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FlierTitle here

FlierTitle here
William Strong
Rexburg, ID 83440
1. Flier
2. Event Ad
3. Photodesign
4. Montage
5. Logos
6. Stationery
7. Web Page
8. Brochure
Table of Contents
FlierTitle here Flier
Tis is a fier advertising a fctional conference. It was meant
to be printed in black and white.
Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): Te
poster was assembled in Adobe InDesign from pre-made
images and text; the only thing I had to do was assemble
them in the right way to make it easy on the eyes. I placed
the logo at the top so then those familiar with the company
would notice it. Te title underneath was made the same
size to facilitate reading fow but had a slightly diferent font
to show that it wasnt part of the logo. I placed two uneven
columns beneath the title uneven to add visual interest,
and columns to inform the reader which text went together
(according to theme). I placed the date, place and time at the
bottom with the contact information so then the last thing
on the readers mind as they absorb the fier would be what
to do about it. Finally, I added the black bars at either end of
the fier to box it all together without constraining the white
Te message is straightforward and friendly advertising
go to this conference and youll be better prepared for
professionalism in your profession.
Te fier is of interest to communication students preparing
for full-time professional work in their feld.
FlierTitle here Event Ad
An event ad for a fctional museum opening.
Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): Created
by scanning an image from a magazine using an Epson
scanner, placing that image in a Microsof Word document
and then using text boxes and simple shapes to add the text
and border boxes.
Te events message is simply to inform readers about the
ad. Te color scheme of red, blue and brown is meant to be
visually attractive while being unimposing.
Citizens of Teton City and nearby communities.
Color scheme and color names:
A triad scheme of red, blue and brown (brown being a very
dark shade of orange).
Top Ting Learned:
How to use alignment within an aligned column and that
right-justifed text is permissible.
Title Font Name & Category:
Apple Chancery; Script
Copy Font Name & Category:
Avenir Book; Sans Serif
FlierTitle here
A poster made in Photoshop using a photo I took.
Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):
I walked around campus looking for a good shot to reinforce
the idea of mathematics. Te grid of windows in the BYU-
Idaho Center were the best visual I could fnd. Ten I placed
that image in Photoshop and aligned it carefull. Te part
that took the longest was the words of the quote. I chose
fonts that visually reinforced the words and took colors from
my image to color those words. Te blue and brown were
meant to reinforce the idea that math and the human spirit
are intertwined.
Message: Math is beautiful.
Audience: Students of all ages.
Top Ting Learned:
How to reinforce an idea using color, font, a quote and an
image four methods at once.
Color scheme and color names:
Complementary; Teal and Brick.
Title Font Name & Category: N/A
FlierTitle here
A photo montage, intended to be inspiring.
Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, Steps
taken while designing):
Te original concept came from the photo of David
Latimer and his biosphere in a bottle, which I remembered
afer reading it many months before. I also remembered
Biosphere 2, which, as I see it, is an expansion of the concept
made apparent by Latimers bottle. I got the two images from
Google Image search, then combined them in Photoshop
by using a layer mask to make the black background behind
Latimer transparent. Ten I found an appropriate quote and
added it in one line at a time. I skewed the text to make it
align with the metal grid outside Biosphere 2 and changed
the color to ft the words. Ten I touched up the shine on
the bottle to make it seem like the words were rays of light
shining on the bottle, or out of the bottle. Ten I added a
black rectangle and a short explanation of why the bottle was
signifcant, which tied the themes together.
Hope grows everywhere.
Anyone sufering from personal despair.
Top Ting Learned:
How to skew text to make it ft existing lines.
Filter / Colorization used and where it
was applied:
Just a little of the healing brush tool to remove the shine on
the opposite side of the bottle.
Color scheme and color names:
Gold and indigo for the letters, which is a complementary
color scheme. Te rest of the images were green, white and
dark blue, which fts no scheme.
FlierTitle here
A trio of logos for a fctional construction company.
Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):
I decided on a construction company because construction
lends itself well to mathematical forms which in turn are
easy to make into creative forms combined with text. I listed
symbols of construction shovels, hard hats, New York
skyscraper construction and cranes. I found some stock
images of these things in Google and painted over them in
Photoshop. I fnished the designs in Illustrator, erasing some
extraneous details and vectorizing the images. Te most
difcult part of the assignment was getting the text to come
out like I wanted. To be honest, it still isnt like I wanted I
couldnt fnd a way to form the text into a ramp to ft the
name of the company.
Message: Tis is a serious construction company.
Audience: Customers of the fctional company.
Top Ting Learned:
I am not especially ft for making fctional logos. (Experience
has shown that I am better at making logos for real
Tree Color Scheme and Color Names:
White, Black and Yellow
Tree sets of Title / Body Font Names &
Categories: Rockwell Bold, Slab Serif;
Menlo, Decorative
Votes on favorite logo:
Top Logo = 0; Middle Logo = 0; Bottom
Logo = 2; My favorite logo is the bottom
FlierTitle here
FlierTitle here
Web Page
FlierTitle here
A web page designed to showcase a personally created logo.
Comm 130 Section 05
Eric Lybbert
Adobe Photoshop
Size and optimize an original logo as a .png for a web page.
Write content to describe the process of creating your logo and
how it appeals to a target audience.
Design a web page using HTML to display a logo and content.
Acquire a working knowledge of HTML and basic
understanding of CSS.
Identify hex colors for web design.
Compress multiple fles in a zipped folder to attach as one fle.
I created this web page using only TextWrangler. Afer I
marked up all my content and inserted my image, I attached a
pre-made CSS document to my HTML. I then used the colors
from my logo as the colors for my web page. I found these
colors by opening Photoshop and using the eyedropper tool.
I also changed my fonts to Times New Roman and Verdana. I
declared some backup fonts just in case the viewers browser
didnt have these fonts. I also used padding around the logo and
text so that they would not be too close to the edge of the web
page. Tis was one of the most challenging parts of working
with CSS.
FlierTitle here