Clean Edison Solar PV Mastery Training

Date : Dec 22, 2014 - 08:00 AM - Dec 26, 05:00 PM
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Organizer : Clean Edison
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Location : Long Island 369 Old Country Road
New York NY US
ZIP: 11514
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CleanEdison's Solar PV Mastery Combo course aligns with the standards set forth by the North
American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). This course will provide individuals
with the knowledge, skills and certification needed to become fully certified solar energy
Why Take This Course:
Employers and customers expect Solar Panel Installation Training for installers, and
NABCEP certification is often required to qualify for installation incentives and rebates.
This course provides all 58 hours (18 basic* and 40 advanced) of training required for
NABCEP PV Installer Certification.
You can enter this course as an absolute beginner, and you will leave with the advanced
knowledge needed to stand out as an experienced and qualified photovoltaic installer,
project manager, or system design engineer.
You will gain solar installation skills that can immediately be applied to the field
The solar energy industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the nation
*18 basic credit hours can only be achieved by successfully passing the NABCEP Entry Level
There are no prerequisites. Our Solar PV Mastery Combo Course is ideal for:
Anyone who aspires to become a certified solar PV installation professional
What You'll Learn:
CleanEdison's Solar PV Mastery Course begins with the 20-hour Entry Level Photovoltaic online
course. Then, you will join experienced Solar industry professionals for the 5-day Advanced
Solar Photovoltaic live class.
Online Course Objectives:
Calculate basic electricity values
Identify the elements of PV systems
Recognize important PV terms
Understand the history of PV
Identify consumers of PV technology
Recognize advantages and disadvantages of PV systems
Identify types of PV systems
Understand daily and annual solar variations
Understand the importance of PV location
Learn about techniques for shading analysis
Be able to calculate electricity production from a PV system
Learn about additional resources and solar energy employment opportunities
Day 1 Course Outline:
Section A1: Verify Client Needs
Section A2: Review Site Survey
Section A3: Confirm System Sizing
Section A4: Review Design of Energy Storage Systems
Section A5: Confirm String Sizing Calculations
Section A6: Review System Component Selection
Section A7: Review Wiring and Conduit Size Calculations
Day 2 Course Outline:
Section A8: Review Overcurrent Protection
Section A9: Review Fastener Selection
Section A10: Review Plan Sets
Section B1: Conduct Pre-Construction Meetings
Section B2: Secure Permits and Approval
Section B3: Manage Project Labor
Section B4: Adapt System Design
Day 3 Course Outline:
Section B5: Manage Project Equipment
Section B6: Implement a Site-Specific Safety Plan
Section C1: Mitigate Electrical Hazards
Section C2: Install Grounding Systems
Section C3: Install Conduit and Raceways
Section C4: Install Electrial Components
Section C5: Install Circuit Conductors
Day 4 Course Outline:
Section C6: Install UtilityInterconnection
Section C7: Install System Instrumentation
Section C8: Install Battery Components
Section D1: Install Equipment Foundation
Section D2: Install Mounting Syste,
Section D3: Install PV Modules
Section E1: Testing the System
Day 5 Course Outline:
Section E2: Commission th System
Section E3: Complete System Documentation
Section E4: Orient Customer to System
Section F1: Conducting Maintenance and Troubleshooting
Section F2: Perform Visual Inspection
Section F2: Perform Visual Inspection
Section F3: Verify System Operation
Section F4: Perform Corrective Actions
Section F5: Verify Effectiveness of Corrective Actions
What's Included:
20-hour online Entry Level Solar Photovoltaic class to be completed anytime on your
5-day Advanced Solar Photovoltaic course, including 4 days in the classroom and 1 full
day of hands-on training with real panels
- Both Options Include -
100 practice questions for the NABCEP PV Installer exam.
National Electric Code Handbook 2011. $133 value
Photovoltaics Design and Installation Manual. $60 value
NABCEP Entry Level Exam fee, if requested. $95 value
NABCEP Certification
CleanEdison's Solar PV Mastery course prepares participants to earn the nationally recognized
NABCEP PV Installation Professional Certification.
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