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 Carrefour Market

Carrefour Market is a French supermarket chain created in 2007, owned by the international retail
group Carrefour, and has currently stores in France and several other countries.
Carrefour Market is created in 2007, to eventually replace the older supermarkets of the Carrefour Group
like Champion (Internationally), GB Supermarkets (Belgium) and GS(Italy).
Since 2011, the Carrefour group had decided to deploy Carrefour Market supermarkets internationally.
Carrefour Market around the world
 In Belgium, all Carrefour GB and remaining Champion (Wallonia) supermarkets will eventually
become a Carrefour Market. As of April 2013, there are 354 Carrefour Market stores, for more info
see GB Group and GIB Group.
 In Egypt, the Carrefour Group has 5 Carrefour Market stores in the country.
 In Italy, the first Carrefour Market has opened in November 2008.
 In Malaysia, the first Carrefour Market store was opened in November 2009.
 In Morocco, from 28 July 2011, all Label'Vie supermarkets will become Carrefour Market-Label'Vie
 In Spain, the first Carrefour Express supermarkets were all rebranded and became Carrefour Market
in 2011.
 In Tunisia, all Champion stores became a Carrefour Market.
 In Turkey, from 2010 several supermarkets became Carrefour Market stores.

 Géant Casino
Géant Casino part of French retailing giant Groupe Casino, is a hypermarket chain and is based
in Saint-Étienne, France.

In 1970, Géant was created in France after opening the first store.
As of June 2013 Géant Casino has about 130 hypermarkets all over the world. The concept is, like most
hypermarkets, to have all kinds of items available under one roof. A card system has been introduced by
Géant which rewards customers for their loyalty, with a price discount on certain groceries. There are
over two million Géant card-holders today.
Géant Casino is recognised as the 5th largest hypermarket chain in the world and the fourth largest in
France after Carrefour, E.Leclerc and Auchan.
[citation needed]

Géant in different parts of the world[edit]
Country First store Stores
France 1970 120
Martinique 1997 2
Uruguay 1999 1
Bahrain 2001 2
United Arab Emirates 2005 1
Kuwait 2005 1
Tunisia 2005 1
Guadeloupe 2010 1
Guyane 2010 1

Middle East
Fu-Com joined hands with Groupe Casino, to bring the Géant hypermarket brand to the Middle-East for
the first time.
In May 2001, Géant opened its first store in Bahrain and in Dubai in 2005.

 Lebanon: Géant had 1 hypermarket in Lebanon, it was bought in late 2008 by Sultan Trading
Center, and was replaced byTSC mega.
 Poland: Géant had 12 hypermarkets in Poland, they were bought in late 2007 and early 2008
by German company Metro AGand replaced with Real.
 Republic of China: Géant had several hypermarket locations in Taiwan as a joint venture with
another Taiwanese company. After Géant pulled out of the country, the existing hypermarkets were
renamed a.mart.
 Saudi Arabia: Géant operated several hypermarkets in the kingdom until 2009 when it was sold
to rival Hyper Panda by the local franchisée partner of Géant France.

Visual history

1992 - 2007
(still used in Uruguay and Bahrain)
2007 - present

 E.Leclerc –
E.Leclerc is a French hypermarketchain, headquartered in Ivry-sur-Seine.
E.Leclerc was
established on 1 January 1948 byÉdouard Leclerc.
E.Leclerc currently has more than 500 locations in
France and 114 stores outside of the country, as of 2012.
The chain enables semi-independent stores
to operate under the Leclerc brand.
Own brand ranges come under the Marque Repère and Eco+ banners. Some larger hypermarkets have a
separate entertainment/multimedia section, under the name ofEspace Culturel.

 1948: Edouard Leclerc opens the first supermarket in Landerneau, Brittany
 1956: Start of E.Leclerc’s clothing range
 1960: The 60th E.Leclerc opens in Issy-les-Moulineaux
 1969: 95 supermarkets close in order to be taken over by Intermarché
 1979: Leclerc creates SIPLEC (a petrol import organisation)
 1985: Leclerc is the first retailer to sell jewelley within supermarkets with its 'Le Manège à Bijoux'
 1992: Leclerc opens first Spanish supermarket and starts European expansion
 1995: Leclerc stops giving out plastic bags for free
 2000: Leclerc opens first Slovenian hypermarket in Ljubljana on June 7
 2002: Leclerc creates a joint-venture with Conad in Italy
 2007: Leclerc opens second Slovenian hypermarket in Maribor on November 7
 2007: Sales reach €30 billion.

 Champion
Champion was a supermarket chain that operated in France and owned by the international
retailer Carrefour. There were also Champion in Belgium supermarkets , Spain, Poland , Greece,
Turkey and Argentina.

In 1993, Champion became the main sponsor of the Polka Dot Jersey in the Tour de France until 2008.
From 2009, Carrefour took over the sponsorship.
In 1999, Champion is taken over by the Carrefour Group after the fusion of Promodèsand Champion
grows by absorbing the Stoc chain.
In 2006, Carrefour closed most Brazilian Champion stores and rebranded the remainder to the Carrefour
Bairro. Also, all Spanish and Turkish Champion supermarkets were rebranded as Carrefour Express in
2006; some of them became Maxi DIA.
In 2008, Champion was the second largest supermarket chain in France, its annualturnover was €13.5bn.
There were over 1,000 stores and 45,000 employees. In 2008, it was announced that most stores would
be rebranded to Carrefour Market between september 2008 and october 2009. In 2009, there were 135
supermarkets, in 2011 less than 100 stores.
In 2013, there are only 2 Champion stores in France which remains in activity in Paris (18th
arrondissement) and in Pouzac.
Champion in Belgium
In Belgium, the Champion stores are owned by Carrefour and Groupe Mestdagh. In 2009, there were 67
Champion stores. From 2013, it was decided by Carrefour that most Champion stores in Belgium would
be rebranded as Carrefour Market-Groupe Mestdagh.
As of July 2013, there are 21 stores left ; 7 in Hainaut, 5 in Namur, 4 in Liège, 3 in Walloon Brabant, 1
in Limburg and Luxembourg.

 Simply Market
Simply Market is a brand of French supermarkets formed in 2005. This brand is a new concept to
eventually replace Atac supermarkets. The brand belongs to theAuchanSuper subsidiary that manages
the branches of Auchan supermarkets. The group plans to open 500 Simply Market supermarkets in
France by 2015.

 1959 : Opened first supermarket in Bagneux Doc
 1985 : Creation of the first supermarket Atac
 1996 : Selling of the Docks de France group to Auchan
 1998 : Birth of the Atac group, a sibling of the Auchan Group.
 2005 : Launch of the brand Simply Market: opening of its first supermarket in Bagneux

 2009 : Launch of website 42 stores in Ile de France, home delivery or removed
 2009/2010 : Transformation of Atac supermarkets to Simply Market
Logo Design

Old Logo

Logo as of 2008

 Intermarché -
Intermarché is the brand of a general commercial French supermarket, part of the large retail group 'Les
Mousquetaires' founded in 1969 under the name EX Offices, by Jean-Pierre Le Roch. EX Offices was
renamed Intermarché in 1972.
Jean-Pierre Le Roch is the founder and first president of this franchise, and has provided leadership until
1994, then directly through the group 'Les Mousquetaires' made necessary by the creation of other

Founded in 1969 under the name of EX Offices de distribution by Jean-Pierre Le Roch, the chain became
Intermarché in 1972.
On 9 June 2009, Les Mousquetaires announced the extension of the Intermarché brand to all their
subsidiaries, except Netto. Now Intermarché decline is based on the sales floor, as well as its location.
The old food stores owned by Les Mousquetaires under several brands, as well as the existing
Intermarché stores have been divided into several groups:
 Intermarché Hyper for the largest stores between 3,200 m
and 6,000 m

 Intermarché Super around 2,000 m
, for most Intermarché stores
 Intermarché Express convenience stores installed in city centers
 Intermarché Contact convenience stores in rural areas which mostly replaceÉcomarché stores.

An Intermarché supermarket in Poland.
Intermarché outside France
Since 1991, Les Mousquetaires has had Intermarché stores in Portugal and Belgium, from 1997 in
Poland and from 1999 also in Serbia and Romania.
In autumn 2012, after a decade of existence, Intermarché left the Romanian market because of poor
sales. It was known as Interex in Romania.