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Abigail Feller

Design Portfolio
Abigail Feller
525 South Center St.
Rexburg, ID, 83460
Design Contents
Stationery: Business Card
Stationery: Letterhead
Event Ad
This brochure is the insert to a board game we designed and created for
children in my Design Thinking & Innovation class.
Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):
The logos for both the game (“The Box”) and the design team (“Escape Artists
Creative Agency”) were designed in Adobe Illustrator. The images, background,
image editing were done in Adobe Photoshop. The brochure itself was created in
Adobe InDesign. Blending the different cardboard texture backgrounds together
and making the images look printed onto cardboard took a lot of Photoshop
work, and the layout and fnal project utilized a lot of skill in InDesign.
The brochure lays out the purpose, rules, and how-to-play of a game called The
This brochure is meant to be a game insert for a game targeted at children
aged 6-11. The brochure needed to be youthful enough to appeal to children in
that age group, but professional enough to appeal to their parents, who would
generally be the ones purchasing the game.
Top Thing Learned:
I learned how to use InDesign to lay out and fnish a creative and professional
brochure. I learned how to edit and blend images in Photoshop.
Title Font:
The title font used in the logo and the section titles/ decorative words is called
Coolvetica. The secondary font used in the title and the team logo on the back is
called My Silly Willy Girl.
Copy Font:
Microsoft Sans Serif
Front First page inside
Full inside
My uncle owns a small pool resurfacing company called Advanced Pool Coatings,
based in Loomis, California. For this project, I chose to design logos for that
Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):
These logos were all created in Adobe Illustrator. I used Illustrator to draw new
shapes, trace images I found online, and add and manipulate text. This is one of the
frst projects I’ve done with Illustrator, and it took me hours and hours to get these
logos right. Spending all that time in the program helped me gain many new skills.
Three sets of Title / Body Font Names & Categories:
Logo 1:
Title: Myriad, sans-serif
Body: Myriad (italic), sans-serif
Logo 2:
Title (“Advanced”): Pacifco, decorative script
Body (“Pool Coatings”): Silverfake, slab-serif
Logo 3:
Title/Body: Trocchi, serif
Abbie Feller
COMM 130 06
Logos Project
Company: Advanced Pool Coatings
Pool Coatings
Advanced Pool Coatings
Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):
This business card was created in Adobe InDesign. The “Chloe” logo was created
in Adobe Illustrator. I made the logo in illustrator, and traced it/cut it out so that
the form of the circle would appear white and let the negative space of the name
show whatever color was behind the logo. Doing this will allow me to create
additional items for Chloe using the same logo on any color we choose. I met
with Chloe to decide on the colors and style of her professional stationery, and
sketched some of the ideas we came up with. Then, I crafted the logo in Illustrator
and ran it by her. She loved it, so I created the business card to feature it.
Chloe is an esthetician, which means she is licensed to provide such services as
brow/body waxing, chemical peels, facials, and professional makeup application.
Chloe’s services are her own personal brand, so I didn’t think her logo needed
any words besides her name. I wanted to communicate the nature of those
services through the colors/style of the logo. I wanted the colors/style of the
stationery to refect a spa-like atmosphere, to connect esthetics to relaxation and
The target audience is women and young women who would visit an esthetician,
which meant my logo had to appeal mainly to “girly-girls.”
Top Thing Learned:
I learned more advanced skills in Illustrator making this logo than I did in my last
project (the logos for Advanced Pool Coatings). I also got a lot more in-depth with
InDesign, learning how to create a watermark and format specifc sizes for the
front and back of a card.
Title Font Name:
Copy Font Name:
This letterhead coordinates with the business card (previous page). Here,
the Chloe logo is inverted so that the circle is gray and the negative space
is white. This is repeated in the watermark, which is the same logo with
increased transparency. The middle circle and the circle containing the
contact information repeat the teal used as an accent on the business card.
The three circles repeat the motif created by the triple dot in the Chloe logo,
comprised of the umlaut and the cirlce in the fourish at the end of the e. Once
again, the gray and teal color scheme and decorative font make this both
professional and feminine, perfect for the feld in which Chloe works.
This is an event ad for a fctional event benefting a fctional organization.
This ad was made entirely in Microsoft Word, using an image scanned from a
magazine. I used a scanner, then edited the image and made the fier around it.
I used only word to ad text boxes, format colors, and edit the image.
The fier advertises a charity event to which people are meant to bring old or
unwanted eyeglass frames. The when, where, what, and what-to-bring of the
event are included.
My ad is designed to be eye-catching. It appeals primarily to women, who are
statistically more likely to donate old clothes/accessories to a cause.
Top Thing Learned:
It is possible to make a great design using only Word!
Title Font Name:
Copy Font Name:
Arial Unicode MS
Image courtesy of Lucky Magazine.