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Progress Status Report
Project Name: Improving Trauma Documentation in the ER
Project Manager Name: Holly Leveille Report Period ending: 6/29/2014
Total Number of project hours completed thus far: 48 hours
A. Progress Made Since beginning the Project:
The progress that has been made has been quite slow with trying to meet my goals and
project objectives. Objective 1-part a and c have partially been completed. With Objective 2,
part b has been completed. I have gathered many articles and data in regards to the importance
of maintain accurate times while in the ED and documenting Glasgow Coma Scales (GCS). I
believe that this information will be helpful to present to employees during the teaching part of
this activity. I have meet with Janee, my interim ED manager multiple times to further discuss
the development of our trauma program at North Ottawa Community Hospital (NOCH). We
have discussed many times, how to implement GCS documentation and how to maintain
accurate times. Kelli Overway and I have sat down and now educated and trained Janee in
ImageTrend (the statewide data collection software system).
B. Progress Expected next reporting period:
I currently feel like I am very behind where I would like to be in this project. I would have
liked to be further along by this point in time. I have had to sit down and reevaluate my goals of
this project. I have determined that our hospital is not ready to start logging data into the
ImageTrend website on a regular basis yet, by June 15
, 2014 as regularly planned. Over the
next 2 weeks, I plan on meeting with the ED Meditech super user to determine what and if any
changes can be made to the ED module to help us document GCS’s for patients. I will also start

working on a poster board presentation about the importance of using accurate times and what
ImageTrend actually is. Janee, Kelli, and I are continuing trying to work with coding to gather
the patient data for the patients who will be logged into the database. I plan on presenting my
coworkers with information on what ImageTrend is, why we need to log GCS, how we will be
logging it, and why we need to keep accurate times.
C. Interdisciplinary Collaboration:
The use of interdisciplinary collaboration is going to be key with this project. So far I
have been working with my ED interim manager to coordinate trauma education,
implementation, and research. I have been working with my supervisor Kelli Overway, who was
also ImageTrend trained with me to educate Janee, the new ED interim manager, to develop the
manual, start logging data, and launching the program. Kelli and I will also be potentially
training Kelly Daniels, another ER RN to log data, because Kelli Overway will be leaving the
hospital in September.
Working with the information technologies (IT) department was also very important
because they were the ones who were able to give feedback on what changes could and couldn’t
be done with the computer systems. They were also the ones who were able to work directly
with the Meditech programmers who are based in Boston to make changes to our specific
computer system that our hospital uses.
D. Issues/Concerns
The issues or concerns that I have experienced so far with this project have to do with
starting the collection of the actual logging of data into ImageTrend. When I picked my topics I
felt that they were real issues of improvement that were needed in the ED. Change came about

to the project when key members left the project or there was an organizational change
(Heldman, 2011, p. 241) at our hospital. The initial ED manager left and a new ED manager
filled in her spot which meant I have spent hours educating and then training her on the data
collection and software piece of ImageTrend. The new ED director has many things that she
would like to address throughout the department. ImageTrend trauma data logging, addressing
the need for GCS collection on many patients, and accurate time problems are many of the issues
that are on her already long list.
Another issue I didn’t expect was to have two large projects this semester that would take
up quite a bit of my time. I have been feeling very stressed with returning to work after medical
leave, have had financial stress, and also I am worried about success with these projects
(especially since this one isn’t right where I want it to be).
E. Plan to Address Issues/Concerns
In order to maintain this project, I need to address the issues and concerns that are
present. First I need to make sure that I am balancing work, school, and my personal life. I need
to try and balance the stress of all three. I notice that I do better with this when I write down a
list of tasks that need to be completed and can visually see when they are due.
Heldman (2011) states that the project manager needs to be flexible when dealing with
change, change happens, communication about change needs to happen quickly, and the project
manager needs to know when to say no (p. 240).
I understand that my management team has changed at work, and that I have no control
over this. My new manager is very busy with learning her new role in our department. She has
many new tasks to complete, quite a few meetings to attend, and many new ideas that she would
like to implement. A way to control the outcome of my project would be to adjust the project

schedule (Heldman, 2011, p. 250). This isn’t possible since we have deadlines for the project
because of this class. Another way to control the outcome is to modify the scope (Heldman,
2011, p. 250). I am considering modifying the objectives of the plan. The objective to be
removed would be logging data into ImageTrend software by July 1, 2014. Currently our
department does not have the hours available to pay someone to document the patient’s charts
into the software program by this start date. We have currently trained our manager in the
software, but to push to have a plan in place by July 1, 2014 will be impossible.


Heldman, K. (2011). Project Management JumpStart. (3
ed.). Indianapolis, IN: Wiley
McSpiritt, C. (2010). Three ways to get your project back on schedule. Retrieved from


Holly Leveille
FSU Nur 495
Improving Trauma Documentation in the ED
6/13 Meeting with Janee 3
6/18 Meeting with Janee 3
Gathering data 20
Data entry w/Kelli Overway on ImageTrend 10
Meeting with IT 2
Problem solving phone conversation with ImageTrend 2
ImageTrend Training 8