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Week 1
The Mystical Heart
of Abraham
with Christopher Bamford
Cancer: Living Forces
and the Soul Experiences
Near the Threshold
with Hans-Broder von
Laue, M.D. &
Rev. Julia Polter

2012 Renewal Courses
Week I: June 24 – 29 • Week II: July 1 – 6
For Waldorf teachers and administrators––along with parents,
trustees, artists, and thinkers seeking to deepen
their lives through anthroposophy.

The Art of Child Study:
An Inspirational Path to
Understand the Unfolding
Human Being
with Christof Wiechert

A Bridge Across the
Threshold: Creating
a Living Connection
with Marianne Dietzel

Picture Your Life:
Fundamentals of
Biography through
Eurythmy and the Arts
with Regina Kurek &
Linda Larson

Crossing the Rubicon:
Grades Six, Seven, and
Eight in the Waldorf
School Setting
with Eugene Schwartz

Handwriting: Using the
Vimala Alphabet to
Overcome Hindrances
with Jennifer Crebbin

In-Between: Building
Relationships for Healthy
Waldorf School
with Torin Finser

“Parsifal Awakening” – Painting by Karine Munk Finser

World Languages:
Deepening By Doing in
Grades 1, 2, and 3
with Lorey Johnson &
Kati Manning

Faust: Encountering Evil
at the Threshold
with Frederick Amrine

Craft as Process, Rhythm,
and Transformation
with Aonghus Gordon &
Master Craftsmen
Stuart Groom, Chris
Halliwell, Jonathan Code,
& Michael Chase

Fundamentals of
Pedagogical Speaking
with Craig Giddens

Experiencing Music as a
Path to Spirit: Singing
through the Grades
with Eleanor Winship

Honeybees in Crisis: Our
Evolving Relationship
with the Animal Kingdom
with Gunther Hauk

Healing Gestures:
Renewing Forces for the
Early Childhood Teacher,
Opportunities for the
Young Child
with Laurie Clark &
Rena Osmer

AWSNA Mentoring Course
for Experienced
Eurythmy Teachers
with Leonore Russell &
Carla Comey

Know Thyself: A Colored
Perspective in Watercolor
Painting and Pastels
with Iris Sullivan

Week 2
Body, Soul, and Spirit:
Dialogues with the Divine
with Dennis Klocek

Projective Geometry
with Jamie York
An Introduction to the
Visual Healing Arts
with Iris Sullivan &
Karine Munk Finser

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Renewal Courses sponsored by Center for Anthroposophy
Wilton, New Hampshire
Karine Munk Finser, Coordinator
603-654-2566 •

Visit us online for details of our part-time
Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy and the Arts
Barbara Richardson, Coordinator
Clusters available on demand around the U.S.

Self-Education through
Intuitive Thinking and
Artistic Perception
with Signe Motter,
Douglas Gerwin,
Hugh Renwick, &
Elizabeth Auer

July 1 – 28, 2012
Waldorf High School Teacher Education Program
Douglas Gerwin, Director
Three-summers program specializing in

Arts/Art History • Biology • English
History • Math • Physics & Chemistry • Pedagogical Eurythmy

Dear Friend,

During springtime, we experience fresh growth and
renewal around us in the outer physical world of nature,
and similarly we can appreciate and also experience
this blossoming internally if we are on a meditative
path. Then this gives us the impetus to be grateful for
the world around us and helps us resolve to help our
community and the Earth in even more positive ways.
This catalog is the first that combines our Steiner & Spirit catalog with
our traditional spring focus on healing ourselves and the Earth. Here you
will find many new and important books by distinguished authors that
encourage us to go into ourselves to discover the greater world, and into
the world to find our inner being.
We have provided pieces from a number of new books included in
the catalog, because it is spring and I personally love flowers, we have
a piece from Keith Critchlow’s stunning new book The Hidden Geometry of Flowers (page 52), plus selections from one of the new books by
prolific author Peter Selg, The Fundamental Social Law (see page 50).
In addition I know you will be please to see three new volumes in “The
Collected Works of Rudolf Steiner” (page 5), including Esoteric Lessons
1910–1912 (From the Esoteric School, vol. 2), from which two excerpts
appear (one from Christopher Bamford’s introduction, plus two meditations (on pages 56–59).
It is our hope that you, our friends, readers, and colleagues, will discover in this 2012 Steiner & Spirit catalog new sources of inspiration and
encouragement for the years ahead.
All best wishes,

Gene Gol logly
President & CEO, SteinerBooks
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2 – 49

“The Individual and the Community”
from The Fundamental Social Law
by Peter Selg
“The Mystery of Flowers:
Their Chosen Symmetry
and Their Intrinsic Geometry”
from The hidden Geometry of Flowers
by Keith Critchlow
“Introduction to Esoteric Lessons”
by Christopher Bamford
from Esoteric Lessons 1910–1912
by Rudolf Steiner

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from Esoteric Lessons 1910–1912

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by Rudolf Steiner



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Consequently. Read an excerpt — page 50 ISBN: 9780880106542 Paperback. they focused on key turning points in Rudolf Steiner’s exposition: his major work. science. form a significant part not only of the four Gospels but also of the Mystery of Golgotha itself. they were there when he performed healings. Peter Selg presents the most illuminating details of Rudolf Steiner’s research into the hidden events that took place between Christ and his disciples. He wrote his first book. often within their own intimate circle. In numerous lecture cycles. he helped establish the Anthroposophical Society in Russia. PROKOFIEFF was born in Moscow in 1954. at the end of the Great War. and even when he prayed. R udolf Steiner understood that human social. Until 2000.00 5½ x 8½ inches. Especially in his lectures on the Fifth Gospel. In 1905. SteinerBooks $25. that is.New Books Christ and the Disciples The Fundamental Social Law The Destiny of an Inner Community PETER SELG Rudolf Steiner on the Work of the Individual and the Spirit of Community Translated by Catherine E. This book is essential reading for people interested in the true meaning and depth of Rudolf Steiner’s experience and understanding of Christ’s act on Golgotha and his continuing presence among us and within Anthroposophy. These events and the instructions they received from Christ. At an early age he encountered the work of Rudolf Steiner and quickly realized that his life would be dedicated to the Christian path of esoteric knowledge. SteinerBooks $15. Dr. visit our website at steinerbooks. In this book. Peter Selg traces how. with Steiner’s tireless efforts for the threefold movement. To do this. He is director of the Ita Wegman Institute for Basic Research into Anthro­posophy and professor of medicine at the Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences. After the fall of The Creative Power of Anthroposophical Christology SERGEI O. he became a member of the Executive Council of the General Anthroposophical Society at the Goetheanum in Switzerland. 272 pages . 160 pages 2  |  For the latest and most complete information on our books. the less individuals claim the income resulting from their own accomplishments for themselves. the first Goetheanum.” and deepened and filled with the full reality of Christ’s teachings and life. He is mar­ried with five children. the community or larger society? For Rudolf Steiner. In other words. rephrased as the “motto of social ethics. SteinerBooks $15. Creeger PETER SELG PETER SELG udolf Steiner has said that we must learn to live with the etheric Christ in the Earth’s aura in the same way that the disciples once lived with Christ Jesus on the physical plane. Sergei Prokofiev and Peter Selg— two leading authorities and spiritual researchers into the life and work of Rudolf Steiner— gave a series of conferences on the Christological foundations of Anthroposophy. the Reappearance of Christ in the etheric realm and the relationship of this event to Rudolf Steiner’s lectures on the Fifth Gospel. namely. he was the head physician of juvenile psychiatry at Herdecke hospital in Germany. The lectures from the conferences (published as four booklets in German) are collected here in a single volume. opening up perspectives that help us see how the disciples accompanied Christ Jesus during the three years of his earthly life and after the Resurrection. SERGEI O. a historic year of political and economic crises. and technology. including Rudolf Steiner as a Spiritual Teacher (2010).00 5½ x 8½ inches. the akashic record. where he studied fine arts and painting at the Moscow School of Art. 136 pages ISBN: 9780880107457 Paperback. In this profound work. and Rudolf Steiner and the Fifth Gospel (2010). ethical. Creeger Translated by Willoughby Ann Walshe R PETER SELG was born in Stuttgart and studied medicine. In 2001. They shared his life. for one’s salary? Or does one work for others. Rudolf Steiner spoke about the inner community of the disciples. and it was published in English in 1994. Does one work for oneself. For three years the disciples were close to Christ. away from public view. and moral development lagged far behind what had been achieved in knowledge. ISBN: 9780880107334 Paperback. Underlying this “fundamental social law” is the seminal realization that human social reality pivots on the question of work and compensation. the more they contribute this income to their fellow workers and the more their own needs are met not through their own efforts but through the efforts of others. Steiner shed light on the community of the disciples from the viewpoint of the processes of human consciousness that were intimately involved in the events at the beginning of the new era and were inscribed in the chronicle of evolution. while living in Soviet Russia. An Outline of Esoteric Science. the universal rule of egoism and self-interest. Their aim was to show the power of anthroposophic Christology. He lectures extensively and is the author of many books. Rudolf Steiner formulated what he called the basic “social axiom” or “the cosmic law of work”: The well-being of an entire group of individuals who work together is the greater. and that what human beings had achieved in these fields rested on what caused social and moral life to be untenable for so many. PROKOFIEFF AND F rom 2009 to 2010. Rudolf Steiner and the Founding of the New Mysteries. Translated by Catherine E. it was critical to understand that work should be a free deed. this fundamental sociospiritual insight moved into the center of his activities as an overriding practical and spiritual concern.00 5½ x 8½ inches. it is essential to understand what took place between Christ and his disciples. work and income should be completely separated. and the Christmas Conference (1923–1924) and the founding of the New Mysteries.

org  |  3  . As he said.” For Steiner. the Gospels. Part one. Thomas Aquinas..who. It is a crisis that pediatric psychologists and psychiatrists know well. The Mystery of the Heart tells this story in three parts. endured. He shows how Steiner had essentially two teachers: the Master Jesus (Zoroaster) and Christian Rosenkreutz. Steiner reveals that children during this time in life experience a sudden inner instability.00 5½ x 8½ inches. and Hebrew Scriptures to the Middle Ages. as “The Great Servant of Christ Jesus. experiences of Christian Rosenkreutz. It is the place of their unity. Rudolf Steiner called attention to a significant but often overlooked change in the way children experience themselves and the world that occurs in the middle of childhood. something will be lacking in their later life. Our knowledge arises only from a materialistic or an emotional standpoint. I Am Different from You is a vital book for all parents and teachers to read—well before the crisis in the middle of childhood—to recognize what is necessary to support children during this decisive event in the right way.New Books Rudolf Steiner and Christian Rosenkreutz The Mystery of the Heart I Am Different from You PETER SELG Studies in Spiritual Physiology: Aristotle. actual. as “the greatest teacher of Christianity” he worked to bring to humanity true “heart knowledge” of Christ through the continued unveiling of the Mystery of Golgotha in the etheric.” describes Aristotle’s understanding of the heart and its transformation and deepening in Aquinas. and will in future endure. chronological. Peter Selg illuminates this momentous phenomenon in child development. As such.00 5½ x 8½ inches. It is a very subtle experience for the child that requires an equally subtle response. “To speak of Christian Rosenkreutz presumes a profound trust in the mysteries of the life of the spirit—a trust or faith not in the person of Christian Rosenkreutz. a loss of the foundation they felt had been naturally supporting and carrying them. However. Third.” examines the spiritual anthropology of the heart in the Gospels in the light of Ezekiel’s prophetic saying: “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you. not in what they say but in their whole behavior. that they are struggling with a question or a number of questions that indicates a crisis in their soul life. can be traced back to this subtle event. this “dramatic change” in the child’s consciousness.” Part two. personal relationship with him. Christian Rosenkreutz was active in at least three ways. 260 pages I n many of his lectures to teachers on education. We have lost this knowledge.00 5½ x 8½ inches. “On the Essence and Movement of the Heart.’ for the suffering of Christ was the suffering of a god. Also included is an appendix containing selected meditative verses and therapeutic meditations for the heart.. Steiner had a living. your heart will be also. as one of the “great leaders of humanity. with the rise of modern science it. Second. astonishingly and miraculously. with Rudolf Steiner. Parents and educators need to know what to say and how to act.” In the first part of this inspiring book—a work of devotion both to Rudolf Steiner and to Christian Rosenkreutz—Peter Selg. but he spoke less of the being of Christian Rosenkreutz himself. as a concrete. In the second part. was lost until Goethe began a process of recovery and development that led to its complete renewal and transformation in Rudolf Steiner. through his way of working. Steiner called him “a noble martyr. adults can learn to give them the experience of being carried by a strong and sure relationship: When children cross the Rubicon between the ninth and tenth year without that feeling. unfolded spiritual science for our time. in adolescence. “For where your treasure is. First. Fleming Translated by Margot Saar R ISBN: 9780880106603 Paperback. ISBN: 9780880106580 Paperback. our earthly/heavenly nature.” gives a detailed. after whom. I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a living heart of flesh. Moreover. and fascinating account of Steiner’s portrayal and. Through Rudolf Steiner’s profound wisdom of children’s inner essence. Peter Selg focuses on the evolution of the spiritual understanding of the heart as transmitted through Aristotle. he shows how all this culminates. 120 pages For the latest and most complete information on our books. I say ‘person. as Rudolf Steiner knew and taught. Read an excerpt — page 54 ISBN: 9780880107518 Paperback. Rudolf Steiner How Children Experience Themselves and the World in the Middle of Childhood Translated by Margot Saar PETER SELG PETER SELG udolf Steiner spoke often of the relationship of Anthroposophy or Spiritual Science to Rosicrucianism. as much as possible. when. visit our website at steinerbooks. Though it is “hardly noticeable” to the observer.” In this deep and concise book. particular individual being. in the Michael School as it manifested in the First Class. is both spiritual and physical—the place where body and soul come together. Selg shows how these two. it was synthesized and transformed by Thomas Aquinas. as many fears and weaknesses that rise to the surface later. SteinerBooks $30. in the light of the Mystery of Golgotha and its sacramental life. Part three examines the spiritual-scientific view of the heart as developed in Rudolf Steiner’s teachings. in the ninth or tenth year. and they will have to struggle to attain what they should have received naturally at that moment in childhood. SteinerBooks $12. because of our failure to understand.” he worked to bring esoteric spirituality into the modern world and to lead it into the future. Translated by Dana F. but in the mysteries of spiritual life. the human heart. In this astonishing and inspiring book. because their response at this time will be crucial for the child’s entire life. more than any other person. SteinerBooks $20. yet it is integral to the Western understanding of what gives humanity its vocation—our spiritual/ physical. “There comes a time when children show. 172 pages T oday we know very little about the true nature of the human heart.

Creation—expressed through the flowering of the cosmic breath—is losing its natural connection with humanity and Mother Earth. which are increasingly given over to anti-life . The sacred gestures. ISBN: 9780880106528 Paperback. we celebrate the one-hundredth anniversary of the birth of eurythmy. 1917-Mar. Robert Powell. including his recent book Prophecy Phenomena Hope (2011). and eurythmy. This book invites us to partake of the richness of the sacred through life-enhancing movement and gesture as a path to reconnect with the cosmic formative forces that sound the call of resurrection. Robert Schiappacasse. Waldorf education. and planets against the background of the zodiacal constellations (sidereal signs) in relation to corresponding stellar events during the life of Christ. William R. 148 pages 4  |  For the latest and most complete information on our books. eurythmist. Bento. every step taken by Christ during his ministry between the baptism in the Jordan and the resurrection was in harmony with—and an expression of—the cosmos. . .00 8½ x 10 inches.” —Rudolf Steiner R udolf Steiner lays out for Society members right and wrong ways of establishing connections with those who have died. the body of immortality.sophiafoundation.000 years ago. the fruits of which will be born in our will impulses. Steiner presents a means toward true spiritual union through strengthening one’s forces of consciousness. and discoveries. Formally beginning his spiritual teaching career under the auspices of the Theosophical Society. Richard Tarnas. and philosophical scholar. It includes articles of interest on star wisdom (Astrosophy). The whole of creation bears the imprint of the cosmic sounding. literary. He became a scientific. and North America and leads pilgrimages to the world’s sacred sites. In 1924. RUDOLF STEINER (1861–1925) was born and grew up in Kraljevec. ISBN: 9781584201175 Paperback. Switzerland. as well as a guide to the correspondences between stellar configurations during the life of Christ and those of today. Europe. The sacred movements described here arise from the art of eurythmy. Claudia McLaren Lainson. Published yearly. which today has branches throughout the world. 250 pages Illustrations and charts RUDOLF STEINER “As microcosms we are actually part of. We will be fully alive to the fact. Rather than following the materialistic desire to draw those who have died back into the physical realm. He also showed how help is provided from the sphere of Christ’s activity as a balance for our time. The influence of Steiner’s multifaceted genius has led to innovative and holistic approaches in medicine.00 8. Moon. EDITOR Newly Revised Editon With contributions from: Daniel Andreev. the words we have been placed into the universe will cease to be an abstract statement. to work with the biodynamic agriculture. Steiner came to use the terms Anthroposophy and spiritual science for his philosophy. just as the breath we draw is subject to our own human nature. it becomes possible to open oneself to attune to the life of Christ in the etheric cosmos. lead us back to our connection with the fullness of creation and toward the goal of developing the resurrection body. and lifeless replicas of creation’s gifts. The main focus of this year’s journal is the significant year of 2012 as a pivotal year in the history of humanity and the Earth. 240 pages T Cosmic and Human Metamorphosis ROBERT POWELL. SteinerBooks $14. new editions are available beginning in October or November for the coming year. If our hearts are sensitive to the secrets of cosmic existence and not merely blocks of wood. which has been largely absent from mainstream Christianity during its twomillennium history. He is founder of the Choreocosmos School of Cosmic and Sacred Dance and cofounder of the Sophia Foundation (www. spiritual research. Ph. In 2012. 1917 (CW 175) he Journal for Star Wisdom 2012 is a special edition that addresses directly the challenges facing humanity in our time. when practiced with the words gifted to humanity by the incarnated Logos 2. author. ISBN: 9781621480006 Paperback. SteinerBooks $30. and the arts of drama. 6. Austro-Hungarian Empire (now in Croatia). Berlin. Sally Nurney. Brian Gray. is an internationally known lecturer. This guide comprises a complete sidereal ephemeris of geocentric and heliocentric planetary positions and an aspectarian for each day through the year.00 5¼ x 8½ inches. and subject to.. He is the author of numerous books. Knowing and a feeling will spring up within us. Goethean science. which comprise destruction.25 x 11 inches. through movement and gesture. architecture. . In this way. Rudolf Steiner founded the General Anthroposophical Society. and movement therapist. inversions. Robert presents workshops in Australia.D. philosophy. religious renewal. Feb. Journal for Star Wisdom is concerned with the heavenly correspondences during the life of Christ and is intended to help provide a foundation for Cosmic Christianity’s cosmic dimension. ROBERT POWELL. the same laws that cosmic beings are. and David Tresemer 7 Lectures. and our whole being will live in unison with the great life. various therapies. the Word. The book describes a way. Lindisfarne Books $25. According to Rudolf Steiner. visit our website at steinerbooks. sounding principle that manifests in the Earth’s etheric sphere. which entered the world in 1912. Wain Farrants. He died in Dornach. known for his work with Goethe’s scientific writings.New Books Cultivating Inner Radiance and the Body of Immortality Journal for Star Wisdom 2012 Awakening the Soul through Modern Etheric Movement T ROBERT POWELL BESTSE LLER he human being is an expression of the everunfolding wisdom of the creative Logos. speech. divine cosmic existence. 20. Readers are invited to contemplate the current movements of the Sun.

Hindes RUDOLF STEINER “Many who enter esoteric training are very disappointed and say that they had imagined the exercises to be much more energetic and the effects of the exercises to be far more drastic. The spiritual world is always a world of beings. including the “Father being. he gives directions— always emphasizing the increasing need for earnestness—for the transformation of the inner life. in 1921. and Inner Experiences of Evolution. Berlin. and that they should make the greatest efforts to correct this error as soon as possible. 224 pages ISBN: 9780880106177 Paperback. theology. These lessons mark Rudolf Steiner’s continued movement away from the Eastern path of the Theosophical Society at the time and his increasing focus on the Christian-Rosicrucian path. if Anthroposophy could begin to reshape higher education. Each day began with a lecture by Rudolf Steiner. expressing it in his own words. and more. 3–14. seeking both to reanimate the esoteric foundations of Anthroposophy and to bring Anthroposophy into the cultural mainstream. 2 Esoteric talks. “Anthroposophy and Education”. for the development of new spriritual forces and capacities. The goal was to “give an impression of the possible incentives Anthroposophy could offer various scientific fields. but rather the individual. education. and for recognizing and overcoming the dangers that arise on a spiritual path. he rediscovers it for himself through his own experience and consciousness. as Valentin Tomberg said.” ISBN: 9780880106375 Paperback. This involved a new language. or with any of the Middle Ages or antiquity. non-dual. According to Rudolf Steiner. Helsinki. what constitutes the world are beings. recognizing Christ as the leader of the path of his form of spiritual training. Many were college students who wanted practical ways to bring Anthroposophy into their areas of study. “cannot be compared with the accomplishment of any contemporary seer or thinker. It is not the exercises that lack enough energy. SteinerBooks $25. Theology. culture could truly begin to be transformed. social science.” ISBN: 9780880106153 Paperback. followed by presentations from other lecturers. panel discussions. “Anthroposophy and Social Science”.00 6 x 9 ¼ inches. and language. Steiner lectured on “Anthroposophy and Natural Science”. One must add something new to the old. as it had the lower grades through the Waldorf movement. an “Association for Anthroposophical College Studies” was founded. various cities (CW 266/2) Science. he shows how one should approach specific meditations. with logic and language appropriate to our time. aided powerfully by an influx of young people (the so-called Youth Movement) dedicated to bringing spirituality into all areas of life. It is not the exercises that are ineffective. Those who tell this to themselves should quickly consider the possibility that they are caught in a great error. but rather the person who is not making them effective. Linguistics RUDOLF STEINER 7 lectures. “Anthroposophy and Theology”. and reality is constituted of other “I” beings go  |  5  . “The Organization of Humans and of Animals”. The twin realizations that I am an “I”-being. Philosophy. April. In addition. These works—outlining a revolutionary angelological cosmology—are at the heart of Steiner’s mission to transform our understanding of the world by laying down a new.” the very ground of the world itself. SteinerBooks $25. March 5-11. SteinerBooks $35.” Among the areas represented were natural science (including medicine). or angelology.00 6 x 9 inches. Social Science. Thus. Education. Thus. vol. Moreover.” —Rudolf Steiner n this second of three volumes from Rudolf Steiner’s early Esoteric School. he presents it as states and activities of conscious. phenomenological path to a contemporary divine-spiritual-physical cosmology that is angelological and theophanic.New in The Collected Works of Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature 10 lectures. we find a further deepening of spiritual practice and training. Rudolf Steiner explains the requirements one must meet to become a serious student of esotericism. Steiner’s approach is “contemporary”—while continuous with the most ancient understandings of the cosmos. the student should become an entirely different person. By living an esoteric life. It towers over them. Spiritual beings define our experience of the reality. This Berlin Course drew more than a thousand participants. Cosmology is angelology. philosophy. 288 pages I Esoteric Lessons 1910–1912 Reimagining Academic Studies From the Esoteric School. Steiner’s achievement in these lectures. we are led through a series of meditations to recognize these spiritual beings and know their activities. artistic events. and courses and conferences began to be given in Dornach and different cities. and those divine-spiritual beings whose states and acts they are. this extraordinary course of lectures on spiritual beings forms the central pillar with other important texts such as the fourth chapter of An Outline of Esoteric Science. 1922 (CW 81) Introduction by Christopher Bamford Translated by James H. is personal and known in relationship. Rudolf Steiner dedicated his efforts to two fronts. “Anthroposophy and Theory of Language. visit our website at steinerbooks. Steiner’s cosmology.00 6 x 9 inches. In these lectures. 1912 (CW 136) RUDOLF STEINER I Introduction by Christopher Bamford Translated by Marsha Post n the architecture of Rudolf Steiner’s great cosmological temple. AV A IL A BL E IN JUNE Read an excerpt — page 58 D Introduction by Christopher Bamford Translated by by Judith Wermuth-Atkinson uring the last five years of his life. The Spiritual Hierarchies and the Physical World. Steiner saw in their enthusiasm a new future for Anthroposophy and understood that. 400 pages For the latest and most complete information on our books.

172 pages 6  |  For the latest and most complete information on our books. The division of the sexes brings suffering. cofounded the StarHouse in Boulder for community gatherings and workshops and cofounded. With an eye to how the meaning of the term Waldorf education has changed over time. . cofounder. . ISBN: 9780880106566 Paperback. With his wife. humanity can evolve sexuality into a new form. its uses for good or for ill. both Waldorf and general education. “David points out how the practical art of reading the signs in the Heavens can lead to making a difference in the world. which happens every 125 years. but like Amfortas in the Grail story—whose wounded groin was a metaphor for amorous misadventure—we can all be healed through love and compassion. Sex is a necessary stage of human evolution. Sagarin is married and the father of two children. These include decreased clarity and increasing confusion about the distinction between love and sex. Although Venus is much smaller than the Sun. Tresemer calls this an eclipse because of the ways he expects it to affect world events. ISBN: 9781855842601 RUDOLF STEINER W e live in a sexualized society. Rudolf Steiner made a huge contribution to our understanding of the complex theme of sexuality. As Waldorf education comes increasingly into public view and into public schools. Part one shows how the number of Waldorf schools grew slowly and steadily and how they have evolved through four generations. and history at Berkshire Community College. and the split nature of the human being is a fact of our time. its founder. Despite the sensibilities of his time. Ph. Peeling away layers of convention and even misunderstanding. Dr. and the exact location in the heavens of this eclipse event. with his wife Lila.D.D. He has also founded the Star Wisdom website (www. lectures. but offers a path of development that will eventually lead to overcoming these—what Jung called ‘individuation. ISBN: 9781584200741 Paperback. and consults with Waldorf schools and is a former editor of the Research Bulletin of the Research Institute for Waldorf Education. and valuable resource for parents.” —William B ento. and Partnership From the Perspective of Spiritual Science Past. This condition presents us with many challenges.. Steiner is refreshingly nonjudgmental and does not preach asceticism. In this freshly compiled anthology. What impact will it have? David Tresemer discusses the dynamics of Sun. StarWisdom.27 inches. 220 pages T he hyperbole and inflated attention given to the supposed “end of the world” on December 21. and the direction in which to find one’s power in “hands of the heart. Discover the nature of “erotic phantasms” and how to work constructively with them and who will support us through these times.00 6 x 9 inches. the Healing Dreams Retreat Centre in Australia. weaving a dramatic story about the heart of technology. and a teacher at the Great Barrington Waldorf High School in Massachusetts. strife between men and women over their roles in society. PH. He has taught history of education at Teachers College. has obscured an actual rare celestial event happening in June of 2012—the passage of Venus before the face of the Sun as seen from the Earth. but also the possibility of achieving higher stages of love. forging and re-forging Waldorf education itself. with the possibility that even the process of reproduction will be transformed. transpersonal clinical psychologist and Associate Dean at Rudolf Steiner College “Rudolf Steiner presents the human soul dilemma.New Books The Story of Waldorf Education in the United States The Venus Eclipse of the Sun 2012 Sexuality. 2012. He writes.83 x 8. He recognizes the all-too-human frailty with which people confront their personal lives. Its healing will be gradual.” (from the introduction) R STEPHEN SAGARIN. Ph. Venus. Earth.” actions based on warm feeling toward another. This book is a fresh. showing what is essential and what is extraneous. in the process. DAVID TRESEMER . surrounded by sexual imagery and content in almost every area of life.’ a merging with the true self or true ego of the human being. and Future A Rare Celestial Event: Going to the Heart of Technology STEPHEN SAGARIN. Massachusetts. Columbia University. from the matriarchal past to today’s patriarchal dominance. and a persistent assault on childhood innocence. is Faculty Chair. and Rededication Ceremonies and coauthored. 256 pages . he coauthored the recent One-TwoONE: A Guidebook to Conscious Partnerships.. Dr. insightful.00 5¼ x 8½ inches. split into male and female attributes . Weddings. singlesexed beings to becoming beings of male and female genders. Present.. human development at the City University of New York. intended it to be: a living method of education that may be employed by any teacher in any school. He traces the changing roles of the sexes in society. teachers. Part two examines the methods and myths of Waldorf education. the author identifies key trends in education. Steiner describes the point in evolution at which human beings split from being androgynous. SteinerBooks $20. mentors. Ph.D. NYC.00 5. and educators. Love. Rudolf Steiner Press $27. primarily through charter schools. changing gradually from “experiments” to “alternatives” and. to imagine the direction in which Waldorf education may go. Lindisfarne Books $15. this is the first account of the development of Waldorf education in the U. visit our website at steinerbooks. Tresemer has written in many areas. including The Scythe Book.D. In the distant future. the author reveals Waldorf education as what many believe Rudolf Steiner. Star Wisdom and Rudolf Steiner: A life Seen through the Oracle of the Solar questions about what Waldorf methods are (and are not) are increasingly relevant. DAVID TRESEMER Compiled by Margaret Jonas epresenting more than a decade of research.S. with Robert Schiappacasse. even in the case of such a great individual as Goethe.

Lindisfarne Books $ the U. EDWARD REAUGH SMITH is an Illinoisan transplanted to Texas at mid-century. a long-time student of Anthroposophy and world religions. the most obvious causes are indefensible. Goenka.. Edward Smith takes up this argument and shows that subsequent research has tended to favor Lazarus for reasons grounded in John’s Gospel itself. including Facing the World with Soul and Love and the World. a former Waldorf schoolteacher. Again and again. MARIE-LAURE VALANDRO has lived in Bourgogne. However. scholars have increasingly come to doubt that attribution. He begins with various events in his life that he finds difficult to explain. A successful lawyer and businessman.bibleandanthroposophy. ISBN: 9781584201007 Paperback. Missouri State University W ho wrote the Gospel of John? The author identifies himself only as “the disciple whom Jesus loved. Following this story. where he continues on the Board of Trustees. and founder of the RSF Social Finance. Reading these introductions is an astonishing experience. She lives in the Canadian Rockies of British Columbia in a post-and-beam house built by her son. Morocco. He is the author of several books. is cofounder (with Cheryl SandersSardello. “soul capacities” are of the essence of what he calls Spiritual Psychology. pointing to Lazarus as “the rich young ruler” of Mark’s Gospel. The author offers each piece of information—“footprints”—which reveal the presence of an angel. ISBN: 9781584201120 Paperback. Iran. treasurer of the Anthroposophical Society in America. ISBN: 9780880107327 Paperback. 230 pages ELLER The Temple Sleep of the Rich Young Ruler How Lazarus Became the Evangelist John EDWARD REAUGH SMITH “Smith reveals his thorough grasp of the literature and a keen sense of what should qualify as proof. They allow us to participate in the author’s own journey—to “catch the bird in flight” and to fly with it. FINSER his is the story of a man in search of his angel. Lindisfarne Books 6 x 9 inches. too purposeful to ignore. 398 pages Deliverance of the Spellbound God An Experiential Journey into Eastern and Western Meditation Practices T MARIE-LAURE VALANDRO he author. both outward and inward. Marie-Laure Valandro begins with a Vipassana Buddhist retreat in southern Québec with the well-known meditation teacher. 366 pages For the latest and most complete information on our books. Steiner’s position stemmed from his insight that Lazarus’s encounter with death involved far more than people realized—an initiation into higher spiritual realities that uniquely qualified him to write this gospel. amateur musician. revealing a relationship between angels and human life on Earth. A provocative study!” —Charles W. Lindisfarne Books $25. For Robert Sardello. a student of world religious traditions and Anthroposophy. ROBERT SARDELLO. his lifelong search for the deeper meaning of the Bible—which he taught for over twenty-five years before discovering the writings of Steiner—expresses itself in his many works. The author describes the spiritual dimensions of her travels in India and Europe. and grandfather with broad interests in life. coincidence or even as a series of miracles. On close inspection. and British Columbia and has traveled and trekked extensively throughout the world.00 Acts of the Heart Culture-Building. SIEGFRIED FINSER. Soul-Researching: Introductions by Robert Sardello A ROBERT SARDELLO n introduction conveys a particular soul capacity. the reader witnesses how the evidence grows and offers increasing conviction that an angel is functioning and acting in his life.New Books BESTS Footprints of an Angel Episodes from a Joint Autobiography T SIEGFRIED E.00 ISBN: 9781584201328 Hardcover.D. The author uncovered a startling number of such “accidents. while always returning to her deep understanding of Steiner’s spiritual science. he discovers that major turning points in his life were not well thought out or carefully planned and even seemed to happen largely by accident.D. Bretagne.00 6 x 9 inches. father. SteinerBooks $  |  7  . Rudolf Steiner wrote that the author of the Gospel of John was in fact Lazarus. The meditation retreat becomes the touchstone of the author’s travels.S. as well as an avid biodynamic gardener. Deliverance of the Spellbound God offers gifts of wisdom from an extraordinary life lived. Smith shows that subsequent discoveries at Nag Hammadi and Mar Saba corroborate Steiner’s reasoning about the nature of the raising of Lazarus. Ed’s other books include The Burning Bush (1997) and The Soul’s Long Journey (2003). while Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy serves as the ground.95 6 x 9 inches.00 6 x 9 inches. ISBN: 9781584201236 Paperback.. Visit the author’s website www. Hedrick. In 1902.. He is a husband. Lindisfarne Books $20. Ph. during the past century. More important. takes readers on another journey.” They seemed to occur in a meaningful sequence. visit our website at steinerbooks. in 1992) of the School of Spiritual Psychology. MarieLaure is also the author of Camino Walk: Where Inner & Outer Paths Meet (2007) and Letters from Florence: Observations on the Inner Art of Travel (2010). was president of the Threefold Educational Foundation. and athlete. Paris. Ph. She is an accomplished painter and art therapist. Algeria. 228 pages $20.” and Christian tradition tells us that this disciple was the apostle John.

200 pages THOMAS KEATING.” her 7-year-old daughter said. Benedict’s Monastery in Snowmass. Lantern Books $16. Rich with insight and humanity.00 5½ x 8½ inches. offering an overview of main strands of his thinking and practice on Centering Prayer. 220 pages ISBN: 9781584201199 Paperback. 532 pages Dancing in the Fire A Novel “W SHIRLEY LATESSA e were there you know. His other books include The Essential Aurobindo.” —Doug Safranek. He currently directs retreats in the practice of Centering Prayer. Elizabeth Layton’s unconscious mind. is president emeritus and chair of the Philosophy. He is the author of several books.. . 360 pages Meekelorr The Early Years Spiritual Turning Points of South American History SHIRLEY LATESSA LUIGI MORELLI “As a visual artist. especially in relation to events in Central America two thousand years ago. Whereas that volume follows the foundation of the Popol Vuh.. New York City. pointing to a print of the Crucifixion. ISBN: 9781584201083 Paperback. a twenty-year-old memory erupts out of 8  |  For the latest and most complete information on our books. Lindisfarne Books $35. All of this is placed within the perspective of modern Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual-scientific research. and Consciousness Program at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS). Bruce Long: “A New Yoga for a New Age: A Critical Introduction to The Synthesis of Yoga”. “before we came down the last time.F. Lindisfarne Books $25. and The Spirit of Modern India. T his volume follows the blueprint of its North American counterpart. M.” She lives in Greenwich Village. Thomas Berry: “The Foundations of Indian Culture: its Contemporary Significance”. EDITOR his book collects introductions to some of Sri Aurobindo’s most important works. and MoMA T his exciting adventure is the newest installment of the author’s epic saga—her prequel to Aurogole’s Journey quartet.” Standing in Chartres Cathedral. Lindisfarne Books $25. and interreligious dialogue.00 6 x 9 inches.00 6 x 9 inches. Lindisfarne Books $25. The Thomas Keating Reader SHIRLEY LATESSA is the author of the fantasy quartet called “Auragole’s Journey. the author shows a thread of spiritual continuity that continues to play an important role in South American culture. a cornerstone of contemporary Christian contemplative practice. Robert McDermott: “The Life Divine: Sri Aurobindo’s Philosophy of Evolution and Transformation” ROBERT MCDERMOTT. and the mystery that drives the novel along is solved. ISBN: 9781584200925 Paperback. the NewYork Historical Society. Ph. ISBN: 9781590563434 Paperback. visit our website at steinerbooks. Myth and historical records reinforce rather than contradict each other. and Rudolf Steiner’s legacy. The Thomas Keating Reader offers a broad introduction to the concepts that have animated Contemplative Outreach and reveals the gifts and challenges of the practice of the spiritual life.New Books Introductions to the Major Works of Sri Aurobindo Six Pillars T ROBERT MCDERMOTT. All of his work is done with the intent of finding the relationships between American spiritual impulses. one of the qualities I particularly admire in these excellent works is the descriptive power of Latessa’s writing. LUIGI MORELLI approaches American culture and history by imaginatively weaving scientific methodology with the legends and myths of the Americas. painter whose work can be seen in the Museum of the City of New York.00 5 x 8 inches.00 6 x 9 inches. But why is Elizabeth followed from the moment she lands at Ben-Gurion International Airport? The novel follows the intertwined lives of the four until some resolution occurs for each .. past and present. ISBN: 9781584201250 Paperback.A. some never published elsewhere. 380 pages . Hopkins: “The Vision of the Purushottama in Essays on the Gita”. Colorado. Eugene Fontinell: “A Pragmatic Approach to the Human Cycle”. He lives at St.D. propelling her to the Holy Land in search of the reality of reincarnation. In the end. Her imaginary world comes to life in the mind of the reader in all its subtlety and particularity. The New Essential Steiner. has served at monasteries in Colorado and Massachusetts. including Divine Therapy and Addiction. Selected Writings from the Contemplative Outreach Newsletter T THOMAS KEATING his book gathers thirty articles by Father Thomas from the newsletter Contemplative Outreach. Spiritual Turning Points of North American History.. founder of the centering prayer movement. this one retraces Andean myths from the Titicaca region and from later Inca tradition. Thomas J. J. Contents include: John Collins: “Savitri: Poetic Expression of Spiritual Experience”. Lectio Divina. .

95 8¼ x 9½ inches. Julius shows that by studying the characteristics of the zodiacal signs. contrasting each with its opposite. and the meaning of cosmic. The result is this book and its bountiful store of remedies in the natural world. most important.00 6 x 9 inches. JULIUS was a Dutch scientist and Steiner-Waldorf school teacher.00 6 x 9 inches. JULIUS ost popular astrology tries to link personality types to a particular sign of the zodiac. renewable energy. which placed the Incarnation at a pivotal point of earthly evolution. born in 1931 in Frankfurt. farming and food production. FRITS H. building techniques. 320 pages The Book of Revelation T ALFRED HEIDENREICH his book examines the unusual imagery in the Book of Revelation—not as prophecies of historical events. Floris Books $24. Norway. He has been worked with Schauberger material for more than twenty years. Issues discussed include leadership and conflict management. including Necessary Evil (2005). He was director of the seminary in Stuttgart until 2000 and is the author of several books. establishing. 176 pages T he author presents his medical experience in homeopathy. ISBN: 9780863157530 Paperback. Floris Books $29.00 5½ x 8½ inches. evil. house design. Floris Books $19. visit our website at steinerbooks. He is also the author of Growing Eco-Communities. In the final chapter. Floris Books $35. ISBN: 9780863151491 Paperback. JAN MARTIN BANG works in alternative communities. Floris Books $19. His remarkable dis- coveries address issues such as sick water. 192 pages For the latest and most complete information on our books. being a member of its council and of the publications committee of the Rudolf Steiner Press. Ultimately. presenting ideas about the psychology of individuals and social groups. water and sewage. T he works of Teilhard de Chardin and Fritjof Capra have stimulated many to think spiritually about the created world and the part of humankind in its evolution. Schroeder draws upon these sources and clarifies the concepts of “reality. 288 pages 100 color illustrations Hidden Nature The Startling Insights of Viktor Schauberger A ALICK BARTHOLOMEW ustrian naturalist Viktor Schauberger (1885–1958) was far ahead of his time. 288 pages 80 black and white illustrations The Imagery of the Zodiac M FRITS H. He leads training and development for new ecovillage projects around the world. ISBN: 9780863156984 Paperback. and maintaining a sustainable community. Julius shows how those characteristics affect human nature. energy sources.95 5½ x 8½ inches. he demonstrates how knowledge of the zodiac can be used to strengthen a human community in a positive way. ailing forests. is a priest of the Christian Community. he pioneered a new understanding of nature and warned against the global waste and ecological destruction of our age. RALPH TWENTYMAN edited the British Homeopathic Journal for twenty-one years and has lectured extensively. is an organic whole that includes twelve individual and intimately connected creatures. asserting that the purpose of those difficulties is to encourage us to make an active spiritual effort to understand. and alternative economics. His insights into the phenomenal world of nature reveal the inner activity of the human organism and mind. he was active in the Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain. as well as his extensive studies in history and mythology. 192 pages The Unknown in the Gospels H ALFRED HEIDENREICH eidenreich addresses head-on the seemingly puzzling contradictions in the Gospels. but as an expression of the whole destiny of humankind on Earth.” HANS-WERNER SCHROEDER.New Books Ecovillages Now in The Science and Art of Healing Pa p e r b a c k A Practical Guide to Sustainable Communities The Cosmic Christ RALPH TWENTYMAN JAN MARTIN BANG HANS-WERNER SCHROEDER Foreword by Owen Barfield T his book explores the Ecovillages movement and provides a comprehensive manual for planning. ISBN: 9780863156991 Paperback. ISBN: 9780863151774 Paperback. 256 pages ISBN: 9780863154805 Paperback. ALICK BARTHOLOMEW studied Geology and Geography at the University of Cambridge. we can gain a greater insight into their true nature.95 7½ x 9½ inches. climate change. however. followed by graduate studies at the University of Chicago. In his later years.95 5½ x 8½  |  9  . and. These issues were also illuminated by Rudolf Steiner in his Christology. Floris Books $40. ALFRED HEIDENREICH (1898–1969) lectured widely and wrote on aspects of Christianity and the New Testament. from kibbutz in Israel to his home in the Solborg Camphill Community. ISBN: 9780863154324 Paperback. The zodiac. Floris Books $35. Through his observations of nature. the author brings it all together in a systematic guide.

80 pages Creative Spiritual Research Awakening the Individual Human Spirit H COENRAAD VAN HOUTEN ow do adults learn and develop? How can adult learning become a living. Rudolf Steiner Press $15. but open approaches to the complexity of Steiner’s extraordinary world of ideas. growing process? Based on the application of the “seven life processes. Temple Lodge $25.” —RUDOLF STEINER T his reference provides concise definitions of many terms and concepts in Steiner’s worldview. ISBN: 9780863156717 Paperback. but also as a gateway into Rudolf Steiner’s manifold world of spiritual ideas and concepts. it relates to esoteric training. and human creativity.00 5¼ x 8½ inches. 1999) and “Destiny Learning” (Practising Destiny. 160 pages Rudolf Steiner: The British Connection Elements from his Early Life and Cultural Development CRISPIAN VILLENEUVE I n this book.00 5¼ x 8½ inches. he presents a new path of adult learning.00 5¼ x 8½ inches. but open up approaches to the complexity of Steiner’s extraordinary world of ideas. ISBN: 9781855842618 Paperback.” Based on the inner spiritual path of the individual. pithy quotations from Steiner’s collected works. Rudolf Steiner Press $15. These brief extracts do not provide exhaustive treatment of the subject. Anthroposophy can be seen to be a new language—a language that leads to the world of spirit. pithy quotations from Rudolf Steiner’s collected works.. while others will use the source references as signposts towards deeper study and understanding. visit our website at steinerbooks..New Books T On Meditation On Epidemics Spiritual Perspectives Spiritual Perspectives RUDOLF STEINER RUDOLF STEINER Compiled by M. 2000). ISBN: 9781855842632 Paperback. highlighting the tension between the Goethean philosophic view from Central Europe and the “Baconian” perspective emanating from Western Europe. Rudolf Steiner Press $18.00 6¼ x 9¼ inches. the spiritual perspectives in this book present core concepts on the Will. 160 pages . ISBN: 9781906999292 Paperback. the “spiritual perspectives” in this volume present core concepts on the subject of fear. Some readers will find these fragments sufficient stimulus in themselves. the author studies Steiner’s relationship to the British Isles during the four decades before his visits there. from the most commonplace to the more obscure. We must develop composure with regard to all the feelings and sensations we have about the future. ISBN: 9781855842649 Paperback. we must anticipate with absolute equanimity whatever may be coming towards us. Steiner’s early connection to British culture leads inevitably to his relationship to modern science.. “Creative Spiritual Research. 72 pages 6 x 9 inches. Rudolf Steiner Press $15.” van Houten has successfully developed the methods of “Vocational Learning” (Awakening 10  |  For the latest and most complete information on our books. It can be used as a reference. Temple Lodge $75. B ased on brief.00 5¼ x 8½ inches. thresholds of consciousness. 144 pages B ased on brief. 736 pages Embryogenesis in Myth and Science W THOMAS WEIHS eihs explores the correspondence between the creation story in Genesis and other creation myths and human embryonic development and discusses how those intuitive.00 6¼ x 9¼ inches. 320 pages. heartfelt values we associate with pregnancy and birth can be reconciled with contemporary scientific thinking. Gut Compiled by M. ISBN: 9781906999285 Paperback. thinking only that whatever it may be will be brought to us by the wisdom-filled guidance of the universe.00 5½ x 8½ inches. 72 pages ISBN: 9781855842625 Paperback. Here. THOMAS WEIHS (1914–1983) studied medicine in Vienna and Basel before moving to Scotland to help found the Camphill Community for people with special needs. Floris Books $35. Illustrated On Fear Anthroposophy A–Z Spiritual Perspectives RUDOLF STEINER A Glossary of Terms Relating to Rudolf Steiner’s Spiritual Philosophy Compiled by M. Gut hese brief extracts on meditation do not claim to provide exhaustive treatment of the subject. Gut HENK VAN OORT “We must eradicate root and branch any fear and dread in our soul concerning the future that is coming towards us.

the author provides simple but vivid explanations of the basic colors. offering his own findings on this topic. QUERIDO hartres cathedral draws millions of visitors every year. Jeremy Naydler asserts that gardening can be regarded as a sacred art. Floris Books $30. yet its origins have been largely forgotten. This easy-to-use guide illustrates how reflection and mindfulness are powerful tools to maximize individual and organizational effectiveness. Floris Books $35. ISBN: 9780863158346 Paperback. supervisor. This idea of gardens as sacred places continued into the European Middle Ages. LLD. the annual publication of the Mathematics–Astronomy Section at the Goetheanum in Dornach. and Planets The Occult Significance of the 12 Years 1933–45 in the Light of Spiritual Science JOACHIM SCHULTZ 2nd Edition comprehensive guide to the basic movements we can observe in the sky. as well as the planets’ apparent movements and loops.New Books Movement and Rhythms of the Stars The Spiritual Event of the Twentieth Century A Guide to Naked-Eye Observation of Sun. UELI SEILER-HUGOVA lectures and offers courses on Goethe’s theory of color. More recently. 240 pages JOSHUA EHRLICH Gardening as a Sacred Art Seeing. gardens were home to spiritual and divine beings. Since the seventeenth century.00 5½ x 8½ inches. He is also the author of Shamanic Wisdom in the Pyramid Texts: The Mystical Tradition of Ancient Egypt. conjunctions and transits. Based on esoteric Imaginative consciousness. Drawing on garden examples from ancient Egypt to Monet’s Giverny. and its development under Bernadus Silvestris. and the mystery of colored shadows.00 9 x 6 inches. 128 pages 50 color illustrations Colour The Golden Age of Chartres The Teachings of a Mystery School and the Eternal Feminine C RENÉ M. the planets and the signs of the zodiac. and eclipses. U sing the research methods of spiritual science. By employing techniques to ensure clarity of mind and proactively manage overload.” Focus for Performance F JOSHUA EHRLICH is an organizational consultant. including its foundation during the early eleventh century by Fulbertus as part of the great School of Chartres. JESAIAH BEN-AHARON A JOACHIM SCHULTZ studied science at a technical college in Stuttgart and moved to Dornach. René Querido explores its story. His clients include more than 50 of the Fortune 100 across diverse industries. ISBN: 9780983198437 Paperback. His words have significance for understanding the work of the group of souls that Steiner called the “Michael School. the complementary colors.00 6 x 9¼ inches. astrology and astrosophy). nature has been seen increasingly as a physical resource to be exploited. Experiencing.00 5¼ x 8½ inches. 226 pages JEREMY NAYDLER is a philosopher and cultural historian living in Oxford. Floris Books $50. Moon. QUERIDO. intended to enhance nature’s inherent beauty. Understanding B UELI SEILER-HUGOVA eginning with simple sensory experiences and experiments. Alanus ab Insulis. Portal Books $20. nodes. John of Salisbury. ISBN: 9781906999230 Hardcover.00 9¾ x 7½ inches. Avail able Again MindShifting ocusing attention mindfully is an essential skill for leaders and their teams. Temple Lodge $40. ISBN: 9780863156724 Paperback. leaders can develop more creative strategies and drive extraordinary outcomes. however. He was the editor of Sternkalender. 144 pages Illustrated in color For the latest and most complete information on our books. and accreditor of coaches. visit our website at steinerbooks. 160 pages JEREMY NAYDLER or ancient  |  11  . 80 pages ISBN: 9780863156694 Paperback. in 1927 to research planetary influences on plant growth. the moon’s periods. Includes the Sun’s daily and annual patterns.00 6¾ x 9¾ x inches. and on integral star studies (astronomy. F ISBN: 9781906999315 Paperback. Ben-Aharon gives an account of events in the spiritual world during World War II and the turmoil on Earth at the time. Temple Lodge $20. gardening has become a more conscious art form. the author gives a first-hand testimony of Rudolf Steiner’s declarations about the new Christ Revelation. Switzerland. executive coach. Schultz describes the daily movements of the stars from various areas of the Earth (including Southern Hemisphere). RENÉ M. He also offers commentary on the psychology and mythology of colors and demonstrates connections between them. and the last great master. was a seminal figure in Waldorf education for a half century. on sensory theory according to Rudolf Steiner and Hugo Kuekelhaus.

and poets. EDITOR L Foreword by Annette Brooke. and how they continue to be of pressing relevance today in all spheres of life—from spirituality and the arts to politics and the worlds of banking. its president and one of its four founders. Clairview Books $30. as well as in their relationships. ISBN: 9781907359026 Paperback. and their continuing disappearance is a resounding wake-up call for humanity. Rituals. 376 pages The Knights Templar Influences from the Past and Impulses for the Future What Are the Bees Telling Us? T his is the companion book to the critically acclaimed film Queen of the Sun. PH. ISBN: 9781905570348 Paperback. TAGGART SIEGEL is a director of awardwinning documentaries and dramas that reflect cultural diversity with absorbing style. a non-profit media organization based in San Francisco and Portland. Clairview Books $25. Too Much. The Real Dirt on Farmer John won 31 International Film Festivals awards. Revealing the mysterious world of the beehive and the complex social community of bees. the author presents six exercises that will help readers take charge of their life in ordinary situations.D. 96 pages . 160 pages. Full color GIL MCHATTIE “It is becoming more and more important to add truth to the plethora of distortion that surrounds the Knights Templar.00 6¼ x 9¼ inches. ISBN: 9780863158636 Paperback. thinking and trust. 104 pages The Remarkable True Story of the American Capitalists Who Financed the Russian Communists W ANTONY C.” (from the introduction) ISBN: 9781906999261 Paperback.00 6¼ x 9¼ inches. The Order’s spiritual legacy therefore needs voices that make conscious the impulse they carried. These exercises offer a balance of action and openness. Siegel is a cofounder of Collective Eye. She presents her research on the meaning of the mysterious “head” that the Templars were accused of worshipping. ISBN: 9781905570355 Paperback. including influences from other religious traditions.00 5½ x 8½ inches. but spirituality can be an everyday aspect our lives. 232 pages By the Light of the Lanthorn Working with People with Special Needs A Cultural and Social Impulse in a Changing World T SIEGFRIED W. Floris Books $17. highlighting our historic and sacred relationship with bees. making better policies. Oregon. tells the story of how the impulse behind the organization—inspired by the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner—first transpired. and examines Queen of the Sun the historical figures that lent their wisdom and guidance to the founding of the order. 176 pages The Templar Spirit The Esoteric Inspiration. and to show how these impulses have reappeared and metamorphosed in later times. Using this down-to-earth approach.New Books Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution ISBN: 9781906999254 Paperback. Too Soon? Early Learning and the Erosion of Childhood RICHARD HOUSE. the book unveils millennia of beekeeping. and how this is being compromised by highly mechanized and intensive corporate agribusiness practices. effectively and successfully. researchers. Hawthorn Press $38. ISBN: 9781906999278 Paperback. Temple Lodge $20. farmers. 224 pages 12  |  For the latest and most complete information on our books. visit our website at steinerbooks. RUDEL he Peredur Trust has been caring for disadvantaged and differently abled individuals. and Beliefs of the Knights Templar M MARGARET JONAS argaret Jonas penetrates various claims and reveals something of the esoteric practices and beliefs of the Knights Templar. It makes a profound examination of the global bee crisis through the eyes of biodynamic and organic beekeepers. for more than sixty years.95 5½ x 8½ inches. Temple Lodge $30. Antony Sutton establishes tangible historical links between Russian communists and US TAGGART SIEGEL The Sixfold Path Six Simple Exercises for Spiritual Development S JOOP VAN DAM piritual development is a daunting phrase. scientists. and. MP Preface by Steve Biddulph eading policy-makers. Temple Lodge $30. most important. and parents advocate for alternative ways for slowing childhood. helping us in difficult moments.00 6¾ x 9¼ inches. commerce.00 6¾ x 9¾ inches. SUTTON hy did the 1917 American Red Cross Mission to Russia include more financiers than medical doctors? In a courageous investigation. Siegfried Rudel.00 6¼ x 9¼ inches. educators. philosophers.. and business. providing the right learning at the right time for children when they are developmentally ready. The bees are messengers. self-control and feelings.

its grape variety. Sensitive crystallization also reveals the influence of environmental factors and cultivation. Ibn Arabi. Chiron Publications $24. and a founding member and President of the Temenos Academy. Themes include the case of the sixteenth-century nun. a spirit birth chart is an image of the fruits of the life they have lived. BARBARA HANNAH (1891–1986). Jeanne Fery. fragrance. T his book tells the inner story of Rilke’s literary career.” as Plato called them). The flower teaches symmetry and geometry (the “eternal verities. 448 pages 560 color illustrations E hrenfried Pfeiffer. Whereas a standard birth chart offers an image of what a person brings into the start of their life. or biodynamic. VOLUME 1: ISBN: 9781888602463 Paperback. and. Working from his own flower photographs and with every geometric pattern hand-drawn. at the highest levels. or the “spirit birth” chart.95 6 x 9 inches. the animus in the Book of Tobit (or Tobias). ISBN: 9780863157998 Paperback. and many others. Read an excerpt — page 52 ISBN: 9780863158063 Paperback. DANIEL JOSEPH POLIKOFF. and Number Visualizing the Qualities of Wines RILKE. Floris Books $29. and astrology. tracing. Floris Books $29. His books include Time Stands Still: New Light on Megalithic Science. What is evident in the geometry of a flower’s face can remind us of the geometry that underlies all existence. ISBN: 9781888602524 Paperback. was an original member of the Psychological Club of Zurich and a founder of the Jung Institute in Zurich. In this sense. using copper chloride crystals mixed with samples of the particular plant. 240 pages For the latest and most complete information on our books. drawing on Hillman and Jung. a former Waldorf teacher.95 6 x 9 inches. and the meaning of the animus for modern women. His illuminating study attempts to re-engage the human spirit in its intimate relation with all nature. step by step. and their substance offers medicinal benefits. looking particularly at how human consciousness has changed in relation to star wisdom. we can treat flowers as sources of remembering—ways of recalling our own wholeness. offer inspiration. KEITH CRITCHLOW is a well-known lecturer and author and a founding member of Research Into Lost Knowledge Organization (RILKO). His research led to the sensitive crystallization method.95 6 ¼ x 9 ¼ inches. Plato. and form. and California. Floris Books $50. He is Professor Emeritus and founder of the Visual Islamic and Traditional Arts Programme at the Royal College of Art. A Soul History KEITH CRITCHLOW CHRISTIAN MARCEL DANIEL JOSEPH POLIKOFF C an we imagine a world without flowers? Their beauty offers us delight in their color. 304 pages VOLUME 2: ISBN: 9781888602470  |  13  . beautiful images illustrate the qualities of a wine—its tasting qualities. Chiron Publications $39. The vibrant. astronomy. organic. provide cultural symbols in different cultures. literature generally (the Brontës in particular). the mythopoetic journey inscribed in the interweaving lines of the poet’s life and art.Recent Publications The Hidden Geometry of Flowers Sensitive Crystallization In the Image of Orpheus Living Rhythms. 112 pages 120 color illustrations Wisdom of the Stars Astrology and Spiritual Biography T LEO DE LA HOUSSAYE he author traces the development of astrology in human history. ISBN: 9780863158025 Paperback. Form. Critchlow tells us. renowned thinker and geometrist Keith Critchlow focuses on an aspect of flowers that has received little attention.00 8 ¼ x 9 ½ inches.95 8 ¼ x 9 ½ inches. whether intensive. Italy. Netherlands. developed a method to show the presence of formative life forces. 784 pages CHRISTIAN MARCEL has used the method of sensitive crystallization for more than twelve years and has given seminars on the method in France. Chiron Publications $24. a first-generation Jungian psychologist. worked for the Dutch Institute for Organizational Development and lectured widely on social and personal development. a founding member and Director of Studies of Kairos. 192 pages The Animus The Spirit of Inner Truth in Women Volumes 1 & 2 BARBARA HANNAH I Series Editor. Emmanuel Kennedy-Xypolitas n two volumes. is also the author of two books of poetry and a translator and editor. It blends biography with in-depth analyses of Rilke’s poetry and prose. visit our website at steinerbooks. as well as awakening our inner power of recognition and consciousness. now the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts. Flowers also speak to us in the language of the plant’s form. LEO DE LA HOUSSAYE (1928–2009) grew up in The Hague. The author also introduces the death chart.95 6 x 9 inches. and its aging potential. the author reviews the role of flowers from the perspective of our interrelationship with the natural world. the nature of its terroir. In this beautiful and original book. The Animus presents a psychological analysis of the animus. who introduced biodynamics into North America.

muralist. 192 pages Communities for Tomorrow T ISBN: 9780863158100 Paperback. Moreover. ANGELA LORD is a painter. human invisible reality behind them and manifested in the unique event we celebrate as Easter.00 6 ¼ x 9 ¼ inches. EDITOR he authors in this collection explore a range of issues that affect Camphill life. The second (from 1919) represents the shadow side of Christ’s Second Coming—the incarnation in human form of the being known as Ahriman (ancient Persian tradition) or Satan (Judeo-Christian tradition). along with color photographs from 1922. 336 pages 14  |  For the latest and most complete information on our books. Floris Books $40. and his lecture on the paintings of the small cupola on January 25. 248 pages Prophecy ∙ Phenomena ∙ Hope The Real Meaning of 2012: Christ & the Maya Calendar—An Update H The Threefold Social Order K arl König shows that true social change must begin in individuals and that each person can practice renewal amid everyday life. 144 pages ISBN: 9781584201113 Paperback. Floris Books $30.” ISBN: 9781906999247 Paperback. With her partner Robert Lord. and educational topics as diverse as spiritual needs. residential childcare. 1914. working with autistic children. she began the Colour Transformation Company.Recent Publications The Goetheanum Cupola Motifs of Rudolf Steiner Becoming Human: A Social Task PAINTINGS BY GERARD WAGNER KARL KÖNIG Foreword by Sergei O. Lindisfarne Books $16. 1920. which specializes in the Lazure painting technique. Her books include Colour Dynamics (2010). ISBN: 9780863158117 Paperback.00 5½ x 8½ inches. political. ISBN: 9780880107235 Paperback. Switzerland. Floris Books $30. as well as the divine. focusing on two of Rudolf Steiner’s significant prophecies. and Developments T On the Relationship of The Philosophy of Freedom to The Fifth Gospel G ROBIN JACKSON. Prokofieff Translated by Peter Stebbing T his book points to the historic importance of the first Goetheanum. ISBN: 9780880107372 Hardcover. The Guardian of the Threshold and The Philosophy of Freedom Easter Rudolf Steiner’s Watercolor Painting T ANGELA LORD his eligant book explores the deep meaning of the watercolor Easter (or “Three Crosses”) painted by Rudolf Steiner in April 1924. and the development of Camphill communities around the world.00 5½ x 8½ inches. one may ask where this theme can be found in The Philosophy of Freedom. ISBN: 9780863158094 Paperback. Temple Lodge $ SERGEI O. ROBIN JACKSON is a consultant to Camphill Rudolf Steiner School in Aberdeen. Research. 80 pages . SteinerBooks $25. EDITOR his book is a result of a conference called “Community Building in the Light of Michael” took place at the Goetheanum in 2009. Steiner’s lecture on October 25. ROBERT POWELL ere.00 6 x 9 inches. The Easter experience offers the “rainbow meditation” and what it means to be human. The author presents his insights into this question in the first part of this volume and. and murals. disabled identity. investigates the connection between The Philosophy of Freedom and Rudolf Steiner’s research into to what he called “The Fifth Gospel. interior design. the author updates the research presented in the ground-breaking book Christ & the Maya Calendar: 2012 and the Coming of the Antichrist (coauthored with Kevin Dann). GERARD WAGNER (1906–1999) established The Painting School at the Goetheanum. She studied with Gerard Wagner and received a diploma from the Goetheanum Painting School.” Angela Lord ends her book with an exploration of the cosmic meaning that shines through the colors. in part two.00 8½ x 11 inches.00 8¼ x 10¾ inches. They examine social. PROKOFIEFF iven the centrality of the Guardian of the Threshold to modern initiation. 138 pages Discovering Camphill New Perspectives. interior color designer.00 5 ½ x 8 ½ inches. visit our website at steinerbooks. as well as other centrally important contributions to an understanding of this new direction in art. Dornach. KARL KÖNIG (1902–1966) founded the Camphill Movement in Scotland based on the educational ideas of Rudolf Steiner. The first (from 1909) concerns the Second Coming of Christ. Scotland. cosmic. SteinerBooks $50. Also included are the little-known colored etchings of the Goetheanum window motifs made by Assya Turgenieff with Rudolf Steiner. appear in English here for the first. The contributions in this book originate from there. because humanity is (in Steiner’s words) “the religion of the gods. contributors include: • Cornelius Pietzner • Virginia Sease • Penelope Roberts-Baring • Sergei Prokofieff • Peter Selg • Bodo von Plato. The reader is led to contemplate the profound mysteries of colors and the sense world. his appearance to humanity as the Etheric Christ. 120 pages RICHARD STEEL. and art educator.

soul. Founded by Yehuda Tagar. THUN W hen you buy a bottle of wine to enjoy at home. visit our website at steinerbooks. Lionel Corbett makes the startling claim that. and the author of The Religious Function of the Psyche and Psyche and the Sacred.83 x 8. Floris Books $13. Judith von Halle directs her spiritual research to Christ’s descent into the Earth’s depths following the Crucifixion. ISBN: 9781888602517 Paperback. PH. full color The North American Biodynamic Sowing and Planting Calendar 2012 T MARIA THUN AND MATTHIAS K.27 inches. Includes a pullout wall chart for your barn. for both participants in the psychotherapeutic process. The Sacred Cauldron demonstrates some of the ways in which a spiritual sensibility can inform the technical aspects of psychotherapy. He is a core faculty member of Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara. Her annual sowing and planting calendar is published in 18 languages. Chiron Publications $24. and myths of the stars and planets. and maintains a private psychotherapy practice. Floris Books $7. to cover the Christmas season. Through the language of experience and the language of soul. Psychophonetics is unique in its emphasis on a combination of conversation and action phases in counseling sessions. discussing the relationship between that event and modern spiritual training. This useful guide shows the optimum days for sowing. Ph. and harvesting a multitude of plants and crops.. Illustrated When Wine Tastes Best 2012 MARIA THUN AND MATTHIAS K. where she also lectured from 2001. Temple Lodge $26.D. 288 pages.00 16¾ x 12 inches. graduating in 1998. movement. folklore. ISBN: 9780863158179 Calendar. wouldn’t you like to know when it’s going to be at its best? Based on Maria Thun’s biodynamic calendar. ISBN: 9780863158230 Paperback. and backyard astronomers.95 6 x 9 inches. or greenhouse as a handy reference. This year the feature article is about how our world’s calendars work. She attended school in Germany and the U. ISBN: 9780863158216  |  15  . 2012. Robin is the mother of three grown children and grandmother of four. as well as working with bees.00 5 x 7 inches. or at least a cataclysmic transformation. and a visual guide to the phases of the moon and the movements of the planets.95 5¾ x 8¼ inches. and visualization—a method that goes beyond national. 48 pages T BOB MIZON his popular calendar is specifically for naked-eye astronomy. It it ideal for beginners. JUDITH VON HALLE was born in Berlin in 1972.Recent Publications Descent into the Depths of the Earth on the Anthroposophic Path of Schooling Psychophonetics Stargazers’ Almanac 2012 Holistic Counseling and Psychotherapy: Stories and Insights from Practice Monthly Guide to the Stars and Planets JUDITH VON HALLE ROBIN STEELE. her life was transformed when she received the stigmata. this handy little pocket guide tells you which days are optimum wine-drinking days. history. acts as a professional supervisor. It includes Maria Thun’s unique insights. LIONEL CORBETT trained in medicine and psychiatry in England and as a Jungian analyst at the C. which go above and beyond the general information included in some other lunar calendars. language. In 2004. while maintaining an architectural practice. ROBIN STEELE. There is also something on the Maya calendar’s prediction of the world’s end.  G. looking north and south.00 5. She encountered Anthroposophy in 1997 and began working as a staff member at Rudolf Steiner House in Berlin.S. December 2011. ISBN: 9781584200864 Paperback. The notes include fascinating insights into the science. Jung Institute of Chicago. children. THUN he original biodynamic sowing and planting calendar. now in its fiftieth year. 360 pages B ased on Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy and Psychosophy. It has become a popular Christmas gift—and one that lasts the whole year. Floris Books $25. with clear symbols and explanations. the work is really a spiritual discipline.99 4¼ x 5¾ inches. pruning. Lindisfarne Books $30. and cultural differences. DR. All times and dates are shown in Eastern Standard Time. facilitates personal development courses such as “The healing power of sound”.. and spirit. The psyche manifests the sacred and provides the transpersonal field within which the work of therapy is done. MARIA THUN has gardened all her working life and is an authority on biodynamics. and which days to avoid if you want to get the best from your bottle. on December 21.D. EDITOR B eginning with Rudolf Steiner’s seminal lecture on the nine layers of the Earth. 32 pages. At least two supermarket chains do their wine tasting events only on the best days as indicated by this calendar! Includes a bonus month. shed. 64 pages For the latest and most complete information on our books. 164 pages The Sacred Cauldron Psychotherapy as a Spiritual Practice D LIONEL CORBETT r. it uses a unique gesture-and-sound (nonverbal) approach in combination with body awareness. and studied architecture. the Psychophonetic approach to psychotherapy works with the whole human being in body. ISBN: 9781906999223 Hardcover. California. It is presented in color. Each monthly chart features two views of the night sky.

S. manipulative perception. and the nutritional aspects of child development. ISBN: 9780946206681 Hardcover. the ashram that Swami Abhishiktananda and Abbé Jules Monchanin founded in 1950. DAVID NEWBATT is an artist and teacher who lives and works at a Camphill Community in Aberdeen. The story follows the narrator. O. 130 pages The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz. contradictory facets of life cannot simply be captured in schemes and theories. precisely and convincingly than any previous writing—our dire cultural situation.95 6 x 9 inches. Lantern Books $20. Growing into Anthroposophy makes it clear that we should view such paradoxes as the very foundation for a realistic way of knowing. on his path toward spiritual knowledge and inner transformation. Speeches and Interviews Introduction by Robert Sardello his book—based on thirty years of practical experience—offers a detailed working manual for applying the principles of an anthroposophic approach to medicine that anyone use. TAN JAN DOSTAL From the Cold War to a Sustainable World nyone working toward a deeper understanding of human existence will invariably encounter many paradoxical and contradicting phenomena—in life. Christian Compiled by Green Cross International Witness to the Fullness of Light The Vision and Relevance of the Benedictine Monk Swami Abhishiktananda S WILLIAM SKUDLAREK. and calculative cleverness—into balance and to new creative capacities. He has illustrated several books. This book charts the influence that Abhishiktananda had on Christianity in India. sounding all of the themes that have made him one of the most significant thinkers of this time.00 6 x 8¼ inches. as well as in Anthroposophy and the work of Rudolf Steiner. The tributes from colleagues and friends—ranging from political heavyweights George Bush and Margaret Thatcher to renowned champions of sustainability Maurice Strong and Achim Steiner—reflect the esteem in which Mikhail Gorbachev is held and the special place he occupies in modern history. Goldenstone Press $18. and the continuing importance of his work today. ISBN: 9781590562697 Paperback. JOAQUIN TAN trained in acupuncture (1989) and in Anthroposophic Pharmaceutical Preparations and Medicine in the WALA Company.00 5 x 8 inches.00 9 x 13 inches. A ISBN: 9780946206704 Paperback.00 6 x 9¼ inches. Essays. EDITORS wami Abhishiktananda (Henri Le Saux OSB) was a French Benedictine monk who went to India in 1948 and devoted his life to becoming a bridge between East and West. 96 pages . on other spiritual seekers engaging with Hinduism and Christianity. 344 pages 8 pages in color Illustrated by David Newbatt his Rosicrucian classic is still acknowledged as a literary gem. profoundly challenges him. The book clearly explains the philosophical underpinnings of this unique approach to self-healing and will prove to be valuable to anyone seeking a deeper understanding of human health and illness. Scotland. The whole experience of what he first witnesses. ISBN: 9780983226123 Paperback. 358 pages Strange Loops and Gestures of Creation JOSEPH CHILTON PEARCE T Foreword by Robert Sardello his bestselling author confronts—more clearly. The organization Monastic Interreligious Dialogue sponsored a symposium at Shantivanam. $50.Recent Publications T Healing Ourselves from Medicine Growing into Anthroposophy How Anthroposophy Can Save Your Life Four Stages of Spiritual Thinking Mikhail Gorbachev: Prophet of Change JOAQUIN G. Hardcover. Goldenstone Press $17. $30. Germany. He conducts workshops and gives lectures on wellness. healing. and finally for which he takes responsibility. ISBN: 9781905570300 Clairview. the life work of Joseph Chilton Pearce is brought into symphonic resonance. 408 pages Illustrated in color ISBN: 9780983226109 Paperback. the many-layered. then in which he participates. The author points to the inherent capacity of the heart (the physical heart). Anno 1459 MIKHAIL GORBACHEV T his anthology features select speeches and writings. Wynstones Press $85. & BETTINA BAÜMER. visit our website at steinerbooks. We live today in a collective society that lacks all true meaning of nurturing. Here. Hinduism and Christianity. Paperback. Wynstones Press $20. as well as tributes from political contemporaries and partners in the environmental and peace movements. 204 pages 16  |  For the latest and most complete information on our books.95 6 x 9 inches. an exceptional story written in the Western esoteric tradition.B.00 JOHANN VANENTIN ANDREA T ISBN: 9781905570317 Clairview. bringing the survival-oriented brain— which functions through violence. including Parzival: The Quest for the Holy Grail and Twelve Aspects of Michael.

Rudolf Steiner Press $19. supporting them with commentary and notes. reviewing events in one’s life (awakening the higher self). PIERRE MASSON has decades of practice in biodynamics on a mixed-farming and breeding farm in Burgundy ISBN: 9780863158315 Paperback. Described from different perspectives and approaches. 224 pages 20 b/w and 60 color illustrations ISBN: 9781855842380 Paperback. 2006). Collegeville. By contrast. months. the editor has gathered virtually all Rudolf Steiner’s statements on the review exercises. CHARLES KOVACS was a class teacher at the Rudolf Steiner School in Edinburgh until his retirement in 1976. visit our website at steinerbooks. They show that interreligious dialogue is an engaging. 112 pages The Attentive Voice T hese essays. Lantern Books $20. Floris Books $  |  17  .” A Waldorf teacher resource for math. ISBN: 9780863158483 Paperback. His extensive lesson notes have been a useful and inspiring resource material for many teachers. “Platonic Solids”. F or anyone who practices or for those new to biodynamic gardening and farming methods. “Pythagoras and Numbers”. Pfeiffer’s Introduction to Biodynamics was previously published by the Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association as Biodynamics: Three Introductory Articles. He lives and works in Rome as Secretary General of Monastic Interreligious Dialogue.95 5 x 7¾ inches. O. He is the author of Parsifal and the Search for the Grail.00 5 x 8 inches. Ancient Greece. reviewing the perspectives of others (awakening social impulses). 176 pages Pfeiffer’s Introduction to Biodynamics Reflections on the Meaning and Practice of Interreligious Dialogue WILLIAM SKUDLAREK. Illustrated throughout with full-color illustrations and diagrams. Also included is a short biography of Ehrenfried Pfeiffer by Herbert H. These celestial bodies give us our sense the cycles of days. the author also considers the human qualities needed for the success of this kind of agriculture. classes 7 and 8. and more. enlightening.B. and Time EHRENFRIED PFEIFFER hrenfried Pfeiffer was a pioneer of biodynamics in North America. numerous detailed questions arise: How does one choose the proper seeds? What fertilizers should be used? Which natural products are most effective? This manual. ISBN: 9780863158070 Paperback. This section also deals with the depths of the Earth and the long ages of time. Moon. Individual chapters focus on reviewing the day (transforming the power of memory). part two examines the heights of our universe in the movement of the Sun. Floris Books $35. gathered from 25 years of the Monastic Interreligious Dialogue Bulletin.00 5¼ x 8½ inches. and mountains found on our planet and explores how they came into being. WILLIAM SKUDLAREK is a monk of Saint John’s Abbey. as well as an overview of its early history. explaining why interreligious relations have become an important element of Catholic life. 216 pages For the latest and most complete information on our books. 128 pages art one of this book describes various kinds of rocks. and Ancient Rome. The Age of Revolution. This edition combines Mathematics around Us and Mathematics in Space and Time. This book is a resource for Waldorf teachers in classes six and seven (ages 11–13). Floris Books $13. ISBN: 9781590563090 Paperback. Although the technical aspects of biodynamic growing are exhaustively covered. Floris Books $29. and years. with explanatory diagrams and photographs.S. and spiritually enriching way to respond to religious plurality. principles and practice of the biodynamic method.95 5 ½ x 8 ½ inches. 80 pages New Edition T JOHN BLACKWOOD he author has provided a Waldorf teachers’ book for math. author of The Biodynamic Farm: Agriculture in Service of the Earth and Humanity (SteinerBooks. This short but comprehensive book is a masterful collection of three key articles introducing the concepts. “Rhythm and Cycles..00 5½ x 8½ inches. Australia. fully illustrated. JOHN BLACKWOOD was a Waldorf teacher in Sydney. describe ways that such dialogue has enhanced the authors’ spiritual life. and stars.95 6 x 9¼ inches. soil. exercises in thinking backward (illuminating the will). chapters include: “Mathematics in Nature”. ISBN: 9780863158186 Paperback.Recent Publications Strengthening the Will A Biodynamic Manual Geology and Astronomy The “Review Exercises” Practical Instructions for Farmers and Gardeners CHARLES KOVACS Selected lectures PIERRE MASSON RUDO LF STEINER I Compiled by Martina Maria Sam n this essential handbook. EDITOR P E Mathematics in Nature. provides answers. Minnesota. He died in 2001. Koepf. Space. the book includes a surprising range of suggestions for practice.

SteinerBooks $20. Blavatsky. Also included are his early lectures and teachings concerning the “Masters” and their relationship to human evolution. and cremation addresses. in a way. 1911 (CW 132) (CW 261) Introduction by Christopher Bamford – Translated by Jann Gates Introduction by Christopher Bamford Translated by Sabine Seiler and Christopher Bamford h i s vo l u m e collects Rudolf Steiner’s memorial. Most remarkable of all. Documents. This collection of letters. Primarily in the form of letters are the specific exercises and advice that Steiner gave to pupils who wished to further their spiritual capacities. By this means. Steiner details the experiences of these states available to one who practices the spiritual scientific path of meditation. members of the Anthroposophical Society—seems boundless. how behind all of this stands his love for every human being and the whole of humanity as a single being. leading up to Steiner’s engagement. Dec. 1. He shows how Krishna’s revelation to Arjuna—a foundation of spirituality in India for more than two and a half millennia—assumed a similarly critical role in the Western spiritual revival of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. these stages and states gain an unexpected and existential reality: suddenly. has been understood in East and West. even. Robert McDermott. P. ISBN: 9780880106023 Paperback. personal way to both worlds. Köln. Oct.00 6 x 9¼ inches. ISBN: 9780880106405 Paperback. Speaking in an intimate. friends. 372 pages From the History and Contents of the First Section of the Esoteric School 1904–1914 Letters. seeing the best in them as he lovingly crafted their biographies. 1906–1924 5 lectures. and Cremation Addresses. we recognize what Steiner is talking about. indeed. and most valuable. Thoreau. 464 pages 18  |  For the latest and most complete information on our books. Translated by John Wood his is an important text for anyone interested in the development of Rudolf Steiner’s teaching and for those wishing to explore the advice and admonitions Steiner provided for his early esoteric students. as well as Hindu spirituality. as well as ceremonial and communal. 28-Jan. Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita as they illuminate Western Christian esotericism. and William James. his concerns are ethical and existential. he illuminates the various technical terms and assumptions implicit in the worldview expressed in the Bhagavad Gita. 31–Dec. I n this most remarkable and in many ways unique course of lectures. His intent is other than if he were speaking in a lecture hall. Berlin.00 6 x 9¼ inches. religiously pluralistic world. McDermott describes the different approaches manifested by Emerson. Shining through this book is Rudolf Steiner’s love for humanity—how he loved his students and those with whom he worked. 1913 (CW 146) Introduction by Robert McDermott – Foreword by Christopher Bamford T Translation of the Bhagavad Gita by Eknath Easwaran his combination of two volumes presents Rudolf Steiner’s profound engagement with Hindu thought and. intercultural. H. as well as the events that led to the split between the Theosophical Society under the leadership of Annie Besant and the Esoteric School under Steiner’s guidance and leadership. 9 lectures. this book is necessary reading for all concerned with a truly spiritual approach to the new reality. One gains a clear picture of why Steiner could no longer work within the theosophic framework. 464 pages . Rudolf Steiner describes the inner experience of the states of consciousness known as the Saturn. and community members—and for the one who has died. ISBN: 9780880106269 Paperback. and Earth stages of evolution. explores the complex ways in which the Bhagavad Gita. which Christ knew on the Cross at Golgotha. he engages with the interpretation of historical figures such as Mahatma Gandhi and Sri Aurobindo. he unites the living and the dead with words that are both practical and healing. a longtime student of Rudolf Steiner. At the same time. 7. Helsinki. is the description of the Earth state with its experience of death.The Collected Works of T Our Dead Inner Experiences of Evolution Memorial. relating them to Steiner’s unique perspective. when East and West are growing closer together and we live increasingly in a global. SteinerBooks $30. for instance. Lecture by lecture. In his masterly introduction. SteinerBooks $35. 1913 (CW 142). In the East. Funeral. and lectures offer a glimpse of the birth of the anthroposophic movement from the German section of the Theosophical Society of the late nineteenth century. perhaps. funeral. his interest in and care for each human being as a unique individual—in this case. Sun. In our age. transforming earthly and human evolution. above all. for the greater “cloud” of all the dead. circulars. May 28-June 5.00 6 x 9¼ inches. 136 pages The Bhagavad Gita and the West The Esoteric Significance of the Bhagavad Gita and Its Relation to the Epistles of Paul 5 lectures.00 6 x 9¼ inches. In the West. He stands as speaker before and for the living— ISBN: 9780880106047 Paperback. visit our website at steinerbooks. and Lectures (CW 264) T Introductory and Concluding Remarks by Hella Wiesberger Introduction by Christopher Bamford. SteinerBooks $35. While based on spiritual-scientific research. how. Moon. as well as a sampling of prayers and meditations for the dead.

the underlying issue is not just economic.” He acknowledged that the demand for social change derives mainly from the working class. Above all. begins his explication of how one goes beyond thinking to the observation of thinking itself. we lack knowledge of ourselves as spiritual beings. the theory of how we know the world and ourselves. Dornach. Rudolf Steiner offers a broad overview of his fresh thinking on what he called the “threefold social order.00 6 x 9¼ inches. ISBN: 9780880106313 Paperback. which requires spiritual transformation.” Steiner frames the priests’ task as a need to renew the religious element. Creeger teiner stresses that the task of spiritual science is to awaken us to reality and to a true understanding of life that sees through illusions and understands the ever-present potential of evil. 18 lectures. sustaining. Society would need a “free” culture that includes all classes.00 6 x 9¼ inches. It would also need to shift labor into the legal sphere of rights. 30. the sermon. however. SteinerBooks $20. Selfishness and egoism have no part in the new way. Capital. ISBN: 9780880105972 Paperback. visit our website at steinerbooks. 1921 (CW 342) Introduction by Christopher Bamford – Translated by Peter Clemm Introduction by Christopher Bamford – Translated by Marsha Post s the editor of Goethe’s scientific writings during the 1880s. like goods. Christ and Michael are the explicit guiding lights of this collection. 208 pages For the latest and most complete information on our books.00 6 x 9¼ inches. of meeting one another faceto-face and heart-to-heart. 156 pages Freedom of Thought and Societal Forces Implementing the Demands of Modern Society 6 lectures. ISBN: 9780880106061 Paperback. 1919 (CW 333) Introduction by Christopher Bamford – Translated by Catherine E. culture and the cultured classes have become estranged from real life. 1913–1914 (CW 152) T Introduction by Christopher Bamford – Translated by Michael Miller hese lectures reveal the need for a true “Michael School” and that Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy are earthly representatives of Michael. With courage. To remedy this. and our thinking has become abstract. requires finding “what lives and weaves between human beings. the limits of all insight are given.” Steiner advises the group to abandon teaching or exercising power through words and concepts. a free and independent “teacher” of his own “school. June 13–16. Repeatedly. January 9–February 22.00 6 x 9¼ inches. he returns to the sacrificial acts of Christ—creative. Steiner understood that social realities cannot be separated from the spiritual realities of human existence. they must find a way to communicate actual “life in God”—experience of the divine within the soul. which itself represents a profound act of Christ–Michael service. SteinerBooks $24. but also spiritual or cultural. during. whom industrialization had forced into a kind of indentured state dominated by economics. Rudolf Steiner’s distilled his view in Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts: “There are those who believe that. Steiner. various cities. and after Golgotha.The C ollected Works of A Goethe’s Theory of Knowledge First Steps in Christian Religious Renewal An Outline of the Epistemology of His Worldview Preparing the Ground for The Christian Community Written 1886 (CW 2) 6 lectures and 2 discussions. Rudolf Steiner became immersed in a worldview that paralleled and amplified his own views in relation to epistemology. Steiner lays out his case for this view and. Next we must increase our capacity to love one another and the world.  |  19  . Stuttgart. the only position from which workers can find true freedom in society. Yet if they would carefully observe how they become conscious of these limits. He returns repeatedly to the importance of community. From Steiner’s perspective. to circulate freely. the interface between science and philosophy. He discusses the group’s stated concerns: ritual. 328 pages What Is Necessary in These Urgent Times In this concise volume. too. moreover.” sets about unveiling the truth and reality as he knows it.” The key.” T his volume contains the first of the five “Priest Courses. we must first acknowledge it and then develop modesty and humility. From this perspective. At the time. would need to be liberated from egoism and allowed. ISBN: 9780880106221 Paperback. We are called to cultivate trust and receptivity. May 26-Dec.95 6 x 9¼ inches. 248 pages Introduction by Christopher Bamford – Translated by Rory Bradley Approaching the Mystery of Golgotha 10 lectures. and the relationship between these and individual efforts to awaken to the “I. with the limits of knowledge derived from sensory perception. they would find in the very consciousness of the limits the faculties to transcend them. 376 pages H ere. SteinerBooks $20. and conviction. Instead of focusing on “knowledge of God” (theology). and enabling our humanity—before. like much of the thinking today and the foundation of modern natural science. various cities. SteinerBooks $30. community building. devotion. In 1924. SteinerBooks $35. 1920 (CW 196) S ISBN: 9780880106238 Paperback. sensory perception. the predominant theories held that individual knowledge is limited to thinking that reflects objective.

religion. spiritual work and the outer work of manifesting spirit in life. but also for divinity and the cosmos. with only six lessons. 592 pages Esoteric Lessons 1913–1923 T his volume thus marks not only the birth of Anthroposophy as a spiritual movement of cultural renewal—from which would flow new initiatives in art.” The reader’s understanding of how human destiny is influenced by those who have died deepens with each lecture. Here. 1909 (CW 110) I Introduction by Christopher Bamford Translated by René M. ISBN: 9780880106115 Paperback. together with Michael and the whole spiritual world. various cities. “We must make our life into a school for learning. Controlling thoughts. essentially. visit our website at steinerbooks. he introduces these extraordinary lectures by proposing that the boundary between the physical and spiritual worlds “lies right in the middle of the human being. Hence. which replaced the Esoteric Section.00 6 x 9¼ inches. 424 pages. SteinerBooks $25. any science—spiritual or natural—is a science of beings.00 6 x 9¼ inches. Part Two.00 6 x 9¼ inches. the meditations and instructions are powerful and relevant. The particular realities that Rudolf Steiner focuses on are twofold: working with the dead (and the spiritual hierarchies) and coming to know the Christ. vol 3 E BESTS T LLER (CW 266/3) Introduction by Christopher Bamford Translated by Marsha Post his volume traces the esoteric work (and lack thereof) in the decade leading up to the reestablishment of the General Anthroposophical Society and the creation of the First Class. we begin to work on our astral body. contains meditations that indicate a new direction. They make clear the bond that must unite our inner. Thus. 1917 (CW 179) (CW 266/1) The Unity of Art. education. This section is preceded by a moving account of the history and development of the esoteric Youth Movement. For. 1918 (CW 182) T The Spiritual Hierarchies and the Physical World Introduction by Christopher Bamford Translated by Sabine Seiler hese lectures address us in our soul life and speak to our hearts. the only true realties are beings in various states of consciousness. 216 pages 20  |  For the latest and most complete information on our books. SteinerBooks $35. Whenever we are dealing with grand cosmic facts. Nov. architecture. ISBN: 9780880106184 Paperback. Part Three contains the two esoteric lessons given to the esoteric youth circle. Querido mplicit in Rudolf Steiner’s view is the fact that. an idea of higher origin—begins the process. 1907–1924 (CW 284) oremost here is practice. vol 1 8 lectures. The volume closes with the Threefold Mantra that foreshadowed the a approach for the First Class and was used by those in the Esoteric Section between 1920 and 1923. 29.” Introduction by Christopher Bamford Translated by Marsha Post F ISBN: 9780880106108 Paperback. Dusseldorf. ordering memories. December 2–22. ISBN: 9780880106016 Paperback. Dornach. SteinerBooks $20. 240 pages . science. 1904–1909 Rosicrucianism Renewed The Influence of the Dead on Destiny From the Esoteric School. Meditation—concentration on a living thought. Thus. Never before made public. to understand the evolution of the cosmos and humanity in any terms other than consciousness is also an illusion. In this sense. 1917–Oct. in which Rudolf Steiner placed such hopes. 64 color pages Death as Metamorphosis of Life From the Esoteric School. we are dealing with states of consciousness. those who have died call upon us to change our consciousness. SteinerBooks $40. when he assumed responsibility for the guidance of humankind. Everything else is illusion. April 13-22. Rudolf Steiner can sometimes outline a radically new reality that changes Introduction by Christopher Bamford Zodiac. Science & Religion The Theosophical Congress of Whitsun 1907 Introduction by Christopher Bamford. Part One contains thirty-nine lessons.00 6 x 9¼ inches. SteinerBooks $35. the universe consists of consciousness. ISBN: 9780880106146 Paperback. various cities. They teach us the fundamental importance of everyday human destiny and earthly life—not just for humanity. SteinerBooks $25. then the practical wisdom of service called for by the spirit of the times will come to nothing. medicine. as Anthroposophy freed itself of Theosophy and focused on deepening the Rosicrucian path. we begin to form our “mental” (etheric) body. These two tasks are our main goal. if spiritual wisdom does not live and grow as a reality in the souls of those who practice it. 184 pages Including “What Does the Angel Do in our Astral Body?” & “How Do I Find Christ?” 7 Lectures. and drama—but also the articulation of this activity as the evolutionary tip of human consciousness reaching back to the primordial mystery centers.00 6 x 9¼ inches. 13 lectures.The Collected Works of Esoteric Lessons. 520 pages W ith a single observation. as Steiner shows how this reality becomes existential—a matter of personal decision—through the Archangel Michael’s great action in 1979. Planets & Cosmos 10 lectures. ISBN: 9780880106078 Paperback. What these two have in common is that they are both Earth-centered. agriculture. 16.00 6 x 9¼ inches.

SteinerBooks $20. SteinerBooks $24.The C ollected Works of Inner Reading and Inner Hearing The Sun Mystery And How to Achieve Existence in the World of Ideas 12 lectures. 1920 (CW 195) A Youth and the Etheric Heart Introduction by Christopher Bamford Translated by Peter Clemm s with all of Steiner’s lectures given around the Holy Nights. The ritual texts are given in full. various cities. these jewel-like lectures are both inspiring and sobering.00 6 x 9¼ inches. RUDOLF STEINER 11 lectures in 2 courses. 18. 128 pages Introduction by Christopher Bamford Rudolf Steiner Speaks to the Younger Generation 16 lectures. once the war became a reality. These lectures were given in 1922. too. are called by service to the Archangel Michael. enabling all to experience the new reality. and powerful opposing forces make his and our task more difficult. including the mallet. materialism. 1920-1924 (CW 217a) T Introduction by Christopher Bamford Translated by Catherine E. and pillars of Jachin and Boaz. 272 pages For the latest and most complete information on our books. SteinerBooks $25. His was an attempt to guide the youth toward understanding themselves within the world situation. Rose Cross. primary materials relates Steiner’s teaching of the Misraim Service. ISBN: 9780880106139 Paperback. intellectual. with 2 Christmas lectures October–December.95 6 x 9¼ inches. and its assumptions. Steiner discussed the need for a form of education permeated by art and feeling.00 6 x 9¼ inches. which underlies the whole volume and to which we. with illustrations and descriptions of making the ritual objects. Dec. Creeger his book is intended by its editors to be supplementary to the 1922 “Pedagogical Youth Course.00 6 x 9¼ inches. F ISBN: 9780880106085 Paperback. 1922 (CW 217) or Steiner. ISBN: 9780880106160 Paperback. calling on us to create new relationships to spiritual realities. Rudolf Steiner was able to give these lectures. Ritual symbols.00 6 x 9¼ inches. A few months later.00 6 x 9¼ inches. October 3–15. language. 1922 (CW 211) Exoteric and Esoteric Christianity RUDOLF STEINER Rudolf Steiner’s Challenge to the Younger Generation Introduction by Christopher Bamford 13 lectures.” He shows us a new path to Christ and to the spirit world. 248 pages “Freemasonry” and Ritual Work The Misraim Service: Texts and Documents from the Cognitive-Ritual Section of the Esoteric School 1904–1919  |  21  . and consequences. is to open to the etheric heart in humanity. all find their place here. 1919–Jan. various cities. visit our website at steinerbooks. documents. 240 pages Cosmic New Year Thoughts for New Year 1920 5 lectures. still inspiring a call to arms. SteinerBooks $25. Prescient to our own moment. midway between World War I and Steiner’s death in 1925. inertia or lack of will. which brings inner nourishment that can grow throughout one’s life. World War I had ended. but peace was still a distant hope. Stuttgart. The Archangel Michael is once again the “world regent. triangle. which lay out in the clearest fashion the path of anthroposophic meditation. SteinerBooks $35. the possibilities for esoteric work would change and it would become more difficult to do spiritual research. The task. 632 pages Becoming the Archangel Michael’s Companions: R udolf Steiner presented these lectures to about a hundred German young people who hoped to bring Waldorf education into the culture of their time and for the future. The purpose of Anthroposophy is to bring this reality into world evolution. Yet. But in the short interval before the true horror of the conflict unfolded. March 21–June 11. they present Steiner’s vision for Anthroposophy as he hoped it would permeate culture through young people able to take it up as a spiritual. ISBN: 9780880106092 Paperback. our most important task is to overcome death by uniting with Christ. They will be of particular interest to anyone wanting to comprehend Rudolf Steiner’s mature understanding of his mission: “enchristing” the world. and socially transforming path. Steiner stressed upon his listeners the great importance of “self-education” as a prerequisite to all other education. 1. Stuttgart. stand as a kind of unexpected gift. 1914 (CW 156) T Introduction by Christopher Bamford Translated by Michael Miller hese two lecture courses. and talks (CW 265) RUDOLF STEINER T Introduction by Christopher Bamford his volume of rich. given just after the beginning of World War I. as well as the Temple Legend of Hiram Abiff and Solomon and the story of Cain and Abel. 232 pages ISBN: 9780880106191 Paperback. SteinerBooks $20.” published as Becoming the Archangel Michael’s Companions. these stirring lectures are more relevant than ever. ISBN: 9780880106122 Paperback. Together.

SteinerBooks $12. ISBN: 9780880107242 Paperback. Koberwitz. the words he chose to use. 96 pages Also by Peter Selg The Agriculture Course. Waldorf education is not merely a theory but a living reality. His deeply moving and often startling lectures in 1913 are thus fragmentary. 144 pages The Therapeutic Eye R How Rudolf Steiner Observed Children udolf Steiner’s extraordinary ability to perceive the inner nature and development of children provided valuable insights into the creative learning process. our most prolific author. inspiring. ISBN: 9780880107181 Paperback. and ways that these approaches can be used to develop lessons and classroom activities to deal with behavioral extremes and learning challenges. temperament. visit our website at steinerbooks. 228 pages The Essence of Waldorf Education T his passionate.00 The Figure of Christ Rudolf Steiner and the Spiritual Intention behind the Goetheanum’s Central Work of Art ISBN: 9781906999018 | Bbk | Temple Lodge | 80 pages | $12. ISBN: 9780880106467 . is the free relationship between teacher and student. and more are currently in the prepublication process.” This unbornness extends not only from conception to birth. Anthroposophy and Christianity would have received a soul-filled description of the Mystery of Golgotha. as a healing model of what education might become if the primary relationship. SteinerBooks $20. In The Therapeutic Eye. 128 pages Unbornness F Human Pre-existence and the Journey toward Birth rom the very beginning. To read more about his books. and his descriptions—sometimes in great detail—of the inner processes involved. In a new and striking way. Unbornness—the other side of eternity—allows us to experience the fact that birth is just as great a mystery as is death. and environment. That unborn life of a person’s higher individuality guides the whole process of incarnation.50 22  |  For the latest and most complete information on our books. Peter Selg tells the story of those SteinerBooks $20. More than fifteen of his books are now available in English.00 5½ x 8½ inches. has written dozens of books over the years. which makes us forget the reality of our “unbornness. but we fail to recognize this because of a single-minded focus on immortality. and moving book speaks from deep knowledge of Anthroposophy and the author’s extensive experience as a child psychiatrist. Most important. and how they still respond to what we need today. Dr. with profound yet accessible commentary.Works by Peter Selg PETER SELG.00 5½ x 8½ inches. based on what we are able to observe in the child’s physical appearance. 88 pages Rudolf Steiner and the Fifth Gospel R Insights into a New Understanding of the Christ Mystery udolf Steiner received The Fifth Gospel—previously unrecorded events from the life of Jesus Christ—but never finished the project of revealing it. Selg brings this reality to life before us through the biography of the first Waldorf school. inspiring readers through his knowledge and insights into Anthroposophy and Rudolf Steiner. we learn to see it in a new way—in its essence. What becomes clear is the extent to which his connections to the deceased shaped his addresses and related to their new stage of existence.00 5½ x 8½ inches. ISBN: 9780880105941 Paperback. please visit steinerbooks. movement. Thus. It frames our lives.00 5½ x 8½ inches. Whitsun 1924 Rudolf Steiner and the Beginnings of Biodynamics ISBN: 9781906999087 | Pbk | Temple Lodge | 208 pages | $26.00 5½ x 8½ inches. children manifest an essential dignity and a unique self. or life after death. Such perception involves the re-creation of the child within oneself. which they clearly brought with them from the spiritual world. Had he done so. The Path of the Soul after Death The Community of the Living and the Dead as Witnessed by Rudolf Steiner in his Eulogies and Farewell Addresses T he author shows how Rudolf Steiner commemorated the dead. unbornness poses the mystery of our human task on Earth. Below is a selection of his works ( see pages 2 and 3 for his newest releases ). their continuing validity. SteinerBooks $15.00 Seeing Christ in Sickness and Healing ISBN: 9780863154775 | Pbk | Floris Books | 160 pages | $29. ISBN: 9780880107075 Paperback. how teachers can look at children. the inner core of a school. and Dr. offering context to excerpts. Peter Selg discusses Steiner’s views on childhood development. but also includes the whole existence and history of one’s “I” in its long journey from the spiritual world to Earth. he offers insights into their deep meaning to both Steiner and the hearts of those who heard and understood. SteinerBooks $15. returning to the original impulses behind the first Waldorf school.

each a “beloved sheep” whom the Creator is unwilling to lose. Anthroposophic Press $9. and the Holy Scriptures: Terms & Phrases n this book. Edward Reaugh Smith shows that there is no difference between true science and the divine intelligence sought by true religion. I The Soul’s Long Journey The Burning Bush How the Bible Reveals Reincarnation Rudolf Steiner. ISBN: 9780880104470 Paperback. However. and athlete. The result is the first Bible commentary in the light of anthroposophic insight. and the Holy Scriptures: An Anthroposophical Commentary on the Bible f. A successful lawyer and businessman. 360 pages David’s Question I What Is Man? (Psalm 8:4)—Rudolf Steiner. Anthroposophy. Anthroposophic Press $9. This comprehensive book is based on the anthroposophic perspectives given to humanity by Rudolf Steiner during the early twentieth century. and almost three decades of applying the analytical skill required in an intense law practice. A major assumption of most Bible commentaries—that one can go directly to portions dealing with given passages of scripture and understand what is being said about them—does not fit.” Drawing on his extensive knowledge of the Bible. Bible commentaries have always reflected the general line of thinking of their authors. as the birth of Jesus. 800 pages ISBN: 9780880105354 Paperback. Smith shows both what the assumptions of the Master’s hearers were and how the New Testament confirms the ancient heritage. please visit his website. then neither religion nor science can be fulfilled until they come together on a higher plane.95 6 x 9 inches. and grandfather with broad interests in life. Anthroposophic Press $29. visit our website at steinerbooks. 112 pages For the latest and most complete information on our books. the author masterfully supplies us with a range of collateral materials that is always interesting and illuminates the larger picture. The model for such a union of science and religion is the spiritual science developed by Rudolf Steiner. Anthroposophic Press $19. Arising from the fullness of the canon is an exciting story of the long journey of humanity and every human soul. E d Smith combines his extensive traditional biblical knowledge with his years of concentrated study and reflection on hundreds of works by Rudolf Steiner. Thus. anthroposophical commentary on the Bible. For more about this interesting. they are uncovered here by a confluence of conventional Bible study and the epochal spiritual discoveries of Rudolf Steiner. 96 pages The Incredible Births of Jesus N ISBN: 9780880105002 Paperback. hard-working author and his nor perhaps any so little understood.Works by Edward Reaugh Smith EDWARD REAUGH (pronounced “Ray”) Smith is an Illinoisan transplanted to Texas at mid-century. much of The Burning Bush is devoted to laying out a spiritualscientific foundation.95 5½ x 8½ inches. father. With characteristic intensity and skilled research. ISBN: 9780880104869 Paperback. This is an important resource for anyone who wants to dig into the deepest meanings of biblical scriptures. Anthroposophy. so  |  23  . In this union. fifteen years investigating and contemplating Rudolf Steiner’s vast works. Anyone seeking to understand the mystery of Jesus Christ and his “beloved disciple” will find true food for the mind and heart. there is only one reality. With particular emphasis on the organic provisions of the Old Testament. New Testament scholars as well as those concerned in any way with the future of Christianity ought to sit up and take note. “The Bible and Anthroposophy” (www. Smith has produced a potential classic the serious Bible student can ill afford to ignore. Combining a lifetime of biblical study and teaching. the dramatic newness of anthroposophic thought means that the usual methods of using a Bible commentary may not be appropriate here. See page 7 for Ed Smith’s newest book ISBN: 9780880104487 Paperback. what the senses show us about the physical world—when keenly observed and allowed to speak for itself instead of being abstracted into theories—become images of the spiritual world: “As above. And commercialism’s thickening veneer has neither quieted the cry of every soul nor stilled its urge to penetrate through it all to an understanding of this most magnificent event in all creation. Anthroposophic Press $29. his lifelong search for the deeper meaning of the Bible—which he taught for over twenty-five years before discovering the writings of Steiner—expresses itself in his many works.95 5½ x 8½ inches. Its mystery steals into every heart as days shorten into winter. the author shows us that anthroposophy provides unique insights into the biblical account. Ed Smith presents remarkable insights showing that reincarnation is deeply and powerfully revealed in the Bible’s most fundamental aspects.bibleandanthroposophy. He is a husband.95 6 x 9 inches. ultimately.95 6 x 9 inches. The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved I Unveiling the Author of John’s Gospel n a way that is accessible. In this second volume of his authoritative. How and why have these insights escaped attention for so long? At last. Smith brings his anthroposophic insights to the heart of mainstream Christianity. 560 pages o story is so well known. amateur musician.

Essential Works on Anthroposophy Intuitive Thinking as a Spiritual Path An Outline of Esoteric Science Christianity as Mystical Fact A Philosophy of Freedom RUDOLF STEINER And the Mysteries of Antiquity RUDOLF STEINER Translated by Catherine E. new “organs” of soul and spirit begin to form. earthly evolution. 240 pages Translated by Catherine E. but a stepby-step account of how a person may come to experience living. SteinerBooks $16. illumination. intuitive thinking—“the conscious experience of a purely spiritual content. Steiner presents a compre­hensive understanding of human nature—from the physical body and the soul to our central spirit being. This is not abstract philosophy. invisible web of interacting cosmic beings. and a detailed. This is a fundamental book. Rudolf Steiner Press $22.95 5½ x 8½ inches.00 5½ x 8½ inches.” Steiner carefully and precisely leads the reader from the cultivation of the fundamental soul attitudes of reverence and inner tranquility to the development of inner life through the stages of preparation. ISBN: 9780880104364 Paperback. a priest of the Christian Community. SteinerBooks $19. and initiation. Includes an introduction and annotated notes by Andrew Welburn and an afterword by Michael Debus. Readers will find the evolutionary development from the ancient Mysteries through the great Greek philosophers to the events portrayed in the Gospels. too. The emphasis throughout is on scientific exposition of spiritual phenomena.95 5½ x 8½ inches. 304 pages Theosophy An Introduction to the Spiritual Processes in Human Life and in the Cosmos How to Know Higher Worlds A Modern Path of Initiation RUDOLF STEINER BEST ISBN: 9780880104098 Paperback. reincarnation and karma. They mark a watershed in the development of Western Founding a Science of the Spirit RUDOLF STEINER T 14 lectures. through whom the alchemical processes of cosmic evolution continue to unfold. Steiner gave a series of lectures called “Christianity As Mystical Fact” to members of the Theosophical Society. SteinerBooks $16. it is a warm. and spirit. 168 pages . and meditation training. in Stiener’s own development. ISBN: 9781855840775 Paperback. ISBN: 9780880103725 Paperback.. good and evil. By patiently and persistently following his guidelines.” through which we can attain initiation knowledge. describing the path of knowledge through which each of us can begin to understand the marvelously harmonious and complex worlds of soul and spirit. we see how the creation and evolution of humanity is embedded in the heart of the vast.00 6 x 9¼ inches. 256 pages 24  |  For the latest and most complete information on our books. Creeger Translated by Christopher Bamford Written 1904–1905 (CW 10) D T Written 1904 (CW 9) his key work is for anyone seeking a solid founda­tion in spiritual reality. The lectures were rewritten and issued as a book later that year. Introduction by Christopher Bamford Translation and Notes by Andrew Welburn Afterword by Michael Debus BESTS T ELLER I Written 1894 (CW 4) his seminal work asserts that free spiritual activity—the human ability to think and act independently of physical nature — is the appropriate path for people today who wish to gain true knowledge of themselves and the universe. who summarizes the book and places it in context. SteinerBooks $25.–Sept. and for our understanding of the Christ event. 288 pages uring the fall and winter of 1901–1902. in that of Western esotericism. 1906 (CW 95) opics include human nature in relation to the cosmos. 448 pages SELL RUDOLF STEINER ER T his book begins with the premise that “the capacities by which we can understand the higher worlds lie dormant within each one of us. the soul’s journey after death. visit our website at steinerbooks. which reveal the contours of the higher worlds thus far concealed from us. Aug. including the “Rose Cross Meditation. their relationship to sleep and death. heart-oriented guide to the practice and experience of “living thinking. practical guide to methods and exercises. SteinerBooks $17. He provides.” ISBN: 9780880103855 Paperback. Creeger Written 1902 (CW 8) Introduced by Gertrude Reif Hughes Translated by Michael Lipson Written 1910 (CW 13) RUDOLF STEINER n this foundational work of spiritual science.95 5½ x 8½ inches. Included are descriptions of the various bodies of the human being. Stuttgart.” Readers will not find abstract philosophy here.95 5½ x 8½ inches. ISBN: 9780880103732 Paperback. an extraordinary overview of the laws of reincarnation and karma and the various ways we live within the three worlds of body. soul.

“A Way of Self-Knowledge”: Eight meditations that take the reader on a journey through human experience. and more. visit our website at steinerbooks. Part two. 1923 (CW 231) Anthroposophy as a Path of Knowledge The Michael Mystery A Way of Self-Knowledge At Home in the Universe Introduction & Afterword by Paul Margulies Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts Some Results of Spiritual-Scientific Research into Human History and Development Written 1911.95 5½ x 8½ inches. “The Life.” which is central in the meditative life of many students of spiritual science. cognition of the spiritual world. the elemental (or etheric) body. so that we can begin to act more consciously by recognizing the real nature of morality and the consequences of our present lives. July 20–22. Dornach. T he first part contains Steiner’s comments on “The Foundation Stone Meditation. Nature & Cultivation of Anthroposophy RUDOLF STEINER RUDOLF STEINER Introduction by Christopher Bamford S 3 lectures. and Cultivation of Anthroposophy. Part two. The 185 thoughts constitute invaluable.00 5½ x 8½ inches. Written 1923–1925 (CW 26) And the Threshold of the Spiritual World Exploring Our Suprasensory Nature 5 talks. karma and reincarnation. the astral body. 124 pages For the latest and most complete information on our books. we exchange it for self-awareness and memory. and ways of perceiving previous earthly lives. Through this initial wisdom (which is still connected to the spiritual hierarchies) we enter the physical realm and then. 224 pages The Spiritual Guidance of the Individual and Humanity RUDOLF STEINER Translated and Introduced by Christopher Bamford Preface by Friedemann Schwarzkopf P art one. astral. 144 pages ISBN: 9780880105064 Paperback. and begin to think in the world. 144 pages T ISBN: 9781855840966 Paperback.13–18. Includes exercises that help us explore our suprasensory human nature. dream­ing. 1923 (CW 225) teiner discusses death. as we grow. clear summaries of Steiner’s fundamental lines of thought—indeed. June 1911 (CW 15) RUDOLF STEINER R Introduction by Hilmar Moore Translated by Samuel Desch udolf Steiner begins this work by pointing to our awareness of a second self that guides us through life. aphoristic paragraphs. They contain thoughts and guidelines regarding the Anthroposophical Society and its members’ conduct in the world. the astral body and luciferic beings. ISBN: 9780880103640 Paperback. It guides us as infants and children as we attain vertical balance in space. learn to communicate in community. They are intended not as doctrine. 208 pages RUDOLF STEINER his key volume contains Rudolf Steiner’s “leading thoughts” and related letters to members of the Anthroposophical Society. He shows us how our char­ acter and actions on Earth affect us after we die and how those experiences shape our next physical life. and how the “missing links” in evo­ lution are spiritual in nature. from 3 lectures. Rudolf Steiner Press $24. but to stimulate and focus one’s study and discussion of spiritual science. SteinerBooks $16. the Guardian of the Threshold. ISBN: 9781855840751 Paperback. The Hague Nov.” contains Steiner’s letters to members of the society following the Christmas Conference.Essential Works on Anthroposophy What Is Anthroposophy? Three Spiritual Perspectives on Self-Knowledge The Foundation Stone / The Life. Nature. and sleeping and how each is connected with our lives. SteinerBooks $9. Rudolf Steiner Press $17. SteinerBooks $25. how to recognize suprasensory consciousness. and spiritual life of the cosmos. our physical life on Earth and the etheric. the elemental world. In brief. they contain the whole of  |  25  .95 5 x 8 inches. Beginning with ordinary experience. Written 1912 and 1913 (CW 16/17) RUDOLF STEINER he key to being at home in the universe is to com­prehend the significance of our individual lives on Earth and after we leave the physical world. Steiner also considers  waking. how physical lives are completely interwoven with cos­mic existence.95 5½ x 8½ inches. Copenhagen.95 5½ x 8½ inches. Steiner offers ways to imagine and understand the physical body. SteinerBooks $16. 96 pages T ISBN: 9780880104739 Paperback. the I-body (or thought body). ISBN: 9780880104432 Paperback. the nature of experience in suprasensory worlds.00 6 x 9¼ inches. “The Threshold of the Spiritual World”: Sixteen short chapters in which Steiner provides aphoristic thoughts on trusting one’s thinking. Steiner succinctly presents his spiritual science as a modern path of knowledge. the true nature of love. Steiner describes our journey after death and its conse­quences for our future.

He highlights especially the place of spiritual science in culture and history and shows how Steiner further developed the great scientific ideas of evolution propounded by Darwin by raising them to the plane of individual soul and spiritual development. 144 pages . verses for living a spiritual year. During the early 1960s. instructions for meditation. SteinerBooks $20. with the angelic hierarchies.00 240 pages ISBN: 9781584200567 Paperback. ISBN: 9780880107228 Paperback. illuminating introduction to the philosophy and essential writings of Rudolf Steiner. This book represents a beginning attempt at showing the nature. ET AL. artist. and Evil (2005) and When a Stone Begins to Roll (2011). philosopher. Dunlop and Ludwig Polzer-Hoditz. He has written numerous articles and is the author of several books. karmic exercises and meditations for working with the dead. As Steiner stated in 1903.” Edited and Introduced with Notes by Robert McDermott R T. 272 pages 26  |  For the latest and most complete information on our books. prayers for the dead. as well as major biographies of D.00 6 x 9 inches. H. exercises. one should explain a soul’s biography through the soul biography from which the former evolved. H. Rudolf Steiner founded the School of Spiritual Science within the framework of the newly reestablished Anthroposophical Society. In his introduction.00 5½ x 8½ inches. Temple Lodge $26.00 6 x 9¼ inches. Dr. N. MEYER is the founder of Perseus Verlag.Anthroposophy Rudolf Steiner’s Core Mission The New Essential Steiner Core Anthroposophy The Birth and Development of SpiritualScientific Karma Research An Introduction to Rudolf Steiner for the 21st Century Teaching Essays of Ernst Katz T. showing the critical roles played by Wilhelm Anton Neumann and Karl Julius Schröer in its genesis and development. Truth. DR. ERNST KATZ (1913–2009) was an emeritus professor of physics at the University of Michigan. It focuses in particular on the mystery of Steiner’s connection with the influential medieval philosopher and theologian Thomas Aquinas. weekly. ISBN: 9780880105262 Paperback. including meditation instructions. and editor of the monthly journal Der Europäer. Temple Lodge $24. and seer. placing this “most intrinsic mission” in the context of current divisions in the anthroposophic movement. daily. accessible overview of Anthroposophy. Robert McDermott recounts Steiner’s life and work. interpreter of culture. Thomas Meyer reveals many facts related to the core of Steiner’s mission. MEYER RUDOLF STEINER udolf Steiner’s core mission—repeatedly delayed owing to the a lack of capacity in his colleagues—was to pursue contemporary spiritual-scientific research into the phenomena of reincarnation and karma. including Reality. Lindisfarne Books $35. He and his wife Katherine fostered the growth of Anthroposophy in Ann Arbor and in America for nearly sixty years. It offers the most extensive collection available of Steiner’s spiritual instructions and practices. Using numerous archival sources and publications. E ERNST KATZ rnst Katz was one of the foremost teachers of Anthroposophy in America during the second half of the twentieth century. and monthly practices for developing one’s soul qualities. Katz’s strength was his ability to explain complex esoteric ideas in terms of clear analogies. from his childhood and education to his work as a natural scientist. BODO VON PLATO. educator. intent. Meyer examines how Steiner’s students responded to his understanding of karma. It offers selections from a wide variety of Steiner’s published works. and with our guardian angels.00 336 pages The School of Spiritual Science Start Now! An Orientation and Introduction A Book of Soul and Spiritual Exercises JOHANNES KÜHL. RUDOLF STEINER Collected and introduced by Christopher Bamford M editations. This stimulating book describes the winding biographical path of that mission. It describes the school’s three prerequisites for membership and discusses its connection with the Anthroposophical Society and the anthroposophic movement. mantric I n 1924. ISBN: 9781906999162 Paperback. He places Steiner in relation to major traditions of thought and explores the genesis and development of Anthroposophy. and methods of that pioneering school and its place in modern culture. presenting a broad. In the same way. The authors also examine the role of its “First Class” in relation to Rudolf Steiner’s original intentions and the responsibilities of its representatives. ISBN: 9781906999100 Paperback. Basel. SteinerBooks $25. His intention was to help students comprehend the deep wisdom of Anthroposophy. 216 pages H ere is a completely new. and other practices for both beginning and experienced practitioners— Start Now! is an inspiring guide to the practical aspects of Anthroposophy. he began writing his “teaching essays” in response to the many questions through the years. scholar. using examples from everyday life. visit our website at steinerbooks. “Scientific researchers explain the skull forms of higher animals as a transformation of a lower type of skull.

They are some of the most accessible presentations of the anthroposophic approach to life available in English. and other significant structures in its vicinity.Anthroposophy Anthroposophy in Everyday Life The Fifth Gospel The Goetheanum Practical Training in Thought • Overcoming Nervousness • Facing Karma • The Four Temperaments From the Akashic Record RUDOLF STEINER A Guided Tour through the Building. the more it experiences lovelessness and lack of compassion as a denial of spirit itself. Switzerland. He was responsible for social therapy and education for special needs in the Medical Section. T Introduction by Christopher Bamford “For human beings. in love. this book is a fundamental introduction for anyone beginning or needing encouragement along the path of inner development. HANS HASLER. We follow the evolution of the statue through the photographic documentation of the models. before becoming a school teacher. ISBN: 9781855842496 Paperback. Anthroposophic Press $9. and describes of the first Goetheanum and its destruction by fire. through which he oversaw the redesign of the main auditorium. . The Representative of Humanity. previously unreported conversation between Jesus and Mary. the spiritual world awakens in the physical. ISBN: 9781855840393 Paperback. Prokofieff suggests that the impulse of the Christmas Conference can be re-enlivened today only through individual conscious efforts to experience its spiritual essence.” Steiner speaks of Jesus’ life in the community of the Essenes. and later managed the Goetheanum Building Administration. . 96 pages Color Throughout RUDOLF STEINER SERGEI O.95 5½ x 8½ inches. This important event—the so-called Christmas Conference—can be studied on many levels. and thoughts—Rudolf Steiner was able to discuss aspects of the life of Jesus Christ that are not contained in the four Gospels of the conventional Christian Bible. and its mysteries have for many years been central to Prokofieff’s anthroposophic research.00 6 x 9¼ inches. the temptation of Christ in the wilderness. history and education. 1914 (CW 148) HANS HASLER RUDOLF STEINER F our of Rudolf Steiner’s best-loved lectures are collected in this book. the author. Rudolf Steiner reestablished the Anthroposophical Society at its headquarters in Dornach.  |  27  . from six small versions to a full-size model. 96 pages Color Throughout For the latest and most complete information on our books. Such research may be called “The Fifth Gospel. 264 pages Love and Its Meaning in the World ISBN: 9781902636535 Hardcover. and meditations. guides the reader toward an answer. The authors demonstrate the continual spiritual movement evident in the whole series of small models. SteinerBooks $24. Oct. actions. Rudolf Steiner Press $25. or compassion. these pieces are essential reading for understanding the meaning and future of humanity and the Earth. studied Slavonic languages. ISBN: 9780880104272 Paperback. love is the most important fruit of experience in the sensory world. He begins with the enduring question: What did Rudolf Steiner mean when he called the Christmas Conference the “start of a world turning point of time”? In this far-reaching work. landscape design. and Its History 13 lectures. PROKOFIEFF uring Christmastime of 1923–1924. and a significant.95 5½ x 8½ inches. 96 pages May Human Beings Hear It! The Mystery of the Christmas Conference D F rom his clairvoyant reading of the akashic record—the cosmic memory of all events.” —Rudolf Steiner T his collection gathers all of Rudolf Steiner’s main lectures and writings on love. ISBN: 9780880104418 Paperback. He details the building’s context. 208 pages The Representative of Humanity Between Lucifer and Ahriman The Wooden Model at the Goetheanum JUDITH VON HALLE T AND JOHN WILKES his book introduces Rudolf Steiner’s sculpture. 944 pages he Goetheanum in Dornach was conceived as a visible expression of Anthroposophy. mantras. Temple Lodge $64.00 9¾ x 8¾ inches. With its many practical exercises.00 9¾ x 8¾ inches.Feb. Rudolf Steiner Press $25. ISBN: 9781855842397 Paperback. Hasler explains how the Goetheanum was built and describes its remodeled great hall and stage. From earthly love to the nature and function of spiritual love. working from several perspectives. and the metamorphic processes that developed over an eight-year period. Rudolf Steiner Press $24. born in Switzerland in 1942. we will find that love is the way spirit expresses its truth in the world of the senses. Its Surroundings. . Once we really understand the nature of love. We may even say that. The more truly a soul inhabits the spiritual worlds. visit our website at steinerbooks.00 5½ x 8½ inches.

sometimes called “esoteric” or “Rosicrucian” Christianity. the Three Kingdoms & the Breath of Life The Mystery of John the Baptist and John the Evangelist at the Turning Point of Time VALENTIN TOMBERG A Collection of Lectures on the Second Coming of Christ Translated by Robert Powell. Lindisfarne Books $30. Nuremberg. RUDOLF STEINER An Esoteric Study Introduction by Stephen Usher SERGEI O.” the nature of John the Baptist’s and John the Evangelist’s initiations.Esoteric Christianity S The Apocalypse of St.00 6 x 9 inches. the vials of wrath. and the three realms between death and rebirth.” and its relevance to today. the Ten Commandments. The power of these meditations is that they reflect the author’s personal spiritual journey into the depths of God’s inner kingdom within the soul. he sheds light on issues of “incarnation and incorporation. the Mystery of the Spear Wound in Christ’s side and the Grail Blood. Rudolf Steiner Press $30. Come Forth! ISBN: 9781902636894 Hardcover. 336 pages Lazarus. SteinerBooks $19. Steiner describes the influence of Christ’s power throughout history. Temple Lodge $15. enlightening book. the role of the Buddha and bodhisattvas. such as spiritual science and etheric vision. J udith von Halle vividly experiences events that occurred during the time of Christ. Steiner brings this once-secret. the etherization of the blood. Showing intimate knowledge of his subject. PROKOFIEFF D ISBN: 9781584200406 Paperback. 160 pages The Reappearance of Christ in the Etheric Meditations of a Christian Esotericist On the Mysteries of the Raising of I n this brief. the sea of glass. spiritual movement into the light. and do not represent any kind of hypothesis or speculation. the function and effects of karma. James Morgante 13 selected lectures & writings. the significance of their mutual work at the “Turning Point of Time. 1910–1917 rawing on the ancient and often-forgotten sources of esoteric Christianity. the lamb and the dragon. and the number of the beast —all take on new meaning. A previous edition of this work was titled Covenant of the Heart. Based on his initiation and on spiritual science.00 5½ x 8½ inches. This collection gathers his lectures on this theme and related matters. Temple Lodge $24. 48 pages . Prokofieff addresses the mystery of the “two Johns. In this way. Steiner interprets John’s insights into cosmic and human history. Buddhism and Pauline Christianity. ISBN: 9780880105194 Paperback. Here.00 5½ x 8½ inches. and the vital work of Christian Rosenkreutz. 1908 (CW 104) 23 lectures. June 17-30. ISBN: 9780880101318 Paperback. and other key historical individuals.00 5 x 7 inches. 1911–1912 (CW 130) The Mystery of Transformation RUDOLF STEINER RUDOLF STEINER JUDITH VON HALLE teiner shows that the messages to the seven churches and the unsealing of the seven seals must be understood as an initiation text. 240 pages I n addition to the outer manifestations of historical Christianity. In particular. Valentin Tomberg reflects on the mysteries of humanity’s covenant with God in history.00 5½ x 8½ inches. ISBN: 9781902636672 Paperback. visit our website at steinerbooks. the spiritual images of John’s writing— the twenty-four elders. 296 pages I n 1910. the mysteries of comets and the Moon. another hidden stream of Christian thought and development exists.” solving many unanswered questions.” ISBN: 9781855840836 Paperback. except where I expressly say that I am unable to make any definitive statement about a particular event or set of circumstances. 256 pages 28  |  For the latest and most complete information on our books. spirit beings and the ground of the world. she discusses the Mystery of Golgotha in its relationship to the formation of the Resurrection Body. “The contents of this volume have arisen from my own spiritual experience. the woman clothed with the sun. and how Christ’s Seven Words on the Cross relate to the Stations of the Cross. Jeshu ben Pandira. the Sermon on the Mount and the land of Shambhala. John Esoteric Christianity Secrets of the Stations of the Cross and the Grail Blood Lectures on the Book of Revelation And the Mission of Christian Rosenkreutz 12 lectures. Anthroposophic Press $25. within personal relationships. the new heaven and the new earth.95 5½ x 8½ inches. the etheric vision of the future. and within nature and the cosmos. Rudolf Steiner began a series of lectures announcing the advent of Christ’s appearance in the etheric sphere of the Earth.

As always in his lectures to the workers at the Goetheanum. ISBN: 9780880104203 Paperback.D.95 5½ x 8½ inches. Berlin February 3. founded the Center of HeartThinking in Boston and leads training seminars in the U. SteinerBooks $24. 120 pages MICHAEL LIPSON. With examples drawn from world literature and from his psychotherapy practice. June 28-July 18.” This softer will is not the determined. attention oriented toward a high meaning grows more concentrated.95 5½ x 7¼ inches. Introduction by Christopher Bamford T MICHAEL LIPSON.Spiritual Practice Stairway of Surprise The Gentle Will The Effects of Esoteric Development Six Steps to a Creative Life Meditative Guidelines for Creative Consciousness MICHAEL LIPSON. giving suggestions on practice. SteinerBooks $12.95 5 ½ x 7 ¼ inches. GEORG KÜHLEWIND 10 Lectures. instead. alcohol—he lays out the progression of anthroposophic spiritual inner work. which is intimately related to enlivening a new organ of perception—the heart chakra.D. lecturer. creative. He is a frequent host of the radio call-in show Vox Pop on WAMC. Kühlewind shows us that our only hope is a change in human consciousness—that the hard will must become gentle will. The author relates an important and hidden aspect—that the exercises embody a means for developing and strengthening organic and “living” thinking. SteinerBooks $14. Ph.. working will.S. The path of meditation offered here is experiential from start to finish: not something to think only. receptive. Dr. from the development of independent thinking and the ability to think backward to the uses of what seems boring and the reversal of thinking between the physical and spiritual worlds—from the “physiology” of dreams to living into nature and the spiritual dimension of the various foods we eat. ISBN: 9780880107303 Paperback. His many books include From Normal to Healthy (1988) and The Light of the “I” (2008). conducts a practice in Clinical Psychology and teaches meditation internationally. It is the original human will. direct. or “lotus. Dornach. Lipson shows how ordinary capacities such as thinking and feeling can be intensified without limit in a group setting. PH. egoistic. SteinerBooks $14. either in isolation or in community. It frees us to drop our selfconcern and. the will of the “I. the Hague.95 5 ½ x 8 ¼ inches. Lipson shows how these exercises stretch from common events in daily life to the depths of spiritual experience. light. up to direct perception of “Paradise” and the Holy Grail.D. coffee. He lectured and led workshops for inner development. he offers exercises to accomplish this. Translated by Michael Lipson RUDOLF STEINER he gentle will is relaxed. soft. Steiner’s style is clear. It will is free of me-feeling and egoism. useful. and accessible. PH. 128 pages teiner spoke here for the first time to an anthroposophic audience in a detailed. ISBN: 9780880105071 Paperback. but something to live. and Europe. Sophia Books $22.95 5 x 8 inches. 224 pages Enlivening the Chakra of the Heart ISBN: 9781584200932 Paperback. Lipson demonstrates that theme-based meditation links practitioners together in a special community that can endure greater light. ISBN: 9781855840539 Paperback. a former Waldorf and college teacher. ontinuing themes he introduced in Stairway of Surprise. goal-oriented. Beginning with questions about the body’s experience of food and drink—meat. He discusses the role of human beings in our evolution that takes place between the forces of Lucifer and Ahriman. 1913 he author re-visions Rudolf Steiner’s six basic exercises for our lives today.00 5½ x 8½  |  29  . S Learning to See into the Spiritual World Lectures to the Workers at the Goetheanum 4 lectures. March 20-29. 1923 (CW 350) T RUDOLF STEINER hese talks cover a wide range of topics. visit our website at steinerbooks. To this end. more intense. 128 pages Group Meditation C T GEORG KÜHLEWIND (1924–2006) was a Hungarian philosopher. and playful—not rigid or cramped. There are aspects of the world that are too vast to be borne by one person alone but require a group. 1913 (CW 145) Additional lecture. Lindisfarne Books $14. and meditation teacher who worked from the tradition of Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual science. 208 pages ISBN: 9780880102810 Paperback. expressive. a public radio station in Upstate New York.” FLORIN LOWNDES. 88 pages For the latest and most complete information on our books. We use the gentle will in artistic activities. take in the full shock of our shared existence on Earth. intimate way about individual esoteric training and the subtle effects of spiritual development on every level of one’s being. The Fundamental Spiritual Exercises of Rudolf Steiner T FLORIN LOWNDES his book describes the fundamental exercises in thorough detail. With repeated exercise. writer.

Prokofieff describes the events in his life that led to his discovery of the works of Rudolf Steiner—proscribed then by the Bolshevik dictatorship—and how he came to write this book while living in Soviet Russia. Sophia Books $22.00 6¼” x 9¼” inches. agriculture.00 6¼” x 9¼” inches. 192 pages 16 black and white illustrations Volume 2: Origin and Growth of His Insight ISBN: 9780863156847 $35. he uncovered many previously unknown aspects of Steiner’s life. He does so by placing him in the crosscurrents of history and showing him not as a spectator or ivory-tower philosopher. is reproduced as Rudolf Steiner gave it on each day of the conference. the first of two volumes. explores the great range of people who surrounded and influenced Steiner.95 6 x 9 ¼ inches. ISBN: 9780863156588 Paperback. Illustrated . 480 pages. the implications of the Christmas Conference of 1923/1924. as well as a talk on the burning of the temple at Ephesus. He was also the author of Into the Heart’s Land: A Century of Rudolf Steiner’s Work in North America (2005). his work in the Theosophical Society. and 69 photographs and illustrations.00 6¼” x 9¼” inches. Floris Books $35. 1923/1924 Writings and Lectures (CW 260) RUDOLF STEINER Introduced and concluded by Virginia Sease A t Christmas 1923. one year after the first Goetheanum was destroyed by fire. Rudolf Steiner established the General Anthroposophical Society and joined his destiny with it. an extensive section for further reading. personal tributes. 320 pages 30  |  For the latest and most complete information on our books. Temple Lodge $55. the creation of spiritually based movements in art. the young. Also included are Steiner’s lecture on the plans for the second Goetheanum. along with his comments on its various rhythms. respected Goethean scholar and philosopher in Weimar. and architecture. forms the center of the book. which Steiner left as a legacy to the Anthroposophical Society. During the course of his research. the establishment of the Anthroposophical Society and development of anthroposophy as a spiritual science. “The Foundation Stone” verse. and teacher he became. SteinerBooks $18. seer. Hemleben’s biography of Steiner includes a chronology. SteinerBooks $29. one whose entire being was given in service to humanity and to the spirit. This esoteric study of Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy—unprecedented in its depth and significance—was first published in Germany in 1982 and met with astonished acclaim ISBN: 9780904693614 Hardcover. but in his Autobiography we are offered a rare glimpse into some of the most intimate aspects of his inner life. an index. and significant events that helped to shape the philosopher.95 6 x 9 inches. This edition restores the original format of seventy chapters as written for the Goetheanum weekly newsletter.95 6 x 9 inches. Prokofieff examines the earthly and suprasensory aspects of the first Goetheanum. and the Foundation Stone meditation. The Life and Times of Rudolf Steiner. 416 pages. his personal relationships. 240 pages Rudolf Steiner and the Founding of the New Mysteries I SERGEI O. Anthroposophic Press $29. and work of Rudolf Steiner. illuminating the spiritual significance of its architecture.00 5½ x 8½ inches. ISBN: 9781855840935 Paperback. 324 pages A Life for the Spirit Rudolf Steiner in the Crosscurrents of Our Time HENRY BARNES H Foreword by Robert McDermott enry Barnes recounts the dynamic life. a philosophy and method that Steiner developed throughout his life. The author investigates the deepest mysteries of Steiner’s life and individuality and his establishment of the new mysteries on earth in the twentieth century. HENRY BARNES (1912–2008) was a Waldorf teacher and a general secretary of the Anthroposophical Society in America. the social sciences. medicine. visit our website at E mil Bock lectured widely on Rudolf Steiner after World War II. PROKOFIEFF n his introduction. education. This informative biography clearly illumines the numerous struggles and achievements in his life—childhood. ISBN: 9780880101936 Hardcover. 1861-1907 An Illustrated Biography Volume 1: People and Places Written 1924-1925 (CW 28) JOHANNES HEMLEBEN EMIL BOCK RUDOLF STEINER R Introduction by Christopher Bamford Notes by Paul Marshall Allen udolf Steiner seldom spoke of himself in a personal way.The Life and Work of Rudolf Steiner Autobiography Rudolf Steiner The Life and Times of Rudolf Steiner Chapters in the Course of My Life. 216 pages For the Foundation of the General Anthroposophical Society. Illustrated The Christmas Conference T he scientific and spiritual path of anthroposophy is at the core of this work. but as a leading actor in the drama. ISBN: 9780880106009 Paperback. religion. ISBN: 9780880103954 Paperback. philosophy.

Intended primarily for practicing eurythmists. with artistic care and loving detail. the practice of therapeutic eurythmy complements conventional medicine and offers a healing process for mind. God created out of movement. Rudolf Steiner pointed out its healing aspects from the very beginning. Also given is an account of Maier-Smits’ path of personal development. explaining their relationship to eurythmy movements and to human experience in general. the creative and therapeutic power of the word .00 5½ x 8½ inches. and notes. MAGDELENE SIEGLOCH was born in Stuttgart in 1917 and trained in eurythmy under Else Klink at the Eurythmeum in Stuttgart. This valuable resource will inspire and enrich the work of therapists. 168 pages ISBN: 9781855842243 Paperback. visit our website at steinerbooks. and encourage parents toward a more effective. ISBN: 9780904693904 Paperback.” Rudolf Steiner’s comprehensive lecture course—published here in a thoroughly revised translation—describes the principles of therapeutic eurythmy and provides numerous specific exercises. and How eurythmy arises out of Anthroposophy. This new edition of these important lectures includes an appendix with reminiscences by early eurythmists. School eurythmy— a kind of spiritual gymnastics. Silent soul.Celebrating a Century of Eurythmy Eurythmy Therapy 8 lectures. 176 pages For the latest and most complete information on our books. Gaining increasingly wide recognition today. MARGARETE KIRCHNER-BOCKHOLT was a medical doctor and eurythmist. commentary. Dornach & Stuttgart. Contents include: In the beginning. 192 pages Eurythmy B eth Usher has gathered excerpts from Steiner’s many talks and writings on eurythmy. Rudolf Steiner Press $22. This reader also features her editorial introduction. She worked with Rudolf Steiner. Steiner reveals the intricacies of rhythmic interplay between human physiology and the life forces in the world around us. but it was not until 1921 that he presented a course of lectures that describe a vital new application of eurythmy. 1921 and October 28. as well as an introduction to this effective mode of therapy. ISBN: 9781855841147  |  31  . He presented to the assembled eurythmists and doctors what one participant described as “a complete and detailed method of eurythmy therapy in which we could directly experience that. Lory Maier-Smits.00 5½ x 8½ inches. Eurythmy therapy—the word of the heavens is the human being. The author describes her early exposure to anthroposophy. individuals can access the healing etheric forces that surround us everywhere. A previous edition was published as Curative Eurythmy. as well as commentary from Dr. This is her comprehensive handbook— both a guide for curative eurythmists in their therapeutic work. and body. the first performance of eurythmy during the Theosophical Society festival in 1913. soul. ISBN: 9780863154669 Paperback. who revised and expanded the notes on which this edition is based. April 12–18. the staging of eurythmy under the direction of Marie Steiner. holistic aid to their children’s overall health and development. 328 pages How the New Art of Eurythmy Began Lory Maier-Smits. provide a means to more holistic pediatrics. Walter Kugler. Temple Lodge $22.00 5 x 6 ¾ inches. eurythmy was developed for years as an artistic and educational discipline. . Floris Books $50.00 6 x 9 inches. Rudolf Steiner Press $26. .00 8½ x 11 inches. Through such movements. SteinerBooks $45. and Maier-Smits’ later work as a trainer of eurythmists. her marriage and family life. is still at work. Rudolf Steiner’s lectures on the new art of movement. The exercises—which Steiner calls “inner gymnastics”—contain enormous potential for psychological and physiological wellbeing. ISBN: 9780880105682 Hardcover. It includes much of the material the author has used in her own therapy lessons with patients. even today. give teachers a better understanding of how to approach their students through movement. with some of the exercises created from her work with children for more than thirty years. Therapeutic Eurythmy for Children An Introductory Reader From Early Childhood to Adolescence RUDOLF STEINER With Practical Exercises by Edited and Introduced by Beth Usher ANNE-MAIDLIN VOGEL T Preface by Michaela Glockler his book collects exercises gathered by Anne-Maidlin Vogel from 1968 until 1998. 1922 (CW 315) B RUDOLF STEINER egun in 1911. speaking soul: Eurythmy as a performing art. who asked her to develop curative eurythmy and train curative eurythmists. these lectures also contain much material of general interest. She died in 1973. her training under Rudolf Steiner from 1912. He describes the qualities of language and the dynamism contained in the individual vowels and consonants. the First Eurythmist T MAGDALENE SIEGLOCH his book traces the story of the first eurythmist. 264 pages Foundations of Curative Eurythmy D MARGARETE KIRCHNER-BOCKHOLT r Kirchner-Bockholt published the basic principles and an authentic collection of Steiner’s advice.

Durga. and Sophia and the New Isis. Each chapter explores the mystery of the various relationships of Sophia—Sophia and Isis. has comforted and guided seekers of truth in every age and in every human culture.00 7 x 10 inches. Esoteric Christianity—the Virgin Sophia. The Goddess Natura in the Ancient Mysteries. In the second part. and Lakshmi in India. Sophia Books $15. 312 pages The Sophia Teachings The Emergence of the Divine Feminine in Our Time R ROBERT POWELL obert Powell uncovers a secret stream of wisdom flowing through the heart of Christianity: the feminine principle known in Greek as “Sophia. ISBN: 9781584200482 Paperback. the mother of Jesus (and Mary Magdalene). the Holy Spirit. 176 pages . He describes the cosmic and earthly preparations for the Mystery of Golgotha. the divine wisdom. Anthroposophy. and the Sophia of the Gnostics. Powell surveys the wonders and teachings associated with this unacknowledged treasure of Christianity’s mystical past—a stream running from the Greek philosophers and King Solomon through the cosmic visions of Hildegard von Bingen. and the relation of Sophia to Mary the mother of Christ. to the heavenly Sophia. and the central role of the Sophia being and her relationship to the Christ. its significance and results for humanity and the world as a whole. and the to Archangel Michael. Christ and Sophia. and Persephone in Greece. SteinerBooks $40. The Search for the New Isis. Inanna in Sumeria. VALENTIN TOMBERG (1900–1973) lectured and wrote on his understanding of the Bible. PROKOFIEFF his volume gathers edited texts on the Goddess in all her guises as described by Rudolf Steiner. Sophia and the Gnostic Achamod. He also imagines the Grail nature of the Christ’s involvement in earthly history. ISBN: 9780880107358 Paperback. and all of humanity. Beginning with Eve in tradition and legend. and Apocalypse T he feminine divine has had many names in many cultures: Ishtar in Babylon. ISBN: 9781902636795 Paperback. Edited and introduced by Christopher Bamford T ISBN: 1855840944 Paperback. 112 pages 32  |  For the latest and most complete information on our books. The Goddess in the Beginning—the Birth of the Word. Sergei Prokofieff shows that the being Anthroposophia is not merely a poetic image or abstract concept. Athena. Sophia and the Holy Spirit. they arrive at clear and accessible perspectives that can help to transform human life today. omberg shows how the central story of entire Bible is really a history of the Christ being. Kali. ISBN: 9781906999179 Paperback. Isis-Sophia and the Great Mother. the birth of art from the primal feminine.Sophia ~ The Divine Feminine The Goddess Isis Mary Sophia From Natura to the Divine Sophia Her Mission and Ours The Heavenly Sophia and the Being Anthroposophia RUDOLF STEINER RUDOLF STEINER SERGEI O. the Disciples and Pentecost. Demeter. Topics include: Rediscovering the Goddess Natura.95 5 x 7 inches. Sophia and Mary. New Testament.00 5½ x 8½ inches. VALENTIN TOMBERG T ISBN: 9780880104944 Paperback.” In the first part of the book. Isis in Egypt. beginning with Steiner’s relatively few statements on the subject. SteinerBooks $24. She is the Shekinah of the Cabalists. the authors comment on the Queen of Sheba. but an actual spiritual entity who works in the higher worlds to benefit earthly evolution and bring to humanity “the new revelation of the heavenly Sophia.” or the being of Holy Wisdom herself. especially the culture of family. the author considers the position of the living Anthroposophia in the cosmic hierarchy—specifically her relationship to Christ. he left the Anthroposophical Society and its internal struggles and converted to Catholicism.00 5½ x 8½ inches. Temple Lodge $30. visit our website at steinerbooks. Lindisfarne Books $20. she is Anthroposophia (Divine Wisdom).org B ased on the author’s experience of the suprasensory being behind spiritual science. During World War II. This sacred embodiment. 112 pages Christ and Sophia Anthroposophic Meditations on the Old Testament. the image of the Virgin in esoteric Christianity. named in the Old Testament as the first living being made by God.00 5½ x 8½ inches. Temple Lodge $20. Hera. and the importance of women for modern esotericism. Prokofieff describes the path that led him to experience the being Anthroposophia—a path clearly outlined so that it can be followed by the reader. Retracing our Steps— Mediaeval Thought and the School of Chartres. 224 pages Introduction by Christopher Bamford. Our Lady of Guadalupe. By considering the mystery behind human and earthly evolution.95 6 x 9 inches. To Steiner. and esoteric Christianity. and more. who descended from the spiritual world and passed through humanity to become now the goal and archetype of human wisdom in the cosmos. 472 pages The Archetypal Feminine in the Mystery Stream of Humanity Towards a New Culture of the Family MANFRED SCHMIDT-BRABANT T & VIRGINIA SEASE he Authors’ survey of the feminine archetype attempts to illuminate the spiritual significance and meaning of the feminine principle today as well as its future destiny.

he is an author and German citizen who for the past twenty-five years has endured the harshest and most unforgiving punishment this country can offer—the American prison system. may be characterized as the wisdom spoken by us as human beings when we are between God and nature. he is known as Prisoner 179212. visit our website at steinerbooks. LAMFT THOMAS KEATING JENS SOERING I TOM LUTZ. T Foreword by Teresa Hale he author describes a highly effective approach to stress management and personal development using heart-based exercises to help manage and transform extreme emotions. Floris Books $15. easily practiced exercises can be felt within days. a therapeutic school for troubled teenagers on a remote ranch near Glacier Park. Lantern Books $12. what it tells you about the world is theosophy. MCKINNON he author of the companion book.. His wife. and depression without resorting to drugs or psychotherapy. helped found (with his wife) Montana Academy. LP. JENS SOERING is aldo the author of The Way of the Prisoner (2003) and The Church of the Second Chance (2008). 224 pages For the latest and most complete information on our books. and initiation. Songs of My Families. 1909. ISBN: 9780863156090 Paperback. He has been involved in mytho-poetic men’s work since 1986. for its part. Lantern Books $23. while regaining power over one’s daily life and emotions. Packed with examples and practical advice for parents of preteens and teenagers. with their own feelings and opinions. Anthroposophy. Nov. JOHN A. They have three daughters. Oct. 128 pages I “Alcoholics Anonymous is a spiritual tradition. it provides a powerful voice for the over two million men and women lost in the maze of America’s prison-industrial complex. and similarities with. is also a therapist. He also makes clear that parents must continue to establish limits. 240 pages A Psychology of Body.00 5 x 8 inches.” the therapists and teachers Brad Fern and Tom Lutz provide a practical and mythic outline for the journey from adolescent boys to maturity as young men. An Unchanged Mind. M. He has a private practice in Hastings. LICSW n an in-depth analysis of the Grimm Brothers’ fairytale “The Devil’s Sooty Brother. as they start to establish their unique identities as individuals and begin to negotiate their way through high school and beyond. Through these methods.” —Thomas Keating n this major work. the Christian mystical traditions of Centering Prayer and Lectio Divina.00 5 x 8 inches. Pneumatosophy 12 Lectures. anger. Anthroposophy is the wisdom that human beings speak. BRAD FERN is a psychotherapist in private practice in Minneapolis. 1911 (CW 115) RUDOLF STEINER The Quiet Heart Putting Stress in Its Place T Introduction by Robert Sardello “Essentially. Rosemary. ISBN: 9781590563069  |  33  . as well as the indisputable need for prison reform. eloquent memoir recounts just a day in the life of one man. Soul & Spirit PETER GRUENEWALD. Thomas Keating reflects on the wisdom and legacy of the Alcoholics Anonymous Twelve-Step Method and its connections to. and allow the human being in us to speak of what is shining into us from above and of what is projecting into us from below.95 6¼ x 9 inches. Dec. 112 pages o a Virginia Correctional facility.00 6 x 9 inches. Lantern Books $17. 272 pages To Change a Mind Parenting to Promote Maturity in Teenagers T DR. it is possible to deal with many forms of stress. Fr. Soering poignantly illustrates the importance of meditation and faith when confronted with extreme adversity. MA. Psychosophy. TOM LUTZ has worked with adolescents and families for thirty-three years. from cultivating fundamental soul moods of reverence and tranquility to esoteric self-development. DR. He has been the clinical director of several Minnesota sexoffender programs and correctional institutions. ISBN: 9780880103978 Paperback. anxiety. Anthroposophic Press $24. illumination. ISBN: 9781590563458 Paperback. 176 pages Anthroposophy. ISBN: 9781590561157 Paperback. Its influence and spread in the present century is going to depend on how well each generation of those in recovery assimilate and interiorize the basic wisdom that is enshrined in the Twelve Steps and the Twelve Traditions. The benefit of these unique. JOHN A. PETER GRUENEWALD is a general practitioner in England and a medical adviser for people with learning difficulties and mental health problems. He is also the coauthor of the forthcoming Lantern book. Minnesota. MCKINNON. ISBN: 9781590562345 Paperback. the correct meaning of theosophy is the allowing of the god within us to speak.D. M. writes about how parents need to recognize their children as individuals. But to a legion of journalists and legal reform activists. Although this inspiring.95 5¼ x 7¾ inches. —Rudolf Steiner T hese lectures carefully and precisely lead the reader through the stages of preparation. MA. Lantern Books $15. 1910.D.Care of the Soul and Body Ashes to Gold Divine Therapy and Addiction N EW The Alchemy of Mentoring the Delinquent Boy Centering Prayer and the Twelve Steps One Day in the Life of 179212 BRAD FERN.00 6 x 9 inches.

and other “alternative” therapies. As a former gynecologist. joint pains. mind. cardiovascular disease. 21–Apr.00 5½ x 8½ inches. SteinerBooks $30. 9. Steven M. Daub-Amend offers guidance on many issues: the role of hormones. ZIEVE. Johnson Introduction by Christopher Bamford Translated by Catherine E. changes in the menstrual cycle and hormonal balance. Creeger aking account of modern medical knowledge and practice. diagnosis and healing methods are expanded to include soul and spirit. along with helpful information on their preparation and uses. Creeger n these broadly ranging talks. 400 pages 11 lectures.00 5 ½ x 8 ½ inches. 1923–Aug.pinetreeclinic. M. tinctures. 160 pages 65 black and white illustrations . ISBN: 9781906999001 Paperback. Lindisfarne Books $15. ISBN: 9780863158339 R MONIKA FINGADO hythmic Einreibung is a therapy of rhythmic body oiling developed by Dr. She also provides advice on dealing with hot flashes. and physicians. For example. and energy psychology into an effective and affordable approach to healing for everyone. Nature.D. Comprehensive Care RUDOLF STEINER T Foreword by Dr. Bell Pond Books $ Floris Books $50. 144 pages The Healing Process Spirit. 356 pages I n this essential guide written from the holistic perspective of anthroposophic medicine. She studied craniosacral therapy and is the author of many books. and ointments. and spirit. It embraces and synthesizes the emerging models of integrative medicine. Dornach (CW 312) EVELINE DAUB-AMEND. nurses. and weight and figure. Ph. Ph. Aug. a mirror of the earth and of the heavens.D. ROBERT J. M. and Our Bodies I ROBERT ZIEVE. Paracelsian. EDITOR A Handbook from the Ita Wegman Clinic Foreword by Richard Leviton Introduction by Christopher Bamford Translation by Catherine E.D. Practical Home Care Medicine is an easy-tofollow health guide that will help keep your family healthy and become a trusted companion in the home. a microcosm in the macrocosm. soul. visit our website at steinerbooks. on the basis of his own researches. Eveline Daub-Amend shows how this turning point in a woman’s life can become a positive time of transformation—one of entering a new phase of life with a fit and healthy body. D r. and spirit. Ita Wegman. 320 pages 34  |  For the latest and most complete information on our books. Forewords by Dietrich Klinghardt. 28. of rhythmic movements in human beings. 1920. 29. 1924 (CW 319) Practical Home Care Medicine RUDOLF STEINER A Natural Approach Rhythmic Einreibung SOPHIA CHRISTINE MURPHY. Dr. irregular bleeding.D. SteinerBooks $25. sleep disorders. Mar. It is a development of Swedish massage. These practical medicines provide a wide assortment of useful methods for dealing with common ailments. Temple Lodge $25. Drawn from the broad experience of parents. Arizona (www. Some of the most remarkable insights that anthroposophy brings to medicine are contained in this volume. as well as homeopathy.00 6 x 9¼ inches. and James Oschman.. Steiner emphasizes that his medical concepts should not replace conventional Western medicine but “extend” it. T his book offers a wealth of practical information. aroma therapy. Steiner introduces fundamental principles of anthroposophically extended medicine. not the cause. ISBN: 9780880105606 Paperback. He is cofounder and director of the Pine Tree Clinic for Comprehensive Medicine in Prescott.95 6 x 9 inches. MD A Guide to the Emergence of Sensible. as well as specific health problems such as osteoporosis. a trained therapist. M. skin and hair care. emphasizing rhythmic elements and qualities to create lightness rather than pressure. and deeply versed in alchemical. and naturopathic approaches..Anthroposophically Extended Medicine Introducing Anthroposophical Medicine The Menopause Healthy Medicine A Time for Change 20 lectures. high blood pressure. Steiner demonstrates. Steiner points out that the heart is not a pump and that its motion is a consequence. loss of fertility. ISBN: 9780880106429 Paperback. how a truly integrated whole-person medicine is possible—one that understands the human as a being of body. contraception. Includes exercises for both beginners and more advanced students. teas. has worked at the Ita Wegman Clinic in Switzerland for many years. energy medicine. was medical director of the Foxhollow Clinic in Kentucky and an affiliate of Paracelsus Klinik in Switzerland.00 6 x 9¼ inches. Margarethe Hauschka based on suggestions from Dr.00 6 x 9 ¼ inches. Dr. 100 pages ISBN: 9780880106412 Paperback.D. As in all his lectures to doctors and explanations of anthroposophic medicine. ISBN: 9781584200505 Paperback. and the affects on sexuality and partnership. and depression. MONIKA FINGADO. Zieve presents a new paradigm for health care that shows us how to go beyond the limitations and severe deficiencies of our current sickness care system.

Blessed by Illness is a powerful introduction to “alternative” methods of healing. lung.95 5½ x 8½ inches. true healing considers the whole human being. healing life forces. SteinerBooks $25. 192 pages WALTER HOLTZAPFEL. M. WALTER HOLTZAPFEL. Lanthorn Press $13. to do this. 144 pages Secrets of the Skeleton T Regaining Your Health through Anthroposophical Medicine Blessed by Illness DR. MEES. however. 96 pages Complete Healing ISBN: 9781855840805 Paperback. M. M.D. But it was important to add to existing knowledge the insights that can come from true perception of the spirit.95 5½ x 8½ inches. Rudolf Steiner Press $19. She was Director of Weleda USA and later founded Lilipoh magazine. Anthroposophic Press $24. This broader range of therapies dramatically reduces the need for conventional pharmaceutical drugs. the author carefully explores the anatomical facts of the human skeleton.D. and Switzerland and helped establish Park Attwood Clinic in Worcestershire.” T he author presents the vaccination dilemma from multiple perspectives. (1912–1994) met Ita Wegman and studied anthroposophically extended medicine in a study group of young physicians. MICHAEL EVANS trained for medicine in Britain. 103 illustrations he author approaches anthroposophic medicine through the four main human organs.D. As Ita Wegman wrote in her preface: “The aim was not to underestimate scientific medicine in an amateurish way. F. and applies the knowledge to various psychological disorders and conditions. C. ISBN: 9780880104890 Paperback. with the organs interacting and affecting one another at different times and in various ways. 108 pages. It clearly describes the immune system and its workings—and what science does and does not know about them. Lantern Books $15. But who is the artist? Using a blend of phenomenological observations and artistic intuition. ISBN: 9780906155363 Paperback.95 5½ x 8½ inches. enabling us to understand the processes of illness and healing.95 5¾ x 8¼ inches.D. C. IAIN RODGER is a BBC producer and freelance writer. Dr. but also nature and the greater cosmos. It offers suggestions and resources for parents whose children are sick. Their aim was to revitalize the art of healing through spiritual knowledge—yet in so doing they did not underrate or dismiss modern allopathic medicine. He wrote extensively and lectured worldwide. (1902–1990). MEES. 144 pages Form in Metamorphosis I L. He practiced medicine and was a Waldorf teacher. visit our website at steinerbooks. DR. it was given full recognition. He later became leader of the Medical Section of the Anthroposophical Society. And it makes a case for an alternate view of disease— as a teacher that allows us to develop physically and spiritually. ISBN: 9781930051102 Paperback. Rudolf Steiner worked in a unique literary collaboration with the physician Ita Wegman. allopathic medicine to provide therapies for the whole human being. illness is actually a gift. odern medicine focuses merely on removing discernable symptoms and ailments. M. ISBN: 9780880100878 Paperback. a blessing that urges both patient and doctor to work together with our illnesses for the sake of something infinitely greater—true healing. and as a necessary test of strength that we have chosen out of our destiny.D.Anthroposophically Extended Medicine Extending Practical Medicine The Vaccination Dilemma The Human Organs Fundamental Principles Based on the Science of the Spirit SOPHIA CHRISTINE MURPHY Their Functional and Psychological Significance Liver. Heart Written 1924–1925 (CW 27) I RUDOLF STEINER & ITA WEGMAN n this classic introductory work on spiritual medicine. they illumined ordinary medicine beyond its materialistic outlook to a fuller realization of the human condition. M L. He examines systematically the characteristics of the liver. The author. Kidney.00 5½ x 8½ inches. n this seminal study of human bone forms. doctors must learn the language of our natural. kidney. Rather. asserts that this does not really heal at all. MICHAEL EVANS. rather. ISBN: 9780880100540 Paperback. which affect not only the  |  35  . SOPHIA CHRISTINE MURPHY is a specialist in anthroposophic homeopathic medicines and therapies. MEES. M. UK. whether from a common childhood illness or from a vaccination reaction. Lung.00 7 x 10 inches. met Rudolf Steiner and became a lifelong student of Anthroposophy. He and his wife founded a clinic for art therapy in Dreibergen. with the beauty of many bones impressively described and illustrated through numerous parallel photographs and illustrations. M. & IAIN RODGER A nthroposophic medicine adds the dimension of spiritual science to conventional. and heart. He draws connections between physiological processes together with the soul life. Germany.D. LEENDERT F. F. Mees reveals the skeleton as an articulate work of art. Anthroposophic Press $14. 250 pages For the latest and most complete information on our books. From this perspective. And. C. The resulting therapeutic opportunities offer the possibility of success when conventional treatment can only suppress symptoms.

D. showing how we can recognize them in others and in ourselves and understand how they function. He anticipates elements in the work of R. he is a full-time author and an avid gardener. and spirit beings affects us as individuals. is the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks. was published posthumously. Ph. As a counselor.00 5½ x 8½ inches. Soul & Spirit From Normal to Healthy Old Age Broken Vessels Paths to the Liberation of Consciousness Journey into Simplicity The Spiritual Structure of Human Frailty GEORG KÜHLEWIND HELEN M. Other times you may try ways to help a friend through a difficult time. and established an analytical practice. soul. . Lindisfarne Books $24. if we practice the author’s exercises we begin to expand the range of our possibilities of understanding and doing. D. She is clearly one of our most precious national treasures. Rudolf Steiner Press $19. life forces. In this book he has distilled years of experience into a process of twelve steps that help to resolve all sorts of difficult situations. Lifting the Veil of Mental Illness An Approach to Anthroposophical Psychology B WILLIAM BENTO ased on the work of Rudolf Steiner. the free attention. you may attempt to help yourself. and also the new practice of ‘facilitated communication. SteinerBooks $25.” —Michael Lipson ISBN: 9780880105033 Paperback. California ISBN: 9780880105309 Paperback. LUKE (1904–1995) studied at the Jung Institute in Zurich. Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made On. “Helen Luke is a unique voice that carries beautiful passion. Dornach (CW 318) H ow much practical time do we usually devote to the general art of being human? This practical guide to the self-healing of consciousness—it is both a spiritual psychology and a contemporary manual of the inner life— begins by laying out very clearly the unhealthy. planets. ISBN: 9780940262102 Paperback.95 6 x 9 inches. 132 pages Crisis Points Working Through Personal Problems W RUDOLF STEINER Foreword by Michael Lipson. and spirit.. earthly surroundings. visit our website at steinerbooks. Lindisfarne Books $16. Ph.00 5½ x 8½ inches. “Rudolf Steiner reveals something about the invisible structure of health and illness as they are seen with the second sight of spiritual research. the airy sanguine. Going beyond our immediate. the watery phlegmatic and the earthy melancholic—remain relevant. 145 pages 36  |  For the latest and most complete information on our books. California.D. In addition to Crisis Points.” —Clarissa Pinkola Estés. and stars. Through attention.” In his retirement. GILBERT CHILDS. Floris Books $9. offering a holistic view of the human soul. the Windhorse movement of Povall. Julian Sleigh has helped many people get through various crises in their lives. a memoir and excerpts from her fifty-four volumes of journals. 8–18.D. was a Waldorf and public school teacher whose doctoral thesis was “Steiner Education as Historical Necessity.’ whereby some autistic patients have been aided in expressing a full and conscious inner life to which their bizarre outward behavior gives no clue. Ph. These steps are designed to help us face the facts of our lives and to perceive the feelings and emotions that arise from our destiny.. . Bento looks at the human body. and works as a transpersonal clinical psychologist at the Center for Living Health in Gold River. . Sept.S. he is the author of Thirteen to Nineteen. the author considers the cosmic effects of Sun. His comments about the opening to spiritual worlds that can accompany severe mental retardation or illness foreshadow some of the most important alternative psychiatry of our own times. author of Women Who Run with the Wolves HELEN M. 176 pages JULIAN SLEIGH hen you are going through a major crisis in your life. unfree nature of today’s consciousness. and at the way the whole environment of physical phenomena. Her final book. and clarity. LUKE 11 lectures.95 5½ x 8½ inches. Laing. ISBN: 9780863152825 Paperback.95 5½ x 8½ inches.95 5 x 8 inches. 64 pages ISBN: 9781855840256 Paperback. 1924. SteinerBooks $20.Health for Body. Childs demonstrates that the classical four temperaments—the fiery choleric. JULIAN SLEIGH is a Christian Community priest and counselor who works in South Africa. 128 pages . a book for parents with teenagers. ISBN: 9781584200796 Paperback. WILLIAM BENTO. Methodical self-observation leads to discovering the key to the liberating consciousness from its habitual blind spots and automatisms— the realization of the universal primacy of cognition and the universal availability of its ground. 240 pages Understand Your Temperament! A Guide to the Four Temperaments D GILBERT CHILDS r. The exercises—based on the Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Path and Rudolf Steiner’s cognitive spiritual path—lead to a new life in which superconscious intuitions gradually take the place of superconscious formations. then moved to the U.

D. archetypal psychologist.00 7 x 10 inches. and counseled on actualizing spiritual potential in everyday life for more than thirty years. it is possible to deal with many forms of stress. Dr. He is the author of a series of books about Dr. and diabetes. David Dalton looks into the relationship between health and the human personality.95 5½ x 8½ inches. migraine. the chakras also help us realize the spiritual beings we truly are already.00 7 x 8½ inches. portraying each flower in a way that is both substantive and inspired. arthritis. Lantern Books $40. and behavior. SteinerBooks $12. The author recounts his observations so that readers can experience. and depression without resorting to drugs or psychotherapy. Illustrated ISBN: 9780880103626 Paperback.95 5¼ x 7¾ inches. In addition to correcting imbalances that prevent us from reaching our aspirations in life. the complex ways in which the remedy plants grow—their gestures and qualities. 320 pages. suggests treatment methods that resolve illnesses rather than suppressing the symptoms. LORIE EVE DECHAR is an acupuncturist.” It is based on new scientific research in neurology. and describes its direct clinical effects on children and animals. and student of Zen. Soul & Spirit Bach Flower Remedies Form and Function I JULIAN BARNARD n the 1920s.D. Visit her website at www. He takes us on a thorough exploration of how to use more than forty medicinal herbs as flower essences. Edward Bach made his great discovery of the healing effects of various flower essences. M. as well as suggestions for stocking your medicine chest. Lindisfarne Books $25. The author describes how Bach made his discoveries and examines the living qualities of the plants in their context and how the remedies are actually produced. case studies show the astonishing results witnessed by the author. Bach’s flower remedies.Health for Body. anxiety. while regaining power over one’s daily life and emotions. OTTO WOLFF. Wolff. The system provides a view of the nervous system and forms the basis of Chinese medical psychology. an NHS doctor and holistic practitioner. and psychology. DAVID DALTON is the founder and director of Delta Gardens in southern New Hampshire.ellentadd. the author—a clairvoyant from youth—began her examination of the chakra system to explain the imbalances so prevalent in people today and found that it does much more. including The Healing Herbs of Edward Bach: An Illustrated Guide to the Flower Remedies. Edward Bach. in a living way. Floris Books $15. JULIAN BARNARD has lived and worked in Walterstone on the Welsh border for the past twenty  |  37  . S ome twenty years ago. the physician and homeopath Dr. botany. ecology. OTTO WOLFF is a medical doctor with many years of experience. lectured. poet. psychiatry. 448 pages For the latest and most complete information on our books. holistic approach that he calls “HeartSpheres. Using these methods. Each description is organized to present a picture of how the flower essence affects the adult personality as it has been formed through life. It also describes a precise and efficient technology for spiritual transformation. along with a convenient index that helps you quickly research specific ailments. Dr. ISBN: 9781590560921 Paperback.00 5 x 8 inches. ISBN: 9781584200352 Paperback. as well as cardiology and complementary medicine. These kinds of treatments activate the whole body and its inherent powers of healing. Lindisfarne Books $20. The result is remarkable. 124 pages Stars of the Meadow The Wisdom of the Chakras Medicinal Herbs As Flower Essences Tools for Navigating the Complexity of Life DAVID DALTON ELLEN TADD C ontinuing the work of Dr. Foreword by Teresa Hale onventional drugs are plentiful—from painkillers to laxatives—and it is sometimes necessary to use these to relieve symptoms. C Home Remedies The Quiet Heart Herbal and Homeopathic Treatments for Use at Home Putting Stress in Its Place PETER GRUENEWALD. ISBN: 9781584200246 Paperback. Includes sections on asthma. ISBN: 9780863156090 Paperback. Gruenewald. She lives in Massachusetts. He is coeditor and an author in the three-volume Anthroposophical Approach to Medicine.00 7 x 10 inches.. the process through which a human being rediscovers their essential wholeness and innate connection to the divine. offers a revolutionary. 144 pages T he author describes a highly effective approach to stress management and personal development using heart-based exercises to help manage and transform extreme emotions. visit our website at steinerbooks. 128 pages ISBN: 9781590561751 Paperback. anger. ELLEN TADD has taught. Lantern Books $15. As clients apply these techniques in their lives. fever. 112 pages Five Spirits Alchemical Acupuncture for Psychological and Spiritual Healing T LORIE EVE DECHAR he Five Spirits are the Taoist map of the human psyche. skin conditions. M.

ISBN: 9780880104968 Paperback. neurology. Robert Sardello. She shows that it is not so much a path toward perfection as a recovery of the proper relationship with our imperfections. the creative power of dreaming. The author also considers the Grail stream as a way of uniting Jung and Steiner.95 6 x 9¼ inches. cognition. Lindisfarne Books $19. author of Love and the World: A Guide to Conscious Soul Practice. the life processes. wisdom.D. KATHRYN WOOD MADDEN he author explores the inner journeys of Jakob Böhme and C.  G. Foreword by Robert Sardello ehr’s skilled and articulate understanding of Jung and Steiner takes us into many themes. and love. he describes how psychotherapy can move beyond healing the ego to transcending the ego. the world significance of grieving.” Referring to the works of Nietzsche. SteinerBooks $29.00 5½ x 8½ inches. Since then there has been much progress. Lindisfarne Books $25.95 6 x 9 inches. ISBN: 9781584200642 Paperback. Lindisfarne Books $24. re-enlivening the senses. psychology. and. Lindisfarne Books $25. Love and the World is vital reading for anyone who wishes to explore the riches of spiritual psychology. He shows how meditation relates to the image work of the soul. He is the author of numerous publications in fields such as Christian spirituality. She connects their experiences and focuses on a “ground of being that contains all opposites in potentiality. peace. showing how it depicts a path of initiation toward healing speech—to “doing the truth” in word and action.” Sardello develops approaches to intelligence of the heart. He is a longtime student of mystical philosophy and Anthroposophy. GERHARD WEHR was born in Schweinfurt. and cognitive studies did not yet exist in 1910. Heidegger. 340 pages H ere are the first steps toward the development of a true psychology of spirit. Jung. Heidegger. and he compares the soul and spiritual views of sexuality. 296 pages ISBN: 9781584200659 Paperback. ISBN: 9780940262690 Paperback.95 5½ x 8½ inches. visit our website at steinerbooks. since many of the terms used in neurology. the transformative power of radical receptivity. Soul & Spirit W Jung and Steiner Anthroposophy (A Fragment) An Unknown Destiny The Birth of a New Psychology A New Foundation for the Study of Human Nature Terror. He clarifies the difference between soul consciousness and spiritual consciousness. 272 pages S 38  |  For the latest and most complete information on our books. 192 pages A Journey toward Speaking that Heals & Transforms LINDA SUSSMAN Dark Light of the Soul toryteller and ceremonialist Linda Sussman explores a new way to speak. ISBN: 9780970109743 Paperback. SteinerBooks $24. and this translation benefits from more than eighty years of development in the study of the human senses. Steiner Foreword by Robert Sardello Afterword by Hans Erhard Lauer RUDOLF STEINER MICHAEL GRUBER Introduction by James A.Health for Body.” examining those experiences from the perspective of depth psychology and religion and offering meaningful insights. in 1931. offers an immensely human approach to the soul we share with one another and with the world. one that heals and transforms. Anthroposophy (A Fragment) is invaluable for a deeper understanding Rudolf Steiner’s view of the human body—especially its formation and function in relation to spirit. depth psychology. M. ISBN: 9780880104012 Paperback. He is a free-lance author and teaches at the Diakonenschule Rummelsberg in Nuremberg.95 5½ x 8½ inches. 224 pages Love and the World A Guide to Conscious Soul Practice D ROBERT SARDELLO rawing on images of the Grail legend and myths of Sophia. he shows how the incomplete and continuously evolving Mystery of Golgotha can inspire the emergence and presence of modern human beings infused with Christ consciousness—reverence. and the human relationship to higher spiritual worlds. MICHAEL GRUBER is an existential analyst in private practice in New York City. His work focuses on the dynamics of the therapeutic relationship and cultivates attention to how language. Her guide is Wolfram von Eschenbach’s epic tale of the Grail. and a new basis for relationships. the human form. the ”Soul of the World. Gruber shows how opening the soul to meditative or intuitive forms of thinking can contribute to the development of new soul faculties of perception and to the experience of moral freedom. Most important. and not knowing create possibilities for transformations in consciousness. Foreword by Robert Sardello. Psychotherapy. dreaming. using a phenomenological approach to the human senses. Germany. 224 pages The Speech of the Grail T he author offers readings and practices that promote the incarnation of “noble T . and Steiner. Dyson. the I-experience. and Anthroposophy.00 5½ x 8½ inches. Steiner struggled to express the concepts related in this book. and Modern Initiation GERHARD WEHR Written 1910 (CW 45) Readings in Nietzsche.

Elizabeth Vreede and devoted almost sixty years to developing the new “star wisdom” called Astrosophy. has taught history at SUNY Plattsburgh. and what was “the Star of the Magi” that led them to Bethlehem? Using a dialogue form. the direction of the zodiac signs. ISBN: 9780880105880 Paperback. This is an excellent place to begin one’s study of the stars and their meaning for both our individual lives and for the world. and all physical phenomena as manifestations of spiritual beings and spiritual activities. 312 pages acques Dorsan was the leading pioneer of sidereal astrology in France. and King Ammon. These letters include clear explanations of the fundamentals of astronomy and discussions on the role of astrology in the modern world.95 6 x 9¼ inches.00 6 x 9 inches. we should view them in a clockwise direction. SteinerBooks $45. SteinerBooks $29. as well as Rudolf Steiner’s Apocalyptic indications—a completely new context for grasping the end date of the Maya calendar emerges. our new relationship to the stars as revealed in human lives and historical events. illustrating how megastars show up in an extraordinary way in Christ’s healing miracles by aligning with the Sun at the time of those miraculous events. these discourses focus upon the path of Christ. D Astronomy and Spiritual Science Christian Hermetic Astrology The Astronomical Letters of Elizabeth Vreede The Star of the Magi and the Life of Christ ELIZABETH VREEDE W ho were the three wise men. 420 pages Cosmic Christianity & the Changing Countenance of Cosmology An Introduction to Astrosophy T WILLI SUCHER he author presents a real foundation for modern star wisdom.00 6 x 9 inches. this book illustrates Dorsan’s clockwise house system. through independent research and careful study. Edited by Wain Farrants. His other books include Lewis Creek Lost and Found (2001). Vreede wrote a monthly “letter. 254 pages ROBERT POWELL J T his collection of the astronomical writings by Dr. and Rutgers University.Star Wisdom The Astrological Revolution Christ & the Maya Calendar The Clockwise House System Unveiling the Science of the Stars as a Science of Reincarnation and Karma 2012 & the Coming of the Antichrist A True Foundation for Sidereal and Tropical Astrology ROBERT POWELL & KEVIN DANN JACQUES DORSAN espite the explosion of books. of the thirteenth B’ak’tun cycle in the Long Count of the Maya calendar—consensus about its meaning seems to remain elusive. With Rudolf Steiner and Anne Catherine Emmerich pointing the way. the reader is invited to discover the astrological significance of the whole vast sphere of stars surrounding the Earth.D.95 6 x 9 inches. The book embodies one of the most important astrological discoveries of twentieth and twenty-first centuries. about both modern astronomy and classical astrology in the light of spiritual science. and the role of the Archangel Michael in our individual relationship to the  |  39  . the University of Vermont. Ph.. Between September 1927 and August 1930. ISBN: 9780880104616 Paperback.00 6 x 9 inches.” Set in the Temple of the Sun.00 6 x 9 inches. Asclepius. planets. Using more than eighty sidereal horoscopes. WILLI SUCHER (1902–1985) worked closely with Dr. Anthroposophic Press $16. gathers with his three pupils. the origins of the planetary symbols. Astrology normally views the twelve houses in astrology in a counterclockwise direction. Dr. Powell explores these questions and the basis for the inauguration of “Star Wisdom. 330 pages ISBN: 9781584200710 Paperback. culminating in the Mystery of Golgotha. the Egyptian sage. Tat. visit our website at steinerbooks. Lindisfarne Books $25. According to Jacques Dorsan. the most luminous stars of our galaxy. Lindisfarne Books $30. This is revealed by studying the megastars. ISBN: 9780880103695 Paperback. Robert Powell has produced a book.” available by subscription. where Hermes. 280 pages ISBN: 9781584200833 Paperback. which he considered most appropriate for modern humanity. with many more added in this edition. Most of the charts are from the original French edition. with Robert Powell A ROBERT POWELL & KEVIN DANN fter reestablishing the sidereal zodiac as a basis for astrology that penetrates the mystery of the stars’ relationship to human destiny. 224 pages For the latest and most complete information on our books. Drawing on the book of Revelation—which provides an archetype for understanding spiritual history. Lindisfarne Books $25. however. intended as a contribution to a modern “path of the magi” leading to a Christian wisdom of the stars. Elisabeth Vreede is a fascinating compendium of scientific and spiritual knowledge. videos and TV shows that claim to penetrate the mystery of “2012”—the numerical shorthand for the completion on December 21. KEVIN DANN. Christ and the Maya Calendar approaches the significance of 2012 by spiritually penetrating phenomena of today. They also include inspiring presentations of a worldview that sees the stars. 2012. Topics include the evolution of cosmology. ISBN: 9781584200956 Paperback.

Scotland. filled with romance. ISBN: 9780826411440 Hardcover. with Gabor Talló. Rosicrucianism. while the text gives a brief. then it is we who are the lucky ones. adventure. we must understand the poems of Ossian and ancient Celtic Christianity. in reverence for all life. Napoleon. Wynstones Press $29. Truth. Lindisfarne Books $15. Scotland. Steiner commented that Oliphant’s individuality is significant not only because of the previous Ovid incarnation. Basel. Continuum $24. whose tides create constant music. and the original Globe Theatre. from the introduction ISBN: 0913098841 Paperback. showing why they influenced such diverse figures as Who Wrote Bacon? William Shakespeare. but also because of its activity in the interval between the two incarnations. ISBN: 9780946206544 Hardcover. 284 pages 40  |  For the latest and most complete information on our books.00 8¼ x 11¾ inches. and editor of the monthly journal Der Europäer. Illustrated by David Newbatt Translated by Thomas Carlyle Introduction by Tom Raines T his edition of Goethe’s fairy tale arose from David Newbatt’s inspiration to join Thomas Carlyle’s English translation with a series of new pictures to reveal the sevenfold process in the story—a process of inner development and personal transformation. 208 pages 5 full-page color illustrations T he story of Parzival. in patient observation. RICHARD RAMSBOTHAM teaches drama at the Glasshouse College. Freemasonry. N. He has written numerous articles and is the author of several books.” —Rosamond Reinhardt. and Evil (2005) and major biographies of D. Housatonic Press $19. Rudolf II. and Celtic Christianity PAUL MARSHALL ALLEN & JOAN DERIS ALLEN O n the island of Staffa. or. The author provides substantial confirmation of a definite connection between Shakespeare and Bacon. the Poems of Ossian.00 5½ x 8½ inches. Jefferson. is the colorful tale of knights. Yorkshire. 224 pages. in sorrow. H. For in full consciousness we have reached back into Paradise before the Fall.95 8¼ x 11¾ inches. that movement also wishes to place Bacon on the pedestal of British civilization. love and. Pennsylvania. but one that radically challenges the conclusions of the Baconian movement. 48 pages 7 color images Fingal’s Cave. visit our website at steinerbooks. and in compassion. H. We have earned that which every child inherits unearned. Scotland. and concise introduction to some of the many characters and events portrayed in this epic tale. near Iona. To understand Fingal and his importance to Celtic culture. DAVID NEWBATT is an artist and teacher who lives and works at a Camphill Community for young adults with special needs in Aberdeen. one of the great classics. a movement has been gaining ground that sees Bacon as the covert writer of the works attributed to Shakespeare. 136 pages The Three Candles of Little Veronica The Story of a Child’s Soul in this World and the Other MANFRED KYBER Illustrated by Iris Guarducci. Dunlop and Ludwig Polzer-Hoditz. PAUL MARSHALL ALLEN (1913–1998) was an authority on the life and work of Rudolf Steiner and a leading pioneer of Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual science in North America. 184 pages.Esoteric Literature and Fiction When a Stone Begins to Roll Parzival Notes of an Adventurer.95 6 x 9¼ inches. David Newbatt’s illustrations bring a refreshing and direct interpretation of Parzival’s quest for the Holy Grail. Fingal’s Cave is an extraordinary cathedral-like space. with commentary and an essay on inspiration by T. ISBN: 9781584200918 Paperback. Francis Bacon. and Turner. T. Wynstones Press $60. MEYER is the founder of Perseus Verlag. Moreover. Moss from a Rolling Stone (1887).00 5 x 8 inches. The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily includes an introduction by Tom Raines. 8 b/w Plates . But if. Her architectural work has taken her to Ireland. She lives and works in Kimberton Hills. and Norway. In addition to the translation by Thomas Carlyle and the series of seven pictures by David Newbatt. “A fortunate few carry with them through life the vision of the innocent years. 112 color images ISBN: 9780946206582 Hardcover. its sides and roof hexagonal balsatic columns and its floor the ocean. Temple Lodge $25. stands a natural wonder of the world. Stourbridge. ISBN: 9781902636542 Paperback.95 6 x 8½ inches. Steiner revealed the karmic relationship between the lives of Oliphant and the Roman poet Ovid. and James I: A Mystery for the Twenty-First Century R RICHARD RAMSBOTHAM ecently. as a kind of patron saint of the modern scientific age. including Reality. JOAN DERIS ALLEN founded Camphill Architects at Botton Village. The authors describe the history and importance of the cave and the poems of Ossian. The rest of us must work hard to retrieve the light that is so freely given to us at birth. the veil of darkness falls from our eyes. Diplomat & Mystic The Quest for the Holy Grail The Fairy Tale of the Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily Extracts from Episodes in a Life of Adventure Illustrated by David Newbatt JOHANN WOLFGANG VON GOETHE LAURENCE OLIPHANT L Edited and introduced. He also opens remarkable new perspectives on King James I and his connections not only with Shakespeare and Bacon but also with Jakob Böhme. Episodes in a Life of Adventure. appealed to Rudolf Steiner and prompted him to pursue karmic research on Oliphant. clear. Meyer aurence Oliphant’s autobiographical book.

and to act upon what he has to say. RAYMOND P. A Rosicrucian Tale P ublished in 1842. Lindisfarne Books $19. Jr. their titles reflecting the sevenfold path of spiritual development. Vivekananda. 240 pages T he ancient town of Nicaea (Iznik in modern Turkey) was the site of two important councils of the Church in 325 and 787. a Rosicrucian. He is also a cofounder of Lantern Books. and Sri Aurobindo. Lewis. MARTIN ROWE is the editor of The Way of Compassion and founding editor of Satya: A Magazine of Vegetarianism.00 6 x 9 inches. and Social Justice. Authors include Sri Ramakrishna. Environmentalism. one that becomes a transformative experience. Lindisfarne Books $14. He also wrote The Ninth Century and the Holy Grail. ere is a book about Walden that takes Thoreau on his own terms. It offers us the task of doing as Thoreau does. and Culture ROBERT MCDERMOTT D & V. Garber Books $18. ISBN: 9780940262898 Paperback. 220 pages ISBN: 9781584200208 Hardcover. Tagore. exhorting us to follow the patterns Thoreau sets up in Walden and to approach his work as “an act of communication”—one that urges us to listen. wrote this engaging. The period designated “modern” refers to the remarkable century between the mid-1800s and the mid-1900s.00 5¼ x 8 inches. Nicaea explores the central themes of those councils: faith and political power. the best writings of major twentiethcentury thinkers have not been well presented within their cultural framework. Barfield fans will be especially impressed by the author’s ability to clarify Barfield’s famously condensed prose. R. 288 pages Zanoni SIR EDWARD BULWER-LYTTON T The Spirit of Modern India Writings in Philosophy. creative imagination is central. Floris Books $26. with literary and religious views intimately related. R. Zanoni was inspired by a dream. J. and Secretary of State for the colonies. SIR EDWARD BULWER-LYTTON (1803– 1873) was a prolific Victorian novelist.Esoteric Literature and Fiction I The Death of Merlin Nicaea Romantic Religion Arthurian Myth and Alchemy A Book of Correspondences WALTER JOHANNES STEIN MARTIN ROWE A Study of Owen Barfield. This is the first single volume to offer such a wide representation of India’s experience and scholarship through traditional and contemporary strains as articulated by her greatest modern thinkers. and the sacred and profane. New York. The first section contains Stein’s memoirs. NARAVANE. The novel is divided into seven parts. where he taught for thirty-three years. discusses their differences and similarities. well-researched. and J.95 6 x 9¼ inches. Using multiple narrative styles that reflect the dazzling diversity of its peoples. Religion. between wisdom and love. REILLY Two Fish on One Hook A Transformative Reading of Thoreau’s Walden H RAYMOND P. Lindisfarne Books $25. S. a member of Parliament. Reilly devotes an insightful chapter to each of the writers and. to hear. He lives in Brooklyn. Nehru.95 5½ x 8½ inches. C. REILLY is a professor of English (emeritus) at the University of Detroit. R. individual conscience and collective responsibility. novel about the eternal conflict between head and heart. TRIPP. Also includes introductions that place the selections in context. This is the first study to examine in depth the theological and philosophic implications of the work of that remarkable group of writers now called the Oxford Christians. WALTER JOHANNES STEIN (1891–1957) was an Austrian philosopher and a pioneer of Anthroposophy. Tolkien n this classic work. J.S. Two Fish on One Hook is a transcendental study of Thoreau’s transcendental work. ISBN: 9781584200475 Paperback. 160 pages For the latest and most complete information on our books.95 5½ x 8½ inches. in his conclusion. played out by the Rosicrucians before the dramatic background of the French Revolution. JR. is a professor emeritus at the University of Denver.95 5½ x 8½ inches. 336 pages R. ISBN: 9781584200840 Paperback. following its development in medieval and modern times.” For them. The Death of Merlin collects Stein’s essays and lectures from the 1920s and 1930s. ISBN: 9780863156410  |  41  . Animal Advocacy. where he taught American Literature and Medieval Studies. He explores parallels between the quest for the Grail and the medieval alchemists’ search for the Philosopher’s Stone. art and truth. Gandhi. the author traces the origins of the Grail legend in early Christianity and classical and Nordic mythology. editor of the New Monthly Magazine. EDITORS espite a growing interest in Indian thought and life. 416 pages he title Romantic Religion reflects Reilly’s premise that these four thinkers share a “matured romanticism. The author. Radhakrisnan. ISBN: 9780833400178 Paperback. Lindisfarne Books $35. visit our website at steinerbooks. TRIPP. which provide context for his research within the culture of the era. Charles Williams. Nicaea is an imaginative recreation of events surrounding those councils and the characters who have passed through Nicaea through the centuries.

He developed a method of Earth healing. plants.” using stone pillars positioned on acupuncture points of the landscape. Lindisfarne Books $20. He is also the author of Individuation and the Absolute. to Ken Wilber. all presented as original drawings. ISBN: 9781855842045 Paperback. Spiritual Ecology offers a wealth of original thought and spiritual insight on the future of the Earth and humanity. the Earth.” This book is not just a theoretical introduction to sacred geography. water. which is interested exclusively in one level of reality. to let go of our attachments to physical things. the material level of existence. W MARKO POGACNIK W ith the threat of global climate change. visit our website at steinerbooks. The purpose of physical Earth as we know it was to help us individuate. Marko Pogacik describes what we can expect and how to prepare ourselves to deal with it. June 17-23 Coming Alive to Nature: The World of Color and Light ADULT EDUCATION COURSES ~ PUBLICATIONS RESOURCE-RICH WEBSITE www. climate change and extreme weather. 280 pages Numerous line drawings ISBN: 9781584200727 Paperback. Rudolf Steiner Press $26. insects. SEAN M. Cosmology. unless we understand that we are being asked to change.00 5½ x 8½ inches. and Edgar Morin—the author presents his own synthetic theory of the evolution of consciousness. Richard Tarnas. hether we like it or not. This cannot happen.D. In the extracts in this volume—presented with commentary and notes by Matthew Barton—Steiner discusses human perception. and increasingly complex and volatile geopolitical relations. Ph. Lindisfarne Books $18.” thinkers—from 20 May Hill Road. . animals. but will also—and more important—help the Earth herself bring forth her true Self. ISBN: 9781584200253 Paperback. KELLY. The author sees it “as an essential complement to modern geography. agriculture. 248 pages SEAN M. KELLY.natureinstitute.D. NY 12075 518-672-0116 info@natureinstitute. 210 pages Spiritual Ecology Reading the Book of Nature and Reconnecting with the World Selected Lectures Learning from nature’s wisdom to shape a healthy future 2012 Summer Course. disappearing animal and plant species. The physical earth is entering a multidimensional form. and Consciousness Program at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. Resistance and panic will only hinder the inevitable processes of evolutionary transformation. ISBN: 9781584200543 Paperback. 256 pages 42  |  For the latest and most complete information on our books. Included are more than 170 practical examples from various parts of the world. MARKO POGACNIK is engaged in geomantic and Earth healing work. and natural catastrophes.Earth Healing & Transformation Sacred Geography Turned Upside Down Coming Home Geomancy: Co-creating the Earth Cosmos A Workbook on Earth Changes and Personal Transformation The Birth & Transformation of the Planetary Era T MARKO POGACNIK he term geomancy is an ancient word for knowledge of the invisible and visible dimensions of the Earth and its landscapes. He presents simple exercises and meditations that will not only help us survive and adapt. and Campbell.00 5½ x 8½ inches. Ghent. the entire Earth Community has entered a most critical phase of what the author describes as the “Planetary Era. He lives in Slovenia.00 5½ x 8½ inches. and food crises.” What elements in the evolution of the Western worldview might contribute to the actualization of a sustainable planetary culture? Drawing from a wide range of “big-picture. a looming mass extinction of species. Teilhard. we earthlings are about to enter a dramatic period of change. Jaspers. The Earth is about to give in to a new multidimensional consciousness. is professor in the Philosophy.00 5½ x 8½ inches. but a practical guide through dimensions of places and landscapes. “ RUDOLF STEINER V irtually every day brings alarming news of emerging environmental challenges. Lindisfarne Books $20. PH. Can we respond to these events from a broad.. leading to the birth and transformation of the Planetary Era. spiritually enlightened perspective? Steiner’s insights are even more relevant today than in his time.

It may be found in all historical cultures. belief. CHRISTOPHER BAMFORD. KEVIN TOWNLEY H Introduction by Pir Zia Inayat-Khan ermeticism. Richard Tarnas.00 6 x 9 inches. ISBN: 9780863157592 Paperback. looking toward a renewal of spirituality beyond religion. Chris Clarke. Prince Charles. DR.00 6¼ x 9¼ inches. Larry Dossey. Peter Russell. Science & Nature Understanding Water Climate A New Renaissance Developments from the Work of Theodor Schwenk Soul of the Earth Transforming Science. a wellknown author and lecturer. earth. He developed “droppictures” for analyzing water quality and methods for healing polluted. Jean Hardy. but the Earth also now depends on our efforts to shift our consciousness toward goals higher than self-satisfaction. Schwenk gradually builds up. dedicated to healing and harmony. Floris Books $25. and personal identity. This is an important work for a deeper understanding of a fundamental element of life. and Elisabet Sahtouris. science.00 6 x 9 inches.00 6¼ x 9¼ inches. Max Payne. and mythology and metaphysics. and humanity. where the authors of this stunningly illustrated book are scientists. T ANDREAS WILKENS heodor Schwenk. economics. 224 pages For the latest and most complete information on our books. David Peat. Floris Books $40. spirituality and science. Le Grice asserts that developing insights of a new cosmology can provide this framework.00 8 ¼ x 9 ½ inches. and Astrology W KEIRON LE GRICE e urgently need a coherent framework of meaning to guide us beyond the growing fragmentation of culture. “dead” Rupert Sheldrake. as a single whole. formative processes. was a pioneer in water and flow research.Spirit. THEODOR SCHWENK ore than ever before. from the traditions of India and China in the East to the Judeo-Christian West. or alchemy. Lindisfarne Books $35.00 8 x 9 inches. 304 pages 293 Color Illustrations The Archetypal Cosmos Rediscovering the Gods in Myth. 336 pages Alchemy and Ecology PETER LAMBORN WILSON. helping us better understand one of the most essential elements of our earthly life. the “letters” of an alphabet that will allow us to “read” the living meaning of water. Selfless. ISBN: 9781584200499 Paperback. Schwenk gradually brings the spiritual. ISBN: 0863155405 Paperback. Science. with the help of marvelous photographs and drawings. They offer a unique view into the world of water. teacher. Climate is the interface that displays the results of our efforts to attain higher consciousness for all of the cosmos to see and evaluate. and society. and Society DENNIS KLOCEK DAVID LORIMER AND t the center of this book is the idea that the climate crisis is one shared by humanity and the Earth as part of our mutual evolution toward higher states of consciousness. WOLFRAM SCHWENK. 112 pages Lavishly Illustrated Sensitive Chaos The Creation of Flowing Forms in Water and Air M A DENNIS KLOCEK is an artist. In a synthesis of ideas from the seminal thinkers of depth psychology and new paradigm sciences. Iain McGilchrist. It could even be said that Hermeticism is the primal cosmological revelation and the common ground of all spiritual traditions. Satish Kumar. for the sake of world evolution. the renowned author of Sensitive Chaos. Lindisfarne Books $20. Floris Books $35. They also examine possible reforms in politics. founded the Institute for Flow Sciences in the Black Forest of Germany. 336 pages Green Hermeticism ISBN: 9781584200949 Paperback.  |  43  . scientist. Beginning with simple flowing phenomena of water and air. They discuss the sources of the critical situation today and search for a new understanding of consciousness and mind. is the ancient. ISBN: 9780863157752 Paperback. and consumption. ISBN: 9781855840553 Paperback. Visit his website at www. entertainment. and we come to see the creative word in the universe. intimate. formative processes to light. EDITORS MICHAEL JACOBI. Spirit. and education. Hermeticism has accompanied and sustained every religious epoch and revelation. gardener.docweather. cosmos. primordial mystery science of nature through which people in all times and places have. today we need “water consciousness” and we can begin with this essential and classic book on water as the universal bearer of living. Anne Baring. 232 pages 72 color and b/w illustrations T he authors assess the need for change and renewal in today’s crises of philosophy. sought to unite Heaven and Earth—divinity. Contributors: Ervin Laszlo. and alchemist and the director of the Consciousness Studies Program at Rudolf Steiner College in Sacramento. he positions the new discipline of archetypal astrology at the center of an emerging worldview that reunifies psyche and cosmos. Rudolf Steiner Press $38. visit our website at steinerbooks. THEODOR SCHWENK (1910–1986). Not only is Earth the source of our body. California. OLIVER ROBINSON.

COOK llustrated with hundreds of color photographs this book explains the principles behind biodynamic methods and places it in the context of food and cooking through the ages. Steiner prescribes specific “preparations” for the soil. the differences among root. ISBN: 9780880105408 Paperback. how the moon affects planting and growth. flavorful crops. quark (curd cheese) dishes. as well as other distinct methods born from his profound understanding of the material and spiritual worlds. From the Kitchen of the Lukas Klinik T ISBN: 9781855842106 Paperback. ISBN: 9781855841482 Paperback. sauces.00 5¼ x 8½ inches. and fruit plants. diagrams. It also features special recipes for casseroles and gratins. Rudolf Steiner considers nutrition in the light of his anthroposophic spiritual-scientific research. color plates What Is Biodynamics? A Way to Heal and Revitalize the Earth 7 selected lectures RUDOLF STEINER T Introduction by Hugh Courtney his volume includes seven seminal lectures— four on developing a spiritual perception of nature and three from Steiner’s Agriculture Course. editor The Biodynamic Food and Cookbook Real Nutrition that Doesn’t Cost the Earth I WENDY E. Step-by-step many years of working with biodynamic nutrition. ISBN: 9781902636962 Hardcover. 200 pages LE R . 4 horses. savory and sweet pastries. Includes sections on breads. how preparations can transform soil and plants. 144 pages. Health. balanced. weed. salads. blossom. and notes by Christian von Arnim). vegetables. 256 pages. ISBN: 9780863157660 Paperback. 176 pages. and with spiritual beings. the best storage methods. the effects of protein. and harvest plants. grain dishes. commentary. 1924 (CW 327) RUDOLF STEINER W Preface by Ehrenfried Pfeiffer ith these talks. and conjures up the color and vibrancy of Majorca. with the Earth. desserts. and more. animals. and planets influence plants in regular rhythms. 128 pages The Demeter Cookbook Recipes Based on Biodynamic Ingredients Nutrition Food. 6 pigs. Clairview Books $39. vegetarian. and color photographs show how biodynamic techniques can work for your garden. stars. beets. and sustainable farm. Quality and Flavour For Health and Taste MARIA THUN HILARY WRIGHT his book tells how to produce abundant. 10 sheep. salads. and salts. creating ideal days to sow. the foundation of a balanced diet. She considers the ethics of food. and Spiritual Development: Selected Lectures RUDOLF STEINER I n this anthology (including an introduction. main dishes. puddings. ISBN: 9781906999148 Paperback. 272 pages. leaf. and the impact of alcohol and nicotine. Hugh Courtney of the Josephine Porter Institute for Applied Biodynamics contributes a passionate and visionary introduction. muesli and drinks—interspersed with informative commentary on the value of spices. which has contributed to her personal approach. This book also tells you the best time of day to sow and harvest fruit and vegetables.00 8 ¼ x 11 ¾ inches. and more. fats. Temple Lodge $30. The result is a healthy. individual foods such as potatoes. He explains the impact of raw food. doughs. visit our website at steinerbooks. carbohydrates.00 6¾ x 9¼ inches.” It also involves working with the cosmos. Rudolf Steiner launched “biodynamic” farming. 128 pages The Biodynamic Farm B iodynamic methods work with the concept that the Moon. in color Developing a Holistic Organism KARL-ERNST OSTHAUS O Foreword by Bernard Jarman sthaus recommends the ideal livestock numbers: 12 cows. and desserts.00 5½ x 8½ inches. This mix is drawn from the author’s deep understanding of nature. Koberwitz. soups. Wendy Cook takes us through the seasons with more than 150 recipes based on 44  |  For the latest and most complete information on our books. ISBN: 9781905570010 Paperback.00 5½ x 8½ inches. appitizers. 192 pages HERMANN SPINDLER his “official” Demeter cookbook includes recipes for sauces. Illustrated in Color Agriculture Course The Birth of the Biodynamic Method 8 lectures. The agriculture Steiner discusses is much more than “organic.00 5½ x 8½ inches.Biodynamic Agriculture and Nutrition B ES TS EL T The Biodynamic Year Biodynamic Gardening Increasing Yield. and meat diets. as well as ways to use unique herbal remedies to boost your garden’s health and abundance. Floris Books $35. Temple Lodge $40. ISBN: 9780863156960 Paperback. Rudolf Steiner Press $26.00 8¼ x 10¼ inches. and radishes.95 5½ x 8½ inches. drinks. and 120 hens. Floris Books $14. Rudolf Steiner Press $24. and from his many years of personal experience as a biodynamic farmer and teacher. SteinerBooks $20. in color Christian von Arnim. Sun. Jun 7–16. agriculture and the cosmos.

Includes breads for the daily table and for the seasons and special occasions. 132 pages A Illustrated by Jo Valens useful compendium of information. and Peter Ustinov. she cooked for many well-known people. Portal Books $14. ISBN: 9780880104579 Paperback. to use the best possible ingredients. . ISBN: 9780880105637 Spiral-bound Paperback. 352 pages Wisdom of the Bees A Farmer’s Love Principles for Biodynamic Beekeeping Living Biodynamics and the Meaning of Community ERIK BERREVOETS WALTER MOORA oday. Anthroposophic Press $25. Bell Pond Books $12. to take risks around his values. and dessert soups . Dudley Moore.00 5½ x 8½ inches. no book of soups would be complete without a recipe for Stone Soup! This cookbook has something here for everyone. Foodwise presents a remarkable cornucopia of challenging ideas. Wendy came to study and understand deeper aspects of nutrition—in particular the effects of various foods on human health and consciousness. 1924 (CW 348) Understanding What We Eat and How It Affects Us: The Story of Human Nutrition LISA HILDRETH RUDOLF STEINER I Introduction by Gunther Hauk Essay on Joseph Beuys by David Adams n 1923 Rudolf Steiner predicted the dire state of today’s honeybee. seafood. This fact alone justifies Wisdom of the Bees. 152 pages.95 7 x 10 inches. breads. By the end of high school. while learning and teaching them how foods affect us and how to use healthy ingredients. Paul McCartney. more than eighty years after Rudolf Steiner gave his lectures on bees. and mouth-watering recipes.95 7 x 10 inches. Walter writes. advice. these lectures describe the unconscious wisdom of the beehive and its connection to our experience of health. From physical depictions of the bees’ activities to elevated esoteric insights. culture. carrying forward a family tradition that goes back at least three generations. Illustrated The Waldorf School Book of Soups COLLECTED BY MARSHA POST. ISBN: 9780983198413 Paperback. ISBN: 9780880107099 Paperback. Erik Berrevoets revisits those seminal talks with the workers at the Goetheanum and reexamines Steiner’s observations and insights in the context of today’s dire situation and provides practical advice for modern beekeeping practices. while married to Peter Cook. The fact that more than sixty percent of the honeybee population around the world has died during the past ten years should make us keenly aware of the importance of the issues discussed in these lectures. when her daughter became ill. bean. Create soups. and to deal with death and loss by trusting that the very best things can come directly from the very worst things.95 7 x 10 inches. and commentary. cream. ISBN: 9781905570232 Paperback. and the cosmos. we are confronted with a serious decline of honeybees around the world. ERIK BERREVOETS keeps native Australian and European honeybees. and. to find his soul’s destiny. During that time. informed by the seminal work of the scientist Rudolf Steiner. Later. we would see the consequences of mechanizing the forces that had previously operated organically in the beehive. Bell Pond Books $14. WALTER MOORA was born in the jungles of Borneo in 1949 of Dutch parents.00 5 x 8 inches. visit our website at steinerbooks. Includes practical tips on cooking. 240 pages 13 Blackboard Drawings T I WENDY E. Clairview Books $34. sharing meals. He stated that. Y Edited and Arranged by Andrea Huff Illustrated by Jo Valens ou will find everything here. and fruit dishes with children.–Dec.  |  45  . 64 pages. ISBN: 9780880107037 Spiral-bound paperback. from stocks and broths to selections of vegetable. 64 pages.00 5 ½ x 8 ½ inches. Bell Pond Books $14. the author learned to trust his intuition.00 6¼ x 9¼ inches. Dornach. . within fifty to eighty years. planning menus. making bread once again the healthy “staff of life” it once was. COOK n her twenties. including John Lennon. recipes. He and his wife Susan live on farms in Wisconsin and Ecuador.Biodynamic Agriculture and Nutrition BESTS ELLER Bees Foodwise The Waldorf Kindergarten Snack Book 8 lectures. gives talks and workshops. beef. ISBN: 9780880105750 Spiral-bound paperback. both young and older. of course. a practical and timely introduction to biodynamic beekeeping. Illustrated The Waldorf Book of Breads COLLECTED BY MARSHA POST T Edited and introduced by Winslow Eliot Illustrated by Jo Valens hese recipes are easy to follow and encourage the baker. 64 pages For the latest and most complete information on our books. and anecdotes from Waldorf kindergarten teacher Lisa Hildreth. children’s food. he knew he wanted to be a farmer and began his life path. SteinerBooks $18. illustrated T hrough his life experiences. chicken. Wendy discovered the artistic and magical effects that food could have in creating a convivial atmosphere. tomato.

But surely they can’t bring a giant mud monster to life? Can they? (Ages 8–12) ALETTE WILLIS was born in . Floris Books $17. grew up in Canada. The overall story remains the same. (Ages 1–3) he prince is looking for a true princess to be his wife. 28 pages Illustrated in color Reuben and Barney’s Day on the Farm NANNIE KUIPER R Illustrated by Alex de Wolf euben lives on a farm with his dog All of the beautiful illustrations from the original picture book are included. 224 pages G Illustrated by Marit Törnqvist 46  |  For the latest and most complete information on our books. but the language has been simplified. 240 pages ISBN: 9780863158599 Board Book. and meet a moose. and moved to Edinburgh in 2008. Barker (The Flower Fairies). Floris Books $9. so the queen decides to put her to the test. He claims to be a great alchemist who can help Edda overcome her fears by teaching her to build a golem.95 5 x 7¾ inches. and Toby is left alone in the aftermath of the terrible Red Fever epidemic that wiped out much of the world’s population. visit our website at steinerbooks. . Will she feel the pea underneath the huge pile of mattresses? (Ages 3–6) ISBN: 9780863158575 Hardcover. and stop the naughty goats from eating SIBYLLE VON OLFERS E dda is tired of her nickname “Mouse” and wants to be braver. (Ages 8–12) ISBN: 9780863158865 Hardcover. but housework is much harder than they had thought. One stormy night a young woman knocks on the palace door claiming to be a princess. a mysterious figure. The General. 28 pages Illustrated in color My First Root Children    ing when their mother returns? (Ages 3–6) ISBN: 9780863158551 Hardcover.95 10½ x 8¼ inches. . until Michael Scot starts school. is leading a villains who are kidnapping and imprisoning people in a place he calls New Caledonia.New Books for Children and Young Adults The Children of Hat Cottage ELSA BESKOW O n a little island in a lake. play with bear cubs. She gained success writing short stories for adults before returning to her first love. will Hat Cottage still be stand- all the flowers. They wash their clothes in the lake and dry them over a fire—but fires are hard to control. Floris Books $9. (Ages 2–5) How to Make a Golem (and Terrify People) NANNIE KUIPER has taught and written on the subject of child development. They even visit the King and Queen in the royal palace. pigs.95 5 x 7¾ inches. They feed the chickens.alettejwillis. too vain. But where is this New Caledonia. Today they awoke and rushed outside to start an exciting new day. They eat candy that grows on trees in the park. their mother went to the mainland to find yarn to make new clothes for the children.95 8¼ x 10 inches.95 6¼ x 7¾ inches. . Mr. with some adapted sympathetically to fit the new format. Floris Books $22. seasonal Story is presented for the first time as a boardbook for very young children. .95 10½ x 8¾ inches. (Ages 5–8) oby’s dad and little sister have been kidnapped by pirates. Floris Books $17. At the end of each night’s journey. visit her website at www. children’s fiction. the children try to help around the house. or too greedy. weed the vegetable patch. 10 pages Illustrated in color In the Land of Twilight ASTRID LINDGREN Black Tide T CAROLINE CLOUGH oran drives a trolley and a bus. ALETTE WILLIS ISBN: 9780863158582 Hardcover. and what does The General plan to do with his captives? Black Tide is the dramatic sequel to Red Fever. They have lots of fun sweeping the chimney— but they get very dirty. Floris Books $17. For more about this author and her work. but when her house is burgled on her twelfth birthday.A. She has published many poems for children and translated the poetry of A. Lilyvale takes Goran home just before his mother comes and turns on the light. She currently works at Edinburgh University as a teaching fellow and researcher. but all the girls he meets are too rude. and rabbits. They play outside in the fields and the orchard until it’s time to go home for supper. While she is away. three children and their mother live in a cottage shaped like a hat. winner of the Kelpies Prize in 2010. M. It doesn’t matter that he has a bad leg in the Land of Twilight. Milne (Winnie the Pooh) and C. ISBN: 9780863158407 Paperback. 32 pages The Princess and the Pea HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN T Illustrated by Maja Dusíková T his classic. Floris Books $9. One day.95 8½ x 11½ inches. Edda is more afraid than ever . 44 pages ISBN: 9780863158773 Paperback.

Michaelmas. She also initiated a home-based kindergarten program. Pentecost. ISBN: 9780880107020 Paperback. Germany. and suggests ways to help teenagers reduce anxiety. in Classics from the University of Florida and taught high school English. Advent. She is the mother of three and lives in Virginia. 256 pages Over 40 photos & illustrations CORNELIS BOOGERD was born in 1952 in the Netherlands and studied social sciences at Driebergen.95 6¼ x 9¼ inches.00 5½ x 8½ inches. poems. 144 pages ISBN: 9780863158360 Paperback. he author describes festival celebrations and the first seven years of child development. Since  |  47  . lantern time. offering a range of case studies. SteinerBooks $25. Her other books include The Well Balanced Child: Movement and Early Learning. Texas. She offers a “starter kit” of stories. to ideas for group “quietness” sessions in school. etheric forces must be recognized and nurtured properly. comfort. John’s. craft activities and decorations. 176 pages 147 black and white illustrations Celebrating Festivals with Children T A t the heart of early-years Waldorf education is the concept of etheric “life forces. stories. She goes on to explain how these methods can help children with ADHD and those on the autistic spectrum.A. songs. tactile rhymes for toddlers to help calm them before bedtime. visit our website at steinerbooks.95 6¼ x 9¼ inches. Floris Books $18. Shannon invites the reader into her home and offers warm encouragement and practical suggestions for virtually every aspect of bringing love. and beauty to a family home. SALLY GODDARD BLYTHE is director of The Institute for Neuro-physiological Psychology. SHARIFA OPPENHEIMER was a kindergarten teacher for 21 years and a day care director of an early-childhood program. Christmas. evocative photographs. and fairy tales for healthy child development. action games. Thanksgiving. how to design indoor play environments that allow children the broadest development of skills. Carers. 90 pages Full color throughout For the latest and most complete information on our books. traditional games. and the seasonal nature table. 240 pages BESTS ELLER he author shows how to create the regular life rhythms needed to establish a foundation for learning. Halloween. SHANNON HONEYBLOOM has lived in France. MURRAY A Guide for Teachers. The festivals include games. he has helped establish Waldorf schools and teacher training in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Hawthorn Press $28.” To help children grow into healthy adults.95 5 ½ x 8 ½ inches. SteinerBooks $20. from meditations around daily activities for busy families. She considers Easter. and Parents he author explains a variety of approaches. FREYA JAFFKE was born in 1937 and worked for many decades in a Reutlingen Waldorf kindergarten. and rhymes. St. She shows how to celebrate festivals in a meaningful way with children. Floris Books $29. ISBN: 9780863158322 Paperback.00 7 ¼ x 9. It also provides examples of how to nurture children at different educational stages and to stimulate healthy and active development.Books for the Family Heaven on Earth A Handbook for Parents of Young Children SHARIFA OPPENHEIMER T Calm Kids Help Children Relax with Mindful Activities Nurturing Potential in the Kindergarten Years LORRAINE E. She explains why movement matters and how games develop children’s skills at various stages of development.00 8½ x 11 inches. birthdays. Her website is at shannonhoneybloom. Every festival is prefaced with a contemplation for adults before preparations with children. Floris Books $18. She has three children and lives with her family in Austin. harvest time. ISBN: 9780880105668 Paperback. songs. Epiphany. and South Africa and received a B. CORNELIS BOOGERD T ISBN: 9780863158629 Paperback. She leads seminars at home and abroad and is the author of several books that have sold more than a quarter of a million copies worldwide. This book offers ways to understand and visualize the difficult concept of these forces in children. and how to create outdoor play spaces that encourage vigorous movement and a wide sensory palette. She provides fun. ISBN: 9781907359040 Paperback. back-to-school day. FREYA JAFFKE Photography by Stephanie Gross Making a Family Home SHANNON HONEYBLOOM I Photography by Skip Hunt llustrated in color with and carnival. 256 pages The Genius of Natural Childhood Secrets of Thriving Children T SALLY GODDARD BLYTHE he author draws on neuroscience to unpack the wisdom of nursery rhymes. freecolumbiaart@gmail. Learn about our new program for experienced Waldorf educators.8380 “For someone who could not talk or see or walk.Realize Your Potential in a transformational Waldorf Teacher Education Program at ANTIOCH UNIVERSITY NEW ENGLAND’S fully accredited.ton esingin g-s c ulp tu re see ou r web si te for des crip ti on s Prov iding an ar tis tic cou rs e o f s tud y o ut of th e in sp ir atio n of anth rop oso ph y that seek s to pr o mo te cu ltu re and freedo freecolumbia. anthroposophy.blogspot. year-round and summer sequence master’s and certificate programs offer lively courses in the arts.67 2-40 90 Laur a Su mme r The Free C olu mbia Art Course a quest into the heart of artistic action ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ 9 mo n th fu ll time c ou rs e o f pain ting & anth rop oso ph y Art and th e fu tur e health of soc iety Co mmitted to wo rk in g with mo n ey in a n ew way no s et tu itio ns ex perimen ting in a g ift eco no my Su m me r c ou rse s: 2012 light-c ol or. Keene. Nathani el W illia ms 518. he made a big splash. and a child-centered curriculum. New Hampshire 800. Read Reviews and oRdeR on amazon oR oRdeR fRom youR local bookstoRe.67 2-73 02 651 harlemville rd hillsdale ny 12529 www.” Lyrical prose and an ability to communicate profound emotion make this a book that will not allow you to remain the same.antiochne.


According to Steiner. “Fundamental law: the individual can work only ‘for others. But now the time has come to introduce social forms to counteract this evolutionary tendency. Rudolf Steiner’s fundamental social law emphasized the anthropological dimension of working for others as an antidote to potentially destructive forces: “We cannot allow the impulse to work to be based on egotism. technology. Like it or not. To overcome egotism. . 86). when the needs of others become a matter of direct experience for us. the incentive to work must be present in each one” (198. • In the early twentieth century. He also said that “brotherly love for other people” (186. The “primal phenomenon of [modern] social science” is how Steiner described the force of antipathy and egotism—or even actual “antisocialness” (186. 245) Steiner tells us that the human impulse to work must be anchored in the “I. so that everything we do is truly performed for the sake of our fellow human beings. this also means in the individual in his or her immediate social context. he said: Most of all. (186. Even in his earliest lectures on the subject. In modern times. antisocial urges must be active so human evolution can reach its peak. 184). we must first investigate all of its sources in human nature. “If human beings … are to remain human. and would be incapable of relating to each other except as competitors. responding to an anthropological need to develop the capacity for individual freedom. Inwardly.The Individual and the Community From The Fundamental Social Law by Peter Selg When two or three are gathered together in my name. In modern times. (172. was never moralistic in character. but for human beings to evolve correctly. In earlier times. 312) and the interests and needs of “the other” (as representative of the entire community) can become the actual motivation for work. People would become increasingly unable to understand each other or to develop relationships that satisfy the requirements of human nature. antisocial urges must be developed in order to cultivate the individual Self. They bucked the prevailing trend. He also emphasized. he said: Purely outward advances in the development of work would lead to the dissolution of all ties within humanity. true. I am there among them. Individuals would increasingly pass each other by. 94) Rudolf Steiner’s critique of civilization. practical Christianity. 175)—that is present even in the dimension of the higher senses. 248). Ultimately. safeguarding only their own interests. the development of antisocial urges was not the spiritual bread of life that fed humanity’s evolution. —Matt. (266/1. What society asks of us now is nothing more than to provide the necessary counterbalance to the prevailing tendency in humanity’s inner evolution. human beings are subject to this evolution.’” Steiner wrote in his notebook in 1919 (328. however. 1918. the work of each individual “belongs” to humanity (185. and rampant economic egotism. in June 1922. visit our website at steinerbooks. It would be hell if the human race were controlled entirely by competition and addiction to acquisition. 1916. Steiner spoke of “social sensitivity to one’s surroundings” as a prerequisite to any futureworthy work arrangements. in fact the threefolding of the social body is intended in the sense of real. —Rudolf Steiner T he fundamental social law and the threefolding of the social body were the measures Rudolf Steiner proposed to counteract tendencies dominating the early twentieth century. Conversely. or the human race will fall into complete decadence. 213). it became both possible and necessary for individuals to extricate themselves from old social ties. person-toperson understanding—that is. each individual must live entirely from what the social community provides. Developed in an age of machines. society must be structured to prevent human beings from losing their connections to each other in this life. these countermeasures were an attempt to identify the conditions and guidelines needed for developing a future peaceful social order. (83. 164).” in each person’s individuality. 18:20 Although the outer words that describe threefoldness may not seem to refer to Christianity. these antisocial urges must continue to develop. however. In a certain respect. He knew all too well that the culture of enhanced personality in the industrial age was (and is) no tragic accident of creation but rather a temporary necessity in the development of the human “I. his remarks were emphatically future-oriented: Today humanity has no inkling of how strong antisocial urges will become between now and the third millennium. the individual “owes” the community his or her individual contribution and input—whether physical or mental—to the success and preservation of the whole: The individual cannot want anything of what he or she produces. 209) When Rudolf Steiner spoke in Bern on December 12. New social forms will not be provided by nature but can emerge only from the human “I. however.” through real. which Rudolf Steiner repeatedly described as inevitably leading not only to the destruction of natural resources and the means of livelihood for future generations but also to the disruption of all human connections. In his lectures on social science during the Vienna East-West convention three years later. our times are suffering from the lack of any basic social understanding of how work can be incorporated into the social organization correctly. on November 12. It must arise out of a view of the totality” (56. in contrast to the secure tradition of community that had persisted for millennia.” Experiencing the world through science has recently allowed people to detach themselves from their surroundings as distinct personalities. . We can acquire this understanding only by learning to really insert our “I” into the human . however. that our task is to penetrate these present and future tendencies with insight and to overcome them: Our era is intended to make human beings realize that they are egotistical beings by nature. outwardly. In a lecture in Dornach during World War I. . so no countermeasures were needed. 129) 50  |  For the latest and most complete information on our books. This must not be allowed to happen. individuals owe their work to the social community.People “took their chances with their own personalities” (186.

especially in terms of work and its place in a future social order. 24) Ultimately. But the thought that x number of people work to provide our basic needs is inseparable from another thought. understanding society is primarily a question of understanding individuals and developing individually differentiated interest in them. The source for such actions can be found only in each individual. in a lecture in the Berlin House of Architects. No one can live on money alone. At the same time. GA 172: Das Karma des Berufes des Menschen in Anknüpfung an Goethes Leben [The karma of the vocation of the human being in connection with Goethe’s life] (1916): 5th edition 1991.) In his presentations on threefolding in subsequent years. that we must repay society—not in money. in one way or another. Rudolf Steiner answered that happiness is not the prime motivator in human life. they are individualities. . in the concrete circumstances of their lives and in their accomplishments on behalf of the community: “Interest in the other person is what is needed. an individual’s work is his or her individual assignment in human life. When questioned by workers in the Liebknecht School in Berlin. and what we eat must be produced by human beings. they are personalities. 47) as essential to the future of human civilization. 85) Beginning with his earliest spiritual-scientific presentations on work in the context of society. which is the prerequisite of a healthy social order. in February 1912. GA 186: The Challenge of the Times. GA 83: The Tension between East and West. 167) Steiner tells us that positive evolution is possible only through work based on such interest. Steiner describes the positive impact of the idea of reincarnation and karma: Becoming convinced of reincarnation and karma and discovering ways of bringing that idea into daily life will transform our life as we move into the future. We must all eat. vol. and everything we wear must be produced by human beings. GA 266/1: Esoteric lessons 1904–1909. We do not love human beings if we believe that money is what sustains us. Rudolf Steiner had emphasized that theosophy or anthroposophy—understood as the spiritual study of the human being and the world—was essential to humanity’s further evolution. We need clothes. When they do anything that transcends these  |  51  . It will create totally new ways of living and a totally new human community. Human beings spend hours working so I can have a coat or trousers to wear. . What sustains me is their work. . . We are interested in our fellow human beings only when we feel responsible for paying back. The main nerve in society is each person’s interest in the other. Those people work for me. 1. NY: Anthroposophic Press 1992. (186. it paves the way for a “culture of insightful selflessness. individuals have specific assignments on earth. (53. NY: Anthroposophic Press 1980.The Individual and Community Rudolf Steiner explained this “fundamental law of human work” again in greater detail immediately after the end of the war’s destructive dynamics. In the same lecture. This is where people acquire specific character. and cosmic connections. he also spoke of a fundamental interest in other people. GA 56: Die Erkenntnis der Seele und des Geistes [Knowledge of the soul and of the spirit] (1907/08): 2nd edition 1985. ultimately. not my money. Rudolf Steiner pointed out that the social convention most hostile to a real understanding of human incarnation and reincarnation was “the principle that we must receive payment corresponding to the work we do” (135. and as such it must also be seen in the greater context of the person’s biography and social history.” Steiner’s spiritual-scientific findings provided a new basis for understanding the human being. 46f. namely. yet meanwhile we have no notion at all of the people who work on our behalf to meet our basic needs. Formerly instinctive. he elaborated: We have no interest in our fellow human beings if we believe we can be sustained by money we have inherited or acquired through any means other than work. Rudolf Steiner spoke repeatedly of the need for “interest in the structure of society” or “real social interest” (186. Great Barrington. in spirit. Spring Valley. the amount of work performed for us. (135. . They offered a means of fundamentally updating what it means to be human—the “image of the human being” in its anthropological.” (186. in intrinsic “devotion to the whole” and in “love for the human social order”: As I have said in various contexts. and accomplishing those tasks gives meaning to individuals’ biographies while also integrating them into the context of society. Steiner said: As long as individuals seek only to satisfy their needs.). . which had been almost completely supplanted during the development of materialistic science and culture. • Literature Cited: GA 53: Ursprung und Ziel des Menschen [The origin and goal of the human being] (1904/05): 2nd edition 1981. but in work—for the work done on our behalf. MA: SteinerBooks 2007. Spring Valley. Speaking in Dornach on November 30. Making ourselves feel good by saying. that x number of people must work for y number of hours to sustain us in this social context. The path of spiritual-scientific training is a way of enhancing and sensitizing our capacity to be interested and participate in the destiny of individuals and of the world. 1918. 87f. which is the normal way to acquire money today. See the book – page 2 For the latest and most complete information on our books. NY: Anthroposophic Press 1983. Interest of this sort. Under today’s social circumstances. “I love my fellow human beings” is not the point. And in the spring of 1905. 311) Seven years later. (186. My money has value only inasmuch as it gives me the power to take advantage of work done by others. visit our website at steinerbooks. Hudson. GA 135: Reincarnation and Karma. Wanting to get to know and understand human beings must become our most important task for the future. it must now be acquired very consciously. social. we begin to be interested in our fellow human beings only when we see. work that is non-egoistic at heart and takes place in the context of perceived needs and tasks. where they imbue their mission with something unique. begins when we start to feel indebted to the society in which we live.

The Mystery of Flowers: Their Chosen Symmetry and Their Intrinsic Geometry
From The Hidden Geometr y of
Flowers: Living Rhy thms, Form,
and Number by Keith Critchlow


e cannot be certain what gives us the appetite
for order, but we can be certain that it was there
from the beginning—whatever cosmogony we ascribe
to. We all appreciate an ordered life with not too many
surprises. Life is not possible without order. Life has to
be ordered so as to be spontaneous.
Symmetry must rank highly as one of the chief mysteries in this impulse for order. The symmetrical arrangement of elements within the same system tends toward
balance, which is symmetry. The human body has a
high degree of natural symmetry, which is expressed
largely in a twofold way—in common with most of the
animal kingdom. From this we get our right-handedness
and left-handedness, which maintains our natural bodily
balance in movement. We know our internal organs
differ, yet they are distributed to maintain balance and
an interior harmony. Flowers express a plethora of
beautiful symmetries, ranging from the twofold to the
manifold. The most predominant symmetry, particularly
in wildflowers, is fivefold. It is intrinsic to this pentagonal
symmetry that the “golden” proportion of 1:1.618 and
so on is present, as we have consistently noted. Fruit
blossoms are most often fivefold, a symmetry that is
powerfully visible when we cut an apple across its
meridian—passing through the five enclosures for the
“pips,” or seeds.
Symmetry is described in the Shorter Oxford English
Dictionary as: “1. Beauty resulting from right proportion
between the parts of a body or any whole, balance,
congruity, harmony. 2. Such structure as allows of an
object being divided by a point or line or plane or radiating lines or planes into two or more parts exactly similar
in size and shape and in position relative to the dividing
plane, etc. The repetition of exactly similar parts.” It is an
interesting fact that we all find beauty in symmetry—yet
this is not easily explained. Maybe common sense says
a balanced arrangement is least threatening to our visual
understanding? Whatever else, flowers most evidently
“speak” to us and affect us in their radial symmetries.
Firstly, we have to establish that “shape” inevitably
means some sort of geometry (or stereometry), classified so adequately by Euclid within the Platonic tradition. Geometry, in this heritage, was seen as the bridge
between our world and the higher world of causation.
Curved geometry was considered the “higher,” or of
the heavenly order, whereas straight-line geometry
was considered representative of this world. The curve
represented the transcendent, the straight the rational,
the calculable.
All petals, when “complete,” go through a straightline direction as well as an overall “curved” unfolding.

The single-petalled Arum flower
(Calla palustris, or Zantedeschia)
has a classical dignity and a curious
similarity to images of the Lord
Buddha and his light-body reality.
Another version of this flower is
called “Lords and Ladies.”

Two flowers demonstrate their
adoption of the use of twoness.

These examples adopt the
strategy of threeness. The petals
demonstrate difference in sameness.

Both are embraced by symmetry. Thus the universal
order is reenacted by every flower.
There is more than a single way to measure the geometry of the petals and flowers. Not only does each petal
have its own characteristic profile and curvature, but
the ensemble of all the petals is what we call the flower.
This collective geometry includes the total symmetry.
Whatever else we might conclude about symmetry, it
is valuable to acknowledge Plato’s first principle of the
triad of Sameness, Otherness, and Being. In terms of
flowers, this means that no two petals, let alone leaves,
are ever exactly the same in a single bloom, yet they are
usually clearly identifiable as an Oak, Ash, or Willow. In
short, all scrutiny of the natural world will entail Sameness and Otherness. These two qualities will always
seem antagonistic or contrary and, therefore, will never
be resolved until our acknowledgement of Being is recognized. Being reminds us of the extraordinary balance
of nature and balance of the universe itself. Through
cognizing Being, we learn to see Sameness and Otherness simultaneously. In short, we can experience a host
of Tulips, though common experience reveals that each
will be slightly different; each is unique, yet unquestionably a Tulip. Paradox alone can achieve unity.
Here we are taking a further Timaean ethos of working
within the boundaries of likelihood or seeking the most
likely underlying order. As we live in the world of necessary change, we cannot expect to have available to our
unreliable senses “absolutes” or “perfect” examples in
nature to study. The best we can hope for is to find the
“most likely” indications of the originating perfections, as
Timaeus insists at the beginning of his Cosmogony myth.
These we consider valid to call evidence of “archetypes,”
or the determining principles. The existent flowers echo
or reflect the archetype or originating paradigms. These
are enshrined physically in what we can call their genetic
memory bank and their reactions to their immediate environment—sunlight, for example.
When seeking a solution to the curves of any particular flower petal, we can choose only the most likely or
closest curve. This requires a huge effort to exclude any
preformed theories, shapes, characteristics, and so on.
So we rely, as objectively as we can, on the “nearest
solution” to each petal curve. This is the “gentle empiricism” of Goethe determined by an internal integrity. We
must not “fool” anyone, least of all ourselves, in seeking the underlying principles of geometries. To make
the utmost effort to find the nearest to the truth was
Timaeus’s advice. Solutions can be only “offerings,” not
proofs. Proofs are, after all, based only on a faith in an
accepted “rule,” or conventional principle.
To evoke the “gentle empiricism” of Goethe, we might
first observe the value of Goethe’s theory that petals are
transformations of leaves.
We have the one-petalled Aspidistra flower with
its central stalk. From the imaginative view point,
this can be seen as a remarkable likeness to the

52  |  For the latest and most complete information on our books, visit our website at

The Mystery of Flowers: Their Chosen Symmetry and Their Intrinsic Geometry

lovingly-represented light body that surrounds ancient
Chinese and Japanese representations of the Lord
Buddha. From this singular white petal and other colored petals, the next occurrence is of dual-petalled
flowers. These are either with only two petals or pairs of
two petals making up the flower. Two-petalled flowers
are rare but can be found.
From here we move to the much more frequent threepetalled flowers, such as the Snow Drop, the Tulip, the Iris,
and the Lily. So many apparently sixfold flowers are really
a double three in their petal structure under closer scrutiny.
The threeness of a leaf or flower immediately indicates
a sixness in the handedness of the leaf or the arrays of
the petals. However, the distribution of threeness in the
Lily and Iris is beautifully evident.
Next there are some very beautiful fourfold flowers,
or flowers with balanced spreads of four petals, not
least the Clematis, the Balloon Flower, and the beautifully fragrant Wall Flower. The Clematis is a good
example, but this flower also unfolds beautifully in a
double four (or eight-petalled) form.
Next we come to the most frequently occurring
symmetry in natural wildflowers: the fivefold, or pentagonal, symmetry. The list is impressive and includes
the original Dog Rose (that Rose form from which most
other Roses seem to have been bred), the Buttercup,
the Herb Robert, the Periwinkle, Borage, and so on.
These all display fivefold symmetry so beautifully yet so
individually and at quite different scales.
What becomes apparent once we get to the fivefold
symmetry is that the “Golden Progression” is underlying
the sequence. This organic progression is known as
the Fibonacci sequence—after the Italian mathematician who it is believed was tutored in his early days by
Muslims in North Africa, where his father was
an Italian provincial governor. As we have previously noted, this sequence may be called
“golden” as it progressively comes closer to
the “golden ratio” of 1:1.6180339 . . . This ratio
is arithmetically inexpressible in whole numbers, like Pi (from the circle), yet can be accurately expressed geometrically—particularly
in the pentagon, with its diagonals making up
a pentacle. This remains a wonderful mystery
to the human mind.
Sixness is found in the Daffodil whose petals
fuse into its hexagonal shaft.
Next we come to the most rare of flower
symmetries, the “virgin” seven. This does
occur in such as the Primula flower, yet is
never completely balanced in its symmetry. It also
occurs occasionally in the Tulip—once again revealing
an imbalance, yet exquisitely beautiful.
Next we have eightfold symmetry, which is most
beautifully represented by the Cosmos flower in a range
and variety of colors. The sacred Lotus is in this symmetry and the Clematis is another fine example.

These flowers utilize fourness as
their petal strategy. What might
“fourness” be saying to the
insect world?

Nine, ten, eleven, twenty-one:
counting petals is the beginning of
understanding the arithmetical nature of flower petal choice. Names
are important, but here we wish to
focus on other aspects
of the flowers.

Ninefold symmetry does occur, although rarely: we
find it in certain Cactus plants and in others that are
exceptions rather than the rule. Again, nine is a notoriously mysterious symmetry. From the geometer’s viewpoint, this is because it cannot be constructed exactly
with a compass and straight edge. Good approximations can however be achieved.
Tenfold symmetry is also found occasionally, most
particularly in the Passion Flower. Yet even here it seems
to be composed of two fives. This same flower will also
occasionally exhibit an eightfold symmetry. Ten, we
recall, has the golden ratio inherent in its geometric form.
Elevenfold symmetry is very rare but does occasionally occur in flowers of the Daisy family (Compositae /
Twelvefold symmetry also occurs in the Daisy family
of flowers, but is not common.
Thirteenfold symmetry is more common in the multipetalled flowers like the Daisy family. But, as this is one
of the numbers of the golden sequence, it is not at all
Twenty-one, the next in the golden sequence, is
found again in the Daisy family and confirms the underlying golden order: 5, 8, 13, 21.
However, there are many exceptions in flowers with
multiple petals, as there are a bewildering number of
symmetries in the “heads,” or seed pods, of poppy flowers—even though the petals are usually fourfold and, on
occasions, sixfold.
One of the questions that arises when looking at
petal symmetries is: How much have humans “engineered” the numbers of petals? This raises the further
issue of how compliant the “natural,” or “original,” flower
is or was to being engineered into a more complex
form—let alone into quite different colors. In
the author’s view, Tulips are the most painful examples of human interference, with the
obviously unnatural feathering of the petal
fringes. However there is also a staggeringly
beautiful range of possibilities that have come
out of human breeding, known as cultivars.
One of the reasons why the author enjoys
very small flowers, such as the Herb Robert,
is that the visual effect is so powerful, while
the size is not much bigger than a human
thumbnail! Fortunately, the smaller more
modest wildflowers have not attracted so
much attention of flower “breeders” or “engineers.” However, there is currently a growing
revival of interest in the value of wildflowers
in their natural setting. Durlston Head in Dorset is one
such important site, receiving a growing number of
wildflower enthusiasts from southern England.

See the book – page 12

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Suggested reading for Renewal course, A Bridge
across the Threshold: Creating a Living Connection.
Laughing in a Waterfall
A Mother’s Memoir
By Marianne Dietzel

The story of Nina and her
friend Kirsten, whose destiny
connection led them from
their home in Minnesota to
the Hawthorne Valley School
in upstate NY, and to their
untimely death in a car
accident three months later.
“Marianne’s story weaves together the impermanent
nature of life, with its worldly joys and sorrows, with
that which is beyond and transcendental. It ultimately
challenges the reader to feel and experience life more
deeply, to be open to its tears, losses, revelations and
laughter!” PAT HOGAN, Author of Allison’s Gift
To order, go to
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 is a meditation of great significance that any student can undertake daily. attentive. it may be noted that. and for a “holy” period every day we must go into ourselves and sit in silent. Second. Our world of desires consists of nothing but egoism. the inner silence. two things are needed. but rather allow Christ to live in us.) Many students may feel they are getting nowhere in their practice. . can permeate ourselves with the deep peace. . in a sense. There is very little “new” esoteric “information”—though some 56  |  For the latest and most complete information on our books. at least. frequently hostile beings. of other. but this is because they are still too attached to the kind of cause-and-effect results they expect in the physical world. From this point of view. If it is seen as the spiritual world.” who says. Whereas in ancient times those on the path often had to pass through life-and-death trials. or presence. We are to think of the black cross as the dying away of human passions and we see in the red roses a symbol of the purified human being who has shed the lower elements. Imaginatively. We have other “trials. minds. The Rose Cross is the symbol through which we are shown the way to ascend into the spiritual world. The rest of the time I attempt to make myself mature and worthy enough to be allowed to immerse myself in even just one of the sentences of this wonderful meditation. Another trial. For us. the theme is nearly always the path of meditation as it is practiced today. over against oneself. The archetype is our true self. the lessons present us powerfully with a feeling of holy seriousness. The veil of maya grows thinner. If we transform the black cross into a white one in our meditation then this symbolizes for us the human being ascending spiritually. began to speak. no matter how many different ways Steiner speaks about the path of inner work. Like them. or soul dispositions. then the black of the cross is seen as white (the counterpart of the reflection) and the red roses are transformed into a shining green color. we can sense the possibility of inward intimacy with the spiritual worlds. Every kind of egoism. every form of vanity. and egoism.” As Steiner puts it in the first lesson: The Lord’s Prayer . if we do not just read but “do” the lessons. we will learn that much of the “negative” occurrences in our souls is the work. we will find ourselves becoming increasingly at home in the processes of consciousness and the struggles and the often-hidden (or secret) rewards of working inwardly through them to realize our own ongoing and intimate relationships with the beings and worlds with whom and in which we are unconsciously . Indeed. referred to in many lessons. humility.” Patience is of the essence. and we can conquer this egoism only through deep humility. . we must open ourselves to a different level of existence and being. egoism. all the rest is maya. according to which this god created us. and this is what approaches us when we recite our Rosicrucian verse. To feel this god within us. Theosophy is not just a theoretical study but also a living praxis. superstition. (Rudolf Steiner advises using the same meditation for long periods of time. our present human constitution and cultural situation makes such feats both impossible and unnecessary. per spiritum sanctum reviviscimus) and the Rose Cross meditation. empty inner composure.” For this. “I take the Lord’s Prayer as a meditation only once a month. even in the reading. in the process is obviously a primary requirement. or trust. is “patience. without egoism contributing to our actions. Without knowing it. .” everyday world. Rudolf Steiner will return to these under different names and suggest ways—meditation and life paths—by which students might overcome or transform them. When he does so in this volume. dedicated.” Walking the path today demands a kind of transparent. reverence. Despite appearances. we learn that to unfold in inner development we must lay aside the anxieties and egoistic concerns that events in the outer world stir up in us. and that this reflection can be transformed only slowly and gradually into the archetype. reverent silence. even throughout one’s life. out of which Rudolf Steiner.  The masters of Wisdom give us many things for our meditations. For instance: Only what we do in the name of another. . We may imagine the solemnity with which this was done and the palpable feeling of attentive dedication (dedicated attention) that filled the room—to be followed by a deep. . and the waiting that must have been experienced by the original participants. This means an ever-deepening objective awareness of what takes place in our souls. All egoism is then extinguished. I know one of those whom we call the “masters of wisdom and the harmony of feelings. esoteric work occurs in another dimension. we learn we must work to overcome or transform the three deep-seated attitudes. Uniting ourselves with the universal spirit. The mood is set with the invocation of the spirit of the day. we can be there with them and to some small degree repeat their experience in our own way. . . We should undertake a vow to ourselves to bear in mind always that all we do originates from egoistic motives. As meditative readers—as esoteric students inwardly participating in the lessons through our hearts. students are becoming “different people.” such as in the first lesson (but recurring throughout the volume): “truthfulness.Introduction to the Esoteric Lessons by Christopher Bamford From Esoteric Lessons 1910 –1912 by Rudolf Steiner S et apart from the “profane.” Thus. and will—we. our true “I” that was formed as a seed in ancient Saturn. One of the most effective of these is the one concerning the Rose Cross. in the extreme. must be eliminated in occultists. direct. As for the ways of overcoming egoism. . in different ways and most movingly Rudolf Steiner turns again and again to the deeper meanings of Christ’s teachings and the practice of the Rosicrucian meditation (Ex deo nascimur. Thus. does not proceed from egoism. Our relationship to the world changes. and the transformation of. visit our website at steinerbooks. How are we to become worthy? In addition to inner truthfulness and patience (and. that threaten our worthiness: doubt. too. in the name of the one within us. . we must make ourselves “worthy. we can do nothing. absolutely nothing. Later. selfless self-honesty. Faith. in Christo morimur. the essential factor is the battle against. whom we could call our God. and gratitude). the fundamental reality is that we live and move and have our being in a spiritual world.” or “practices. Throughout this volume. . after a while. we must permeate ourselves with the awareness that we are a reflection of the archetype.  This volume is rich in practical suggestions and advice for those who meditate. we must place ourselves spiritually in relation to a meditation—that we want to make ourselves worthy enough to be allowed to use it. However. there is nothing to overcome or transform except our own egoism: On the physical plane. of course.  We do not want to kill the divine in us through egoism in our life of desires.

Above all. a Jew—indeed. the mystery dramas and the Calendar of the Soul.” thus losing “the support that conventions and traditions give. they do not reap. destructive in the elements. There is an expression that has become trivial out in the world at large—the expression “universal love of humanity. these lines continue on in the opposite direction into the spiritual world. is much more important for esotericists than for others: Human traits are such that. “we become freer within ourselves. • CHRISTOPHER BAMFORD is Editor in Chief for SteinerBooks and its imprints. . whatever our meditation. he has lectured. In their further course. they do not sow. above all. V. Azazel. But it is different for esotericists.” Doing so. For the latest and most complete information on our books. and written widely on Western spiritual and esoteric traditions.” Such basic work. without recognition. That is. He has translated and edited several books. that we cannot yet find the right passage. This is not so dangerous for exoteric people: the spirit of the everyday will bring them back into balance. especially when we are under pressure.” Accept with gratitude what is given to us. he says. We find this support in the New Testament. it might be said—which he frames in terms of overcoming certain “character traits. lies in and through selfless love: To love all beings. It means that this sentence becomes second nature in us: “Look at the birds in the sky. regardless of what creed or which religion they may belong to. A Fellow of the Lindisfarne Association. libels. difficult and dreadful times will come. He is the author of The Voice of the Eagle: The Heart of Celtic Christianity (1990) and An Endless Trace: The Passionate Pursuit of Wisdom in the West (2003). “All paths into the spiritual world go through the heart. a Protestant. however. if we allow one of them to become too intense. to accept with joy whatever they may send. then it is good to have a support. and hostility flowing from Adyar). we can feel how lines go toward a center point from every part of our external physical body. Those who love someone because he or she is a human being—only those who do this—are in truth Christians. the urgency of responding to the “Christ event of the twentieth century (Christ’s reappearance in the etheric) and the impending disaster of World War I—considering all this. the truth and the life. Bamford in its anthology Best Spiritual Writing 2000. without demand for reward—for our ideal should be that we love a human being because he or she is a human being! How far must we be in our development in order to be capable of such love! Can we educate ourselves to this selflessness. It is as if he realized that the approaching critical times (already present in many ways) would require a different kind of grounding—more psychological and ethical. that the root and fruit of the path. people can control them very well with their “I. something like this can come to expression even in their present life as an illness of the physical body. But just in this way our bad sides come more to the fore.” During meditation. taught. too. A character trait that acquires dominion over them can lead them into all kinds of dangers. and the subtlety required—all the while being aware of the depth of the spiritual crisis with which he is dealing (not to mention the lies. even a heretic—could be a true Christian without even belonging to the Christian Church. they do not gather into barns and yet they receive what they need.” Here. at any stage of practice. Steiner notes. This is because nowadays it often happens that in our inner work “we place ourselves outside the usual and customary framework of contemporary consciousness. Azael. is the fact that the teachings he gives are not “advanced” or “esoteric. We also learn in our meditations that within them lies hidden the way that Christ showed us. then the conviction of our own weakness. develop pure love of human beings. to accept with serenity whatever destiny may bring us. then the “I” can fall under the power of that trait. the gradual forging and revealing of free-standing Anthroposophy. never to complain about the work of the gods. a Hindu. a support for every weakness. Only meditation that is permeated by Christ has value. we need only seek it. Milosz (1985) and Homage to Pythagoras: Rediscovering Sacred Science (1994).” but go back as it were to basics and build upon  |  57  . This is like a feeling of Christ within us. by means of commandments and dogmas of the church or through the coercion of a moral law? Is it not much more fruitful for our soul if we bring this lofty virtue to blossom within us without any coercion whatsoever? In practicing this teaching of Christ. All in all. that we love all others as we love ourselves. but also as a friend. Clearly. Rudolf Steiner is speaking not only as a teacher. Interesting. when they remain in proper proportions. a Catholic. Such characterological “imbalances” (symptomatic of egoism) are especially threatening in modern esoteric and spiritual work. they are useful for anyone. We find there advice for every situation. of course. de L.Introduction to the Esoteric Lessons by Christopher Bamford readers will be surprised and interested to see Steiner. This means. visit our website at steinerbooks. a Muslim.” the four demons Samael. the heart lies at the center of these lessons: As an occult saying states. This middle point is the heart.” . And if we do not find it. invoking Cornelius Agrippa’s “four kinds of evil spirits. The Noble Traveller: The Life and Writings of O. Steiner’s aim for his inner circle of students was inner development and the consequent development of faculties or capacities.. . In this sense. When one considers the enormous burdens he is carrying—the public lectures and the seminal lectures to members. one realizes what a pleasure it must have been for him to work intimately with a small group on essential matters—the essential thing that is meditation. a Parsi. and that he himself is: “I am the way.” Living as a Christian means. for every case. Why the New Testament? Because it is addressed to the heart. and Mehazael. though many students had been with him for a number of years. to bestow love without expectation of love in return.  In other words: Love your neighbor as yourself. HarperSanFrancisco included an essay by Mr. of what would become the Anthroposophical Society separate from Theosophy. we can find support from an unexpected quarter: the New Testament: For every esoterically striving person. this is an intimate volume.” However. including Celtic Christianity: Ecology and Holiness (1982). should comfort us that it must certainly be in the New Testament. when discussing ways of overcoming various characterological aspects of egoism.

upon which red roses are blossoming. 1910—Notes from Mathilde Scholl A mong theosophists one often hears that an occult development is associated with dangers. and it will become a powerful germinating force within us. we can produce mental pictures and feelings all alone within us.” volume 3 (Berlin and Stuttgart 1884–1879). Indeed. using the words. When does this moment occur? At fertilization. for example. and blossom. I will unite my soul with you. May 16. However. “The scarlet glass shows a well illuminated landscape in a terrible light. when we ourselves awaken a mental picture of light. does not want or like. the energy it had applied outward it now turns inward. we could again hear a rustling but this time it actually comes from a snake. The objects that cause these feelings may be Maya. “In pure rays of light . the guide who knows. . when we awaken the feeling of love for all beings in the next lines. Each time our fear is the same. Then we are together with a world within us that was not evoked by any outer cause. In response to this it must be stressed that no one should let him. Until then the plant has expended all its energy to reject what it does not want. 1). it is developed by the practice of applying the truth of this principle to the small everyday occurrences that surround us in life.” and so on. may come into being and pass away. but who never apply it to their lives. However. It loses the power of defense and withdraws back into itself. We could go for a walk in the woods. How could the Earth glow otherwise but through deep shame when it is ripe to be fertilized by the spirit? If in this way we awaken within ourselves feelings caused by external things. I tread my path of life. Only the red color is reflected back. May 25. It is now true. When we look at the Sun and meditate on its enlivening influence. Black carbonized wood. it then exerts an effect on our sensation. Wednesday. then we have created something not bound to anything external. Now it has received something from outside. say red. enlighten my path. of drawing back from the outside world and turning toward the spirit? Black—and thus we have the black cross. It would have to “glow in flaming red.” There are people for whom this principle is very obvious. Can human beings manage to penetrate into this inner aspect? Can people come to know the true essence of phenomena? They can do so only through meditative means. visit our website at steinerbooks. shoot forth. But it is good that this is the case. It is always good for esotericists to say to themselves that they still have a long path ahead of them. Further on. which it cannot use. When we awaken this feeling in us. This should happen in our meditation. then the cause of my pain is also Maya. fructified by the spirit. . is an expression for us of the fact that spirit is revealed behind all death and dying. Let us consider a red . We read there. and then imagine that it is the garment of God. Goethe once spoke of the color that the Earth would need to have when it is dying away at the end of the present cycle and is passing into a spiritual kingdom. You are. For those who get instruction from a mystery school that has a right to exist. The red rose is a special example of this. If we remain at the level of visual perception. and who properly follow these instructions. then we become aware that exactly the same feeling lives in the plant. Didactic part 6. then we will come closer to the truth behind external phenomena. This requires great strength. When we meet a color. will develop themselves in the right way. and be startled and scared by it because we imagine it is caused by a snake. It shows us precisely what it is not in its essence. photographic reprint Dornach 1975). even though the cause was an illusion the first time. We have a feeling of refreshment when are looking at the color red. that it lives in the plant so intensely that it causes the plant’s death.” no. our feeling. then perhaps they could not withstand the shock that they would thus experience when they apply it to their pain. May the guide you appointed me.”1 This statement originates in deep knowledge. One may have long ago grasped something with the intellect and still be far from guiding one’s life according to that knowledge. we can also awaken pictures and feelings within us without any external reason whatsoever. In the fall a feeling of enormous shame goes through the plant world. then we also remain caught in Maya. then we are permeating ourselves with this feeling. when actually a gust of air was the cause. Can we awaken a feeling in us that is like this process in the soul life of the plant? When do we ourselves want to withdraw and turn within? When do we lose the power to defend ourselves toward the outside world? With the feeling of shame. without it being occasioned by an external event. for if people take this principle to heart.Two Esoteric Lessons From Esoteric Lessons 1910 –1912 by Rudolf Steiner Monday. and observe a fertilized plant. we always have an external reason for the meditation. and its life is turned around. We know that everything that surrounds us shows itself to us in a way other than it really is. but the feelings themselves remain the same. hear a rustling. in which everything external has died. and we have them with respect to the feeling of the true.or herself be held back from treading the occult path because of a feeling of fear. 1 Presumably this refers to a passage in Goethe’s “Natural Scientific Writings. how they sprout. 798. And then. If the object is in darkness. But we usually do something else. 1910—Notes from Elisabeth Vreede Great all-encompassing spirit. By what means do we see the color red? By the light that falls on it. Section: “The sensible and moral effects of color. which must be developed slowly before applying it to the great events of life. A blue that is lightly mixed with violet will convey to us a mood of devoted reverence. But how do we manage to get behind to the true essence of things through our feelings? When we see the plants in the spring. Feeling your guide. who allow pain and joy to affect them without saying: If everything is Maya. how are we to recognize the truth behind what they extend to us as Maya? There is a moment in the life of plants when they show us something of their inner essence. then we do not see it as red. too soon. the red color arises through the fact that the object absorbs all the other colors evoked by the light. in the knowledge of your being is knowledge of the world that is to come to me.” 58  |  For the latest and most complete information on our books. Concerning a theory of color (vol. We have these sensations within us. But when light shines on it. into their feelings. What color would we then choose for the feeling of dying away. so to speak. So must be the color-tone spread out over the Earth on the day of the Final Judgment. and this moment occurs when they begin to die away. and thus we can find our way to absolute truth. An example for this is found in the sentence that should be well known by all theosophists: “Everything that surrounds us is Maya. the mental picture. The main thing is to awaken the proper seriousness within and to permeate oneself entirely with the knowledge one learns in the esoteric lessons.

when someone tells them that they can achieve this only through unceasing. In the spirit lay the seed of my body. if we allow one of them to become too intensive. And I will incorporate into my spirit suprasensory eyes. we feel exhausted and our limbs feel so heavy that we can hardly move them. They are the ones who overcome the etheric body of the esotericist who surrenders to irritation or a bad mood. These terms are often inadequate. at certain times. This belongs to his area of work. The human soul is kept in balance by the spirit of heaviness and the spirit of light. then something very specific happens. have the feeling that they can barely hold themselves with their feet on the ground. the more we learn.” or self. In the physical realm. we notice that they really don’t want to do this. again. do not learn what they need to know about the spiritual world. We would like to clarify this with an example. Those who succumb to the spirit of heaviness injure only themselves. today. In my body lies the seed of the spirit. a prayer that contains all the wisdom of the world that will be revealed to us more and more. hot only themselves. the spirit of heaviness belongs to the primal powers (spirits of personality. And those who. A character trait that acquires dominion over them can lead them into all kinds of dangers. for which they think they have a mission. You  |  59  . they would like to take matters in hand and act immediately without considering how much damage they might do through false help. See the book – page 5 For the latest and most complete information on our books. we have all kinds of terms for characteristic traits that we know as good or evil. the more our humility will become self-evident. He lived in my longing. not the normal good spirits that are recruited from the host of spirits of wisdom. upon which we can find ourselves as esotericists. but each individual human being. This is not so dangerous for non-esotericists. one’s head is affected. If esotericists want to accelerate their development and. in so doing. worst of all. We should never tire of learning. and we should try to help such people in every way possible. For this reason. In my body lies the seed of the spirit. Above all. Who among us does not know irritation and a bad moods? All of us have certainly been subject to them. we want to speak about the erroneous paths. Confusion. and finally. You are. is vanity and arrogance. since every character trait has two sides—a good one and a bad one—and maintaining the proper balance must be a chief task of the esotericist. however. in order to enclose these three esoteric lessons in a circle.Two Esoteric Lessons Your guide is in the life-Sun. assiduous study. that through them I may perceive bodies and act upon them. The good spirits of light have the task of leading people into the spiritual world at night when they fall asleep. And the spirit has imprinted into my body thinking and sensation and feeling and will. and this symptom is developmentally normal. This can also be said in exoteric lectures. that they must hover. then the other spirits of light overpower them and influence their etheric body so that. They are to direct their entry to the spiritual world. then the “I” can fall under the power of that trait. But it is different for esotericists. the blissfulness in which the soul finds the spirit. that through them I may see the light of bodies. In ordinary outer life. There really is a spirit or spirits of heaviness. can injure humankind. so that. we should ask ourselves repeatedly whether the reasons are really selfless for wanting to develop ourselves. human beings can control them very well through their “I. esotericists must constantly guard themselves and be on guard. although unconscious. We are often unaware of how far we have already succumbed to it. and thus we must give it special attention. visit our website at steinerbooks. insanity ensue. in the physical realm. this is then expressed in illness of the digestive tract. must now attempt to fight against them with their ordinary “I. we should love not only humanity. one-sided for an esotericist. With beautiful words and vague phrases they preach their worldview. when they remain in proper proportions. Now. Esotericists. that through them I may behold the light of spirits. because they have skipped over the stage of fanaticism. If they allow a bad mood to master them. and an esotericist should always be careful not to disturb that balance. with their confused fanaticism. How many imagine that they would like to help others because they “love humanity. something like this can come to expression even in their present life as an illness of the physical body. This is a very dangerous vanity. we must remember only that we are receiving direct messages from the master. May my strength take up the strength of my appointed guide into itself. fanaticism.” However. And the spirit has incorporated into my body the eyes of sense. but rather the kind that work into the realm of the spirits of movement. We need not fear if we feel the spirit of darkness as follows: When we awake in the morning. so that one does not succumb to it. Another character trait that an esotericist should constantly be on guard for and should be constantly watchful for. they fall prey to the false spirits of heaviness. Altogether. and he is the one who brings us back to our physical body in the morning when we awake. or archi). they do not have to be worried either. Human traits are such that. they will be brought back into balance by the spirit of the everyday. Blissfulness enters me.” However. Now what happens if an esotericist does not suppress such vanity? One succumbs to the spirit of light and. In itself. Instruction concerning this balance is given to us from the masters of wisdom in the prayer that we speak at the conclusion of this lesson. Now. so that the spirits may work through me and I become the self-conscious instrument of their deeds. I will take up his being into mine. among these spirits there are those who go beyond their area of work and want to work within the realm of the spirits of form. however. This is a passing stage and is a sign that we have skipped over the false stage of hypochondria. The last time we saw how the symbols that are given to us in our meditations can and should work on us. They then change the etheric body so that the esotericist falls victim to hypochondria. they arrive there. however. Those who succumb to the spirits of light. And I will imprint into my spirit wisdom and strength and love. who intends these messages especially for esotericism. In our esoteric lessons. and it is good and proper for us. In the spirit lay the seed of my body. and all such “do-gooders” and confused dreamers have succumbed to it.

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Shirley 8 60  |  For the latest and most complete information on our books. C. visit our website at steinerbooks. Caroline 46 Colour 11 Coming Home 42 Complete Healing 35 Cook. Tom 33 Madden. Margarete 31 Klocek. 44. Florin 29 Luke. Joseph Chilton 16 Pfeiffer. Manfred 40 Lamborn Wilson. Johannes 30 Hidden Geometry of Flowers 13 Hidden Nature 9 Hildreth. Alick 9 Baümer. Kevin 39 Dark Light of the Soul 38 Daub-Amend. Walter 35 Home Remedies 37 Honeybloom. 9 Jung and Steiner 38 Katz. Luigi 8 Movement and Rhythms of the Stars 11 Murphy. Marsha 45 . the Poems of Ossian. Lorie Eve 37 de la Houssaye. Jesaiah 11 Bento. 36 Lutz. Pierre 17 Mathematics in Nature.

Otto 37 Wright. 41 Reimagining Academic Studies 5 Representative of Humanity 27 Reuben and Barney’s Day on the Farm 46 Rhythmic Einreibung 34 Robinson. 33. 10. Joop 12 van Houten. René M. 38 Schmidt-Brabant. Hilary 44 Youth and the Etheric Heart 21 Zanoni 41 Zieve. Johann Wolfgang 40 von Halle. 45 Stein. Manfred 32 School of Spiritual Science 26 Schroeder. Gerhard 38 Weihs. 27. 37 Ramsbotham. Siegfried W. Ita 35 Wehr. Robert 4. 28. Martin 41 Rudel. Stephen 6 Sardello. Peter 2. 26. Robert 7. Jens 32 Sophia Teachings 32 Soul’s Long Journey 23 Speech of the Grail 38 Spindler. Soul & Spirit 33 Psychophonetics 15 Queen of the Sun 12 Querido. Antony C. Henk 10 Villeneuve. Kevin 43 Tresemer. Coenraad 10 van Oort. Willi 39 Sun Mystery 21 Sussman.Hermann 44 Spirit of Modern India 41 Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature 5 Spiritual Ecology 42 Spiritual Event of the Twentieth Century 11 Spiritual Guidance of the Individual and Humanity 25 Spiritual Hierarchies and the Physical World 20 Spiritual Turning Points of South American History 8 Stairway of Surprise 29 Stargazers’ Almanac 2012 15 Stars of the Meadow 37 Start Now! 26 Steele. Love. Julian 36 Smith. 30. Anne-Maidlin 31 von Goethe. Ueli 11 Selg. Richard 14 Steiner. 14. 12 Rudolf Steiner and Christian Rosenkreutz 3 Rudolf Steiner and the Fifth Gospel 22 Rudolf Steiner and the Founding of the New Mysteries 30 Rudolf Steiner: An Illustrated Biography 30 Rudolf Steiner’s Core Mission 26 Rudolf Steiner: The British Connection 10 Sacred Cauldron 15 Sacred Geography 42 Sagarin. Wolfram 43 Science and Art of Healing 9 Sease. John 27 Willis. 21. Joachim 11 Schwenk. 39 Practical Home Care Medicine 34 Princess and the Pea 46 Prokofieff. Alette 46 Wisdom of the Bees 45 Wisdom of the Chakras 37 Wisdom of the Stars 13 Witness to the Fullness of Light 16 Wolff. Elizabeth 39 Wagner. 28 von Olfers. Marie-Laure 7 van Dam. 27. 32 Too Much. 38. 22 Sensitive Chaos 43 Sensitive Crystallization 13 Sexuality. 42. J. 24. and Partnership 6 Siegel. 32 Prophecy ∙ Phenomena ∙ Hope 14 Psychology of Body. R. Virginia 32 Secrets of the Stations of the Cross and the Grail Blood 28 Seeing Christ in Sickness and Healing 22 Seiler-Hugova.Powell. Crispian 10 Vogel. Magdalene 31 Six Pillars 8 Sixfold Path 12 Skudlarek. Too Soon? 12 Townley. Matthias K. 19. 27. Theodor 43 Schwenk. 31. Ellen 37 Tan. Jr. Rudolf 4. 32. Richard 40 Reappearance of Christ in the Etheric 28 Reilly. 5. 44. 16 Templar Spirit 12 Temple Sleep of the Rich Young Ruler 7 The Biodynamic Year 44 The Foundation Stone / The Life. David 6 Tripp. Joaquin G. 23 Soering. visit our website at steinerbooks. 11 Quiet Heart 33. Iain 35 Romantic Religion 41 Rosicrucianism Renewed 20 Rowe. Thomas 10 What Is Anthroposophy 25 What Is Biodynamics? 44 What Is Necessary in These Urgent Times 19 When a Stone Begins to Roll 40 When Wine Tastes Best 2012 15 Who Wrote Bacon? 40 Wilkens. 36. 15 To Change a Mind 33 Tomberg. 32. 30. 29. Valentin 28. 2. 6. 18. Maria 15. Andreas 43 Wilkes. 28. Sergei O. Robin 15 Steel. Walter Johannes 41 Story of Waldorf Education in the United States 6 Strange Loops and Gestures of Creation 16 Sucher. 41 Turned Upside Down 42 Twentyman. Sibylle 46 von Plato.. Linda 38 Sutton. Gerard 14 Waldorf Book of Breads 45 Waldorf Kindergarten Snack Book 45 Waldorf School Book of Soups 45 Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution 12 Way of Self-Knowledge 25 Wegman. 12 Tadd. 17 Sleigh. Bodo 26 Vreede. Raymond P. 3. Edward Reaugh 7. 44 Thun. Oliver 43 Rodger. 35. Hans-Werner 9 Schultz. Nature & Cultivation of Anthroposophy 25 Theosophy 24 Therapeutic Eurythmy for Children 31 Therapeutic Eye 22 The Venus Eclipse of the Sun 2012 6 Thomas Keating Reader 8 Three Candles of Little Veronica 40 Thun. 25. 14. Taggart 12 Siegloch. William 16. 20. Ralph 9 Unbornness 22 Understanding Water 43 Understand Your Temperament! 36 Unknown Destiny 38 Unknown in the Gospels 9 Vaccination Dilemma 35 Valandro.  |  61  . Robert 34 For the latest and most complete information on our books. Judith 15.

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From the author of Simon Lazarus a novel by isbn 978-0-9852379-0-5 . A. Kirkwood ages 16 on up Spring 2012 t Spirit Star Press spiritspress@mail.

Nathaniel .Manfred Bleffert Ju ne 1 6 -22 – Instrument Building Ju ne 25 -29 – New Music Improvisation July 2-6 – Color and Tone in Relation to Rudolf Steiner’s Soul Calendar July 14 -1 8 Experimental work with color. Rather we offer suggested donation amounts based on what it costs to run courses. Faye Shapiro and Marisa Michelson July 23-27 Seeing the Word through Painting a workshop with Laura Summer a very short story by Laura Summer brought out of a relationship to the”Credo” by Rudolf Steiner also available from Free Columbia: 52 Weeks-Laura Summer Dark and Light Drawing-Laura Summer Art.freecolumbia. Postmodernity and Anthroposophy-Nathaniel Williams ordering info at www. July 23-27 Orientation Toward an Inner Voice vocal experimentation with composed and improvisational music with Faye Shapiro and Marisa Michelson All of the work at Free Columbia is based on an understanding of the importance of creating a free cultural space.Free Co lumbia Books Free Co lumbia a q ues t i n to the hea r t of a rti s tic a cti on Summer Courses 3 courses with renowned and inspiring musician and visual artist .freecolumbia. www. therefore there are no set tuitions. music and puppetry with Laura Summer.


org. 1 5 0 1   •   s t e i n e r b o o k s . o r g to access a list of Rudolf Steiner's complete works at steinerbooks. 19. Front cover image: Odilon Redon (1840 –1916): The Apparition. 6 6 1 .P h o n e 7 0 3 . Oil.59” F A X Scan this matrix code with your smart-phone Q R code-reader app .69” x 25. 6 6 1 . 1 5 9 4   New • s k o o B r e Stein from   7 0 3 .