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Gracious Society without Social Planning

Goh Chok Tong’s open suggestion of setting up a review
committee on social policies is directly admitting that the
PAP has no social planning in the past 50 years. They have
no social planning of a cohesive society, not to mention a
gracious society at all. So, what do they have? They have
social engineering for economic planning, at the expense of
social unity and cohesion.

During his time as Prime Minister, Goh Chok Tong
championed for a gracious society and a Swiss standard living
for Singaporeans. What he was trying to do then was to
promote economic growth without social planning. Otherwise,
why did he suggest the social committee out of the
blue? Surely, he and his PAP leadership had not thought of it
before, only until recently.

The PAP is just using the big dream of gracious society as a
mean to push for more growth. Lee Hsien Loong, after Goh,
shifts the economy to even higher gear to promote growth
without any social consideration. He admitted the
infrastructure has failed to catch up. The truth is not the
hardware had failed, the software, like social planning it
totally absent or moving at the wrong direction.

So, would you be surprised to read news like:
[ESM Goh calls for committee to review Singapore's social
policies] #1

It proves that all along the PAP has forgotten the social
planning. What they have is media control, propaganda and
social engineering in support of economic growth and social

Goh calls for setting up a Social Review Committee that
could help identify and provide solutions to the social
challenges facing the country. These challenges will weigh
more significantly on future governments. #1

Is he implying that when he was PM, there were no social
challenges? Or, even there were social challenges, the media
and social engineering will help to neutralize them or ignore
them at all. It is just like Lee Hsien Loong’s attitude towards
our very low ranking of press freedom:

[Responding to a question on Singapore's relatively low
ranking by global media watchdog Reporters Without Borders,
Mr Lee said: "I have given up that (Reporters Without
Borders’ ranking)... I do not take them seriously."] #2
The PAP not only underestimates the challenges. They
simply never take them seriously. So, we really don’t know
what things the PAP is really serious about besides high
economic growth.

Succession planning?

Lee said the PAP has already put a lot of thought into
succession planning, saying that they always make sure to
have a new team ready to take charge and move ahead.

We also hear Temasek is looking for a replacement for Ho

Perhaps, according to Goh’s suggestion of social committee,
the PAP will only seriously consider setting up a special
committee for succession planning 50 years later.

How many Singaporeans are seriously thinking there is
succession planning in the PAP and in Temesak?

Fair and equitable society

In the interview, Mr Goh said that "what's needed is a
coherent framework to pull all the different components
together -- to make it a holistic, effective, and sustainable
social compact to ensure Singapore remains a fair and
equitable society." #1

The framework for a cohesive society in Singapore has
already in place longer ago. Maybe the PAP is in power for
too long, they have forgotten their own framework:
[We, the citizens of Singapore, pledge ourselves as one united
people, regardless of race, language or religion,
to build a democratic society based on justice and equality so
as to achieve happiness, prosperity and
progress for our nation.]
Fair and equitable society as mentioned in Goh’s interview
has already clearly highlighted in the National Pledge of
Singapore. We pledge it every day when we are in schools.

His suggestion of a social review committee is an
acknowledgment that the PAP is moving away from their
own original framework – the very original pledge of
Singapore independence.

This proves how far the PAP has deviated from the original
aim of our independence.

Will the setting up of social committee bring back the spirit,
the commitment of social justice and equality? or it is just
another social engineering.