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Admission Procedure of Students through ERP System

ERP System for IIT Kharagpur addresses all stakeholders (including institute students) of the
Institute. You are the primary stakeholder. Our development of ERP has started with you in
mind. The manual given herewith walks a first time user through the various steps as to how to
make use of the system:

1. Machine Setup
2. New User Sign Up
3. Sign In
4. Update and Print Student Profile
5. Fees Payment

1. Machine Setup:
You have to use Mozilla Firefox (latest version is 29) as your web browser for gaining
admittance to ERP system of IIT Kharagpur. Please install Mozilla from using
any web browser if you do not have Firefox. Alternatively you can also use Google Chrome for
browsing ERP System of the institute.

2. New User Sign Up (please complete this process before you come for registration)
Please create your account in ERP System by clicking on the link New User Sign Up. The
above link (new user) will help you to create your account in ERP to give you access to ERP. By
clicking on the new user link you have to provide information which is stated below. Please
remember that all fields are case sensitive.

(a) Please select New Admission in Stakeholder Type drop down menu.
(b) Select your entrance examination code (given in following table) and put
registration/application number, as asked for, in appropriate field. Your applicable log in ID,
which is a temporary one, would be generated as per the format specified in the table below

Details Applicable Login ID
UG JAM M.Sc. Candidates through JAM JAM<Regn. Number>
UG JEE JEE Candidates through JEE JEE<Regn. Number>
PREP Candidates through
PREP<Existing PREP Rollno>
PG DEF PG Candidates of Defence Category DEF<Application Number>
PG DIST CEP Candidates for 3Yr M.Tech DIST<Application Number>
PG EMBA Executive MBA Candidates EMBA<Application Number>
PG GATE PG Candidates through GATE GATE<Application Number>
PG MMST MMST Candidates MMST<Application Number>
PG MBA Candidates for MBA Programme MBA< Application Number>
PG MHRM Candidates for MHRM Programme MHRM<Application Number>
PG LLB Candidates for LLB LLB<Application Number>
PG QIP PG Candidates through QIP program QIP<Application Number>
PG Candidates in Sponsored
SPON<Application Number>
RESEARCH MS Candidates for MS MS<Application Number>
RESEARCH PHD Candidates for PHD (all category) PHD<Application Number>

(c) Your temporary Login ID will automatically be generated as <entrance exam><registration
number>. Ex. JEE20102103451, GATE7258059, JAM5111133 etc. Your temporary login id
will be automatically changed to your roll number after the documents submitted by you
are verified by academic section.

(d) Password: Enter your login password (At least 8 characters with a mix of alphabets and
numerals preferably with one special character like @ # * & $ etc.). Refrain from using
simultaneous numbers like 12345, or alphabets abcde or similar. Use at least one letter as
capital. A good example of a very strong password is 9753#&moQS or 1q3E%t*I (use your eyes
and the look of the keyboard so that you do not have to commit the actual password to memory,
you will remember the process)
Please remember the password as it will be required at the time of login to ERP and ever after.
(Please refrain from using names of your parents, siblings, and dates of birth or any data which
is there already in your original application or in public data base to ensure security of your log

(e) Confirm Password: Retype the password

(f) Digital Signature Information: The Alias and Passphrase are required for your Digital
Certificate creation. No document will be authenticated unless it is digitally signed. You have to
remember the Alias and Passphrase for digitally signing any document and you need to keep it
secret. The alias and passphrase will be your login id and password you have given above, by
default. However, you can change the passphrase later for enhanced security.

(g) Security Question and Answers: You will be requested here to give your date of birth. Please
use the calendar to enter the date of birth. Please write in the security questions on left side and
provide corresponding answers on right side of the table.

Some suggested security questions are: (i) Name of first school you attended or (ii) Name of
favorite season/sport/food/place/animal, (iii) the favorite deodorant or perfume you use or any
personal toiletries, (iv) your favorite author/singer/music composer/playwright/person, (v)
organization you would like to work for etc which is known to you only if possible. Please
provide all the three questions and their corresponding answers because any one of these three
questions will be asked at random when you try to sign in later. Please refrain from using
names of parents, siblings, dates of birth, bank name/account number etc which is in public data
base and hence can be used to hack into your account

(h) Enter the code given in image box and click on the create account button, your account will
be created.
NB: If you happen to forget the log in password or the security questions and answers you
can use the password recovery button on ERP front page to recover them.
3. Sign In (please complete this process before you come for registration)
Please provide Login ID (Ex: JEE20102103451, GATE7258059, JAM5111133 etc.), password
and the answer of the security question which was created by you at the time of log In creation
in to sign in into the ERP System. All information asked at the time of sign in is case
4. Update and Print Student Profile (please complete this process before you come for
After logging in, select the Academic menu from the bar at top. Go to Update and Print
Student Profile (New Admission) link and click on it. Please note down your tentative roll
number and hall shown in the link. Update all the details and click on Update button to save
the changes. After successfully saving your data take a printout using the Print Profile button.
Print Profile and Pay Fees button would be enabled only after the data saved in ERP.

Students shall generate student profile from the ERP site after logging in and obtain print out
of the same. They should submit signed copy of the students profile at the time of

5. Payment of fees

a) Click on the button Pay Fees. You will be redirected to IIT Kharagpur Payment Gateway

b) Check the details shown and click on Proceed. You will be redirected to State Bank of India
MOPS facility (SBIMOPS).

c) Choose the mode of payment and proceed as follows:
i. SBI Online Banking: Log on to SBI online banking portal, if your internet banking is
enabled, and make payment
ii. Other Bank Online Banking: Log on to respective banks site and make payment (ICICI
and Syndicate bank are not available) if your internet banking is enabled.
iii. SBI Debit Card: Pay with your SBI ATM cum debit card (links to Associate Banks of SBI
viz, SB Bikaner and Jaipur, SB Hyderabad, SB Mysore, SB Patiala, SB Travancore) are
available only through this link)
iv. Other Bank Debit Card: Pay with non-SBI banks debit card
v. Credit Card: Pay with any credit card
vi. SBI Branch: This is a walk-in facility by which payment can be made in cash or by SBI
multi-city cheque only. Download the 3 parts (with bank, depositor, institute copy) challan
(Pre Acknowledgement Payment Form) from the link given as Click Here to Download in
PDF. This will be accepted for payment at any SBI branch anywhere in India.
Please fill in the details of cheque viz., branch it is drawn on, amount, date, your roll no on
each of the 3 parts before presenting to bank for payment. If you making cash payment fill in
the columns and write you roll no. on each part. One part of the form is for Bank, 2
part for
student and 3
part for use at Institute/Hall of residence. For branch mode, the payment
status would be updated in ERP within 48 hours.

However, for those unable to download the challan in PDF format, they can go to home page Other services Reprint branch remittance form. Student should
enter details, viz., select merchant name (IITKGP e-transaction), Bank reference no or
IITKGP reference no, mobile number or date of birth and fill in image text when the link
[] opens.

The following page will appear after successful payment:

Finally click on Click Here to return to the IIT Kharagpur site. You can now download and
print payment acknowledgement clicking on Payment Acknowledgement Status button.
Unless you click to return to IIT Kharagpur site, your payment status would not be updated
in ERP immediately and you would have to wait 24 hours for it.

Payment would be verified online. The status of completed online transaction will be posted
at ERP system as soon as payment is received. The status of branch payment will be
posted at ERP system during midnight.
d) In some cases successful payment status may not be updated immediately in ERP system
due to some technical reasons. The status would be updated within 24 hours in such cases.
The student should login to ERP system after 24 hours to verify the payment status.

During payment processing you may encounter above error in ERP after a transaction
failed/waiting for reconciliation with other bank. You may also encounter A payment has
already been made for the same reference number. Your request cannot be processed
message at SBI site. For these please read the following note

Payment with new reference number can be processed only when earlier transactions
are marked as failure at SBI.
Other Bank's net banking: Incomplete transaction would be marked as failure by SBI
during reconciliation at T+1 night. For example, incomplete transaction on 23rd would be
marked as failure on 24th late night.
For card related transactions: Incomplete transaction would be marked as failure in SBI
during reconciliation at T+1 on weekday and T+2 on weekends. For example,
incomplete transaction on Monday would be marked as failure on Tuesday late night and
incomplete transaction on Saturday would be marked as failure on Monday late night.
For SBI Branch mode: Incomplete transaction would be marked as failure in SBI during
reconciliation at T+3. For example, challan generated on Friday would be marked as
failure on Monday late night. You have to pay Rs. 50 as bank commission separately
while using branch payment mode
All other mode of payment: It would be reconciled during the midnight of same day.
No Demand drafts are allowed under any circumstances.
You can use only SBI multi-city cheques to pay using the 3 part challan in branch
mode. You have to pay Rs 50 as bank commission charge separately at the bank
counter while paying using 3 part challan
Non SBI cheques, SBI non mullti-city cheques are not acceptable
No physical payment shall be allowed at any counter at Vikramshila, during
academic registration
Please ensure you have made full payment on-line, well ahead of date of
registration (at least 4 days), before coming to IIT KGP for Registration
Payment through bank pay in slip, POS machines, or any other mode not stated
above would not be accepted and acknowledged.
NOTE: Once the admission is confirmed after reporting on the day registration and all document
verification, your login id to ERP system will be automatically changed to your roll number. From
then onwards you should login to the ERP system through your assigned roll number.
The print out of the Profile and Fees Acknowledgement form is mandatory at the time of
admission. Your admission can not be processed without these two documents.

For any other clarification call the appropriate Academic Section:
For UG: Assistant Registrar (UG), Ph: 03222282054 Email:
For PG: Assistant Registrar (PGS&R), Ph: 0322282052 Email:

For any online application software related problem please call 03222 281017/18/19
After Joining the Institute
1. If you are connecting to ERP using Institute LAN/Wifi, please ensure that (a) You are
using as your preferred DNS Server (From network settings Local Area
Network TCP/IP version 4 Properties) and (b) Bypass proxy for
(From Mozilla Tools Options Advanced Network Settings Add in
no proxy for list).
However, if you are connecting to ERP by data card one should chose automatically
detect settings.
2. Computer and Informatics Centre of Institute (CIC) will automatically generate Institute id
for using iitkgp mail. This will be your principal mail id and it is the only one faculty and
administration will use for communicating with you during your period of study here. Your
personal mail id shall be moved to other mail id
If all of your effort at resolution of payment related problem has failed even after 48 hours
please write a mail directly to Prof. D. Bhattacharya, Chairman ERP and Head ACSCC,
Materials Science Centre at with a copy to Mr Anupam
Khan, Project Manager at