Engineering ME
:ECC Delhi
"inear Algebra: Matrix algebra, Systems of linear equations, Eigen values
and eigen vectors.
Calculus: Functions of single variable, Limit, continuity and diferentiability,
Mean value theorems, Evaluation of denite and im!ro!er integrals, "artial
derivatives, #otal derivative, Maxima and minima, $radient, %ivergence and
&url, 'ector identities, %irectional derivatives, Line, Surface and 'olume
integrals, Sto(es, $auss and $reen)s theorems.
Di#eren$ial E%ua$ions: First order equations *linear and nonlinear+,
,igher order linear diferential equations -ith constant coe.cients,
&auchy)s and Euler)s equations, /nitial and boundary value !roblems,
La!lace transforms, Solutions of one dimensional heat and -ave
equations and La!lace equation.
Co&'le( )ariables:0nalytic functions, &auchy)s integral theorem, #aylor and
Laurent series.
*robabili$y an+ S$a$is$ics: %enitions of !robability and sam!ling theorems,
&onditional !robability, Mean, median, mode and standard deviation, 1andom
variables, "oisson,2ormal and 3inomial distributions.
Nu&erical Me$ho+s: 2umerical solutions of linear and non4linear algebraic
equations /ntegration by tra!e5oidal and Sim!son)s rule, single and multi4
ste! methods for diferential equations.
Engineering Mechanics: Free body diagrams and equilibrium6 trusses and
frames6 virtual -or(6 (inematics and dynamics of !articles and of rigid bodies
in !lane motion, including im!ulse and momentum *linear and angular+ and
energy formulations6 im!act.
S$reng$h of Ma$erials: Stress and strain, stress4strain relationshi! and
elastic constants, Mohr)s circle for !lane stress and !lane strain, thin
cylinders6 shear force and bending moment diagrams6 bending and shear
stresses6 de7ection of beams6 torsion of circular shafts6 Euler)s theory of
columns6 strain energy methods6 thermal stresses.
Theory of Machines: %is!lacement, velocity and acceleration analysis of
!lane mechanisms6 dynamic analysis of slider4cran( mechanism6 gear trains6
,ibra$ions: Free and forced vibration of single degree of freedom systems6
efect of dam!ing6 vibration isolation6 resonance, critical s!eeds of shafts.
Design: %esign for static and dynamic loading6 failure theories6 fatigue
strength and the S42 diagram6 !rinci!les of the design of machine elements
such as bolted, riveted and -elded 8oints, shafts, s!ur gears, rolling and
sliding contact bearings, bra(es and clutches.
-lui+ Mechanics: Fluid !ro!erties6 7uid statics, manometry, buoyancy6
control4volume analysis of mass, momentum and energy6 7uid acceleration6
diferential equations of continuity and momentum6 3ernoulli)s equation6
viscous 7o- of incom!ressible 7uids6 boundary layer6 elementary turbulent
7o-6 7o- through !i!es, head losses in !i!es, bends etc.
!ea$/Transfer: Modes of heat transfer6 one dimensional heat conduction,
resistance conce!t, electrical analogy, unsteady heat conduction, ns6
dimensionless !arameters in free and forced convective heat transfer,
various correlations for heat transfer in 7o- over 7at !lates and through
!i!es6 thermal boundary layer6 efect of turbulence6 radiative heat transfer,
blac( and grey surfaces, sha!e factors, net-or( analysis6 heat exchanger
!erformance, LM#% and 2#9 methods.
Ther&o+yna&ics: :eroth, First and Second la-s of thermodynamics6
thermodynamic system and !rocesses6 &arnot cycle.irreversibility and
availability6 behaviour of ideal and real gases, !ro!erties of !ure substances,
calculation of -or( and heat in ideal !rocesses6 analysis of thermodynamic
cycles related to energy conversion.
A''lica$ions: "o-er Engineering: Steam #ables, 1an(ine, 3rayton cycles -ith
regeneration and reheat. /.&. Engines: air4standard ;tto, %iesel cycles.
1efrigeration and air4conditioning: 'a!our refrigeration cycle, heat !um!s,
gas refrigeration, 1everse 3rayton cycle6 moist air: !sychrometric chart, basic
!sychrometric !rocesses. #urbomachinery:"elton4-heel, Francis and <a!lan
turbines 4 im!ulse and reaction !rinci!les, velocity diagrams.
Engineering Ma$erials: Structure and !ro!erties of engineering materials,
heat treatment, stress4strain diagrams for engineering materials.
Me$al Cas$ing: %esign of !atterns, moulds and cores6 solidication and
cooling6 riser and gating design, design considerations.
-or&ing: "lastic deformation and yield criteria6 fundamentals of hot and cold
-or(ing !rocesses6 load estimation for bul( *forging, rolling, extrusion,
dra-ing+ and sheet *shearing, dee! dra-ing, bending+ metal forming
!rocesses6 !rinci!les of !o-der metallurgy.
=oining: "hysics of -elding, bra5ing and soldering6 adhesive bonding6 design
considerations in -elding.
Machining and Machine #ool ;!erations: Mechanics of machining, single
and multi4!oint cutting tools, tool geometry and materials, tool life and -ear6
economics of machining6 !rinci!les of non4traditional machining !rocesses6
!rinci!les of -or( holding, !rinci!les of design of 8igs and xtures
Me$rology an+ Ins'ec$ion: Limits, ts and tolerances6 linear and angular
measurements6 com!arators6 gauge design6 interferometry6 form and nish
measurement6 alignment and testing methods6 tolerance analysis in
manufacturing and assembly.
&om!uter /ntegrated Manufacturing: 3asic conce!ts of &0%>&0M and their
integration tools.
"roduction "lanning and &ontrol: Forecasting models, aggregate
!roduction !lanning, scheduling, materials requirement !lanning.
/nventory &ontrol: %eterministic and !robabilistic models6 safety stoc(
inventory control systems.
;!erations 1esearch: Linear !rogramming, sim!lex and du!lex method,
trans!ortation, assignment, net-or( 7o- models, sim!le queuing models,
"E1# and &"M.