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The Center for Disease Con-
trol (CDC) in the United
States estimates that more
than 90 percent of all diseas-
es are related to stress. Can
you believe it? Stress causes
you to adopt damaging life-
style habits. Do you suffer
from a poor diet, a lack of
exercise, irregular sleep
patterns and a hyperactive
mind? I would bet my house
that the primary cause of
these symptoms is stress.
Plain and simple.
On a daily basis, we live on
borrowed energy. In an ef-
fort to do more in less time,
we over-caffeinate ourselves
in the morning; we consume
far too much chemically
adulterated food that is too
sweet and too salty; we
substitute water for energy
drinks that are, at the end
of the day, good for noth-
ing. The result? Headaches,
fatigue, muscle cramps, and
ultimately chronic diseases
such as hypertension, obe-
sity, diabetes, heart disease
and even cancer.
In the animal kingdom,
the body switches off when
the sun sets. But that’s not
what happens in today’s
world. Artificial light, pro-
longed working hours, traf-
fic and TV make the day
much longer than it should
be. The brain and body have
changed so little in the last
several thousand years.
Modern lifestyle flies in
the face of human evolution.
Ancient man was success-
ful because he lived on his
feet. Today, we do nothing
but sit. We sit when we eat,
when we drive, when we
work, when we get home –
exhausted. And so we get fat.
I know you have the inten-
tion to change. We all do.
However, the solution is not
a pill. Health does not come
in a bottle, I promise. So
what’s your next step?
Stress is Enemy #1
People are conditioned to believe that the human race
is getting ‘healthier’ as time goes by. If only.
Prof KIRAN BHAGAT is a cardiologist
and founder of Heart Foundation
Botswana (HFB). Contact Prof Bhagat:
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power up in the morning? It
starts with two ingredients: a
squeezed lemon and a glass of
Improves your digestion
Lemons help to purify the
liver and provide a boost for
digestive acids.
Supports immune function
Vitamin C will keep you firing
on all cylinders during winter,
while everyone else gets the
Balance your pH
If you eat a lot of meat, cheese
and alcohol, lemon juice will
ensure your pH balance is
where it should be.
Detox your system
Lemon water is a natural
diuretic, helping your body to
flush out toxins.
Pump your energy
You may hesitate to give up
your morning coffee, but
the combination of water
and lemon helps to hydrate
and oxygenate the body,
which feels much better than
Keeps your skin shining
Chronic dehydration makes
your skin look dull. The
antioxidants in Vitamin C also
fight ageing.
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